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Women & Men - April 30, 2013

Karen Straughan: Address to the NY state libertarian party convention

Christopher Walsh: Earl Silverman lived for nothing, died for something

Help us build the Earl Silverman Center

Paul Elam: Mary Elizabeth Williams killed Earl Silverman

Paul Elam: Yeah, but that was then…

Christopher Walsh: Earl Silverman, men’s rights advocate dies

Barbara Kay: Male victims of domestic abuse continue to suffer in solitude

Travis Myers: Owner of shelter for abused men and children commits suicide after financial ruin, ridicule

Amanda Stephenson: Calgarian who founded shelter for male victims of domestic abuse mourned

Rod Van Mechelen: The Proof is in the Prejudice - Why did Earl Silverman Have to Die?

August Lřvenskiolds: Rape farming: the original series

Alexander Abad-Santos: Politically correct view citing ideologically determined statistics to malign the memory of Earl Silverman, who was a good man

Mary Elizabeth Williams: Feminism didn't kill men's rights advocate Earl Silverman

Earl Silverman Dead: Owner Of Shelter For Male Victims Of Domestic Abuse In Apparent Suicide

Dean Esmay: Fundraiser for Earl Silverman Center

Jen Gerson: Man who ran Canada’s only shelter dedicated solely to male victims of domestic abuse dies in apparent suicide

Steve Mertl: Calgary man who opened first shelter for abused men commits suicide after being forced to sell refuge

Kaitlin Lee: Founder of men’s shelter dies

Tanya Gold: Feminism now seems ubiquitous – and irrelevant

Battle of the sexes: Dad to stand for MP to challenge ‘anti-male culture’

Mike Buchanan: Why Britain needs a pro-male party

Michael Thompson: Rush's discussion with Suzanne Venker: Why 'culture' messed up

COTWA: News report derides family and friends for speaking up about the character of man accused of sexual assault

COTWA: Woman pleads guilty of false accusation of home invasion that sent teen to jail for 8 months

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Father ‘Smacked Down’ by Police, Child Taken by Child Protective Services Despite Doctor’s Clean Bill of Health

Jim Doyle: Custody battles and dirty tricks

Alison Tieman: Seduction, Harassment and Rape

Jim Doyle: Language – the Etymological Fallacy

Charlotte Hays: Chill on Jill!

Lane Scott: The End of Entitlements?

JudgyBitch: Yoo hoo! Hey all you career ladies with no time for a husband! And all you single mamas! And all you older ladies hitting the wall! I have the solution to all your man-hunting woes!

JudgyBitch: Mommy blogger whores go whoring after Disney rep, and HE’S the sexist pig. Yeah, right.

Faust: 5 Things The Corporate World Taught Me

Spearhead: Dove Real Beauty for Men

Spearhead: As Colleges are Feminized, Degrees Lose Value

Susan Hylton: Sapulpa man, cleared by DNA evidence, plans to sue for wrongful arrest

Julia Terruso: In teacher-student sex cases, men average longer jail terms, newspaper analysis reveals

Women & Men - April 27, 2013

AVFM Radio Special Edition: RIP Earl Silverman

Earl Silverman on Alberta Prime Time

Christopher Walsh: Earl Silverman takes lack of Alberta resources for victims to Human Rights Commission

Earl Silverman RIP

Dean Esmay: Earl Silverman, founder of the only abused men’s shelter in all of Canada, finally had enough, gave up, closed his shelter, and killed himself

Rod Van Mechelen: The Future of Feminist Programs

Amel Guettatfi: Topless Jihad Day -- Xenophobic or Rightfully Provocative?

Alison Wolf: The unfair sex - how feminism created a new class divide

SAVE: Beyond Satire: Dog Logo Empowers Rape Culture, Student Claims

COTWA: Cornell takes another step to make it easier to punish innocent students

COTWA: Female Marine Convicted of Falsely Reporting Rape

Robert Franklin, Esq.: New York Court: Custodial Dad Doesn’t Have to Pay Child Support Despite Disparity in Incomes

Paul Elam: A man’s way of healing

Alison Tieman: Welcome to the Good Ship Fuck Their Shit Up

Kristina Hansen: Where have all the fathers gone?

MRA London: Ever seen a bear with a coffee pot?

Gordon Wadsworth: Male reproductive rights – female non responsibility

Jim Doyle: The tide seems to be turning – Joan Walsh denounces a London gym; no, she praises it by faint damnation

Fathers4Equality: Underground networks help parents breach Family Court custody orders

Sabrina Schaeffer: Out-Spent, Out-Numbered, Out-Researched: The Power Of Progressive Women's Groups

JudgyBitch: What do women want from marriage? Oh, everything. Is that so much to ask?

Gordon Finley, Ph.D: Support alimony reform and equal shared parenting

Samseau: The American Woman Has Hit An All-Time Low

Mr. Honey Badger: Not Dead, Can’t Quit

Spearhead: Will Feminists Disavow Murder?

Spearhead: Dartmouth Shuts Down as Victim-Hoaxing Craze Sweeps Nation’s Campuses

Dean Esmay: Because nobody cares about men and boys

The Truth About Domestic Violence

Mike McIntyre: Falsely accusing ex-husband of abusing children now haunts mother

Andy Hinds: 'Messages of Shame Are Organized Around Gender'

Adam McPhee: Gender Equality: The Most Important Struggle on the Planet

Martin Evans: Father loses custody fight for child he never knew he had

Men more evolved? Their Y chromosome is

BC Conservative candidate Mischa Popoff fired over 'single mother' remarks

Molly Ball: Why Both the Dems and the GOP Now Think Voters Prefer Female Candidates

Sunshine Mary: Changing horses mid-race: why do feminists oppose the elimination of lifetime alimony?

A list of "Men's Rights" feminism is already working on (corrected)

Gerry Gaston Barton, wrongly convicted of rape, sues 43 years later

Women & Men - April 25, 2013

NCFM: The most definative research about intimate partner violence on the planet

Anna Breslaw: Feminist HATEriarchs See the Bogeyman of Sexual Harassment Lurking in Honest Disagreement and Attention from Low Status Males

Molly Robinson: The feminist facade: the problem with feminism

HATEriarchs Mobilize to Attack Advocates for Liberty and Real Gender Equality

Danielle Paradis & Anne Theriault: HATEriarchs Stereotype Advocates of Liberty and Real Gender Equality Based on a Few Idiots and Imbeciles

SAVE: ‘Totalitarian Justice:’ Criticisms of Campus Sex Assault Panels Intensify

Pierce Harlan: It could happen to any young man . . .

MRA London: Radfem and the Irish Navvies who built London

Paul Elam: A hard-on for the Good Men Project

John Hembling: This is not a negotiation, and I don’t want your pussy

Paul in Utah: If you really want to help us…

James Huff: AVFM News and Activism: Winging It

Dean Esmay: Men’s issues wiki needs your help

"Nice" feminists: How a hate movement uses its grassroots against men

Feminist encroachment and co-opting; men's rights activism isn't the only target

COTWA: Canfield girl, 11, falsely accused of rape, suit says

COTWA: Kangaroo court: the 'due process' for men accused of sex offenses at Brown

Robert Franklin, Esq.: What Happens When a Feminist’s Son is Accused of Rape

Jim Doyle: App alerts Icelanders if they are hooking up with a cousin

Alison Tieman: How To Stop Rape

Fathers4Equality: Lawyers Laughing all the way to the Bank

JudgyBitch: Oh, what a surprise! Jezebel shames men in skirts. Those pansy-ass guys will never get laid.

Masculist Man: Western men are castrati

Richard Davis: Evidence-Based Practices

Jamie Cox: Domestic Violence Betrayed

Christopher J. Thompson: Positive Family Traditions, TNT and NCFM adopts a highway

Gordon Finley, Ph.D.: Columnist’s conclusion on alimony bill wrong

Law Dogger: Face Is Everything

Tuthmosis: The 15 Magical Years of Womanhood

Spearhead: Religion and Gender Relations — A Study

Spearhead: Sisterhood Is Thicker Than Blood

Canadian Press: Rapists Gets Her Hand Slapped for Her Crime

Men’s Rights & Feminism At UofT: We Must Admit There Are Bigots On Both Sides…

Ray Rivera: Woman attacks boyfriend for withholding sex

The Secret War on Men?

Women & Men - April 23, 2013

Ed Reep: Men are the oppressed gender

Tom Golden: The Feminist Crusades: Making Myths and Building Bureaucracies

Taylor Eaton: Feminism is an outdated movement, becoming a joke

Spearhead: How to Be a Woman and The Savage Banality of Modern Feminism

Spearhead: The Real Problem with No Fault Divorce

Spearhead: Is Assimilating Immigrants Becoming more Difficult for US?

SAVE: National Crime Victims’ Rights Week: SAVE Calls for End to Discriminatory Practices

Michael Conzachi: Restraining Order Terrorism – The Continuing Saga

Paul Elam: Retraction of Georgetown University cover-up story

Lucian Vâlsan: The M.E.U. never stops

Andy Thomas: Radfem 2013 Cancelled, Cathy Brennan Explodes

Alison Tieman: How to Stop Rape

Patrick John Doran: Beware the Rapetard Society

Jim Doyle: Mary P. Koss, Feminist Rape Apologist

John Hembling: Munib Sajjad, it’s your turn in the barrel

Dan Perrins: A widow’s message to Big Red

Paul Elam: Roseanne Barr, her son Jake, homophobia,…

Paul Elam: MHRA offers to salvage Radfem conference

MRA London: London Irish Centre Says No to Radfems

Robert Franklin Esq.: On terrorism, feminism and A Voice for Men

James Huff: Voice of Europe: Feminist violence in media

COTWA: Brown student newspaper: Because the common assumption is that only men commit sexual assault, men don't get a 'pass' in drunken sex

COTWA: Prosecutor: Accuser lied, rape charges dismissed

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Social Worker: British Children’s Services ‘Stalinist’

Hadley Heath: Is Beauty Anti-Feminist?

Victoria Coley: Event: May 16th The Lean In Debate

JudgyBitch: Boston, part two. For all the boys who weren’t in blue.

JudgyBitch: Two little dickwads threaten to gang rape my daughter and have the worst weekend of their lives.

JudgyBitch: Would you take marital advice from a hooker? HELL YEAH!

Masculist Man: Radfem refuses to take "no" for an answer

Masculist Man: Cathy Brennan screeches they will commit criminal acts to get their way

Masculist Man: More on Cathy Brennan

Mikael: 7 Reasons Why The Twin Cities Are Great For Men

One woman’s reign of terror at rights tribunal: DiManno

Princeton U. alumna Susan Patton says women in their 30s looking for husband give off 'man repellent'

Women & Men - April 19, 2013

Indigo Trigg-Hauger: The Cause of Real Gender Equality is Offensive to Feminists

Brad Casey: We Went to a Equal Rights Lecture in Toronto and Demonstrated Our Hatred of Free Speech

Agata Pyzik: More HATEriarchal Boobs

Tatler's 'best breasts' list: sexist boob or feminist joke?

Judith Grossman: A Mother, a Feminist, Aghast

Harry Lewis & Jane Shaw: Colleges Must Promote Personal Responsibility, Not 'He-Said, She-Said' Trials

Paul Elam: Georgetown University, a cover-up?

MRA London: Was David Ainsworth driven to suicide?

James Huff: Voice of Europe: Feminist violence in media

Paul Elam: Zach Rosenberg sells his son out — again

John Hembling: What if you’re wrong?

Kristina Hansen: The patriarchy myth revealed

Paul Elam: Fuck you, Judith Grossman

Andy Thomas: The London Irish Center—Win or Lose

Paul Elam: Zach Rosenberg’s son is a rapist

Christina Hoff Sommers: Margaret Thatcher showed the world what a woman can do

COTWA: Teen Made Up Rape Report, Bath Police Say: Girl will be charged for saying she was assaulted at Revere High School basketball game

COTWA: Two women falsely accused of making false rape claims

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Shared Parenting Issue Comes to Canadian TV

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Indian Adoption Case Shows Supreme Court Divide on Parent’s Rights

Karin Agness: The Effects of Media's Focus on Women Candidates' Appearance Aren't Pretty

Juan Sanchez Villalobos: Hypergamy Unchained

Roosh: You Are A Man Of Your Times

Tuthmosis: Life Lessons From A Dog

Frost: The Pill That Cures Approach Anxiety

Masculist Man: What utter nonsense

Spearhead: What’s Anger Management Like?

Spearhead: Formerly feminist lawyer wakes up after son put through wringer by college rape troika

Spearhead: Are Women More Critical of Women’s Looks than Men?

WAVE: Title IX Almost Ruined My Son’s Life

Peter Lloyd: 'Why I'm suing my gym over their sexist women-only hours'

Alissa Skelton: Ex-Nebraska women's basketball star convicted of lying about anti-gay attack gets week in jail

Canadian Children's Rights Council: Female Sex Offenders - Female Sexual Predators

Women & Men - April 17, 2013

Rod Van Mechelen: Femen War - The Augment Resistance Journal Entry #1

Emily Swanson: Few Identify As Feminists, But Most Believe In Equality Of Sexes

Carol Hunt: Misogyny is alive and well among 'sisterhood'

Holly Petrovich: Scholar to speak on masculinity

Cheryl Wetzstein: ‘War on women’ could loom large in 2016

Alexandra Lin: Fight for love

Jemma Wayne: The majority of women reject the feminist hate-movement

SAVE: New Report Shows Law Enforcement Support of Exonerations at Record Highs

August Lřvenskiolds: Memo to my geek guy employees: Avoid these words

Paul Elam: Zach Rosenberg’s son is a rapist

Paul Elam: We are winning the PR war

Dan Perrins: Human rights violations: the price of Oprah’s vanity

MRA London: Radfem 2013 at the London Irish Centre

Paul Elam: Men’s issues on campus: the time has arrived

Michael Conzachi: Restraining order terrorism: We have arrived

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Imagines Collective Child Care; Doesn’t Mention Who That Might Be

Robert Franklin, Esq.: UK: More Married Men DV Victims Than Married Women

Ginkgo: Mary P. Koss and influencing a government entity to erase male victims of rape.

Lane Scott: The Real War on Women: Big Government’s Failures

JudgyBitch: There never was a patriarchy, and there isn’t one now. In related news, Mr. JB can’t do shit without running it by me first.

NCFM: A male survivor’s perspective on “rape culture”

Steven Svoboda, Esq.: Endowed: Regulating the Male Sexed Body

Law Dogger: American Women Are Deep Thinkers

Black Knight: Don’t Date Girls With Borderline Personality Disorder

Quintus Curtius: Coping With Exile

Spearhead: Taxes, divorce and lifestyle

Spearhead: Peter Hitchens Takes on Feminism

Spearhead: Food Control: more cause of than cure for obesity

Spearhead: Actress Busted for Battering Male Roommate

Tracy Clark-Flory: Wait, men fake orgasms?

Edward Sullivan: A new show about three 30-something women who struggle at work because they are really housewives at heart

Jillian Keenan: Legalize Polygamy!

Ronald Bailey: The War On Men Is Working

Zara Faris: Feminists and Sexual Harassment

Women & Men - April 14, 2013

Cathy Young: Kamala Harris, "Donglegate" and Sexist Double Standards

Masculist Man: Misandry from Ann Coulter

HATEriarchists astonished that the Femen Attention Whores are a natural expression of the HATEriarchy

Jade McDowell: Confusing Equality with HATEriarchy

Roseanne Wilkins: I consider myself to be an anti-feminist

Jennifer Armstrong: A writer who has evidently never read Christina Hoff Sommer's Book, Who Stole Feminism, promotes Naomi Wolf's first book of lies

R. Cort Kirkwood: Women in Combat: War for and Against Women

Sasha Dudding: Patton sparks dialogue about women’s issues

Women active in HATEriarchist causes are hypersensitive at work

SAVE: Teenage Girls More Violent than Boys

SAVE: Craziness at UNC in Wake of the DED Sexual Assault Directive

Max Cade: No more slugs and snails

Dan Perrins: Toronto offers $1,000 reward for those triggering false alarms

MRA London: The UK Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO)

Breaking the Glasses: Effeminition: Patriarchy Hurts Men, Too

Walt Forest: 45 Reasons for the Denying the Differences between Male and Female Sexualities

Robert Franklin, Esq.: in Running for Year’s Worst Article

Ginkgo: How an abuser portrays herself as the abused and how her enabler goes down in flames –the Ballad of Jodi Arias and Alyce La Violette

Karin Agness: The Effects of Media's Focus on Women Candidates' Appearance Aren't Pretty

Hadley Heath: The Clock is Turning Back on Women, But Not How You Think

Charlotte Hays: What Are More and More Educated Women Doing These Days?

Lane Scott: On Husbands and Household Chores

JudgyBitch: Two lovely girls are dead by suicide, and we need to talk about how the world has changed.

NCIS: “Restraining Order Terrorism” — the Pauley Perrette/Francis “Coyote” Shivers case…the beginning of the end

Nevada Thompson: Protecting My Sons

Western Cancer: Take A Break From The Manosphere

Divorco: Game Can Protect You From False Rape Accusations

Michael Kiefer: Arias Key Witness Feels Social Media’s Heat

Unmasking Feminism: My Precious Feminism

Toy Soldiers: When women sexually abuse

George Rolf: How Feminists Corrupt DV Research

Amanda Hess: Rating Men on Lulu Isn't Empowering. It's Creepy.

Mary Richards: Kids would benefit from more male teachers, experts say

Kendra James: To (All) the White Girls Who Didn’t Get Into The College Of Their Dreams

Anthony Furey: For some, feminism no longer about equality

Binyamin Appelbaum: Study of Men’s Falling Income Cites Single Parents

Women & Men - April 12, 2013

Chitra Nagarajan: Femen's obsession with nudity feeds a racist colonial HATEriarchy

Miriam Elder: HATEriarchy could destroy Russia, Russian Orthodox patriarch claims

Jessica Grose: The Three Tragedies of Shulamith Firestone

Amelia Gentleman: Inequality in the Pursuit of HATEriarchy

Maria Romas: How women are betraying the HATEriarchy

Junior Campbell: Fundamentalist HATEriarchal fuss over Obama comment

Topless Protest of Putin: Did HATEriarchy Just Take a Step Backwards With Flash?

Boobies and Other Issues: What Is at Stake with FEMEN?

Tory Maguire: Margaret Thatcher proved women were just as capable of blowing things up and tearing things down as any man

SAVE: Law Enforcement Must Stop Discrimination in Abuse Cases

SAVE: DV Isn’t Caused by Patriarchy, It’s Triggered by…Inane Rap Music?

The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men In this updated and revised edition of the controversial classic, Christina Hoff Sommers contends that today’s women’s lobby won’t face facts and that boys are the ones languishing socially and academically, resulting in staggering social and economic costs. | Read More
SAVE: Gender Affects Prison Sentences

SAVE: Saving Our Men – The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men & Women

Dan Perrins: Little red frothing fornication mouth

Paul Elam: GMP and Matlack part ways

Robert Sides: Postcards for Papa!

Sean H. Gralton: Postcards for Papa

Nevada Thompson: Protecting my sons

August Lřvenskiolds: Rape farming: The next generation

Christina Hoff Sommers: Lessons from a feminist paradise on Equal Pay Day

COTWA: University's 'Take Back the Night' mock rape trial highlights 'the difficulty in reaching a verdict' in he said/she said case

COTWA: You think boys have it bad now? Check out some old 'Dear Abby' columns

COTWA: Neither justice nor its appearance

COTWA: Chris Selley on Rehtaeh Parsons: How not to solve the bullying problem

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Florida Moves Toward Reform of Alimony Law

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Media Still Ignorant About Kelly Rutherford/Daniel Giersch Case

Ginkgo: Hypoagency: Neoteny as a Feminine Gender Norm

Carrie Lukas: Equal-Pay Day Debunked in Three Minutes

JudgyBitch: Traffickers offer up underage teenage prostitutes. The johns refuse and take the girls home. This is black men’s fault, obviously.

Masculist Man: Lying HATEriarch senator caught lying

Spearhead: Gotta hand it to the Canadian MRAs

Spearhead: The Twilight of the Cold Warriors

Spearhead: China and the African Frontier

Spearhead: Is Patriotism Counterproductive Now?

Spearhead: The Androgyny of North Korea’s Juche Regime

Spearhead: Tranny MMA fighter beating up girls, white knights incensed

Spearhead: Another Invite

redrock1t: Barack Obama Is The Most Pussy-Whipped President In History

Athlone McGinnis: Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male

Don Martco: A False Rape Accusation: My Story

George (3rd Millenium Men): 8 Ways The Manosphere Changed My Views

Black Knight: Modern Marriage Is Rent Seeking Hell

Women & Men - April 9, 2013

Jeffrey Seeman: Misogyny is not the appropriate response to misandry

Susan Faludi: Death of a HATEriach

Anushay Hossain: No Average Joe: America's Nicest Politician Is Also a HATEriarch

Aaya Kingsbury: Multiple HATEriarchal groups come to SU campus for 'Take Back the Night'

Emily Petsko: A stronger dialogue about consent is needed to eliminate rape fantasy culture

SAVE: As Bogus Rape Claims Grow, SAVE Calls for Repeal of Federal Sex Assault Directive

SAVE: Maine’s Gender Neutral Domestic Violence Bill Becomes Law

Kristina Hansen: Four women sexually assault 19 year old man in Toronto

Ben Hourigan: Fleetches, flootches, and feminism4

Agent Tungsten: University of Toronto Report

Paul Elam: Introducing the “gender intelligent” workplace

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: Lindy West pees on leg, says it’s raining

The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men In this updated and revised edition of the controversial classic, Christina Hoff Sommers contends that today’s women’s lobby won’t face facts and that boys are the ones languishing socially and academically, resulting in staggering social and economic costs. | Read More
Kristina Hansen: Not background noise

Greg Canning: Shut the fuck up or FTSU

Breaking the Glasses: Yes, All HATEriarchists ARE Like That

COTWA: Drug addict jailed for robbery after false rape claims

Cornell Daily Sun: Balancing the Rights of Victims and the Accused

Robert Franklin, Esq.: England: False Accusation Destroy’s Dad’s Career in Childcare

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Mom ‘Unnerved’ By Fearfulness of Child Protective Services

Charlotte Hays: Mad Women

JudgyBitch: Gender bias in how a scientist’s work is evaluated? Yep. It comes mostly from women.

Spearhead: Female Bounty Hunters: Shoot First, Apprehend Later

Women With Both High Math and Verbal Ability Appear Less Likely to Choose Science Careers Because Their Dual Skills Confer More Career Options

Susan Jacoby: Pity the Men on Top

Sebastian Kraemer: The fragile male

Ashley Rae Goldenberg: Do We Have A Rape Culture?

Mary Jo Rapini: Why More Female Teachers Are Having Sex With Students

Chuck Ross: Blame Title IX for NCAA's Financial Woes

Farrah Tomazin: Naive to think gender equality possible in Parliament: women's minister

Women & Men - April 7, 2013

NCFM Sues Selective Service for Requiring Only Men to Register for the Draft

Marete Wa Marete: Extreme feminism is an inferiority complex inverted

Helen Taylor: Fifty Shades of Feminism

Natalie Zina Walschots: Feminist Porn Awards and Conference

SAVE: The Inclusive-VAWA Resource Center is Your One-Stop Solution

SAVE: No Due Process for College Rape Trials?

SAVE: Insisting a Regrettable One Night Stand was Rape Harms Those Actually Raped

Alison Tieman: Toronto Protest Up-To-Date Coverage

Paul Elam: On tits, ass and fucktards

John Hembling: Ignoble goal, noble method and insanity

James Huff: The Voice of Europe: Identity Politics

John Hembling: Did you know women hold up half the sky?

John Hembling: JTO at the University of Toronto today

COTWA: Five men sue police, prosecutor, for charges stemming from false rape claim

COTWA: Rape cry ‘false,’ 4 of family let off

COTWA: This is a joke, right?

Ned Holstein, MD, MS: Does Harsh Child Support Enforcement Work?

Victoria Coley: Straight Talk About the Wage Gap

Carrie Lukas: Getting Men to ‘Lean Out’ Is Unlikely to Help Women Advance

JudgyBitch: Women are more ethical? Okay. As long as by “ethical” you mean “chicken-shit cowards”

JudgyBitch: The President compliments a pretty woman and all the ugly bitches scream!

JudgyBitch: Husband ? Friend

Invisible Victims: If This Is Divorce, Why Should Any Man Get Married? Pt. 1

Invisible Victims: If This Is Divorce, Why Should Any Man Get Married? Pt. 2

Matt Forney: 6 Reasons Why Portland Sucks For Single Men

Harry: Don’t Be Ashamed For Being A Bachelor

Athlone McGinnis: How Thirsty Men Kill Everyone’s Game

Law Dogger: The Dominance Experiment

Tuthmosis: All Girls Are Spoiled Children

Spearhead: The Triumph of Institutional Marriage

Spearhead: Your Support Needed

Spearhead: Naked Ukrainian Feminists Take On Muslims

Fathers4Equality: Woman Steals Sperm, But Man Must Still Pay Child Support

E. Belfort Bax: The Fraud of Feminism

Christopher Bedford: Obama loses war on women

Women & Men - April 4, 2013

Lily Beaumont: When I tried to post a comment refuting this article I discovered that after Policymic emailed me on March 31st to inform me I was now a "contributor," they disabled my account

Ana Anguiano: Rewriting the Fairytale – Did Feminism Slay the Gentleman?

S.E. Cupp: What feminism has come to

Meghan Murphy: Feminism caused this problem, and now they think feminism is the solution?

Joanna Moorhead: Find a husband: What's feminism really about?

Tsoler Tekeyan: Uncovering the bare truth

Claude S. Fischer: Is the gender revolution over? (Or is the greater recession tipping over into a full blown economic depression?)

SAVE Unveils the Inclusive-VAWA Resource Center

SAVE: Sixty-three Percent of Persons Exonerated are Black

Della Burton: Donglegate vs Vaginagate

Dean Esmay: For the bigots at the University of Toronto

John Hembling: Bad doggie, good doggie

Suzanne McCarley: A few questions for the men of UTSU

Kristina Hansen: Revolutionary Students Movement calls for violence

Paul Elam: Militants threaten violence at University of Toronto Thursday

James Huff: Militant threat at U of T

COTWA: Op-eds urge that false claims be taken seriously

COTWA: Wrongly accused man can't get justice

COTWA: PA Needs to Do More to Help Those Imprisoned for Crimes They Didn’t Commit: Guilty ex-cons get more assistance from the state than exonerated ones

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Wisconsin Governor Wants to Cut Interest Rate on Child Support Arrears

Ginkgo: Dick jokes, dick staring, hypocrisy and control

Alan Schwarz and Sarah Cohen: 1 in 5 Boys Diagnosed with ADHD

Charlotte Hays: More on Husbandgate at Princeton

Lane Scott: For Feminists, Marriage Is Never a Power Move

Charlotte Hays: Who Won the War on Poverty?

JudgyBitch: Little girls are sick of the girl hate, too. Gimme my pink legos!

Men Are Good: The Feminist Crusades: Making Myths and Building Bureaucracies

Spearhead: Keeping it Real

Spearhead: More Feminist Art

Spearhead: More Evidence That Grades != Academic Achievement

Bruce Bawer: The New ‘Gender Gap’

Women & Men - April 2, 2013

Cathy Young: Is America A "Rape Culture"?

Christina Hoff Sommers: Want to be CEO? No flex time for you...

PC Seldom: Network to Eliminate Vaginally Elitist Rabble: "It's either NOW or NEVER."

Shampa Dhar-Kamath: Vanity fair, and so is feminism

Zahra Gordon and Bobie-Lee Dixon: Is feminism still perceived as anti-male?

Peter Kaumbuthu: Avowed feminists should consider this farcical

Lily Bolourian: Feminist Icon Lena Dunham Tells The World Feminism Is About White Girls and Complaining

Janine di Giovanni: Can Attention Whores Save Tunisia

Paul Elam: Shivers – and justice – remanded by Judge Kathryn Solorzano

Mateusz Wacek: If other groups were targeted like men…

Michael Sharron: NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Men

Lucian Vâlsan: List of feminist MEPs

Peter Wright: The Rise of Chivalric Love: The Power of Shame

Dan Perrins: Hamilton area justice, misandry and murder – part 1

COTWA: Two women charged in unrelated false rape claims solicited their 'attackers' on Craigslist for fantasy assaults

COTWA: Delhi Police Special Commissioner: people 'often' lie about rape

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Single Motherhood Helps Explain Decline of Men in Education, Employment

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Press Misses Real Story in Johnny Devone/ Brittany Finley Saga

Ginkgo: Wonder why women are reluctant to call themselves feminists? Try listening to them!

JudgyBitch: Rocket scientist figures out that a woman’s life isn’t rocket science

MasculistMan: Right back at fooltrelle

Spearhead: Two Marriages, Two Postmortems

Spearhead: Bad For Business: Everyone Has An “Adria Richards Story”

Western Cancer: The 6 Commandments Of Masculinity

Janice Harper: The Abuse Defense Gone Wrong

Janette Goering: #1ReasonWhy We Need to Change the Way We Fight Against Sexism

Has feminism failed? Men STILL do more yard work and repairs than their wives

James Taranto: Meet Susan Patton, the feminist pioneer today's feminists hate

Lips Lies
Earl Silverman Family of Men
Recommended Reading

Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
Baskerville: Taken into Custody
Bennett: Book of Man
Cook: Abused Men
Cora: Alpha Female
Crittenden: What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us
Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
Garbarino: See Jane Hit
Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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