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Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
June 22, 2016

Ashe Schow: Another student is suing the government over campus sexual assault

COTWA: Ash Carter Justifies Strategy of Holding Servicemembers Accountable for Sexual Assault through Collateral Misconduct Convictions

Robert Franklin, Esq: Child Abduction and Parental Alienation for 16 Years

Kelly McDonald: Author Vows To End Rape Culture ‘Hysteria’ With New Book

Will Chabun Regina: Sexual assault report called 'unfounded'

WND: Christian girls kidnapped, forced to marry Muslims in Egypt

Bob Unruh: Feds abandon 'equal rights' claim to raise your kids

Sarah Knapton: 'Holy grail' of preventing breast cancer is in sight, say scientists

Jeffrey Sparshott: As Low-Skilled Jobs Disappear, Men Drop Out of the Workforce

Elliot Hannon: Senate Overwhelmingly Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft

KOMO: Ravenna homeowners have message for 'feminists' who defaced their pinup mural

Jamie Satterfield: Lawsuit seeks $1.35 million from Knox County Schools over student-teacher sex allegation

CBC: Man sexually assaulted during spa massage then blackmailed, police say

John Salmon: Please, Stop Telling Me to Cry: The Feminisation of Emotion

Douglas Todd: 'Men’s work' often comes with high risk

Sean Poulter: Women really ARE the weaker sex: Forget man flu - it's females who are most likely to get ill and take to their beds

Annie Holmquist: Has the ‘War on Boys’ Entered the Workforce?

Ylan Q. Mui: Why America’s men aren’t working

Madison Pauly: Earl Ehrhart Is a Champion for College Men Accused of Rape. And He’s Winning.

Elena Kadvany: County releases Brock Turner court documents

Phil Brown: Brisbane show gently humiliates male viewers

Mark Paul: Feminists busy shooting themselves in the foot

David Wigg: Cleared after two years of hell, Cliff Richard reveals how it wrecked his health - and why he is now threatening to sue police and the BBC

DannyboyCdnMRA: Project Jeb - Male Suicide Awareness Walk Update

Fathers4Justice: Greenwich Council accused of funding drug taking at DV Charity & cover-up

LawLink: 15 Year-old Rape Victim Required to Pay Child Support

Life News: Teen Mom Rejects Abortion After Rape, Now Child Protective Services Has Taken Her Baby

Kashana Cauley: Feminism’s Class Divide

Patrice L. Onwuka: What Jennifer Garner’s Pregnancy Confirms about Working Moms

Bernard Chapin: BTB LIFESTYLE, Explained

Milo Yiannopoulos: The UC Irvine Guide to Hilariously Terrible College Administration

Jon Anthony: 4 Things I Learned From Being Falsely Accused Of Rape On Campus

Quintus Curtius: Australian Media That Defamed Roosh Inks Landmark Deal With Chinese Ministry Of Propaganda

Corey Savage: 4 Reasons Why Collapse Will Be The Best Thing To Happen For Men

John Hydenius: 10 Ways Men Are Horribly Oppressing Women

Larsen Halleck: How Social Justice Warriors Have Been Infecting Science For Half A Century

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
June 17, 2016

The Economist: The rebalancing of the sexes has spawned 21st-century misogyny

WND: Women must register for the draft

Tony Blais: Edmonton woman says she still believes fabricated rape was real

Morgan Chalfant: Harvard Administrators Say ‘Presumption of Innocence’ Used to Silence Rape Survivors

Verbal Milk: The Brock Turner Coverage Again Reveals Gendered Hypocrisy

Jen Mills: Teenage girls filmed beating up boy for protecting his autistic friend

David Sax: How Years of Macho Food Marketing Is Killing Men

Nitisha Kashyap: Sting Operation Exposes 'Rape Complainant'

Sarah Cassi: Judge blasts 'predator' with 33-year max for teen sex assault

Mark Duell: Teenage girl who had sex with young boy in a car on a beach and engaged in sex acts with underage girls claiming 'age is just a number' is spared jail

Ben Kamisar: Clinton backs requiring women to register for draft

CBC: Dying MP's gender-neutral O Canada bill passes final Commons vote

Emily Zanotti: Harvard’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention Website Denounces Due Process

Sam Tonkin: 'Family courts turned my custody into a war and turned my parents against each other': Daughter of Fathers4Justice campaigner who missed her 10th birthday because he was in jail for protest on Harriet Harman’s roof tells of 'broken' childhood

Martin Evans & Danny Boyle: Sir Cliff Richard cleared of historic sex assault claims after prosecutors drop case

Anthony Gockowski: Stanford students complain that rape stats are too low

Harley Tamplin: Wife beat her husband to death because he turned down sex

dr_warlock: The Covert Reasons Women Hate Male Spaces

Barbara Kay: Want to help society? Let kids know their fathers

COTWA: The destruction of due process of law in sexual-assault cases 'is exactly what the banshees of political correctness want'

Robert Franklin, Esq: Big Money Driving Anti-Dad/Anti-Child Agenda in Nebraska?

Matt Agorist: Michigan Senate Passes Bill Outlawing Oral and Anal Sex — Violators Will Face 15 Years in Prison

Jill Tucker: DA has judge in Stanford sex assault removed from separate case

Julie Gunlock: Elocution Lessons: Yet Another Tool of the Patriarchy?

Naomi Schaefer Riley: How Disney Teaches Contempt For Dads

Naomi Schaefer Riley: The frenzy over ‘campus rape culture’ is hurting real victims

Carrie L. Lukas: We Need A New Approach To The #StateofWomen

Janet Bloomfield: The world’s most retarded feminist: I have found her

Janet Bloomfield: What does it take to call violent women violent?

Roosh Valizadeh: The Resistance Pyramid: A Strategy For Men To Defend Themselves And Fight Back

Aaron Clarey: It’s Becoming Too Dangerous For College Males To Date Girls On Campus

Relampago Furioso: Islam Pass: Feminists And World Leaders Silent As ISIS Burns Alive Child Sex Slaves

Roosh Valizadeh: Should Men Strive To Become An “Alpha Provider”?

Tom Golden: Male CEO’s earn 58 cents on the dollar to what females earn!

Masculist Man: A scrape on campus: holes in the Stanford rape conviction

Robert Stacy McCain: Why Is @Nero Being Ignored by Mainstream Media?

Hannah Gold: Oklahoma's Department of Health is Now Required by Law to Promote an ‘Abortion-free Society’

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist, All-MGTOW
June 12, 2016

Bernard Chapin: Real Men Get Married!

Miss Misanthropist: Responsibility VS Victim Blaming

BBC: University wipes out gender pay gap with salary hike

College Fix: What white, male privilege? Study shows demographic underrepresented at UK colleges

Eliot Shorr-Parks: Sexual assault claim against Eagles' Nelson Agholor follows dispute over money, source says

Adam Boult: Men ‘more likely to be sacrificed for the benefit of others’ than women – study

Margaret Wente: Can women in power save the world?

Ginger Gorman: ‘There is nowhere for us to go’: Domestic violence happens to men too

Daily Mail: Gender gap in higher education 'reaches record levels'

Jasper Hamill: Meet ‘Generation Snowflake’ – the hysterical young women who can’t cope with being offended

Anna Rhodes: Our education system is prejudiced against white, working class boys

Amie Gordon: Victory for hippy millionaire's unemployed ex-wife as she wins £300,000 share of fortune even though he only made his money a decade after they broke up

ABC14: Woman pleads guilty to child sex crimes in Jefferson City

Deborah Orr: At last, a cure for feminism: sex robots

Greg Piper: Title IX has become a political weapon

Pia Marsh: Should fathers be able to forgo their familial responsibilities?

Henry Bodkin: Sex robots to storm into the British bedroom within ten years

Gabriela Barkho: Why are millennials putting off marriage?

Anne Kim: Why Is Marriage Thriving Among (and Only Among) the Affluent?

Cathy Young: Feminist Campus SJW Kangaroo Court Nets Fat Female “Rapist” of Male Student

COTWA: Sexual grievance cartel: The Brock Turner aberration exemplifies "white male privilege"

Robert Franklin, Esq: Paternity Fraud in the Military

Robert Franklin, Esq: Irish Dads ‘Disposable Utilities’ Valued Only for ‘Resources They Can Provide’

Bob Unruh: Transgender fight erupts – school defends naked students

Meghan Keenan: Clinton’s historic victory? A loss for women, millennials

Janet Bloomfield: Why are feminist women so fucking pathetic?

Janet Bloomfield: Trump’s remarkable plan to fix higher education and strangle social justice and feminists on campus

KC Johnson: Problems in the Stanford Sexual Assault Case

KC Johnson: Campus Surveys Inflate Rape Statistics

KC Johnson: How the Feds Use Orwell to Apply Title IX

MascMan: Let's call Congressman Duncan Hunter on his move to exclude women from the draft

MascMan: Kit Harington claims sexism against male actors in Hollywood needs to be recognised

Rollo Tomassi: Mansplaining

Max Roscoe: Roosh’s Search For Truth Has Put Him On The “Wrong” Side Of The Culture War

Robert Stacy McCain: Jacobins, Bolsheviks and Feminists

Robert Stacy McCain: Feminist Fantasies

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist, All-MGTOW
June 9, 2016

Laurence M. Vance: The Absurdity of “Gender Identity”

Geoff Maynard: Natasha Uttamsingh Jailed for False Accusation

Mac Slavo: Husbands Can Beat Their Wives With A Stick If They Refuse Sex According To Islamic Council Of Clerics and Scholars

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Typical Feminist Study Study Says More Than Half of All College Athletes Have a History of 'Rape'

Maria Guerrero: Keshia Shaw Won't Go to Prison for Raping Student

Krista Milburn: Chivalry and the Law: How Women Get Off

Ashitha Nagesh: Domestic abuse against men: Know the signs

Jeff Landers: How Some Men Are Upending Domestic Violence Laws to Scam an Advantage in Divorce

Dr. Nina Radcliff: Let's commit to improving men's health

Charlotte Willis: ‘This is a right for these women’: Female-only pool hours spark debate

Cat Reid: Straight White Men Banned From Equality Conference

Tom Bawden: When it comes to cooperation, male and female minds work differently, new research shows

Jacqueline Cutler: More American women are more obese than ever

Mike Stobbe: For the first time, more than 4 in 10 US women are obese

Michael Snyder: 8 Reasons Why It Is So Hard To Find Someone Decent To Marry

TMZ: Amber Heard Arrested for Domestic Violence Against Girlfriend

Wes Crenshaw and Gabe Magee: Are millennial trends predicting the end of marriage?

Ashe Schow: No, half of college athletes are not rapists

Barbara Kay: Absolutist dogma is chilling transgender research

COTWA: Hillary Clinton smiles and laughs when she announces men accused of rape should be guilty until proven innocent

Robert Franklin, Esq: Mirror Lauds Single Motherhood

Robert Franklin, Esq: Prosecution of Judge Lisa Gorcyca Calls No Witnesses Critical of Her

Robert Franklin, Esq: First Arrest in Daniel Markel Slaying

Jennifer O'Brien: 26-year-old artist says his life “ripped apart” by invented assault on school girl

Rachel Lu: The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct

Janet Bloomfield: Brock Turner is a rapist but not the kind that frightens me

Janet Bloomfield: Why is it wrong for students to bang teachers?

Janet Bloomfield: Jessica Valenti is Not Kidding

Relampago Furioso: Should Men Sue Women For Dating Expenses And Hookup Damages?

Jonatan Stamm: How New York Killed Male Literature

Corey Savage: An Open Letter To The Men Of MGTOW

Bob Smith: 9 Secrets About Female Nature Told By A Hot Girl Dying Of Cancer

Max Roscoe: 6 Reasons For The Planned Obsolescence Of Men

Max Roscoe: International No Diet Day Shows The Miserable Depths Feminists Go To Stay Morbidly Obese

Lizzie Crocker: Playing The Victim Card: Lindy West and Jessica Valenti’s Visions of Feminism

Nicole Russell: Jessica Valenti Confirms Feminism Is Now Just About Whining

Rebekah Curtis: Feminists Love The Idea Of Women But Hate Real Women

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist, All-MGTOW
June 5, 2016

Sravya Jaladanki: One feminist’s thoughts on Milo Yiannopoulos and ‘Feminism is Cancer’

Ann Friedman: Pop Feminism Doesn’t Mean the End of the Movement

Marcie Bianco: We sold feminism to the masses, and now it means nothing

Tracy Q. Loxley: You Don't Understand Intersectional Feminism

Jen Lawrence: Bomb Threat Ends Milo Yiannopoulos Event at UCLA

Peter Hasson: DePaul Professor Offended By Milo Announces Resignation, Calls Free Speech ‘Delusional’

Zukiswa Zimela: Young boys at higher risk of sexual violence than girls

Harriet Alexander: Johnny Depp divorce: Court documents reveal Amber Heard earns $10,000 a month but spends $44,000 on 'basic expenses'

Daniel Nussbaum: Johnny Depp’s ‘Alice’ Bombs as Calls for Boycott over Alleged Domestic Violence Grow

Gillian M. Pinchevsky & Benjamin Steiner: Despite the idea that all are equal under the law, women are often treated more leniently in pretrial decisions

Ashe Schow: Police determined the rape accusation was 'unfounded,' but Lynn University punished him anyway

Ashe Schow: Woman expelled from Washington State University for allegedly sexually assaulting a man

Feminist Apocalypse: The MGTOW Manifesto, The Black Pill, and Unveiling the Truth

Toy Soldiers: Stop the Abuse: One in Three Campaign

The Black Pill: Going Green Will Not Get You Laid Because Of The Just World Fallacy

COTWA: 'It is important to not have debates' about whether there is a college rape epidemic

COTWA: “Pro-Due Process ? Pro-Rape.”

Charu Dua: A Teenage Girl Tried To Implicate False Rape Case Against A Man After A Failed Robbery Attempt

Robert Franklin, Esq: This Time Brad Wilcox Misses the Obvious

Robert Franklin, Esq: Single Parenthood Keeps Families in Poverty

Tim Patten: Lonely Single Men of MGTOW?

Tim Patten: Misogyny and Bachelorhood (MGTOW)

Ashley Cullins: Amber Heard Sues Comedian for Defamation Over Claim She's Blackmailing Johnny Depp

Gareth Hart: An open letter to critics of bachelorhood and MGTOW

Max Hydrogen: Darwin Weighing the Pros and Cons of Marriage or MGTOW

David Sanderson & Rosemary Bennett: Workplace drudgery drives feminists back to the kitchen

Douglas Perry: Sweaty sex campaign in Denmark encourages couples: 'Do it for Mom' to save welfare state

Hadley Heath: Don’t Let Political Correctness Blind Us to the Plight of Young Men

Golden Eagle: Hypothesis on the Female Attraction to Violence and Risk Taking

Diana White: 5 Women’s Habits That Rob Men of Manliness

Jay L. Zagorsky: Marriage may be obsolete: Fewer couples are getting hitched than ever before

D. Horrenbrand: After sex a woman know everything about you

Amanda Marcotte: Republicans Are Quietly Trying to Kill No-Fault Divorce

Adrian F. Ward: Men and Women Can't Be "Just Friends"

Jay L. Zagorsky: Why are fewer people getting married?

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Sandman: Perfect Couple LOL
Sandman: Perfect Couple LOL
Turd Flinging Monkey: Business of Love
Turd Flinging Monkey: Business of Love
Sandman: Father & Son Slaves
Sandman: Father & Son Slaves
Julie Borowski: Transgenderism Has Gone Too Far
Julie Borowski: Transgenderism Too Far
Sommers & Paglia: Trigger Warnings
Sommers & Paglia: Trigger Warnings
John Stossel - Gender Confusion
John Stossel - Gender Confusion
Rod Van Mechelen: Sexism, Racism & The Stanford Rape Case
The Stanford Rape Case
Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia on the state of contemporary feminism
Sommers & Paglia: Contemporary Feminism
Rod Van Mechelen: Sexism, Racism & The Stanford Rape Case
The Stanford Rape Case
Janice Fiamengo: Stanford Rape Case
Janice Fiamengo: Stanford Rape Case
Bernard Chapin: Sandman MGTOW Interview
Bernard Chapin: Sandman MGTOW Interview
ramzpaul: Will robots take our virginity?
ramzpaul: Will robots take our virginity?
Milo Yiannopoulos: Why Satire is our Greatest Weapon
Milo Yiannopoulos: Satire Our Greatest Weapon
Rod Van Mechelen: Social Justice Cowards & Bullies
Rod Van Mechelen: SJW Cowards & Bullies
Sandman: Are Women Superior? - MGTOW
TFM: Women are Natural Leftists
Sandman: Are Women Superior? - MGTOW
Sandman: Are Women Superior?
Camille Paglia talks to Ella Whelan about feminism
StudioBrule: #MessageToFeminists
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