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Thought for the day: The same hate mongers who created the "rape culture" myth also argued that female violence should be excused and blamed on men. Not because they care for the welfare of women or really believe men are to blame. Except for the bigots, who are motivated by hate, they have destroyed millions of families simply for profit and power.

Women & Men - December 31, 2011

Woman arrested in scam faked domestic violence

UPDATE: Woman arrested for robbing and murdering 86-year-old man

Woman arrested after man reports being stabbed in the forehead with a kitchen knife

Woman arrested after man is cut on bus

Woman arrested after 'freaking out,' ripping out wires, biting husband

Oak Street woman arrested after allegedly attacking husband

Royal Palm Beach woman charged with assault after putting gun to cheating husband's face

Elderly woman charged in 13-year-old's death in hit-and-run accident

Region 8 woman charged with filing a false report

Fruitland woman charged in pit bull attack

Federal prosecutors to seek death penalty for Va. woman charged in slayings of W.Va. family

Quincy woman charged with aggravated battery involving 6-week-old infant

Dillon woman charged with shooting husband makes court appearance

Portland death: Devon woman charged with murder

Red Deer woman charged in Christmas Day homicide

Woman Accused of Trying to Cut Off Husband's Penis Faces Felony Charges

Woman charged with falsely accusing deputy of rape

Brockton woman charged with stabbing in Whitman

Woman may face false report charge

Daughter charged with murdering mom?

Woman charged in husband's murder

Anchorage Woman Charged After Driving Vehicle into House

Crack addict woman charged with beating her grandmother to death for her TV

Police: Woman Charged With Assault after Punching Husband, Trashing Christmas Tree

Woman charged with biting nurse at hospital

Domestic violence advocates say victims recanting is common

Appalachian State student charged after false hostage situation

Woman facing charges for pointing gun at boyfriend

Sapulpa woman arrested after running down her boyfriend with her

Woman arrested in pink paint attack on ex

Thought for the day: If it is racist to dismiss the prevalence of violence against blacks because most of it is inflicted by other blacks, then it is sexist to dismiss the prevalence of violence against men because most of it is inflicted by other men. Most victims of violence are male.

Women & Men - December 30, 2011

Dr. Stephen Baskerville: A United Nations Treaty Will Undermine Both the Family & the US Constitution

Dr. Stephen Baskerville: Britain Descends Into Chaos

Stephen Baskerville: Taken into Custody

Glenn Sacks, MA: Spottswood Rice, the Ultimate Hero Father

Gals’ date fright: Not enough guys!

Transitions and NCFM: Our history (still) in the making

NCFM Statement that "Knockout King" attacks should be treated as hate crimes

Forced Marriage: What about the men?

Nunun, Malinda, Angelina ... Are Women No More Honest Than Men When It Comes to Corruption?

Jodi Arias Case: Twists And Delays In Alleged Femme Fatale's Murder Trial

Woman who forced girls into sex sentenced to 1 year in jail

Woman Charged With Hate Crime

Deputy: Woman cut husband on the neck with scissors

Woman jailed for attempted stabbing

Newport Police: Woman Charged With Vandalism After Kicking in Door

Woman faces jail after making hundreds of hoax 999 calls

Gainesville woman charged with battery on a pregnant woman

Woman tried to stab boyfriend, police say

Woman held after being charged with kicking victim, stealing car

A woman arrested following the death of a pensioner at his home released on bail

Police blotter: Woman arrested for battery, host of drug charges

New Brunswick woman arrested in shooting of boyfriend

Woman Arrested for Punching Walmart Employee

Puppy starved; woman arrested

Riviera Beach woman arrested on charges of bruising son, 3, with belt

Woman arrested for shooting death of boyfriend

Woman Accused Of Attempting To Set Husband On Fire

Manchester Woman Charged With Torturing Disabled Father-In-Law

Karin M. Depee charged with manslaughter in disabled Vancouver woman's death

Thought for the day: Con artists succeed because their victims think they're getting more than they deserve. Pick-up artists succeed for the same reason.

Women & Men - December 29, 2011

In The Face of Great Evil, an unbelievable tale of the destruction of a man and his family

Kyle Lovett: Sheila Jeffreys a “real” concern Down Under

Girl, 17, 'pretended she was kidnapped by sex traffickers to hide her pregnancy from her parents'

6 Types Of Women Men Hate!

2 women accused of faking injuries to collect from State Fair victims' funds

Woman accused of shooting husband going to court Thursday

Woman makes up story of being thrown, choked in bathtub

Area woman held on murder charge

Framingham woman held on bail for armed Wellesley robbery and attempted Newton, Framingham robberies

Woman Arrested in November Armed Robbery, Attempted Murder

Police blotter: Woman, 19, arrested on suspicion of battery

Mount Airy, Md., woman arrested on charge of setting fire to her own home

Lake Charles woman arrested for cruelty to a juvenile

Woman Arrested for Assault on Christmas Eve

Woman arrested in boyfriend's fatal stabbing in Las Vegas

Florence woman arrested in armed assault suspected in other robberies

Woman arrested over stabbing death on Portland

Champaign woman arrested for cyberstalking

Woman Arrested After Threatening Father With Knife

Woman arrested after road rage incident in Horry County

Police blotter: 33-year-old woman arrested for assault with deadly weapon

Woman arrested for pulling false fire alarms

Psychologist who allegedly faked robbery, rape fired from state prison system

Hurricane woman arrested in false rape report

Thought for the day: Men will stop being pick up artists, when pick up artists stop getting laid.

Women & Men - December 28, 2011

Glenn Sacks, MA: Spottswood Rice, the Ultimate Hero Father

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Alabama: Over 50% of Non-Custodial Parents Don’t Pay Child Support They Owe

Innocence Network Organizations Secured 21 Exonerations in 2011

Woman Arrested in Assault on Greenwich Officer

Dillon Woman Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Husband

Woman Treated After East Side House Fire Is Arrested

Woman arrested after shooting near Conway

Mesa woman arrested on suspicion of running over husband to 'teach him a lesson'

Norman Police Arrest Woman Accused Of Armed Robbery

Woman Arrested For Filing False Report

Woman arrested for murder of boyfriend

Arrest In 88-Year-Old Oklahoma Woman's Slaying

Police: ETX woman assaults sister over family jewels

Marquette Heights woman accused of beating mother, who later died

Pitt County Woman Accused Of Setting Fire To Her Home

Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend During Spat

Thought for the day: Violence against women is considered a hate crime but violence against men is considered a punch line.

Women & Men - December 26 - 27, 2011

Mr. Dad: Partner violence goes both directions

Woman faces camp-ground murder charge

Where is the Outrage… False Arrests, Made Up Offenses, Anti-Gun Grandstanding

Columbus police: Woman arrested for lying about assault

Jackson Woman Charged With Stabbing Boyfriend, Making False Statements to Police

Band teacher, Abby Shocik, 23, was arrested for sexual assault after having 'month-long period of sexual misconduct'

Farnham sex assault claim 'was false'

False stabbing report turns into aggravated domestic assault charge against Yvonne Broege

DNA didn’t match, charges dropped, but rape case haunts Superior youth

Woman confesses to killing husband on Christmas Eve

One woman arrested, two others injured in bar fight

Woman arrested in Adair County homicide

Cops: Woman arrested for punching Walmart greeter on Christmas Eve

Woman arrested in Woodsdale shots fired incident

Marina Woman Arrested For Stabbing Boyfriend

Woman arrested for OVI after boyfriend found dead

Dover woman arrested in Christmas morning murder

Murder accused arrested at Dubai Airport

In Flint, a 29-year-old woman stabbed an 18-year-old woman

Spring Hill woman admits to killing husband on Christmas Eve, sheriff's office says

Woman murders cop boyfriend

Dover woman charged with manslaughter in Knox Marsh Road shooting

Thought for the day: Those most severely harmed by the pop-feminists and their misandry are the millions of ordinary women and men just trying to get on with their lives. Few benefit. Among them, the wealthy elite (the so-called 1%) and the hatemongers.

Women & Men - December 25, 2011

Kyle Lovett: The destructive logic of radical feminism

Girl Writes What: Fathers At Christmas

Merry Christmas to the Men’s Rights World

Merry Christmas From

Merry Christmas, you've been falsely accused

Fears of Divorce May Be Keeping Many Young Couples From Marriage: Study

Still Waiting: Black Male Achievement in America

Marital Woes Lead Lynwood Woman To Call In False Bomb Threat At LAX

Delhi woman is arrested for torturing two children

Lake Charles woman charged with murder in husband's death

Woman charged with attempted murder

Woman held for boyfriend's murder

Minnesota woman arrested after trying to stab man she had earlier tried to kiss at bar in Mankato

Thought for the day: In the 1950s, the majority of Americans embraced the concept of gender equality. In the 1960s, the majority embraced the concept of racial equality. This cultural evolution would have continued. Instead, they became two fronts in the war on the middle class. Who benefited from that?

Women & Men - December 24, 2011

John the Other: Amanda Marcotte’s secret decoder ring

Paul Elam: A holiday message for men

Kyle Lovett: Australia’s path to radical feminism

Another "women are not Violent" Example...

Keep teens out of adult criminal court

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Media Ignore Male Victims of DV – Again

Glenn Sacks, MA: 7-Year-Old Girl Asks Santa for Time with Her Dad

Minister mulls local election gender quotas

Is a Woman’s Place at Work?

Defendant gets six years for blaze that almost killed her boyfriend

Man falsely accused of rape by cheating girlfriend

Killer mom turns to Concourt

Woman arrested for bar knife assault

Woman arrested for stabbing child's father

Two Women Stabbed Downtown: Another Woman Arrested

Newport Woman Arrested After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Portsmouth Mother, Kids

Woman arrested after stabbing girlfriend's ex-girlfriend's mother

Woman threw dog into traffic, troopers say

Woman receives probation in birthday-party stabbing of Auroran

Woman charged with assaulting son

Woman confesses to kidnapping industrialist

La Palma Woman Charged with Helping Fund Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Military Overseas

South Burlington woman charged with sex assault at Vermont school

Woman charged with murder in beating death of her grandmother

Police: Woman, 79, beaten by daughter after car crash dies

Woman charged with beating boyfriend

Woman Found Guilty of Felonious Assault at McDonald's Hiring Event

Waterbury woman, teen arrested on aggravated sexual assault charges

Rape charges dropped after DNA clears arrested man

Sterling Woman Indicted in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Woman, 30, arrested in LR stabbing death

Murder Verdict: Judge tells Dixon her tale was a ‘pack of lies’

Woman arrested, charged in college student's death

Handcuffed mother headbutted partner

Minot woman charged with domestic violence

Thought for the day: Those who claim the main focus of DV should be on male behavior need to stop ignoring what Shere Hite wrote in Women & Love: "When you can't get through, after a long period of time, out of frustration, either you take it out on yourself and become suicidal, self-destructive, or you challenge the society -- and one way is to become 'terroristic.'" Hite wrote that to excuse female violence and to further justify the "battered woman syndrome" defense. But only a sexist would claim it cannot apply to men, too.

Women & Men - December 23, 2011

Girl Writes What: An open letter to Tom Matlack

John the Other: Silence of the Man

Nathan A. Hacker: Child Custody And Teacher Testimony: Getting The Teacher On Your Side

Ken Knight: A whole new “Just Say No”

Matt K: Why must they do everything their mothers do?

W.F. Price: Feminists Take Up Arms in War on Christmas

The Myth of Equal Suffering

Woman, 21, made false rape claims, court told

Woman arrested in fatal Austin stabbing of Huston-Tillotson University student

Woman arrested in girl's fatal mauling by pit bull

Marion County woman arrested after shedding clothes and biting deputy

Dixon Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Violence, Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Police arrest Texas woman in Guthrie murder case

Ravenna woman arrested for theft, assult

Abilene Woman Arrested For False Report Of Armed Gunman

Women arrested, accused of assaulting employee

Woman who set gas nozzle on fire arrested

Woman arrested after punching man in head

Blotter: Woman Wanted in Stabbing Incident

Spartanburg woman accused of hitting man with car and running driver off road with children in her car

Cops: Woman knifed by girl in West Side street robbery

Thought for the day: Misandrists harp on the obvious fact that male violence is generally more destructive than female violence. They make it an excuse to ignore female violence. But often, explosive violence is a response to many acts of petty violence. This is true for both sexes. Enlightened DV programs treat women as equals. Sexist programs just blame men.

Women & Men - December 22, 2011

Men’s abuse advocate takes lack of Alberta resources for victims to Human Rights Commission: Earl Silverman says abuse by women deserves greater recognition

Paul Elam: AVfM Seasonal Fundraiser

TDOM: The Hate-Filled Legacy of Valerie Solanas

Dear Abby: Women can be the abusers

Police Arrest Three Women for Violent Home Invasion

Rebuttal: Male, Female Aggression Don't Equate

'Victims' urged to consider consequences of false rape claims

Robert O'Hara: Agent Orange files released

Maile Kobayashi: Can Child Support Orders Be Entered Without Your Knowledge?

Officers: Woman filed false rape report against husband’s friend

Oakham woman to serve probation after false rape claim

Stigler woman accused of falsifying a rape report

Robert Franklin, Esq.: CA Girl Sues CPS for Abuse by Adoptive Parents

Robert Franklin, Esq.: IL Rep. Wants Child Support Debtors Barred from Running for Office

German 'Skin Factory' Uses Foreskin From Babies To Grow Human Skin Samples

Dalton Conley: Blacks Need to Reinvent Marriage

Learning to relate to boys on their terms

Men face danger of dying young: study

Thought for the day: In the 1950s our "patriarchal" society raised boys to protect women. Between that day and now, pop-feminists first scolded men for protecting women, and then proceeded to portray all men as monsters. And now we have boys, who know nothing of the history of their gleeful heroines, self-righteously wagging their fingers as they scold men for not protecting women. Today's "rape culture," such as it is, was created by and is sustained by the professional operatives of the pop-feminists' decades old hate-male campaign. The only cure is to end the campaign of hate.

Women and Men - December 21, 2011

John the Other: A resounding silence

The awkward truth about spousal abuse

Sexual Abuse By Teen Girls Likely Underreported

How To Get Text Messages Admitted As Evidence

Police: Wife Beat Husband After He Denied Her Sex

Report: Woman arrested for choking daughter over Packers’ loss

Woman arrested over 1988 killing of Christopher Payne

Bayonne police: Woman arrested on assault charge after spraying her landlord in face, mouth with Lysol

Police: Woman lied about kidnapping, rape

Teen Girl Lied About Kidnapping, Investigators Unravel Elaborate Story

Irish American female teacher gets three years for abuse of 13-year-old

Tireless Senior Center Employee Was the Victim of a Gutless Attack on Thanksgiving

16-year-old schoolgirl stabs 15-year-old classmate

Why Are Feminists Afraid to Admit the Connection Between Alcohol and Rape?

Thought for the day: The business of teaching men how to become pick-up artists could not thrive if most women truly valued honesty and sincerity.

Women and Men - December 20, 2011

Mortimer Vertias: Hugo Schwyzer: hate finds a home boy

Regulating Sex? Are feminazis about to turn wedding night bliss into rape?

Kat Pinder & Social Shaming Feminists

Has the system in America destroyed women?

Legal Separation Advice: Getting Separated To Avoid Financial Consequences

Does Oregon's Government Simply Hate Black People?

Easton police say woman lied about rape incident

Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity retaliates against a chapter for the behavior of one member

Is Feminism to Blame for Hook-Up Culture?

Feminist S&M Lessons From the Seduction Community: Part One, the "Neg"

What Are An Unwed Father's Legal Responsibilities?

Imposing Gender Equality Rules in Sports: Discrimination or Necessary Evil?

Police: Woman lied about Washington Park rape to hide theft

Police: Woman Lied About Milford Sexual Assault

Police: 60-Year-Old Woman Lied About Being Robbed

Statesville Police: Woman lied about being robbed

Police: Woman lied about robbery to pay drug debt

Woman charged for lying to police about kidnapping

Police: town of Watertown woman lied about being sexually abused

Mariah Yeater Ex: Justin Bieber Paternity Claim Was A Lie

Woman Arrested for False Domestic Violence Report

Woman, 23, charged with killing son

Cops: Fla. woman lies about carjacking to get attention from boyfriend

Kansas woman hailed as a cyber-hero...for lying?

Thought for the day: Most people today are ignorant of the racist roots of the claims that we live in a "rape culture." The feminists who embraced the stereotype were sexist. But the white women who created the first campaigns were racists. This, I exposed in 1991. That, I will revisit in an upcoming issue.

Women and Men - December 19, 2011

Paul Elam: An open letter to NOW President Kim Gandy

John the Other: Registered offender Victoria Haigh gets 3 years

Feminism is only about equality... isn't it? (Agent Orange)

Reaching Out to Your Fellow Man

Are Feminists Trying to Co-Opt or Defeat the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

Man convicted for staring at woman

Germaine Greer and gay exploitation

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Scholar: ‘Family Structure a New Dividing Line in American Society’

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Limited, Flawed Study Likely Used to Separate Fathers from Infants

Mass Media Misleadingly Citing CDC Data to Ignore Male Victims

CDC Violence Survey: Unexpected Findings, Questionable Definitions

Woman charged with killing homeless man in Wilmington

Woman nabbed for forcing teenager into prostitution

Woman charged with stealing gold from young children

Woman arrested for battery after husband refuses to give her car keys

Woman arrested for burning her boyfriend

Afton woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend

Thought for the day: Women are the new masters. Any man who stands up to an abusive, bullying woman is automatically condemned. The woman's behavior is irrelevant.

Women and Men - December 18, 2011

Cry rape slap on the wrist: Teenage girl whose lies left one man in prison and another savagely beaten up gets off with an £80 fixed penalty notice

Feminism vs. Men Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Laws of the Near Future

Sexist jokes 'make women worse drivers'

Relentless optimism of ugly men makes up for unappealing looks

Occupy Portland Mother Places 4-Year-Old Daughter on Train Tracks During Protest to Shut Down Port

Marriage chances rise with your salary

Bill Maher on "making women nod"

What is testicular cancer?

Man who spent 25 years behind bars for crime he didn't commit faces losing $4 million compensation to ex-wife who divorced him while he was in prison

Adam Jones on violence: The Other Side of Gender Bias in Canada’s National Newspaper

Thought for the day: If England is suffering from a "shecession," they must treat men better than in America, where we are in the middle of a "mancession." Maybe America's mancession and England's shecession should get together.

Women and Men - December 17, 2011

Paul Elam: Artistry Against Misandry

John the Other: Danielle Pynnonen: Your child, her rapist

Pro-Male Affirmative Action?

The Metaphysical Feminist says “Women Should Stop Fighting For Equality”

FBI Director Expects Change in Definition of Rape

This Isn't a Recession, It's a Shecession

Second woman arrested in S.A. man's stabbing death

Woman Arrested for Beating Ex-Boyfriend With Deer Antlers

Bristol woman arrested after dragging someone with a car

Woman arrested after striking boyfriend's car and damaging three others in Radnor

Plymouth: Woman arrested for breaking and entering

Woman charged with attempted murder after infant stabbed in head

Woman held in alleged assault in Costco parking lot

Collier woman suspected of fracturing son's skull

Woman remains jailed after fight at game

Thought for the day: If women need to assume every man is a potential rapist, then men need to assume every woman is a potential false accusation. In a society that celebrates victimhood, everybody becomes a victim.

Women and Men - December 16, 2011

W.F. Price: Decoding the Female Happiness Paradox

W.F. Price: Women Surpassing Men, Poor Women Suffering For It

Robert O'Hara: Radfem Hub: the underbelly of a hate movement

Paul Elam: The SCUM connection

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio tonight: Agent Orange

Erin Brockhoff: Advice On Divorce: Enrolling Children In Another Health Insurance Provider

Ned Holstein, MD, MS: Improving the Lives of Our Children

Robert Franklin, Esq.: British Press Tells Only Mom’s Side of Custody, Deportation Story

The Conversation: Let’s Talk About Race

Women do better than men as 'mancession' hits

Fathers: Equal In Marriage But Not In Divorce?

“The Women’s Movement”, New York Times, 1972, so true, must read

NCFM Advisor Gordon Finley, Ph.D. letter published, “Permanent alimony an anachronism; end it”

Who's Afraid of Post-Feminism? What It Means To Be A Feminist Today

College Textbook Reveals Radical Feminist Agenda

Feminists must monitor free speech content

Seattle woman arrested in stabbing of 69-year-old mother

Woman arrested after striking boyfriend's car and damaging three others in Radnor

Woman arrested in Mt. Vernon stabbing

Tahlequah woman arrested for fatally stabbing husband

Woman accused of dressing as boy to have sex with Springboro teen arrested

21-year-old Fenton woman arrested for assaulting brother

Woman arrested after resident dies in St Leonards house fire

Woman Accused of Biting Husband for Throwing Beer in Garbage

Why do I sometimes include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Women and Men - December 15, 2011

Paul Elam: Pierce Harlan joins AVfM editorial team

Katherine Heigl: Stop the I Hate Balls campaign and its vile depiction of male sexual abuse

Will A Female Roommate Affect Visitation Rights

CPS, Prosecutors Continue to Hound Maryanne Godboldo

Being a Dude Is a Good Thing

‘Knight in Shining Armor’ Syndrome

When Women Fear Men: Statistics don’t make us safe, Lisa Hickey says. Self-empowerment and facing our fears do.

Men hit hard by drops in employment

Is falling US marriage rate a bad thing? Some find positives in the data.

Idiots or trained monkeys, more talk about abused women, no mention of abused men.

NCFM Supporter R.K. Hendrick, Esq. “An Observation of Western Culture”

Women and Men - December 14, 2011

Kyle Lovett: A call to mothers to stop killing their children

Jennifer de Lyon Stralka: Divorce Advice For Men: Do's And Don'ts Of Sending Texts

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Defender of Paternity Fraud Ignores the Children

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Canadian Dad in Poland Seeking Return of Abducted Sons

Robert Franklin, Esq.: Dad Denied Custody Three Times; Mom Kills Two Kids, Self

Must see interviews with National Post Columnist Barbara Kay

NCFM Los Angeles stages protest against Verizon’s male-bashing anti-father video

Women and Men - December 13, 2011

Paul Elam: An MRA by any other name

Joakim Ramstedt: Open letter to Prosecutor General Anders Perklev

Amber Steiss Rechner: Three Holiday Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

Eddie Robinson: Is a Good Man Hard to Define?

Henry K. Lee: Ex-husband dies after boiling-water attack

Woman Arrested In Van Buren Stabbing

Why feminists can’t get dates and why men will never change

Feminism versus populism

Suzanne Venker: What Feminism Means

Women and Men - December 12, 2011

Verizon pulls offensive video from Internet but does not commit to destroying it or not distributing it by other means

VAWA Odd Person Lisalyn Jacobs attacks unarmed cameraman in the halls of Congress! Run for your lives!

David: A better use for December 6

Reports reveal more female aggressors in domestic violence cases in Columbia, Missouri - Because more men are reporting, perhaps?

Women and Men - December 11, 2011

Hulk Hogan sues ex-wife over abuse charges

Robert O'Hara: FBI advisory board approves new definition of rape

Girl Writes What: Baby boys and turtles

Girl Jailed for Two Years Over Rape Claims

'Gangsters' burned TV executive to death in the boot of his car on orders of his medical student ex-girlfriend after she claimed he raped her

New F & F Column in OC Register: Rein in Child Support Services

Calif. prison psychologist accused of faking rape

Woman Arrested After Holding Husband’s Family Jewels Hostage

NW Montana woman arrested, charged with deliberate homicide in shooting death of husband

Danville woman arrested on outstanding rape charge

Topless woman arrested after 'flying into a drunken rage and attacking city worker'

Woman arrested for allegedly stabbing husband

Women and Men - December 10, 2011

John the Other: Understanding the men’s rights movement

Cooter Bee: Questioning the MRM – a short self examination

Paul Elam: We are all being watched

Gray area 'he said/she said' college drunken sex should not be ignored, even though we don't know if it was rape

Woman fakes her own brutal rape to convince her husband to move to a better neighborhood

Woman accused of falsely reporting sexual assault at Spring Arbor University charged with felony

Expelled college man's lawsuit complains that when two intoxicated students have sex, the male is deemed a rapist while the female is deemed a victim

Women Are Aggressors in Household Violence Too

Women and Men - December 9, 2011

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier: When feminists attack

Paul Elam and John the Other: An Orwellian fairy tale

Robert O'Hara: Feminism occupies Wall Street

Lisa S. Brown: Divorced Dads: Showing Gratitude Can Bring Happiness

How Can A Marriage Be Annulled?

Barbara Kay: A new front opens in the hate campaign against men

Ex-wife 'pours boiling water over sleeping husband' after learning that he was dating a new woman

Lisa Hickey: What if They Had a Gender War and No One Came

Women and Men - December 8, 2011

Mike Adams: FBI's new definition of rape ensnares TSA agents as serial rapists

Brutal Antipathy: Private board for discussing strategy & tactics

Julie Garrison: Military Child Custody: Widespread Injustice For Fathers Rights

Robert Franklin, Esq.: BU Paper, Film Promote Debunked Holly Collins Story

Virginia appeals court acknowledges that Thomas Haynesworth spent 27 years behind bars for rapes he did not commit

Gingrich Dismisses Gender Pay Gap, Says In 15 Years We’ll Be Worried About Male Inequality

Male circumcision leads to a bad sex life

NCFM Honorary Member Peter Allemano article published in Journal of NewMale Studies

Women and Men - December 7, 2011

Paul Elam: Taking it to the streets

Robert O'Hara: Tom Martin vs LSE court date set

Julie Garrison: Losing Child Custody During Military Deployment

Property Division: Does She Get Half Of My Small Business?

Glenn Sacks: Yahoo’s Carol Bengle Gilbert Slams F & F’s Campaign to Reunite Solomon Metalwala with His Daughter Maile

Clarisse Thorn: Searching for a Unified Theory of Orgasm: Part Three

Wendy McElroy: Destroying Childhood to Save Children

NCFM VP Marc Angelucci now ARC Gender Equity Strategist

Women and Men - December 6, 2011

John the Other: JtO apologizes for

Child Abuse May Alter Structure of the Brain, Research Shows

The Feminist Hijacking of Animal Welfare

Kim Kardashian Commits Domestic Violence as she Punches Kris Humphries

Should I Stop Putting Money In My 401k Before A Divorce?

False Allegation of a Serious Sexual Assault

Glenn Sacks: Write, Call to Defeat Michigan Legislation Targeting Husbands, Boyfriends

Glenn Sacks: Father Wins Custody of Daughter, Only 1 Hurdle Remains

Sending of Sexual Images by Minors Isn’t as Prevalent as Expected, Study Finds

Women and Men - December 5, 2011

John the Other: Projection and violence by proxy

Male circumcision debate flares in the USA

Mother says son was suspended for calling teacher ‘cute’

First-grader accused of sexual harassment

Marty Nemko: Our Most Underserved Students: Active, Smart Boys

Fatherlessness on a grand scale

Verizon Foundation and the National Domestic Violence Hotline team up for some man-hating

Harry Crouch: Alien apologists, feathers and the struggle of men for identity

Women and Men - December 4, 2011

Merlin: Pavement wars

Stopping Your Ex-Wife From Filing Frivolous Motions

Bullied By Girls and Women: One Man’s Account

Men vs. Women: Why We Can’t Stop Arguing

In Praise of Funny Men

NCFM Australian Liaison Greg Andresen authors media watch report for Men’s Health Australia

Five Star review for...How to Avoid "Getting Screwed" When Getting Laid: a 21st Century Survival Guide for the Modern Male

NCFM Israel Liaison wins landmark gender discrimination case!

Women and Men - December 3, 2011

Fidelbogen: The ontology of female supremacism

Paul Elam: Borderline Personality Disorder: Sick, or just crazy asshole?

Financial Advice On Divorce: Improving Post Divorce Finances

False Accuser in Metalwala Case Again Contradicts, Discredits Herself

WA DSHS Responds to Fathers and Families’ Campaign to Reunite Solomon Metalwala with Daughter Maile

Searching for a Unified Theory of Orgasm: Part Two

Life After a Guilty Plea to False Charge

Women and Men - December 2, 2011

F & F Tells KOMO Radio in Seattle: ‘Little Maile Metalwala Needs to Be Reunited with Her Dad’

Paul Elam: Bombing Sweden in three hours

Brutal Antipathy: Moral panic for fun & profit

PNW News: ‘National group lobbies to return Sky Metalwala’s sister to father’

The Prosecution’s Case Against DNA

Sheryl Sandberg: 'The Most Important Career Choice You'll Make Is Who You Marry'

'Man Without Money Is Garbage': This Video Is Going Viral In China

Kardashian Slugs Husband; Dr. Drew Calls It ‘Domestic Violence’

Bad Economy Saving Marriages

Women and Men - December 1, 2011

Armin Brott: Make men as healthy as women

Kyle Lovett: The feminist fantasy of “male privilege”

Bettina Arndt: Combating myths of women's work is a full-time job

Robert O'Hara: VAWA re-authorization introduced in senate

Military charges more and more men with bogus rape claims--just to show it takes sexual assault seriously

The Pain of Being Poor: Masculinity and Manhood in a Recession

Legalize Sex (and Everything Else)

French man ordered to pay wife 10,000 euros for lack of sex

Mitchellville inmates reflect statewide rise in female violent crimes

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