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Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
June 24, 2015

Cathy Young: Free speech losing its 'safe space' on campus

Thomas Hobbes: Feminist Writer Posts Naked Photo: Demands Absolute State Monopoly On Violence

Will Outenphraghen: Our Decaying Society Has Created The Age Of Unreason

Roosh Valizadeh: Women In Their Prime Prefer Sex With Damaged Men

David Garrett: “Serial Litigant” And Race Fantasist Rachel Dolezal Has A History Of Opportunistic Rape Accusations

Bernard Chapin: Female Privilege Molon Labe PODCAST 9

Bernard Chapin: Feminists Complaining and Trolling

UMD Feminist Professor Ashwini Tambe Calls For “Men Control”, Defends Rolling Stone Editors over UVA Controversy

Women DO NOT Earn Only 77 Cents On The Dollar For The Same Work – For The Love of God STOP Saying This

Charles E. Corry, Erin Pizzey and Martin S. Fiebert: Controlling Domestic Violence Against Men

Sophie Doughty: Fathers' rights campaigner Simon Anderton scales Newcastle's Tyne Bridge in protest

New Fathers4Justice highlight campaign for the rights of fathers to see their children

Gabriella Morrongiello: Expelled male student sues college for faulty rape trial

Keith Kendrick: Teenager diagnosed with testicular cancer after taking pregnancy test

Nick Hallett: Nobel Scientists Condemn Feminist ‘Lynch Mob’ That Ousted Professor

Mick Hume: How free speech became a thought crime: A chilling warning after feminists hound a Nobel winner from his job for 'sexism'

Sid Camus: What I saw at Vancouver's SlutWalk

Ashe Schow: Finally, someone in the national media is standing up for due process in college sex cases

Brendan O’Neill: Feminism and the turn against Enlightenment

Hannah Wallen: The feminist derailing fallacy

Hannah Wallen: Toxic feminism

COTWA: The reason we have false rape claims

COTWA: We don't know how many rape claims are false, and anyone who says they do is wrong

COTWA: The Washington Post rape survey is not reliable--but it points up some very disturbing views held by college women

COTWA: Study shows rape rates sharply reduced by teaching women to say "no"--which suggests that it really wasn't rape to begin with

COTWA: The majority of rape claims fall into a grey area

COTWA: The wrestling coach who blogged about his son's ordeal in a college sex kangaroo court has been fired

Eivind Berge: Jury abolition in Norway is the latest escalation in the war on male sexuality

Gabriella Morrongiello: Expelled male student sues college for faulty rape trial

Blake Neff: NY Mandates Yes Means Yes For College Rape Investigations

Janet Bloomfield: Celebrity kids, paparazzi and women’s sense of ownership

Janet Bloomfield: Baking bread, boxing, sewing and feminism

Janet Bloomfield: Did feminism cause the Greek debt crisis?

KC Johnson: Washington Post Joins the Rape Culture Crusade

Milo Yiannopoulos: To Stop Mass Killers, We Have To Stop Drugging Our Young Boys

Milo Yiannopoulos: Gay Hate Crime Is a Thing of the Past; Why Does the Gay Lobby Wish It Wasn’t?

Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
June 16, 2015

Ashe Schow: Hillary Clinton needed men to rescue her 'women-only' event

Barbara Kay: Rape culture’s biggest victim may be honesty and truth

Barbara Kay: Sorry LGBT, sex and gender are not the same

COTWA: Mattress girl Emma Sulkowicz makes yet another questionable accusation -- this time, against the university president

Andrew M. Duehren: Law School professor Janet Halley is pushing back against Harvard and the government's approach to Title IX

COTWA: State charges alleged serial false rape accuser, but she disappears

Alison Flood: Matt Haig 'crucified' on Twitter for planning book about masculinity

Gregory Katz: Nobel Prize-winning scientist says he was forced to resign

BBC: Runaway mother Rebecca Minnock 'manipulated press'

David French: The Post’s New Poll on Campus ‘Sexual Assault’ Is Bogus

Jim Rose: Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy by gender, Anglo-Saxon countries

Tim Hunt: ‘I’ve been hung out to dry. They haven’t even bothered to ask for my side of affairs’

Lauren Southern: The falsely accused are the real victims

Lauren Southern: "There Is No Rape Culture in the West": She held up that sign at SlutWalk, and this is what happened

Jasmine Tamara: The Pressure To Be A Feminist

Milo Yiannopoulos: There’s No ‘Gender Pay Gap’, But Here Are 11 Reasons Why There Should Be

Milo Yiannopoulos: Here’s Why There Ought to Be a Cap on Women Studying Science and Maths

Milo Yiannopoulos:

Andrew Levinson: How To Restore Civilization By Following St. Benedict’s Example

Quintus Curtius: Who Is Special, And Who Is Not: The Fluid Concepts Of Race, Gender, And Privilege

David Garrett: Nobel Laureate Sir Tim Hunt Says Female Scientists Cry When Criticized

Charles Wickelus: On The Disappearance Of Male Initiation Rituals

Johnny O'Coughlin: How America’s Navy Has Become A Global Force For Feminists

Quintus Curtius: The Ethical Principles Of Neomasculinity

Thomas Hobbes: 5 Ways We Must Enforce Equality Between The Sexes

Janet Bloomfield: Learning to take risks is “hyper-masculine?” Amanda Marcotte turns playgrounds into ideological battlefields.

Janet Bloomfield: Feminists don’t challenge radical Islam because real misogynists are terrifying

Katherine Timpf: Social-Justice Warriors Are Worrying about White Male Privilege on Mars

Greg Piper: Feminist professor: You aren’t human if you want proof of ‘rape culture’

Ashe Schow: Carly Fiorina on modern feminism: It's about ideology, 'not about women'

Ashe Schow: Man receives sex act while blacked out, gets accused of sexual assault

Cynthia Than: The Ninja Economist takes on your attacks over the (lack of a) gender gap in tech salaries

Damian Thompson: Oxford's new feminist hit squad

Douglas Murray: Rape culture, Rotherham and double standards

Bern Chapin: Girls Behaving Badly!

Rod Van Mechelen: MGTOW, the Real Backlash!

Anonymous: Nice Guy Syndrome

Katrina Black: End the Vancouver Slutwalk!

David P. Barash: Women and Girls May Be Rising, but Boys Are Not

Neil Lyndon: Why aren't we doing more to encourage men to be primary school teachers?

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Bernard Chapin: Forney's MGTOW Article
Bernard Chapin: Forney's MGTOW Article
Computing Forever: Radical Feminism, Misandry & the Rise of MGTOW
Feminism, Misandry & Rise of MGTOW
MGTOW: Saving the World From Bullshit
MGTOW: Saving the World From Bullshit
Christina Hoff Sommers: How fainting couch feminism threatens freedom
Christina Hoff Sommers: Fainting Feminists
Bernard Chapin: Naggro-Aggression+Smile Leftists!
Bernard Chapin: Naggro-Aggression+Smile Leftists!
Karen Straughan: Check Your Privilege
Karen Straughan: Check Your Privilege
Lauren Southern: Why I am not a feminist
Lauren Southern: Why I am not a feminist
Miss Misanthropist: The Utterly Harmless Male Gaze
Miss Misanthropist: Harmless Male Gaze
Diana Davison: Hey, Mattress Girl, No Soup For You!
Diana Davison: No Soup for Mattress Girl
Rod Van Mechelen: Violence of the Rams
Rod Van Mechelen: Violence of the Rams
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Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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