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Feminism Is Sexist - December 28, 2013

Fred Reed: Civilization would last without men until the oil needed changing

Austin Petersen: Claims Of Virgin Births In America Near 1%

Julie Garrison: Parental Alienation: My Ex Is Filling My Children's Minds With Lies

Michael Suede: Study: Women Hate Men Who Act Like Bitches

Richard Garner: Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks

Bari Weiss: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues

Christian McQueen: The McQueen Manifesto

Frost: “Rape Culture” Was Manufactured To Wage An Unjust War Against Men

Black Knight: A Typical Empowered Woman’s Conversation In Any City USA

Quintus Curtius: The Anguish Of The Manosphere

raywolf: Promotion Of Female Bi-Curiosity Is Damaging To Straight Men

runsonmagic: The Book “Feminism Is For Everybody” Confirms That Feminism Is Not For Everybody

Kilmister: No Woman Can Escape Mother Nature’s Devastating Reality Check

COTWA: Xantya Ashton receives suspended sentence over false sexual assault and kidnapping accusation

COTWA: Marie Severance false sexaul assault claim

COTWA: Colleges have an absolute duty to investigate anoymous reports of sexual assault, and may have a duty to attempt a 'remedial response'

COTWA: Natasha Leatherman Conviction for False Sexual assault and Fraud

COTWA: Spamming Occidental College: the progressive conniption

Eivind Berge: Collapse

Fathers4Justice takes aim at Malicious Celebrity Mothers

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Dr. William Bernet on the Concept of Parental Alienation and its Inclusion in the DSM-V

Robert Franklin, Esq.: UK: Survey Shows Overwhelming Public Support for Shared Parenting

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Census Bureau Shows Truth About Child Support: Media Ignore It

Kiley Crossland: Custody case brings up father’s rights to an unborn baby

Lyle Denniston: The Constitution in 2014: Abortion law in front of Supreme Court

Sacramento State University Student Christina Edwards Defends White Male Lynching Art Project

Cathy Reisenwitz: Gender Roles, Sex Work, Feminism and More on

Jim Richards: Men are Victims of Domestic Violence, Too

Steve Doughty: Don't always believe claims of domestic violence, as parents can 'rewrite' history when making accusations against each other

Jesse Folsom: Male/female discrepancies in transsexualism

Dean Esmay: .@Whiteribbon is a sexist, anti-male hate group which spreads vile propaganda and false cultural narratives. #whiteribbon

Paul Elam: Employee writes AVFM to defend Oblong Industries

Tom Bowman: Marines: Most Female Recruits Don't Meet New Pullup Standard

Blurring the Lines of Feminism: A Criticism of the Criticism of “Blurred Lines”

Liliane Maury Pasquier: Is circumcision a right?

Women & Men - December 22, 2013

Jeffrey Tayler: More Femen Boobs

Cathy Young: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Kira Cochrane: MRAs took to the web 19 years ago and the feminist bigots are finally catching up

Sady Doyle: For digital vigilantes, accused rapists are guilty until proven innocent

Kat Stoeffel: Why Are Feminist Critics Hung Up on Playboy?

How Women Use Love As An Excuse To Extract A Man’s Resources And Deplete His Life Energy

The Reality Of False Rape Accusations Will Require You To Make A Change You May Not Like

Georgia Simmonds: I would never describe a hate movement as merely annoying

Hannah Groch-Begley: Criminalizing masculinity is not a "war on men"

Marriage Study: Being Right Makes You Happy, Subordinating Makes You Miserable

Bhakti Shringarpure: Feminism Is Big Business

Teaching women to be resentful of men has real, lasting consequences

Robert Gehrke: Attorney General’s ‘Fixer’ Slapped with Six Felonies

Teri Stoddard: The Blithe Dishonesty of the Avon Foundation for Women

COTWA: The Backlash Heats Up

COTWA: Did COTWA blow the call on Occidental College?

COTWA: 'Wicked' Grimsby woman falsely accused man of kidnap and another of sexual assault

COTWA: Woman's claim of sexual assault doesn't add up, say police

COTWA can't get excited about Occidental College's anonymous rape reporting form

Jim Doyle: If you want to talk about rape…

Jim Doyle: Feminism is a men’s issue, Part III

Victoria Coley: Help End The So-Called "War on Women" LIE

Sabrina Schaeffer: Business Must Stop Coddling Women In The Workplace

Carrie L. Lukas: Misunderstanding the Debate About the Roles of Women and Men

Charlotte Hays: The War on Men

Tom Golden: Why is it that men’s grief is so invisible?

Tom Golden: Ladies – How can you get emotionally close to the men you love?

Vivica Liqueur: Feminism Is Responsible For The Rape of Women

Vivica Liqueur: Aziz Ansari: Shaming men

NCFM sends fax to Congress re questionable if not bogus sexual assault activist research

Kay S. Hymowitz: Family breakdown disproportionately harms young males

Noretta Koertge: The Feminist Critique [Repudiation] of Logic

Political Cowardice: Ad Council’s sexism hurts good cause; feminist bias in ads clouds message

Greg Andresen: In defence of the Modern [Aussie] Man

Jodie Gummow: Demystifying the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys - Our Forgotten Victims

Women & Men - December 9, 2013

Brain Connectivity Study Reveals Striking Differences Between Men and Women

Art of Manliness: Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile

Megan McArdle: How Not to Measure Sexual Harassment

Ava Vidal: Sexist Britain? Oh come on, women are just as badly behaved when it comes to stereotyping girls at work

Debra Macleod: Wanna Get the Girl? Date Like it's 1946

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Topless Femthugs Attack Catholic Men

Rod Dreher: Feminist Mob Attacks Cathedral

Eamonn Fingleton: Is Equal Opportunity Threatened By New Findings That Female And Male Brains Are Different?

Antonia Hoyle: More married men suffer abuse from their spouse than married women

False rape claim woman Natasha Foster is jailed

COTWA: If you think your son is treated fairly in college sex hearings, you need to read this

COTWA: Should athletes be "punished" on the basis of nothing more than a rape accusation?

COTWA: "Dear Colleague" letter isn't helping rape victims

SAVE: My Experiences with an Abusive Wife

I-VAWA: Making a Joke of the Truth?

Schoolboy feared to have killed himself after being falsely branded a rapist on Facebook

Victoria Coley: Help End The So-Called "War on Women" LIE

Sabrina Schaeffer: Business Must Stop Coddling Women In The Workplace

General Stalin: Stop Being A Pussy

2Wycked: The Roots Of American Divorce Culture

Anton McDowell: This Is Why Girls Go For Bad Boys

Western Cancer: Video Games Are Limiting Men’s Potential

The Lieutenant: 5 Life Lessons From JFK

Quintus Curtius: 5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse

Law Dogger: Give Her Tingles, Not Torture: Erica’s Story

Falstaff: HBO’s “Girls” Heralds The Cultural Decline Of American Women

Spearhead: We Shouldn’t get Hung Up on the 50s

Spearhead: Paternalism – not Matriarchy – is the Problem

Spearhead: Celebrating Patriarchy

Walter Romans: The Male Pill: Pros & Cons

Paul Elam: Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. sentenced in “Cash for Kids” Program

Mark Trueblood: Dude, where’s my courtship?

Jim Byset: Study finds that fathers may be necessary after all

Greg Canning: Commissioner Ken Lay’s Professional Misconduct

Ali Mehraspand: Indentured servitude for men in Iran: The myth of patriarchal oppressive divorce

Women & Men - December 2, 2013

Cathy Young: Gloria Steinem Represents the Worst of Modern Feminism

WAVE: DOJ’s New Policy: Leaving ‘Unwanted’ Flowers Is Workplace ‘Stalking’

The Last Dissident: Yoga Pants CEO Is Attacked For Speaking The Truth About Fat Women

Western Cancer:The Movie That Understands The Ongoing Attack Against Testosterone

Glanton: The Patriarchy Conspiracy Theory

Emmanuel Goldstein: We live in a Slut Culture

Truth Teller: The Rise Of The Mangina

NCFM: John Nazarian, PI to the Stars… belongs in jail along with Pauley Perrette and ilk

Steven Svoboda: Maria Sanchez Show re circumcision

Sarah Korones: Camille Grammer Alleges Abuse, Ex-Boyfriend Passes Polygraph

SAVE: Duke Lacrosse False Accuser Found Guilty of Murder

Svjetlana Mlinarevic: Male Victims of Domestic Violence Still Under Reported

Roxanne Jones: Young men, get a 'yes' text before sex

COTWA: Emily Bazelon should be fired for writing the stupidest sentence ever

COTWA: Crystal Gail Mangum goes to prison: did the system fail her victim, Reginald Daye?

COTWA: Is it one-in-four, one-in-125, or one-in-1,876?

Rickie Ramdass: A warning to parents

Frederick E. Allen: Thinking about being a sperm donor?

Caroline Kitchens: The Rape 'Epidemic' Doesn't Actually Exist

More male abuse victims coming forward for help than ever before

Tim Lott: Dads are not always the bad guys in break-ups

Tim Finan: Pictured on CCTV the horrifying moment French mother calmly pushes her baby girl to drown in the sea because she claimed child was 'incompatible' with her love life

Denise Grady: Gynecologists May Treat Men, Board Says in Switch

Trish Causey: Why Is Circumcision Still Considered a Humane Procedure?

Mark Karlin: Lies and More Lies About the Anti-Feminist Fight for Real Gender Equality

Dumpster baby rescuer says he's the dad

Advanced Divorce 501: Take your husband to the cleaners and don’t feel guilty about it

Suzannah Hills: Mother 'battered her baby son then took pictures of his injuries before she murdered him'

Ryan Kisiel: Teacher, 33, jailed for sex in her home with pupil of 16: Drama mistress met strangers for outdoor trysts while pursuing boy

Human traffickers are mostly women, Australian Institute of Criminology report finds

Laura Zuckerman: Montana bride spoke of killing parents before pushing husband off cliff

Jonathon Conte: Activists to ACLU: "Stop defending forced circumcision"

Robert O'Hara: 20/20 Gender Bias in Media Petition Campaign declared a success

Robyn Urback: No, Movember is not ‘misogynist’

Jon Herskovitz: Men and women have different regrets after sex, study suggests

Say Hello To The New Definition Of Rape
The Truth About Intimate Partner Violence
Rape Culture is BS
Regret Does Not Make It Rape
Sandra the Riveter
Why I Need Feminism
Wake Me Up - The Manosphere
Earl Silverman Family of Men
False Allegations Awareness Month
Regret Does Not Make It Rape
Lips Lies
Pregnant Pause
Recommended Reading

Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
Baskerville: Taken into Custody
Bennett: Book of Man
Cook: Abused Men
Cora: Alpha Female
Crittenden: What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us
Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
Garbarino: See Jane Hit
Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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