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Women & Men - March 30, 2013

Christina Hoff Sommers: Guys who do housework get less sex

Rod Van Mechelen: The Gender Libertarian David vs. the Feminist Goliath

Alice Marwick: Donglegate: Why the Tech Community Hates Feminists

Ryerson university's student union....Men and boy's issue and suicide rate not worth studying?

Angela Shanahan: For the new feisty Gillard, misogyny is just so yesterday

Hanna Rosin: Marissa Mayer Thinks Feminists Are a Drag

Collette Caprara: 'The Feminine Mystique' and the feminists' mistake

Germaine Greer: Do the Femen Attention Whores Represent Feminism?

Saadia Toor: Imperialist feminism redux

Dan Perrins: Why the University of Toronto is so important

Paul Elam: Here we go again, University of Toronto

Gordon Wadsworth: An open letter to feminists

Paul Elam: Black ‘leadership’ betrays Black men–AGAIN!

COTWA: Ex-school official faces possible life in prison for sex acts with girl, but girl also made sex accusations against another man around the same time she accused the school official

COTWA: Good Friday, and the most famous wrongly accused man in history

COTWA: Rape of teenage girl in Bury cemetery a false allegation, say police

Robert Franklin, Esq.: National Putative Father Registry: A Bad Idea Promoted by Adoption Lawyers

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Report to Canadian Chief Justice on Family Court Reform: No Change in Custody, Parenting Time

Ginkgo: Jon Hamm and the Female Gaze

JudgyBitch: Why are you so goddamn fat? Part Three.

JudgyBitch: Men: stand up for yourselves and we WILL hate you. The new feminist war cry!

Masculist Man: My philosophy

Bjorn Bergeson: NCFM MSU in the news for wanting to cure rape hysteria…

Spearhead: Antifeminism Might Become Illegal in the Nordic Countries

Spearhead: La Griffe on the Math Sex Gap

Emmanuel Goldstein: More Women Are Rejecting Feminism

Athlone McGinnis: Why Modern Feminism Is White Woman’s Privilege

Patrik Nyberg: Swedish journalists manufactured and spread false list of pedophiles

Toy Soldiers: A Dose of Stupid v86

GlobalPost: Indonesia's birth control pill for men

John McCormack: Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion

Student Who Claimed UCSC Rape Hired Man to Beat Her in Return for Sex, D.A. Says

Angry IT Girl: The Knee-Jerk Reaction

Taran_123: Adria Richards and Donglegate - Right or Wrong?

Dalrock: Why aren’t men responding to economic signals?

‘Rape fantasy’ set up on Craigslist behind Mary Kate Gullickson's false report

Women & Men - March 28, 2013

Katlyn Firkus: Feminist app Lulu undermines own cause

Sarah Rae Fruchtnicht: Fund To Support 'Victims Of Feminism' Started On Reddit In Response To Adria Richards Drama

Linda Nathaniel: The gender divide exists only because feminists thrive on disharmony

SAVE: Texas Senate Passes Prosecutor Accountability Bill

SAVE: District Attorney Group is Embarrassing Itself

Barbara Kay: Our male-victimizing myths live on

Robert Sides: A monument to warriors wounded in the gender war: The Purple Hearts House

Christopher Robin: A time to remember

August Lřvenskiolds: Donglegate 3MP – the Fairy Tale

Michael Sharron: Custodial Mother Karma

James Huff: AVFM News and Activism: DONGLEGATE!

Paul Elam: McMaster University: Girlz iz mo betta

Andy Thomas: Telegraph on stay-at-home mothers (and invisible fathers)

COTWA: 'GPS tracking system repeatedly fails, registering false alerts and landing the offenders in jail although they have done nothing wrong'

COTWA: More horrific details revealed in the Matt Folino false rape case

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Huffington Post Finds a New Excuse to Oppose Equal Parenting

Ginkgo: Donglegate – This is what sexual entitlement looks like

Ginkgo: Donglegate and the colonization of men’s spaces

Tristan Dreisbach: Feminist Attention Whore Safe at Home

Steve Olafson: In Oklahoma, an alternative to prison for nonviolent criminals - women only

JudgyBitch: Older men with younger women = bad! Older women with younger men = okay!

JudgyBitch: Ladies, you can wear anything you like. Except yoga pants. And quit with the thongs, you porny whores!

NCFM: Marc Angelucci invited guest speaker about domestic violence at El Camino College

James Cox: Changing the Domenstic Violence Scene

NCFM: Make plans for November 19, International Mens Day!

Spearhead: Mission Dolores — a Sad Little Foray

Spearhead: Sheryl Sandberg Harnessing the Hamster Wheel

Spearhead: Notes from San Francisco

Black Knight: Red Pill Wisdom From Patrice O’Neal

Eden's Thaw: Nobody Cares (For Men Only)

Kirk Makin: Report to Supreme Court chief justice calls for family law overhaul

The Political Hat: Storm Troopers of the War on Boys

Sexism in the tech industry - It's not just the guys

Chase Amante: Conflict Between Men and Women in the 21st Century

Michael Crichton: Men's Hearts

Women & Men - March 26, 2013

Alexis Kleinman: Feminist Bigot Whines About The 'Feminist Victims Fund'

Abby Koenig: Hey Feminists! Can't We All Just Get Along?

Common Cause Toronto member: Feminist Bigot Hates Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality

Jessica Wakeman: Another Attention Whore Exposing the Bare Essence of Feminism

Brian Sin: One misguided tweet takes on a life of its own

Cathy Wentz: Women have the right to pursue or not pursue a high-paying career

SAVE: Inclusive VAWA Resource Center

SAVE: Lawmakers Urged to Enact Resolution on VAWA Inclusiveness

SAVE: New York Times Engages in Bias, Secret Alterations in Coverage of Campus Sex Assault Issue, SAVE Charges

Rod Dreher: Men: Victims Of The Sexual Revolution

Matt Forney: Who Cares What Women Think?

Andy Nowicki: A Tale of Two Bitches

DongleGate II JudgyBitch judges judge-mental bitch

Mark Trueblood: More unwed moms; unattractive men to blame

Kristina Hansen: Ex NFL cheerleader blames alcohol for assault of minor

Paul Elam: An open response to troubled men

Paul Elam: Star Crazy: The dark side of Pauley Perrette

Suzanne McCarley: Pauley Perrette, Francis Shivers and yellow media

COTWA: Horrifying details emerge in false rape case near Pittsburgh

Eivind Berge: Another round of feminist rape law reform in Norway

Robert Franklin, Esq.: South Dakota: Equal Parenting Issue ‘Isn’t Going Away’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Laketha Moore Shows Real Side of Single Parenthood

Ginkgo: Gynonormativity – Donglegate in the context of sexual harassment politics

Ginkgo: Interesting blogs; some of them new to me

Charlotte Hays: Role Reversal: Women on Top

Dennis Cauchon: An American role-reversal: Women the new breadwinners

Charlotte Hays: Why Are There So Many Helicopter Moms?

JudgyBitch: Work for THE Man = Freedom. Work for YOUR Man = Slavery

Samseau: Propaganda feminists use to destroy men

Roosh: What Society Values

Spearhead: They Are All Adria Richards Now

Spearhead: Donglegate: Letting Feminists Write the Rules has Consequences

Nathalie Rothschild: Swedish Feminists Are So Bored They Are Telling Men How To Sit On The Bus

Anna March: My Bad Sex Wasn’t Rape

Rachel Alexander: Jailed for Nonpayment of Child Support - But it's Not His Child

Women & Men - March 22, 2013

Emily Matchar: The Complex, Often Idealistic Reasons Feminists Become Housewives

Sadie Smith: There’s no point in online feminism if it’s an exclusive, Mean Girls club

Kira Cochrane: Femen exposes the raw essence of feminism: violent narcissism

Rush Limbaugh: The Mommy Wars

Alison Beard: The silent sex: Fact or fiction?

SAVE: NDAA Claims All DV Perps Should be Prosecuted. OK, Prove it, NDAA!

Kyle Spier-Swenson: Dongle-Gate: The sterilization of men in tech culture

Paul Elam: University of Toronto, CAFE, host Nathanson and Young

James Huff: AVFMR: Voice of Europe-The Spanish Model

Dan Perrins: F.E.M.M. Feminists Emasculating Men and Masculinity

Paul Elam: Spring 2013 Fundraiser

Dan Perrins: Ryerson Student Union: On the path of bigotry

Alexander Baron: A timeline of recent false rape cases

COTWA: The final word on the Steubenville rape case: I'm sick of treating the perpetrators as the victims, and the victims as responsible for their harm

COTWA: In 'he said/she said' sexual assault claim, newspaper writer decries 'victim blaming' that assumes the accuser is lying -- but has no hesitation in making the accused look guilty

Ned Holstein, MD, MS: Do Some Massachusetts Probate and Family Court Judges Incarcerate Men at Excessive Rates?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Canada’s child-support guidelines: a $20B scandal on deck

Ginkgo: Feminist elitism and why it’s not a fatal deficiency, and how feminists can regain credibility as caring about the rest of us

KC Johnson: The Times: Still Biased on College Sex Hearings

KC Johnson: What the Times Won't Say about College Sex

Fathers4Equality: Amateur ‘Experts’ Used In Child Abuse Cases, Underpinning False Allegations: Judiciary Claims

DNA testing clears Andrew J. Johnson of decades-old rape, lawyers say

Binyamin Appelbaum: Study of men’s falling income cites single parents

Jewish Press: European MDs Accuse US Pro-Circumcision Doctors of Bias

Nick Turse: Who Did You Rape in the War, Daddy?

JudgyBitch: Sexual economics and the FriendZone

JudgyBitch: Feminist Housewife? I don’t think so.

Charlotte Hays: A Novel Idea about the Falling Wages of Male Workers...

Julie Gunlock: Culture of Alarmism: Hugs, Parents?

Tuthmosis: 8 Signs You Should Break Up With A Girl

Emmanuel Goldstein: Modern Woman In Wanting To Be For Herself, Has Destroyed Herself

Athlone McGinnis: How Young Women Promote The Hookup Culture

Spearhead: Family Destruction as Consolidation of Power

Spearhead: Could Enforcement Act of 1871 Defend Fathers’ Rights?

Spearhead: 25 Year Feminist Career Ends in Flight from Law

Spearhead: British Columbia’s solution to marriage strike: doublespeak

Spearhead: Steubenville and the Resurrection of the Lynch Mob

Women & Men - March 20, 2013

Christina Hoff Sommers: What 'Lean In' misunderstands about gender differences

Cathy Young: Don't let politics obscure the facts in rape cases

Elizabeth Plank: New Study Claims More Than Half Of Female Voters Are Do Nothing Whiners and Complainers

Hanna Rosin: Marissa Mayer Thinks Feminists Are a Drag. Is She Right?

Janice Shaw Crouse: Feminist Leaders Compared to Religious Right Leaders

Jeff Danovich: It's time for men to support the feminist hate movement?

‘End of Men’? Not Even Close, Says UC San Diego Report on Gender in the Professions

SAVE: Over 100 Editorials Now Call for Repeal of Federal Sex Mandate

Declan Harvey & Anisa Subedar: False rape claims 'devastating' say wrongly accused

Gordon Wadsworth: The Western butler and his manhood

Mateusz Wacek: The Riptide controversy

Paul Elam: An experiment in live blogging

Michael Sharron: Abortion, adoption, safe haven laws — and lies

David Cuspis: Indian government: men don’t matter

SPLC 2013: The new hate map is here!

Mike Buchanan: Is there a psychological driver behind feminism?

Dr. Paul on ‘men can stop rape’

Mike Buchanan: Kat Banyard, Laura Bates, Finn Mackay: The noisy handful

Helen Kellner: Child Support System Creates Deadbeats

JudgyBitch: Two trailer park boys go round the outside, round the outside…

Masculist Man: I told you so

Jamie Rogers: Discrimination double-take

The Associated Press: 3 women were paid to falsely claim they had sex with Menendez

Mark J. Perry: New study suggests women are underrepresented in STEM fields by choice, because they have more career options

Katherine Noyes: Gender gap? In tech salaries, it's all gone, Dice reports

Roosh: Feminism Killed The Nice Guy

Andrew Dilks: Feminism in the 21st Century

Kathleen O'Brien: Working dads now as stressed as working moms, Pew study reveals

Sarah Richardson: Women voted 75 years before they were legally allowed to in 1918

Science 2.0: A Biological Basis For Gender Differences In Math?

Kay Hymowitz: The New Unmarried Moms

The Brian Banks Story, Equality and When False Accusers Go Free

Glenn Harlan Reynolds: While the upscale college-educated crowd continues to marry at very high rates, marriage rates are plummeting among those further down on the socioeconomic ladder

Jennifer Sullivan: Jessica Carde repeatedly rented luxury homes, paid minimal rent, and when evictions loomed she’d make false accusations against her landlords

Women & Men - March 16, 2013

Christopher Walsh: Calgary Men’s Alternative Safe House forced to close

Rod Van Mechelen: The Young Man's Dilemma

Laurie Penny: A feminist explains why she does not seek only equality with men

James Lewis and Justine Aristea: Naomi Wolf Sleeps with the Patriarchs

Leah Eichler: Sandberg’s solution: Lean in, and lead on

Meghan Murphy: On why persistence is "gray rape"

Jennifer O'Mahony: Women: hitting your man is not cute; it's abuse

Dean Esmay: Feministing the women of Good Men Project

Lucian Vâlsan: Spanish feminist establishment is shakin

Dan Perrins: Leaping labia of lunacy

Dan Perrins: Jonathan Goldsbie: Head in sand, talking out ass

Kristina Hansen: Winnipeg shames and blames men for violence

Paul Elam: To Scarborough Campus Student Union, University of Toronto

Lucian Vâlsan: Most MEPs couldn’t care less

Kristina Hansen: False rape allegations finally getting some light

COTWA: Despite headline claims that false allegations are “few and far between,” these are only the cases where the evidence of falsification is strong.

COTWA: At the University of Michigan, data is in on the school's first year using the 'preponderance of the evidence' standard for sexual assault: for most claims, the school did not disbelieve the accused

Robert Franklin, Esq.: New York Times Op-Ed Substitutes Faith for Facts About International Child Abduction

Ned Holstein, MD, MS: Shocking Data on Incarceration of Fathers

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Two Studies Show One Cause of Boys’ Educational Failure – Their Teachers

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Updates on Dr.K and LostBoy

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): “Lean In”, says Sheryl Sandberg. That way you won’t miss when you chuck your husband and kids under the bus.

Edward Thatch: Expensive Woman Seeks Retarded Millionaire

Juan Sanchez Villalobos: Spanish Politician Is Crushed For Questioning Feminist Dogma

Ellen Kellner: Deadbeat Parents? State-Mandated Child Support Hurts The Ones It's Supposed To Help

Unknown History of Misandry: A Man killed for Beating His Wife: Joseph Hines, New York City - 1853

BBC: Prostate cancer 'damages sex life'

Dalrock: Single mothers and the failure of Christian men; it is time to Man Up!

Dr. Helen Smith: Women who fail to pay all of their child support are incarcerated only one-eighth as often as men with similar violations

Joseph Cotto: Asking Roosh V: What legacy has feminism left for men?

Feminist Hate Group Plans Wikipedia Takeover for the Ides of March

Frank Bass: Everyone More Miserable as Fathers Pitch in Around House

Daniel Greenfield: Men Get First Place in Line for Death Panels

John Roberts: When the rapist is a woman it's called "love affair"

Heather Hayes not getting enough sex allegedly attacks Xbox-addicted BF

Women & Men - March 14, 2013

Breeanna Hare: How Marissa Mayer writes her own rules

SAVE: Steubenville Rape Case: What You Haven’t Heard

SAVE: Tennis Ace Jennifer Capriati Accused of Assaulting, Stalking Former Boyfriend

SAVE: Tell the NDAA to Remove their Biased NCPVAW Program!

SAVE: Arianne Myles Shot and Killed Ex-boyfriend in Parking Lot

Florida Shooting: Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse were There

Mark Trueblood: Why won’t sex-obsessed men have sex with me?

ManWomanMyth: Urgent news! Political update!

Andy Thomas (aka Andy Man): MRA London and Erin Pizzey at Women of the World

COTWA: Whirl Around the World of Wrongful Rape Claims in the UK

COTWA: Nelson woman made false sexual assault claim

COTWA: Cops in India inundated with false rape claims in the wake of high profile gang rape

Elizabeth Harrington: Feds Spend $1.5 Million to Study Why Lesbians Are Fat

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Sex contracts? Sounds like so much fun. How do you enforce defaults?

Gordon Finley, Ph.D.: Men die with VAWA

MartCo: The SlutWalk Is Coming To a City Near You

Now Official - O2 and Symantec Believe Helping Male Victims of Domestic Violence and Sex Abuse Is Hateful

James Taranto: If men have no reproductive rights, it follows logically that they have no reproductive responsibilities

Josh Levs and Ashley Fantz: Military rape victims: Stop blaming us

Sandesh Sivakumaran: Why the world must stop ignoring male victims of wartime sexual violence

Declan Harvey & Anisa Subedar: False rape allegations 'devastating'

LZ Granderson: Men don't have it all either

The Censorship and Defamation of 10 More Men's Rights Sites Exposed

Stacy Teicher Khadaroo: Judge stops single-sex classes: Were they a success or psuedoscience?

Sabrina Vaz Cover of Taylor Swift ’22?

Protecting Boys From Sexual Abuse – A Men’s Rights 5 Point Plan

The Myth of Female Maturity, Part 1

Stuart Taylor Jr.: Why Feminist Careerists Neutered Larry Summers

Unmasking Feminism: How the TWRAs Describe my Blog

Women & Men - March 13, 2013

Dr. Janice Fiamengo at U of T. What's Wrong With Women's Studies?

Rand Paul: Why I Voted 'No' on VAWA

Rod Van Mechelen: Feminism Unmodified: 1997 - 1999

Josh Dehaas: A men’s rights advocate spoke at the University of Toronto

Emma Teitel: Why women’s studies needs an extreme makeover

Monique Davis: Is Feminist A Bad Word: How Feminism Isn’t Just About Equal Rights

Michelle Goldberg: Why women trash successful women

Please don’t call me a feminist!

Janet Street-Porter: Feminists who despise women

Teri Stoddard: Lawmakers Urged to Swiftly Implement VAWA’s Inclusiveness Mandate

Mike Buchanan: He who pays the piper, calls the tune. Or does he?

James Huff: Report on Fiamengo

Kalan Chinuck: A brief history of equality

Robert St. Estephe: She was just a child/baby killer

Paul Elam: Feminist calls foul for level playing field

Gordon Wadsworth: Feminism and the blind spot

Lucian Vâlsan: To the European Parliament

Phil in Utah: Anita Sarkeesian and the feminist war on facts

August Lřvenskiolds: Die, White Knights!

Dan Perrins: Attention Steph Guthrie and the University of Toronto feminists

Paul Elam: B-mod at University of Toronto taking effect

John Hembling (JtO): So, feminists, can we talk?

Mike Buchanan: Time to turn the Fawcett off?

John Hembling (JtO): Why yes, I am a little angry

Dr. Janice Fiamengo talks to AVFM

Lucian Vâlsan: European Union to ban pornography, then men

Michael Sharron: At war with regard to rape on university campuses

Paul Elam: University of Toronto protest possible

Kristina Hansen: Why I fight for mens rights

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Demi Moore Demands Spousal Support From Ashton Kutcher

Gingkgo: Feds look into discipline rates in Seattle schools

Gingkgo: Katie McDonough refutes herself and proves the point of an article on mommy-blocking

Sabrina Schaeffer: Why Does Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Anger Lefty Feminists So Much?

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Bitter old feminist is bitter and old

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Zerlina Maxwell says we need to teach men not to be sexually aggressive. All the other women say “fuck that”

NCFM: Feminist Myths — Catapultam Habeo – We’ve all seen infographics (should that be…

How to Know if You're Dealing With an Ideologue

James Weinstein: Student freedom of speech

Alison Beard: What's Worse -- Glass Ceilings or Glass Cellars?

John Hawkins: Is American Life Really Slanted In Favor Of Women Over Men?

Christine Hsu: Teacher Who Had Group Sex With Students Says She’s The Victim

Women & Men - March 7, 2013

Michael Conzachi: Anti-male House of Representatives approves anti-male Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA)

Agence France-Presse: Feminist boobs protest everything, stand for nothing

Sabrina Schaeffer: Why Does Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Anger Lefty Feminists So Much?

Mike Buchanan: Why Britain needs a pro-male party

Anna Beverley: As economies collapse, feminists complain about dwindling government services

Michael Laxer: Guess what's coming to U of T: The Men's Rights Movement, Janice Fiamengo and Paul Elam

Spearhead: Patriarchal Surname Practices Best for Children

Spearhead: Campus Hate Hoaxes: False Accusations as Political Aggression

Spearhead: Second Waver Wonders Why Feminists aren’t Concerned about Cannibal Porn

Teri Stoddard: SAVE Praises Attorney General Eric Holder for Visionary Statement on VAWA Inclusion

Andy Thomas: More rights than a rat (but less than a dog)

Paul Elam: Ryerson Student Union denies misandry

Kristina Hansen: Eve Ensler’s dance of fools

Greg Canning: Designer vaginas

Michael Sharron: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Men’s Studies

James Huff: CAFE Speaks with AVFM

Paul Elam: For the University of Toronto Student Union

Paul Elam: Ryerson students form men’s issues group

COTWA: Latest casualty of false rape claims: music lessons

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Louisiana Man’s Sperm Stolen by Ex; Now He’s a Dad

Emily Wismer: Superstition, Sorcery, and a War on Women

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Attention feminists: please stop being so sexy and start being more shrieky and angry

Ginkgo: Women’s control over men’s reproduction

Masculist Man: Seth MacFarlane owes no one an apology

Athlone McGinnis: The Rise Of “Straight Shaming”

Samseau: 3 Signs She’s Making A False Rape Accusation

C. Peter R. Gossels: Have the Courts Overlooked the Problem of the Predator Spouse?

Jason Howerton: Democratic Strategist's Shocking Claim: Women Don't Need Guns for Self-Defense

Kate Pickert: What’s Wrong with the Violence Against Women Act?

Neil Bowen: Wife attacks hubby over infidelity

Erik B. Anderson: Violence Against Women Act steps on due process

Kevin Tang: 8 Studies That Debunk Male Gender Stereotypes

Amado Marcotte: Funny and Sexy Masculists Piss People Off Plenty

Boy tasered, beaten up and arrested for walking with his mother

Jesse Walker: School Offers Counseling to Kids "Troubled" by Gun-Shaped Pastry

Women & Men - March 4, 2013

Jessica Valenti: Sheryl Sandberg isn’t the perfect feminist. So what?

Miriam Zoila Pérez: Feminism’s Gender Identity Crisis

Tim Drake: DePaul Puts Pro-Life Student on Probation for Exposing Vandalism

Catherine Blyth: One woman's office fling is another's sexual harassment

Jose Borghino: Down and dirty with the literati

Suzy Khimm: VAWA: Out of the Fire, Into the Sequester

Teri Stoddard: SAVE Applauds New Inclusion Mandate of Violence Against Women Act

Michael Sharron: University of North Carolina and misandry

Paul Elam: Ryerson University forms men’s issues group

Robert Sides: Stick ‘em up!

August Lřvenskiolds: It’s not the laziness – It’s the sanity

Jim Muldoon: Note to Julia Gillard: not all voters are like that

John Hembling (JtO): Dear colleague, I quit

Paul Elam: Republican chickens come home to roost on VAWA

Robert O'Hara: House passes VAWA reauthorization

Kristina Hansen: Sizing up a man’s worth

Suzanne McCarley: And they’re off!

John Hembling (JtO): Mother of violence

Paul Elam: UNC, Landen Gambill and false rape culture

Breaking the Glasses: Sharrod Brown's Answer to my letter on the topic of VAWA

COTWA: District attorney should be made to answer why rape trial of college quarterback that shouldn't have been brought was brought

COTWA: Prominent rape victims advocate doesn't want false rape accusers prosecuted

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Arizona: They’re not the Dads, but They Still Must Support Mom’s Kids

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Alisa Valdes: ‘I Can’t Support 1 Billion Rising’

Fathers4Equality: Father Support Center Creating a Positive Buzz

Ginkgo: Hypoagency and Blaming Everything on Men

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Qualities I love in my wife

Joe Manthey: Blaming Men Doesn’t Solve Domestic Violence

Chris Thompson: University kangaroo justice creates criminals out of innocent men

Edward Thatch: 5 Signs You Should Marry Her

Spearhead: Wrongful Conviction Rates and False Accusations in Rape: Linked or Not?

Spearhead: False Conviction Rate for Rape Historically Higher than Claimed False Accusation Rate

Spearhead: Man Mauled by Police Dog as Punishment for not Obeying Wife

Spearhead: A Gay Reader Weighs in on Relationship Between Feminism and Gay Rights

Spearhead: Gun Control Is Man Control

Recommended Reading

Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
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Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
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Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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