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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
June 17, 2017

Frederick Barbarossa: Just Another Day In The Life Of An Aging Modern Woman

Kurt Ludlow: Lawyer says teen boys don't have presumption of innocence in rape cases

Tyler O'Neil: College Gender Gap: Women Earn More Degrees AND Get Special Treatment

Heatstreet: No Longer Cutting It: Backlash Against Circumcision Is Growing

Tom Teodorczuk: Guardian Reviewer Bashes ‘Wonder Woman’ for Not ‘Upending the Patriarchy’

Alex Matthews: Estate agent whose female boss told him at boozy Christmas lunch that she'd perform sex act on him if he hit sales target wins discrimination tribunal

Jane Musgrave: Biological dad cut out of life of child produced during affair

Martin Daubney: Is a Vasectomy Now the Only Way Men Can Be Truly Safe from Financial Extortion?

Barbara Kay: Scheer should ensure fathers have the same parenting rights as mothers in child custody disputes

Jill Lepore: The Surprising Origin Story of Wonder Woman

Christopher Perry: Recent AAUW Report Undermines The Campus Sexual Assault Narrative

Lukas Mikelionis: Canada’s New Law Lets Government Take Children Away If Parents Don’t Accept Their Gender Identity

Janet Bloomfield: Wonder Woman: fat, feminist bondage hero?

Katherine Timpf: Culture and gender-studies researcher Whitney Stark argues that Newtonian physics is oppressive

Monte Whaley: Men saying “no thanks” to college

KC Johnson: The Kipnis Lawsuit Seeks to Muzzle the Truth

Lawrence Killium: These ‘Feminist Collectives’ Starting A Gender War Should Be A Definite Cause Of Concern

Robert Stacy McCain: Self-Hatred and Transgender Suicide

Joshua Rhett Miller: Married porn star arrested for allegedly slapping boyfriend after sex

Kim Craig: Upset over divorce, man carries 'warning don't get married ever' sign

Daily Mail: Wife desperate for a divorce sets up her husband to cheat on her with a female underwear model outside his office in California... but is he tempted to stray?

Esra Gurkan: The rise of the 'pornosexual': How a new orientation describes those who prefer PORN to real sex (and it's most common in men)

PhilanthroCapitalist: Young Men Are Struggling Because No One Cares

Richard Hartley-Parkinson: Naked feminists stage screaming protest for violence against women

Rachel Stockman: TV Client Sues Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred for Fraud, Legal Malpractice

The Economist: Who gets into more wars, kings or queens?

Toy Soldiers: The NISVS 2010-2012 Report

Gurmeet Singh: 6 Influential Men Who Body-Slammed Feminism

Beau Albrecht: How Feminism Wrecked The Social Contract Between The Sexes

Beau Albrecht: Women Want To Ban Men From Approaching Them While Still Insisting Men Make The First Move

Grace Carr: Activist Mob Thought The Best Way To Solve Gender Discrimination Was To Get Completely Naked In Public

Regis Giles: Um… Guess Why These Feminists are Naked and Screaming in the Street

Gareth Davies: Feminist group strips naked and forms a pile of bodies outside Argentine president's palace to protest violence against women

Sam Corbishley: Woman 'made up claims she was sexually assaulted by 15 attackers' and sent 'innocent man to jail'

Daniel Tepfer: Student accused of making up rape allegations faces two years

Tyler O'Neil: Male Transgender Sprinter Wins Two Girls State Championships — as a Freshman

hequal: Telegraph writer caught repeatedly lying about Philip Davies said “we need to #killallmen”

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Stefan Molyneux: Why Women Are So Unhappy | Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Stefan Molyneux: Why Are Women Unhappy
Bernard Chapin: Male Suicide Rates Climb
Bernard Chapin: Male Suicide Rates Climb
Rod Van Mechelen: Roosh Stealing Credit Again
Rod Van Mechelen: Roosh Stealing Credit Again
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Adams: Women First, Men Last
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Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
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Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
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Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
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Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
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