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Thought for the Day: This week at the RNC Mitt Romney demonstrated what kind of president he would make. Scared yet?

Politics - August 31, 2012

Angry Grassroots Activists Stage Mini-Rally on the Balcony of the Convention

TSA harasses Ron Paul and his wife in Florida

Ron Paul Family Detained by TSA Again

In Tampa, disenfranchised Ron Paul delegates plan protest press conference

Ron Paul Delegates Make Last Stand: Paul Supporters Protest RNC Powergrab

Ron Paul's Followers and the GOP: Where To From Here, and How?

What would Ron Paul do?

The Ron Paul walkout

Rand Paul Speaks: Will the Ron Paul Fans Follow?

Ron Paul rally, Rand Paul speech highlight division at Republican National Convention

Will Ron Paul play a role in the GOP's future?

Is GOP convention confiscating Ron Paul signs?

Ron Paul Delegates Continue Convention Dissent Over Smacked Down 'Delegate Strategy'

'As Maine Goes ....': The Ron Paul Movement's Last Stand

Ron Paul Convention Delegates Accuse Security Of Suppressing Their Signs

Ron Paul Wins the Battle for the Soul of the GOP at RNC Convention

Ron Paul is a Real Fiscal Conservative, Paul Ryan is Not

Rand Paul's Biggest Applause Line: Never Trade Liberty For Securit

About That Mitch McConnell/Ron Paul Lovefest

Doug Wead not a typical Ron Paul supporter

The Problem with Paul from a neocon big government warmongering perspective

National Review to GOP: "Mistake" to Honor Ron Paul at Convention

GOP broke convention roll-call deal with Ron Paul’s backers

Son doesn't shine as bright for Ron Paul supporters

Write-In for Ron Paul Would Be Useless (Yes, I Said That)

The Revolution is Over – Long Live the Revolution!

A Not So Funny Thing Happened to Me in Tampa

GOP Heads Off a Ron Paul Nomination at Tampa

Boehner: No One Reads GOP Platform

Silent protest from Paul supporter

Paul's backers 'a new force' in Virginia GOP

Ron Paul Supporters Warm to Gary Johnson, Not Mitt Romney, at RNC Convention

Thought for the Day: For a show of unity at the RNC, the establishment GOP alienated millions of Ron Paul supporters. Will it be worth it when Romney loses by that much to Obama?

Politics - August 30, 2012

Following Convention Appearance, Ron Paul Detained by TSA

RNC "Accidentally" Sends Out Rand Paul's Speech With Ron Paul's Name

RNC Disenfranchises Paul Delegates; Rigs Rules to Nominate Romney

GOP glad to rid themselves of Ron Paul supporters, the move to Libertarian Party

Paul Supporters’ Protest Signals Deeper Division

Ron Paul Delegates and Friends Stage RNC Walkout

The Ron Paul Snub

Ron Paul’s Great Rock-N-Roll Swindle at the RNC

Ron Paul finally gets his moment at the Republican Convention

Ron Paul supporters protest in halls of convention

Ron Paul gets his moment as torch passes to son Rand

Rand Paul To Campaign for Romney While Dad Won’t Endorse

"Crickets" at the Convention

When We Wake Up November 7th... Nothing Will Have Changed

How Dare You Question the Word of Government Authorities!

Video Tribute: Ron Paul ‘Changed the Conversation

Rudy Giuliani calls Ron Paul ‘a kook’ and a ‘cranky old man’

Ron Paul Won

The Last Gasps of the Ron Paul Movement (They wish!)

Ron Paul refuses to fully endorse Mitt Romney, delegates protest RNC

GOP honors Ron Paul; Rand takes own path

How long are Ron Paul's coat tails?

Ron Paul Remains Influential Force in Politics

Ron Paul Honored as Small-Government Crusader, Minus Pesky Specifics

Ron Paul Supporters Put Dent in Unity at GOP Convention

Ron Paul Delegates Walk Off RNC Floor in Protest

Ron Paul's Last Stand: A Delegate Manuever

Ron Paul independent candidacy could spoil election

RNC: Ron Paul dissed, Chris Christie bloviates, Ann Romney tries to relate to single moms in a $2K dress

Ron Paul's presence creates a storm inside the GOP convention

His Supporters Treated 'Atrociously,' Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney

Rudy Giuliani: Ron Paul is “dangerous”

Maine becomes rallying cry for national Ron Paul movement

Ron Paul supporters jettison the rules in final stand

It’s Mitt’s ballgame, but Iowa Republicans are scouting the bench

Thought for the Day: It's official: for just about every office but President, I'm voting Republican. But for President, I am compelled by the establishment GOP's deplorable conduct to vote for Obama.

Politics - August 29, 2012

It's official: Romney claims GOP nomination

Ron Paul backers disrupt the intended pretended harmony of convention’s first day

Ron Paul supporters come up short in rules fight

Ron Paul, Republican problem child

Ron Paul backers boo GOP credentials report

Ron Paul movement not ready to pass torch to Rand

Ron Paul delegates stir presidential unrest at GOP convention

Ron Paul supporters create uproar at convention

Ron Paul supporters walk out of GOP convention

Ron Paul greeted with cheers on Republican National Convention floor

Maine's Ron Paul delegates walk out of convention

Ron Paul: I’m an ‘undecided’ voter

Wait, what was that? The sound of Ron Paul losing.

Ron Paul Supporters Make Themselves Heard in Convention Hall

A storm inside the GOP convention

The Ron Paul Revolt

Sen. Rand Paul: 'Ron Paul Republicans' can help the party

Ron Paul gets hero's welcome at convention visit

Ron Paul Revolt Blows Up GOP’s Unified Convention

Ron Paul's supporters wait to be courted by Mitt Romney...Not!

Ron Paul delegates protest treatment by Romney campaign

Ron Paul supporters dispute rules changes at convention

Ron Paul delegates protest RNC changes, procedures

Amid Ron Paul Supporters, What Are Romney Delegates to Do?

Ron Paul Delegates Lose First Two RNC Fights

Ron Paul delegates: ‘We were robbed!’

Could Ron Paul and Gary Johnson secure a Libertarian victory in November?

The Story Behind Ron Paul's Attempt To Start A Fight On The Convention Floor

Washington state's Romney, Paul delegates try to mend rift

Ron Paul a pariah in Tampa for being right

Ron Paul’s Legacy Deserves Better Than ’2012 Spoiler’

Ousted Ron Paul Delegates Raise a Stink

Is Ron Paul Winning the Future?

Ron Paul’s army revolts, again

More Ron Paul turmoil: Nevada’s civil war

Ron Paul and the dumbing-down of 'conservative' thought

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul backers can do more than complain; we can ensure that, if Ron Paul is not nominated, then Mitt Romney will lose.

Politics - August 28, 2012

All Ron Paul Backers Can Do is Complain

Ron Paul: Meaningless Words in Politics

Romney: Reappoint Bernanke After All ...

Ron Paul's Faithful Continue To Make Noise; Floor Fight Tuesday?

Ron Paul delegates mounting floor fight over new rules

Ron Paul Camp Assails Romney and GOP for Alienating Latinos

Rand Paul: GOP needs Ron’s fans

Ron Paul in Tampa: A GOP Outsider’s Last Hurrah

Ron Paul supporters object to rules

If Ron Paul’s people behave, where will this convention’s excitement come from?

Ron Paul supporters distract Republican convention along with hurricane worries

Ron Paul Rallies the Troops in the Fight for Liberty

Ron Paul supporters mounting floor fight to seat their delegates

Ron Paul and Isaac: Storms in Tampa

Ron Paul to Iowans: The more they try to silence us, the harder we work

Ron Paul Delegates Threaten Floor Fight

Ron Paul's Rally: Not the End, Just a Continuation of His Revolution

Ron Paul supporters 'are not sheep', vow not to vote for Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Supports President Obama?

Ron Paul's Tampa rally continues to exhilarate his supporters

The Ron Paul Delegates Are Not Going Away Easy

Ron Paul and Tea Party supporters rally before Republican National Convention

Ron Paul rallies his supporters but does not endorse Romney

Ron Paul delegates mounting floor fight over new convention rules

Ron Paul Supporters Seek to Assert Presence at RNC in Tampa and Influence Long-Term Direction of GOP

RNC, Romney Combine to Quiet Ron Paul and his Delegates

Ron Paul Fans Refuse to Vote Romney

Robbing Ron Paul: Why Ron Paul will not be nominated in Tampa; a tale of "cheating, lying, abuse of process, and high-handedness" in the GOP.

Angry Ron Paul Delegates Take Aim at Romney and G.O.P. Convention

Maine's Ron Paul delegates threaten to boycott convention

The Alternate Tampa of Ron Paul's Army

Defiant Ron Paul promises "revolution" will continue

Ron Paul Hands Torch to Next Generation of Libertarians

Bernanke called traitor and dictator at Ron Paul rally in Tampa

Gingrich: Ron Paul won't embarrass son

Ron Paul energizes 10,000 supporters in Tampa

Some Colorado delegates hold out on Mitt Romney for Ron Paul

Gary Johnson: Ron Paul’s Revolution Is The Future

Lyin' Paul Ryan seeks comfort of Ron Paul fans

Thought for the Day: How Establishment Republicans reach out at the convention for support from Liberty Republicans: be insulting.

Politics - August 27, 2012

Ron Paul delegates get worse seats than Republicans from Guam, Samoa

Ron Paul says GOP leaders have ‘overstepped their bounds’ to silence his supporters

Ron Paul turns down chance to speak at Republican National Convention that would have required him to endorse Romney

Ron Paul and the Future

Ron Paul Rally Draws 11k, High Emotion

Ron Paul or Bust

Paul Makes Sure His Voice Is Heard in Tampa

Ron Paul fires up his forces at Tampa rally: He warns Republican leaders that his movement will grow even if his time in Congress is ending.

Ron Paul, supporters heap scorn on GOP establishment at convention counter-rally

Ron Paul Rallies Supporters Ahead of GOP Convention

Ron Paul feted in raucous six-hour farewell rally

Ron Paul urges his followers to stay engaged in GOP

Ron Paul followers defiant in Tampa

Frozen out of GOP convention speaking role, Ron Paul lectures his party at counter rally

Ron Paul delegates get nosebleed seats

Defiant Ron Paul promises "revolution" will continue

Ron Paul rally robust and revved-up (as per usual)

Ron Paul supporters blast treatment of candidate at GOP convention

Ron Paul, Shunned By RNC, Ends Presidential Campaign With Rally in Tampa

At Ron Paul rally, no Mitt Romney endorsement

Ron Paul Supporters In No Mood For "Impostor Republicans" Across Town

Ron Paul and the Tempest in Tampa

Ron Paul followers in Tampa ready for their revolution

Who got cheered, who got booed at Ron Paul’s big rally in Tampa

Calif. GOP readies Ron Paul crackdown

Ron Paul Republicans still not sure about Romney

Ron Paul and the Tea Party showcase the Republican Party's radical, populist future

Ron Paul: Had People Listened to Me, We Could Have Prevented 9/11

Ron Paul’s swan song rally advertises his supporters as GOP’s future

The End of Ron Paul and His Selective Patriots

Ron Paul assails ‘neocons’ in pre-convention rally

Ron Paul delegate says it's about liberty

Ron Paul Takes An Unapologetic Final Bow

With A Roar And Some Rage, Ron Paul Rallies His Faithful

At Rally, Paul Touts Strength of His ‘Liberty Movement’

Ron Paul: A ‘Clean Boat in a Sea of Garbage’

Ron Paul: My Revolution is Not Over

Rep. Ron Paul Refuses to Endorse Mitt Romney, Won't be Allowed to Speak at RNC

Will Ron Paul supporters have ‘Nader effect’ in Florida?

With GOP’s cold shoulder, where do Ron Paul’s supporters go from here?

Thought for the Day: For breaking their own rules and manhandling the delegate election results, establishment Republicans are going to throw Liberty Republicans a bone in the form of a video tribute to Ron Paul. Isn't that sweet, let's all get together for a group hug and sing Kumbayah. Not!

Politics - August 26, 2012

G.O.P. Convention Will Include Video Tribute to Paul

Lance Armstrong and Kim Dotcom ... Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Is a State Run Gold Standard Really the Answer?

America's Descent into Poverty

Why Ron Paul Will Not Speak at the RNC

Republican convention postponed until Tuesday

Paul Festival: The Fight for the Ron Paul Grassroots' Soul

Maine Delegates Report that The National GOP Muzzles Maine’s Voice at RNC

Romney Executes Republican Party Power Grab

Ron Paul's aura leaves GOP, Romney in tricky spot

Hundreds gather in Tampa for the love of Ron Paul

Ryan VP Pick Not Enough to Sway NH Ron Paul Supporters

Florence Sebern is part of a majority of Ron Paul delegates who should be seated

"The age of Ron Paul"

(They wish!) The Ron Paul revolution will not be happening

Five Ron Paul delegates say they won a reprieve and will go to the GOP convention

Ron Paul Libertarians: You Cannot Vote for Mitt Romney

Ron Paul has cautionary question for Romney

Republican Convention to star Hurricane Isaac, Ron Paul, Donald Trump, Ann and Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Delegations: Losing Maine, Some Platform Victories, and Happy Cooperation with Romney?

RNC Continues to Undo Ron Paul Delegate Wins, This Time in Maine

Rand Paul delivers weekly party address on eve of convention

Palin vs. Paul at the GOP Convention!

Veterans for Ron Paul organize outreach to homeless veterans

Scientologists Find Their Place At Ron Paul Festival

Mitt Romney does a number on Ron Paul and shuts him out of the convention

There Was Major Drama At The GOP Convention Friday, And It Ended With John Sununu Fleeing The Building

Paul delegates not seated, LePage to skip convention

Maine Ron Paul supporters: We're not done fighting

Obama-Romney race is focused on 7 states

Thought for the Day: By acting like rich thugs who throw out the rules when the underdogs win, Establishment Republicans have guaranteed a backlash.

Politics - August 24, 2012

Buchanan played Ron Paul-like role at ’96 convention

Romney And GOP Strike Deal With Ron Paul Loyalists Before Convention

Romney is afraid to be Nominated on TV

No Ron Paul revolution at convention

Ron Paul's presence to be felt in Tampa

Ron Paul supporters still battling for GOP convention delegates

Paul supporters: Tampa to be a starting point for future liberty movements

Nevada's Ron Paul Supporters Won't Give Up

Ron Paul supporters plan rallies in Tampa during Republican convention

How Ron Paul's People Took Over A State

Ron Paul to hold rally in Tampa on eve of Republican Convention

Half of Maine's Ron Paul delegates removed

Romney lawyers took away Ron Paul's win in Maine making Paul ineligible

Pastor Steven Andrew Calls Republicans to Nominate Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul at the RNC: Forget Hurricane Isaac, Hurricane Paul is the Real Storm That is Brewing

What’s a key difference between supporters of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney?

In Paul they trust as he leaves political stage

RNC attempts to make Ron Paul ineligible for Republican nomination

Minnesota delegation to GOP convention is sticking with Ron Paul

Paul backers pressing to seat more delegates Suit precedes amid talks with RNC

Republican National Convention organizers fear storm and Ron Paul supporters

RNC: Maine's 20 Paul Delegates Must be Reduced by Half

Marion Delegate Brent Oleson Pulling for Ron Paul at 2012 Republican National Convention

Tampa Ready for a Hurricane Isaac but What About Ron Paul Revolution?

‘Is Hurricane Isaac going to punish the Republican Party for denying Ron Paul the nomination?’

RNC deals new blow to Paul supporters’ effort to seat all 20 convention delegates

The call of Paul

Romney could be nominated early in convention week

Republican Convention Adopts Defense Against Ron Paul Shenanigans

Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal from the RNC?

If Ron Paul is Not Allowed to Speak At the RNC, Then the GOP Deserves to Lose the Election

Ryder's Rule Change 'Not an Intent To Block' a Ron Paul REVOLution

Thought for the Day: The Republican Establishment and Romney have proven they have no honor.

Politics - August 22, 2012

Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination

Ron Paul Strikes Deal With RNC over Delegates

Ron Paul’s Vision for The Liberty People as The RNC Date Approaches

Ron Paul picks up 17 Republican convention delegates in Louisiana compromise

Let Ron Paul Speak at the Republican National Convention

GOP Indifference Toward Ron Paul Is Short-Sighted

Ron Paul Rally next door to Oklahoma Delegation Hotel

Ron Paul’s big day

Minnesota Delegates Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention

Paul Energizes and Inspires the Young Voters the GOP Needs

Paul and Republican Party Officials Reach Deal on Delegates

Ron Paul supporters get ready for pre-convention festivities

One Way Or Another Ron Paul People Will Be Making A Scene At GOP Convention

Ron Paul Pre-RNC Event to Assemble Champions of Constitutional Conservatism

Republican Platform Sessions In Tampa Matter 'If People Read It'

Drama brewing at the GOP convention

Mitt Romney 5.0: Can The Candidate Be Reinvented, Again, At His Convention?

Ron Paul and All of Romney's Old Rivals Should Speak

Do Republicans Owe Ron Paul More Respect?

Ron Paul rally for unity & freedom sells out in Tampa

Liberty movement in Oklahoma will not surrender

Jump on the Rand Wagon! How Ryan Resurrected Ayn

Ron Paul: Stop Nation Building And Cut Military Spending To Keep Us Free And Safe – OpEd

Shrink YOUR Government

Military "Cuts": Don't Believe the Hype

More Absurd Promotion of Paul Ryan as a "Radical Free Market" Advocate

The Silent Republicans

Class Warfare in 2012. Ho, Ho, Ho

Why is Ron Paul Still Going?

Pussy Riot, the Unfortunate Dupes of Amerikan Hegemony

Thought for the Day: When Ron Paul Supporters Are Listed As Terrorists and the Social Security Administration is Buying Up Loads of Ammo, You Know You Live in a Police State.

Politics - August 19, 2012

Will They Try to Take Away Ron Paul Signs at Convention?

Ron Paul campaign files second appeal for Louisiana delegates

Ron Paul plans Republican National Convention party

Ron Paul Delegate News Roundup: Members of Maine Delegation File Injunction Against RNC

Maine Ron Paul delegates seek injunction against Republican National Committee

Paul camp urges decorum among supporters in Tampa

Mass. GOP prevails in effort to disqualify Paul delegates

Ron Paul Supporter Leads Minnesota Delegation to Republican National Convention

Dispute Over Maine GOP Convention Delegates Lands in Court

Civil War in Tampa?

Westover heading to Republican National Convention in Tampa: Afton resident among the ‘Liberty Republicans’dominating Minnesota delegation

Colorado’s GOP delegates look forward to Tampa

Ron Paul delegates intend to advance 'movement' at GOP convention

Ron Paul backers need to face reality and give up the fight

Ron Paul Supporters at Paul Fest Will Prove the Liberty Movement is Here to Stay

Ron Paul-supporting PAC paves way for huge win in state Congress race

Ryan Call, GOP chair, faces improper vote charge from 21-year-old Ron Paul supporter

Ferg's cancels Ron Paul RNC party

Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto

What Is the United States Up To?

End the Empire

Ron Paul camp trying to get Louisiana delegates thrown out

At America's Biggest Drone Show, the Focus Shifts Toward Domestic Skies

General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again

Ron Paul: Let different currencies compete

Romney, Obama fight for edge on Medicare

Obama versus Romney: Meanest campaign ever?

Romney, Obama must call a truce on nasty campaigning

'Walmart Moms' aren't happy with Obama or Romney

Romney, Obama in rare battle over energy policy

Thought for the Day: We expect fraud and corruption from both the Democratic and Republican parties, but the GOP Establishment's blatant violation of their own rules to not-seat duly elected delegates exposes a venality so brazen as to put human trafficking pimps to shame.

Politics - August 17, 2012

Ron Paul Still Mum As His Son Endorses Paul Ryan

All eyes are on Ron Paul this month

It’s Already Ron Paul’s Fault if Mitt Romney Loses

The surprising Republican movement to strip voters of their right to elect senators

Is Mitt Romney at risk from the Department of Justice?

Does Ron Paul approve of Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP pick?

Competing Currencies and Ron Paul – Mismatch or Monetary Heaven?

Psychology and Fascism

Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets

Rand Paul Falls Deeper into the Establishment GOP Black Hole

Romney Budget Plan + Ryan Budget Plan = Total B.S.

Rand Paul Speaks Out On Paul Ryan's V.P. Nod — But Ron Paul Is Still MIA

GOP Committee on Contests disenfranchises Paul supporters in several states

Vice Presidential Candidate Jim Gray discusses the war on drugs and Ron Paul

Pastor Calls on Christians to Vote for Ron Paul as America`s Christian President

Ron Paul is Right: US Foreign Policy in Middle East Does Not Make Us Safer Owned By Paul Supporter Who Wants to Sell It

Ron Paul Supporters Help Liberty Candidates Win in Local Elections

Why Ayn Rand is appealing–and why the appeal is dangerous

Future of state GOP may be decided in precinct battles

Obama Will Win

What the Last Roman Emperor Would Tell President Obama Today

Christie in, Palin out, as GOP convention speakers

Paul Ryan, Sheldon Adelson greeted by hundreds of protesters in Las Vegas

Politics 101: Don't talk about offsets on the campaign trail

Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan and the issue of morality

Paul Ryan’s imaginary expertise

November’s unenviable choices

Rand Paul peddles world-class wacky theory about Obama’s plan to suppress unrest among an angry citizenry

Senator Rand Paul Touts False Claim From ’9/11 Truth’ Conspiracy Site

Thought for the Day: The GOP Machine has spoken: Rules be damned, no Liberty, no Constitution, no Sound Money and no Ron Paul!

Politics - August 15, 2012

Ron Paul, Not Paul Ryan, is the Real Budget Hawk in Congress

Paul Ryan is an imitation Ron Paul...with real eyebrows

Paul Ryan, the Establishment's Idea of a Radical

More Data on Libertarian Roots of Tea Party

When prophets are false

Ron Paul setback in Louisiana delegate dispute

The Ron Paul Revolution

Ron Paul: Supporters Shift Focus to Liberty Party Candidates in State GOP Primaries

Ron Paul – “U.S. Treasury Guilty of Counterfeiting Dollars”

Ron Paul looking to legalise gold, silver-backed competing currencies

No respect for Ron Paul, his supporters

Voting For Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Is Good For Democracy

Fantasy Administration Series Part One: Ron Paul Wins President

Hearing set to resolve flap over Maine delegation

National GOP committee upholds election of Oklahoma delegates

Not all Republicans like Romney-Ryan ticket

Three-Day Liberty Political Action Conference to Assemble Nation's Foremost Champions of Constitutional Conservatism

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Why the New VP is Not As Free Market As We Think

What Did Rand Paul Gain?

Jeff Tucker Blows a Kiss to Rand Paul

Reagan’s Former Budget Chief, David Stockman, Rips Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Insider Trading Thief

We've Created House of Lords

One More Shot of Faith

Obama, Romney Spar Over Energy

Obama tops Romney in online activity

Friendly Fire: Bad Staff Work Plagues Obama and Romney in Health-Care Video Dust Up

Thought for the Day: As it was measured during the Great Depression, the unemployment rate, according to is over 20 percent right now.

Politics - August 14, 2012

Ron Paul’s Crimes Against the State Religion

Ron Paul: Why Isn't He Excited About the Nomination of Paul Ryan?

Ron Paul's Efforts to Make Impact at GOP Convention Faltering

Ron Paul Delegates Fight to Get to the Republican National Convention Getting More Difficult

National GOP nixes Ron Paul claim to Louisiana delegates

Ron Paul Is Here To Stay

Ron Paul challenge to LAGOP convention delegation rebuffed by national party committee

Ron Paul is Retiring on the Highest Note Possible, As the Ultimate Champion of Liberty

We live in the age of Ron Paul

GOP Backs Louisiana State Party Over Ron Paul in Delagate Battle

Ron Paul: Solution to money crisis is to allow competing currencies in economy

Ron Paul’s victory over Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

Ron Paul: A notable omission from the list of speakers at the 2012 RNC

Like everything at RNC, who speaks is a matter of politics

Dispute over Maine’s Ron Paul delegates to Republican convention to go to full hearing

Ron Paul supporters looking to shake up Cowlitz County GOP

Libertarians Praise Paul Ryan’s Passion For Liberty, but Say Ryan is No Ron Paul

Romney's 'libertarian' running mate is anything but

Ron Paul: Paul Ryan’s Budget Doesn’t Cut Spending

United States pushing Syria into war: US Republican Congressman

How The Tea Party Was Hijacked by the Koch Brothers

Activists say civil liberties have eroded under Barack Obama’s presidency

Obama, Romney miss the elephant in the room

Obama, Romney ignore the problem

Have Obama And Romney Forgotten Afghanistan?

Obama vs. Romney on foreign policy

Why Whiskey & Gunpowder… And Why Now?

What Does Liberty Really Mean to You?

Parting Company With Nigel Farage and Suggesting a New Role

NDAA: The Most Important Lawsuit in American History that No One is Talking About

Thought for the Day: Don't be fooled, neocon Paul Ryan is no friend of the liberty movement.

Politics - August 12, 2012

Conservative Group Launches “Dump Romney” Campaig

Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012

Hope persists for Ron Paul because, he says, he makes Mitt Romney's campaign 'very insecure'

Ron Paul Supporters See Libertarian Opportunity in Paul Ryan as VP

Romney Picks Imitation Ron Paul as Veep

Paul Ryan is No Ron Paul

Mitt Romney snubs the liberty movement

4 Reasons Romney/Ryan Ticket Helps Obama; Benefits Gary Johnson

Does conservative backlash mean GOP is throwing Romney off the cliff?

Ron Paul and the tea party playbook

Ron Paul crowd gains Boone County clout

Paul supporters may energize GOP convention

Maine's Pro-Paul Delegates Reject GOP Compromise

The Ron Paul Grassroots "Delegate Lawsuit" Tossed, New Version Filed

Try Again, Judge Tells Ron Paul Supporters

Ron Paul 2012, War on Syria

Ron Paul: Join Me For Some Fun In Tampa

Ron Paul the Mentor: 4 Life Lessons From the Sage of Texas

5 Issues That Prove Ron Paul is Ahead of His Time

Will The Third Time Be A Charm? Amended Complaint Filed in Ron Paul Delegate Lawsuit

Ron Paul: Interventionist Policies Make Us Less Secure

Why Ron Paul Supporters Must Support Gary Johnson Today In Order to Change Election 2012

Ron Paul at fundraiser for SC senator's campaign

LePage Threatens RNC Boycott

Maine governor threatens to skip GOP convention if state delegation isn't seated

Rand Paul: Government spied on Americans 'gazillions' of times

''DUMP ROMNEY'' to Ron Paul camp: Read before you speak

How To End the Fed, and How Not To

Lies, Damned Lies and Government Statistics

Obama Sabotages Welfare Reform

Thought for the Day: The "big tent" of the Neo-Fascist-Cons is too small to make room for the Ron Paul r3VOLution at the GOP Convention in Florida.

Politics - August 9, 2012

Ron Paul: We are close to war with Syria

Ron Paul delegates reject talk of Republican convention disruption

Ron Paul delegates aim to stay on course for national convention

Maine Ron Paul supporters turn down GOP convention compromise

Rand Paul to Address GOP Convention; Ron Still Not Invited

Ron Paul Will Be Left Out of GOP Convention

Ron Paul Will Be Excluded From the RNC

Ron Paul Shafted by the RNC: Rand Paul to Speak Instead

It’s not over till it’s over for backers of Ron Paul

5 Reasons Ron Paul Revolution Will Live On

Can GOP dump Romney and nominate Ron Paul?

Ready for prime time? Rand Paul’s Convention speech an opening for liberty-minded Republicans

Rand Paul Content, No Current Interest in Higher Office

Paul Delegates Reject GOP Convention Compromise

Will the Paulians Get 'Audit the Fed' Be into the RNC Platform?

Romney backers leery of Ron Paul effort to audit the Fed

Does Fed Reserve Actually Have Gold?

NOAA still has Ron Paul's fan base? (NOPE; it's probably NDAA)

Ron Paul May Be Locked Out Of the RNC

From Ron Paul to Romney, Ames GOP Chair Shows Full Support

‘The Ron Paul Interview That Changed My Life’

Romney attempting to silence Maine delegation’s support of Ron Paul

A New Wave of Less Warlike GOP Politicians Detected

How a Nominating Convention Is Like a Wedding

Convention Challenge: VIP Speakers Who Send Wrong Message

Fed Bankrupting Consumers While Enriching Wall Street as a Matter of Policy?

Cracking of the Euro-Elite ... The Triumph of Hope?

Good Fascists and Bad Fascists

The Apocalyptic Vision of The Road

Politics - August 7, 2012

Ron Paul Chief Sponsor of Industrial Hemp Farming Bill

Where do Ron and Rand Paul fit in at the GOP convention?

Ron Paul Nation Wants Control Of Oregon

Ron Paul supporters won't back down in Louisiana GOP dispute

Ron Paul Roundup: His Legal Team in Action, He's Not (Yet) Announced as RNC Speaker, And his Possible Replacement in Congress Won't be a "Carbon Copy"

Ron Paul Barred From Speaking at Fascist RNC Convention in Tampa

A Chilling Scenario of the End of America Foretold

Ron Paul RNC Speech Highly Unlikely

Paul not given role at Republican Convention

How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul

Will Romney’s convention be Palin and Paul’s insurrection?

Republican National Convention Speakers Are Not Fresh Faces

Are Ron Paul's Competing Currencies the Answer to Monetary Mischief?

Ron Paul at fundraiser for SC senator's campaign

Who's Behind the Ron Paul Signs?

My Experience with the Ron Paul R3volution

Ron Paul Supporters Challenge Oregon GOP for Delegates and Influence at Republican Convention

Ron Paul and Austrian Economists Are Wrong: More Spending Will Save the Economy

Ron Paul Supporters Will Make Gary Johnson the Next Ross Perot

Yes, Virginia, Banks Really Do Create Money Out of Thin Air

Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

Romney negative on Fed’s QE3 intentions

Pauler Loves Sinner, Not Sin Tax

Democrats vs Republicans: Who is Winning the 17 Most Important States (Part III)

Jobs Crisis: Data Shows Obama Stopped Economic Freefall

Kristol and Hayes urge Romney to pick Rubio or Ryan

Will Romney VP Choice Unite Bush-Romney Wing of the GOP?

Rand Paul Takes On the TSA

Defying conservative orthodoxy, Rand Paul says there’s a constitutional right to privacy — and thus to contraception

What Is the Status of the Real Unemployment Debate?

Baby Boomers Bamboozled: Social Security Fades Into a Dreamtime Haze

Thought for the Day: The leviathin will not easily give up its power.

Politics - August 4, 2012

Led by Rep. Ron Paul, Congress Explores Sound Money

The Paul Festival of Tampa: a Conservative "Woodstock"

Audit the Fed first shot in Ron Paul's revolution

Ron Paul truly supports our troops

Senator Wyden and Senator Paul Introduce Bi-partisan Senate Companion Bill to H.R. 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act

Why Ron Paul and Libertarian Ideals Are Here to Stay

Tea Party Republicans sketch out Internet policy

Paul delegates protest GOP lineup

What's in your vault? Uncle Sam audits its stash of gold at the New York Fed

The Treasury Is Drilling Holes Into The Fed's Gold To Make Sure It's Actually Gold

Ron Paul: US obsessed with ‘act of war’ on Iran

Bentivolio Battling GOP Establishment

In Tight Iowa Race, Romney Struggles to Excite G.O.P. Base

Convention Could Prove To Be Headache For Romney

What Libertarians Are; and What They Ain’t (part 2)

Tea party to make its voice heard in Tampa

Tampa ready for the unruly

Missteps highlight Romney trip

Back From Abroad, Romney Hits The Road In Colo.

Ron Paul supporters fighting for control of Oregon Republican delegation to national convention

Senator Rand Paul’s Bill to Protect Citizens From Drone Surveillance

Sarah Palin and Rand Paul Will Lead Tea Party Takeover in Wisconsin Next

The Economic Numbers that Will Be Released Heading into the Home Stretch of the Presidential Election

Evil SOB Put in Charge of Rules and Order at RNC; Will Smash Paulites

Mark McAfee talks to Lew about milk the government doesn’t want you to drink.

The Online Nightmare Sales Tax Bill that is Sitting in the Senate

Support the "Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act"

Paul Delegate Purge Sparks GOP Civil War In Maine

Thought for the Day: Mainstream Republicans are not screwing Ron Paul, but their own members by behaving like thugs.

Politics - August 2, 2012

Ron Paul's Delegate Fight with the GOP

As Ron Paul's campaign for president winds down, many look to Gary Johnson

Inside the Beltway: Ron Paul’s not done yet

What Ron Paul Should Do Until the Election

Ron Paul Won Massachusetts, But GOP Screws Him Again

Ron Paul supporters fight back as Romney backers allege voter fraud at Maine GOP convention

GOP establishment continues to fight Ron Paul on the eve of RNC

Ron Paul Wins in Maine, But GOP Establishment Threatens Delegates

GOP Insiders Wage War on Ron Paul Delegates

Ron Paul Louisiana Controversy: Paul Campaign Challenges All 46 State Delegates

Lea Williams: Some Ron Paul supporters not following principles of a republicNote: In support of her attack on Ron Paul, Ms. Williams cites a fraudulent source. She did not bother to check her facts.

PAC with ties to Ron Paul dumps more than $300,000 into Kerry Bentivolio's campaign

Weber gets GOP nod to replace Rep. Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Don't End Fed—Just End Secrecy

Ted Cruz Scores Ron Paul a Win in Texas Senate Primary

What will the legacy Of Ron Paul be?

Paul campaign leader is cleared of charge in St. Peters

What exactly will Ron Paul supporters be doing at the RNC?

Ron Paul - Audit the Fed Moves Forward!

GOP marshals the umbrella defense

Mo. man acquitted in canceled caucus case

If Ron Paul Were President And I Were Fed Chairman....

Mitt Takes Cue from Paul and Earmarks Jerusalem for Zionists

The Battle for Capitalism and Freedom

Ron Paul: Paul Subcommittee to Examine Sound Money and Parallel Currencies

Obama: Romney tax plans increase burden on middle class

Obama: Romney's 'Asking You To Pay More So That People Like Him Can Get A Tax Cut'

Obama attacks Romney’s economic plan

Beck's Oval Office: A 'Revolution' is taking place based on individual liberty


Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul
with PR A-Bomb

RNC Completely Scripted To Ignore
The Voices Of Ron Paul Delegates!

Ron Paul Delegates Walk Out In Unison

Ron Paul Tribute Video Played
at the GOP Convention

Ron Paul Delegates Walk Off Convention
Floor in Protest

Reality Check: One on One With Romney
Romney Pleads Ignorance; From Now On
Party Bosses Will Pick the Delegates

In this video, Brad Nixon explains why
Ron Paul Supporters should vote for
President Obama, not Gary Johnson

Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Tom Woods Speaks At PAUL Fest

Rachel Maddow: Republicans Move Convention
Delegate Vote To Time With No TV Coverage
To Hide Ron Paul Supporters

Judge Napolitano: Bernanke's Mindset Helping
Gov't Destroy U.S. Economy 08-20-12

Judge Napolitano on the 2012 Election
Obamacare, and The Future of Liberty

Reality Check: RNC Rules Committee
Can't Follow Their Own Rules!

Is Mitt Romney A Hypocrite? -- Roger Stone Interview

Why does Ron Paul insist on a declaration of war?

Romney Obama the Same?

Reality Check: GOP refuses to
seat Maine delegation unless
they agree to "Compromise"?

GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

Fake "Mitt Romney" Endorses Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul's Opening Statement
Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee
August 2, 2012


Congressman Ron Paul's Speech Against
Iran Sanctions - August 1, 2012

Global Financial Crisis Stripped Bare
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