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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Julie Borowski: Body Positivity Unless You're Skinny
Julie Borowski: Body Positivity Unless You're Skinny

September 19, 2014

Cathy Young: Harassed More Than Women?

Fredrik deBoer: Carceral Progressivism

Robert Stacy McCain: Punch Seen ‘Round the World

Kay Hymowitz: Gender Gap Journalism

Ian Tuttle: Feminists’ Failure on Rotherham

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
September 19, 2014

Hannah Wallen: Male Birth Control and Feminist Stupidity

COTWA: ESPN analyst says men need to be reprogrammed

COTWA: College sex tribunal is "bizarre and cruel"

COTWA: Women who don't attend college: your elected officials care more about keeping college women safe from rape than you

Robert Franklin, Esq: North Dakota Lawyers Illegally Use State Bar to Oppose Shared Parenting Initiative

Robert Franklin, Esq: New Jersey Reforms Alimony Law — A Bit

Robert Franklin, Esq: British Couple Forced to Flee Country to Get Medical Care for Son

Fathers4Equality: Court Agrees to remove Biological father’s name from child’s birth certificate

No More Mr Nice Guy: Dr. Robert Glover has dubbed the "Nice Guy Syndrome" trying too hard to please others while neglecting one's own needs, and explains how they can stop seeking approval and start getting what they want in life. | Read More
Fathers4Equality: Australian Judge asks “Why are only Boys Charged?”

Fathers4Equality: Misleading Research Depriving Toddlers of Fathering Time

Jim Doyle: Symantec and slanders against MRM sites and others, and stepping on their wing-wang at last

Jim Doyle: Male Privilege – Why do women assume they know about men or men’s lives? – Part I

Jim Doyle: Male Privilege – Why do women assume they know about men or men’s lives? – Part II, Eagle 35?s answer

Sabrina L. Schaeffer: Democrats' big government solutions don't provide answer to women's problems

JudgyBitch: A response to Amanda Marcotte

JudgyBitch: Here is what thinking aloud looks like when you LIKE men and masculinity

JudgyBitch: The Double Standards and Bootlicking of @mychalsmith and @feministing

KC Johnson: DePauw Punishment Halted in Sex Case

Spearhead: The Sexy Sexual Jihad

Breitbart: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite

Selwyn Duke: Women More Likely to Commit Domestic Violence, Studies Show

Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Public university requires students to submit sexual history or face disciplinary action

Cathy Young: The CDC’s Rape Numbers Are Misleading

David Moye: Alleged Statutory Rape Victim Ordered To Pay $15,000 In Child Support

Winifred Robinson: The REAL gender gap scandal: Why boys are now the true victims of discrimination

Tantumblogo: Our radical feminist betters call for killing of 3 billion men

Ashe Schow: Women really are the key to elections

Jessica Walsh: Pregnancy Experience Lessons in Feminism Part One

Gary Pavela: In Sexual-Misconduct Cases, Hear the Facts

Fredrik deBoer: Carceral Progressivism

Beyond Kohlberg vs. Gilligan: Empathy and Disgust Sensitivity Mediate Gender Differences in Moral Judgments

Robert Stacy McCain: Feminist Theory, Human Nature and the Punch Seen ‘Round the World

Kay Hymowitz: Gender Gap Journalism

Mollie Hemingway: 7 Important Things Slate Misses In Its Attack On Home-Cooked Meals

Cathy Young: Men Are Harassed More Than Women Online

Ciaran O'Connor: 1,400 Girls Are Raped in Rotherham, and Feminists Don’t Care

Ian Tuttle: Feminists’ Failure on Rotherham

Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
September 5, 2014

ANH-USA: New Report Finds FDA Deliberately Deceptive—and Slowly Poisoning Millions of Americans

ANH-USA: Butter Is Better

ANH-USA: Insurance Company Drug Managers Now Deciding What’s Medically “Necessary”

ANH-USA: Pre-Market Approval of Dietary Supplements: The Canadian Story

Brownstein: The CDC Lies, Mainstream Media Stays Quiet and Our Children Suffer

Brownstein: Toxic Vaccines and Autism: A CDC Coverup

Brownstein: Toxic Vaccines and Autism, Part 2

Brownstein: More Flu Vaccine Cockamamie

Brownstein: Lower Your Salt Intake? Fugetaboutit!

Block: The Door into Summer

Block: A Human Perspective on a Visionary Mind

Block: The Wealth of Berberine

Pearson & Shaw: New Taurine & Bromine Formulation

Downey: How Green Tea Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Nadil: Safely Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Goldfaden: Remove Dark Pigmentation Characteristic Of Aging Skin

Rosenthal: The Little-Known Benefits Of Tocotrienols

Thompson: Fight Immune Decline With Reishi

Faloon: Why Sick Care Costs So Much, Collapsing Within Itself

Amen: Unleash The Power Of The Female Brain

Sisson: Cauliflower Muffin Bites

Sisson: Cravings

Sisson: The High Cost of Commuting

Sisson: Tomato and Eggplant Gratin

Sisson: Hunger

Sisson: Smart Fuel: Mushrooms

Sisson: Primal Egg McMuffin

Sisson: Top 10 Favorite Herbs and Spices

Sisson: How to Safely Expose Your Kids to Dirt

Sisson: Asian Salmon Burger with Homemade Pickled Ginger

Wright: This health-destroyer is hiding in every nibble of cheese

More News in Archives!


David Morgan: US Dollar is the Last Stop Before Gold & Silver Spike
David Morgan: US Dollar Last Stop

September 23, 2014

Golem XIV: The Next Crisis – Part two

Gail Tverberg: Debt Bubble Collapse?

John Rubino: Why Isn’t Housing A Bubble?

Avi Gilburt: Will Gold Ever Break Down?

Bob Moriarty: Real Estate in Ulaanbaatar

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
September 23, 2014

Addison Wiggin: “Watch What They Do… Not What They Say”

Bill Bonner: The “Military” Secret to Getting Rich

Addison Wiggin: Profit from Global Warming, Even if You Don’t Believe In It

Richard Daughty: How to Buy Your Own “Bread and Circuses”

Wayne Mulligan: How to Double Your Money in 5 Hours

Golem XIV: The Next Crisis – Part two – A manifesto for the supremacy of the 1%

Gregory Mannarino: Stock Market Falls, More Losses Highly Likely
Gregory Mannarino: More Losses Highly Likely
Matt Badiali: Will Shale Oil Fuel Manufacturing Boom in the US?

Gail Tverberg: Could Low Oil Prices Point To A Debt Bubble Collapse?

Chris Campbell: The Ancient Secret to Thriving in Any Environment

Greg Guenthner: How Wall Street Strategists are Trading the Current Market

Laurynas Vegys: What Insider and Institutional Trading Are Telling Us

Hormegeddon: How Too Much Of A Good Thing Leads To Disaster Bill Bonner explains that when you get too much of a good thing in the sphere of public policy, economics and business. Simply put, it ends in disaster. This is the story of America's disaster. | Read More
Doug Hornig: A Tale of Two Alexes: Live from the Casey Research Summit in San Antonio

Jeff Thomas: The Economic Blacklist

Charles Hugh Smith: The Counter-Intuitive Rise of the U.S. Dollar

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: It's Time to Take Profits if You're Short the Euro

Pater Tenebrarum: Mission Impossible: Even Notaries Are Striking Against Reform Of French Dirigisme

John Rubino: Why Isn’t Housing A Bubble?

Michael Snyder: This Is About As Good As Things Are Going To Get For The Middle Class – And It’s Not That Good

Gary Savage: Is Gold’s date with $1,050 around the corner

Avi Gilburt: Will Gold Ever Break Down?

Amber Lee Mason: As Expected, the American Consumer Lives On

John Embry: The Wild Action In Gold, Silver & Other Markets

James Turk: Two Shocking Charts Expose The Stunning Collapse In The US

Bob Moriarty: Owning Real Estate in Ulaanbaatar

David Chapman: We live in an Energy-Centric World!

Christos Doulis: Can Gold Act as a Safe Haven Again?

Sumit Roy: Big Moves Coming In NatGas, But Not Yet

Peter Cooper: Why silver is a classic buying opportunity

Steve St. Angelo: The Tale Of Two Metals

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler: Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality

Martin Armstrong: Pension Funds Being Taken TO Fund Infrastructure

Zero Hedge: The Federal Reserve Explains How Its Crystal Ball Works

Zero Hedge: The Illustrated Guide To Keynesian Vs Austrian Economics

Zero Hedge: If You're Poor At 35, You Deserve It?

Zero Hedge: Lower Oil Prices: Good News Or Bad News?

Health - Continued
September 5, 2014

Wright: How do you stop Ebola dead in its tracks?

Wright: Heavy metal eliminating chelation is good for your heart

Wright: Chiropractic neck adjustment is safer than officials would have you believe

Wright: Gestational diabetes can be sidelined with one little trick

Wright: The link between statin drugs and type 2 diabetes goes to court

Wright: Dodge two of your worst diabetes symptoms with a common nut

Wright: COPD drugs can be ridiculously dangerous and potentially fatal

Wright: Keep this killer drug out of your medicine cabinet

Wright: Reducing blood viscosity protects your heart every time you donate blood

Wright: Hidden non-stick chemicals are giving your thyroid a beating

Wright: Compounding pharmacies in danger means consumers are in danger

Wright: Shingles pain can be relieved quickly without painkillers or antiviral meds

Wright: Cervical cancer can be easily and safely prevented without drugs

Wright: Lab created version of heart healthy niacin could be deadly

Wright: Vitamin D megadoses are proven safe for older people

Wright: Inflammation can be curbed with supplements, but the FDA doesn’t want you to know

Simon Black: This is how you beat Obamacare

Mercola: America's Most Sleep-Deprived Cities

Mercola: Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Mercola: What Happens Inside Your Stomach When You Eat Instant Noodles?

Mercola: The Very Real Risks of Consuming Too Much Protein

Mercola: Monsanto Draws Outrage Over "Bee-Friendly" Facebook Post

Mercola: National Vaccine Information Center Calls for Removal of Vaccine Safety Oversight from Department of Health and Human Services

Mercola: 7 Underrated Medicinal Plants

Mercola: Do You Really Want to Eat Hot Dogs After Knowing This?

Mercola: 63% of Americans Actively Avoid Soda

Mercola: Acetaminophen Overdose Is Far Easier Than You Might Think

Mercola: 9 Health Benefits of Cucumbers

More News in Archives!


Harvey Organ: December Collapse
Harvey Organ: December Collapse

September 22, 2014

Rod Van Mechelen: Prosperity and Empire

Joshua Cook: The House of Saud

James Ridgeway: Saudi 9/11 Connection

Chris Campbell: Escape Obamacare

Paul Rosenberg: Snowden Tip of the Iceberg

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 22, 2014

Robert Parry: The Washington Post’s Neocon Duplicity: Ukrainian Militias Aren’t “Romantics”; They’re Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers

Daniel McAdams: Washington’s Bait-And-Switch Manuever Exposed By Arms Flow To Kiev—Truce To End Soon

Charlotte Hays: The Myth of the Uncaring Republican

Vicki E. Alger: Who Has the Worst International Tax Rules Rate in the World?

Michael Snyder: Nowhere To Hide As Minority Report-Style Facial Recognition Technology Spreads Across America

Paul Lawrance: House Passes Bill To Arm Syrian Rebels Despite Evidence of ISIS Ties

Paul Joseph Watson: Pocket-Sized Surveillance Drone Can Fly Through Windows

Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff Matt Kibbe makes a stand for individual liberty and shows us what we must do to preserve our freedom with a rational yet passionate argument that defends the principles upon which America was founded. | Read More
Daily Bell: US Pursues 134 Wars Around the World

Damon Root: With Friends Like These: Bush Lawyer John Yoo Backs Obama's Undeclared War on ISIS

David Stockman: The Folly Of Obama’s “War” On ISIS

Daniel McAdams: President Poroshenko Comes Calling On Washington—Bearing Big Lies And A Tin Cup

Brandon Smith: When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding "The Enemy"

Andrew P. Napolitano: More Unlawful Presidential Killing

Rod Van Mechelen: Global Prosperity and the American Empire

Rachel Blevins: France Joins the U.S. in Launching Airstrikes Against ISIS

Michael Lotfi: New polls show Americans don’t trust Democrats on immigration

Joshua Cook: Obama Partnering with the House of Saud is a terrible strategy

Anthony Wile: Stay Alert in These Interesting Times

James Ridgeway: How the Bush Administration Covered Up the Saudi Connection to 9/11

Jeff Desjardins: Missing Money: What Government Accounting Really Looks Like

Chris Campbell: How to Escape Obamacare in One Bold Move

Greg Guenthner: Let the Alibaba IPO Show You Where the Market’s Headed

Doug Hornig: The Deep State

Paul Rosenberg: Snowden’s Material Was Just the Tip of the Iceberg: The Situation Is Actually Worse Than You Think

Natasha Vargas-Cooper: Photo Exhibit Restores Dignity To Victims of U.S. Torture

Murtaza Hussain: New ISIS Propaganda Film Features Canadian-Sounding Fighter

Murtaza Hussain: Powerful NSA Official Potentially Self-Dealing With Defense Contractor

Charles Hugh Smith: Are We Ready for Daily-Life Drones?

David Stockman: The Keynesian State Wreck Ahead

Michael Noonan: Obama The Liar; Mainstream Media His Elite Lap Dog Accomplice

Zero Hedge: Pentagon Prepares To Unveil Syria War Plans As "Broad Coalition" Crumbles

Zero Hedge: The Inconvenient Truths Of Dictators

Zero Hedge: ISIS Slams "Mule Of The Jews" Obama, Demands Killing Of "Disbelievers" Especially "Filthy French"

Zero Hedge: NSA Warns "Bad Guys Are Everywhere" As Spooks Run Afoul Of German Laws Again

Zero Hedge: Preparing For All Out Iraq War: Joint Chiefs Of Staff Back US Troops In Combat "If Necessary"

Health - Continued
September 5, 2014

Mercola: Good News: Gluten-Free, Low-Carb Paleo Diet Hits the Mainstream

Mercola: Should You Worry About an Ebola Outbreak in the US?

Mercola: Vitamin D for Depression, Dementia, and Diabetes

Mercola: Vegetable Oils: Beware of Common Fats That Are Even More Dangerous Than Trans Fats

Mercola: Best-Selling Toothpaste Contains Hazardous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical

Mercola: Your Health Is the Result of a Symbiotic Relationship with 100 Trillion Bacteria

Mercola: How to Perform a Full-Body Workout Using a Pair of Dumbbells

Mercola: Phthalates: New Study Finds Common Chemicals May Lower Testosterone Levels

Edwards: How to kill candida and balance your intestinal flora

Landsman: Emotions proven to alter genetic expression

Benson: Moms of autistic, vaccine-damaged children mount wave of online protest against CDC research fraud

Devon: Exposure to common fungicide causes neurological problems across four generations

Huff: CDC scientist secretly blended lethal flu virus into 'non-lethal' vials used in open experiments

Sinclair: Heal cavities, gum disease, and whiten teeth with natural homemade toothpaste and diet

Wells: Secondhand smoke from e-cigs is less unhealthy than traditional cigs but still contains toxic heavy metals

Raw Michelle: Health benefits of pineapple include everything from tumor reduction to digestive improvements

Benson: CNN caught in denial over MMR vaccines even as CDC whistleblower confesses to scientific fraud

Sinclair: Clean your floors without store-bought chemicals - non-toxic cleaning recipe and instructions

Huff: Fluoride in private wells linked to decreased IQ

Heyes: Humans are getting stupider by the generation; science shows we've lost 14 IQ points since Victorian Era

Edwards: Natural Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Jockers: D3 and vitamin K2, and the role they play in our health

Wells: Sugar is poison, reveals physician author

Henry: 5 ways to increase your longevity and quality of life

Louis: Tick bite turns people into involuntary vegetarians

Huff: Chemistry professor corroborates whistleblower's claims; links mercury in vaccines to autism, neurodevelopmental issues

Padilla: 5 Home remedies for acid reflux, that work

Ravensthorpe: Saw palmetto can treat hair loss, enlarged prostates and urinary tract infections

More News in Archives!

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