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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
July 17, 2017

Hannah Wallen: What is feminism?

Miss CJ: If You Ask A Transgender Person If They’ve Had Surgery, That’s A Microaggression Now

Wayne Star: The Boy Scouts Is No Longer A Place For Young Males

Lux Gaetano: Pushing Women Into Leadership Roles Is Ushering The West To Its Doom

Roosh Valizadeh: Why The Female “Anti-Feminist” Is A Feminist In Disguise

André du Pôle: 6 Lessons About Women And Relationships From The Law Code Of Manu

Ryan Ashville: 6 Examples Of How Disney Is Brainwashing Young Girls To Be Feminist Slaves

BBC: Oregon woman sentenced for flight groping

AFP: McEnroe ranks Serena 700th on men's tour

Bryan Keating: Man Sent Home From Work For His Shorts… Returns In A Dress! BAM!

Malaika Aman: Brutally Honest Post Explains How Girls Are Abusing Their Boyfriends, Check If You’re Not Doing It Too

John Merline: Gender Pay Gap? What About The Workplace Death Gap?

Joni Edelman: The Lesser Known Complication Of Circumcision

Pink News: Women’s Equality Party got fewer votes than Monster Raving Loony Party

Emily Becker: The Internet Steps Up After Image Perfectly Captures The 'Selfless' Love Of This Father

Jonathan Hetterly: Failure to Launch and Young Men: The Educational Dilemma

Amber Ferguson: A man helped a lost toddler find her parents, police say. He was smeared online as a predator and fled town.

Josh Hanrahan: 'Have you killed any men today...if not, why not?' Feminist author Clementine Ford's sick note to a fan inside a copy of her latest book

Helen Smith: Newsflash Wonder Woman: Women Already Use the Majority of Healthcare

Christopher J. Post: Boys learn differently than girls, and that's OK

Robert Franklin, Esq: Washington Post Edges Close to Defamation

Robert Franklin, Esq: The Washington Post Channels the ‘Protective Mother’ Movement

Ming-Te Wang, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Sarah Kenny: Not Lack of Ability but More Choice

Samara McPhedran & Li Eriksson: Men are killed at a greater rate than women in Australia – what can we do to reduce their risk?

Ian Miles Cheong: Benetton Apologizes for ‘Sexist and Disappointing’ Ad That Says ‘No Girls Allowed’

Jillian Kay Melchior: Feminist Author to Fan: ‘Have You Killed Any Men Today? If Not, Why Not?’

Tom Ciccotta: Many Women Refuse to Date Men Who Earn Less Than They Do

Tom Teodorczuk: Hasbro CEO: ‘We Eliminated Gender’ for Our Toys

hequal: BBC caught covering up false rape allegations once again

Patrice Lee Onwuka: Dispelling the White House pay gap myth

Judgy Bitch: Why More Women Should Consider Careers in Criminal Justice

Judgy Bitch: Transgender post-op vagina

Judgy Bitch: Domestic violence – it’s not the same when it comes to gender

MascMan: DOE reverses dear colleague

Christian Jarrett: Sexual offending by women is surprisingly common, claims US study

Andy Wells: Wife says 'never go to bed angry' after waking from row to find husband dead on sofa

Scienmag: Study finds ‘sexism’ in sexual assault research, but this time men are the target

Ashe Schow: Allegheny College Settles With Student Peer Says Was Accused In Revenge For Not Dating Girl He Slept With

Kelly Mclaughlin: Woman who shot dead her husband's ex-girlfriend before she could testify against him in court admits to Piers Morgan that SHE suggested the murder plot 14 YEARS after blaming it all on her abusive spouse

Beth Timmins: Sexual assault studies found to hold long-standing bias against men, say researchers

Robert Stacy McCain: The Third Law of SJW: VidCon 2017 and Anita Sarkeesian’s Paranoid Projection

Troy Francis: Women Don’t Want Relationships With Men Who Want Relationships

Rob Reed: How Abortion Creates A Society Of Entitled Women And Desperate Men

Joe Goerbert: Blue Pill Losers Are Invading The Digital Nomad Community And Turning It Into A Safe Space

Louis Stuart: Men Must Be Educated In The Classics If They Wish To Regain Masculine Fortitude

Donovan Sharpe: 3 Signs A Rape Accusation Is False

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Turd Flinging Monkey: Gender Equality Failed
TFM: Gender Equality Failed
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Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
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Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
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Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
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Locke: Duels and Duets
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