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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Christina Hoff Sommers: Freedom of speech on campus is under  attack
Christina Hoff Sommers: No Freedom of speech

September 30, 2014

Cathy Young: No Passes on DV

Andrea Peyser: Emma Watson Wrong On Feminism

Inside MAN: Vilifying Minority Group?

Camille Paglia: Campuses Can't Comprehend Evil

Philip Caulfield: Forbes Writer Sacked

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
September 19, 2014

Hannah Wallen: Male Birth Control and Feminist Stupidity

COTWA: ESPN analyst says men need to be reprogrammed

COTWA: College sex tribunal is "bizarre and cruel"

COTWA: Women who don't attend college: your elected officials care more about keeping college women safe from rape than you

Robert Franklin, Esq: North Dakota Lawyers Illegally Use State Bar to Oppose Shared Parenting Initiative

Robert Franklin, Esq: New Jersey Reforms Alimony Law — A Bit

Robert Franklin, Esq: British Couple Forced to Flee Country to Get Medical Care for Son

Fathers4Equality: Court Agrees to remove Biological father’s name from child’s birth certificate

How to Deal with Narcissists: Why They Became Evil, How They Think, and Strategies and Techniques to Take Control by Michael Trust is the one guide you cannot be without when confronted with this noxious psychology. Given the rapidly rising prevalence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it will be the must have survival guide to navigating the social currents of our modern world. | Read More
Fathers4Equality: Australian Judge asks “Why are only Boys Charged?”

Fathers4Equality: Misleading Research Depriving Toddlers of Fathering Time

Jim Doyle: Symantec and slanders against MRM sites and others, and stepping on their wing-wang at last

Jim Doyle: Male Privilege – Why do women assume they know about men or men’s lives? – Part I

Jim Doyle: Male Privilege – Why do women assume they know about men or men’s lives? – Part II, Eagle 35?s answer

Sabrina L. Schaeffer: Democrats' big government solutions don't provide answer to women's problems

JudgyBitch: A response to Amanda Marcotte

JudgyBitch: Here is what thinking aloud looks like when you LIKE men and masculinity

JudgyBitch: The Double Standards and Bootlicking of @mychalsmith and @feministing

KC Johnson: DePauw Punishment Halted in Sex Case

Spearhead: The Sexy Sexual Jihad

Breitbart: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite

Selwyn Duke: Women More Likely to Commit Domestic Violence, Studies Show

Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Public university requires students to submit sexual history or face disciplinary action

Cathy Young: The CDC’s Rape Numbers Are Misleading

David Moye: Alleged Statutory Rape Victim Ordered To Pay $15,000 In Child Support

Winifred Robinson: The REAL gender gap scandal: Why boys are now the true victims of discrimination

Tantumblogo: Our radical feminist betters call for killing of 3 billion men

Ashe Schow: Women really are the key to elections

Jessica Walsh: Pregnancy Experience Lessons in Feminism Part One

Gary Pavela: In Sexual-Misconduct Cases, Hear the Facts

Fredrik deBoer: Carceral Progressivism

Beyond Kohlberg vs. Gilligan: Empathy and Disgust Sensitivity Mediate Gender Differences in Moral Judgments

Robert Stacy McCain: Feminist Theory, Human Nature and the Punch Seen ‘Round the World

Kay Hymowitz: Gender Gap Journalism

Mollie Hemingway: 7 Important Things Slate Misses In Its Attack On Home-Cooked Meals

Cathy Young: Men Are Harassed More Than Women Online

Ciaran O'Connor: 1,400 Girls Are Raped in Rotherham, and Feminists Don’t Care

Ian Tuttle: Feminists’ Failure on Rotherham

Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
September 29, 2014

Brownstein: Genocide Against Our Children Continues: Media Says Nothing, CDC Lies

Block: Galantamine Reduces Brain Shrinkage

Block: High Levels of Vitamin D Decrease Dementia

Block: Mastic Extinguishes Ulcer-and GI Cancer-Bug

Ozner: Everything You Need To Know To Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Simmons: Reduce Dangerous Fat From Food

Mcglothin and Averill: Primate Study Confirms Calorie Restriction Extends Life and Protects Against Age-Related Disease

Downey: Broad-Spectrum Disease-Fighting Properties of Tart Cherries

Enders: Quercetin’s Unique Protective Mechanisms

Ramirez: The Surprising Longevity Benefits of Vitamin K

Finkel: Patricia Richardson's Rare Acting Talent Helps Battle Rare Disorders

Downey: Kale Immunostimulatory And Anticancer Effects

Faloon: How To Turn 8 Pennies Into $600

ANH: Do Antibiotics Contribute to Mercury Poisoning?

ANH: Congressional Committee Says FDA Is Overstepping Its Jurisdiction

ANH: FDA Approves Controversial Diet Drug Despite Warning of Suicide Risk

Sisson: Hot and Sour Soup

Sisson: How to Succeed with a Growth Mindset

Sisson: Why Exercise Feels Like a Drag (and What to Do About It)

Sisson: Artificial Sweeteners May Leave You Absolutely Gutted

Sisson: Primal Celery Root Lasagna

Sisson: Walking: The Human Condition

Sisson: A Brief History of the Primal Movement

Sisson: Cuban “Mojo” Chicken

Sisson: How Exercise Makes Us Feel

Sisson: 12 Signs You Need to Eat More Protein

Sisson: Smoked Sea Salt

Sisson: 11 Signs You’re Not As Healthy As You Think You Are

Mercola: How Home Gardeners Can Change the Local Food System

Mercola: Can Coffee Keep Your Ears from Ringing?

More News in Archives!


Jim Rickards: Warren Buffett and China are Dumping the Dollar…Why You Should Too
Jim Rickards: Dump the Dollar

October 1, 2014

Chris Hunter: Dollar Strength Global Weakness

Peter Schiff: Economic Atonement

Avi Gilburt: Gold price

Gregory Mannarino: Consumer Confidence Low

Erkan Oz: Interview with James Rickards

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
October 1, 2014

Cold Fusion: After the E-Cat Report

Dave Gonigam: The “Mystery Packet” Revealed

Chris Hunter: Dollar Strength Is a Sign of Global Weakness

Bill Bonner: What CNBC Isn’t Telling You About the End of QE

Greg Guenthner: How to Trade October Volatility

Addison Wiggin: The Central Bank Experiment that’s Destroying the Economy

Marin Katusa: The French Have Backstabbed the US Petrodollar

Nick Giambruno: International Trusts

Charles Hugh Smith: Is the Stock Market Top In?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Your Investment Script as Interest Rates Rise

David Stockman: A Lehman Bailout Wouldn’t Have Saved The Economy

Wolf Richter: When Junk Bonds Falter, Leveraged Stocks Swoon: The Rout At General Cable

Dominic Frisby: How low can gold and silver go?

Peter Schiff: Economic Atonement

Avi Gilburt: Gold price movement strictly from the technical standpoint

Gregory Mannarino: Consumer Confidence Hits 5 Month Low, Economy Slowing, Yet Stocks Will Rise

Jeff Clark: One Chart Shows Why You Should Be Cautious Right Now

Hormegeddon: How Too Much Of A Good Thing Leads To Disaster Bill Bonner explains that when you get too much of a good thing in the sphere of public policy, economics and business. Simply put, it ends in disaster. This is the story of America's disaster. | Read More
Gary Savage: A possible daily cycle bottom in the markets but only the 1% benefit

Rick Rule: Despite Weakness, Gold & Silver Close To A Major Turn

Stephen Leeb: A Historic Bottom Being Made In Gold & Silver & $10,000 Gold

Bill Rice, Jr.: Now might be a good time for miners to call a press conference

Andrew Hoffman: Building Toward A Climax

Shannon Nelson: The Biggest Mining Fraud Ever Is Coming To The Silver Screen

FS Staff: Top-Heavy Stock Market Has "More Pain to Come"; Long-Term Picture Still Favorable

Stewart Thomson: Big Al Talks Gold "Reval"

Kal Kotecha: Going Against the Grain in Five Names

Erkan Oz: Interview with James Rickards

David Levenstein: Demand for Physical Gold Remains Strong as Bullion Banks Suppress Prices

RT: Russia could ditch US dollar in 2-3 years – head of Russia's #2 bank

Allison Schrager: Consumer Debt Hits an All-Time High

Charles Nenner - Were Out of The Stock Market and Moving Cash to Gold

Zero Hedge: Investors Are Too Comfortable In The Fed's Win-Win Conditions For Taking Risk

Zero Hedge: Why Is China Hoarding Gold? Alan Greenspan Explains

Zero Hedge: China Housing Bubble Bursts: Q3 Land Sales Crater 50%

Zero Hedge: The US Is Now 50% More Unequal Than Ancient Rome (And That Includes Slaves)

Health - Continued
September 29, 2014

Mercola: How the FDA Deceives You About Mercury Amalgams

Mercola: Surprising Health Benefits of Vegetables

Mercola: The Surprising Food Flavor That Can Help You Shed Pounds

Mercola: Consumers for Dental Choice Unfolds Brilliant Strategy to Undo “Silver Fillings” Deception, Which Is a Major Source of Environmental Pollution

Mercola: Israel Bans Fluoride

Mercola: Certain Gut Bacteria Protect Against Food Allergies

Mercola: Prescription Painkiller Deaths Fall in Medical Marijuana States

Mercola: Safety Questions Loom Over Quorn Brand Meat Substitute

Mercola: ADHD Linked to Prenatal Antidepressant Use

Mercola: Weight Lifting Can Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Mercola: Why BMI Is a Big Fat Scam

Mercola: Mercury-Free Dentists—Pioneers and Catalysts for 21st Century Health Care

Mercola: Pathogens on Planes: How to Stay Healthy in Flight

Mercola: Why the Use of Glyphosate in Wheat Has Radically Increased Celiac Disease

Mercola: Healthy Shiitake Sautéed Mushroom Recipe

Mercola: Simple, Effective Approaches for Safely Preventing and Treating Back Pain

Mercola: Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Bone Health

Mercola: Pro-GMO Industries Increase Spending and Launch Attack to Discredit World-Famous Environmentalist in an Effort to Thwart GMO Labeling in the US

Mercola: Mammography False Alarms Linked with Later Tumor Risk

Mercola: Link Found Between Food Allergies and Farm Antibiotics

Mercola: Secondhand Smoke from E-Cigarettes Contains Toxic Metals, Researchers Say

Mercola: Lack of Sleep May Lead to Brain Shrinkage

Mercola: 11 Surprising Factors That Mess With Your Memory

Mercola: Ten Minutes of Intermittent Movement for Every Hour of Sitting May Counteract Ill Health Effects of Prolonged Sitting

Mercola: 3 Simple Steps to Perk Up Your Posture

Mercola: Making Bone Broth a Staple in Your Diet May Be the Key to Improving Your Health

Mercola: Can Water Go Bad?

Mercola: High Intensity Interval Training and Intermittent Fasting—Two Winning Ways to Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Mercola: Fantastical World of Hormones

Mercola: 3 Reasons You Should Eat More Spicy Food

Mercola: Why Your Chair Is Killing You, and What You Can Do About It

Mercola: Is Goat Cheese Good for You?

Wright: Ibuprofen might boost immune function, but the dangers are too great

More News in Archives!


Ben Swann: Top 10 Flashlight Apps for Android Are Stealing Information, Even Pics Off Your Phone
Ben Swann: Flashlight Apps Stealing Info

October 1, 2014

Robert Parry: Libya 2.0

Justin Raimondo: Worse Than Bush’s WMDs

HighRiseSafetyNYC.org: 9/11 Investigations Blocked

Melissa Melton: Making Dissent a Crime

JC Collins: Deal to Bomb Syria

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 29, 2014

James Howard Kunstler: No, Vladimir Putin Wasn’t Stalin-In-Judo Robes: Washington’s Foreign Policy Fiascoes Multiply

Justin Raimondo: A Short History Of The American Empire And Why It Is Failing, Part I

Ralph Raico: A Short History Of Anti-War Revisionism

Michael Krieger: Welcome to the Oligarchy – United States Leads the Developed World in Share of Low Wage Jobs

Robert Parry: Good Job, Yats—You’ve Destroyed Ukraine’s Economy, Fattened The US Military-Industrial Complex

Justin Raimondo: A Short History Of The American Empire And Why It Is Failing, Part II

Justin Raimondo: Progressivism and the Rise of the Welfare-Warfare State

Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff Matt Kibbe makes a stand for individual liberty and shows us what we must do to preserve our freedom with a rational yet passionate argument that defends the principles upon which America was founded. | Read More
Ivan Eland: Congress Should Vote and Say No to Obama’s New War

Michael Krieger: U.S. Propaganda Enters Into Insane, Irrational Overdrive in Attempt to “Sell” War in Syria

Addison Wiggin: The Ethics of “Making the Empire Pay”

Chris Campbell: Obama’s Dirty ISIS Secret

David Stockman: Welcome To Barack Obama’s Syrian Gong Show

Justin Raimondo: Senator McCain’s Pals In The Northern Storm Brigade: They Sold Sotloff’s Head To ISIS For $25K

Michael Snyder: While Obama Snoozes, Russia Is Preparing For Nuclear War With The United States

Michael Snyder: Obamacare Architect Says Society Would Be Better Off If People Only Lived To Age 75

Michael Snyder: 50 Facts That Show How Far America Has Fallen In This Generation

KER: The Clinton team is following reporters to the bathroom?

Paul Craig Roberts: Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?

Michael Noonan: Do You Trust The Government, Or The Media?

Eric Sprott: Ebola, the tipping point

Simon Black: Yet another reason why FATCA is utterly retarded

Simon Black: Congress brings Atlas Shrugged to America with this new bill

Daisy Luther: World War E: Are you prepared for the end of civilization?

Mike Adams: 'Anti-government' derogatory slur

PF Louis: High school student arrested for imagining hunting a dinosaur with a gun in fiction story

J. D. Heyes: EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the 1970s but punished those who spoke out

J. D. Heyes: Federal government forces schools to accept illegal immigrants with no medical records or screening

J. D. Heyes: Illegal Immigrants get free education, housing and healthcare for crossing border; Americans get $5,000 fine

Wendy McElroy: Aftermath of the GGC Firestorm

Daily Bell: The Muddle of 21st Century Warfare

Simon Black: How to get a second passport: four options that anyone can obtain

Zero Hedge: In Case You Are Still Confused By What Is Going On In The Middle East

Zero Hedge: The Geopolitical Situation In Europe

Zero Hedge: Five Important Lessons Learned From The Scottish Referendum

Zero Hedge: ISIS, Obama And US Financial Boots-On-The-Ground

Health - Continued
September 29, 2014

Wright: Dementia patients are often mistreated with unnecessary drugs

Wright: Depression in seniors

Wright: Breast cancer treatments have become dangerously aggressive

Wright: Depression and anxiety can be relieved with niacinamide

Wright: The pneumonia vaccine failed so the CDC says get another

Wright: Chemotherapy can be enhanced and side effects reduced naturally

Wright: Amalgam fillings are far more dangerous than the FDA lets on

Wright: Expensive urine is far more valuable than supplement naysayers think

Wright: Ebola vaccine testing has begun even though it’s completely unnecessary

Wright: Sodium woes are easy to control when you know these secrets

Wright: Sleep apnea treatment options have come a long way from CPAP

Wright: Dementia risk soars when seniors are deficient in vitamin D

High-Soy Diet Drives Breast Tumor Growth: Sloan Kettering

Obesity Not Only Cause of Type 2 Diabetes: Researchers

Pancreatic Cancer Marker May Provide Early Warning

Huff: Experimental Ebola vaccine to be injected into humans en masse beginning this January: WHO

Edwards: Natural remedies with cayenne

Sinclair: Vitamin B12 - A rare deficiency unless you're vegan

Gutierrez: Fungicides used on banana plantations threaten the health of pregnant women

Devon: Processed food industry pushing America toward 'perfect storm' of runaway diabetes and death

Edwards: Kidney stones - natural remedies, prevention, and what really causes them

Gutierrez: High antioxidant raspberries breed by researchers to be grown without agricultural chemicals

Huff: Healthy 12-year-old girl dies shortly after receiving HPV vaccine

Louis: Children being poisoned by Big Pharma's anti-addiction drugs

Mike Adams: FDA threatens three companies with criminal charges for making Ebola treatment claims (but won't test natural substances against Ebola)

Wilson: Vitamin E, critical for brain health, is lacking in 90% of adults - find out how to add more to your diet!

Sinclair: Vitamin B6, the PMS vitamin

Phillip: Piceatannol aids weight management, helps prevent obesity, found in red grapes and wine

Wright: Cannabis dissolves cancerous tumor in young infant, deemed a 'miracle baby' by physician

More News in Archives!

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