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Thought for the Day: Feminists have a lot of fun. They act angry and outraged, cry, wail, pout and carry on. But beneath it all is a large measure of glee.

Women & Men - September 30, 2012

Paul Elam: Jury nullification debate – part 1

GirlWritesWhat: Why do MRAs bring up the draft?

Pamela Geller: SPLC: “Wellspring of manufactured hate”

Rod Van Mechelen: Some thoughts on our future

Murdered children most often killed by mothers

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Washington Man Fights for Daughter Against CA Adoption Industry

Ginkgo: The Stereotype of the Man-Hating Feminist

Ginkgo: Hypocritical Accusations of Misogyny on MRM Sites and Neutering the Misogyny Bomb

Wendy Wright: European Court to Decide If Lesbian Adoption Trumps a Father’s Rights

Kim Strassel: The GOP's Female Trouble

Masculist Man: A myth exposed

W.F. Price: Sandra Tsingh Loh: Women’s Lib Created “Monsters”

Sandra Tsing Loh: The Weaker Sex

W.F. Price: Women Going Their Own Way?

Pugs Fugly: A Custody Gauntlet

Sexual predator Brittni Colleps calims she is the victim

Stephanie Coontz: The Myth of Male Decline

Lisa O'Kelly: The author of The End of Men talks about her controversial book – and the fall-out

Lifetime Movie A Mother’s Nightmare Shows That Even When Women Look Like Villains, They’re Still Victims

Salary for wife? Unfair, cry hubbies!

Fourteen-year-old Florida girl, Cassidy Goodson, arrested for murdering newborn

Woman arrested in senior's mugging

Melissa Gutierrez, 26, facing charges in baby drowning arrested on driving charge

Lilly Hurt, 22, Arrested After Stabbing Caught On Camera

Maura Shea Perry, 20, Arrested For Elderly Man's Murder

Krystal Mae Alvarado, 22, Arrested, Charged with Robbing Bank Inside Spring Valley Albertsons

Woman stabbed in Lowell; another arrested

Girl, 14, arrested after fatal stabbing

Woman arrested over Margate stab murder

Kemisha Anderson, 30, arrested in fatal hit-and-run on Burnside Bridge

Amanda Gaardsmoe Hart, 48, arrested for stalking, harassing family

Woman arrested after man stabbed in north Belfast

Rita Renee Johnson, 51, Arrested in Deadly Stabbing

Stephanie Bradley, 41, Arrested For Stabbing Man In Neck On Subway

Six teenage girls arrested in recorded beating of woman outside Philly

Thought for the Day: GirlWritesWhat: "For all of feminism's successes, they haven't been that interested in acquiring obligations for women and society isn't especially interested in imposing them, either, which kinda smells like female privilege."

Women & Men - September 28, 2012

Paul Elam: Petition to impeach Judge Lori B. Jackson

John the Other: The Predatory Victim

Paul Elam: FTB and the UncleTomosphere

Robert O'Hara: Circuit Judge delays ruling Kirk custody case

Paul Elam: AVfM launches forum for activists

Sexism? Policy change at Community Legal Aid favours females, stirs outrage

COTWA: Allegation of sexual assault on TJC campus proved false

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Welsh Men Speak Out as Victims of Domestic Violence

Ginkgo: Who Gets Free Lawyers in DV Cases, and Who Doesn’t

Ginkgo: Misogynists Are Made, Not Born

Bill Ronan, LICSW: State Enabled Entrapment – Protective Orders

W.F. Price: New Zealand Police Report: Mothers Most Likely to Kill Children

Walt Forest: Is porn a fantasy of sexual equality?

Tracy Lynn Walls, 38, accused of killing boyfriend

Cecilia Margarita Riojas, 35, accused of stabbing arrested in San Marcos

Laquana McNatt, 26, accused of stabbing mother in arm

Lauralee M. Beckham, 26, accused of having sex with young boy

Adelina Bonfiglio Ochoa, 30, accused of hitting son with baseball bat

Rhonda Hagan, 30, accused of murdering 90-year-old great aunt

Lisa Williams, 45, accused of killing husband

Angela Robitaille, 35, accused of paying 15-year-old to beat up classmate at Smiths Station High School

Patina Morehead, 39, accused of trying to kill husband with truck

Monique Tamahr Stroman, 32, who cut two victims at main library facing additional charges

Natalie Habig, 35, arrested for fatal hit-and-run

Gaylynn Taylor, 32, arrested for slashing pit bull to death in domestic dispute

Kassi Cano, 27, Arrested At Daycare Charged In 4-Year-Old Local Child Sex Case

Briana Lewis arrested for Tuesday night stabbing

Court date set for Katheryn Marie Louise Clark, 21, accused of falsifying a rape report

French man gets 800,000 euros for false rape conviction

Rosie Dodd, 20, jailed for false rape claim

Sarah Rutz, 25, arrested for false rape report

Thought for the Day: For decades, the feminist hate-male campaign has worked to incite female fear of men. But they will not be happy until men fear women, too. Their purpose is to divide and conquer.

Women & Men - September 23, 2012

Naomi Arnold: Good men live in fear

Paul Elam: Jury nullification debate

Paul Elam: MRM blueprint for bridge building

Paul Elam: Passing the hat: Fall 2012

Harry Crouch: Gender equality, as one advocate points out, cuts both ways

FEMEN activists' bare breasts cover up somebody’s money and political interests

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Euro High Court Asked to Strip Fit Father of Parental Rights

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Michigan Wants to Terminate Deported Mom’s Rights

SeattleMRA: An Open Letter To The "Seattle Grrrl Army"

W.F. Price: A Typical Local Political Ad

W.F. Price: The Inherent Conflict Between Atheism and Feminism

Kenneth Chang: Bias Persists for Women of Science, a Study Finds

The Ugly Truth: Why States and Courts Don’t Want Shared Parenting

Male Pill: Can Men Be Trusted To Take Birth Control?

Soraya Chemaly: What Do Artificial Wombs Mean for Women?

William A. Jacobson: Women No Longer Need Special Preferences on America’s College Campuses

Rhys Price-Robertson: Time to talk about male survivors of sexual abuse

Catherine Bennett: It's time we ditched this bogus notion of 'real manhood'

In The Spotlight: False Rape Claims

Patricia Hernandez-Gamon, 31, Accused of Child Endangerment After Ramming Man's Car

14-year-old girl arrested in Oklahoma City homicide

Lemon Rosetta Hill, 20, charged in parking lot shooting

Tiara Marshall, 27, Accused Of Killing Roommate

Amber Baker, 23, pepper sprays infants, caught on video

Kayla Hamilton, 19, arrested on assault charge

Christi L. Johnson, 33, Arrested After Attacking Her Daughter

Nancy G. Nixon, 34, arrested for apartment arson

Angela Robitaille, 35, arrested for encouraging teen assault

Woman arrested in connection with Bridgeport stabbing, police say

Thought for the Day: Perhaps people would see the bigotry in "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them!" if we changed it to, "Feminists Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them!"

Women & Men - September 23, 2012

Petition: Stop Development of Film "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them!"

Paul Elam: The Plague of Modern Masculinity

Nurdy Dancing: The New Nigger

Rod Van Mechelen: A century ago I was called "nigger." Today, I am called "man."

Aimee McGee: Herding Porcupines in the MRM

Fathers4Equality: Free Legal Support in NSW: The Law Society Pro Bono Scheme

W.F. Price: Why are Poor White Women’s Lifespans Shrinking?

Kim Willsher: Topless warriors start boot camp for global feminism

Wendy Wright: European Court to Decide If Lesbian Adoption Trumps a Father’s Rights

John Bingham: Loss of 'breadwinner' role driving rise in suicide among middle aged men, Samaritans suggest

Jordan Weissmann: Women Are Crushing Men in the Education Race All Around the World

Portrait of a Modern Feminist: Helen Smith

Census shows new face of the Canadian family

Amanda Faulkner charged in hit and run

Kristin Gerszewski, 27, charged with starting fire

Lisa McCormick charged in Bootheel death investigation

Waterloo Sexual Assault Allegation Withdrawn

Brittany Lester, 21, Jailed Over Disturbing Photos Of Newborn Baby

Shai Lee Mallory, 17, fabricated rape story, charged with making a false report of a felony

unedin police arrest 18-year-old woman for false complaint of rape

Isabella Himmel, 20, arrested and charged with filing a false report

Rosie Dodd Jailed For Two Years in False Rape Claim

Patricia Hall, 38, assaulted her lover

Samantha Martin arrested for aggravated assault

Dawn Brown, 34, drowned her two children, then committed suicide

Julissa Tavera, 19, faces child abuse charge

April Allen, 29, charged with simple battery and second-degree cruelty to a juvenile

Nicole Renee Henderson, 27, charged with severely beating children after 1 dies

Sherry Lewis, 49, fatally stabbed ex with fillet knife

Women & Men - September 22, 2012

VFM News and Commentary: Feminism debate delayed due to outside interference

P. Emeritus: The primary caregiver fraud

Mykeru: My privilege

Tawil: Kanamara Matsuri

John the Other: AVfM Radio: How to be a creep

COTWA: Univ. of Arizona student found guilty of sexual assault based on mere possibility that his accuser was unable to consent

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Supportive Dad Jailed for Debt to State, Mother and Child on the Street

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Single Fatherhood on the Rise in Canada

Ginkgo: MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs , and How the MRM Is Not a Monolith, Part 2

NCFM: Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over ‘Ladies’ Day” promotion

Elijah Ward: After the Immolation of Sgt. Thomas Ball

W.F. Price: Let’s Settle the Cheating Issue

W.F. Price: A Stark Reminder of America’s Decline

W.F. Price: DV Groups and Feminists Protest Magazine Cover

Manism: How The Law Treats Us Differently: “Indecent Exposure”

Elaine Edwards: 4,300 men report abuse by women

Michael Kennedy: Sexual abuse raises heart attack risk for men

Why 3,000 middle-aged men die by suicide each year

Maygan Sensenberger, 23, pleads guilty to causing disturbance on plane after allegedly threatening to ‘slit his throat’

Kathryn Ellis, 48, Arrested For Husband's Murder

Zarnika Donielle Grimes, 26, accused of attacking her boyfriend after she finds him with another woman

Starkittkuss Thompson accused of stabbing another woman in Kennett

Renee Bishop-McKean, 44, convicted in saw attack on husband

Kristina Kennedy-Maroney, 23, facing two counts of attempted murder

Emily Lillian Williams, 20, arrested on charges of abusing her son

Woman arrested for assault and resisting police

Monett woman arrested for stabbing Cassville man

Edna Zent, 86, arrested for beating her 89-year-old husband

Maria Perez, Mary Jordan, Monica Filippone, Sandy Perez and Erin Coulson arrested for brawl in Beaverton

Kathryn Ellis, 48, arrested for allegedly murdering her husband

Women & Men - September 20, 2012

James Huff: AVFM News and Activism: Male fertility control

Dean Esmay: Another Open letter to Delaware State Police

Paul Elam: Cenk Uygur at Wolf PAC NYC Meetup Part 2

Paul Elam: Feminist fear dialed up to frappe

Nurdy Dancing: Former SPLC fundraiser raises questions

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: Tina Kirk “grieves” losing custody

Robert Allen: 'The power of allegations: When innocent until proven guilty collides with public's right to know'

Ginkgo: MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs, and How the MRM Is Not a Monolith

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Attorney on Rutherford Case: Judges Don’t Like Parental Alienation of Kids

W.F. Price: The Feminist Paradox

Nihilo Zero: The Repressed & Oppressive Sexuality of Modern Society

Joanne Buckley, 29, stabbed man after he refused to have sex with her then threatened to cry rape if he went to hospital for treatment

Meghan Lucas, 20, was jailed Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of making terrorist threats

Felecia Dannetta Phillips, 35, arrested after school bus fight

Deloris Nati Dale, 38, charged with stabbing man, 83, in Riviera Beach

Jennifer Bennett, 21, in jail after boyfriend's death

Sativa Sierra Rose Askan, 23, arrested for punching child

Brenda Baker, 55 and Christine Rohde, 44, arrested after fight

Denise Griesler arrested in mobile home fire

Woman. 27, held for murder after Leeds tower block plunge

Santa Monica Woman, 20, Arrested For Punching Ex-Boyfriend In The Face

Woman Arrested After Assault

Tasha Marie Chapman, 32, arrested for allegedly assaulting boyfriend

Wendy Farley, 46, 'hatched plot to hire hit man to kill husband

Brandy Ames, 35, arrested after fight over parking space

Pamela Ann Strong arrested for lying about attempted kidnapping

Janice Anthony arrested after child found dead in home

Thought for the Day: W.F. Price: "American women are the most privileged people on the planet earth. They command more resources on a per capita basis than any human beings alive."

Women & Men - September 18, 2012

Pierce Harlan: Poster directed at college administrators

Aimee McGee: Is there gender bias in appointments in the NHS?

Manism: Do Women Really Earn Less Than Men?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: CPS Caseloads Skyrocket, Caseworkers Quit; AZ State Policy Keeps Agency Understaffed

Ginkgo: The Religious Right and Military Medicine; Rape and the Military Abortion Ban

W.F. Price: Battered Woman Defense Doesn’t Work for Man

NY Times Documentary Demonstrates Market Imbalance

Invisible Victims: A Perfect Example Of Why People Deny The Existence of Male Victims

Donna Krache: Nation's Report Card: Writing test shows gender gap

Jui Mukherjee: 'Sexual harassment bill is gender-biased'

Paul Vallely & Sarah Cassidy: Take it easy on criminal mothers for the sake of their children?

Sentencing delayed for Katherine Cervantes accused of having sex with teen

Sharon Buzas Hansen, 63, accused of injuring husband over sloppy eating

Tera D. Higgins, 21, accused of sexual misconduct with minor

Tawana Crawford, 50, charged with stabbing boyfriend in leg

Jacqueline D. Lang, 54, Charged in Mom’s Death ‘Naked with Shovel’

Monique Diane Coachman, 20, charged with child abuse

Elizabeth Ann Williams, 40, charged following assault of 12 year old

Anna Julia Laqwinowicz, 32, charged over graduate's death

Pamela Smallis, 49, charged with child-sex crimes on cell

Paige Katherine Quinn, 19, arrested in stabbing

Kristy Jo Meikle, 40, arrested for aggravated assault

Elizabeth Williams, 40, arrested for choking boy

Brandy Tennille Ames, 35, charged with punching, pinning victim between cars in White Marsh

Tanner Vicory, 30, arrested for sexual conduct with teenage boy

Lisha Michelle Weaver Accuses Officer of Rape; Arrested For Making False Report

Victoria R. Pitts-Maddox, 26, Arrested for Attempted Murder

Berdenia Swain, 51, arrested for cutting a woman's face in Amherst

Jail for Rosie Dodd, 20, who made up rape claim

Lisa K. Craggs, 31, sentenced for assault of her mother

Thought for the Day: Feminists don't want to eliminate patriarchy, they want to control it.

Women & Men - September 17, 2012

Molly Von Sämmichämmer: Derek Bedry confirms he did not tear down posters

Dr. F: The Dr. F Show – 8

Paul Elam: MWT Radio: Interview with Lt. Col. Joel Kirk

Paul Elam: AVfM announces committee formation

Greg Canning: Ethics of hypocrisy part II: feminist therapy

Man Woman & Myth: Would the lady wear this ribbon?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Family Judge: Murderer Mom Gets Visitation; Dad Can’t Go Home to Australia

Eivind Berge: Lex Berge

Amy Alkon: Women Get Free Preventive Care, Men Get To Go Pee Up A Rope

Masculist Man: Throwing down the gauntlet

Jason Sutherland: Dying in Silence - Male Suicide

Caroline Marcus: Innocent man's life ruined by rape accusations

Voyeurism Double Standards in the Topless Kate Photos Row

Kate the Celtic Catwoman: Please Mind The Gap!

Michael Castleman: The Real Sexual Gender Divide

Ricela Salom Rebollar-Valdez, 21, charged with setting Durham apartment fire

Woman charged for stabbing partner

Abul Taher: Condom used as evidence in Assange sex case 'does not contain his DNA'

Jillian Johnson, 31, charged with killing man with her car

Kelsey Lou Cody, 22, accused of manslaughter

Jessica Mars, 29, Accused of Running Over Two People with Car

Catherine Wells-Burr, 23, on suspicion of murder

Brittany Corliss, 26, Arrested For Battery By Strangulation

Karrena L. Carter, 26, arrested for threatening child, boyfriend with knife

Liara McGlothan, 30, arrested after 3 children found unconscious

Thought for the Day: America's Feminist Foreign Policy: Attack any nation that "makes me feel afraid" regardless of whether they pose a real threat.

Women & Men - September 15, 2012

S.A.V.E.: Tell VP Biden that Every MAN Deserves to be Safe from Violence

John the Other: The Golden Bridle

Paul Elam: Hey, Chicago!

B.R. Merrick: Do women need men need women?

Dean Esmay: Injustice in Delaware – Part V

Paul Elam: The dishonor of Judge Lori B. Jackson

COTWA: Univ. of North Carolina rides roughshod over the rights of presumptively innocent men

COTWA: Victim blaming in Arizona, and elsewhere

Emily Bazelon: Why Feminists Fear The End of Men

Christopher Thompson: University men shanghaied by the DOJ

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Restraining Order Helps Mom Murder Children

Robert Franklin, Esq.: New TV Shows Particularly Anti-Dad, and That’s a Good Thing

Ginkgo: Biased Criteria and Man-hatred

Wendy McElroy: The Democrat’s War of Women against Women

National survey of economists finds vast gender gap in policy views

Education Dept Unlawfully Changes Burden of Proof in College Sexual Harassment Cases

Harry Crouch: NCFM letter to San Diego Superior Court Judge Robert J. Trentacosta re Dad bashing poster

Harry Crouch: NCFM letter to all U.S. Senators and Representatives re VAWA

W.F. Price: Is it Selfish to Avoid Fatherhood?

Elusive Wapiti: Women At Least As Likely As Men to Commit DV

W.F. Price: Amanda Marcotte Fantasizes about Sexual Harassment

The name’s Bond… A Battered Bond.

Murray N. Rothbard: Against Women’s Lib

Andreawanna Clemmons, 20, arrested in fatal July shooting in south Sacramento area

Cecily Roberts, 43, and Camile Gordon, 20, arrested in death of child open daycare

Tamara Sytch, 39, arrested 3 times in 3 days in alleged domestic disputes

Quindetta Cosby, 49, arrested in fatal stabbing in Northeast D.C.

Iris Porter, 52, arrested in stabbing

Andrea Nicole Donald, 18, arrested, accused of having sexual relations with child

Janet Higginbottom, 37, jailed for falsely accusing Manchester man of rape while he was in bed with girlfriend

Thought for the Day: America's Feminist Foreign Policy: Attack any nation that "makes me feel afraid" regardless of whether they pose a real threat.

Women & Men - September 13, 2012

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: Child abuse from the bench

Stefan Molyneux: The story of your enslavement

James Huff: News and Activism: Misandry in Education

Aimee McGee: Fly posting 101: a UK perspective

John the Other: Has feminism gone too far? A debate

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Father’s Pleas Unheeded; Indiana Infant Beaten to Death; Mom and Boyfriend Behind Bars

Ginkgo: “Men’s Rights Are Human Rights” Is Controversial in Vancouver

Equilshift: Sitz im leben

Marc Angelucci: Representative Akin had good reason to use the term “legitimate rape”

Elusive Wapiti: Women At Least As Likely As Men to Commit DV

W.F. Price: Amanda Marcotte Fantasizes about Sexual Harassment

W.F. Price: Two Kidnappings Compared

W.F. Price: Fire in the Manosphere

Derek Thompson: Men's Earnings Haven't Grown Since the 1970s—Why?

Maria Bustillos: Men aren’t ending

Gary Hansen: It's the boys' turn now

James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore reveals he was victim of domestic abuse

Jesse Ferreras: Men's Rights Posters Torn Down In Vancouver

Cultural Marxism ("Feminism") is About Destruction

Melissa Hogenboom: Were extreme suffragettes regarded as terrorists?

James Taranto: Sandra Fluke and the cultural contradictions of feminism

Lisa Scott: Tutorial for Mothers on Winning Your Child Custody Case - Satire

Sarah Dunant: Does the sex debate exclude men?

Sandra Franklin, 45, and Robin Danielle Ross, 18, arrested in beating in St. Martin

Indya Mays Arrested For Allegedly Beating Mom In Front Of Kids

Maral Eulmessekian, 51, arrested for allegedly trying to suffocate daughter with plastic bag

Lavetta Renee Graham, 40, arrested for courthouse hit & run

Dina Saint-Fleur, 25, Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing Couple At Queens Subway Stop

Jadian Faye-Marie Hatfield, 23, arrested after beating ex with prosthetic leg

Man jailed on accusations of domestic abuse sues Irvine

Thought for the Day: Technology allowed greater political and economic equality of the sexes. Then feminists stepped in and demanded government programs to raise women above men. But when the programs end, as they eventually must, the reversal will be dramatic and fast. Only real gender equality can prevent that.

Women & Men - September 11, 2012

Girl Writes What & John the Other: Mr. theOther, I quit.

Rod Van Mechelen: Things might be different tomorrow

Paul Elam: Somewhere in England; Feminism Is A Hate Movement

John the Other: An industry of human damage for cash

Peter Lloyd: Cutting to the chase

Dean Esmay: Feminism and the disposable male

Skeptic: The weekend’s here. Swagger, brothers. Swagger.

Paul Elam: Rebecca Watson, hero and mathematician

Robert St. Estephe: Exciting careers in serial widowhood

Paul Elam: AVfM Site News and Derek Bedry busted

TCM: Title IX coordinator protects abuser, abusive policy

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Opposition Grows to British Government’s Parenting Proposal

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Affordable Care Act’s Anti-Male Sexism Fixed?

COTWA: Military Appellate Court Reverses Rape Conviction

Ginkgo: Men and Children – Again

Masculist Man: Vancouver feminazis tear down A Voice For Men posters

Suzanne Venker: The War Between Women and Men

Council gives job to child protection worker knowing she had hired a hitman to kill her ex husband

Judith Shulevitz: Why Fathers Really Matter

Bragging Sexists

Manism: She Nailed you in Court, Was it Premeditated?

Manism: Why Men don’t Want to Marry, Revealed!

The silent war on noncollege-educated white men

'End Of Men' Heralds New Era Of Female Dominance

W.F. Price: Being a Non-Custodial Father is a Civil Disability

W.F. Price: Naomi Wolf’s Hilarious Foray into Neuroscience Debunked

W.F. Price: No Fault Divorce is Violence Against Men

W.F. Price: My Response to Barry Nolan

W.F. Price: Barry Nolan, Producer of Fraudulent, Anti-Male Documentary, Says Men Who Stand up for Themselves “Dangerous”

Haley Day, 31, arrested on rape and sodomy charges

Thought for the Day: Hate Male Logic: When a woman disagrees with a man, it's because he's a misogynist. When a man disagrees with a woman, it's because he's a misogynist.

Women & Men - September 6, 2012

Elly Tams: Second-wave feminism is dying (slowly)

John the Other: Judge Stewart Austin orders graves desecrated

Paul Elam: Adios, c-ya, good-bye man-o-sphere

Paul Elam: False accuser Cathy Tretola and two white knights

James Huff: AVfM News/Activism- the MRM grows teeth

COTWA: The University of Montana says sex after 'guilt tripping' is assault: why that is wrong (Part II of our our 'Back to School' series)

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Kelly Rutherford ‘Devastated’ by Equal Custody with Children’s Father

Ginkgo: Expelling a Gay Kid for Defending Himself.

Carrie Lukas: Is A "War On Women" The Best That President Obama Can Do?

Bethany Mandel: Dems See Women as Objects, Not Voters

Help rescind the "dear colleague" letter

Andrea Gillhoolley: Knights of 21st Century in Lebanon aims for better days

Shulamith Firestone, Feminist Writer, Dies at 67

W.F. Price: Rape Accusations Fly at DNC

Audrey Barrick: Feminists Today Are Replica of Male Chauvinist Pigs 30 Years Ago

Seyth Miersma: Irish cabs installing video cameras to guard against false rape allegations

Athol Kay: Proof Good Wives Are Out There (And How To Test For One)

Susan Walsh: “Hot & Mean” vs. “Not Hot & Nice”: What Do Girls Want?

There's nothing funny about being stalked; It's a serious matter, despite society's tendency to trivialise the experiences of male victims

William Gormley: Reasons why men should be teaching in the classroom, too

Rollo Tomassi: Are Nice Guys the Real Jerks?

Janet Thies-Keogh, 32, accused of suffocated her baby, was found not guilty of murder because of mental health issues

Christina Lewis-Graves, 21, and Talaya Turner, 29, arrested following fight

Betty Warner, 33, Arrested After Man Cut During Argument

Alicia Johnson, 39, arrested and charged with murder

Crystal Bennett, 33, arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon

Alissa Marie Lombardo, 19, arrested for attacking ex-boyfriend

Chandra Warrior, 33, arrested for cutting boyfriend on arm with knife

Belinda J. Boyd, 53, arrested in knitting needle attack on husband

Women & Men - September 4, 2012

Majority of sexual assaults and rapes committed in military in 2011 were against men

VFM: Good news from 1 in 3 campaign

Paul Elam: Police cowardice in Vancouver

Paul Elam: Tiffany Marie Smith behind bars

Paul Elam: It’s coming

John the Other: Judge Stewart Austin orders graves desecrated

Greg Canning: David Flynn disparages fatherhood

John the Other: War is peace, Ignorance is strength

COTWA: The University of Montana deprives men of their right to a fair hearing in sex cases: Part I

Police won't prosecute woman for false rape claim because it isn't in her best interests

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Is it possible that in these United States a mother can’t falsely accuse a father and get custody?

Charlotte Hays: Helpless Women Need Big, Strong Men (Who Work for Big, Strong Government)

Janet Napolitano's aide, ICE chief of staff Suzanne Barr, resigns amid misconduct claims

Professor Mentu: The Manosphere

W.F. Price: MGTOW and Game: Both Have Something to Offer

Emma Brockes: Naomi Wolf: 'Neural wiring explained vaginal v clitoral orgasms. Not culture. Not Freud'

Whether sex is rape depends partly on where it happens

Paul Abrams: New Rule: Only Women Legislators Should Be Allowed to Vote on Women's Issues

Julia Munoz Huaman, 41, cuts off cheating boyfriend's penis, flushes it down toilet

Sharon Nicole Miller Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Boyfriend

Tammy L. Hallam, 48, arrested for attempted stabbing

Maria Acosta, 43, arrested in alleged case of elderly abuse caught on video at nursing home

Miranda Delphine Thomas Arrested For Beating Her Dog

Woman arrested after Weston stabbing

Katrina Marie Culberson, 20, charged in beating, burning death

Viviana Castro, 23, arrested for alleged domestic assault

April Wall, 31, arrested in stabbing

Woman arrested after early-morning knife attack

Heather Martin, 26, arrested for torching home

Alexandria Schmidt, 32, Jessica Brewer, 31, and Dhanvantarivisn Cramer, 33, arrested, accused of killing missing woman

April Frantz, 37, arrested on domestic violence charges after reported knife threatening

Thought for the Day: Feminists who take it as an article of faith that men ought to be subjugated on the basis of negative stereotypes have become the oppressors.

Women & Men - September 1, 2012

Greg Canning: Feminist rage and suppression of data

James Huff: AVfM News and Activism: Circumcision II

P. Emeritus: The Amy Biehl Violation

Peter Lloyd: A wife’s consent to donate sperm?

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: Censorship alive and well at Bangor Daily News

Rick Westlake: Playground proofing

John the Other: AVfM Radio: the MRM for women

Dean Esmay: Cop 101 Lessons For Delaware State Police

Roy Den Hollander: Update on the Church of Feminism

Breaking the Glasses: Effeminition: Feminist Logic, an editorial piece on reproductive rights and child support

Prosecutorial Abuse

Abortion Advocates are Hypocrites When It Comes to Rape Criticism

CCTV set to be installed in Derry taxi cabs

And we're not supposed to be concerned for young men on campus when we hear a prosecutor say this?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Mobile Unit Patrols NY Offering DNA Testing

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Usher Gets Primary Custody of His Two Sons

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Equal Parenting Initiative in North Dakota

Emily Wismer: Sexist Pens?

Charlotte Hays: Code Pink Convention Couture: Yes, They Dressed Up as Vaginas

Masculist Man: NBA educates rookies on the ways of women

W.F. Price: Why the PUA Lifestyle is Never Going to be Common

W.F. Price: Thoughts on the Convention

W.F. Price: Montana Forces Feminist Rape Propaganda on Students

Elusive Wapiti: “Illegitimate” Rape Accusations Are Real

Ginkgo: Driving Women’s Agency Out of a Culture

Seattle MRA: Feminism and the Men's Rights Movement

Feminist Critics: The Devil’s Dictionary

Hanna Rosin: Who Wears the Pants in This Economy?

Brian Browdie: DNA evidence frees David Lee Wiggins from Texas prison 23 years after wrongful conviction

Chelsea Fagan: 10 Frustrating Gender Myths

Wanda Milligan, 52, arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Vicki Bunker, 51, arrested after hitting boyfriend

Krystal Dominguez, 19, arrested on suspicion of assaulting boyfriend

Lauren Kimmel, 29, Arrested in Stabbing Incident

Shelby Lynn Ott, 20, arrested for stabbing incident

Tiffany Klapheke, 21, Arrested In Texas After Daughter Found Dead

Sharon Maguffee arrested on arson charges

Angelica Bradley, 24, arrested after throwing toddler across room

Jody K. Dyer, 42, arrested for battery of child

Lowanna Mcquay, 43, arrested for a beer bottle murder of her lesbian lover

Katrina Marie Culberson, 20, arrested in gruesome case of Ohio woman found naked, burned on 80 percent of body

Tara Melinda Jackson, 22, arrested for trying to poison live-in boyfriend, 2nd man she was dating

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Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
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Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
Garbarino: See Jane Hit
Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces

Misandry in Education - Introduction

GirlWritesWhat: Why do MRAs bring up the draft?

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Feminism is NOT a rights movement

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with Suzanne Venker Pt 1

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extravaganza: Hate-Mongers Attack!

How To Spout Drivel Like A Feminist

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Sexual Harassment Hysteria
in Lower Education, Part 1

Sexual Harassment Hysteria
in Lower Education, Part 2

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