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Thought for the Day: Few men may be princes, most men may be frogs, but feminists want equality with the princes, not all those damned frogs. And that is what they mean by equality.

Women & Men - December 31, 2012

Rod Van Mechelen: Traditional Women and Their Manginas

Quentin Letts: Male rights campaigners are setting up an anti-feminist political party

Alexandra Borchardt: The Dark Side Of Feminism - Why Women Don't Like Powerful Women

Samantha Brett: Women do have it better than ever before

Amy Alkon: Do You Have Unreliable Sperm?

Lilly O'Donnell: Why Feminists Should Support the Return of Chivalry

Nikki McWatters: We Need to Talk About Teenage Sexuality

Paul Elam: Why feminism is poisoning Atheism

andybob: The misandry choir

Paul Elam: New Year’s wishes from AVfM

Jim Muldoon: Not all academics are like that

Paul Elam: Reaching out to India

Robert St. Estephe: “Misandric Fixation” not found in DSM-V

Lucian Vâlsan: Is chemical castration misandric?

Paul Elam: Tiananmen Tom Matlack

Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men Roy Baumeister argues that relations between men and women are now and have always been more cooperative than antagonistic, that men and women are different in basic ways, and that successful cultures capitalize on these differences to outperform rival cultures. | Read More
GirlWritesWhat: Bad girls purged from Good Men Project

TDOM: Knee jerks and angry white men

Peter Lloyd: Bigot in a bra

Robert Franklin, Esq.: How the Government Marginalizes Young Fathers – One Man’s Story

Fathers4Justice: Julia Gillard Inciting Gender Wars for Political Advantage

NCFM: Out Of Desperation, North Korean Women Become Breadwinners

Masculist Man: Men don't tell campaign

W.F. Price: Rape Abroad Study Recommends not Being Slut

Joe Zamboni: Women’s Duty To Men

Elusive Wapiti: Soft Spot for Choice Mommies

Sarah Boesveld: As breadwinner women hit the mainstream, feminists look back at the men left behind

Woman Arrested After Stabbing Brother In South Wichita

Serena Martinez, 25, arrested in stabbing in Atlantic City

Alexis Nicole Hernandez, 18, and a 17-year-old girl arrested in stabbing death of Lorena Sandra Uzueta

Janice Begay, 44, arrested for stabbing three people at Phoenix lounge

Erica Menendez arrested in fatal subway shove

Woman arrested in stabbing

Jennie Scott, 50, Arrested for Beating Up Boyfriend Over Bad Oral Sex

Carolynne Elizabeth Miller arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Linda Horn, 24, and Angelica Marie Martinez-Luckett, 24, ticketed for misdemeanor violation of filing a false rape report

Thought for the Day: Men used to be gentlemen, back before feminism when women used to be ladies. Like Mae West said, "When women go wrong, men go right after them."

Women & Men - December 27, 2012

actanonverba8: 7 Tactics Used by Academic Feminists To Suppress Information

Hyde Park Chapter, Chicago Women's Liberation Union: The Socialist Foundation of Second Wave Feminism

Samantha Brett: How 2012 became the year of the superwoman

Judith Shulevitz: How Older Parenthood Will Upend American Society

Emily Shire: Motherhood Can Wait... Right?

Peter Lloyd: Lucie Slater issued the pass of all passes

Elly Tams: Feminism’s mythology of rape culture

Paul Elam: Tribute to Uncle Walter

Jay T: I almost rejected the red pill

Dean Esmay: Message of hope for alienated dads

John the Other: Has Amanda Marcotte gotten stupider?

JudgyBitch: Hugo Schwyzer: embracing racism, sexism, & cruelty

Breaking the Glasses: The Nature of the Allegation

COTWA: Flashback: Girl's rape lie sends seven teen males to jail

Edita TWRA: The Degradation of the Virtuous Woman or why Men Embrace Sluts (but Never Commit to them)

The Radical One: The Corruptions of Feminism Part I: The Sexual Double Standard

Fidelbogen: The Evolving Zeitgeist: Groanings from the Right

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Is Older Parenthood the Crisis Judith Shulevitz Thinks it Is?

W.F. Price: Putting Gender into Christmas

Luke Rosiak: Fathers disappear from households across America

Nikki McWatters: Predatory Teenage Girls

Adam Goldstein: OSU Demonstrates Why Universities Shouldn't Handle Sex Assault Claims

Woman accused of cruelty to infirm

Kristina Bratcher, 30, arrested after she hits 3 pedestrians

Christiana M. Evick, 31, arrested in Greenwood murder

Sherri L. Stephens, 49, arrested for assault, strangulation

Sylvia Ann Collins, 45, arrested for stabbing husband

Jannie Mae Tweedy, 52, Arrested in Husband's Death

Kelli Garza-Rodriguez, 24, arrested for throwing hot water on child

Anne-Marie Whiteway, 51, arrested in Newbury shooting death

Thought for the Day: Traditional cultures found healthy ways to channel the energy of young women and men. Feminist culture views anything female as inherently healthy and anything male as a disease to be cured.

Women & Men - December 25, 2012

Masculist Man: The REAL father of the men's rights movement

Rod Van Mechelen: Origins of the Men's Rights Movement - Promoting unity with added dimensions

JudgyBitch: Sluts lower the value of all women. Here’s how to compete with them.

SAVE: Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Criminal Justice Decision Making

Andy Man: Generation Z: Boys in Modern Britain

Andy Man: Germaine Greer: a lesson not yet learned

Lucian Vâlsan: FEMEN – activism and the coming violence

JudgyBitch: Hugo Schwyzer: embracing racism, sexism, & cruelty

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Alberta Man Acquitted of Molestation Charges; False Accuser not Charged

Masculist Man: Let's take a bite out of misandry at the collegiate level

Masculist Man: Not all those that want to shoot up schools are males

David Martosko: White House petition aims to end male-only military draft

Emily Matters: Why We Don’t Need Feminism

Paul Coughlin: Pain & Prejudice

Stephen Robert Morse: In defense of the foreskin

Hannah Furness: A 'dad' is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children

Peter Lloyd: X Factor boyfriend beater Lucie Slater should be spending Christmas in a cell

Catherine Armitage: Mood swings on PMS: is it all a myth?

Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux: Feminine and Masculine Sexual Mutilation, the Greatest Crime Against Humanity

Toy Soldiers: This is what rape apologism looks like

Fathers earn almost a fifth more salary than childless men

Dalrock: Not Glad Tidings for Post Marital Spinsters

Uma Challa: U.S. must stop exporting weapons of family destruction

Christiana Evick, 31, charged in April double murder

Jessica Callahan, 27, charged with attempted murder pleads to lesser charge

Gina Eunice, 23, Charged With Manslaughter

Angelina Omara, 39, Gets Life In Prison For Ex-Husband’s Murder

Woman facing charges following stabbing

Chewanna Henderson, 33, Stabs Man in Head

Woman arrested for her son's murder

Thought for the Day: Political leaders aside, most mass murderers are young men. And during the past 30 years far more boys than girls have been put on psychiatric drugs. Coincidence?

Women & Men - December 22, 2012

Rod Van Mechelen: Arbitrage The Movie As Commentary on Western Women?

Rod Van Mechelen: You can’t be a feminist unless you have a vagina?

Rosanna Davison: 'I don't know if I'm a feminist'

John the Other: AVfM Radio: the pussy pass

Paul Elam: Time to refuel, march on

Paul Elam: Andybob’s Corner #3

Christina Hoff Sommers: Our sociopaths, ourselves

COTWA: Hugo Schwyzer: This is satire, isn't it? Seriously, this is a joke, right?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Book Shows Reality, Destructive Effects of Parental Alienation Syndrome

EVENT: Women in the Wilderness

Masculist Man: Are women an impediment to a stable society?

W.F. Price: Is Prostitution Really about Exploitation?

W.F. Price: The Truth about Older Women and Younger Men

Roy F. Baumeister: Is There Anything Good About Men?

Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men Roy Baumeister argues that relations between men and women are now and have always been more cooperative than antagonistic, that men and women are different in basic ways, and that successful cultures capitalize on these differences to outperform rival cultures. | Read More
Roosh: Is The Feminist Movement Experiencing A Meltdown?

Tuthmosis: The Anti-Male Commercial

Corrine Danielle Motley unmasked: Child sex abuser busted by federal agents just 24 hours after they released horrific internet footage

Woman arrested for alleged threats to daycare

Simone L. Brooks, 35, arrested after threatening to kill students at a Lower Paxton Township bus stop

Iowa woman arrested on suspicion of stabbing her husband

Jessica Lowther, 23, Charged In Connection With Fatal Hit-Skip Crash

Stephanie Romeo, 30, arrested in JFS ruckus

Kristie Foley, 21, arrested for biting off mom's thumb in case of 'domestic cannibalism'

Raven Dixon, 22, Arrested in Kumra Murder Case

Christiana M. Evick, 31, arrested in slaying

Veronica Chavez, 35, arrested on suspicion of child cruelty

Lisa Lyles Abdur-Rahim, Arrested After Stabbing Boyfriend

Yorohannae Pujols-Pichardos, 23, lied about rape

Christina Nadine Nelson charged with making false rape report

Thought for the Day: Traditionally, women anchored men and men supported women. Men are still required to support women (through taxes, government programs, child support), but few women anchor men.

Women & Men - December 20, 2012

Jamie Peck: Do Angry Young White Men Deserve ‘Empathy’ For Their Gradual Loss Of Privilege? How about just treating us like we're equal to women?

Mike Adams: Feminists for Rape

Dani Anguiano: Misinformation has feminism known for man-hating agenda - that should read Ms. Information

Katrina Fernandez: Beethoven’s Case Against Modern Feminism…

Devon DB: The Story of Lesbian Feminism Part 1

Dean Esmay: Challenging 40 years of domestic violence ideas

Nicole Swinford: War on Women: Feminist Professors Use Classrooms As "Recruitment Tool"

Nicolle Flint: Women still can't have it all

Meghan Murphy: But what about the men? On masculinity and mass shootings

SAVE: Video Shows Singer Amy Winehouse is Fake-Rape Accuser

SAVE: Presumed Innocent? SAVE Unveils Innocence Quilts to Spotlight Need for Legal Reform

Edward Jessup: I needed feminism because…

Peter Lloyd: Men too selfish to get “the snip”?

codebuster: The most important experiment ever undertaken

Paul Elam: Can you raise a mass murderer?

Lucian Vâlsan: Mass demonizing of male sexuality in schools

Paul Elam: MRM to Chris Key: GTFO

Paul Elam: Happy birthday radfem scthhum

COTWA: Bigots use Adam Lanza to stereotype all men

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Text on Parental Alienation Syndrome Lays to Rest Opposition’s Arguments

Fathers4Equality: Petition asking for Family Court Judges to be investigated for Perpetuating Child Abuse

Charlotte Hays: Gender Selection in the Cabinet?

Charlotte Hays: More Women in the President's Cabinet Continued

Masculist Man: Tell Congressman Cantor to insist upon presumption of innocence in VAWA

Spearhead: Put the Police State on the Table

Spearhead: Panty Activists

Spearhead: Ken Kesey and the old Northwest

Michael Kimmel: Smug, self-serving parasite rushes to catch up with the hate male bigots abusing the Sandy Hook tragedy to revile men

Teen girls arrested for attacking, robbing woman in S. Seattle

Melissa Bennett Silvers, 48, arrested after plotting to kill her ex-husband

Aleesha McFarland, 24, Arrested For Attempted Murder

Flore Saint Gerard arrested; police say she splattered hot oil on her family

Anna Patricia Dominguez, 29, arrested for triple homicide

Nirvana Tannehill, 32, arrested for suspicion of attempted murder

Christine A. Meyers, 23, arrested after allegedly running over boyfriend

Woking sex attack did not happen, say police

Olina Matchett, 36, charged with false report of rape

Thought for the Day: Men have done more to advance the cause of equality for women than feminists.

Women & Men - December 17, 2012

Barbara Krahe, Eva Waizenhofer and Ingrid Moller: Women's sexual aggression against men: prevalence and predictors

Sarah T. Schwab: Many women feel scorned and belittled by the feminist movement, and that scorn might feel similar to the misogyny that feminism is supposed to oppose

Ismat Tahseen: Men's rights activists upset over Workplace Harassment Bill!

John the Other: To a stoic and patient man

John the Other: Jezebel’s Kate Harding joins the MRM

Paul Elam: Over the bodies of dead children

Greg Renouf: University of Toronto hate party

Paul Elam: Some weekend thoughts and two bullies

Paul Elam: Mass shooting in Connecticut school

John the Other: What are feminists so frightened of?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Detroit Judge Allows Mom to Decide Dad’s Punishment in Child Support Case

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Already Bad, Tight Budget Makes Arizona Child Protective Services Situation Worse

Fathers4Equality: Family Court Witnessing Increasingly Ugly False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

Typhonblue: So I Lied…

Charlotte Hays: Women's Magazines: More Lefty than You Might Have Thought

Charlotte Hays: Susan Rice, Feminist Martyr--Not!

Harry Crouch: Stop the Violence Against Women Act’s War on Men

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.: Stop the Violence Against Women Act’s war on men

Masculist Man: Let's tell CBS to rebroadcast "Men Don't Tell"

W.F. Price: Gay Marriage Developments in Washington State

Quiet Riot Girl: A Note To Petra Boynton About Women’s Aid

dalsgaard: Warren Farrell is not a creep

Brett Stevens: As downfall approaches, tragedies become more commonplace

Lewis Page: Study: Girls still not swarming into sci-tech, dammit

Clarisse Thorn: Why Do We Demonize Men Who Are Honest About Their Sexual Needs?

Courtney Sue Reschke, 35, accused of sex with teens

Heidi E. Gardner, 41, charged with perjury in domestic assault case

Sandra Anne Loudermilk-Conkel, 46, arrested in Apalachicola woman's death

Johnnie Brown Charged with Stabbing Man and Warrants in Roslindale

Woman charged over scissor attack

Arelisha Bridges, 45, found guilty of shooting, killing husband near Varsity

Alicia Clarke, 21, sentenced for beating elderly man

Joanne Jones, 41, arrested after Oshawa school kidnapping

Woman arrested after Seaford home stabbing

Chrishonta Richard, 17, and Angelic Harris, 18, arrested in Target pepper spray attack

Benetta Johnson, 41, Arrested for Dragging Puppy Down I-55

Mary Lively, 56, arrested after police standoff

Misty Dawn Dixon, 37, arrested, accused of stabbing her sister

Thought for the Day: Feminism depends on large centralized organizations to sustain it. Which is why they cannot dominate and censor the web.

Women & Men - December 14, 2012

Lloyd Evans: Thank men for women’s lib

COTWA: The terrible consequences of a false rape claim: sometimes, beatings and even death

Paul Elam and Agent Mauve: Sophia Guo: U of T bigot

Paul Elam: Vanja Krajina: University of Toronto

Skeptic: Some early Christmas cheer

Ginkgo: Feminists should advocate for chivalry? WTF?

Charlotte Hays: Female Senators: If We Were Running Things, There Would Be a (kill the economy) Budget Deal by Now

Masculist Man: NOW controls the FCC

W.F. Price: Kate Harding Gets her Hate On

Frost: How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

W.F. Price: Women over 40 “Shocked” by Fertility Problems

Kate Harding: Trash-talking hate monger

Glenn Sacks: American Fathers Get a Bad Rap

Vladimir Frolov: Transhumanism, Feminism and Beta Male Losers

Michel Martin: Women Can Be Abusers Too

Petition the White House to acknowledge that the gender wage gap is not based on gender prejudice employment practices

Katherine Connell: ‘Benevolent Sexism’

University of Toronto Provost’s Statement on Recent Controversial Events on Campus (December 2012)

Petition the White House to require women to register for selective service the same way men are required to

David Mielach: Male Advertising Stereotypes Backfiring

Sarah Boesveld: Entrenched in tradition, Inuit men grapple with widening gender gap in Nunavut’s workforce

Jamie Patrice Thomas arrested during uptown bar fight

Deanna Evans, 30, arrested for allegedly stabbing a man

Jillian Smith, 24, arrested after boyfriend dies of stab wound

Esther Ortiz, 41, arrested in Stamford assault

Jewel Lucas, 19, arrested on murder charge for running over man

Sara Elizabeth Moree, 19, charged for making rape claim

Thought for the Day: Feminism depends on large centralized organizations to sustain it. Which is why they cannot dominate and censor the web.

Women & Men - December 12, 2012

Rod Van Mechelen: The Feminist War on Men

Bruce Bawer: Women’s Studies and the Spread of Man-Hatred

Sam Meier: Fox News, Let's Call a Truce in the War on Feminism

Jane Miller: What Eric Hobsbawm missed in his dismissal of feminism

Alexander Baron: False Rape and Alleged Historic Rape

Paul Elam: Kellett faces suspension

Dean Esmay: Monday Morning Roundup

John the Other: Marc Lépine is a feminist hero

John the Other: Climbing out of the crazy-tree

Casimir Strasdauskas: When I think about you, I cut myself

Jim Muldoon: The missing vital cog

VFM News and Commentary: Emma Kadey placed on offenders registry

COTWA: Ken Burns trivializes the victimization of the wrongly accused men from the Duke lacrosse case

COTWA: 13-year-old boy subjected to six months of horror after being falsely accused of rape

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Government Assault on the Family Threatens Social Welfare

Katie Todd: The Real Sexists in the Susan Rice Controversy

Masculist Man: Kellett goes to court-as the defendant

NCFM: Maine Board of Oversees recommends ADA Mary Kellett be suspended from the practice of law!

NCFM files complaint against Michigan Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree Jr. for being stupid

W.F. Price: What Does Feminism Look Like on YouTube?

W.F. Price: Feminists are Going Underground

Joe Zamboni: Women’s Excessive Emphasis On Reproduction

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech: The Feminist Hudna

W.F. Price: Feminists Caught on Film

W.F. Price: More on Sarkeesian: Transparency = “Harassment”

Shelley Adamo: Why Do Women Leave Biology?

WashingtonsBlog: U.S. Labels ALL Young Men In Battle Zones As “Militants” … And American Soil Is Now Considered a Battle Zone

Emily Bazelon and Rachael Larimore: How Often Do Women Falsely Cry Rape?

Amy Elizabeth Drew, 34, Arrested For Punching Boyfriend

Woman arrested after two stabbed in Brighton

Lashonda Flint, 23, arrested after allegedly stabbing man

Rebecca Jenks, 41, charged with kicking mother slips out of handcuffs, batters cell mate

Shirley Nunez, 47, Arrested For Attempted Murder

Schoolgirl jailed over rape ‘lies’

Thought for the Day: The Men's Rights Movement stands for liberty, equal rights and justice. The feminist movement stands for hatred, separatism and female supremacy. Why do our social institutions support the latter and condemn the former?

Women & Men - December 8, 2012

Suzanne Venker: Let's call a truce in the war on men

Vince Emanuele: A liar interviews feminist ideologue Professor Gail Dines

Sadie Whitelocks: Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry killing feminism? Author Camille Paglia slams singers' 'insipid, bleached-out personas'

Jonathan Turley: Accused students deserve protection

SAVE: Under Fire for Sex Directive, Dept. of Education Russlynn Ali Steps Down

Demand that Secy. Duncan Restore the Presumption of Innocence on Campus

Typhonblue: Manufacturing female victims, marginalizing vulnerable men

Mike Buchanan: Fighting feminism: let’s get practical

Paul Elam: Yanking off the hood

Paul Elam: To The University of Toronto Student’s Union

Elly Tams: Victim Feminism Speaks

Christina Hoff Sommers: You can give a boy a doll, but you can't make him play with it

COTWA: Woman stabs university student in the back during consensual sexual encounter, but he's arrested after she falsely accuses him of rape

COTWA: News from campuses across America

COTWA: UN Ambassador Susan Rice's Shocking False Rape Claim

Ginkgo: Male Resistance to the MRM

Ginkgo: Girlfriend ‘beat up her boyfriend after bad sex left her unsatisfied’

Carrie Lukas: Sandra Fluke Can Have 2012, Let's Celebrate Non-Coerced Giving In 2013

W.F. Price: What’s Anita Sarkeesian Doing with All That Kickstarter Money?

W.F. Price: “Independence” Lesbian Style: Male Filmgoers Ripped Off

W.F. Price: How to Encourage Kids to be Family Oriented

W.F. Price: High Profile Women Rejecting Feminist Label

W.F. Price: Baby Gap: Country vs. City

W.F. Price: Final Word on Military and Standards

Andrew G. Kadar, M.D.: The Sex-Bias Myth in Medicine (1994)

Theresa Morrow: What does the Affordable Care Act have to offer men?

Lillian Shupe: Man sits in jail while unable to pay alimony that exceeds his income

Christina Santana, 20, arrested after two men stabbed

Joyce Renee Phillips, 54, admits killing boyfriend in 2004

Darlene Mason, 31, Arrested After Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend, Vandalizing Car

Anna Rose Welsh, 31, arrested for sexual misconduct with minor males

Alma Mosho, 33, arrested on Aggravated Homicide by Vehicle charges

Alma Mosho, 33, arrested for hit-and-run homicide

Charleena Knox, 34, arrested in stabbing incident

Nanette L. Anderson, 38, arrested for domestic assault

Madina Clayton, 52, arrested after threatening Green Line passengers with knife

Women arrested for beating man with hammer in Oshkosh

Women & Men - December 5, 2012

Amanda Hess: Enough With the Feminist Police

blueface: Peering through the madness

John the Other: This is feminism

Paul Elam: The curtain closes on justice (maybe)

James Huff: AVFM News and Activism: Solaris

Robert O'Hara: Author of “Dear Colleague Letter” steps down

Tatyana: Filler’s sister speaks to the Bar Panel

Dr. F: Bourne kitchen’s burn

Robert Franklin, Esq.: New York Times Lauds Keeping Dads at ‘Electronic Remove’ from Ex, Kids

Charlotte Hays: Naomi Wolf's Tantra Tantrum

Charlotte Hays: What Does the Alpha Female Want?

Gordon Finley: Permanent alimony unfair to so many

W.F. Price: Some Thoughts on the Manosphere Growing Up

W.F. Price: South Carolina Father’s Baby Adopted Out From Under Him

W.F. Price: Philip Cohen Attempts to Exonerate Single Motherhood

W.F. Price: Gabriel Aubry Brutally Beaten, Arrested — for Caring About His Daughter

Official Response to Dr. Warren Farrell Event, the Protest & the Aftermath

Todd Starnes: College Says “Men Working” Sign is Sexist

Marta Owczarek: How a feminist debate was derailed by asking all men to leave

Caroline Turner: Women's Ideas: Do Men Intentionally Steal Them?

Nina Golgowski: US married father's horror after wife places his child with an adopted family without telling him

Claudine Zap: Mom puts baby up for adoption–without telling dad

Angela Faye Alvarez-Blackwell, 44, arrested in hit and run

Amy Rae Morey, 29, arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

Kim Dumas, 39, arrested in French Quarter stabbing

Beth Dickison Richards arrested for attempted murder

Stephanie Maria Mayerson, 58, arrested, accused of punching Port St. Lucie man in face

Dyanasia Rivera, 19, Arrested after Indian Orchard Attack

Beverley Brandreth, 20, Jailed For False Rape Claims Against Former Boyfriend

Lynette Lee Files False Rape Claim Because She 'Didn’t Enjoy It'

Thought for the Day: If men should not be liberated from their traditional roles, then neither should women.

Women & Men - December 3, 2012

Paul Elam: U of T feminist violence: full version

Book Review: You Still Don’t Understand: Typical Differences Between Men and Women and How to Resolve Them

Henry Samuel: France set to enact sweeping changes to sexual equality laws

Kat Stoeffel: Men Take Up Too Much Space on Planes

Robert Knight: Deceitful debate over women in combat

Are we in the post-masculine era?

Ian O'Doherty: Fifty shades of hypocrisy over Page Three protest

J. Steven Svoboda: Book Review: Is There Anything Good About Men?

J. Steven Svoboda: Book Review: Why Dads Leave

Vicky Nanjappa: Make workplace harassment laws gender neutral

SAVE: Two Years in the Slammer for Fake-Rape Nanny

The Cul-De-Sac Hero: To Art Professor Pete Smith

Paul Elam: Some relevant thoughts for the weekend

Dean Esmay: Female Sexual Predators

Paul Elam: Time for goddess to woman up

Paul Elam: 18 wheels, a million white knights

COTWA: College administrator's Twilight Zone moment: we aren't determining whether there was a rape when we expel a young man for rape

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Kelli Murphy to Serve Two Life Terms in Children’s Slaying

Robert Franklin, Esq.: 60 Minutes: Australian Embassy Conspired in International Kidnapping of Four Girls

Ginkgo: Girlfriend ‘beat up her boyfriend after bad sex left her unsatisfied’

Ginkgo: Male Disposability: Who dies in war, evidence from Neolithic Scandinavia

W.F. Price: CNN Summons Michael Kimmel to Discredit Suzanne Venker

Joe Zamboni: A Man’s Weakness Is His False Guilt

W.F. Price: Feminism’s Differential Demographic Impact

Jodie Simpson jailed over false rape allegations

Jessica Sanders arrested for assault

Tiffany Buhler, 41, arrested after allegedly stabbing husband

Shantell Johnson, 28, arrested in hit and run robbery of bicyclist

Tammy Stoll, 43, arrested in stabbing, altercation

Ashley Stansell, 25, after boyfriend stabbed

Kerry Close: Cornell Police: Report of Attempted Rape on Campus Was False

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Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
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Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces

The Feminist Privilege

Michael Coren Interviews Dr. Warren Farrell

The Feminist Privilege

The War on Male Students
Introduction (reposted, updated)

GirlWritesWhat: Merry ho ho ho,
thankyouthankyouthankyou, and an
appeal to generosity...

Thank You Germaine

Rape Hysteria by Faculty and
Administrators, Part 3

GirlWritesWhat: Hey, Joe, where you
goin' with that mic in your hand....

AEI: The pay inequality myth
Women are more equal than you think

Abused men & women differences

The Most Controversial Men's
Rights Video Ever Made!

The Canadian Fempire

Dr. Warren Farrell on BBC: Five
Myths About Men & Male Power

Roderick Long on Race, Gender
Equality and Libertarianism

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