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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
December 16, 2017

Ann Coulter: Sex In America Part 1

Ann Coulter: The History of Sex In America Part 2

Avi Asher-Schapiro: As Egypt Arrests and Tortures Gay People, It Enlists the Help of Pro-LGBTQ P.R. Firm in Washington

Alex Thomas: Democrats Are Now Running Campaigns That Specifically Tell Voters Not To Vote For A Man In Order To Stop Sexual Harassment

Ian Miles Cheong: Teen Vogue Writer Says Men Deserve to Suffer From False Accusations

Christine Wekerle: We must listen to male sexual abuse victims #too

Ally Fogg: School shootings and the brutalisation of boys

Ally Fogg: #MeToo or #MenToo? How men can talk about abuse

Rory Tingle: Female escort who accused an innocent police officer she had never met of raping her in revenge for arresting her ex-husband over drugs offences case is jailed for two years

Taylor Lorenz: Facebook Is Banning Women for Calling Men ‘Scum’

Henry Bodkin: Ridicule as police say kissing under the mistletoe without consent is 'rape'

Judith Sloan: It is costing us $6m to ‘solve’ gender pay gap myth

Max Margan: Milo Yiannopoulos stuns Parliament with speech that declares the end is nigh for the 'man-hating movement'

Scott Alexander: Against Overgendering Harassment

Natalie Corner: Female stars of The Apprentice are blasted by viewers for leering at male models’ six-packs during 'uncomfortable' task

Abe Hawken: Female paedophile, 28, who seduced 15-year-old boy with cannabis and used him 'to satisfy her own sexual needs' is jailed for five years

Stacey Plaisance: Man Wrongfully Convicted of Rape as a Teen Leaves Prison After Nearly 50 Years

Hazel Cills: Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Are Increasingly Filing Defamation Suits Against Their Accusers

Samuel Gibbs: Facebook bans women for posting 'men are scum' after harassment scandals

Claire Berlinski: The Warlock Hunt

BBC: Oxford teacher investigated for 'misgendering' to sue school

ToySoldiers: Woman dodges prison to spare her kids from foster care

ToySoldiers: Police “find” 1993 recording of Corey Feldman naming abusers

Keiran Southern: Girl, 18, and another teenager sexually assaulted vulnerable boy, 15, with toilet brush and stubbed cigarettes out on his feet in 36-hour children's hospital attack

Anastasia Moloney: Can women-only seats combat sexual harassment on Bogota's buses?

Nick Allen: Sperm donor must pay child support to lesbian couple, court rules

Caroline Kitchens: “Rape Culture” Does Not Exist

Melissa Nann Burke: House increases penalty for female genital mutilation

Grace Carr: Facebook Bans Women From Dragging Men Through The Mud

Jack C. Fisher: Bryan Singer, Harvey Weinstein, And The Double Standards Of Sexual Abuse

Ryan Naumann & Daniel Goldblatt: Ralphie May Tried to Sell His House to Pay Off Divorce Lawyers, Documents Reveal

Katherine Timpf: Surprise! It’s Kind of Standard for Sexual-Assault Accusers to Face Scrutiny!

Return of Kings: Japan Bans Chicks With Dicks

Return of Kings: The Juggalo March Was Classier Than The Feminist Women’s March

Return of Kings: Study: Men Are Viewed As More Feminine If Their Wives Don’t Take Their Last Name

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
December 2, 2017

Amanda Prestigiacomo: U.K. Girl Scouts Allow Adult Males With Penises To Shower With Girls

Jenn Gidman: Writer Leaves Dunham Project Due to Her 'Well-Known Racism'

Sadaf Ahsan: Angela Lansbury says women 'must sometimes take blame' for sexual harassment

Patrice Lee Onwuka: Meghan Markle Giving Up Her Career for Prince Harry Doesn’t Make Her a Bad Woman

Mia Wright and Lauren Wagner: Fighting feminism on campus, one step at a time

hequal: BBC celebrates “inspirational” radical feminist who believes regret is rape & campaigned against recognising male victims of abuse

The Economist: Women Earn 98% As Much As Men

Sydney Watson: Obsession with Imaginary Rape Culture

Michael Kobor: Holding infants – or not – can leave traces on their genes

Connor Chue-Sang: MILO Slams Sex-Predator Culture in Media and Hollywood

Chadwick Moore: MILO to Expose Sordid, Sexually Abusive, Hypocritical World of Hollywood in New Book

Paul McLeod & Lissandra Villa: She Said That a Powerful Congressman Harassed Her, Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story

CBS News: Hospital responds after nurse tweets white boys "should be sacrificed to the wolves"

Tucker Carlson: PA Professor Blames 'Toxic Masculinity' for Texas Church Shooting

AOS: Students leak pictures of teacher who forced them to have SEX with her to get good grades

Eveline Gan: Male circumcision: For some parents, it’s not so clear-cut

Joi-Marie McKenzie and Alexandra Faul: 'Glee' star Naya Rivera arrested, charged with domestic battery after allegedly hitting husband

Jarrod Lucas: Goldfields woman fined $4,000 after falsely accusing taxi driver of sexual assault

Kimberly Burton: The Men’s Movement Deserves More Recognition and Respect

Mariella Frostrup: Should I report sexual harassment if I then slept with the man?

Irene Ogrizek: Campus Counsellors and the Politicization of Sexual Assault

Howard Schwartz: Sex Through the Looking Glass

James Devitt: Why Do Men Have Unwanted Sex? It’s Not Just Gender Expectations, New Research Finds

The Economist: Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago

Luke Gittos: #MeToo is consuming its own

Wanda Thibodeaux: Oxytocin Has a Dark Side, Says This Stanford Neurology Professor

hequal: Feminist-run domestic violence helplines guilty of anti-male sex discrimination for assuming male victims were perpetrators

hequal: BBC berates male domestic violence victim for speaking out – names sexist bursary scheme in honour of his abuser

Maureen Callahan: Good riddance to Lena Dunham

Daily Mail: Colorado man forced to pay $730-a-month in child support to ex-wife despite DNA test proving he is NOT the father of her child

Brian Flood: Feminism site Medusa Magazine shuts down after founder admits it was pure satire

Return of Kings: Joe Rogan Is A Beacon Of Raw Masculinity

Return of Kings: Why Don’t Feminists Support Mixed Men’s And Women’s Sporting Competitions?

Return of Kings: It Was A Nightmare To Work In A 90% Female Workplace

Return of Kings: Do Not Try To Help A Woman Who Is A Victim Of “Domestic Violence”

Return of Kings: 4 Steps We Must Take To Fix Society

Dave Cullen: The Weaponization of Women Against Men
Dave Cullen: Weaponization of Women
Dr. Warren Farrell: How Have Gender Issues Changed In The Last 40 Years?
Dr. Warren Farrell: How Have Gender Issues Changed In The Last 40 Years?
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Bennett: Book of Man
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Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
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Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
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Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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