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Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
October 27, 2015

Paul Joseph Watson: Feminists on Twitter have fallen for a troll campaign

Cathy Young: On Sex Offenses, Progressive Double Standards

Mack Lamoureux: This Group of Straight Men Is Swearing Off Women

Jennifer Schaffer: It's Not Your Imagination, Single Women: There Literally Aren't Enough Men Out There

Gordon Deegan: Man claims he locks bedroom door out of fear of his wife

Peter Lloyd: Why men won't get married anymore: Women complain chaps today won't settle down. Sorry, ladies, but it's all your fault, argues a wickedly provocative new book

New York Post: Will any university stand up to the bogus ‘rape epidemic’ hype?

Why we don’t hear about male victims of domestic violence

Mike Buchanan: A Call to Arms

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Kelly Gissendaner Again Exposes the Gender Quirk in the Death Penalty

Lauren Messervey: This Is My Problem With (Some) Modern Feminists

Adam Longo: Pinal County serial rape suspect may have been set up

Cory Pippin: Woman Accused Of Having Sex With Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

Martin Daubney: Well done, feminism. Now men are afraid to help women at work

Richard Spillett: Kind, funny and bright student, 17, hanged himself after being falsely accused of rape

Ashe Schow: California Fair Pay Act may end up hurting women

Ashe Schow: '1 in 5' supporter tries, fails, to defend statistic

Barbara Kay: Attention paid to male issues doesn’t diminish from feminism: it’s not a zero sum game

Emily Yoffe: The Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys

COTWA: The institutionalized hostility to the rights of college men is not a "war on men," clucks female writer

COTWA: Another college rape scare survey that is not reliable

Glenn Reynolds: The unilateral war on college men

Cathy Young: Campus Sexual Assault and a Modern "Crucible"

Milo Yiannopoulos: ‘The Red Pill’ Filmmaker Started to Doubt Her Feminist Beliefs… Now Her Movie Is at Risk

Kaite Welsh: Germaine Greer is a dinosaur - powerless against a new feminist movement

Laura Bates: Feminism isn’t dead, despite all the assassination attempts

Char Jansen: Documenting the 4th Wave

Kate Iselin: Why I won't date another 'male feminist'

Jeffrey Meyer: Gloria Steinem Blames Rush Limbaugh for Ruining Word Feminism

Sarah Ditum: The problem with men participating in feminism? There is no risk – but plenty of glory

Alyssa Rosenberg: ‘Supergirl’s’ creators lean into their show’s feminism

Joanna Williams: Pay-Gap Politics Bad for Men and Women

Quintus Curtius: One Man Rebels Against A Sexual Consent Class In The UK

David Garrett: Canada’s Gamergate-Hating Prime Minister Learned Feminism From His Gold-Digging Mother

Michael Sebastian: 4 Reasons Why You Should Date A Feminist

David Garrett: If Rape Culture Is So Normal, Why Haven’t You Ever Witnessed A Rape?

Jenna Birch: The Number of Male Domestic Abuse Victims Is Shockingly High — So Why Don’t We Hear About Them?

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Diana Davison: bravetheworld vs Men's Rights
Paul Joseph Watson: Why Are Men Frightened of Marriage?
Diana Davison: bravetheworld vs Men's Rights
Diana Davison: bravetheworld vs Men's Rights
CS MGTOW: The Men's Rights Movement. A response to Julia Tourianski
CS MGTOW: Response to Julia Tourianski
Turd Flinging Monkey: We Must Stop Killing Ourselves Over Women
Turd Flinging Monkey: Stop Dying for Women
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Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
Baskerville: Taken into Custody
Bennett: Book of Man
Cook: Abused Men
Cora: Alpha Female
Crittenden: What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us
Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
Garbarino: See Jane Hit
Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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