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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Diana Davison: bravetheworld vs Men's Rights
Diana Davison: bravetheworld vs Men's Rights

October 13, 2015

New York Post: Bogus Rape Epidemic

Martin Daubney: Feminism Fail

Barbara Kay: Zero Sum Feminists

Emily Yoffe: Campus Assault Surveys

Glenn Reynolds: War on College Men

Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
September 21, 2015

Bernard Chapin: Woman as Infant

Quentin Letts: Hypocrasy over 'manspreading'

Alyssa Bereznak: These men's rights activists are using a 1950s law to shut down women in tech

Bernard Chapin: Reeducation Camps for Men

Bernard Chapin: Red Decade Molon

Blake Neff: College Promises To Punish Students Who Heckled Mandatory Play

COTWA: Woman claims college harassed her by asking for proof she was a virgin before sexual assault and has no interest in sex after

Ashe Schow: Warning to college students

Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap -- and What Women Can Do About It: Controversial and exhaustively researched, gender expert Warren Farrell's latest book Why Men Earn More takes as its stunning argument the idea that bias-based unequal pay for women is largely a myth, and that women are most often paid less than men not because they are discriminated against, but because they have made lifestyle choices that affect their ability to earn. | Read More
Ashe Schow: Unhealthy masculinity?

Ashe Schow: Colleges can't win when it comes to campus sexual assault complaints

COTWA: Song lyrics where a guy asks a girl what she means is 'rape culture'

COTWA: Ohio University student Rachel Baker plans to retweet the names of the presumptively innocent accused of sexual harassment

Tom Slater: Campus rape panic

The Political Hat: The End of Heterosexuality and the Dismantlement of Gender

The Political Hat: Mozilla Vows to Crush Throught Criminals

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Janet Albrechtsen: Modern feminism is silent on the real issue of freedom for women

Sophie Jamieson: Lawyer accused of sexism after complimenting barrister on 'stunning' LinkedIn picture

About gynocentrism: Refuting Feminists' Appeal to Dictionary

Cathy Young: GamerGate Culture War for People Who Don't Play Video Games

Cathy Young: NY's law to stop college sex assaults is flawed

Thomas Hobbes: 3 Ways The Collapsing Family Unit Is Bankrupting Society

John Hydenius: All Swedes Will Be Forced To Fund Female Promiscuity

Charles Wickelus: Are Men To Blame For Women’s Mental Health Issues?

Hesse Kassel: 5 Questions To Identify Who Really Rules Over You

BBC: Intelligent machines: Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys

No, Hillary Clinton, Rape Victims Don’t Have ‘Right to Be Believed’

DMN: 2 Week Old Killed by Mom After Argument, Mom Then Shipped the Body of the Baby to his Father

Martin Daubney: Is it now sexist to put your arm around your girlfriend's shoulder?

Kathy Gyngell: A feminazi lesson from top private head. Boys should be brainwashed into taking girls seriously

Emily Yoffe: A Campus Rape Ruling, Reversed

Milo Yiannopoulos: Why Women Should Panic

COTWA: The institutionalized hostility to the rights of college men is not a "war on men," clucks female writer

Justin Wm. Moyer: Having sex with robots is really, really bad, Campaign Against Sex Robots says

Lauren Fraser: Feminism Needs to Stop Isolating Females

Janet Bloomfield: #GamerGate is fundamentally a fight for men, for masculinity and for male spaces

Janet Bloomfield: What MRAs do for men, and why we hate feminists

Bernard Chapin: Sexual Utopia in Power, F. Roger Devlin

Bernard Chapin: Police Threaten University Star Chambers

Rollo Tomassi: A Man in Demand Conference – The Review

Robert Stacy McCain: Why Do Feminists Hate Sex Robots?

Chuck Ross: Rolling Stone Reporter Cried Over False Gang-Rape Article, But For Selfish Reasons

Naomi Evans: Stop Paternity Fraud Rally at the Olympia, Wa Capital

Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
July 22, 2015

Brownstein: The Great Statin Debate Continues

Brownstein: Why You Need To Identify and Treat Heavy Metal Toxicities

Brownstein: Mercury in Vaccines: A Ridiculous Practice

Brownstein: The Epidemic of Breast Cancer and Thyroid Disorders: The Common Link

More News in Archives!


Rod Van Mechelen: Preventing Economic Collapse
Rod Van Mechelen: Prevent Economic Collapse?

October 13, 2015

Gary Savage: Gold Bull?

Martin Armstrong: Gold & the Dow

Dave Gonigam: Elites’ Private Warning

Justin Spittler: Oil Prices Bottoming

Peter Schiff: Failure to Launch

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
October 13, 2015

Cold Fusion: Rossi Interviewed by Bailey and Borwein

Cold Fusion: Interview With Andrea Rossi, LENR Energy Pioneer

Cold Fusion: Rossi Promises a Revolution in the Production System

Cold Fusion: US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Presentation on LENR

Gary Savage: Gold Bull?

Gary Savage: Gold Testing Trendline

Martin Armstrong: Gold & the Dow

Dave Gonigam: The Elites’ Private Warning

Martin Armstrong: Central Banks Selling U.S. Treasuries As Fight Over Debt Looms

Martin Armstrong: German Industrial Production Collapses by 4%

Bill Bonner: The Lowest Interest Rates in 5,000 Years

James Rickards: Oil, Defaults and Human Behavior

Charles Hugh Smith: When the Aristocracy Leaves the Commoners in the Dust, the Empire Is Doomed

Greg Guenthner: Here's Why We're "Bottom Fishing" for the Best New Trades

Justin Spittler: An Important Sign that Oil Prices are Bottoming

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Investors Are Betting Big Time on a Fall in Stocks

Aftershock, Fourth Edition: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Aftershock provides a definitive look at the economic climate still ahead in 2015—and beyond—and details the steps you can take now to secure your financial future.| Read More
Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Why U.S. House Prices STILL Have Significant Upside

Jana Randow and Paul Gordon: German Exports Slump By 5.2% In August, Worst Drop Since 2009

Sridhar Natarajan: Pharma Junk Gets Whacked By Pricing Scandal

Peter Schiff: Failure to Launch

Jeff Clark: Brace Yourself for Another Steep Decline

Steve Todoruk: Teething Problems in New Mines

Henry Bonner: New Orleans Investment Conference

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Trapped In A Low-End Trading Range

Gary Savage: Columbus Day Thoughts on Gold

Michael Snyder: Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?

Michael Snyder: Global Financial Meltdown Coming? Clear Signs That The Great Derivatives Crisis Has Now Begun

Brian Hunt and Ben Morris: Add This Fast-Growing Industry to Your Watch List Today

James Turk: We Are Witnessing A Historic Turn In The Gold And Silver Markets

Brian Sylvester: The Secrets of Junior Mining Private Equity Risk Managers

Zero Hedge: Five Of The Past Six Times Corporate Margins Have Plunged This Much, Ended In A Recession

Zero Hedge: IMF Cuts Global Growth For The Fourth Time In 12 Months... But That's Not The Biggest Problem

Zero Hedge: Oil Spikes To Highest In Over A Month, As Syria Proxy War Jitters Escalate

Zero Hedge: Biotechs Are Crashing, Turn Red For 2015

Zero Hedge: Someone Is Lying: Consumer Confidence Is Somehow Both "Highest" And "Lowest" For The Year

Health - Continued
July 22, 2015

Rothfeld: Reishi mushroom cure can help control your weight

Rothfeld: Digging for the root cause of restless leg syndrome

Rothfeld: Antidepressants in menopausal women linked to bone fractures

Rothfeld: Hidden blood sugar problem could kill you

Rothfeld: Added sugars like fructose can cause heart failure

Rothfeld: Get the right fats to lower your cholesterol naturally

Rothfeld: Coffee could reduce your Parkinson’s risk

Rothfeld: Natural remedies resolve allergy symptoms

Rothfeld: Common foods may contribute to your back pain

Rothfeld: Probiotics tackle stubborn hay fever

Rothfeld: Surgery a waste of time and money for knee pain patients

Rothfeld: Vitamin D may prevent Crohn’s disease from flaring up

Mercola: Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter

Mercola: Researcher Reveals Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer

Mercola: 13 Health Foods That Taste Better Than Junk Foods

More News in Archives!


Alex Jones: Matt Drudge Interview
Alex Jones: Matt Drudge Interview

October 9, 2015

Patrick J. Buchanan: War Party Targets Putin

Joshua Krause: SS Hillary Clinton

Patrick M. Byrne: Future Is Decentralized

Simon Black: Trump’s Tax Plan

Donald Trump: ‘Eminent Domain Is Wonderful’

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
October 9, 2015

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Mind of Mr. Putin

Patrick J. Buchanan: War Party Targets Putin and Assad

Michael Krieger: California Mayor Forced to Hand Over Electronics and Passwords at Airport – Compares U.S. to Nazi Germany

Michael Snyder: Preview Of World War III? Russia Is Putting On A Display Of Firepower That Is Shocking The World

Michael Snyder: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Permanently Locking In The Obama Agenda For 40 Percent Of The Global Economy

Joshua Krause: What the Secret Service Has to Say About Hillary Clinton

Cycles of War & Sovereign Debt Crisis 90 Minute DVD is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's 2014 Cycles of War & Sovereign Debt Crisis conference. The conference covers the Cycles of War extensively and its impact on future market trends. Topics include government spending, the Ukrainian conflict, and the outlook for gold. | Read More
Nick Gillespie: Being a Neocon Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Veronique de Rugy: Let States Build Their Own Highways

Damon Root: Yes, the Second Amendment Protects Individual Rights

Ferghane Azihari & Louis Rouanet: No More "Free Trade" Treaties: It's Time for Genuine Free Trade

Patrick M. Byrne: The Future Is Decentralized

Simon Black: Donald Trump’s tax plan is supported by 7 decades of hard data

Donald Trump: ‘Eminent Domain Is Wonderful’

Paul Craig Roberts: Vice Is Washington’s Signature

Eric Peters: Another Car We’re Not Allowed to Buy

Brandon Smith: Syrian Crisis: What Will Happen Next?

Joshua Krause: Russian Allies Are Already Wiping the Floor with ISIS

Martin Armstrong: The Peak in Government? A Low in Interest Rates?

Martin Armstrong: Democracy Is More Than A Right to Vote

Barbara Kay: AP offers a victory to us ‘doubters’ of climate change

Kurt Nimmo: Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Reached

Tim Craig: Doctors Without Borders Says U.S. Airstrike Hit Hospital in Afghanistan; At Least 19 Dead

Brandon Turbeville: Are Americans And Britons Being Prepped For A Military Coup?

Joshua Krause: Why The “War on Police” Is A Complete Sham

Rachel Blevins: U.S. Senators Call For Obama To End Program Training Syrian Militants

Joshua Cook: As Petition Signatures Rise, Rand Paul Agrees To Truth In Media Town Hall

Glenn Greenwald: CNN and the NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Afghan Hospital Attack

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: The Menace of Egalitarianism

Eric Margolis: Putin Moves His Rook Into Syria

Jack Perry: Children Learn What They Live

Zero Hedge: China To Join Russian Military In Syria While Iraq Strikes Intel Deal With Moscow, Tehran

Zero Hedge: Vladimir Putin Explains To The UN Why The World's Chaos Is Not His Fault Either

Zero Hedge: Role Reversal In The New Cold War

Zero Hedge: Syria Ground War Imminent? U.S. Accuses Russia Of Launching Syrian Land Campaign

Zero Hedge: This Is How Close US And Russian Jets Are To A Dog Fight Above Syria

Health - Continued
July 22, 2015

Mercola: 7 Things Emotionally Successful People Do Differently

Mercola: Eating Sugar Makes You Stupid

Mercola: Dissenting Lawmakers Punished as Corporate Takeover of United States Advances

Mercola: 8 Delicious Ways to Use Chia

Mercola: Mushrooms Used in Chinese Medicine Can Slow Weight Gain

Mercola: Will New 2015 Dietary Guidelines Reverse Four Decades of Foolish Fat Phobia?

Mercola: 10 Sources of Endocrine Disruptors and How to Avoid Them

Mercola: The Fluoride Deception Continues as US Government Ignores Fluoride’s Role as an Endocrine Disruptor

Mercola: Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health

Lilley: If vaccines don't cause brain damage, why is GlaxoSmithKline paying out $63 million to vaccine victims?

Benson: Prevent artery hardening and calcium buildup with aged garlic

Godiyal: Monk fruit - A Power food for diabetes

Wright: Low testosterone can lead to poor health and rapid aging in both men and women

More News in Archives!

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