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Thought for the Day: Like all totalitarian statists, feminists want to outlaw contrary opinions.

Women & Men - July 29, 2012

Jon Rappoport: Were the Batman murders a covert op?

Jon Rappoport: Batman murders: The blood trail, the neck wound, and the 2nd gas mask

Study Reveals Women More Prone To Road Rage Than Men

Eivind Berge: Arrested for Blogging Against Bigots!

AVfM Radio: The Dr. F Show

John the Other: How to conceal regressive hatred

Man, Woman, Truth Radio: Big Brass Balls

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Feds Spend $499 in Child Support Enforcement for Every $1 for Access and Visitation

Ginkgo: GYNOCENTRISM – Hearth and Home

Wendy McElroy: Extradition Gives America Jurisdiction over the Globe

Feminism…What’s Next?

Vicki E. Alger: Title IX at 40: Looking for Another 'National Crisis'

Diana McKibben: Women and Guns

Abigail Collazo: The Future of Masculinity: Do We Need Real Men - Or Real Human Beings?

W.F. Price: Federal Judge Grants Injunction in Lawsuit

W.F. Price: Blogging and Comments — The Manosphere is Growing Up

Keoni Galt: Tearing Up the Grass

Katharine Whitehorn: Women should be clever enough to hide their intelligence when they need something from men

William Deresiewicz: First we stopped noticing members of the working class, and now we're convinced they don’t exist

Debtor's Prison: Pennsylvania Lawyer Jailed 14 Years for Contempt of Court Freed

Fidelbogen & Jack Day: Plastering the Enemy on Their Own Turf!

Eric Ross, Ph.D.: The Video Gone Viral all Over the World: Family Court Judge Going Berserk. Meanwhile, Judiciary Protects Their Own.

Martha Burk: More Female Than Male Olympians? Thank a Feminist!

Rachel Ellis: A pill for men? No, they just need a jab in the bottom

Rhonda Rae Eisenberg, 44, charged with sex assault

Cynthia Diane Baldwin-McClesky, 49, charged in death of granddaughter, 11

Glendora Beisley, 48, jailed on manslaughter complaint in husband’s death

Yadira Amaya-Cortez, 20, accused of killing boyfriend

Holly McFeeture, 34, Woman accused of killing fiancé with poisoned tea

Joy Akule, 28, arrested for stabbing son

Thought for the Day: On women's violence against men, the mainstream is silent. Silence is violence. Stop the violence.

Women & Men - July 27, 2012

Paul Elam: A voice for liars and cowards

Dean Esmay: Two recent–and related?–internet bullying incidents

John the Other: What’s in it for women?

John the Other: Three cheers for three male corpses

Erma Blume: Gender-biased laws don’t help matters

COTWA: Student editor gets it right about the wrongly accused, mostly

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Wilcox Demolishes Roiphe

Ginkgo: MISANDRY – Encouraging Sign – Noted Feminist Demolishes Pro-circumcision Arguments

Janice Crouse: VAWA needs reform, pro-woman shouldn’t mean anti-man

W.F. Price: The Problem With Sluts

W.F. Price: Bennett Gets it Wrong Again

Groin: Selfishness

Phil Elmore: Are men really stupid miscreants?

Brain Objectifies Women As Body Parts, Men As Whole

Justin Katz : Mancession Recovery… Sexist!

Jennifer Sacket, 46, charged after falsely accusing ex-husband of kidnapping daughter

Shawnta Jackson, 25, accused of assaulting 17-year-old girl

Amy Gainey, 38, accused of knifepoint robbery surrenders

Abeni Craig, 28, accused of shooting boyfriend faces charge of attempted murder

Michelle Coller Gable found unfit for double murder trial

Dorys Leidys Quintana, 26, accused of striking stranger, returning to salon

Iaisha Monique White Accused Of Setting Sister On Fire Returned To Central Texas

Shanteai Mann, 21, accused of threatening pregnant woman with knives, ramming her car

Shannon Noelle Bowles, 22, indicted for alleged child molestation at shelter

Jessica Barrett, 20, Lied About Rape, Kidnapping

Thought for the Day: When a "henpecked" husband assaults his wife, it's called domestic violence. When a harried wife assaults her husband, it's called "battered woman syndrome."

Women & Men - July 25, 2012

Marianne Mogon: Men can be victims of domestic violence

KC Johnson: More Advice on Railroading Males in Sex Cases

Paul Elam: Femitheist Divine suicide

Paul Elam: Vladek Filler back in the news

VFM News and Commentary: Maine raises the bar on corruption

Robert O'Hara: An inside look at AVFM

COTWA: Not enough falsely accused "to worry about" . . . . Seriously?

COTWA: Colleges ramp up to find more men guilty in sex cases

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Mother Kills 4 Year Old; Anti-Father Movement Silent

Ginkgo: MISANDRY – And False Flag Operations

Sabrina Schaeffer: Women's Figures Reveals the Real Economic Progress of Women in America

Men Are Good: Straus Exposes the Academic Veils Placed on Domestic Violence Research

NCFM: Maine Courts allow false evidence and Holocaust analogy to convict Vladek Filler

Jennifer Smith: Lawyers Carve Out 'Divorce for Men' Niche

Randy Berg: Focus on the Family’s Message to Divorced Dads

Dalrock: Men no longer footing the bill to court older women

Obama May Impose New Title IX Quota on Math and Science Students

John the Other: Fear and the Blue Kool Aid

Shaniqua Morris, 22, accused of raping, exposing boys to HIV

Women's support groups call on judge to apologise

Carol Lutsky, 20, charged with murder of 11-month-old boy

Woman arrested after domestic violence incident

Martha Perry Evanoff arrested in murder-for-hire plot

Tina Brockman, 39, arrested as rape suspect

Amy Celeste Sparks, 39, arrested for domestic abuse of her girlfriend

Linda Bizzell, 48, Latisha Bizzell and Barbara Spencer, 28, and Jasmine Best arrested for assaulting Kimberly Jones and kidnapping Jones' mother, Roxanne Faison

Hannah Myling Chung, 63, Arrested for Murder

Kathy Monsivaiz, 44, arrested in boyfriend's stabbing

Elizabeth Dale McClerkin, 27, arrested after alleged stabbing attack

Bunnie D. Gray, 23, charged with substantial domestic abuse

Thought for the Day: Fish don't need bicycles, but feminists need men to blame.

Women & Men - July 22, 2012

Karen of GirlWritesWhat interview – “The Feminist Fallacy” – #146

What has the current administration done to help boys and men?

Rod Van Mechelen: Wealth, Women, Economic Collapse and the End of the Misandrous Milieu

The damaging impact of false rape allegations

John the Other: The value of male sexuality

Typhonblue: The value of male sexuality

Greg Canning: The Commissioner for Discrimination Against Men

Andy Man: Hitting out

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Study: Early Father Involvement Vital to Children’s Welfare

Typhonblue: Mainstream Misandry: Manhood

Ginkgo: MISANDRY – Male Resistance to the MRM

Ginkgo: MISOGYNY – Attachment Parenting and Mean Girls

Ginkgo: MISANDRY – Gender Politics and Raising Boys

Catherine Bennett: We rightly decry female genital mutilation. Why, then, are so many happy to condone the male equivalent?

Vicki E. Alger: Having it All, All at Once is a False Debate

'Dark Knight Rises' shooting: Three heroes died in Aurora taking bullets for their girlfriends

W.F. Price: Jewish Feminist: Holocaust Survivors “Judenscheiss”

Mens Party to stand in elections

Kirsten Powers: Individual voices worry liberal feminists

Sheradyn Holderhead: Gender gap as boys struggle with SACE

"lost" evidence exonerates Sedrick Courtney

'Carnivorous men' versus 'lying bitches' in sex war

Gedu Bibi, 47, 'organised murder of daughter's boyfriend'

Teen girls charged with torture of 12-year-old boy

Rocio Ochoa, 44, Sentenced to 7 Years felony aggravated domestic battery and unlawful restraint

Sabrina McCoy, 53, for stabbing man with butcher knife

Emma Peel, 43, attacked neighbour with windscreen wiper

Elizabeth Marie Beltran, 31, charged with manslaughter in stabbing death of husband

Tiffany Carpenter, 28, in custody after reportedly attempting to beat aunt with pipe wrench

Jalessa Wright, 21, arrested on multiple charges

Mallary Kay Johns, 22, arrested after knife incident in Elk Run Heights

Keisha Burnside, 23, Arrested for Stabbing Husband

Fake rape victims a danger to society

Attorneys: Rape allegations against GOP fundraiser are fabricated

Thought for the Day: Feminists are always complaining because most of them are incapable of doing anything else.

Women & Men - July 20, 2012

SAVE: New Survey Supports VAWA Reforms

John the Other: Does Tory Shepherd actually support mass murder?

Tovia Smith: When Hyphen Boy Meets Hyphen Girl, Names Pile Up

John the Other: AVfM Radio: The value of male sexuality

James Williams: The radfem conquest of Sweden

Paul Elam: Fuck their shit up

The 'Bed of Shame': Stripping human intimacy from the most intimate of human encounters

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Woman Attacks Boyfriend on Subway, But Media Don’t Call It ‘Domestic Violence’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Katie Roiphe: Those Opposed to Single-Parenthood ‘Bourgeois,’ ‘Alarmist,’ ‘Puritanical,’ ‘Smug’

Katie Roiphe: New York Times, Stop Moralizing About Single Mothers

Carrie L. Lukas: The Market, Not Government, Should Determine Who Gets the New Jobs

Man Woman & Myth: Urinals – a genesis for male psychology?

W.F. Price: Bucks and Does

Who Perpetrates Teen Dating Violence?

Liz Lightfoot: Suffragettes 'were like al-Qa'eda'

James Poling: The dark side of Title IX

Circumcision without consent is indefensible

Dalrock: Feral females in the news

Athol Kay: What Happens In Vegas Eats Away At Your Marriage Like A Cancer

Diane Huggins, 58, arraigned on charges of assault and battery

Candy Kay Garner, 43, accused of throwing boiling water on woman

Nakecha Dehaka Woodard, 27, Accused Of Running Down Boyfriend Jailed For Assault

Charlotte Streeter, 47, accused of slashing dog

Tiffany James, 20, Accused of Killing Child's Father

Mattinglee Foster, 20, lies about break-in, strangulation

Tiffany Khalily Stevens, 36, Accused in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Jennifer F. Hightower, 30, arrested after baby breaks jaw

Karla Kuhl, 35, accused of murder

Victoria Lynn Hadley, 19, Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Elizabeth Farnam, 33, arrested in son's death

Thought for the Day: During the downturn most jobs lost were men's. So it stands to reason that in the "recovery," such as it is, most new hires would be men. But of course the sexist bigots (aka feminists) view that as a set back for women.

Women & Men - July 18, 2012

Teddy Locsin Jr.: What feminism is really about

Bonnie Kavoussi: Men Land 77 Percent Of New Jobs During Economic Recovery

Eric Golub: Will feminists ever complain about something important?

Jesse Ellison: Caitlin Moran on Slut Walks, Feminism, and Being the British Tina Fey

Amy Kurzweil: The New Definition of Feminism

Robert O'Hara: AVFM News and Activism Show 11 Manwomanmyth!

John the Other: From JtO’s in-box

blueface: On Violence

Tory Shepherd: 'Carnivorous men' versus 'lying bitches' in sex war

John the Other: If you can’t fight, wear a big hat

You know what both rape victims and the community of the wrongly accused could use? Fewer gender ideologues

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Single-Parent Families a Major Contributor to Child Poverty

W.F. Price: NPR: Let’s Subsidize Really Bad Choices

Cindy Clifton Pleads Guilty to Rape Charges

Men’s group cries foul

Lucy83: Female Supremacy

Bettina Arndt: Don't let prudes ruin sexual banter

Manager Krissy DeMonte at the National Association of Professional Women accused of harassment

Joyce Myers, 36, sentenced for stabbing death

Elizabeth A. Nolan plots to have husband arrested, gets arrested

Woman is stabbed and her sister arrested

Young woman arrested after stabbing at Pioneer Park

Frankie Bobb, 27, charged in stabbing

Heather Megan Bohannon, 40, arrested Sunday for assaulting McKinleyville mother

Brandy Lee Rose Devine, 25, woman arrested in death of daughter, 2

Elizabeth Moreno, 38, arrested for assaulting pregnant paramedic

Tracy Ashfield, 43, arrested on suspicion of murdering her lesbian lover

Fake rape victims a danger to society

Thought for the Day: Allowing women to find out if a new boyfriend has a history of domestic violence without also allowing men to to find out if a new girlfriend has a history of domestic violence is sexist. DV is an equal opportunity crime.

Women & Men - July 15, 2012

Women will get right to ask for new boyfriends' police files under controversial Clare's Law initiative

Gender plays role in racial profiling

Greg Canning: James Cook University’s shame

John the Other: Taslima sells hate, wins international praise

Robert Franklin, Esq.: NBC Chicago Blows Coverage of International Child Abduction Case

Man Woman & Myth: How Cool is it to be Female?

Man Woman & Myth: The Male Pill: a Paradigm Shift

Masculist Man: On Daniel Tosh

Masculist Man: Justice with Jeanine

Harry Crouch: Washington D.C., the 2012 NOW Convention and suicide

W.F. Price: Shameless Pandering

W.F. Price: Why Aren’t Young Men Going to Church?

Who's the smarter sex? Women surpass men on IQ test scores

How to find that perfect husband in college

Pete Sapper: 10 Misconceptions Men Have About Women

Glen Poole: Birmingham NHS Bosses Stay Silent As Botched Circumcisions Put 100 Boys In A&E

Sabrina Schaeffer: STEM Title IX Before it Hits the Classroom

Joel Stein: Rediscover the Don Draper Within

Natasha Scripture: Where are the Meat and Potato Men?

Loni Love: Stop the Madness

Jesusa Tatad, 39, stands trial for murder after 'killing her ex-husband by pouring boiling water on him while he was sleeping'

Mauvette Mattadeen, 41, accused of throwing hot cooking oil on her husband and chasing him with a hand ax

Woman stabs boyfriend, then herself

Dana Chobatru, 29, jailed for TTC assault

Crystal Diane Worley pleads guilty in 80-year-old's beating death

Katina Carter, 29, arrested in fatal stabbing

Elizabeth Marie Beltran, 31, Arrested In Husband's Stabbing Death

Angelica Rivera, 34, Arrested In Group Home Assault

Shoplifting at CVS in Hillside turns violent; Cheryl D. Luck, 50, and Carla D. Nulls, 43, arrested

Thought for the Day: It's always women who are hardest hit by things. "Asteroid to hit Earth: Women hardest hit." Now it's medical bills. This, of course, will lead to the demand for more taxpayer subsidized "health" care for women.

Women & Men - July 14, 2012

Maggie Fox: Medical bills drive many U.S. women into debt, report finds

Rod Van Mechelen: "The Truth is a Virus." Get infected.

John the Other: AVfM Radio: Objectification of Men

Fidelbogen: The Non-Feminist Coalition Rejects Violence

John the Other: A will to do harm

Robert Franklin, Esq.: In Canada, Man With No Biological Relationship to Child Must Pay Support

Ginkgo: GYNOCENTRISM – When Feminists Engage Men’s Issues

Ginkgo: Pair Bonding

Charlotte Hays: Feminist Author Naomi Wolf's New Book: It's a "Biography" of the Vagina

W.F. Price: Another Idea on Feminist Men

W.F. 40 years into Title IX, Women Still Prefer Figure Skating

Armin Brott: The end of men in math and science? Could be coming to a college near you.

Central Valley girl made up rape story

No jail time for Chesterfield bus driver Tracy Allanson, 41, who had sex with student

Robyn Kathleen Gevas, 36, Arrested For Stabbing Boyfriend In Napa's First Homicide Of 2012

Melissa Yarnell, 26, arrested on a felony child abuse charge

Jessica M. Thompson, 23, arrested on sex-crime charge

Angelica Rivera, 34, arrested in group home assault

Oakdale rape hoax wasted time, could hurt real cases

Ann M. Piper, 47, pleads guilty to sex charges

Cassandra Blake, 37, charged in potato peeler stabbing

Danielle Holt, 27, Reportedly Slaps Boyfriend For Buying Wrong Beer

Anaheim teacher Judy Lee, 39, arrested after kissing former student

Lisa Newton Bridges, 61, accused of trying to hit man with car

Iaisha White, 31, Suspected of Setting Sister on Fire Arrested

Angela Deville, 20, Arrested For Child Abuse

Jennifer Marie Sharp, 26, accused of igniting boyfriend's tent

Barbara Jean Davenport, 60, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the fatal shooting of Cleo Hughes

Teresa Blyther, 49, Arrested In Stabbing

Two women arrested over body found in flat

Stephanie Ann Carl arrested in husband's shooting death

Thought for the Day: Fifty years ago everybody "knew" that Whites were superior to Asians and Blacks. Today everybody "knows" that women are superior to men. Imagine what everybody will "know" fifty years from now.

Women & Men - July 12, 2012

Eric Nicholson: Kidd Kraddick Thinks Date Rape Victims Are Liars. Advocates Think Kidd Kraddick is an Ignorant Douchebag.

Andy Man: The state of play for men: Domestic Violence

Zerbu: Further insight on feminist shaming tactics

John the Other: Starting from first principals

Another false rape accuser, Jennifer Ann McNeill, 52, would just as soon destroy another cab driver's life than pay her fare

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Abducting Mom Gets Custody in Italian/Australian Case

Ginkgo: Feminist Opposition to Equal Parenting – Misogyny and Misandry All at the Same Time

Charlotte Hays: Gender Gap: It Vanished and Now It Is Reappearing

W.F. Price: Law Professor Proposes “Preglimony”

W.F. Price: Feminism and the Decline of an Institution

Aych: The Suddenly Radioactive ‘Have it All’ Promise

W.F. Price: Illegal Speech Trends (In the US)

Matt Patterson: Men, the Gender Wars Are Over — We Won

Charlie Glickman: The Performance of Masculinity

Krista, The Femitheist: The End of Men

Melinda Wenner Moyer: Motherhood, Not Discrimination, May Account for the Gender Gap in Tenure-Track Science Jobs

Miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde, 26, arrested for 'battering her boyfriend'... the second man she's been jailed for beating in TWO months

Lindsay Anderson, 20, Arrested For Biting Mother, Throwing Family Dog

Lesley Ellen Smith, 17, arrested for pretending to be abducted

Man Killed In Near North Side Domestic Stabbing; Woman Arrested

Two women arrested and released for separate stabbings of two men in Dublin

Washington Woman Arrested for Pointing Gun at Her Brother

Victoria Grant, 51, Arrested for Attempted Murder of Ex-Boyfriend

Gina Loret Mayborn, 55, arrested in CA Valley homicide

Sarah E. Boucher, 21, arrested for rape

Krystle R. Greuber, 25, arrested on kid-porn charges

Sherie J. Bomar, 56, arrested, charged in East Side fire

Toni Martin, 42, arrested after allegedly stabbing boyfriend

Dea Ann Thompson, 44, sentenced for false sexual assault report

Oakdale police: Girl fabricated kidnap, rape story to get mom's attention

Emma Jones, 27, Mum-of-four cried rape so her parents wouldn't be angry at her coming home late

Thought for the Day: Does Title IX require schools to adopt teaching methods that work just as well for boys as they do for girls?

Women & Men - July 10, 2012

W.F. Price: Still Panhandling

William L. Anderson: The Violence Against Women Act, and the Creation of South Park Nation

I Didn’t Do It: Is There Justice For the Wrongfully Convicted?

Typhonblue: How a limp dick can save the world

blueface: Altobelli’s Dilemma: A contrasting verdict

Dan Moore (Factory): What makes Jews so special?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Fathers Teach Children Persistence

W.F. Price: A Few Good Women

W.F. Price: NASA Scientists Staking Reputations on LENR

Why single-sex education is spreading across the US

W.F. Price: Law Professor Proposes “Preglimony”

Scallywag: Woman who punches thug making rape joke becomes hero. But is she?

Peter West: If all men are monsters, how should we raise our boys?

Doug Ross: It's sexist to say men have no say in pregnancy issues

Joanna L. Grossman: Bringing Title IX to Bear on the Problem of Sexual Violence in Schools

Kathy Kincade: Do women experience more pain than men?

Jessie L. Bonner: More public schools splitting up boys, girls

Capt Katie Petronio: Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal

Esther Oxford: Would YOU step in to stop a mother smacking her child in the street? One woman tells her unnerving tale...

Christina Marie Lopez sentenced to prison for letting daughter, 17, work as stripper

Six Myths About Female Sexuality and Why They're Myths

What does it take to be jailed? Smirking thug, Rebecca Bernard, with 51 convictions walks free despite attacking two men with a champagne bottle…after judge says she’s a ‘caring mother’

Austria med school gives women grading edge

Iaisha (or Aiasha) White, 31, Accused of Setting Sister on Fire May Be in Oklahoma

Crystal Diane Worley pleads guilty in 80-year-old's beating death

Saraswati Sahu arrested for killing husband

Shassreea James, 43, arrested for locking quadriplegic man in moving truck

Virginia Valdez, 70, Arrested for Trying to Cut Husband Down to Size

Jamilee Kus, 28, arrested in bank robbery

Chrystal Muse-Mojica, 25, Bronx woman arrested in husband's stabbing death

Thought for the Day: A shameless man is one who, after a life time of being abused and accused still remains hopeful that love will find a way.

Women & Men - July 7, 2012

Fidelbogen: Accelerating the death of bad ideas

John the Other: First Principals

Russ Lindquist: MGTOW re-understood

B.R. Merrick: We need to talk about Peter

Typhonblue: Speshul Snowflake Koan

Masculist Man: Dan Matthews sticks up for men

Jodie SanJuan: How Much Should A Domestic Violence Non-Profit Executive Make?

Eric Ross: Family Court Judge verbally abusing, threatening and intimidating a litigant, a pastor in the local church

W.F. Price: An Outside Perspective: America is a Woman’s Paradise

W.F. Price: Are Men Really in Charge?

W.F. Price: Single Mother Attitude Toward Babydaddies: “You are an offspring support system”

David Brooks: Honor Code

Kristy Sanchez-Trujillo, 36, gets handslap for raping 13-year-old student

Allison Linn: If you're working, guys, chances are you're working harder

Crystal Jean Ciampa, 27, pleaded guilty to nine felonies, including six counts of horrid abuse against her son

Bronx siblings, ages 5 and 4 months, gassed and poisoned by suicidal mom, Lisette Bamenga

Eileen M. Townsend, 32, arrested for disorderly conduct and battery domestic abuse

Amanda Conkel, 32, charged with battery, questions arrest since she 'won the fight'

Crystal Diane Worley pleads guilty in 80-year-old's beating death

Saraswati Sahu arrested for killing 50-year-old husband

Yasmine Collick, 19, Arrested for Assaulting Apartment Manager

Yodi Jackson, charged with second degree murder in death of autistic son, free on bond

Woman arrested for allegedly threatening boyfriend with knife

Michelle Meyer Salazar, 51, arrested in Scottsdale horse abuse case

Tamara Therese Ford, 41, arrested for beating significant other in front yard

Woman arrested for allegedly cutting husband with broken bottle

Karen Sypher conviction upheld by federal appeals court

Pansie Saddler, 51, Recants Rape Charge, Is Arrested

Young mum Emma Jones jailed for three years after false rape claim

Thought for the Day: When feminists demand a risk-free world and men laugh, feminists attribute it to male egotism because feminists themselves are too egotistical to learn the lessons male socialization teaches, which includes identifying risky situations and how to avoid them.

Women & Men - July 4, 2012

Shelly Stow: If It Saves One Child

John the Other: Slut Walk 2012: still stupid, but smaller

Jared White: A Man’s Obligation

John the Other: And nobody likes Nazis anymore either.

James Huff: AVfM News and Activism interview with James Williams

John the Other: Promoting the mutilation of infants

Battling injustice with injustice is never just

Two teens spend four months in jail for a rape they didn't commit

Robert Franklin, Esq.: 50-Year International Study: Fathers Contribute as Much or More Than Mothers to Child’s Development

Robert Franklin, Esq.: NOW’s Opposition to PAS Inclusion in DSM-V Anti-Science, Anti-Dad, Anti-Mom, Anti-Child

Katie Holmes May Have SCREWED Tom By Filing in NYC

Christina Villegas: The Declaration of Independence Was Key to Women's Liberation

Charlotte Hays: Nancy Pelosi: Women Afraid to Enter Politics Because of Lack of Civility

Tim Goldich: “The Rules” of gender reality

W.F. Price: Anne-Marie Slaughter Grasping at Straws in “Have it All” Article

W.F. Price: Spring Report and Summer Fund Drive

Angela Corey lashes out at critics of Marissa Alexander prosecution

Rita Sawyer, 53, shot and killed, ex-husband

Antoinette Marie Williamson, 22, arrested in robbery, stabbing of man near downtown Dallas library last night

Bonita Jensen, 57, Arrested in Stabbing Case

Wanda Edwards, 42, arrested for assault with bottle

Davita Letitia Glenn, 39, arrested again on battery charge

Doreen L. Johnson, 55, arrested in Richmond hit-and-run that seriously injured victim

Laurie Ann Wilkinson, 43, charged with murder

Carmel Taqual Williams, 23, arrested, accused of hitting roommate with vodka bottle

Tedra Yolanda Tucker, 33, arrested after fight over Facebook messages

Tacoma, Wash. middle school teacher Keshia Shaw, 32, accused of having sex with student

Angela Moriah Brown, 32, charged with having sex with underage boy

False rape report lands Ayana Morrison, 19, in prison

Sarah Jack, 22, to await sentence for false claim of rape

Kelsey Rae Appleton, 20, charged with false reporting of rape

Teen girl charged with making false report of rape

Thought for the Day: The flip-side to the "all men are rapists" stereotype would be that "all women are prostitutes." If either one is sexist, then both are sexist.

Women & Men - July 2, 2012

Earl Silverman: Men’s Alternative Safe House Letter to Calgary Police Service

John the Other: Easy questions, stupid answers

AVfM Radio: Dr F

Robert Franklin, Esq.: State Child Welfare Dept. Ignores Years of Brutality to Six Children and One Man

W.F. Price: Backlash Real and Deserved

Lori Gottlieb: Women can't have everything they want all of the time. Neither can men. Who ever thought otherwise?

Daniel Knowles: The Fawcett Society is supposed to stand for equality – so why is it opposed to couples sharing maternity leave?

Pop rock singer Chad is ordered to pay former partner $25,000 a month – including $5100 in pet care allowance

Skimmington: Where Equality for Men Must Transcend Religion Too

Peg Streep: Great Sexpectations

Family Court not for revenge

Graeme Paton: Young boys 'turned off books' by lack of male teachers

Charlie Chaplin lectured on the "Tyranny of Women"

The World's First Men's Rights Organization - 1926-1930

Jeffery M. Leving: System to Protect Children Tramples Fathers’ Rights

Dana Moon, 22, arrested after hit and run accident

Arlene Montoya, 43, arrested following reported domestic dispute

Woman arrested for screaming, throwing drinks in downtown Hamilton

Lisa C. Kern, 43, arrested twice in 12 hours

Bridget Anne Kelly, 21, arrested on charges of domestic battery, aggravated battery

Celia Hernandez, 47, Arrested for Crashing Vehicle into 2 Family Members

Joan Rzeszowski, 39, arrested for alleged stabbing in domestic dispute

Cleveland woman, 19, arrested in connection with fatal shooting of her passenger Friday morning

Fairfield woman arrested in stabbing

Carmen Costa, 21, arrested after fight

Crystal Eiglebiger, 26, arrested for stabbing two people

Tanya Lynette Bradley, 30, arrested for attempted murder

Cylinda Y. White, 24, arrested on kidnapping charge

Lavelle George, 40, arrested after fatal shooting

Audrey Grabarkiewicz, 46, who held drug and alcohol-fueled sex parties for teens avoids jail

Recommended Reading

Adams: Feminists Say the Darndest Things
Adams: Women First, Men Last
Baskerville: Taken into Custody
Bennett: Book of Man
Cook: Abused Men
Cora: Alpha Female
Crittenden: What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us
Ellis: Rantings of a Single Male
Friedman: Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety
Farrell, Svoboda, & Sterba: Does Feminism Discriminate?
Farrell: Father and Child Reunion
Farrell: Liberated Man
Farrell: Myth of Male Power
Farrell: Why Men Are the Way They Are
Farrell: Why Men Earn More
Farrell: Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say
Friedman & Valenti: Yes Means Yes!
Garbarino: See Jane Hit
Gilder: Men and Marriage
Glover: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Gross: Fathers' Rights, 2E
Graglia: A Brief Against Feminism
Hise: War Against Men
Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs
Locke: Duels and Duets
Marques: Alpha Power
McElroy: Sexual Correctness: Attack on Women
Nathanson & Young: Legalizing Misandry
Nathanson & Young: Spreading Misandry
O'Pie: Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism
Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Pearson: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
Pizzey: This Way to the Revolution
Schappell: Blueprints for Building Better Girls
Sheppard & Cleary: That Bitch
Sheppard & Cleary: Venus: The Dark Side
Sommers: Science on Women and Science
Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
Venker and Schlafly: Flipside of Feminism
Waldman and Levi: Inside This Place, Not of It
Whitmire: Why Boys Fail
Young: Ceasefire! Why Women and Men Must Join Forces

TheHappyMisogynist: Your Feelings
and Why They Don't Matter

Living in a Feminist, Man-Hating Matriarchy
Part 3 of 5

Living in a Feminist, Man-Hating Matriarchy - Pt 4 of 5

Living in a Feminist, Man-Hating Matriarchy - Pt 5 of 5

Debate: Men Are Finished

Stop Ignoring Men's Issues! Sexism Exists on BOTH Sides.

TheAmazingAtheist: Tumblr Feminists

Girl Writes What: Rant for the "Nice" Feminists

The Indoctrination of Feminism Part 1

The Indoctrination of Feminism Part 2

John the Other: Teaching victimhood from infancy

DV Commercial: Men Are Good

How Feminists Misunderstand Privilege

The Solution - Domestic Violence Models - Segment 4

Sexism & Misandry - Domestic Violence Models - Segment 5

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