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Thought for the Day: When feminists quote wealthy and powerful men to condemn all men, it's a revolutionary act, but when the rest of us quote feminists to expose their sexism, it's an act of oppression.

Women & Men - February 28, 2013

Warren Farrell: Why do women earn less than men?

Elizabeth Jones, 22, is a compulsive liar who cried rape 11 times

Jessica Smith: Men’s issues or misogyny? Controversial men’s group to discuss women’s studies

Christine Pelosi: Careful, 'Having it All' Women, Your Privilege is Showing

Feminist Hacktivism: As if feminist bigots aren't disrupting our lives enough already

SAVE Calls on Anti-Violence Groups to Renounce Shaming Campaign

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Guilty if I say you are

Paul Elam: UNC, Landen Gambill and false rape culture

August Løvenskiolds: The happy feminist

Kristina Hansen: Activist burnout – Signs, symptoms, and solutions

Peter Lloyd: Kentish Town Sports Center to Men: GET OUT!

Paul Elam: Lights, camera….

Stephen O'Brian: Why women need the Men’s Human Rights Movement

COTWA: A tad over-sensitive . . . .

COTWA: Case against NGO for forcing woman to file false rape case

COTWA: Advice columnist's diagnosis of "rape" a little premature

Eivind Berge: Another round of feminist rape law reform in Norway

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Colleen Harris in Jail Second Time for Murder of Husband

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Dad 2.0 Summit Brings Bloggers, Marketers Together

Ginkgo: Catholic Women and the Rape Scandal

Joe Manthey: Blaming Men Doesn’t Stop Domestic Violence

Brian Hughes: Alimony reform bills propose relief from lifelong payments

Jacob Sullum: Criticize a Judge (or Anyone Else), Go to Jail?

Isabel González: Libertarianism, Women, and Respecting Unique Individuals

Christina Villegas: The Violence Against Women Act

Carrie L. Lukas: Reporting Misleading Stats Isn’t “Analysis”

Emily Wismer: Malala Continues to Fight Real War on Women During Recovery

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Tell me again how much men and boys suck

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Women work harder than men? At what?

Harry Crouch: Author says, “VAWA: Well Intentioned, Poorly Executed”. Hmm…

Dave Root: Republican House Speaker John Boehner joins the Democrats in selling out abused men

NCFM President Harry Crouch on radio panel discussing domestic violence

Athlone McGinnis: How Higher Education Feeds Female Delusion

The Quiet Rebel: The Manosphere Needs A Communication Alternative

Law Dogger: The Oscar “Fallout” Is A Sham

Mikael: Is Feminism Really Killing Masculinity?

Edward Thatch: John The Baptist Syndrome

Spearhead: Gender Roles, the Woman’s Father and the Afterparty

Spearhead: A Portrait of Domestic Violence: Can You Find the Truly Innocent Victim?

Spearhead: Why does AIDS = “Victim” but Pregnancy = “Your Fault?”

Spearhead: How We Treat our Good Men

Spearhead: How Feminism Destroys Economic Equality

Spearhead: Feminist Intimidation Tactics at Tech Conferences

Women & Men - February 25, 2013

Rod Van Mechelen: Is gender egalitarianism libertarian?

Rebecca Burns: Is the end of the combat exclusion rule a win for all women?

Philip Virgo: By targeting women you also get more productive men

Erin Pizzey: Let's Kick The Bigots Out!

Hans Bader: VAWA Bill Still Contains Provisions Violating First Amendment And Other Constitutional Provisions

Jennifer Bendery: VAWA 2013: House GOP Unveils Bill With No LGBT Protections, Modified Tribal Provision

Kristina Hansen: Why equal reproductive rights benefit everyone

Kalan Chinuck: A new/old message for poor, white, hetero males

Paul Elam: Redemption, from an email

Paul Elam: Beckel caught in the FAT Trap

Peter Lloyd: Men should be afforded anonymity in rape trials

COTWA: Woman who sent innocent man to prison for four years charged with perjury

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s Adoption Law ‘Encourages Fraud’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Chicago Sun-Times Trashes Joe Walsh for Wanting to Modify Child Support

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Jeff Chafin Wins Unanimously at U.S. Supreme Court

Feminist Critics: I agree with Melissa McEwan

Why Fathers Matter: Aussie Girl’s Search for Real Dad Goes Global

Ginkgo: Gloria Steinem’s sense of humor revisited

Obama urges Supreme Court to strike down federal Defense of Marriage Act

Julian E. Barnes: Lawmaker Focuses on Military’s Physical Standards

Andrew Johnson: Woman Biden Told to ‘Buy a Shotgun’ Calls His Advice ‘Sexist’

Masculist Man: Obama's purges continue

Patrick Braden: 20,000 American children kidnapped to Japan every year

Roosh: Anonymous Goes After Writer On Behalf Of Tumblr Feminists

yuumuraj: How Feminist Censorship Introduced Me To The Red Pill

Halfbreed: 6 Most Corrupt And Vile Female Politicians

Harry: Why Sex Ratios Are So Important

Families Need Fathers Calls for Support

Spearhead: The Oscars: Bastion of Patriarchy?

Spearhead: When the Romans Tried to Save Marriage

Spearhead: Is Buddhism Feminist?

Spearhead: 100 Years Ago All Over Again

Spearhead: Gender Equalists Move to Cut Wrestling from Olympic Games

Spearhead: Girls and Guns

Thought for the Day: The Men's Rights Movement embraced the principle of freedom of choice that feminists abandoned.

Women & Men - February 21, 2013

Michael Kimmel and Christina Hoff Sommers: Do Boys Face More Sexism Than Girls?

Spearhead: Michael Kimmel’s Quack Sociology

Jim Fletcher: Women succeed in marriage … by not becoming men

Rachel Figueroa-Levin: I’m a young mom, so what?

Matt Forney: Women Are Just Slabs of Meat; The true legacy of feminism

Hamilton Nolan: If You Go to College to Learn to Blog You Are a God Damn Sucker

Christina Villegas: VAWA's Substantive Flaws Deserve a Fair Hearing

Republicans offer deal on American Indian courts that would remedy the racist Oliphant v. Suquamish precedent and remove any reason for Indian tribes to support the sexist Violence Against Women Act

William Rand: The Expatriate Solution

John Hembling (JtO): Repulsive rise of a malicious male movement

Robert Sides: When Oscar met Thelma

Kristina Hansen: How feminists win their arguments

Paul Elam: The dynamics of male fear

Michael Reed: Time for a new Breast Test

Andy Thomas (aka Andy Man): Introducing Kelly Jones and “Wise Misogyny”

Greg Canning: Sex and Consent Week at good old Monash Uni

John Hembling (JtO): To the Arizona State University poster crew

Lucian Vâlsan: Iceland seeks to ban Internet porn

August Løvenskiolds: To the great men of Dallas: fix both flats

Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch): Thanks for nothing, Betty Friedan

John Hembling (JtO): Rape Culture: a constructed narrative

Robert St. Estephe: Esneda Ruiz Cataño, Colombian Black Widow – 2013

COTWA: The Case for Anonymity for Men and Boys Accused of Rape: The Final Word

COTWA: Anonymity for men accused of rape 'a human right'

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Jeff Chafin Wins Unanimously at U.S. Supreme Court

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Head of Bar Standards Board: Fatherlessness a Bigger Problem Than Smoking, Drinking, Global Warming

Wendy McElroy: Identity Politics Über Alles

Alimony laws could be on the road to change

Kate Hammer and Caroline Alphonso: Hiring should favour male, minority teachers: Toronto school board

Valerie Richardson: Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar's comments on rape and guns draw backlash

David Yonkman: Military Divorcees Aim to End Lifetime Alimony Rules

Janet Bloomfield: Self-reported bullying and the cult of zero personal responsibility

Janet Bloomfield: John McClane and the redemption of masculinity

Masculist Man: The good,the bad and the lobbyists

Peter Lloyd: Yes girls, size DOES matter - but not just on men

Sabrina Schaeffer: Businesses Are Already Changing the Workplace for Women

Athlone McGinnis: When Female Ambition Clashes With Reality

George (3rd Millenium Men): An Easy Technique To Be Incredibly Interesting to Women

Edward Thatch: Why The U.S. Divorce Rate Is Not Important

Spearhead: Sheryl Sandberg and the Emergent Self-Parody of Feminist Propaganda

Spearhead: Swedish Equalism Endangering Lives

Spearhead: The Feminine Mystique Hits 50

Eivind Berge: Beware of sex-negative MRAs

Women & Men - February 18, 2013

Rod Van Mechelen: Feminism Unmodified: 1994 - 1996

Suzanne Venker: Four things Jane Austen teaches us about love

SAVE: Why Would Anyone Oppose the Violence Against Women Act?

Anti-Misandry: Self-Control

COTWA: UK female official: grant anonymity to the presumptively innocent accused of rape--COTWA agrees

COTWA: Marine survey: men singled out fear of false sexual assault claims; women did not single out fear of sexual assault

Cornwall Community News: A massive onslaught of hate propaganda aimed at men

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Detroit Dad Pays Child Support for 25 Years for Son Who’s Dead

Robert Franklin, Esq.: North Dakota: State Attorney General Goes to Court Opposing Equal Parenting Law

Ginkgo: Kathleen Parker on Betty Friedan

Kathleen Parker: ‘The Feminine Mystique’ at 50

Erica Goode: Rising Voice of Gun Ownership Is Female

Alice Dreger: Sex, Lies, and Separating Science From Ideology

BBC: Sex case defendants 'should get anonymity'

JudgyBitch: Her IQ is higher than Einstein’s. What does she care about? Her nails, fake tanning, and her hair. Lady genius in action!

JudgyBitch: Jezebel solves the problem of women’s inequality! It’s about bloody time.

Edward Thatch: Why The U.S. Divorce Rate Is Not Important

Mikael: The Manosphere Is Becoming An Obvious Success

Spearhead: Equality in Victimhood for Men is a Losing Proposition

Spearhead: Parental Notification Becomes Men’s Rights Issue in Washington State

Spearhead: Air Force Compiles Catalogue of Shame

Mark Sherman, Ph.D.: We Owe to Our Sons What We've Given Our Daughters

Edward Steven Nunes: Those who commit Paternity Fraud are almost never punished

French fathers climb 40-meter-high cranes, demand right to see their children

Robert Franklin: VAWA must be reformed for domestic violence rates to come down

Kimberly Craig: Father says he's still paying child support for 3-year-old son who died 25 years ago

Circumcision DOES reduce sexual pleasure by making manhood less sensitive

Wynton Hall: Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) wants to bring back the military draft and require women to register for the Selective Service

Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men

Amelia Hamilton: Why Women Ruin Everything For Women

Roosh: Feminists are only as strong as men they can get to help them.

Women & Men - February 16, 2013

Harry: MGTOW Make More Sense Than MRA’s

John Sample: Embarassing feminist faux pas

Scott Barak Abraham: Repressed Memory Syndrome

Rod Van Mechelen: Tomorrow Will Be Different

Sisters disunite as we’re not all feminists now at Oxford

Gil Ronen: The Pink Peril - The feminist movement is controlled by cynical and dangerous forces

David Muhlhausen: “Violence Against Women Act” Gives Grant Money to Misleading Organizations

Aimee McGee: To the women lurking on the fringes

Paul Elam: Fuck you, Troy Aikman

Paul Elam: Norton Symantec folds, then hides

Dean Esmay: Ophelia Benson & the FreeThought Bigots: Epic fail!

Kristina Hansen: Genital mutilation is not OK – NSFW

Jim Muldoon: Another sorry day coming

Keith: Looking over your shoulder

Fact Check Me: Put them on trains

COTWA: Woman had sex with unconscious man, resulting in birth of a child: man held liable for child support

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Florida: Judge Slams Mother, State Attorney in False Child Support Case

Fathers4Equality: Gillard’s Fake Feminism Nothing to be Proud of

Ginkgo: This Is Why Male Rape Survivors Don’t Come Forward (or Gendered Victim-Blaming)

Krista Kafer: American Women’s Legacy of Liberty

wrand: Are Men Defeating Themselves With Labels?

Roosh: Another Girl Succumbs To The Feminist Cult

Mr. Honey Badger: The Physical Decline of Modern Man

Randy Marsh: 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

Mikael: How Superbowl Marketing Discredited Feminism

Spearhead: Will 2020 be a year of upheaval?

Spearhead: Having a hard time managing workers? Blame the patriarchy

Spearhead: UK Man Wins Compensation for Paternity Fraud

Spearhead: The Death of Male Self-Esteem by Thousands of Little Cuts

Spearhead: Traditional Gay Marriage making a Comeback

Spearhead: What if Jodi Arias had failed?

Richard Lowe, Esq.: Young Marine Must Continue To Pay Child Support for a Child That Is Not His

Thanatos: Female Privilege Checklist

Lam Thuy Vo: The Jobs With The Biggest (And Smallest) Pay Gaps Between Men And Women

Women & Men - February 11, 2013

Kelly O'Connell: Feminism is Hateful & Hated—Let’s Kill it!

Lee Shearer: Dating violence starts early, UGA researchers say

SAVE E-lert: Tell Your Representative: Say NO to H.R. 11 and YES to Real VAWA Reform

Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat): Feminism and the disposable male

Paul Elam: Dates of anticipation review

John Hembling (JtO): What is a man?

Dean Esmay: The Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

Lucian Vâlsan: France upholds the ban on paternity tests

Andy Bob: Penises on bicycles (but no fish)

Lucian Vâlsan: To Carla Buzasi, Huffington Post UK

Steve Moxon: Marriage secrets

Dan Perrins: More evidence released on the Ryan matter

Stephen O'Brian: Paradise with a hefty price (Part 1)

COTWA: Rape victim's suicide not a valid reason to roll back the rights of the presumptively innocent in sex cases

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Nicole Ryan Pays No Price for Hiring ‘Hit’ on Husband Michael Ryan

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Quebec Superior Court: Paternity Fraud Just Fine, Thank You

Ginkgo: Demonizing Male Sexuality

Christina Villegas: VAWA Needs a Serious Overhaul

JudgyBitch: Katie Roiphe thinks online relationships are more real than real ones, explaining once again, why she is single.

JudgyBitch: Sluts tend to be fat and ugly, so stick to the pretty girls, lads. Unless you want to get laid, that is.

Marc E. Angelucci, Esq.: A new study confirms the importance of the foreskin

NCFM fax to US Representatives and Senators encourages them to seriously reform VAWA…or dump it

Earl Silverman interviewed on major Canadian TV show about male victims of DV

Charles Corry, PhD.: A-Bomb an ant to end cyber-stalking

P Dog: Why You Need More Female Friends

Kris: The Hunt For Brazilian Love

Samseau: Best Of The Manosphere: A Note To My Son

Western Cancer: 3 Passive Actions to Boost Your Success With Women

Maverick Traveler: Why Russian Girlfriends Are The Best

Spearhead: Females in Foxholes

Spearhead: VAWA Fight Offers More Proof Anglo Feminism on the Decline

Christina Hoff Sommers: The rise of women, however long overdue, does not require the fall of men.

Women & Men - February 7, 2013

Joe Parr: Remembering a beat dead dad

Barbara Kay: It’s time for ‘family feminism’

Jocelyn Gibson: Feminism needs men...but men do not need feminism

Kara Baskin: Is ‘Having it all’ just a myth?

Vered Kellner: Why hasn't the Orthodox egalitarian 'synagogue revolution' taken hold in America?

Suzanne Venker: To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal'

Dina Gachman: Why 'Makers' Is a Film Every Woman Should See

Molly Fischer: Book review: "How To Choose a Husband: And Make Peace With Marriage"

Carleigh Baker: BOOBS! Got your attention, right?

Stuart Jeffries: Man flu: an enigma wrapped in a damp towel

Judy Greenwald: EEOC Accuses Security Firm of Sexual Harassment Against Male Workers

Dean Esmay: MASH 4077?s Earl Silverman kicks butt PrimeTime!

Robert Sides: Women’s woes: compared to what?

Paul Elam: UTSU, meet FTSU

Dannyboy: More evidence released on the Ryan matter

Skeptic: Paradise with a hefty price (Part 1)

Pierce Harlan: Take back the day for the wrongly accused

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Erin Pizzey on the ‘Family Terrorist’

Ginkgo: Magdalene laundries: Ireland accepts state guilt in scandal

Charlotte Hays: Does Bias Keep Women out of Politics?

JudgyBitch: Woman = Victim? It’s a hard habit to break

Men Are Good: Men’s Issues – Mice, Men and Disposability

Masculist Man: S.47, VAWA, goes before the Senate soon so voice your displeasure with it now

NCFM: Don't be deceived about VAWA

NCFM: “Why I won’t be taking up the “man prayer” or supporting 1BillionRising this Valentine’s Day”

Emmanuel Goldstein: ‘Nice Guys’ Are Just Like Players

Tuthmosis: Super Bowl Commercials Aren’t Sexist

Harry: Don’t Believe The Lies About Foreign Brides

Spearhead: Death of Anglo Feminism

Spearhead: Christina Hoff Summers in NYT on Boys’ “Poor Performance” in School

Spearhead: British Communists Hoisted on their Own Petard

Spearhead: Prominent Nationalist, Pro-feminist Politician Assassinated in Tunis

Spearhead: An Oxford Student Finally Explains it to Us

Spearhead: Neutering Language

Women & Men - February 5, 2013

Jeffrey Asher: Why I won't wear a white ribbon

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner: Feminists are Family-Destroying Whores

Louise McCudden: Abuse your boyfriend app: It promotes outdated stereotypes and the idea that violence is acceptable

Andrea Kiliany Thatcher: Should I Feel Feminist Shame for Finding 'Rapey' Superbowl Commercial Hot?

William Murchison: The Women's Annihilation Movement

Carol Iannone: Flight from Feminism

Christina Hoff Sommers: The Boys at the Back

Christina Martin: Fish don’t need bicycles, but we need men to speak against abortion

Paul Elam: Entering a new ERA

Erin Pizzey: Working with violent women

Cherryblossomlife Parody: Take a feminist rant, replace “men” with “Jews” and “women” with “Aryans” and this is what you get

Robert Sides: The dawning of the age of nefarious

Mike Buchanan: Fighting feminism – let’s get political

Lucian Vâlsan: Italy condemned by ECHR

Greg Canning: Happy Saint Vagina Day

COTWA: Univ. of Alabama official says there's no such thing as a false accusation

COTWA: Teen cleared of rape, accuser made allegations after she found herself in trouble

Ginkgo: Women in Combat and the Constitutionality of Male-Only Draft Registration

Samseau: Hanna Rosin Wants YOU To Become An MRA

Mikael: Build A Bachelor Pad And Save The World

Edward Thatch: How To Get Divorced Like A Champ

Roosh: Brutal Takedown Of Budding Feminist Writer

Spearhead: Sarkeesian Promises to Release First Video this Month, but Who is She Working For?

Spearhead: Neutering Language

Spearhead: Death of Anglo Feminism

Spearhead: Obama “wouldn’t hesitate” to Make Women Legitimate Targets

Spearhead: Acid Attacks Arrive in West, Feminists Maintain Silence

Spearhead: The Complementary Relationship Between Authoritarianism and Feminism

Brett & Kate McKay: 14 Red Flags to Look Out for in a Relationship

Sean Coughlan: 'Angry young men' lack optimism

Dean Esmay: Feminists want equality, but only when it benefits women. Traditionalist women want inequality, but only when it benefits women. Men are beneath contempt either way. See how that works?

Women & Men - February 2, 2013

Raj Kumar Singh: What price, manhood?

Victoria Peterson-Hilleque: Confession of Privilege from a White Feminist

Mercy Cornish: Living in a feminist society

Dave Andrusko: Retooling “pro-choice” language won’t save pro-abortion feminism

Carol Iannone: Flight from Feminism

John-Henry Westen: Your mom's feminism may just be the cause of your unhappiness

Chelsea Schilling: Want A Man? Stop Being A B-tch

Peter Lloyd: Sack that judge! Allowing a woman, 31, to walk free after groping 12-year-old boy is a criminal sign of outdated chivalry

Neil Lyndon’s Bad Mouthing

Kristina Hansen: Study links aggressive boys to Mom’s behavior

John Hembling (JtO): The Equal Rights Amendment

August Løvenskiolds: Just say No? Are you crazy?

COTWA: Married mother-of-four who ruined two soldiers’ lives after crying rape following one-night-stand avoids jail

Robert Franklin, Esq.: HuffPo: Fathers at Fault for Single Motherhood

Masculist Man: Petition to require women to sign up for selective service

Diana McKibben: Women and War

Charlotte Hays: Culture and Combat

Char: Dempsey: Yeah, We May Have to Change Physical Standards

Return of Kings: 4 Common Mistakes That Kill Your Game

Quiet Rebel: The Matrix Is Getting Pissed

Spearhead: Legal Equality vs. Equalism

Spearhead: The Shift In Mate Preferences

Spearhead: Manbiotics

Spearhead: No Force “Rape” Laws as Human Rights Violation

Ginkgo: Disproportionate violence and false equivalence

Ginkgo: Personalities and factionalism in late 70s feminism

Nathaniel Frank: Straight Men Should Come Out of the Closet

Julie Watson: Marine survey lists concerns on women in combat

Cliff Pervocracy: Supply-Side Rape Prevention

Ilya Somin: Women in Combat and the Constitutionality of Male-Only Draft Registration

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Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
Baskerville: Taken into Custody
Bennett: Book of Man
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Cora: Alpha Female
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Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
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Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
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Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
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Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
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Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
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Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces


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