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Thought for the Day: Breast Cancer Awareness Fact: 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day can cut the risk of breast cancer in half.

Women & Men - October 31, 2012

Rod Van Mechelen: Feminism: The Hate Movement That Will Not Die

Christina Hoff Sommers: Obama and the women’s lobby

Kris Collins: SAVE asks universities to crack down on false rape claims across the nation

Gareth Rose: Rise in ‘false rape’ charges in Scotland

Patrice Stanton: Only one thing left…

Paul Elam: A report from New York

Skeptic: What’s in a name?

COTWA: A stinging indictment of the Dept. of Education's efforts to strip the presumptively innocent of their rights in sex cases

Typhonblue: Assholes Come in Two Flavours: Male and Female

Cathy Young: Obama Insults Women With Big Government Paternalism

Sabrina Schaeffer: An Unbalanced Conversation about the Pay Gap

Carrie Lukas: Scare Tactics Distract from Finding a Cure

Charlotte Hays: Where Are All the Gaps Going?

Howard Goldman: Stop the sexism in the affordable health care act

NCFM: Marc Angelucci and Carl Agustsson join protest at Academy of Pediatrics over circumcision double standards in New Orleans

W.F. Price: Africa the Solution for China’s Excess Males?

Lyn87: Nice Guys and the Perils of Ovulation

Why Women have more Political Power than Men

Bare-headed female airline pilots 'not sex discrimination'

Annabel Ross: Time to wave farewell to gallantry?

Andrew Biggs: The gender pay gap is a media myth

Elisabetta Povoledo: In Europe, Divorce and Separation Become a Burden for Struggling Fathers

Leta Hong Fincher: China’s ‘Leftover’ Women

Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Every Feminist's Nightmare?

Cheryl Alisha Graves, 26, charged with falsely reporting sexual assault by deputy

Katheryn Marie Louise Clark, 21, pleads guilty to falsely accusing man of rape

Abril D. Shorter, 21, charged with attacking two people with baseball bat

Krystal J. Berg, 19, pleads guilty in child assault

Bess Kellebrew arrested for hit and run accident with house

Donna Long arrested for killing her boyfriend

Baljinder Kaur, 37, Arrested for Killing Her Mother-in-Law

Patricia Stradling, 35, arrested for stabbing husband's phone

Jane Leslie Carpenter, 61, arrested in husband's 2002 murder

Woman fined for false rape claim

Woman, 21, claimed to have been raped in Liden

Women & Men - October 28, 2012

Rod Van Mechelen: Women living in fear

John the Other: Rape culture is hate culture

Paul Elam: A Flood of bad intent

John the Other: AVfM Radio: Rape Culture

Andybob: Andybob’s Corner Vol. 1

Paul Elam: Feminists launch secret weapon!

John Pope: Anti-circumcision activists confront pediatricians

Robert Franklin, Esq.: The Guardian: Gender Equality in International Custody Cases Means ‘Mothers Lose Out’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Barbara Kay Calls for Gender-Neutral Justice in Child Support

Ginkgo: Valerie Keefe tells a fellow feminist some home truths about what MRAs think of feminism and why

Carrie Lukas: The Real Story in the AAUW’s Wage-Gap Study

Elijah Ward: How to Eat a Guardian ad Litem for lunch - Part III

W.F. Price: Lena Dunham Confirms Deleted CNN Sexual Voting Article

W.F. Price: Women Lawyers Dominate Low-Status Positions

W.F. Price: Feminism’s Future: The Underclass

Ethical: What Will It Take to Achieve Gender Equality?

Conor Sen: Why Is the Labor Force Shrinking? Blame Young Men, Not the Economy

Roy F. Baumeister and Kathleen D. Vohs: Sexual Economics, Culture, Men, and Modern Sexual Trends

Andy Dolan, Nick Fagge and Neil Sears: Police chief's son kills himself after claiming sex harassment by woman colleague at the BBC

Tysheika Cadesia Hemphill, 18, arrested for beating boyfriend

Kelley Gann, 32, arrested in baby's death at Rosenberg motel

Kelii Marie Williams, 33, arrested for choking family member

Shanikia Word, 29, Arrested After Deliberately Hitting Crossing Guard

Jennifer Joy Cook, 41, arrested after stabbing boyfriend

Irene Evans, 36, arrested after attempting to run over man with truck

Heather Felicia Atkins, 26, arrested after lying about being raped by 2 men

San Jose police arrest My Loan Nguyen, 31, and Truc Phuong Ho in shooting of another woman in shopping center parking lot

Silvia Davila,42, arrested for allegedly assaulting husband with knife

Women & Men - October 25, 2012

About Movember

Howard Gordan: Godiva Chocolate: for ladies only?

Sasha Wiley: Has feminism gone too far?

Dani Pettas: Here comes The Honey Boo Boo Project

Robert O'Hara: AVFM News and Activism: Dr. Greg Canning

Paul Elam: Don’t talk about hypergamy?

E. Belfort Bax: The fraud of feminism

Glen Poole: Five sentencing myths of female offenders

COTWA: Proposal at York University to respond to sexual assaults: require all undergraduates to take a women's studies class

COTWA: Court: False testimony used to convict 'Beatrice Six'

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Maryland Gives Poor Fathers a Break on Child Support

Carrie Lukas and Sabrina Schaeffer: No War on Women

Charlotte Hays: Did the AAUW Just Diss Me?

Charlotte Hays: What's Behind the AAUW's New Report on the Wage Gap?

Carrie Lukas: Equal Pay Was Law Long Before Ledbetter

Emily Wismer: Real War on Women: Domestic Violence Overlooked by Armenia

Ginkgo: Employers reluctant to hire veterans for fear of PTSD

Ginkgo: Hillary Clinton trashes whiners

Harry Crouch: Transitions, Journal of Men’s Perspectives, October 2012 Edition

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech: Two Reasons To Vote This November

W.F. Price: Seattle Asian DV Advocates Defend International Child Abduction

W.F. Price: Young Women Who Identify as LGBT Approaching Ten Percent

Lyn87: Temporary Restraining Orders – Giving Women Exactly What they Want… and Women Complaining it isn’t Enough

Breaking the Glasses: Ohio girl suspended for long hair... oh, no, wait. Girls can have long hair. Ohio BOY suspended...

Lilly O'Donnell: 'Men get treated like s***. People just bump into you all over the place. You have to hold doors, but nobody says thank you. And you don't get compliments, ever': And he should know, he used to be a woman!

Frank Newport: Gender Gap in Election Fueled More by Men Than Women

Dave Freer: Tossing men out with the bathwater

Men better multi-taskers than women: study

Brian Palmer: Do Restraining Orders Work?

Avery Stone: The Death of Innocence at Amherst College

Thought for the Day: Feminists take the position that men have all the power and, therefore, perpetuate "The Patriarchy." And yet, women have always been equally involved in the perpetuation of culture.

Women & Men - October 21, 2012

John the Other: Murdering Vladek Filler

Glen Poole: UK MP takes a stand for male prisoners

Eivind Berge: Antifeminism in Norwegian

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Texas Man Stops Daughter’s Adoption, Barely

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Australian Media Physically Attack Italian Father

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Forgotten Victim of Child Abduction – Father – Tells His Story

Marg. Bruinman: Lawyers alarmed at the rise of false criminal charges in family cases

Ginkgo: Sexist Pigs, Female Chauvinists

Ginkgo: How a real feminist responds to gross, dehumanizing misandry

Charlotte Hays: President Obama Hopes Single Women Will Give Him a Win

Charlotte Hays: Young Women "Overwhelmingly" Favor Free-Market Policies

Vicki E. Alger: One Expert Calls Social Security “A War on Working Wives”

W.F. Price: The Socialization of the Costs of Sex

W.F. Price: “Doxxing” Becoming a Political Weapon

Brendhan Conlan: Miesha Tate advocates equality when it comes to men hitting women in defense

Men's Network: Five Myths About The Sentencing Of Female Offenders

Neil Lyndon: You've got what you want, girls, stop whining: Has feminism made women unhappy?

Spiegel: Europe Battles over Gender Equality at the ECB

Makenzie Bowker: Domestic violence: Men can be victims, too

Sexism and misogyny: what's the difference?

Hillary Clinton trashes whiners

Jamie Weinstein: Rise of gender and ethnic studies programs helped bring about decline of modern academia

Krystal Benallie arrested for sex with 14-year-old

Torie A. Martinez, 21, arrested for collecting $8K in child care benefits illegally

Vanessa Fields, 41, arrested in morning stabbing case

April Guy, 32, charged with second-degree murder

Mary Elizabeth Newman, 35, arrested after hiring hit man to kill her husband

Felicia Nicole Hill, 38, arrested for stabbing boyfriend

Kimberly Holleman arrested for inciting fighting between teen girls

Erin Sayar, 36, had sex with a 16-year-old student at James Madison High School

Five Framed Teens Spent 19 Years in Prison

Thought for the Day: In response to stupid feminist rhetoric--like, "rape is about power, not sex"--will we have to create stupid counter-rhetoric, like, "makeup is about power, not sex"?

Women & Men - October 18, 2012

Paul Elam: Filler jailed, denied attorney by Judge Robert E. Murray

Rosalind S. Helderman and Nia-Malika Henderson: Women’s issues help shape presidential debate

Andrew Dugan: Women in Swing States Have Gender-Specific Priorities

John the Other: ADA Mary Kellett belongs to you

Dr. Umar Johnson: Black man’s burden: myth of the deadbeat

Girl Writes What: Letter to a young man: privilege-blindness

Teri Stoddard: DV Group Batters the Truth for Fundraising Campaign

COTWA: Norcross False Incrimination Bill Passed By Senate

COTWA: DNA lab error sent innocent 19-year-old to jail for months

Press Silences Father of Abducted Girl

Charlotte Hays: Why Women Are Rejecting the "War on Women" Rhetoric

Ginkgo: Dismissing women’s rape of boys

W.F. Price: A Teachable Moment

Henry Laasanen: The Discourse Coalition of Feminists and Conservatives

Barbara Kay: One father’s fight for gender-neutral justice

Rachelle J. Canter, Ph.D.: 3 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For

Daddys-Sverige: The true face of Sweden revealed

Dalrock: How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state

Rebecca Chandler, 22, and Raven Larabee, 20, 'tied up teenager and cut him 300 times during two-day satanic sex torture marathon'

Hoover High teacher Megan Denman pleads guilty to sex with student

Rebecca Gibson, 30, Arrested For Attacking A Friend

Monica Sheets, 34, Arrested for Hitting Boyfriend

Geraldine Jones-Exum, 52, Arrested After Throwing Chair at Boyfriend, Knocking Out His Two Front Teeth

Dawn Riendeau, 32,Arrested For Striking Ex-Boyfriend With Pan

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez, 30, is pregnant and dad is 17

Jennifer Aalbers, 37, arrested in robbery, assault

Yvonne R. Bennett, 42, arrested for Saturday hit and run

Rachael Bohbot, Florida Woman, Arrested For Allegedly Biting Boyfriend's Six-Year-Old Son

Connie Roaden, 49, arrested in hammer attack

Vegas Batallya Bray, 24, arrested after ex-boyfriend found dead

Daughter accuses father of raping her so she can stay with boyfriend

Thought for the Day: Bill Maher: "Feminine values are now the values of America: Sensitivity is more important than truth; feelings are more important than facts; commitment is more important than individuality; children are more important than people; safety is more important than fun."

Women & Men - October 16, 2012

Trayce Hansen, Ph.D.: The Politics of Rape: Debunking the Feminist Myth

Dean Esmay: Why American MRAs should register and vote

Jason Thompson: Resistance to International Men’s Day

Pierce Harlan: Proof of innocence

John the Other: The good man

Aimee McGee: Don’t complain about the wiminz

Dr. F: The pamper hamper

Keith: The proxy violence of passive acceptance

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Press Silences Father of Abducted Girl

Ginkgo: Bullying – A Happy Ending in Michigan?

Sabrina Schaeffer: More Out of Touch Hollywood Starlets

Mary Beth Marklein: Steering more girls to science

Charlotte Hays: Malala and Sandra

Hadley Heath: Taxes: A Women's Issue

W.F. Price: A Teachable Moment

W.F. Price: Feminism Chinese Style

Andrei Pambuccian: Reinstate Artis Hughes, the bus driver who fought off his female attacker

Bruce Watson: Domestic Violence Against Men Has Always Been A Hidden Problem

Brittany Sprague, 24, charged with slashing another’s face

Sara Daniels, 22, Arrested for Elkins Hit and Run

Jessica Aguilar arrested in hit-and-run with school bus

Ashley Pomplin, 24, Arrested for Striking Victim, Biting Him in the Neck

Kasey Brooke Lackey, 27, arrested for beating her cousin

Tisihia Allen, 26, arrested in man's slaying

Elizabeth Collinge, 69, shot, arrested after allegedly trying to run over officers

Woman arrested after man stabbed in chest at Elizabeth Grove

Doretha Wright, 62, Arrested on Malicious Wounding Charges

Kathleen O’Brien, 63, Arrested for Accusing Neighbors of Child Molestation

Lori Faye Miller, 35, charged with attempted murder

Woman arrested after fatal Hastings stabbing

Amalia Rivera, 36, arrested following Friday hit-and-run

Jeanette Ieshia Coker, 39, arrested in hammer attack

Glynnis Sundelius, 56, arrested in San Jose serial arson case

Jacklyne Legarreta, 23, arrested after deadly stabbing

Thought for the Day: Some men rape. Sexists use that to stereotype men. Some women make false accusations of rape. (There are numerous links in the archives of this site to proven cases of false rape accusations.) Sexists use that to stereotype women. Nobody claims it's sexist to talk about rape. But feminists viciously attack anybody who talks about false accusations. Feminism is sexism.

Women & Men - October 13, 2012

Sexist Laura Gottesdiener viciously attacks Wisconsin State Rep. Roger Rivard for telling how his father stereotyped women

Dean Esmay: The (current) rules of gender reality

John the Other: The one good man

Act for AVfM: Filler faces political imprisonment

Paul Elam: Lori B. Jackson recused from Kirk case by Chief Justice Ketchum

Catherine Gibson: Injustice in Delaware Continued

Mark Bauerlein: Campus Due Process, Obama-Style

COTWA: Feminist criminal defense lawyer commentary worth a read

COTWA: Legislators ought to stop giving sexual assault tutorials

Robert Franklin, Esq.: MI’s Child Abuser Registry a ‘Black List’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Mirkarimi Keeps SF Sheriff’s Job Despite DV Establishment Demands

Typhonblue: Male Privilege: Slut Shaming

Ginkgo: What a Real Radical Feminism Would Have Looked Like

Charlotte Hays: Women and Biden...

Masculist Man: Let's tell the NCADV to be inclusive of male victims of domestic violence

W.F. Price: The Sad Life of Monica Lewinsky

W.F. Price: Single Motherhood Endangers Children

Testosterone Administration Reduces Lying in Men

Lindsey Dodge: Unpacking the "feminization of poverty"

ACFC: Federal Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against State Bar Association

Mystery kidney disease in Central America

In “Glittering” return, Paglia lets loose

Men Sentenced To Longer Prison Terms Than Women For Same Crimes, Study Says

Nicole Lemay, 19, charged with stabbing another woman seven times

Taryn Manning Arrested After Fight With Makeup Artist

Heather F. Bennett, 28, arrested for son's murder

Tisihia Allen, 26, arrested in stabbing death in Aurora

Heather Hammond arrested for trying to kill her father

Woman accused of burning son, 6

No jail time for Claire Louise Roundill, 32, who had sex with brothers aged 15 and 17

Thought for the Day: Feminists have conflated complaining with risking your life in battle to turn whiners into warriors.

Women & Men - October 10, 2012

John the Other: The gun in the room

COTWA: 'Given the horrific nature of Jerry Sandusky's crimes, will the public care what happens to him in prison?'

COTWA: Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence to falsely accused: 'a righteous indignation instead of fear should inform your feelings'

Peter Lloyd: A premium on equality

Emily Wismer: The Real War on Women: Taliban Shoot Young Girl Activist

Charlotte Hays: Pew Poll: Bye Bye, Gender Gap?

Jennifer Marsico: The Real War on Women: Escape from North Korea

Masculist Man: Just like a toilet backing up femitheist is back

Christopher Thompson: The feminist assault on civil liberties on college campuses

NCFM letters result in the removal of Dad bashing poster in San Diego Family Court

Raphael Ahren: Circumcsion compromise reached in Germany

W.F. Price: Are American Women Hated?

Walt Forest: The Hot Teacher Myth, and How it Hurts Men

W.F. Price: Joran Van der Sloot to Become Father?

Man Cave: Definitely Not a Man's World

Dan Fastenberg: The Real Reason Why Women Still Earn Less Than Men?

Richard Conniff: Okay, it isn't a man's world anymore. But if it weren't for men, it wouldn't be a world at all. Ladies, have you hugged your man today?

Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls Swim Teams

Differences in Frequency of Violence and Reported Injury Between Relationships With Reciprocal and Nonreciprocal Intimate Partner Violence

Tom Sightings: Where Are The Men?

Gautam Naik: Lab-Made Eggs Raise New Fertility Options

Giovanna Osorio, 41, faces sexual abuse, assault charges in Rye Brook attack

Kelly Linneman, 35, arrested after firing a shotgun through a wall three times

Naomi Villegas Juarez, 37, arrested in Lovington death

Laurena Ann Jervian, 37, arrested on suspicion of assault in Monday stabbing

Ex-Defendant Sues Prosecutor After Rape Charge Is Dropped

Sarah Jones, former cheerleader for Cincinnati Bengals, pleads guilty to teen sex

Kimberly Evans, 29, charged with making false reports of rape at Warriors Path

Thought for the Day: graaaaaagh: Women now graduate more frequently than men, have more degrees than men, they're more employed than men, even though they still don't make as much as men. Why? Maybe because all their degrees are in English Lit and fill-in-the-blank studies.

Women & Men - October 8, 2012

Stop Ignoring Half the Victims of Violence!

Elly Tams: MRA London group has begun activism

Paul Elam: Gray Ribbon Day

Robert O'Hara: Public support for VAWA reform: survey

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: The Real Housewives of Harrison County

Paul Elam: Jury nullification debate conclusion

Codebuster: The Constitutional equation

COTWA: Is the Military using the University of Montana Standard of Coercion?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Severe Child Abuse Up 4.9% in 12 Years

Brian Richard Dinday: From Father to Sons: False Complaints of Domestic Violence

Ginkgo: Useful new words and acronyms

Dr Tara J. Palmatier: Why Some Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic Mothers Sabotage their Children

Brittany Buchanan: Breast Cancer Rates for Military Men & Women on the Rise

W.F. Price: Equality in Barbarism

W.F. Price: Honey Boo Boo Child and Incentives

Prominent Victim of False Rape Accusations and Biased Court System Becomes Activist, Writes Book (Jörg Kachelmann in Germany)

The Pigman: Why and How the Plutocracy is Destroying Patriarchy in the Lower Classes

Gary L. Harryman: The Foreskin Advantage

Laura Cox: Nineties actor who was jailed in Germany for seven weeks after trying to see his son sues mistress for $1.3m over 'false' rape claim

Wendy Gillis: Toronto’s Roz and Mocha radio show facing backlash after contestant lies about being raped to win $10,000

Edward Steven Nunes: The problem with VAWA

Teri Stoddard: Bogus Claims Cheat Victims: SAVE Urges Colleges to Hold False Accusers Accountable

Theantifeminist: Necrophiliac Lynching of Jimmy Savile Continues

David Landes: Men allege sexual discrimination at Swedish police academy

Skimmington: Advertising Standards Authority believes advert on poisoning men is acceptable

Jill Filipovic: The painful lessons of the Central Park Five and the jogger rape case

Philippe Rushton: Dangerously incompetent fire fighters, weakened by gender quotas, dumbed by racial quota nonsense

Karla Cunningham: Terror's 'invisible women'

Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Barnett: Working in America: The myth of men in decline

Dalrock: Debasing marriage

Women & Men - October 5, 2012

Paul Elam: Second motion to gag AVfM filed

Dean Esmay: Judge Lori Jackson & the 1st amendment

Lawrence Smith: Proposed gag order in Harrison family law case put on hold

Paul Elam: Kirk recusal motion in West Virginia Supreme Court

Paul Elam: 25 ways to make a shame sandwich

Paul Elam: Domestic violence: The real victims

John the Other: Blaming the victim

Georganne Chapin: First, Do No Harm

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Mom Hauled to Jail for ‘Child Abandonment’ While Watching Kids Play

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Italian Dad’s Daughters Ordered Back to Italy

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Germany Promotes Men for Daycare Jobs

Ginkgo: Occupy Misandry!

Ginkgo: Hogpunk’s Journey

Probable Anti-Male Caps in Math and Science

Carrie Lukas: Where’s the Feminist Outrage?

Jennifer Marsico: Congress is No Longer a Man’s World

Masculist Man: Obama screws men on STEM courses

W.F. Price: Feminists: The Kissing Sailor was Committing Sexual Assault

W.F. Price: Abortion Ship Denied Entrance to Moroccan Port

W.F. Price: “Flowers” of Arab Spring Wilting

Melissa Kirk: In Defense of Men

Helene Bergman: The Constitutional State of Sweden is threatened by the Case of Assange

Men 'out-performed at university'

Dennis Cauchon: Economists' views differ by gender

Hanna Rosin: Male Decline Is No Myth

Dalrock: Connecting the pathological fear of husbands having power with the peter pan manboy syndrome

Professor Ashur: The Fatal Weakness in Grievance-Group Politics

Courtney Speer, 31, quits job after she is caught having sex with student, 17, in school parking lot

Thought for the Day: How is feminists demanding women-only public spaces (separatism) different from white racist segregation in the 1950s?

Women & Men - October 3, 2012

Tom Blackwell: Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds

Dean Esmay: Justin Vacula loves Satan and eats kittens

COTWA: Man imprisoned for rape since 2003 to get new trial, or be released, because newly discovered evidence shows accuser claims she had been raped by up to eight different people on nine or more separate occasions

Men Are Good: Grading President Obama on his Treatment of Men’s Issues

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.: GOP must court male vote

Barbara Kay: Neither sex has a monopoly on victimization

Melinda McPherson: Why Women Claim Public Spaces As Our Own

Ed Feulner: Marriage at risk in America

Marty Nemko: Men Don't Have it Easy Either

John Harris: The end of men? Cardboard man is dead. Now let's redefine masculinity

WordOfChen: Sorry I'm A Man

Gail Dines: Vagina Gazing at the New York Times

The campaign and the gender gap; Blame Mars, not Venus

Ally Fogg: It's not the end of men – but the rules of the game need changing

End of Women: Women are victims either way - in a more sophisticated way

Krista McManamy, 28, charged with stabbing her mother

‘Who was there?’ cries noted New York doctor Timothy Reish when he hears ex-wife, Manuela Maria Morgado, has killed their son Jason

Kathleen Lech, 50, arrested after calling 911 to report boyfriend drank her beer, drove off

Krystle L. Latham, 27, arrested in hit-and-run that critically injured bicyclist

Ashley J. Young, 26, accused of child murder set to take plea

Trial begins for Giselle Esteban accused of killing former best friend Michelle Le

Nicole Michelle Danese, 21, accused of slapping disabled woman

Thought for the Day: Feminists have a lot of fun. They act angry and outraged, cry, wail, pout and carry on. But beneath it all is a large measure of glee.

Women & Men - October 2, 2012

Paul Elam: Jury nullification debate part II

Paul Elam: Judge Lori B. Jackson seeks to gag AVfM

John the Other: I am Schrödinger’s rapist

Mykeru: Dear Creepy Bittergirl

Justin Chandler Porter: 4 false police reports in past calendar year reap steep consequences

Robert Franklin, Esq.: A New Trend in Denial of Fathers’ Rights?

Ginkgo: Ironic Male Privilege Checklist

Typhonblue: The Impeachment of One Justin Vacula

W.F. Price: Raising Daughters

BC Dad: Housewives of Benxi

TN court rules for man misled about paternity

Sarah Rutz charged with fraud for false rape report

Joseph Cohn: Campus Is a Poor Court for Students Facing Sexual-Misconduct Charges

False rape report filed in Newport News; Teen claimed she was raped, taxpayers foot bill

Woman arrested after man stabbed

Ruth Sheaffer, 40, Arrested for Assault

Jayasha Lawrence, 27, arrested for stabbing neighbor with fork

Crow bar swinging babysitter, Melanie Crespo, 20, arrested

Shawnna Cline, 25, Arrested for Domestic Assault

Ashley Nicole Holzem, 30, arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a knife

2 women arrested for stabbing man during confrontation on Metro Blue Line train

Kirsten Jean Gould, 21, arrested after knife incident

Samantha Basset, 45, arrested for aggravated assault

Danielle E. Norton, 26, arrested on assault charges twice in one night

Wendy Walston, 46, Arrested for Allegedly Setting Fatal Fire

Police arrest Melissa Ann Friedrich, AKA Millie Weeks, who reports say is 'Internet Black Widow'

Shantiera Monique Poole, 20, arrested in boyfriend's stabbing

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Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
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Chapin's Inferno: Leftover Women (Oh no!)

Chapin's Inferno: Gilligan's Island: Women's Studies

AVFM Radio- Rape Culture

Chapin's Inferno: Hillary On Women
"Stop Whining!"

Misandry - Men Don't Exist

Girl Writes What: I haz failed...

Kirstin Powers on Women Voters:
"Actually We're More Than Our Vaginas"

Misandry in the Media (Part 1)

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Misandry in the Media (Part 3)

GirlWritesWhat: feminism, y'all gotta own this sh*t

A Feminist's Pocket Problems

Aaron Clarey: Debunking The Myth of
Women Earning the Majority of Degrees

Stefan Molyneux - The Life and Death of Radical Feminism

Feminist Frequency and 21st Century Feminism

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