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Thought for the Day: Feminists are teaching women that men should be ashamed of their masculinity. How is this not bigotry? It's like teaching whites that blacks should be ashamed of being black. If anybody should feel shame, it's the feminists.

Women & Men - February 27, 2012

Skeptic: The Big What If

Rocking Mr. E: Politics and Men’s Rights

Canadian Father Tells Slut Walker to ‘Sit Her Whore Ass Down’ On Vancouver Skytrain

Link between sports events, sex trafficking unfounded - study

How dare Ron Paul suggest that some women lie about rape!

Robert Franklin, Esq.: NE Supreme Court: Man Can Challenge Paternity After Divorce

Robert Brown: Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Myth of the Vampire Bite

Male rape charity's hard-hitting poster campaign targets Six Nations

Lesbians’ assault on gay man can’t be hate crime

11-Year-Old Girl Dies After Fight With Classmate Over Boy

What's legal about family arbitration? If divorce lawyers can make binding financial awards, sharia councils may want to follow suit

Man shocked by arrest after daughter draws picture of gun at school

Men Have No Reproductive Rights

Diana Rae Buckles, also known by the last name Anderson, was charged with injuring repo man

Woman stabs man in the back over cell phone

Linda Darnice Dorsey, 55, admits to killing boyfriend inside north Houston apartment

Karen E. Lofgren, 47, tried to hire hit man to kill husband

Thought for the Day: Book of Luke: "To whomever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked." Unless you're a western woman?

Women & Men - February 25, 2012

Robert O'Hara: Court imposes jail sentence for Facebook rant

Anna Rittgers: Divorce Court’s Dirty Little Secret

Karin Agness: Are Men Settling?

Gabriela Cortez, 42, Arrested in School Sex Scandal

Tom Martin, 39, is suing Europe’s largest gender studies department for alleged sex discrimination

Ex-spouses can challenge paternity

Jennifer Marie Shipley, 32, charged with falsely reporting kidnap, rape

Women Prefer Chivalry Over Looks

From Women's Rights to Feminist Wrongs: New National "Men's Issues" Organization Hosts Journalist Barbara Kay

Susan Gastaldo docked pay for false accusation

Boys vs. girls: Are experts creating a gender war?

Role Reversal: The Problem of the Increasing Marginalization of Men

Sexual violence against women is the result of the cult of masculinity -- What a crock!

Police arrest and stripsearch innocent man after child doodles a gun

Illegitimacy becoming the norm

'Dad' Insisting on Paternity Test Is Not a Bad Husband

Impact of male circumcision on HIV doubted

Female Mountie who had sex on job an 'incurable liar,' should be discharged: RCMP recommendation

Natalie Dimitrovska, 27, accused of setting another woman on fire

Woman accused of sexually assaulting cops during DUI arrest

Shantel Parker, 35, Accused Of Injecting Her Minor Children With Heroin

Nicole R. LeBlanc accused of murdering a Sandown, New Hampshire man

Boss falsely accused of sexual harassment sues Kerrie Edge, 29, for libel

Lorna Valle, 32, accused of drowning daughters faces two murder charges

Karen Lofgren hired hit man during bitter divorce

Maxine Martinez, 30, accused of slashing girlfriend's throat over stripping job

Thought for the Day: The "Privileged Male": Less than 1%.

Women & Men - February 24, 2012

Paul Elam: Setting priorities

John the Other: JtO hosting AVFM Radio

Pierce Harlan: Double standards: the sine qua non of misandry

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Judge Threatens Dad with Jail for Facebook Posting

Judge: Jail for Facebook rant

Supreme Court (UK) upholds law allowing prosecution of boys, and not girls, for underage sex

Is the US the only country where more men are raped than women?

Erin Gloria Ryan's 'humorous' piece mocking the killing of politicans' offspring -- so long as the politician is Republican and the offspring are male

Teri Mezzatesta, 34, accused of having sex with son's 15-year-old friend

Janira Lebron, 25, Charged For False Rape Accusations

Cried rape: Teenager wastes 25-30 hours of valuable police time

What men really want: Men want women to have realistic expectations, not those formed by chick flicks and commercials for dating sites. (Is that female porn?)

Shelby Herchak accused of murdering son faces new trial on breaching bail conditions

Brandi Lynne Holmes, 21, Pleads Guilty to Killing Caltrans Worker

Brenda Lee Evans, 43, arrested in Bethel AK stabbing death

Seen on Reddit: "Since birth control is under full control of women, shouldn't women be the primary child support provider?"

Women & Men - February 23, 2012

Phil in Utah: Patriarchy

Paul Elam: Tom Martin to debate feminists in London

Dr. Edward Kruk: ‘Sole Custody System Tailor-Made to Produce Worst Possible Outcomes’

Dr. Edward Kruk: 16 Arguments for Shared Parental Responsibility

The Lost Men of Legal Inequality: A canon of state sanctioned sex discrimination

Male Y chromosome extinction theory challenged

Chakaya Folborg charged in deadly stabbing of sister

Christina Adams, 27, SC woman charged with murder of York lawyer

Molly Rose Graham charged with biting, pepper spraying Manassas man

Rosemary Anazco, 21, has been charged with home invasion robbery and attempted murder

Tiffany M. Pollot, 36, charged with criminal mischief following domestic dispute in Arcadia

Mastella L. Jackson, 34, arrested in stabbing death of man at Grand Chute hotel

Candie Hailey-Means, 28, arrested for stabbing a 3-month-old girl during a wild argument with the baby’s mother

Oakland woman arrested after shots fired during domestic dispute

Shannon Sander arrested for stabbing, killing boyfriend

Thought for the Day: From the 1970s, American feminists publicly and loudly admitted their intention to destroy the American family. See, for example, Shulamith Firestone's The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution

Women & Men - February 22, 2012

Paul Elam: Sexual privilege checklist

Robert O'Hara: Kenyan men protest domestic violence

Kathy Gyngell: Emasculated Labour straps itself to the mast of childcare – while male unemployment goes up and up

W. Bradford Wilcox: Do we no longer need marriage?

Michael Gurian: Disappearing Act

Meredith Lowell accused of hiring hitman to kill a person wearing fur

Dakota Lynn Castner, 22, accused of murder in stabbing death

Sarah Rust, 28, accused of killing boyfriend's dog after argument

Shamonique Luchin, 24, accused of scalding 2-year-old niece's feet with bathwater

Treatment Ordered For Huong Truong, Accused In Killing

Lisa M. Goepferich, 33, accused of sex with teen boy arrested, quits job with sheriff's office

Allyson M. Manley, 18, fabricates sex assault story, police say

Christina Adams, accused of killing boyfriend, makes first court appearance

Stephanie Y. Sanchez accused of punching another woman in police department lobby

Diana Ochoa, Accused of Beating Niece (On the Street While Both Were Naked), A No-Show for Court Appearance

Lakya Monique Garrison used car to go after boyfriend, hitting him and breaking his leg

Taniesha Nicole Twyne, 21, charged with stabbing Cobb County Transit bus driver

Women & Men - February 21, 2012

Paul Elam: AVfM store open for business

Robert St. Estephe: Setting the record straight

If we lived in a "rape culture," how would the Max Nicastro story be reported?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Indonesian High Court: ‘Children Have Right to Relationship With Fathers’

Laura Bassett: Birth Control-Centered Gender War Boosts Democratic Campaigns

The war on boys: Young men losing ground in education, emotional health and jobs

Maryland Weighs Discriminatory College Child Support Mandate

Swedish doctors call circumcision and “assault on boys”… like about everything else these days

Kenyan men boycot meals over beatings form abusive women

NCFM VP Marc Angelucci and David Woods living legacy helps clean up the domestic violence industry

Kyle Lovett: Living in Schrödinger's Rape World

New Age of Discrimination: Advert on Oxford Street shown only to women

Future will be shaped by the rise of the angry young man

Fathers' custody rights getting attention in Legislature

Kerrie Alvarez, 39, Accused of Shooting Husband in Groin

No defence called in trial for Victoria Turley, charged in death of Maple Ridge teen

Danielle Preston, 22, in court over PC stabbing in Poole

Matthia Fogarty, 47, Faces Nine Charges in Domestic Assault

Cynthia Haynes, 43, arrested for molesting boy at group home

Thought for the Day: Several years ago a segment on a television magazine show stated that sperm counts and testosterone levels among men in prison were significantly higher than in society at large. Are prisons protected from the estrogen-mimicking chemicals that poison so much of the rest of the world?

Women & Men - February 20, 2012

CBC Video: The Disappearing Male; From Virility to Sterility

Paul Elam: Trigger warning: Feminism

M. R. Walks: Challenging claims about gendered violence

‘Sexualised Pictures of Teenage Girls’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: ‘Moms, I’m talking to you’ about Dads as Loving, Capable Parents

Keoni Galt: Davis-Bacon “Equality”

Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.: Sex and the Problem of Human Rights - PDF

What’s New at the PTA, Dad?

For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage

Ray's story: A tale of prison rape, hopelessness and suicide

Young Mothers Describe Marriage’s Fading Allure

Nicole Ethel McMillen, 41, Accused Of Committing Lewd Acts On Boy, 14

Shendell Bell, 28, Woman accused of punching man, driving car into house

Amanda Watkins, 39, jailed for 10 years after having sex with 15-year-old student in her car

Ashley Case accused of stabbing boyfriend in arm during domestic dispute

Carolann Clear, 20, could get 45 years in plot to kill boyfriend

Macon man stabbed to death; Zabrina Elaine White, 24, charged

Sheila Maria Kerekes, 35, charged with assault

Jasmine Monet Sowell, 22, faces charges stemming from domestic dispute

Gina Salazar, 23, Charged With Aggravated Assault

Woman, "Chikodili," arrested for beating husband to death

Macon Police Arrest Courtney Cortez Thomas, 20, in Stabbing Death

Jennifer Lynn Betterly, 24, rams car in fast food drive-through lane

Thought for the Day: Women are not morally superior to men, no matter how many times the hate-male campaign says they are.

Women & Men - February 18, 2012

Misandry - Misogyny 1 - 1 of 3

Misandry - Misogyny 1 - 2 of 3

Misandry - Misogyny 1 - 3 of 3

M. R. Walks: On male victims of domestic violence

Shrink4Men Radio: Daddy Justice busts judge a new one

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Barbara Kay to Government: ‘What the heck are you waiting for’ on Shared Parenting?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: VP Biden Still Claims Men Not Victims of Domestic Violence

NCFM Advisor Gordon Finley blasts Florida legislature for caving into family law lobby

Stop Abusive and Violence Environments (SAVE) launches Accusing U. Campaign against Dept. of Education discriminatory and unconstitutional directive

James Taranto Takes on Hypergamy

Hugo Schwyzer: Under the Bus or a Warning to All Male Allies of Mainstream Feminism

Internalised Misandry

Dem congresswoman says ‘I’ve never met a man that had the need for birth control’

Bleeding Sweden: the fall into ideological depravity

Time for a revolution in the way we deal with rape

Why lack of male teachers could be the reason boys fail in the classroom

Fallen stars... why do we blame the men?

Sharon Walker, 40, accused of abusing teenage boy

Amanda Denke, 19, Arrested in Connection to Boyfriend's Death

Nakiea Hampton arrested after attacking basketball coach

Charlotte Weekley, 53, charged after Valentine's night fight at Cracker Barrel

Karen McCann charged in hit-and-run gets bail revoked for testing positive for drugs

Thought for the Day: Some feminists say it's good for men to be victims of false accusations so they will appreciate how women feel. What a load of cow dung! That's just an attempt to excuse their bigotry. Men who are victimized by the the hate-male campaign are more likely to become embittered and actually turn into the misogynists new rage women say all of us already are. But the feminists apologists already know and want that. They need us to turn into the "devils" they can use to keep their hate-male movement alive.

Women & Men - February 17, 2012

NCFM Member David Rose on “Calling the Feminist Bluff”

Ton Lynch: Components of bullying

Jade Michael: AAM to host International Men’s Day

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio: VAWA under fire!

Kristinn Taylor: CNN, Huffington Post Urge Violence Against Republicans

Feminism? There’s something truthfully ugly about it. Who knew?

Circumcision of boys for non-medical reasons is a violation of children’s rights says Slovenia’s Human Rights Ombudsman

Czech men's group says railway on wrong lines with women only compartments

What about the womenz?

Lorna Valle accused of drowning daughter held on $1.5M bail

Chelsea May Accused Of Injuring Infant Daughter

Jesusa Ursonal Tatad, 40, accused of killing ex-husband with pot of boiling water pleads not guilty

Alicia May Martin, 28, accused of attacking employees at St. James City restaurant

Julie Ann Rapson, 42, charged with stabbing husband

Sylvia Isabelle Wiese, 51, charged with murder

Amanda Dawn Golden Kerns, 33, charged with failure to register as sex offender

Tameka Johnson, 29, arrested for deadly double shooting

Diana Ochoa, 22, Arrested After Allegedly Beating Her Niece

Police arrest naked Diana Ochoa who beat toddler

When it was still okay to be a man: Fifty years ago here in the Pacific Northwest, we'd gather around the black and white TV to watch Stan Boreson's evening show for kids. Stan became a man when it was still okay to be one, back before the bigoted hate-male campaign of the feminists perverted the public view of male interest in women.

Women & Men - February 16, 2012

Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks: A key reason why boys lag behind in the classroom is revealed for the first time today – female teachers.

James Huff: On military preparedness

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Metalwala Update: Children Malnourished in Mother’s ‘Care’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: For the Sake of Our Children

NCFM Liaison Carl Augustsson challenges Georgia Today article about domestic violence

Wanted: An Honest Discussion About the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

NCFM and Earth Day with the National Organization of Women… really

Ginkgo: MISANDRY: The Redstockings Manifesto and Mainstream Feminism

If The Genders Be Reversed

It’s Time to Shut Down Women’s “Day Spas”

CPAC: The Jersey Shore-ification Of Our Young People — UPDATED

Barbara Kay: It takes two to raise a child

Farnworth alleyway rape claim was false, police say: An allegation by a 16-year-old girl that she was raped as she walked home in Greater Manchester early on Saturday was false, police have said

Solon Woman Charged With Filing a False Rape Report

Hannah Bonser, 26, accused of murdering Casey Lyanne Kearney

Lorna Valle Arrested in Drowning Death of Daughter

Further medical test for Alwen Eluned Jones, 23, charged with the murder of Emma Jones

Kimberly Smith is charged with aggravated kidnapping

Kolkata rapist's alibi proven by immigration department officials: Was in Canada

Moriah L. Clark, 19, threatened, shoved man in front of Watertown business

Nancy Helen Clark accused of killing husband

Yusra Farhan, 50, and daughters arrested, accused of abuse

Kiarra Turner, 28, accused in mother's death

Macomb County prosecutor: Renee King, 29, intentionally killed stepdaughter

Kierra Reed, 22, accused of attacking man for not getting her a Valentine's Day gift

Vickie D. Podruzek, 43, is accused of shooting her boyfriend with a .410-gauge shotgun

Daniela Arroyo-Villarreal Slashed Boyfriend's Neck In Dispute About Pizza

Jennifer Denise Taylor's sex victims were 14, 15

Thought for the day: In the sixties it was fashionable to speak the truth and "tell it like it is." But ever since the nineties, few dare speak the truth.

Women & Men - February 15, 2012

codebuster: Lessons from nature: primal masculinity

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: Happy Ballentine’s Day!

Dilbert on the Wage Gap

Valentine’s Day: if it isn’t Mutual, it isn’t Worth it

Refusing to Circumcise: A Mom's Difficult Demand

Thought for the day: The reason women who sleep around are "sluts" and men who do are "studs," is because all women have to do is passively sit there waiting and then say "yes," while the men have to actively sell themselves and risk repeated rejection. Yes it's a double standard, but it is not fair to either sex.

Women & Men - February 14, 2012

Paul Elam: Red pill prescription: take ‘em all

B.R. Merrick: More on the anti-man mentality

Moving Out Of State To Avoid A Divorce

Carol Leonard avoids jail time after false rape claim

David Goodwillie plans to sue woman for accusing him of rape

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Maine Dad Battles Narcissistic Ex for Custody of Daughter

Typonblue: Sometimes It Just Gets to You…

Man claiming ‘sperm theft’ must support child

Male birth control pill, implants, patches, creams and other contraceptives on the way

W.F. Price: All Men are Official Suspects

The ugly truth behind the anti-men's rights crusade

The Implications of the Military Opening More Positions to Women

Why Are Some Women Turned On by Chris Brown’s Beating of Rihanna?

Selena Irene York sentenced for spiking Utah man's peach smoothie beverage with antifreeze

Angela M. Gilson used hammer to threaten husband and endangered daughter

Kayla Benton, 21, accused of beating relative

Yvette Taylor, accused of murder in Columbia Co. has violent past

Kimberly A. Luce, 36, faces charges

Nadasha Begay, 22, stabs sister over family loyalty

Thought for the day: When the Ellison vs. Brady case established the Reasonable Woman Standard, it also created the uniquely male Reasonable Man Standard. In sexual harassment cases involving male victims, men, not women or feminists, decide what constitutes "conduct of a sexual nature." And in guydom, an attractive woman showing cleavage is definitely viewed as conduct of a sexual nature.

Women & Men - February 13, 2012

Pierce Harlan: Flashback: A rape lie and a curfew for men and boys

Phil in Utah: How I became an MRA: Domestic violence advocacy

John the Other: A catalog of feminist lies and cruelty

Paternity Laws: Modifying Child Support For A Child You Don't Know

Bert Hoff, J.D.: CDC Study: More Men than Women Victims of Partner Abuse

Andrea Peyser: Let’s put the girl who cried ‘wolf!’ on trial instead

Phyllis Schlafly: Day of Reckoning for Violence Against Women Act

Henry Laasanen and Steve Moxon: Female Sexual Power, and Sexual Trade Union Theory

Robert Franklin, Esq.: On Elizabeth Marquardt's Do Mothers Matter? article

Elizabeth Marquardt: Do Mothers Matter?

NCFM to receive donations for shirt sales!

Price: As Mancession Fades, Women “Suffer”

The Evolving Western Matriarchy

UK group launches "Real Men Get Raped" PSAs

Busted: the politics of cleavage and a glance

Kyle Lovett: Chicago Now - Children's playgrounds breed heterosexual hegemonic patriarchal hierarchies

Do employers discriminate by gender in female-dominated occupations? Results from a field experiment

Lorton Prison and the Genesis of Real Rape Culture

Domestic Violence Against Men: A gross violation of human rights

Poor Turnout For Men's Group Symposium

Relationships Defined In Just Two Words

The Sex 2.0 Genetic Imperatives

Cara Leonard receives suspended jail sentence over false rape claim

Jennifer Lee Robinson sentenced for false rape claim

Northeast rape charges dropped

Thought for the day: Most men dismiss most feminist demonstrations, like "slut walk," as goofy. Most of the demonstrators are just attention whores. If the media would ignore them, they would go away.

Women & Men - February 10, 2012

Pierce Harlan: Campus warrior against political correctness

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio: What if God was one of us?

The ladies' auxiliary of the patriarchy: Feminism and Totalitarian Tendencie

5 Men’s Tips on How to Dress For a Job Interview

The Evolving Western Matriarchy

Male Circumcision and Quality of Sex Life (For Both Sexes)

DNA of man convicted of rape does not match attacker

Fran Hall: The Vicious Cycle of the Angry Feminist

What is going on amongst the female sex that so many of its members are prepared to undergo cosmetic surgery?

Audrey Ference: Why I Will Always Side With Rape Accusers Before Knowing the "Facts"

Crystal Birden, 32, charged with killing husband's lover

Yusra Farhan, 51, arrested in daughter's beating

Angela Proper, 39, faces statutory rape charges

Women & Men - February 9, 2012

Christina Hoff Sommers: Are US Sexual Assault Stats Really as Bad as the Congo's?

John the Other: Steven Fisher’s lies to Australian men

Greg Canning: Another F-word: Flood, now Fisher

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Connecting Fathers to Children ‘the most radical social reform conceivable’

Single-sex or co-educational schools for girls and boys?

NCFM Bozeman, Montana meeting tomorrow!

Alarming suicide trends and the disposability of men

More Orwellian Justice at Yale--This Time Against a Professor

The Census Bureau Counts Fathers as ‘Child Care’

Johnita Allen accused of whipping kids with extension cord

Neta La Reica Mangum booked into jail this morning, accused of manslaughter

Jayne Duncan to trial in stabbing of husband

Vanessa Bernice Williams, 25, and Tierra Hayes, 23, arrested after man stabbed 7 times

Woman charged with shooting man, 71

Thought for the day: Most domestic violence programs are based on the expectation that a whole solution can be found by addressing only half of the problem.

Women & Men - February 8, 2012

Skeptic: The next red pill: part II

Paul Elam: Why are atheists so religious?

Australia governement abuses men by ommission, or should that be “commission”?

That's not the Help He Wanted

ABS Releases Gender Indicators and Ignores Male Disadvantage

Police Commissioner’s son Greg Kelly will not be charged with rape by Manhattan prosecutors

Former cop Natalie Passalick on trial over 'false report' of rape

Bradie Simpson, 39, accused of cutting baby's throat

Lisa Ann Rowell, 41, Accused of Having Sex with Teen Boy

Kari Ellen Edwards, 46, accused of ramming ex-husband's vehicle

Joy Victoria Gibbs, 28, accused of beating child

Angela R. Tefft, 28, accused of murder for hire plot

Shazia Johnston, 24, accused of murdering Lisa Quigley

Crystal Gale Clark, 33, gets 40 years for husband’s murder

Laura Lynn Hickey, 25, Pleads Guilty to Murdering Premature Baby

Starr Madrid, 27, Pleads Guilty to Killing Her Niece

Vicki Feliciano, 43, assaulted pregnant daughter in Framingham

Cassandra Laddaga, 22, charged with stabbing boyfriend -- again

Women & Men - February 7, 2012

Paul Elam: How to get picked for a jury

What does your vagina smell like?

NCFM Public Relations Director Steven Svoboda reviews Violent Partners: A Breakthrough Plan for Ending the Cycle of Abuse

Mark Trueblood: "Men are boorish and lazy. Why won't they marry us?"

Evelyn Elaine Washington, 23, arrested for battery on man

Shelly Gandee arrested in roommate conflict

Donna Susan Taylor, 55, arrested in connection with Corpus Christi slaying

Jessie Goslyn, 25, Charged In Soldier Husband's Death

Donna Taylor, 55, Wanted for Murder in Corpus Christi Arrested in Brazos County

Jane Campos, 45, held in fatal stabbing of man

Girlfriend arrested this morning for stabbing boyfriend in shoulder

Madyson Michelle Renegar, 19, charged in wheelchair-bound man's death

Treasa Doherty, charged with attempted to murder son

Vickie Holdcraft, 58, charged after obese sister found rotting in chair

Ana Hensley, 18, charged with arson, accused of setting fire to vehicle

Hayley Nicole Futrell charged with stabbing two in head, hand

Ashley Day, 25, faces felony assault charges

Helene Teresa Mitchell-Abraham, 61, Charged With 1st-Degree Murder

Thought for the day: Misandry (hate-male sexism) is pervasive, today. The sooner we stop that, the less hate-female sexism there will be tomorrow.

Women & Men - February 5-6, 2012

Adam Jones: The Globe and Males: The Other Side of Gender Bias in Canada's National Newspaper

She poisoned 21 people including her own mother, children and husbands. So why has no-one heard of Britain's FIRST serial killer, Mary Ann Cotton?

Men Will Spend Twice as Much as Women for Valentine's Day

Breast Cancer Doesn't Discriminate Against Men

National Debt and the Subtle Subversion of Truth

New DNA test could exonerate man convicted of 1978 rape

Your rights end...where my feelings begin

Sex Smears and the Rule of Law at Yale

Dr. Murray Straus: How feminists corrupt DV research

How did Manboobz’s feminist commenters respond to a man’s account of rape?

Wounded Warrior returns medals in protest over having to pay his ex-wife alimony from his disability checks

NCFM Advisor Gordon Finley letter published in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel re alimony

UPDATE on Tom Martin’s sex discrimination suit against The London School of Economics

School backs off claim that touching by 6-year-old was sexual assault

Woman Indicted for False Rape Accusation Files Lawsuit Against ‘The Age’ for Fabricating Interview

Why sexual assault must be clearly defined

Rape turns out to be consensual

Steffanie Kidder Arrested After Shooting At Imaginary People

Cassandra Laddaga, 22, charged with stabbing boyfriend Saturday night

Kathleen Roberson and Jessica Roland facing human trafficking charges

Cassandra Laddaga, 22, charged with stabbing boyfriend

Ladonna Parlier Caught On Tape Tampering With Infant Daughter's IV, Arrested

Foye Lanelle Proctor, 61, started riot in jail

Terry Jeanne Monheim, 58, had two-year sexual relationship with teenage girl

Prosecutors won't seek death for Ka Yang in microwave killing of her 6-week-old daughter

Delores M. Martin stabs officers with pen in Walmart

Sara Rae Walters, 34, charged with torturing stepgrandson

Memphis police officer, Amanda Wakham, charged with assaulting boyfriend

Lacresha A.V. Barnett, 36, charged in stabbing death of partner

Women & Men - February 4, 2012

Violent female fight at Tampa's University Square Mall shatters the peace

Pierce Harlan: Rape is a 1970?s mood ring

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio Tonight: Nullify!

John the Other: The Zeta Contract

The Light of Truth of Paternity Testing

Female Sexual Power

Free Charles B Bruce Jr.: Change Child Custody & Child Support laws to protect children's rights to both parents

MISANDRY: Male Man-haters, the Foundation of the Patriarchy

Rape and false rape - in fiction and fact

False sex claims nearly destroyed Top Gun hero

Nevine Aly Elshiekh Charged in Beheading Plot

Sara Rae Walters, 34, charged with abusing step-grandson, 3

Carol Schmidt Charged With Felony Child Abuse

Terry Jeanne Monheim, 58, Charged with Sexual Assault of York County Minor

Leah Marie Aguilar Alvarez, 29, charged in 2010 Tacoma homicide

Shana Hills, 26, Charged With Hitting Ex-boyfriend With Car

Thought for the day: Men should stop "helping" with housework and child rearing, and become equal partners. And, women should also stop not-helping with auto and house repairs and become equal partners.

Women & Men - February 2, 2012

Dan Moore: Put on your thinking caps

Reclaiming the word 'slut' is simply a step too far

How to Solve Nagging with Feminism

Donna Randall, Charged with Assault Faces Victim's Family

Sara Jane Koch, 24, charged with hitting and killing a pedestrian with her vehicle

Lisa L. Abbe, 42, charged in November hit-and-run crash

Revette Sauser charged with killing husband accepts plea deal just before jury selection begins

Mary C. Brown, 50, Charged in Stabbing

Jennifer Riesel pleads guilty to running over man with car

Shelima Dickerson, 20, faces sex assault, other charges

Joanne Johnson, 45, charged with assualt

Emma Wood: The Myth of False Accusal

Pregnant woman jailed after trying to destroy ex with paedo allegations

Christina Preston, 44, Veterans Memorial teacher charged with sexual assault of student

Sexual abuse and molestation, the open secret

Women & Men - February 1, 2012

Dr. F: The last cap run

Skeptic: The next red pill

Kyle Lovett: Australia – the new Saudi Arabia of radical feminism?

Katherine Campbell, 24, bonds out after arrest for making false rape report

Media Sexism: Ripped from the headlines: women are just better

Melissa A. Goldbach, 25, Faces Charges for False Sex Assault Accusations

A Touch During Recess, and Reaction Is Swift

Morgan Mengel told her lover 'to batter husband to death with a shovel' to avoid custody battle over children

Sisters Valerie M. Bartkey, 24, and Amanda L. Johnson, 17, accused of sexually assaulting man with pliers, forcing him to drink urine

One-Night Stand or Rape?

The difficult truth about male victims of domestic violence

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: Testimony before Congress regarding the Gender Pay Gap

Jennifer Schultz accused of having sex with her one of her 17 year old students whilst the other was forced to watch whilst demand she stop molesting him

Barbara Kay: Feminist hypocrisy on honour killings

Reclaiming The Cause: When Your Abuser Claims To Be A Feminist

Dana Myhan Allen, 38, charged with raping 14-year-old boy

Kathleene Mary Schattilly, 47, charged with torturing, abusing 2 children

Paula DiRocco, 53, charged with assault on rescue personnel

Correnia Christine Bice, 49, charged in homicide called 911, said she'd been in an argument

Rachel L. Farrell, 25, Charged for Having Sex with Teens

Rachel Skaggs charged with making up assault

Jo Anne Alexander, 61, charged with murdering invalid husband of 40 years

Pearl Nichole Coleman charged with killing husband

Rhonda Norton, 30, charged with assault after stabbing

Tammi Monty, 40, charged with child enticement of 14-year-old boy

Debra Ann Norton, 45, charged in fatal shooting of husband

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