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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Christina Hoff Sommers: Do men need to check their privilege?
Christina Hoff Sommers: Male privilege?

November 6, 2015

Post Editorial Board: Steinem’s Excuse

Bernard Chapin: Women Love Attention

Aaron Clarey: Cards You’re Dealt

Hannah Wallen: Feminism's SPLC Claims

KC Johnson: Safe Campus Act

Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
November 6, 2015

David Ng: Gamergate advocate Milo Yiannopoulos blames feminists for SXSW debacle

Christina Hoff Sommers and Christine Rosen: How Carly Fiorina Is Redefining Feminism

Post Editorial Board: Gloria Steinem’s laughable excuse for feminism’s bad rep

Ashe Schow: N.Y. Post reminds Gloria Steinem what really led to feminism's bad reputation

Bob Conover: Did Rush Limbaugh Ruin Feminism?

John McWhorter: Why Williams College students disinvited critic of feminism

Joanna Williams: Pay-gap politics: bad for men and women

Kara Pendleton: Anti-Feminist Speaker Uninvited From College Event For the Most Ironic Reason

Paul Joseph Watson: Shock Figures Show Women Now Cheat as Much as Men

Milo Yiannopoulos: Feminists Are Panicking and Lashing Out at Cassie Jaye’s ‘The Red Pill’ Movie

Matt Walsh: Dear Feminists, The Fight For ‘Women’s Rights’ In America Is Over. Let’s Move On.

Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap -- and What Women Can Do About It: Controversial and exhaustively researched, gender expert Warren Farrell's latest book Why Men Earn More takes as its stunning argument the idea that bias-based unequal pay for women is largely a myth, and that women are most often paid less than men not because they are discriminated against, but because they have made lifestyle choices that affect their ability to earn. | Read More
Ashe Schow: Flawed campus sexual assault policy nearly sent student back to Syria

Ashe Schow: No, sexual consent is not like drinking tea

Brendan O'Neill: A New Sexual Revolt Is Underway at British Universities

Brittany Vonow: Male teachers abandon classroom fearing inappropriate label of working with children

Leslie Postal: Orlando school's boys-only STEM event prompts protest petition

COTWA: The sexual grievance industry mounts a furious challenge to the Safe Campus Act--and their rationales are stomach-turning

COTWA: The true victims of law enforcement's handling of rape are...black women?

COTWA: The hateful things college students say about the innocent

Stephen Feller: Death rate of white middle-aged Americans has grown since 1990s

Rowan Scarborough: ‘Gay’ rape in military underreported by Pentagon

Ana Swanson: Why men should also worry about waiting too long to have kids

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Bernard Chapin: Men Love Sex, Women Love Attention

Bernard Chapin: Get Rid of Manhood?

Aaron Clarey: These Are The Cards You’ve Been Dealt

Thomas Hobbes: The Reason Female Actors Get Paid Less That Nobody Wants To Talk About

Michael Sebastian: 25 Tweets From #BringBackThePatriarchy That Show The Tide Is Turning

David Garrett: 3 Reasons Why Only Unmasculine Men Vote Democrat

Hannah Wallen: A little history on feminism's SPLC claims

KC Johnson: Two Lawmakers Vote No to Safe Campus Act

Toy Soldiers: 42% of British men consider suicide

Toy Soldiers: Dallas to open its first men’s domestic violence shelter

Toy Soldiers: What is the deal with male feminists?

Robyn Urback: Why, exactly, is it OK to discriminate against men’s groups on campus?

Jake New: Court Wins for Accused of Sexual Assault

Ashe Schow: Female student pens scathing review of 'rape culture' for college course

Deion Kathawa: An open letter to feminist students (from a guy who shoots straight)

Jesse Singal: Is This Crazy Anti-Feminist Rumor the Platonic Ideal of the Men’s-Rights Internet?

Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
November 3, 2015

Brownstein: $14,000 For New Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs? We Must Be Out Of Our Minds!

Brownstein: Statins One of the Greatest Failures of Modern Medicine

Brownstein: Why Would Anyone Get A Flu Vaccine?

Brownstein: Mammography: Another Failed Screening Test

Block: The Anti-Distraction Drink

Block: Coenzyme Q10 Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Block: Considerations for Taking Supplements

Block: Mastic Is More Than An Antibacterial

Block: Double Your Pleasure

Jensen: Cinnamon Reduces Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Cass: Vitamin B12—How Much Is Enough?

Cass: Why Your Stomach Will Love Turmeric and Licorice

Shaw: Niacin Flush Protects Against Inflammatory Diseases

ANH: The NIH Omega 3 Study

Wright: Nine Ways to Prevent or Treat Specific Illnesses

Murray Sabrin: ‘Big Cancer’ and How the Pharmaceutical Industry Affects Treatment

Hubbard: 11 Top Anti-Aging Tips from Holistic Health Experts

RothFeld: Common surgery for shoulder pain a waste of time, money

RothFeld: FDA ready to sign off on dangerous gout drug?

RothFeld: Weak fingernails could indicate serious digestive problem

RothFeld: Probiotics relieve depression, anxiety in just four weeks

RothFeld: Antibiotics setting up kids for a lifetime of obesity

RothFeld: FDA botched approval of blood-thinner Pradaxa

RothFeld: Natural pigment parietin holds promise for beating cancer

More News in Archives!


Martin Armstrong: The Dollar Is Going Much Higher
Martin Armstrong: Dollar Going Much Higher

November 17, 2015

Martin Armstrong: The Dow

Gary Savage: Don't Short this Market

David Stockman: Phony October Jobs Report

Anthony B. Sanders: Empire State Mfg Index

Charles Hugh Smith: Paris Financial Impact

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 17, 2015

Cold Fusion: E-Cat X Still ‘Very Promising’, New Materials Still Resisting

Cold Fusion: Latest Problem Fixed

Cold Fusion: Industrial Heat Slides Comparing Coal and E-Cat as Fuel (English Translation)

Cold Fusion: Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions

Cold Fusion: Following the Automotive Industry Model

Cold Fusion: The Rossi Effect Explained From Ecat.com

Lance Roberts: Volatility Traders Aren't Buying The Rally

Charles Hugh Smith: When Collapse Is Cheaper and More Effective Than Reform

Gary Savage: Why I Don't Trade Currencies

Martin Armstrong: Quantitative Easing & the Illogical Conclusion

Dave Gonigam: When Time Is Of the Essence

Dave Gonigam: In a World of Economic Ice

Bill Bonner: America’s Factories Are in Recession

Chris Mayer: Horror Show Not Over In Oil Stocks

Greg Guenthner: How to Survive a "Split Personality" Stock Market

Greg Guenthner: A Real Bright Spot in Biotech

Charles Hugh Smith: Automation Doesn't Just Destroy Jobs--It Destroys Profits, Too

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Robots may shatter the global economic order within a decade

Porter Stansberry: This Will Be the Greatest Legal Transfer of Wealth in History

Porter Stansberry: The Next Debt-Clearing 'Super Cycle' Starts Now

John Rubino: Portugal Is Potentially A Very Big Deal

Michael Snyder: We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

Aftershock, Fourth Edition: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Aftershock provides a definitive look at the economic climate still ahead in 2015—and beyond—and details the steps you can take now to secure your financial future.| Read More
Michael Snyder: 21 Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Peter Schiff: QE’s Creeping Communism

Jeff Clark: A Breakdown Is Coming... Raise Cash Now

Mark O'Byrne: Bitcoin surges 55% in month – Chinese moving capital into bitcoin and gold

Cecilia Jamasmie: Oil sands industry to remain under siege until 2020 on low crude prices

Gary Savage: Don't Short the Market

Charles Hugh Smith: No Serious Financial Repercussions from the Paris Attacks? Don't Be Too Sure

Anthony B. Sanders: Empire State Manufacturing Index Drops Again—-November Far Worse Than Expected

Sonja Elmquist: U.S. Steel Yield Surges as Metal Rout Imperils Turnaround

Michael Snyder: The Bitter, Crushing Poverty Of Appalachia Is A Preview Of What Is Coming To The Rest Of The Country

Michael Snyder: 4 Harbingers Of Stock Market Doom That Foreshadowed The 2008 Crash Are Flashing Red Again

Daniel Ameduri: Gotta Love the Phony Jobs Numbers

Eivind Berge: Secular stagnation or deflationary collapse?

David Stockman: The October Jobs Report——Not Awesome, Just More Of The Same BLS Con

Martin Armstrong: The Dow

Zero Hedge: What Rate Hike: US Economic Output Worst Since Q1 2014 With Jobs Now Rolling Over

Zero Hedge: Biotech Bubble Burst? Kura Crashes 56% From Opening Highs, Back Below IPO Price

Zero Hedge: Americans' "Comfort" Plunges Most Since February Despite Surging Stocks

Zero Hedge: Dear Striking Fast-Food Workers: Meet The Machine That Just Put You Out Of A Job

Zero Hedge: Saudis Bring Oil War To Europe With Largest Price Discount Since 2009

Zero Hedge: Global Trade In Freefall: China Container Freight At Record Low; Rail Traffic Tumbles, Trucking Slows Down

Health - Continued
November 3, 2015

RothFeld: No evidence that Tamiflu and Relenza work

RothFeld: Spermidine may be key to longevity

RothFeld: Vitamin K2 helps reverse hardening of arteries

RothFeld: Is metformin-induced B12 deficiency the cause of diabetes pain?

RothFeld: Study proves statins make you age faster

RothFeld: Red wine can help prevent arthritis pain

Wright: Ten years of severe post-injury pain relieved with non-invasive drug-free Pain Neutralization Technique

Wright: Eliminate pain and bring lasting relief

Wright: The Hidden HCG breakthrough — totally eliminate or control excruciating endometriosis!

Sisson: What Does the WHO Report Mean for Your Meat-Eating Habit?

Sisson: 6 Hidden Superfoods You Probably Already Have in Your Pantry

Sisson: Beef Tamale Pie

Sisson: Beef Curry Stew in Edible Acorn Squash Bowls

Sisson: Top 7 Emerging Paleo Trends

Sisson: Primal Baked Pasta

Sisson: Southwest Brisket with Pickled Jalapeños

Sisson: Lamb Chili with Harissa

Sisson: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Trying to Build Muscle

Sisson: Espresso-Rubbed Prime Rib Roast

Sisson: Pork Debris

Mercola: How to Help Prevent Age Related Muscle Loss

Mercola: Important Reasons to Optimize Your Vitamin K2

Mercola: What's Wrong with US Dietary Guidelines?

Mercola: Flu Vaccine's Unpredictable Prediction

Mercola: Funds from Monsanto Hidden?

Mercola: Coke Is a Joke Influencing Science Just Like Politics

Mercola: Paxil Is Unsafe and Ineffective for Teens

Mercola: Tai Chi and Other Low-Impact Exercises May Be Ideal for Elderly People with Chronic Health Problems

Mercola: The Pernicious Influence of Soda Industry on Public Health

Mercola: Regenerative Agriculture Is Saving Farmers, Ranchers, and the Environment from Financial and Ecological Failure

Mercola: More Evidence That a High Fiber Diet Promotes Good Health

Mercola: Fabulous Fall Foods

More News in Archives!


Alex Jones: True Origins of The Paris Massacre Revealed
Aaron Clarey: Young Men In Conservativism

November 3, 2015

Ron Paul: Oppose War Escalation!

James Delingpole: NOAA Cover-Up

Simon Black: Four Valuable Passports

Matt Purple: Rand Paul Scares GOP

L.J. Devon: Google & YouTube Censorship

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
November 3, 2015

Jeff Thomas: Catalonia and the Move Against Empires

Waking Times: Come Into My TPP/TTIP Web Said The Globalists To You

Eric Zuesse: US/Turkey Behind The Syrian Gas Attacks Blamed On Assad

Dave Gonigam: Social Security’s Stealth Default

Nicky Woolf and William Green: IRS possessed Stingray cellphone surveillance gear, documents reveal

Ron Paul: We Must Oppose Obama's Escalation in Syria and Iraq!

James Delingpole: NOAA Attempts To Hide The Pause In Global Warming: The Most Disgraceful Cover-Up Since Climategate

Jim Wilson: GOP hopefuls unite against debate system

Marin Katusa: Why Russia may Default on its Foreign Debt

Simon Black: Five complete lies about America’s new $18 trillion debt level

Cycles of War & Sovereign Debt Crisis 90 Minute DVD is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's 2014 Cycles of War & Sovereign Debt Crisis conference. The conference covers the Cycles of War extensively and its impact on future market trends. Topics include government spending, the Ukrainian conflict, and the outlook for gold. | Read More
Simon Black: Four Valuable Passports that Anyone Can Obtain

Simon Black: Set your child up for life with a second citizenship: 5 places to have a baby

Mac Slavo: Daddy Saves Campaign As Jeb Throws Tantrum: “I’ve Got Cooler Things to Do… Elect Trump If You Want”

Matt Purple: The Republican Party is genuinely afraid of Rand Paul

Patrick Howley: Hillary Calls for Investigation into Gas Company that Stopped Giving to Clinton Foundation

J. D. Heyes: The Nazis were socialists much like Bernie Sanders... extreme leftists who believed in really big government

J. D. Heyes: Overstock chairman comes out as a prepper: $10 million in gold, months of food stored away for employees to survive coming crash

J. D. Heyes: John Kerry says Americans should be disqualified from public office if they don't agree with global warming alarmism, but not if they hate the Constitution

J. D. Heyes: US government wants DNA information gathered by genealogy service Ancestry.com

Kellan Howell: Captain America battles right-wing conservatives in new comic

L.J. Devon: Google and YouTube now engaging in wholesale censorship of content they don't want the public to see

Joshua Krause: Secretive UN Legal Conference Wants to Outlaw “Climate Change Denial”

Christopher Booker: QC calls for ruling to 'scotch' claims that challenge 'consensus' on global warming

David Martosko: Democratic National Committeewoman says her party is 'clearing a path' for Hillary because 'the women in charge' want it that way

Daniel Barker: Equal pay? Try feeding at the trough! Government employees earn 78% higher wages than private sector

J. D. Heyes: TPP to criminalize investigative journalism while destroying online media not run by globalist corporations

Ron Paul: Save the Apologies, Just Stop Promoting War!

Richard Pollock: Obamacare Premiums To Soar 3 Times Faster Than Feds Claim

John Vibes: 12 Days Before ’08 Crash, Congress Was Secretly Told to Sell off Their Stocks

Joshua Krause: Why the Most Liberal Cities Have the Worst Wealth Inequality

Carl Herman: Half of 25-Year-Olds Live with Parents, 1 Million College Students ‘Sugar Babies’, 31% of Adjunct Professors in Poverty

Zero Hedge: Washington's Syria "Strategy" In Complete Disarray As "Ally" Turkey Bombs US-Armed Rebels

Zero Hedge: China Unleashes The Jingoist Rhetoric: "If U.S. Ships Stop, We Should Lock Them By Fire-Control Radar"

Zero Hedge: US To Put More Boots On Ground In Iraq As Baghdad Looks To Moscow

Zero Hedge: US Threatens UK With Trade Barriers If It Leaves The European Union

Health - Continued
November 3, 2015

Mercola: Dried Plums Could Lower Risk for Colon Cancer

Mercola: Parents Deserve to Know More Than School Vaccination Rates

Mercola: Why Mammograms Are Vastly Oversold

Mercola: The New Nitrogen Bomb Is About to Blow

Mercola: This Hospital Mistake Kills Over 60,000 Every Year in US Alone

Mercola: How to Become a Nutritional Health Professional Who Is Legally Allowed to Use Food as Medicine

Mercola: 11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Mercola: What Are the Best Nuts and Seeds?

Mercola: Easy Ways to Boost Your Ability to Recall Now - and Later

Mercola: Why Standing in One Place Makes Your Legs More Sore Than Walking

Mercola: Foods That Fight the Common Cold

Mercola: The Race to Stay Ahead of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Natural News: Nail polish users exposed to chemical linked to paralysis, reproductive disorders

Natural News: Regular sauna sessions decrease risk of deadly heart disease by over half

Natural News: Treating Infections Without Pharmaceutical Antibiotics Indegogo Campaign Launched

Natural News: The vaccine industry's war on women

Natural News: Why the CDC pushes flu season fear like clockwork: $1.6 billion in annual revenue for Big Pharma

Natural News: Attempts to legislate mandatory vaccines all across the U.S

Natural News: People living in cities can't be sustainable by definition

Natural News: Sunlight is GOOD for your eyes! Lower risk of nearsightedness associated with more time outdoors

Natural News: Why vaccinated people are so unhealthy

Natural News: Human DNA found in hot dogs

Natural News: GMO Golden Rice may cause birth defects while failing to solve nutrient deficiencies

Natural News: Ebola surges back even after 'recovery'

More News in Archives!

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