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Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
March 23, 2015

Milo Yiannopoulos: Games Press Finally Turns On Developers

Neil Lyndon: Do women really want men to play an equal role in parenting?

Robert Tracinski: ‘Rape Culture’ and Feminism’s Sexual Exploitation of Women

Mia Love: Idea of a Republican war on women 'absolutely ridiculous'

Jeff Sharlet: Are You Man Enough for the Men's Rights Movement?

Shikha Dalmia: Feminism's Oppression Obsession Hurts Women

Bernard Chapin: Logic Makes the Man

Bernard Chapin: Men’s Rights on the Cross

Ashe Schow: Chelsea Clinton Says Men must 'lead the way' to gender equality

Jay Sherman: Top 10 Cringeworthy Pictures That Signal The Decline Of The GDC

David Garrett: FEMEN’s Silence During The Ukraine Conflict Shows Their Anti-Male Agenda

Hannibal Menwell Creed: The Newfound Alliance Between Feminism, Marxism, And Radical Islam

Mikayla Novak: Pay gap due to women's choices, not gender bias

Keldy Ortiz, Rocco Parascandola, Ryan Sit, Barry Paddock: Woman, 20, who cried rape by 'black man' in Brooklyn park recants story hours later: cops

Abby Phillip: Ruby Tuesday accused of employment discrimination. Against men.

Male Circumcision: Nordic Ombudspersons seek ban on non-therapeutic male circumcision

Janet Halley: Trading the Megaphone for the Gavel in Title IX Enforcement

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones: 10 Ways True Feminism is Under Attack

Henry Makow Ph.D.: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society

Bern Chapin: Liberty vs. Conformity

Hannah Wallen: Female Circumcision benefits outweigh the risks

Hannah Wallen: A complicated light bulb joke

Barbara Kay: Only women get help for spousal violence, while men are ignored

Ashe Schow: Five harsh realities of campus sexual assault from a feminist former judge

Cathy Young: All writers, not just feminists, are targets on the Web

Bernard Chapin: The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty

Paul Carr: Twitter and Facebook hit with separate gender discrimination suits

William A. Jacobson: Campus “consent” wars: Expelled male student sues Cornell Univ.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn: Erin Davoran says women can't be sexist

COTWA: Woman's second rape lie sent an innocent man to jail for eight months

Penny Nance: War On Women A Meme in Search of Victims

Janet Bloomfield: 5 Feminist Heroes Who Were Actually Terrible People

KC Johnson: The Dissembling Protesters

KC Johnson: Gillibrand Revised—Still No Due Process

Roosh Valizadeh: 15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men

Bernard Chapin: Avoid Progressive Women..No Patriotism at School!
Bernard Chapin: Avoid Progressive Women..No Patriotism at School!
Paul Joseph Watson: Feminists Ban Clapping Because it Triggers 'Anxiety'!
Paul Joseph Watson: Feminists Ban Clapping
Miss Misanthropist: Feminists Turn Ivy League School Into Tumblr
Miss Misanthropist: Feminist Ivy League
Alex Jones: NBA Launches Feminist Mind Control Campaign
Alex Jones: Feminist Control Campaign
Factual Feminist: Are Men Obsolete?
Factual Feminist: Are Men Obsolete?
RapeHoax: The Joshua Strange Story
RapeHoax: The Joshua Strange Story
Christina Hoff Sommers: Criminal sentencing: Do women get off easy?
Christina Hoff Sommers: Criminal sentencing
Paul Joseph Watson: Men Are Losers, Says New Feminist Campaign
Paul Joseph Watson: New Feminist Campaign
Diana Davison: Zen and the Art of MGTOW Maintenance
Diana Davison: Zen & the Art of MGTOW Maintenance
Christina Hoff Sommers: War On Gamers Continues
Christina Hoff Sommers: War On Gamers Continues
Bernard Chapin: 12 Ways to Spot a Misandrist
Bernard Chapin: 12 Ways to Spot a Misandrist
Miss Misanthropist: Dangerous Signs Feminism Has Become A Cult
Miss Misanthropist: Feminism Has Become A Cult
Bernard Chapin: #TheSarkeesianEffect: Never Trust a Leftist
Bernard Chapin: #TheSarkeesianEffect
AEI: The misguided crusade against campus Greek life
AEI: The misguided crusade against campus Greek life
Bernard Chapin: AVFM, the Sick Man of the Manosphere
Bernard Chapin: AVFM, Sick Man of Manosphere
Diana Davison: The Cool Girl VS The Red Pill
Diana Davison: The Cool Girl VS The Red Pill
bane666au: The gender dilemma episode 2: Dismantling Patriarchy Theory (part 1): Introduction/Sexual dimorphism
bane666au: Dismantling Patriarchy Theory
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Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
Baskerville: Taken into Custody
Bennett: Book of Man
Cook: Abused Men
Cora: Alpha Female
Crittenden: What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us
Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
Garbarino: See Jane Hit
Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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