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Women and Men - October 21, 2011

Should Men Have the Right to 'Financial Abortions'?

Sane human beings donít think mutilation or murder is delightful!

No, Seriously, What About the Men? A closer look at how misandrist arms of feminism institutionalize the neglect of men and masculinity in womenís and gender studies.

Jenna Myers Karvunidis placed on offenders registry

Baytown woman gets 30 years for assaulting officer

Coming clean on 'dirty DUIs' in Contra Costa County

Birthday girl 'attacked' mother

Woman who killed baby accused of stabbing mom

Police officer accused of sexually assaulting woman she was sharing a hotel room with has been found not guilty

Diane Maskey still fearful after attack by hammer-wielding woman

Female victim karate kicks would-be woman purse snatcher

Female victim karate kicks would-be woman purse snatcher

Woman Uses Boyfriend to Murder: Dad-of-five had throat cut and was left to die

Two young women accused of role in killing maid freed

Women and Men - October 20, 2011

Frightened little women - false rape news, and a retrospective

Menís Rights Fight Breaks Out On Wikipedia

Can Women Balance Career and Motherhood?

Why there's no reason to fear feminism

Man overboard! Man Up! is like a feminazi castration fantasy.

Dinner explores legal history and feminist vision of sex equality in the workplace

A Better Way To Represent Women

Stripper Dita Von Teese considers herself a feminist

Twenty Years Ago, Today: Anita Hill. Now itís time to talk about women and class.

Add women and stir!

Gay refugees fear scorned woman.

Va. woman enters plea in cane-beating death case

Women and Men - October 19, 2011

There are no laws!

Female perpetrators of domestic violence need programs that address women's abuse, trauma

Of Cupcakes and Power Saws: When Domestic Violence Violates Gender Norms

Has Sports Robbed Men of Their Souls?

Women and Men - October 18, 2011

Wash. woman accused of using power saw on husband

Not Rational, Not Feminine: Sexualized Narratives Of Violent Women

Police hunt three female revellers over random attack in nightclub that left woman, 22, scarred for life

Why are women the fastest-growing prison population?

After release, the struggle begins

Victimized by the system? Prison life can leave female inmates more abused or troubled than before they were sentenced

Women behind bars: A four-part series beginning today goes inside Canada's prisons for women, a system plagued by overcrowding, increasing violence and troubling signs of gang activity

Eight people dead? Is that all?

Why do men and women talk differently? A new book argues that guys argue and girls overshare for a reason: Evolution.

Women and Men - October 17, 2011

Gender Discrimination: Separating the Reality from the Whining

Boycott Wikipedia

To the Censors at Wikipedia

Wiki Reeks: I have recently discovered that I do not exist

College men beware: If a woman who lives in your dorm accuses you of rape, you are supposed to be evicted

Update on FBIís re-definition of rape

French feminists: Guillotine 'sexist' word 'mademoiselle'

SlutWalk Stumbles On the Race/Gender Divide: Black women as a group do not embrace names that debase us, and that includes "slut"

Naomi Wolf presents "Citizen Empowerment 101" - Note: In Who Stole Feminism? Christina Hoff Sommers proved that Naomi Wolf's bestselling book, The Beauty Myth, is a pack of lies.

Women and Men - October 16, 2011

Helena shooting victim had just filed for divorce, sought protection from wife

Video Shows Violent Confrontation Between 2 Customers, Cashier At Manhattan McDonald's

Chester County woman attacks man in Mansfield Township

Woman attacks Clark Co. deputy sheriff

Iowa Woman Attacks Boyfriend After He Turns Her Down for Sex

Woman Attacks Teenager in a Vampire Way

Two women are suspects in weekend knife attacks

Woman Attacks Partner with Scissors

Woman admits racist attacks using dogs

Woman attacks boyfriend when asked to turn TV volume up

Women and Men - October 15, 2011

Six Myths About Sex And Gender, Busted

When "good" feminists do nothing

The Good Men Project: A fake men's rights site?

The Gender Pendulum

Women and Men - October 14, 2011

Hear the Lamentation of the Women

Civil rights movement you've never heard of: Advocates for men move into social media, Internet in fight for parity

Findings from Flawed Study Used To Discredit Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements

Do Skimpy Clothes Force Menís Brains to Objectify Women?
The comments posted on this article reveal the culture of misandry--hatred of men--that passes for women's liberation in America. Moreover, neither they nor the original report demonstrate any real understanding.

Women and Men October 13, 2011

Dip in Birth Rates Reflects Recession, Report Suggests

Women and Men - October 12, 2011

Girls Brawl With Cops In Subway

Where Are the Radical Feminists? We cannot forget this major movement
During the past several years many have complained that it was the rise of the welfare state that allowed and fostered the current disposability of men: women can have children, dump the dad(s), get a very nice apartment, and get a college degree all subsidized by our taxes. While this is often true, those days are numbered. The economy is bad and going to get worse. Tax revenues will continue to decline. Government programs will dry up. The days when women need men--and know it--will soon return.

Women and Men - October 11, 2011

There are no benefits to 'friends with benefits'

Jobs Bill excludes men: Helping women reach their economic potential

Women and Men - October 10, 2011

Roy U. Schenk: Misguided feminism trumps prep academy

Majority of Sex discrimination Complaints now made by Men

Now hiring male feminist: Men need not apply

Suspected domestic abusers go free as Topeka city, county officials bicker over funds

Mother ordered to pay back sterile 'dad'

Women Dress Inappropriately for Work in Summer, Poll Finds

Sexual Harassment

Twenty years after I wrote my first essay on sexual harassment, and there still aren't any mainstream books dealing with the issue of sexual harassment of men. Click on the image above to read my 1991 essay, or click HERE to read what I left online of my (unpublished) 1992 book on the subject.

Women and Men - October 9, 2011

The Recession of Manhood

It's a strong season for women-led TV shows, but are the women strong characters?

Corn stock breaks down 'social faux pas' in 'Vagina Monologues'

Feminist explorations take a turn for the tedious

Race - October 8, 2011

Bill Maher: "Denying Racism Is The New Racism" - I'd take it a step further, and say that denying liberal racism is a part of the "new racism," too.

Women and Men - October 8, 2011

Women Are The Real Victims Of The So-Called 'Menís Crisis'

Topless Women at SlutWalk Demand Respect: Is This the Right Tactic?

Feminists: the cause of 9/11

Why men are in trouble

The Straw Feminist

Two Feminist Fallacies

Joe Biden coming to a TV set near you

Campus Menís Rights Group Kicks, Screams

Campus Menís Rights Group Kicks, Screams


Women and Men - October 31 2011

Equal opportunity incarceration

Herman Cain denies sexual harassment claim

Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior

W.F. Price: How I Became a Deadbeat Dad

Mark D. White: How Professional Women Can Objectify Men (and Why Waitresses Donít)

Woman arrested after incident with fiance

Woman arrested over East Wall abduction released

Woman arrested in parking-lot robbery

North Vancouver woman tied to alleged kidnapping

Woman charged with vehicular homicide

Women and Men - October 30, 2011

Women do really run the world

How would you define feminism?

Will Feminism Hurt Your Career?

A sex guide for todayís girls: In an age of Pussycat Dolls and porn, Jaclyn Friedman wants to help young women find an authentic sexual identity

Andrew Roberts: Feminism Doesn't Fit the Monarchy

Women and Men - October 29, 2011

Kyle Lovett: Bias against men expands education gap

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio, Tuesday, November 1 Ė GAME!

Paul Elam: Theyíre He-e-e-r-e!

Paul Elam: To the editors of CafeMom, The Stir

Amanda Marcotte: Male and Female Rape Victims Have Similar Experiences

Giving boys the best possible start in life: 2011 International Men's Day

Domestic violence victims aren't always women

An Open Letter to OCR

Leahy bill could lower burden of proof for campus sexual harassment

Phyllis Schlafly: The high costs of marriage absence

Lululemon victim was alive through most of beating

Have you ever thought your child was not your own?

Glenn Sacks: Campaign to Protest Jimmy Choo Ltd Ad Trivializing Domestic Violence

New Jersey woman arrested for trying to hire a hit man

Woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend during game of Monopoly

Woman arrested in slaying of her boyfriend

Cascades Woman Arrested For Murder For Hire

Woman Arrested for Battery After Throwing Coffee Cup

Woman arrested for fisherman's shooting

Women and Men - October 28, 2011

Kyle Lovett: Feminism and the plague of male homelessness

Keith: Rape culture: is it a mold or a fungus?

S.A.V.E.: Warning about Leahy Bill

Women and Men - October 27, 2011

Lisa Hickey: The Problems of the World Are Not All the Fault of Men

Frost: Paul Elam does not have the answers youíre looking for (debate)

Robert O'Hara: 'Dear Colleague' to be included in VAWA renewal

Canton woman arrested for slapping female

Woman arrested in murder of three-year-old son

Scottsdale woman arrested for allegedly shooting boyfriend

Loudoun woman arrested in murder-for-hire plot

Woman arrested for beating, pulling nephew's hair for using her toilet paper

Woman arrested in Rhinelander suspected arson fire

Sacramento woman arrested in fatal motorcycle crash

Girl, 15, may be charged in Snohomish stabbing

Women and Men - October 26, 2011

Jacked Old Guy Extols The Virtues Of Testosterone

John the Other: Paul, take Jenna off

Paul Elam: AVfM Radio: White Knights and other criminals

B.R. Merrick: How to be anti-war AND anti-man

Tom Matlack: The Male Guilt Trap

South Carolina woman charged in slayings of 2 sons, ex-husband, stepmother

Woman stabbed and bit ex-roommate

65 Year Old Woman Arrested For Setting Fire To Her Home

High-speed pursuit woman caught

Nineteen years for woman who strangled friend

English woman Maria Topp facing jail term after biting off boyfriend's testicles

Woman arrested, charged with DWI in double fatal accident

Women and Men - October 25, 2011

Battered spouse syndrome: For women only?

NCFM: When battered women kill

Sex On The First Date Is A Fictional F**k

Why Women Bore the Brunt of the Great 'He-cession'

Woman arrested after allegedly punching patron at Bellingham martini bar

Utah woman accused of offering to sell daughterís virginity pleads guilty to lesser charges

Woman arrested over Dublin abduction

Fresno woman officially charged with murder in DUI crash

Woman set house on fire, police allege

Woman arrested for spitting in officer's mouth

Coventry Woman Who Phoned Threats To Banks Faces New Charges

Dating While Feminist: Students see how itís done

Woman escorted from WA bar punches patron

Women and Men - October 24, 2011

John the Other: Why bother with bigots

Paul Elam: An ambiguous apology, or just bullshit?

Matthew Steele: A memory of a barber

Four Ways Women Stunt Their Careers Unintentionally

Womenís studies students propose 24-hour truce

Who's Funnier, Women or Men?

Women and Men - October 23, 2011

John The Other: The Real Rape Epidemic

Modern Feminism: The real reason our hospitals are a disgrace

Fractured Feminist Positions: Foster '14 Questions Success of Protesters at "SlutWalk"

Woman Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Her Wife

Husband hangs up phone on wife during argument, wife comes home and punches in window

Capitol Hill woman arrested for allegedly stabbing boyfriend

Teenager glassed in pub attack

Elderly woman arrested, accused of killing husband with hot grease

Crystal Lake Woman Arrested for Exploiting Handicapped Senior

Police arrest suspect in robbery at Milwaukie mobile home

Woman arrested for brandishing machete on Commercial Drive

Review: Feminist explorations take a turn for the tedious

Women and Men - October 22, 2011

Teen girl guilty of vicious sex assault

This truth really hurts

Speaking ill of the dead

Woman Attacked by Teen Girls at 50th Street Subway Station

I'm not a feminist but ...

Syracuse woman sent to prison for attacking arresting deputy

Woman charged after false rape report

Nunavut woman gets additional 41/2 years for Ottawa killing

Woman sentenced for animal cruelty in Bakersfield

Woman accused of ramming another womanís vehicle

Woman indicted in stabbing incident

Woman set up ex-boyfriend to be killed

Woman arrested in death of man at Sacramento car wash

Woman with drawn-on mustache arrested, charged with attempted robbery of Rockland Trust

Woman released from jail after failing to register as sex offender

Hit him back legally Ė Domestic Violence Bill


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