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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
October 25, 2016

Annalee Newitz: New study finds that only 1-2% of men unknowingly raise children who aren't theirs

Arutz Sheva: Secular father kidnaps baby minutes before circumcision

Harriet Agerholm: Women most likely to use misogynistic language on Twitter, report finds

Jaya Saxena: Feminist Pharmacy Charges 7% “Man Tax” To Battle Gender Wage Gap

Bettina Arndt: Program wastes millions on making little boys feel ashamed

Samantha Chang: Hillary Clinton’s faux feminism is a rape against all women

Robert Stacy McCain: The Big Lie: ‘Rape Culture,’ the UVA Hoax and the Democrat-Media Complex

Mydrim Jones: Teacher who slept with pupil 'hundreds of times' and sent him sexy selfies claims 'I am the victim'

Allison Pearson: Why the fallout from the Ched Evans verdict puts all our sons at risk

Alexandra Villarreal: Columbia Student: The Damage Done By ‘Mattress Girl’

MSN: How a Mother and Daughter Plotted to Kill Their Family Members

Vicky Smith: Veronica Panarello murdered son, 8, with electrical cables after he caught her in sex romps with his granddad

Karan Khanna: MRA Deepika Bhardwaj To launch Documentary On Male Victims Of Abuse

Robert McCoppin and Amanda Marrazzo: Cancer center founder's ex-wife seeks $400K/month as divorce trial opens

Emma Glanfield: Babysitter is jailed after having sex with a schoolboy, 13, more than 70 times while she was supposed to be looking after him

Saphora Smith: Ched Evans family consider legal action against ITV’s Loose Women and Gloria Hunniford over 'misinformation'

Keiligh Baker: Emma-Jayne Magson, 23, stabbed her boyfriend in the heart with a steak knife, waited 45 minutes before calling an ambulance

André du Pôle: 3 Emotions Men Should Master

Relampago Furioso: The Media Uses A Strategy Of Reporting On False Rape Accusations To Destroy Men

David G. Brown: British Soccer Star Ched Evans Found Not Guilty Of Rape After Years Of Abuse From Feminists

Quintus Curtius: US Navy Has Surrendered To The Gender-Neutral Agenda By Abolishing Job Titles With “Man”

Jon Anthony: 5 Well-Paying Jobs For Men Who Dropped Out Of College

Ashe Schow: Another debate, another gender wage gap claim by Hillary Clinton

Ashe Schow: A third of U.S. women afraid of being sexually assaulted, but few say they're victims

COTWA: Using sexual assault to further a political agenda

Robby Soave: Tennessee Student Accused of Sexual Harassment Because He Wrote Instructor's Name Wrong

Patrick Fletchall: A Field Guide To Wild Social Justice Warriors

Jillian Kay Melchior: Word ‘Man’ Banned by California State University Fullerton, Along With ‘Secretary’, ‘Male Nurse’ And More

KC Johnson: Feds Lurch Toward Due Process in a Campus Sex Case

Milo: Trannies Are Gay

Age of Shitlords: Jessica Valenti implicated in latest Wikileaks release

Daily Mail: Map shows Trump would win White House by a landslide if only MEN voted

Elizabeth Kolbert: Deny men the vote!

Mike Buchanan: ‘Women Against Rape’ encourage women to lie about having been raped

John Bailes: Gender War – What Goes Around Comes Around

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
October 11, 2016

Joel B. Pollak: Lawsuit Claims Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer Led ‘Purge’ of Male Employees

Martin Armstrong: Hillary Wages Gender War in Addition to Class and Race Wars

Miranda Devine: Manhood is caught in a gender agenda

Robby Soave: Bristol University Theater Group Accused of Cultural Appropriation, Forced to Cancel Play

Sarah Jeong: Elon Musk Follows Zero Women on Twitter

Mark J. Perry: The remarkable academic superiority of high school girls vs. high school boys

Emily Retter: Joanna Lumley defends wolf whistling and insists people are offended by 'everything'

Ashe Schow: Girls outperforming boys in high school

Mike Cernovich: The Red Pill Documentary – Review

Ben Taub: Men Commit More Violent Crimes When They Are Surrounded By Women, Claims Study

Valerie Siebert: Lies About MGTOW, Falsely Accuses Us Of Hating Women

GirlsAskGuys: The Reality of Female Privilege

Glen Poole: Peter Hook has shown bravery for revealing Caroline Aherne's abuse – more men should

Jillian Kay Melchior: Duke offers men a 'safe space' to contemplate their 'toxic masculinity'

Nate Parker on College Rape Trial: ‘I’m Not Going to Apologize’ for Being ‘Proven Innocent’

Rajshree Agarwal: Afraid to speak up: In the era of trigger warnings, a tenured professor stays silent

Brendan O'Neill: Students are fighting back against the PC creed

Aleister: Judge refuses to cave to SJW pressure campaign, reinstates male student at Brown U.

Martha Cliff: Good looking' man slams overweight Scottish women

Karan Khanna: Horrific Woman Brutally Assaults And Tried To Kill Very Little Male Child

Fred Barbash: Judge reinstates Brown Univ. student accused of sexual misconduct, blasts ‘organized’ pressure to get him not to

Andy Coghlan: Men are more violent when there are more women around

Nicola Harley: BBC axe award-winning comedian of 18 years for being 'white and male'

Gynocentrism: Gynosympathy

Andrew Hazzard: Investigators say all sex offenders treated the same, but some studies find female criminals face lighter sentences

Ashe Schow: Young women experiencing higher rates of mental illness

TBP: Women Are Oppression Thieves

Robert Franklin, Esq: Despite ‘Reform’ Texas CPS Only Gets Worse

Robert Franklin, Esq: Bob Emery Still Opposes Shared Parenting, Still Searching for a Reason Why

COTWA: Brown University--where hostility to the rights of accused men is routine

Naomi Firsht: Let’s put the campus sex panic to bed

Mark Sherman Ph.D.: Will We Ever Notice Boys' Struggles?

Hans Bader: College sex bureaucracies expand and get more intrusive

Michael Sebastian: Political And Media Establishment Furiously Attack Trump For Being A Heterosexual Male

Harlan Blackwood: Why Is There A Prolific Jewish Presence In The American Feminist Movement?

Jon Anthony: Why Masculinity Is Dying Off In America

Max Roscoe: Why College Is A Warzone For Young Men

André du Pôle: Is It Ever Permissible To Accept Victimhood As A Man?

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Turd Flingong Monkey: Love and Hypergamy
TFM: Love and Hypergamy
Sandman: Honorable Women LOL - MGTOW
Sandman: Honorable Women LOL
Milo at Western Carolina University: Feminism and Islam, The Unholy Alliance
Milo: Feminism & Islam
Paul Joseph Watson: Hillary Clinton Rape Enabler
Paul Joseph Watson: Hillary Clinton Rape Enabler
Christina Hoff Sommers: Are gender specific toys a hazard to children?
Christina Hoff Sommers: Gender Specific Toys
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Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
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Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
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