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Thought for the day: Circumcision hacks men off.

Women & Men - January 31, 2012

Paul Elam: A campaign for justice

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Simon Boswell Acquitted of False Abuse Charge

Divorced men are twice as keen to re-marry as divorced women, study finds

Fathers challenge jail sentences for child support

Sabrina Schaeffer: Why Can't Girls Just Be Girls?

The Real Victims in Rape Cases Like Greg Kelly’s

Correnia Bice, 49, charged with murder after death of man in Bokeelia

No bail for Jennifer Mahoney, 32, charged in taped sex assault

Taylor Joe Mathis, 21, Charged In Hit-And-Run

Sharon Frable, 32, charged with sexually assaulting three juvenile males

Rosemary Sherman, 28, charged with DUI and hit-and-run

Robin Carol Hackney, 34, charged with lewd conduct with a child

Jenise Heese, 18, charged after two stabbed on Ahtahkakoop First Nation, Sask

Little River woman arrested for attempting to shoot husband

Rita Holland, 37, charged with murder

Jennifer Trayers Accused In Death Of Navy Husband Takes Stand

Woman charged with battery after squeezing man's testicles

Donna Barratt, 37, charged over Bideford stabbing incident

Rachael N. DeLapp, 19, and Brittany Pettiford, 19, charged with starting apartment fire

Policewoman charged with assaulting her teenage daughter in Cronulla

Steffany Barbanti Arrested 2 Years After Fatal Saugus Hit & Run

Jackie Burkle, accused of killing her newborn twin daughters pleads not guilty

Thought for the day: Feminists would have us believe that women never lie (about sexual assault and rape), and all men are guilty until proven only suspect. This is bigotry by definition. And this bigotry is pervasive.

Women & Men - January 30, 2012

Christine Jordan guilty of false rape claim

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Adoption Agencies Sue Mom Who Returned Adopted Boy to Russia for Child Support

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Media Search in Vain for Wealthy Child Support Debtors

University doctoral student sues school over treatment of sexual harassment accusations

Kira Lee Gould faked rape injuries

No, seriously, what about the truth?

Misandry: Feminist Gay-Bashing

Prostate cancer's 'forgotten 10,000'

Psychology Today: Classic Example of Blaming the Beta

The Decline of Males with Dr. Lionel Tiger

Meet the Marriage Killer: Nagging

Jakarta Student’s False Rape Claim May Lead to Charges

Windie Perry and Elizabeth Perry found guilty on multiple counts; father acquitted

Heather A. Lockowitz, 23, Charged With Hitting Bar Worker, Kicking Cop And Damaging Police Car in Nyack

Jersey City woman charged with stabbing boyfriend in back during 'domestic dispute'

Rebekah Watson, 28, charged in stabbing of neighbor

Woman Charged With Sexual Abuse of Child

Shannon Lavette Faust, 35, charged with battery on officer

Michelle A. Rudy, 35, charged with stabbing former boyfriend

Rachael Boyd has been charged with allegedly killing Trent Panizza

Almeda Denise Crump, 51, charged after boyfriend bitten

Carlene Richards bites off portion of her neighbour’s ear

Elizabeth Sykes, 22, charged with causing brain injury to infant

Kathi Lehman, 25, Faces Attempted Murder Charge

Thought for the day: Feminist men hate the existence of real American Indian men because we do not conform to their politically correct racist stereotypes.

Women & Men - January 28, 2012

Paul Elam: The incarceration of America

codebuster: Lessons from nature: Brain in a vat

Joseph E. Cordell: Careful Marriage Contract May Facilitate Less Painful Divorces

Ruth Porter: Please, spare us the 'women’s politics'

Beyond macho: defining a man’s world

Saving Our Young Men

Boys do better than girls when taught under traditional reading methods

Gynonormativity: Boys Outnumber Girls in High School STEM Classes So Of Course As Usual It’s All The Boys’ Fault

Allegedly False Rape Reports Make Authorities Skeptical, Discourage Victims in Cameroon

Christina Hoff Sommers: How the CDC is overstating sexual violence in the U.S.

Christina Sommers' books - Hover to See More
Who Stole Feminism?
The War Against Boys
Fantasist piano teacher, 41, mutilates her own hands with kitchen knife in bid to convince police she was being targeted by ‘psycho slasher’

Lydia Faulk arrested in road rage shooting

Ora Camille Matics, 30, arrested for attempted murder

Cherese Robbins, 39, arrested in alleged sexual assault at Modesto bar

Megan Blackiston, arrested for robbing 77-year-old neighbor

Rebekah Watson arrested in stabbing

Woman Arrested After Teen Shot, Killed

Dorina Chalu, 51, Arrested, Accused of Choking Her Daughter

Barbara J. Hardgrave, 62, Arrested for Aggravated Battery of Minor

Brittany Norwood gets life sentence in Md. yoga shop murder

Sandra Padilla arranged for daughter to fight with another girl, cheered her on

Lamitta Hess, 52, accused of threatening neighbor with stick

Woman, 61, arrested after husband's suspicious death

Jennifer Rice charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer

Melissa Mathis pleads guilty in sexual assault case

Women & Men - January 27, 2012

Pierce Harlan and Paul Elam: Colleges push anti-male sex policies to the edge

Paul Elam: Kyle Lovett to appear on Dad’s on the Air

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio: The incarceration of America

The day my wife beat me up because she hated my haircut

Concord Police Arrest Dava Alizabeth-Ann Steen on Murder Charges for November Killing

Can Income From A Second Job Be Used To Calculate Child Support?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Family Courts’ ‘Cottage Industry’ Skirts Law to Separate Children from Fathers

Robert Franklin, Esq.: In King County, Dads’ ‘Day in Court’ Lasts Five Minutes

Why Do Women Initiate Divorce?

Adult females sexually exploiting adolescent boys are malefactors -- not benefactors

Your Son, The Enemy

Diane Orr, 40, charged over death of female in East End of Glasgow

Sheretha Antoinetta Williams, 19, charged with raping a passed-out girl

Christine Dorothy Griffiths, 36, gets eight-year term for killing ex-boyfriend in fight

Rebekah Watson arrested in stabbing

Woman repeatedly rams boyfriend's car with Mercedes

S. Philly stabbing leaves 2 hospitalized, woman arrested

Muskegon woman chases man with kitchen knife, arrested on felonious assault

Women & Men - January 25, 2012

Paul Elam: All this goodness is pissing me off

TDOM: The good man

thyphonblue: Manufacturing victimhood, marginalizing victims

Kyle Lovett: The booming business of American slavery

Bill Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s Ex, Pens Book on Parental Alienation, Praises Fathers and Families

Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director: Victory! F & F Helps Win Child Custody Case in CO Supreme Court

Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director: Researchers Seeking Participants for National Institutes of Health-Funded Study on Male DV Victims

The 20-something-year-old boy

Businesswoman Sarah Duncan caught on camera verbally abusing and threatening to tell police a man assaulted her

Paula Sue Starr, 48, sentenced to 30 YEARS in jail for having sex with boy, 13

Manufacturing Female Victimhood and Marginalizing Vulnerable Men

Men Struggle for Rape Awareness

Misty Talley Smith, 35, sentenced for sexually assaulting, hiding two boys

Ashley Kamilah Arnold, 20, charged with stabbing

Jennifer Valenta, 48, Charged With Lying About Sex Assaults

Zhane Curry Charged With Assaulting Her Father With Knife

Carissa Marie Rangel, 23, Arrested for Sex with 13-Year-Old Boy

Shirlina Denise Cunningham, 25, Arrested For Shovel Beating

Nicola Campbell, 25, arrested after couple 'attacked' outside primary school

Rosie Ann Ogletree, 32, slashes husband's face, arrested

Erica Shields, 23, arrested for trying to cut boyfriend with box cutter

Woman arrested for assault with a knife

Jennifer Peterson, 23, accused officers falsely, charges say

Women & Men - January 23, 2012

John the Other: Pierce Harlan is a fucking jerk

Kyle Lovett: State sponsored sexism in the US prison system

Gender mainstreaming: the future of feminism? Or feminism’s disappearing act?

There is no such thing as a pro-life feminist

Man suffers for 17 months, courtesy police

Samantha Estelle Brownle, 21, charged with killing boss in Pinellas Park

Wanda Gross, 39, charged in liquid drain cleaner attack that blinded man temporarily

Trial for Patricia Oliver, 54, charged in shotgun death of husband

Laura Glynn, 48, charged with assaulting store worker

Amiee L. Brothers, 21, charged with harassment after argument at Burger King

Dantana Gordon, 21, charged with arson, fraud

Joyce Johnson, 59, charged with setting her roommate's bed on fire

Tiffany Rooks Arrested For Stabbing Boyfriend

Kayla C. Armstrong, 28, arrested three years after slaying of romantic rival

Women & Men - January 21-22, 2012

Paul Elam: All this goodness is killing me

Gabriel Raphael: Maligned

Nina Shapiro: Divorced dads, domestic violence, and the systemic bias against men in King County family court

Child Support Laws: Is A Child Emancipated If He Gets Married?

John Van Doorn: NCFM causes the California Legislature to do an end run around the state constitution re the non election of judges

Science Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sleeping With Her 16-Year-Old Student Who Got Her Pregnant!

Rachel Goodchild: I Have Female Privilege

Once Bitten

Nebraska rape charge dropped, accuser, Jennifer Valenta, 27, arrested

Calgary police officer accused of rape acquitted in court

Vanessa Dean arrested for trying to burn down her house while son was still inside

Nyesha Robinson, 22, Charged with Rape

Viviana Urbino, 33, accused of sex with teen

Women & Men - January 20, 2012

Fidelbogen: The battle for feminism’s soul

Rocking Mr. E: 21st century fatherhood

Patrick Henry: Koan: the herbivore eats meat

Rober O'Hara: Politics, money and ideology- WHO’s circumcision plan

Paul Elam: One step forward, two steps…

Who Determines The Religion Of The Child In A Divorce?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Utah Paper Ramps Up Pressure for Fathers’ Rights

Yamiche Alcindor: Should alimony laws be changed?

2012 International Men's Day: Helping Men and Boys live longer, happier, healthier lives

Heather Speicher, 27, arrested and accused of making up story she was stopped and sexually assaulted by a police impersonator

Jessica Gerard, 30, Used Red Nail Polish To Fake Injury In Domestic Dispute

Jennifer Mahoney charged with streaming online sexual abuse of 5-year-old girl she was baby-sitting

Chandra Greene, 32, charged in alleged hammer attack on son

Savannah Rios, 24, charged with kidnapping, sexually abusing boyfriend

Woman charged after partner stabbed in chest

Wanda K. Gross, 39, Charged in 'Liquid-Plumr' Attack

Edna Gore, 46, charged with cutting man's arm

Maurilia Garcia DeLao, 27, charged in teen girl’s sex assault

Police charge woman with hacking ex-husband to death

Jennifer Krueger, 29, Charged After Punching Tree, Man

Heather Locklear Could Be Charged with Battery for Fight with Boyfriend

Woman faces sexual assault charges following incident with daughter's boyfriend

Tauni King, 19, held after box-cutter attack at Melbourne gas station

Jasmine Threatt Arrested For Lying To Police

A 52-year-old woman of Gabane, Motlalepula Monareng appeared before Broadhurst Magistrate Court charged with conspiracy to murder her own child

Zakiya Gaskins, 32, Allegedly Sexually Abused Boy During Sleepover

Bradenton police say woman admits to lying about fake CPS worker

Kay Haley, 34, charged with making obscene telephone calls to her ex-boyfriend's mother after he died

Christine H. Metter, 42, Found Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Brooke Ashton Royston, 20, accused of trying to run over another woman in parking lot

Women & Men - January 18, 2012

Paul Elam: Selling the MRM

John the Other: Cultivating violence against the MRM

Kyle Lovett: Socially acceptable bigotry: Men are human, too

The Today Show Features

Lisa Wright, 20, made false sexual assault claims after being spurned

Polly Curtis: Costa Concordia: are women still prioritised over men in evacuation procedures?

Robert Franklin, Esq.: In Texas, September 1st is Last Day To Test Paternity of Children

Legislature should reform alimony

Andrea Smith: throws knife at husband after he says he wants a divorce

NCFM asks the United Nations to end all forms of discrimination against men

Xiao Meng, 23, cuts son's penis because she wanted a girl

Protesters Rally Against Circumcision

Jodi LaClaire, 37, charged with murder in Vt. nursing home

Shannon L. O'Roark Griffin, 52, charged in death husband's alleged mistress

Michelle Williams, charged with killing husband is free on bond

Imajean Lowery, 70, charged with trying to hire man to kill her husband

Laura J. Wolf, 39, charged with harassment for reportedly yanking hair from another person's head

Jaquissa Bryant, 21, pleads guilty to kidnapping

Kayla Witherspoon, 22, and Kristen Hancock, 30, arrested after fight at BBQ restaurant; 1 stabbed

Autum Michelle Hobbs, 21, accused of false rape report

Thought for the day: Preventing rape is good. But the current anti-rape campaign is just another hate-male campaign, portraying most men as rapists. A century ago, African-American men were often portrayed the same way. Thus, are modern-day feminists philosophical descendants of racists of old.

Women & Men - January 17, 2012

Howard: To rape or not to rape…

Judge refuses to jail woman plumber who glassed nightclubber who smiled at her 'because she had been sexually harassed during training'

Woman cries rape as boyfriend dumps her

Research varies on frequency of false rape reports

Rachel E. Schram, 29, charged with kidnapping West Side woman, breaking her nose

Kendall Gross, 31, charged with strangling mother

Andrea Auclair, 28, Arrested For Sunday Rancho Mirage Shooting

Woman arrested in connection with Springfield stabbing

Carmen Martinez, 23, arrested for attacking drug store clerk

Katherine M. Conway, 24, arrested on harassment charge

'He said, she said;' woman arrested after argument

Lizzie Minor, 30, charged with murder in brother's stabbing death

Bridget N. Hatch, 20, charged with second-degree harassment, fourth-degree stalking and second-degree criminal impersonation

Women & Men - January 16, 2012

Paul Elam: Women, men – and the truth

Matthew Steele: The silence of the voiceless

Child Support And Child Custody Problems When Living In Another State

When a ship sinks, why not 'people in need of assistance first'?

'There are false allegations made against people in this community all the time'

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Ontario Overbilled Non-Custodial Dads $5.3 Million

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Welsh Council Member Demands Investigation of DV Advocates

Men's Earnings Haven't Just Stagnated Over Past 40 Years--They've Fallen

Socially Acceptable Bigotry: Men are Humans Too

Evelyn Moneyhun, 39, charged with arson

Liberty West, 24, charged in stabbing

Sherrie Wyman, 53, charged with stabbing her boyfriend

Donna Ferguson, 27, arrested in Sunday morning assault

Barbara Heinzelman, 49, Wields Knife in Dispute

Clara Al-Saifrafi, 34, behind bars after allegedly punching victim in the face

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans puckers up to her new beau after jail release

Kalmesha Jackson, 23, arrested in Sunday shooting death

Kehuanna Poitra, 24, accused of killing her baby

Thought for the day: Beer is loaded with...estrogen.

Women & Men - January 14 - 15, 2012

Younger, more violent women behind bars

Joakim Ramstedt: On trial for the truth

Paul Elam: AVfM gets a new team membr, correction, member

John the Other: Real men are disposable, so says Maria

Michael Le Vell returns to Coronation Street after false rape claims

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Mom Thwarts State Law on Paternity Disestablishment

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Major Study: Boys’ Education Suffers Most from Single-Mother Upbringing

Robert Franklin, Esq.: TN Court: No Reimbursement of Child Support in Paternity Fraud Case

axpayer forks out thousands of pounds a year for paternity tests as mothers try to claim cash off wrong fathers

Protesters Rally Against Circumcision

Erections Aren't Consent: What the new FBI definitions might tell us about male victims of rape

Sex Is Cheap: Why young men have the upper hand in bed, even when they're failing in life

"Ron Paul Is My Homeboy: Why the candidate appeals to men under 30

Infant Circumcision is Rape

Mother raped own daughter for 'sex education'

A Scarcity of Women Leads Men to Spend More, Save Less

Shannon Griffin, 52, arrested for killing husband's mistress

Amanda L. Berish arrested for stabbing in domestic altercation

Woman found shot to death, Kolande Williams, 38, arrested

Kelsey L. Hoffman, 21, claimed to be kidnapped, was actually just drunk

Sherrie Wyman, 53, stabs boyfriend in throat

Michelle Wilson, 34, and her daughters arrested in fight

Woman charged over fatal stabbing

Kristy Garrett, 42, Charged With Shooting Husband In Nashville

Nancy Clark, 59, charged with setting fire that killed elderly husband, severely burned her

Thought for the day: As more women are doing what it takes to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, more women will become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Women & Men - January 13, 2012

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio: female entitlement fail!

Pierce Harlan: The campus rape kabuki dance

Shame – The Pathologization of Male Sexuality Continues

Attorney General Drops Rape Charges Against Carnevale

Law and Disorder: The Psychology of False Confessions

Lynn Crenshaw, 42, charged in North Side slaying

Chongkonnee Thomas, 40, Charged For Allegedly Attempting To Kill Husband

Ashley Levelle charged with murder after online date ends with death

Claudia Mejia, 36, charged with murder found unfit to stand trial

Sabrina Dale Greybull, 23, admits charges in assault case

Elizabeth Bray, charged with shooting husband to change plea

Casey Armstrong, 26, charged in Medicine Hat murder

Prosecutors file aggravated battery charge against April Ann Jones, 24, for Burrito King incident

Catherine Bernett arrested after husband shot in dispute

Women & Men - January 12, 2012

Kyle Lovett: The vanishing civil rights of Australia’s men

Paul Elam: A hard rains gonna fall: how hard is up to you

John the Other: Socialized psychopathy, modeling female misbehaviour

Thomas Matlack: Breaking the silence on men and rape

Child Support Arrears: Modifying Garnishments

DA says sexual assault claim was a lie

No action over false rape claim

Katalyn Fura, 17, and Keith Drummond, 22, accused of lying about rape

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Norgrove Report Dead, Shared Parenting Lives in UK

Men are twice as likely to take risks at work as women, new research claims

Is the 'mancession' over?

New List Ranks Philadelphia Third Worst City For Men In The U.S.

Christina Hoff Sommers: Is a woman's place at work?

Mike McConnell interviews Christina Hoff Sommers, Author of Who Stole Feminism, about a study done on sexual violence in America

Man kills himself after wife thrashes him

Nastasia Ronta Guster, 24, Woman arrested in Decatur dispute

Woman arrested as man injured at Swansea University exam

Sarah Jackson, 63, arrested on abuse charges

Kayla M. Hooper, 19, arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with 2 juvenile girls

Town Tub robbed; woman arrested

Woman arrested in Bloomington stabbing

Eva Cannonarrested for intentionally running over police officer

Melba Gonzalez, 24, arrested for assaulting her ex-boyfriend with a knife

Jackie Nichole Burkle, 22, charged with killing her 2 infant children

Jacquelyn Broege, 19, charged with stabbing a man

RINJ dot Org Says Kim Novak and Variety Magazine Trivialize "Rape"

Women & Men - January 11, 2012

typhonblue: The princess in the golden box

Agent Pink aka Fairy Fingered: 20 things I love about African foreskin

Phil Cook: All Men Are Rapists-And They Are Coming After You

Why Margaret Thatcher Is No Feminist Icon

Maranda J. Martin, 22, attempted murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm

Elisabeth Gunter, 43, for stabbing Missouri woman to death

Nova Jean Evans, 41, arrested on charges of hitting boyfriend with baseball bat

Marie Banks, 34, arrested on domestic violence

Melissa Sheppard, 35, arrested for stabbing man with knife

Joni Dearing, 50, arrested in arson fire case

Dawn Marie Cannon, 44, arrested on child sex charges

Janet Knowles, 62, upset with "Judge Judy," hit friend with hammer while he watched show

Tabitha Marie Franzwa, 21, Arrested After Punching Victim in the Face

Jackie Burkle, 22, charged with murdering her newborn twins

Jennifer Brabham, 49, breaks beer bottle on man's face, robs him of wallet

Joaquinia Marie LaJeuness, 28, Charged With Abusing Son In 2010, Son Dies Five Months Later

Chongkonnee Thomas, 40, charged with shooting husband

Tracie V. Joyner, 31, and Jessica C. Herzig, 29, charged with kidnapping acquaintance over $200

Prison for Melissa Ann Ramos, 23, whose false rape accusation led to murder

Women & Men - January 10, 2012

Paul Elam: Shepherd of lies

Kyle Lovett: Australia abandons its children to abuse

Paul Elam: Shrink4Men Radio: High conflct divorce

Divorce Advice: Ways To Prevent Your Ex From Alienating Your Children

Robert Franklin, Esq.: ‘Dear Abby’ Right on Male DV Victim; Readers Add More

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Nebraska Court Requires Notice to NC Parents When Child Taken by CPS

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Georgia Case Seeks Counsel for Indigent Parents Owing Child Support

Parental abductions go unpunished, Canadian dads say

Pamela Sue Egnor, 56, arrested in Lincoln shooting

Michele Williams, 42, arrested in husband's death

Mary Gwen Meegan arrested in man’s death

Dawn Marie Cannon, 44, arrested on child sex charges

Amanda Jennison arrested after making repeated calls to ex

Marki Buttrom, 43, arrested for stabbing boyfriend

Regina Cansler, 21, Allena Heriot, 26, and Tiffany Watson, 33, were arrested and charged with aggravated riot

Woman, 35, arrested for axe attack

Tatiana G. Duffy, 29, arrested Saturday after a domestic dispute

Linda Jean Bular, 49, arrested for shooting 70-year-old neighbor in back, shoulder

Imajean Lowery, 70, charged in plot to kill husband

Janice Winfield Charged In Fake Kidnapping

Terri Cardillo, 47, charged with beating 11-year-old over bad grade

Michele Marie Williams, 42, Charged In Husband’s Death After Changing Story Twice

Terry Carraway, 40, charged with falsely reporting car chase, gun incident after crash

Kelly Hall, 32, charged with assaulting police officer, paramedic and others

Marki Buttrom Charged With Felony Assault After Allegedly Stabbing Boyfriend

Shannon Renee Harpel, 31, charged in hammer attack

Women & Men - January 9, 2012

Rod Van Mechelen: Does the Education Gap Matter?

Woman arrested in Flint on suspicion of attempted murder

Cassandra Dawn Redd, 19, arrested for domestic assault

Cindy Rotarius, 33, gets 2 years in prison for sex with teen

Woman Accused Of Attempted Murder

Christina Paz, 29, claims Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails told her to burn her parents' house down

Vanessa Lashawn Robinson, 27, repeatedly slapped 91-year-old dementia patient

Jacqueline Aguilar, 23, began 2012 by bashing a fellow New Year's Eve reveler over the head with a Champagne bottle

Brittany Ison gets 7 years for child sex abuse

Woman charged over attack on Olympic hopeful

Leslie McDowell Blanton, 48, charged with assaulting female with a bat

Marta J. Rapp, 22, Accused of Stabbing Two Women at Maggie's

Thought for the day: Almost 50 years ago the hate-male campaign set out to destroy masculinity. Women complain that good men are hard to find. Maybe that's because the good men don't want to be found by women who have been steeped in the hate-male culture.

Women & Men - January 8, 2012

FBI changes definition of rape to include men as victims

Kyle Lovett: Fraud in Australia’s plan to reduce violence against women

Paul Elam: So long, Led Zeppelin. Hello Jade Michael and the FTSU Crew

Sex in society: too much raunch, too young

Dealing With Child Support Agencies To Modify Child Support

Member of the sexual grievance industry says news coverage of false rape claims deters rape victims from reporting

America's growing educational gender gap

Angela Hill, 25, arrested in Nevada in connection with 2-state crime spree waives extradition

Nicole Espinoza, 19, arrested for attempted kidnap of ex-boyfriend

Catherine Denise Gibson, 26, Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Boyfriend

Cassandra Dawn Redd, 19, arrested for domestic assault

Rachel Helsley, 33, arrested following bullying complaint at a high school

Shaina Sawyer, 24, arrested in baseball bat beating

Damaris Taina Reyes, 25, Charged in Hit and Run Fatality

Domestic Dispute Leads to Woman's Arrest

Rebecca Miller, 38, Woman accused of beating up 85-year-old

Trial date set for Krista M. Goley, 26, charged with murder

Michelle Lawson, 35, assaults multiple officers

Evidence threshold is high for charging with rape

Kiesa Sims, 23, lied about Daytona shooting

Sonia Guerrero Kuske, 34, guilty of conspiracy to commit murder

Catherine Denise Gibson, 26, fatally stabbed boyfriend

Thought for the day: More than 20 years ago I cited statistics that proved (1) women instigate slightly more DV than men, and (2) men inflict far more injury than women. And I was not the only one. Yet the pocket poodles at the Good Boys Project claim we ignore that male violence causes more harm. Ignorant pups.

Women & Men - January 7, 2012

Paul Elam: An open letter to Bill and Melinda Gates

Paul Elam: Australia launches “The Plan” and the end to civil rights

Playwright strips topic of feminism bare in new work

Cassie Farrell: Feminism: you’re doing it wrong

Patrick Hayes Down with feminist fearmongering! Feminists are exploiting the ‘exploding breasts’ panic

Arlene Delgado: Hollywood’s Mean Girls: When ‘Feminist’ Actresses Attack Female Conservatives

Patricia M. Merrifield, 43, arrested for elder abuse

Clarence Earl Berry, 59, arrested and charged with murder of Everett woman, 20

Lashunda Jackson, 28, Arrested For Reportedly Using Bat In Assault

Jamie Lynn Harrison, 23, arrested for stabbing mother

Susanna Dyer, 63, Arrested For Attempted Murder Of Her Elderly Mother

Monica Vanessa-Mary Jimenez, 28, Arrested for Unlawful Sex with Minor, Promoting Gang

Tekeyah Carter, 18, arrested after assaulting teacher, student at LHS

Diane Prater, 38, accused of having sex with neighbor's 15-year-old son

Woman, 43, accused of punching, striking teenager in face with mop

Rachel Helsley, 33, charged in asking teens to commit battery

Dawnee Cheridan Mendoza, 23, charged with kidnapping of child

Rhonda Stewart, 54, Charged with Husband's Murder Out on Bond

Tonya Watie, 20, charged with first-degree murder in connection with death of 88-year-old woman

Tiffany Hendrix charged with manslaughter appears in court

Catherine Kieu, 48, charged for castrating husband

Lelia Whatley, 20, charged with inducing panic in Youngstown standoff

Tanika Vanesia Ingram, 37, charged in 2010 DMV shooting, robbery

Amber Hilberling, 20, charged in husband's high-rise death in court Friday

LaVoris Regina Arrington-Lark, 44, Charged with Assaulting Husband

Shania A. Harvey, 24, charged with simple assault after Upper Allen incident

Nadine Rolando, 52, charged with Quincy road-rage attack

Brittany Reith, 20, gets 7 months in prison for false rape statement

Elizabeth Hayes, 35, sentenced to continued mental health treatment, 150 hours of community service and payment of $3,000 for false rape report

Thought for the day: To pop-feminists, speaking any truth that does not support their bigotry is "misogynistic." Thus do they obscure real misogyny behind the mountain range of their misandry.

Women & Men - January 6, 2012

Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.: Men Falling Behind

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio: Circumcising Africa

Jennifer Smith, 29, must register as a sex offender and avoid contact with anyone under 18 after sending 2 under age boys and 2 eighteen year olds graphic images of her breasts and vagina

In Canada, asking for a date can bring a harassment claim

Female 'rapists' strike again

Unwed fathers get help figuring out what to do in adoption fight

Fathers pay price when mothers take children

Women Can Stop Rape

Women’s rights activists prepare to challenge equal rights legislation

Alicia Montano, 38, charged with official oppression for abuse of power leading to false arrest

Pamela L. Black, 38, arrested on attempted murder charges

Naseem Bibi arrested over husband’s murder

Four teenage girls have been charged with mugging a woman in Sydney

Alexis Webster, 25, accused of stabbing her husband

Carol Kemp, 44, charged with murder was remanded in custody for psychiatric evaluation

Karina Gavalcinova, 27, Arrested on Multiple Charges

Doris Ashburn, 30, arrested for assaulting, threatening boyfriend in Norristown

Schneice Thomas, 19, arrested for falsely reporting bomb

Danielle Mitchell, 20, charged following domestic dispute

Woman charged with assaulting officer after multi-vehicle crash

Sonia Dorothy Dunn, 28, charged with stabbing

Tanisha Clark, 21, charged with murder

Melissa Blatchford, 30, charged in shooting death of her husband

Petra Gonzalez-Garcia, 29, was charged with molesting girl in bathtub

Bridgitte Faur Westbrook, 32, charged with biting child

Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.
Thought for the day: A woman can nag a man for years, smack him around and goad him until one day he erupts and sends her to the hospital. Her provocations do not absolve him of any responsibility. But she shares the blame. Unless her behavior is addressed, too, she will continue to instigate violence.

Women & Men - January 5, 2012

SAVE: Why Doesn't Jacquelyn Campbell Care About Female DV Victims?

A male math teacher is suing Chantal Cayer and Agnes Cadieux for $67,000 after their school ruled the women enticed students to make bogus sex abuse claims against him

Robert O'Hara: 28,000,000 African men to be coerced by U.N. to make "the cut"

That Rare Thing – A Pro Male Sexuality Anti-Feminist Blog

Ex Hires New Divorce Lawyer Without Notifying Me

Domestic Violence Against Men

Paige Maurer arrested for aggravated battery to officer

Jamie D. Howard arrested in boyfriend's stabbing

Woman, 18, charged with sexual assault of pre-teen male relative in Warren

Giselle Esteban 'hunted' victim, prosecutors say

Amanda R. Jose charged in stabbing of domestic partner

Ikrame Yassine charged with assault on sister

Clara E. Malmstrom charged with attacking jail guard

Elizabeth Dawn Stone charged with manslaughter

Fantaisa Rivera charged in strong-arm robbery

Karen Nellums charged in animal cruelty case appears in court

Kristine Smith charged with attempted kidnapping

April Solles charged in teen boy's rape; her infant recent shaken baby victim

Stacie Beauford charged with assault, drug offenses after Md. man is stabbed

Carmen Lucette Tisch arrested for punching, damaging $30 million Clyfford Still painting

Thought for the day: As long as domestic violence programs address only half the problem, domestic violence will continue to be a problem. And isn't that exactly what the fearmongering feminists want?

Women & Men - January 4, 2012

Paul Elam: Neely Steinberg loves you, as long as you don’t love yourself

Money Made Easy: Best Ways To Eliminate Debt

Sianna Tall charged with assaulting officers

Barbara J. Rudnicki charged after shooting incident

Portia McGuire charged after man is shot in the head in ESL; juvenile also in custody

Lydia Vasquez charged with shaking her son, 19 months, to death

Bunthawee Rimmer charged with man's murder

Heather Brennan charged with pointing loaded shotgun at a man and an infant

Mary Sue Kendrick charged in man's stabbing

Kelsey Ann DiPietro arrested on suspicion of assault with a firearm and battery

Nakia Hurdle Took Hammer to Ex’s Car

Amanda L. Guevin Allegedly Blames Accident On Non-Existent Boyfriend

Ebony Odoms and Theresa Monique Jefferson charged with assault in Walmart chemical fight

Woman, 21 years old, sought for slicing woman's face in brutal bar brawl

Virginia Ann Thunberg was arrested on charges of attempted murder

Woman Fakes Abduction

Jeannie Chartier arrested for handcuffing man to her staircase banister

Barbara J. Norton arrested after domestic dispute

Woman arrested after fight at Lawrence burrito stand

Xochilt Tobon held in stabbing of boyfriend

Leah McCourt Arrested After Bathroom Assault at Tavern in the Square

Alanna Carey arrested in motel slaying of boyfriend

Thought for the day: In the late 1990s Betty Friedan admitted that she lied about millions of American women suffering from "the problem with no name." What she described was clinical depression. Well, millions of Americans, both women and men, are depressed, now. Thanks Betty!

Women & Men - January 3, 2012

John the Other: Feminists: demented, stunned or cultists

Child Custody: Does A Right Of First Refusal Clause Apply To Both Parties?

False Rape Society: Winner of the most odious defense of injustice of the year: Tom Bale

Farnham sex assault claim 'was false'

New York State Senate and the Federal Government: Equality for fathers in the Family Court System

Woman Arrested for DUI Hit and Run

Woman arrested in stabbing of ex-husband

Canandaigua woman arrested after domestic dispute

San Jose police arrest woman responsible for machete murder

Woman arrested at Mr. Gyrosor for allegedly fighting

Haverhill death: Police given more time to quiz woman suspect

A 27-year-old woman has been charged after another woman was stabbed in the back in Cheltenham on New Year's Eve

Cops: Woman takes hammer to ex's car

Police: Woman attempts to hold up cab driver with knife

Police: Woman attempts to hold up cab driver with knife

Woman charged in connection with East St. Louis killing

Woman charged in Hobbema death

Des Moines woman charged after allegedly stabbing a man

Woman charged with Portland man's murder appears at court

Henrico police say woman punched two officers

Woman on assault charge after alleged train incident

Woman charged with stalking Marion Cotillard indicted for allegedly sending threatening emails

Two Women Charged Following New Year's Brawl

Thought for the day: In the sixties when I grew up, everybody from our parents and books to TV and the movies--the pop-culture--taught us that boys and men protect girls and women. Then feminists told us it was sexist for men to protect women. Or be gentlemen, open doors, hold chairs, pay for dates, etc. Now, the pocket poodles at the good boys project are lecturing us about how bad women have it, and that men are to blame. Ignorant pups.

Women & Men - January 2, 2012

Greg Canning: ANZAC Day

Anti-Feminist Theory: 2012 and Beyond

Marquette University Threatens Academic Freedom

Multitasking: Productivity Effects and Gender Differences - Another false anti-male stereotype exposed.

The Cratchit Tax Credit

Woman Allegedly Accuses Man With Arabic Surname Of Terrorist Plane Threat After He Ends 4-Day Fling

Woman accused of shooting at her husband

Middle school boys learn that they can stop rape; Men of Strength Clubs teach youths to be allies to women

Police: Woman assaults officers

Man dead, woman in custody after stabbing in Alberta

Woman arrested for San Jose homicide

'Killer' mom could face more charges

Henrico police say woman punched two officers

Woman charged after stabbing

Man stabbed with wine glass at party

Woman charged after man hit by car

Woman charged in Nyack New Year's brawl; she says arrest was unwarranted

Trial for woman charged with 1994 slaying set to start

Woman Sues Bar For Serving Her Alcohol

Spartanburg woman accused of hitting man, 70, driving away

Thought for the day: Real gender equality was never the real goal of the pop-feminist hate mongers.

Women & Men - January 1, 2012

Girl Writes What: Systemic gendered violence?

Kyle Lovett: A path to Australian apartheid

B.R. Merrick: In defense of an indefensible pastime

DadsDivorce Live: Handling A Critical Partner

Beyond DNA, Difficult Tests for the Justice System

Warning to women: the government wants to turn you into a rape victim

Matt Allen: Why You Must Avoid Informal Child Support Agreements

Masculist Man: Bachmann plays the gender card

The illusive promise of circumcision to prevent female-to-male HIV infection – not the way to go for South Africa

Matt Patterson: A World without Men?

Fantastic video: Woman slams the injustices of feminism!

Attorney: Ruggiero knew court rejected appeal

Bond reduced for woman accused in boy's death

Woman in court on arson charge

Woman charged with boyfriend's murder

Mass. judge upholds fetus kidnapping charge

Duluth woman accused of armed robbery of Woodland Avenue gas station

Neb. prosecutors file 3 more felony theft charges against woman accused of stealing from clubs

Woman accused of shooting at her husband

Police: Standoff woman went to wrong door

Bear sisters arrested in Great Falls

Woman accused of manslaughter fights extradition

Woman Accused Of Sex With Teen

Woman accused of shooting at her husband

Woman cop arrested over abuse of son upon arriving home

Clearwater police arrest woman in connection with shooting outside apartment complex

Woman arrested after man found dead at Haverhill house

Woman held in San Jose stabbing death

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