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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
September 25, 2017

Noemie Emery: What's in a shoe? Melania Trump and the death of feminism

Rebecca Rosenberg: I caught my wife sleeping with her boss — and now I might end up in jail

Susan Svrluga & Nick Anderson: DeVos decries ‘failed system’ on campus sexual assault, vows to replace it

Jennie Miller: Baby-hungry single women and the men who insist on having the snip before dating them: The confessions that reveal a troubling new front in the battle of the sexes

Emily Yoffe: The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy

Greg Piper: Accused students presumed guilty at three in four top colleges, survey finds

Christina Hoff Sommers: Reflections on the Google controversy and James Damore's infamous memo

Annalisa Barbieri: My brother was jailed for abusing his daughter. Now she says it was all lies

Catherine Doss: Former LU football player files $100 million lawsuit in alleged sexual assault incident

Karan Khanna: Woman Shoots Homeless Man For Asking Her To Move Her Porsche

Toni Airaksinen: Why Sexism Can’t Explain the Student Loan Gender Gap

Bruce Deachman: Vanier men's centre, the third of its kind in Canada, officially opens

Alex Tabarrok: The Gender Gap in STEM is NOT What You Think

Amy Weitzel: Not All Absent Fathers are Dead-beat Dads

Eric Owens: Male Student Gets $750,000 For Traumatic Sex Romps With Teacher In Her Car And Classroom

Rachel Chason: Police say art teacher had sex with four students

Thomas Burrows: Ex-student, 23, is CLEARED of raping female friend who 'woke up on top of him after they shared a bottle of Prosecco' following a second trial

Kimberly Hefling & Caitlin Emma: Obama-era school sexual assault policy rescinded

Lucy Swinnen: Man who died after setting himself alight had been protesting Family Court issues

Daniel Burnett: Dear Colleague: It’s over! Education Department rescinds controversial 2011 letter

Hannah Parry & Snejana Farberov: Lesbian couple who beat their 5-year-old son with a hammer, duct-taped his eyes shut and kicked him in the groin in a brutal attack that caused him to suffer two strokes are jailed for 20 years

Maria Danilova: DeVos Scraps Obama Guidance on Investigating Campus Sexual Assault

Jack Kenrick: Swedish Feminist Crusades Against Dog Patriarchy

Amanda Ripley: Boys Are Not Defective

Milo: Feminist Claims Sex Dolls Can Be Raped

Thomas Burrows: Woman, 35, who groomed a boy of 12 into 'clandestine sex trysts' burst into tears as she was jailed for five and a half years

Andrea Bottner: Left Says We Should Listen to Women--Then Refuses to Hear Conservative Women

Patrice Lee Onwuka: Half of College Women Get This Wrong about Hate Speech

Robert Stacy McCain: News Flash: Boys and Girls Are Different

Robert Stacy McCain: What Feminist ‘Success’ Looks Like

Judd Apatow: Trump Playing to ‘Rape Base’ by Scrapping Obama’s Campus Assault Rules

Toni Airaksinen: Feminist group admits 'pay gap' is caused by women's choices

Kristin M. Kraemer: She went into hiding after claiming rape. Now, 6 pets are dead and she’s charged with lying

Return of Kings: Why Are So Many Women Liberals?

Return of Kings: There Are a Lot of Mothers but Very Few Moms

Return of Kings: Female Executive with Music Degree Oversees Largest Computer Hack in World History

Return of Kings: 3 Things That Give Hope To Men In The West

Return of Kings: Feminist Move To Desexualize Breasts Could Allow Men To Squeeze Them With Impunity

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
September 3, 2017

Robert Stacy McCain: The Atheist Anti-American Feminist Gun-Grabber Man-Hating Party

Jon Anthony: 4 Common Items That Are Destroying Your Testosterone Levels

Matt Forney: Joss Whedon Pretended To Be A Male Feminist While Cheating On His Wife With Young Actresses

Roosh Valizadeh: You Become What You Fight

David G. Brown: The Australian Military Is Enforcing A 70% Female Quota For New Recruits

Brian Gerard: I Took The Red Pill After Observing The True Nature Of Women

Michael Sebastian: How “Being Nice” Creates Serious Problems For Men

Maximus King: Women Will Never Be Taken Seriously Until They Fight To Be Included In The Draft

Michael Majalahti: Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing

Feminist Clementine Ford sparks walkout by refusing to answer schoolboys’ questions

Kaja Whitehouse: Teen says juvenile detention center used inmates as ‘sex slaves’

Christian Gollayan: Beware of ‘foodie call’ dates who are just in it for a free meal

Tom Jackman: Jury orders blogger to pay $8.4 million to ex-Army colonel she accused of rape

Toni Airaksinen: Latina prof insists 'white men' must do more 'service work'

Greg Piper: Judge tosses USC rape prosecution: Videos show accuser initiated at key moments

Ashe Schow: Drake University Faces Lawsuit For Expelling Learning Disabled Sexual Assault Victim

Ashe Schow: Couple Says It Was Horse Play, But University Suspends Male For Assault, Won’t Release Surveillance Video

Charlotte Hays: So It's Okay To Criticize a Woman on Her Appearance Again, Feminists?

Ericka Andersen Sylvester: Amy Schumer Accidentally Debunks The Equal Pay Gap Myth

Bettina Arndt: Feminism and sexual consent — yes, no, maybe

AOS: Female CEO hires lots of women using affirmative action and then fires them after realizing diversity doesn’t improve performance

Clarice Feldman: Toxic Femininity Hides Jealousy and Corruption

VJM: Should We Lower Women’s Pensions to Bridge The “Gender Death Gap”?

Alex Raskin: Ezekiel Elliott fights back: Players' union sues NFL over Dallas Cowboys star's six-game suspension for domestic violence

Robert Franklin, Esq: Down Under: Attacks on Fathers, Father’s Day

Robert Franklin, Esq: New Zealand: A Fleeting Opportunity to Address the Tragedy of Paternity Fraud

Robert Franklin, Esq: Kids in Shared Care Less Stressed

JudgyBitch: Theryn Meyer is a man. Here is the proof.

Suzanne Venker: Even the best mother cannot be a father

Imran Khan: The Misandry Bubble

David G. Brown: Why Aren’t Liberals Enforcing A 50% Female Quota For Secret Service Agents And Bodyguards?

Kat Stoeffel: What I Got Wrong About Misogyny

Brianne Tolj and Anneta Konstantinides: Australian woman conceived by sperm donor who grew up with two Lesbian mums reveals how unhappy she was to not have a father

Warren Kulo: After two-year battle to clear his name, USAF officer cleared of charges he kidnapped own daughter

Robert Stacy McCain: Dry-Humping the Patriarchy, Because @LaurenJauregui Is a Feminist Like That

The Male Factor: This is the proof that women aren’t suitable for tech or leadership roles

Marissa Stanziani, Jennifer Cox & C. Adam Coffey: Adding Insult to Injury: Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Juror Decision Making in a Case of Intimate Partner Violence

Daniel Frampton: What’s so wrong about men looking at women?

Sebastian Cesario: Gender Bias in STEM—An Example of Biased Research?

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Tom Golden: Intrusion into Men's Space: A New Wrinkle
Tom Golden: Men's Space
Terrence Popp: Just BeCosby
Terrence Popp: Just BeCosby
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Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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