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Thought for the Day: Today the Establishment Republicans, who comprise the majority of Supreme Court Justices, demonstrated why Progressive Democrats have nothing to fear from the Bush appointees.

Politics - June 29, 2012

Tibor Machan: Anticipated Reasoning by the Court

Robert Wenzel: How You Can Find Out How Obamacare Will Impact You

Robert Wenzel: Justice Ginsberg Correctly Points Out That Romney Put the Country on the Road to Obamacare

Ron Paul: Ron Paul Responds to Supreme Court Obamacare Decision

EXCLUSIVE: Report from Inside a Major Insider Rothschild Conference

Ron Paul: Add Inflationary Dangers to the Day’s News

Ron Paul comments on Supreme Court health care ruling

Ron Paul: Supreme Court has dismal record when it comes to protecting liberties

Ian Fletcher speaks about Ron Paul, the Great Recession, and America's future

Media suggests Ron Paul supporters be banned from GOP convention

Ron Paul: Health care's problem is too much government

Where goeth Ron Paul/Gary Johnson voters in Nevada?

Paul Finds Success Through Obstruction of Senate Bills

Why This Ron Paul Supporter Changed Her Mind after the Supreme Court Decision on Health Care

Rep. Paul: We need to let people opt out of health care

Paul plans major pre-convention rally

Rand Paul: The Supreme Court Doesn't Get To Decide What's Constitutional

Obamacare: Sinks Obama, Teaches Us NOT To Trust NeoCons

Romney, Obama Uphold Health Care Falsehoods

Beyond Supreme Court ruling: Romney, Obama, and America don't get Hispanics

Romney raises over $4M off health care ruling

Turns out, the ObamaCare ruling creates another appeal after all, the election

Obama, Romney try to capitalize on ruling

80 pc Americans to 'definitely' vote in presidential elections: Poll

Confusion over Donald Trump, Mitt Romney fundraiser continues

Obama takes lead in swing states but tied with Romney in national poll

Obama Fails at Fixing Economy, But Leads Polls By Using Wedge Issues

Dems say Romney’s Mass. legacy will kill his bid to call Obama health law a new tax

Romney's immigration position is a strategic failure

Romney not with business on some key issues

Thought for the Day: Establishment Republicans want Liberty Republicans to leave and support Gary Johnson because doing so would kill the Liberty Movement.

Politics - June 28, 2012

Kucinich praises Ron Paul’s ‘diligence’ in pushing Federal Reserve audit

Fed Audit Legislation Passed by House Oversight Committee

Libertarians Unite: Gary Johnson Courting Ron Paul Supporters

Ron Paul supporters working to get Ron Paul another blimp

Ron Paul Returning To SC

Utah GOP Primary Results: Orrin Hatch Wins, Delivering Blow to Ron Paul Supporters

Why I Believe Ron Paul Is So Effective

Ron Paul’s House Subcommittee To Examine Fractional Reserve Banking And High-Powered Money

Romney wins presidential primary in Utah

Two Texas billionaires are nations top Super PAC donors

Multiple stumbles on the Democrats's road to Charlotte, N.C. convention

Thinning the Elephant Herd: GOP Primary Results

Jamaica Plain Residents Throw 91 Percent of Presidential Donations Behind Barack Obama

Idaho GOP: End the Fed, bring back gold

Iowa GOP panel offers caucus reforms

How far has America's economy sunk?

NSA Won't Disclose How Many Americans are Being Spied On

Give GOP leaders an inch, they'll take a mile

Earth to Jimmy Carter: You Were Responsible for Human Rights Violations, Too

Breaking With Democrats, Some Activists Target Obama's Kill List

Romney: Obama 'not sleeping real well' on eve of healthcare ruling

Swing state voters split on whether Romney, Obama better for the economy

Alien attack! Americans pick Obama over Romney to battle invasion from space

Fox News poll: Voters say neither candidate has plan for economy

Washington Post Rebuffs Romney on Retraction

Obama and Romney: Two Sons Unlike Their Fathers

Politics - June 27, 2012

Will Ron Paul supporters be blocked from GOP National Convention?

Ron Paul's Massachusetts delegates disqualified

Ron Paul Gets Cheated Out of His Massachusetts Delegates By Republican Establishment

Gary Johnson to attend Ron Paul festival in bid to woo supporters

Ron Paul: Obamacare is a ‘misdiagnosis’ of the problem

Utah Republican Primary Results LIVE: Ron Paul Supporters Try to Get Dan Liljenquist the Win

Ron Paul Elected to CQ Roll Call Baseball Hall of Fame

Sioux City Republican criticizes Ron Paul getting Iowa delegates galore

Odd Dominion: Did Ron Paul supporters torpedo Bill Bolling's political career?

Ron Paul Hearing on Fractional-Reserve Banking

Ron Paul: Iowa's Quiet Winner

Dr. Paul Diagnoses Dr. Obama

Liberty champion Petersen says conspiracy theories hurt movement

rEVOLution Glimpses

Romney favored to win Utah presidential primary

Obama spokesman denounces ‘obvious political nature’ of Holder contempt vote

D.C. budget autonomy bill pulled after Rand Paul offers amendments on guns, abortion, unions

Fate of 2012 Election Falling Into the Hands of the Tuned-Out Youth Vote

Romney, Obama campaigns stick their hosts with the check

Jon Stewart Can't Believe Romney, Obama Fundraising Strategies

Romney, Obama Close in the Polls

Condi Rice Struggles To Differentiate Romney’s Foreign Policy From Obama’s

Courting the cookie vote: Obama vs. Romney in the presidential bake-off

Leaving the GOP for the Wrong Reasons

One World Government: Conspiratorial Fantasies or Reality Check?

Thought for the Day: Most Liberty Republicans support the Republican Platform, which is more than the Establishment Republicans can claim.

Politics - June 26, 2012

Ron Paul: On the Upcoming Ruling by the Supreme Court on Obamacare

Ron Paul supporters are not Republicans and they should not attend the GOP convention

The Ron Paul Movement Is Already Breaking Down...the takeover of the state parties to the contrary notwithstanding?

The Liberty Revolution Reaches Scotland: An Interview With Logan Scott

Ron Paul Delegates Booted in Massachusetts

Ron Paul no longer winning T-shirt race

Will Ron Paul's Supporters Help or Hurt Mitt Romney in the Coming Election?

GOP election troubles

Ron Paul: ‘Obamacare’s legal apologists wholly ignorant of constitutional principles’

Ron Paul, U.S. Government is Already Too Involved in Healthcare

Ron Paul: Obamacare ‘is more of the same misdiagnosis’

Could President Obama run against the Supreme Court?

Republicans face battle for state party leadership

Is Cedric Richmond covering for the Federal Reserve?

Utah Holds Nation’s Last Presidential Primary on Tuesday, June 26

Romney cautious in response to immigration ruling

Court hampers Romney's plea to Hispanics

Romney says immigration law has become a 'muddle'

Sen. Hatch looking to avoid revolt within GOP

Romney's Next Challenge: Woo Skeptical Republicans

Poll: Half doubt next president can fix economy

Romney's arithmetic problem

How Obama Lost Canada

President Obama's Perfect Plan For The Economic Decline Of America

Carter Is Correct — but Ignores the Growth of the Predatory State

Jimmy Carter Revisionism

Is Operation Twist the First Fed Bailout of the U.S. Treasury by the Fed

Jimmy Carter the Latest to Bury Obama – Who’s Next?

The Absurdity of NATO

The Carbon Charade Continues

Thought for the Day: The Establishment GOP in Massachusetts is retaliating against the Liberty Republicans, thereby recruiting more people to join the Liberty Movement and takeover the GOP.

Politics - June 24, 2012

Mass. Republicans oust Ron Paul delegates: They did not deliver affidavit in support of Mitt Romney on time

Ron Paul Keeps Winning the Battles, but What About the War?

Is Ron Paul headed for the Republican Party’s VP nomination?

Sen. Chuck Grassley on Paul Supporters Filling GOP “Vacuum”

Arkansas GOP to pick delegates to national convention

Ron Paul on Outsiders Becoming Insiders

Montana GOP hurts its candidates by shutting out Paul people

Four for freedom

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Paul Tells Peeps

Is Ron Paul headed for the Republican Party’s VP nomination?

Politics 2012: Utah closes out primaries

Pawlenty near top of Romney veep list

Idaho GOP approves 32 delegates to support Romney

Is Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Status At Risk?

Ron Paul Warns Neocons, Hands Off Syria!

U.S. could become another Roman empire

Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney: A Full Look At Where Campaign Finance is Spent

Spiker: Iowa delegates likely to back Romney's nomination

What Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Ben Bernanke Know About the Economy Before Election 2012

1 in 4 Voters Still Undecided Between Romney and Obama

Poll: Obama Losing Support of Youngest Voters

Romney, 2012's Trojan Horse

So Far, No One is Winning the 2012 Election

Welfare for the Wealthy

Silicon Valley Needs a Foreign Policy

America’s Hidden Government

No One’s World: The West, the Rising Rest, and the Coming Global Turn

Hillary Clinton, the blind dissident, and the art of diplomacy in the Twitter era

Sen. Rand Paul lends support to Young America's Foundation

Rand Paul Kicks More Sand in the Face of Libertarians

Politics - June 23, 2012

For the Ron Paul Wing, Now What?

Ron Paul 'Revolution' strikes at GOP state parties

Four for freedom

Final tally gives Romney 18 delegates from Oregon

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Paul Tells Peeps

Two Ways to Keep Fighting for Ron Paul: Sue the Republican Party, or Become the Republican Party?

Mitt Romney 'loses' one Oregon delegate in final primary vote returns

Are Ron Paul’s Delegates Planning To Hijack The VP Nomination?

Which Way for the Paul Movement?

Montana GOP stabs Paul backers in the back

Ron Paul Could Raise Hell at GOP Convention

No Difference Between Obama and Romney? Or Obama and Paul?

Some Tea Party Members Still Not Sold On Romney

Liberty, Authority, and Why Libertarians Just Don’t Get It

Mitt Romney's wobbly week - US politics live

How Central Banking Keeps People Helpless and Undermines 'Preppers'

Murray Rothbard's Take on Where Rand Paul Stands on the Political Spectrum

The Rise of Rand Paul

How to Run for Office Like Ron Paul

More Sad News from Rand Paul

Ron Paul’s Task: Build Up the Remnant

Tariffs as Welfare State Economics

Obama rails against Romney on business, immigration

Whopper: White House adviser David Plouffe on Romney’s jobs record and GOP strategy

Romney, Obama on immigration plans

Romney too timid on immigration

Romney: Nation Faces 'Fork in the Road'

Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas

New Romney ads focus on his "first 100 days" as president

Politics - June 22, 2012

Morning Joe Wrong on Ron Paul and Social Security

With Economists Like Romney, Who Counts on a Recovery?

Leading Global Warming Advocate Recants! ... 'Models Fail Dramatically ...'

Ron Paul Exposed as a Hypocrite?

Ron Paul as Hypocrite?

Ron Paul 'Revolution' strikes at GOP state parties

What Ron Paul wants

Ron Paul delegates try to cut expenses at Republican National Convention

For the Ron Paul Wing, Now What?

Will Ron Paul Backers Stand In The Way Of Romney's Vice Presidential Pick?

Ron Paul seeks speaking role at Republican National Convention

Ron Paul discusses convention plans

Ron Paul backers won’t ‘take over,’ but he hopes party will embrace them

Ron Paul supporters: Lawsuit is not ‘frivolous’

Ron Paul Could Raise Hell at GOP Convention

Red Iowa Survey: Iowa’s Powerful Ron Paul Republicans Still Leery of Mitt Romney

Ron Paul wants to meet with GOP leaders

Ron Paul Refusal to Endorse Mitt Romney Proves He Stays True to His Word

What Ron Paul Knows That Mitt Romney Never Learned in His History Class

Ron Paul Campaign Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Caucus Trespassing Charge

House Bill Would Prohibit Any Intervention in Syria

Paul backers score sweeping victory in election of national GOP convention delegates

GOP Convention a Chance to Move Past Recent Fights

Obama administration rejects requests for ‘targeted killing’ papers, citing national security

Reform Advocates Say Fate of Romney’s Candidacy ‘Could Hang in the Balance’ With Thursday Speech to Latinos

The Fed’s Forthright Admission About Our Messy Economic Situation

Gold diggers’ choice: Barack Obama

Obama introduces series of ads aimed at women

Is Romney too focused on the economy?

President Barack Obama has slight lead over GOP challenger Mitt Romney in key swing state

Thought for the Day: The mainstream GOP hopes that they can disrupt the state parties taken over by Liberty Movement Republicans, but Liberty is an idea whose time has come...again.

Politics - June 21, 2012

Ron Paul: Unconstitutional Uses of Drones Must Stop

Ron Paul discusses convention plans

Ron Paul Greenlights Pre-Convention 'Festival' in Tampa

Ron Paul supporters sue GOP, claiming intimidation

Ron Paul just wants a little attention for his cause

Ron Paul's restive army aims to be heard

Ron Paul raised $1.78M in May

Iowa Delegate to GOP Nominating Convention Talks Ron Paul Support

Ron Paul: 'No way' on being ready to endorse Romney

Washington Times Explains What Ron Paul Supporters Can Learn

Romney Holding Weekend Powerfest

Rand Paul: Opposing Unconstitutional Wars

From Ron to Rand, the GOP's Paul Problem Isn't Going Away. It Also Isn't a Problem

Ron Paul's Delegate Count: Doing the Math

Rand Paul Will Succeed Ron Paul: Mitt Romney Endorsement Does Not Mean He Is a Libertarian Traitor

Paul Seeks Convention Floor Speech

Ron Paul or Mitt Romney For President: What the Polls Would Say If Today Were Election Day

Ron Paul Admits Defeat, Sort Of

Paul supporters’ takeover of Iowa GOP compared to 1980s conservative rise

Ron Paul Oregon District Convention: LIVE Supporters Aiming for Major Upset

Ron Paul Idaho State Convention: Supporters Push For Major Delegate Upset

Politically Speaking: Grassley not concerned with Ron Paul supporters getting big roles in Iowa GOP

Rand Paul Rips Romney for Saying He Could Fight Iran Without Congress

Rand's endorsement of Mitt is a step toward the Party of Paul

Changing Bad Laws, Delegate Campaigning, and the Rhode Island G-'Ho'-P

Ron Paul, Social Security opponent, acknowledges he receives benefits

Ron Paul Speaks in Opposition to Intervention in Syria on House Floor

Ron Paul Promises to Block Military Operations in Syria

The Pauls “Two-Prong Strategy?”

Thought for the Day: The mainstream GOP hopes Ron Paul has only 200 delegates to the national convention.

Politics - June 20, 2012

Is Ron Paul's campaign better with money than Mitt Romney's?

Ron Paul plans pre-convention event in Florida

Ron Paul insurgents seize control of state Republican parties

Ron Paul: 'No way' on being ready to endorse Romney

From Ron to Rand, the GOP's Paul Problem Isn't Going Away. It Also Isn't a Problem

Ron Paul plans his own RNC event to calm the waters

Ron Paul raised $1.78M in May

Ron Paul tells CNN he is not ready to endorse Romney

Ron Paul predicts 'more support than the delegate count indicates' at GOP convention

Ron Paul wins Iowa! Does that matter?

Ron Paul: Romney ‘doesn’t have the control of the hearts and the minds of the people’

Ron Paul Raises Dough For Convention Push

RNC calls 'frivolous' lawsuit by Ron Paul supporters

Ron Paul: Iowa's Quiet Winner

Ron Paul still raising big bucks

Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul: The reason behind why Rand endorsed Mitt Romney

Ron Paul to attend separate pro-Paul event in Tampa ahead of GOP convention

Longview man heading to GOP National Convention to fight for Ron Paul

Ron Paul convention delegates file suit to vote freely

Paul backers seek a role at GOP convention

Ron Paul's army may have a loud voice at GOP convention

Ron Paul Wins Iowa, the World Reacts

Ron Paul’s campaign is still operating in the black

Ron Paul supporters not giving up on his campaign for nomination from GOP

Ron Paul Will Have 200 Delegates at 2012 Republican National Convention

Ron Paul Focuses on Adding Delegates for GOP Convention in Tampa

Ron Paul not finished yet; raises nearly $2 million in May

The “Liberty Movement” and Ron Paul: What to learn from Election 2012

“Righteous Mutiny” of Paul Pres. Campaign by Group “Lawyers for Ron Paul”

Brian Doherty on Ron Paul’s Clone Army

Does Paul's Iowa delegate sweep indicate brighter days ahead for libertarians?

Politics - June 19, 2012

Does Paul's Iowa delegate sweep indicate brighter days ahead for libertarians?

Ron Paul's army may have a loud voice at GOP convention

Ron Paul secures major victory in Iowa; Defeats Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum

Ron Paul wins a majority of Iowa’s delegates, surprises critics

Iowa delegates won't push Paul in Tampa

Paul Backers Want Influence at Tampa Convention

Ron Paul Says the Old Republican Party is Dead

Paul garners convention support

Rocking the political race boat

Texas Republicans Stumble Into a Better Platform

Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama

What type of vice presidential candidate will Romney go for?

Va. GOP’s revote for convention exposes rift

Republicans' derangement couldn't come at worse time

Progressives’ defeat of Democratic incumbent is just the beginning

Romney warns Europe: Don’t expect US bailout

Republicans have a three-way in Iowa

Romney criticizes Obama’s immigration plan but declines to offer alternative

Fighting bullies

Romney won't say he'll overturn immigration order

Ron Paul wins Iowa! Does that matter?

The “Liberty Movement” and Ron Paul: What to learn from Election 2012

Virginia Ron Paul supporter named delegate to the Republican National Convention

Ron Paul's restive army aims to be heard

Paul backers score sweeping victory in election of GOP delegates

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama: A Complete Guide to Campaign Spending in Election 2012

Some Ron Paul Induced Tension at the Iowa Republican Convention?: Iowa City Daily News Links, June 18

GOP convention will check tea-party pulse

Libertarianism In The Obama-Era: Taking Stock Of Libertarianism’s Victories And Defeats

Private sector, not a sugar rush, will lift economy

Thought for the Day: It should not matter if Obama is a Muslim and Romney is a Mormon. What matters is that they uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and that they give at least as much respect to Christianity as the Christian majority is expected to give to other religions.

Politics - June 17, 2012

Ron Paul delegates sue GOP to be free from voting for Romney

Romney Not Winning Over Ron Paul Supporters, GOP Influentials Say

Ron Paul touts nearly 200 delegates bound to his candidacy at Republican National Convention

Intrigue afoot at Iowa GOP district conventions tonight

More Delegates Want to Join Repub Revolt

GOP delegates sue to be free from Romney

Ron Paul Republican Has Shot at McCotter’s Open Seat

Austrian Economics Would Save Europe: Nigel Farage Debunks Keynesians

Free & Equal Top Sponsor at Ron Paul Fest

Ron Paul Has Already Changed the Future of American Politics

Rand Paul looks to curtail use of domestic spy drones

Ron Paul wins 21 of 25 delegates elected in Iowa

Ron Paul’s backers make inroads in state GOP parties; goal is influence at summer convention

Ron Paul supporters seek more influence at GOP convention

Ron Paul urges supporters to stay positive

Ron Paul supporters refuse to give up

Ron Paul Tells Supporters the Collapse of Keynesianism and War of Ideas Have Just Begun

Some Nebraska delegates at convention may back Paul

Ron Paul supporters say they will never give up

Giving up on White House, backers of Ron Paul take state paths to change GOP nationally

Joe Scarborough: I’d pick Ron Paul over Mitt Romney everytime

Is Rand Paul's Romney Endorsement "Trivial" and "Meaningless"?

Wave of Backlash Hits Ron & Rand Over Romney Endorsement, Campaign Mismanagement

Rick Santorum Wants to Fight

Die Hard Ron Paul Supporter Sums It Up Perfectly: ‘I Will Not Quit’

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul used politics to educate. Rand Paul is trying to use politics to affect change. Can Rand succeed? There is only one way to find out: try.

Politics - June 15, 2012

GOP Delegates Revolt Against Romney & RNC

RNC gives blessing to Paul rally after Rand endorsement

Rand Paul Answers Critics But the 'Big Question' Remains

A Few Questions, Concerning the Present Ron Paul Campaign Situation

Obama vs. Romney in Ohio: what dueling speeches were all about

Romney Backers Brace For Paul 'Circus' In Iowa

Ron Paul Supporters Plan a Second Pre-Convention Festival

Stalled by GOP convention committee, Ron Paul festival goes on

Romney has much to gain from a deal with Ron Paul

Ron Paul supporters now working on two pre-RNC festivals

Ron Paul Wins the Coveted Scarborough Vote (And Should Have Swept the Right in General)

Ron Paul Endorsed Lee Bright Wins SC State Senate GOP Primary

Pro-Paul emphasis splits Iowa Republicans

Ron Paul Still Isn't Sure If He's Going To His Own Republican Convention Festival

The Republican Party Fails to Embrace the Paradigm Shift

Ron Paul Has Already Changed the Future of American Politics

Rand Paul's baffling support for Mitt Romney's cowboy foreign policy

Thomas Cox: Oregon’s Ron Paul

Is Libertarianism ‘Real’ Conservatism?

Rand Paul defends decision

Rand Paul: Endorsing Romney was ‘compromising on strategy, not on principle’

Ron Paul Appeals to Women, Not Just College-Age White Men

Is a GOP Goon Squad Intimidating Ron Paul Delegates into Voting Romney at Convention?

Rand Paul interview: liberty and reality

Ron Paul Reading List: The Secret Behind Libertarian Success is Hidden in These Books

Romney’s Worst Nightmare: Gary Johnson + Ron Paul

Rand Paul takes on drone surveillance

Ron Paul: Allow markets to work free of government interference

What if we dumped the Fed and returned to the gold standard?

Nevada Primary Results LIVE: Ron Paul Absence Equals Record Low Turnout in Nevada

What the Neocons Really Want

Thought for the Day: After listening to the Daily Paul Interview with Rand Paul, it should be obvious that Sen. Paul has not sold out his father and the movment.

Politics - June 13, 2012

Ron Paul: The CBO Sees the Economic Cliff Ahead

Paul supporters are heroes

The GOP Has Finally Agreed To Let Ron Paul Fans Host Their Huge Convention Festival

Reality Check: North Dakota’s Property Tax Vote

Ron Paul festival set for fairgrounds in Tampa August 24-26

MSNBC Joe Scarborough Praises Ron Paul

Joe Scarborough: Why I voted for Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Party of Iowa

Is Ron Paul (maybe) getting ready to endorse Mitt Romney?

“Lawyers For Ron Paul” Filing Suit Against The RNC

An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

Ron Paul alive in Indiana Republican politics

Fat Cats Running Scared

Nevada Primary Will Be a Sleepy Affair: No Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney Means Low Turnout

Ask a Libertarian: With Ron Paul retiring, who will pick up the mantle of the libertarian movement?

Democrats seek to capitalize on GOP rift

The Congressional Budget Office Sees the Economic Cliff Ahead

Libertarian Party Bashes Rand Paul

The Ron Paul Revolution becomes a distraction if supporters just fade away

America: Hurtling Towards the Cliff

Ron Paul supporter to Rand Paul: Burn in Hell!

Goode Enough for Paul Supporters?

North Dakota going tax free?

Libertarians say Rand Paul betrayed his father’s principles after endorsing Romney

Ron Paul, John Boehner and Endorsements

Paul Delegates, Paul’s Party

Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Ron Paul scores surprise delegates in New Mexico!

Some secret truths about Ron Paul that very few know

Rand Paul's Misguided Endorsement Shows Us Where Freedom Begins

Has the Rand Paul Campaign Been Infiltrated?

Politics - June 12, 2012

Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgusted with him!

He's a fan: One man's defense of Ron Paul

Gingrich disagrees with Jeb Bush on GOP

Ron Paul: Economics 101 Is Not Rocket Science!

Money Is Power

Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement going over like a hot turd in the punch bowl

Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Proves He's a True Libertarian Leader, Not Ron Paul Enemy

It's the tea party vs business repubs again in Texas GOP primary showdown

Two words for those upset by the Rand Paul endorsement of Mitt Romney: Grow. Up.

Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, and the Future of the Ron Paul Revolution

Some Libertarians Need Social Skills

Liberty Takes A Critical Blow

Jesse Ventura lets both sides have it in new book

Paul grassroots group files civil suit against GOP

Has the Rand Paul Campaign Been Infiltrated?

Justin Raimondo in 2010 on Rand Paul

Free Trade: The Litmus Test of Economics

Secrecy is hallmark of Romney campaign

Romney campaign reluctant to let the press in

Thought for the Day: Given how many of Romney's and Santorum's delegates are Ron Paul supporters, why would there be any reason for the Ron Paul delegates to "seek a convention fight"?

Politics - June 11, 2012

Four ways Email Marketing Will Make or Break the 2012 Presidential Election

Will Ron Paul delegates make Romney flip flop again?

Ron Paul says supporters will be out in force in Tampa

Rick Santorum: Ron Paul supporters seeking convention fight

Paul's disciples seek local offices

Louisiana Republican convention devolves into separate meetings?

Santorum vs. Paul at the Convention

Rick Santorum: I am concerned about Ron Paul

Alaska's GOP Convention Over Before it Starts

Ron Paul, Big Drinks & Raw Milk

Walker to Romney: Channel Reagan

Every Republican in Iowa should care about the GOP 'Civil War'

GOP looks for unity amid top turnover

Big Country donors shifted dollars from Perry to Romney

What Mitt Romney is Likely to do to Obamacare during a Romney Administration

Has Rand Paul Sold Out on End the Fed?

Rand Paul Negative Feedback to Romney Endorsement Explodes on Facebook

When Murray Rothbard Endorsed George Bush

A Fork in the Revolution

Pauls Want Raw Milk Access in Farm Bill & GOP Platform

Obama, Romney Campaigns Go Flub For Flub

Looming tax hike not the biggest ever

Ohio and Obama: Nothing is certain

Computer model shows perfect storm for Obama

Romney: Who needs cops and firemen?

Obama Super PAC Ad: "If Mitt Romney Wins, The Middle Class Loses"

The 8 best 'I won't be Romney's running mate' lines

Resurrecting W.: Why George Bush Still Matters in 2012

Romney’s surrogates are wrong…and they probably know it, too

Thought for the Day: The headlines bleating that all members of the Liberty Movement are furious with Rand Paul are establishment Republican propaganda to push us out of the party.

Politics - June 10, 2012

Hey, Rand Paul...Welcome to the Internet Reformation

Why did Rand Paul forsake his dad Ron Paul for Mitt Romney?

Keeping Ron Paul's liberty movement alive

Ron Paul Supporters Are Really Pissed That Rand Paul Endorsed Mitt Romney

Rand Paul Tells Newsmax Why He Now Backs Romney

Alex Jones to Ron Paul: Don't destroy yourself

Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul delegates over party platform

Rick Santorum will take on Ron Paul supporters in August

Ron Paul Could Use Rick Santorum Delegates in Tampa if He Released Them

Will Ron Paul's battle transform the party?

Ron Paul Message and Legacy Are Trashed by Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney

Anger as Alaska GOP fails to get quorum

Party split stalls Republican convention

Stalking the political elephant in the room

Breaking up and making up at Alaska Republican Party (re)convention

Quorum shortfall shows deep rift in Alaska GOP

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Chad Dewey

Ron Paul Tells Supporters They Are the Future of the Republican Party

Rand Paul Says He Wants to Be VP for Romney: Is He Selling Out the Libertarian Movement?

Rand Paul’s Endorsement of Mitt Romney Highlights Principles and Pragmatism

It’s official: Colorado is a battleground

GOP must not condone rogue machinations of ruling class

Boos more scarce, but GOP convention still divided

Castro says GOP spinning out of control

Texas Democrats watching state GOP’s rifts

Romney is barely a presence at Texas GOP gathering

Rand Paul Co-Sponsors Senator Wyden’s Industrial Hemp Amendment To Farm Bill

Analysis: Texas GOP, united against Obama, is divided on many other things

Rand Paul joins with Oregon Democrat to push for legal hemp

Ron Paul Fest In A Pickle

Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are Different

Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney, Shows Us the Difference Between Father and Son

Is This the End of the Ron Paul Campaign?

Tax-Loving Conservatives?

The Watermelon Summit

Thought for the Day: There isn't enough difference between Obama and Romney to matter. Unless the innovation cycle bails out the US economy, and soon, we are in for a very painful depression. Let Democrats take heat for the depression, and then send Rand Paul to the White House in 2016.

Politics - June 9, 2012

Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President

Why Rand Paul had to endorse Romney

Ron Paul 2012 campaign ends as Rand Paul endorses Romney

Boos more scarce, but Texas GOP convention still divided

The revolution can be evolutionary: An open letter to fans of Ron Paul

Gov. Rick Perry Sparks Boos At GOP Convention

The 'screwed generation:' No wonder so many young people are turning to Ron Paul

It Can Happen Here: Europe’s Screwed Generation and America’s

State GOP, Dem conventions winding down

Rand Paul's signal to the GOP

Rand Paul: It would be an "honor" to be considered to be Romney's VP

Ron Paul Still Roiling GOP Waters

Rand Paul endorses Romney, says dad is still 'first pick'

Ron Paul Fest In A Pickle

Rand Paul Endorses Romney (and It Matters)

Texas Republicans finding unity elusive at state convention

Ron Paul to endorse Mitt Romney? Latest comment indicates he may

Ron Paul Supporters Are Fuming Mad at Rand Paul

Paul admits loss for chance at GOP nomination: His fans lose grip on reality

Debate among Alaska GOP heading into meeting

Turnout low in primaries; Texas runoffs set for July 31

Rand Paul Supports Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Voters Bemoan

Rand Paul: Mitt Romney’s my second pick

Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul delegates over party platform

What Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement means

Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Is Sending 200 Bound Delegates to Tampa

Ron Paul fans attack Rand for endorsing Romney

Ron Paul backers raise a ruckus

Ron Paul Remains Positive As He Essentially Concedes Nomination

Will Ron Paul's battle transform the party?

Ron Paul campaign concedes: the rEVOLution endures

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul exposed what little real difference there is between the Liberal Left and the Establishment Right.

Ron Paul - June 8, 2012

Ron Paul concedes defeat, asks supporters to ‘be respectful’ in Tampa

Debate among Alaska GOP heading into meeting

Inside the Beltway: Ron Paul’s optimism

Ron Paul admits he won't be nominee

Ron Paul’s message: Unity, but not at any cost

Paul proclaims ‘freedom movement’ owns today’s youth

Paul: Why can't GOP 'unite behind Constitution?'

Finished in last? Let's throw a party!

Randy Ruedrich, Ron Paul Backers Spar Before Saturday GOP Meeting

Buffalo Co. GOP argues over rules, picks delegates

Yes, Ron Paul's wife has an 'end the fed' apron

VA Quinnipiac University Poll: Obama leads Romney by 5

Ron Paul Says He Won't Have Enough Delegates To Win GOP Nomination

Ron Paul Will Not Be President, Ron Paul Says

Carl Wimmer blames 'nonfunctional' Nevada GOP for his not getting job

Ron Paul: 'Not enough' delegates to win GOP nod

Vice President Paul?

Romney Just Making Stuff Up Now

Rand Paul endorses Romney

Mitt Romney's Identity Crisis

Texas GOP Convention LIVE: Ron Paul to Speak, Ted Cruz to Fight For Delegates

Ron Paul to speak about balancing the federal budget at Texas GOP convention

Ron Paul Acknowledges, Not Enough Delegates to Win Nomination

Ron Paul Speaking In Fort Worth Today

Paul campaign expects to place 500 supporters on the delegate floor at the Republican national convention in Tampa

Did Ron Paul just endorse Mitt Romney for president?

Louisiana GOP Divided Over National Convention Delegates

Ron Paul says supporters will be out in force in Tampa

Ron Paul deserves support of the people

Ron Paul discusses 2012 GOP election

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul won't be the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney won't be president, but even if he is America will still lose because we're going to get 4 more years of business as usual in the White House.

Ron Paul - June 7, 2012

Ron Paul: I won't be the nominee

Ron Paul: Delegate total is "not enough" to beat Romney

Ron Paul: Onward to Tampa, with nearly 200 bound delegates

Fed Critic Boasts the Gold Standard of Political Cookbooks

Talking Ron Paul's Revolution on the Radio Four Times on Thursday June 7

Floyd Bayne addresses Richmond Ron Paul club

Ron Paul Supporters Run Into GOP Roadblock

Ron Paul Flies Freak Flag, Hurting GOP

GOP establishment blocking 'Ron Paul Festival', supporters say

Ron Paul Roundup: PaulFest in Danger, 10 Percent in California (with Paul Supporter Up Against Pelosi), and Paulites Rule Nevada

GOP establishment tries to prevent Ron Paul supporters from coming to Republican convention

GOP official: NV Ron Paul supporters will back Romney

Rebellion at state GOP convention results in competing delegates list

Paul backers press GOP

Pro-Paul anger growing over fair venue

Ron Paul and the Fed: how we got to this point

Massachusetts GOP upholds election of Ron Paul delegates in Mitt Romney’s congressional district

The Billionaires' Club Gets a Visit From Mitt Romney

Texas GOP prepares to kick off Fort Worth convention

Talking About the Continuing Ron Paul Revolution at Fox News's Site

Attention Portland, Oregon! Doherty talking Ron Paul's rEVOLution at Powell's on Burnside, Friday June 8 at 7:30 p.m.

US Rep. Ron Paul: War Drums Beating Again in Washington against Syria

The Timeline to Tyranny in US: The Bill Of Rights Is No More!

Washington on fast track to war with Syria: Ron Paul

Cautionary tales from Louisiana?

New Mexico Primary Results

The good ol’ Texas ATM: Romney nets $15 million in Lone Star swing

The American Dream is much more than acquiring financial wealth

Primary Election Results: Romney, Kyrillos, LoBiondo Win in GOP

Clark County GOP Chair Cindy Lake's fumble

Republican Romney wins five more US state polls

Did Mitt Romney Sneak into Bilderberg 2012?

Praying at the Church of St. Drone

Thought for the Day: Mitt Romney is winning the Tuesday "Beauty Contests." Good for him. But federal law prohibits state beauty contests from binding delegates at the national convention.

Ron Paul - June 6, 2012

Why the GOP can't afford to ignore Ron Paul and his many fans

Paul supporters say RNC is blocking festival plans

Ron Paul Festival Confirmation Blocked by Republican National Committee

Indiana GOP ready for Paul delegates at convention

How Paul Grows the Party

Ron Paul supporters should stick around and refine their message

New Mexico GOP Primary Results

Mitt Romney and Rand Paul are a bad match

South Dakota GOP Primary Results

Ron Paul is Both Loved and Hated in California Primary

New Jersey GOP Primary Results

Can't these liberals think of anything but sex?

More fun with the Nevada GOP

Ron Paul: War Drums for Syria?

Solar Cells 23,000 Times Worse for Environment Than Carbon Dioxide

Economy top priority for many Westwood voters

Louisiana GOP convention descends into chaos

Louisiana GOP spirals into chaos as Ron Paul delegates injured, arrested

Lockout of Conservative Delegates by GOP Bosses

Who has the spine to fix the United States’ finances?

Why is Mitt Romney visiting Texas the week AFTER the primary?

Bilderberg group label protesters cockroaches, want Ron Paul dead

New Mexico Primary Results: LIVE Rand Paul Leads Tea Party Revolution for Greg Sowards

Romney Wins New Jersey Republican Presidential Primary, AP Says

Cathy McMorris Rodgers emerges as top Romney surrogate

Rachel Maddow Finally Receives A Response From Mitt Romney's Campaign

Ron Paul - June 5, 2012

Federal Law: All delegates are unbound

Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it?

Ron Paul chalks up another win, this time in Louisiana

Massachusetts GOP shouldn’t use tricks to defrock Ron Paul backers

Ron Paul Snatches Half of Louisiana's Delegates

Ron Paul supporters refuse to give up

Ron Paul's supporters ready to fight for his principles at state GOP convention in Fort Worth

GOP Primary Proves Establishment Can No Longer Ignore Paul Supporters

Paul campaign responds to supporter arrests at Louisiana GOP convention

RNC convention may be something interesting to watch

S.D. primary is Romney's to win, but Paul backers press on

Ron Paul on the income tax: Get rid of it and go to consumption taxes

Pitching In Marin For Ron Paul

Nevada GOP political director seeks to unify Romney, Paul factions

Ron Paul The Stock Guru?

Ron Paul on Washington's War Drums for Syria

As we rapidly get closer to war with Syria, Ron Paul says, 'Slow down'

Ron Paul and the GOP's Utter Lack of Cohesion

GOP to Ron Paul Supporters: Get Lost

Erin Lale Endorsed By Ron Paul 2012 Nevada Team

The 'Social Darwinist' Smear

Politics: 5 states on primary dance card

Next president should address issues of nation

GOP spends one hour talking about 15 seconds

Paul the best choice

UPDATE on RNC Refusal to Release Unused Fairgrounds for Planned Multi-Day Ron Paul Festival

Thought for the Day: Establishment Republicans say that we need to spend less. Ron Paul is the only candidate to propose a plan to actually spend less. Establishment Republicans oppose Ron Paul. Evidently, establishment Republicans don't really care all that much about spending.

Ron Paul - June 3, 2012

Why Ron Paul's fans are still amassing delegates

Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa?

Local Ron Paul die-hards spurn GOP call to unify for Romney

Ron Paul supporters takeover Louisiana Republican State Convention

Ohio GOP delegates unify for Romney

Romney gets 13 more delegates at Wash. convention

Romney Wins Majority Of Missouri Presidential Delegates

'Kind of like a family': Republicans finish state convention in Tacoma

Romney backers sweep final 10 delegates at Wash. state convention

Ron Paul wins inflation bet, makes estimated $300K in one day

Ron Paul Campaign Claims Supporters Assaulted At Louisiana GOP Convention

Romney wins 34 of 40 delegates awarded at Tacoma convention

Unemployment Rate Rises, Mitt and Barry Don't Impress, Irish Spurn Taxes: P.M. Links

Romney’s supporters controlling Wash. convention

Running on empty in this election

The Latest Leftist Smear of Patriots and Constitutionalists

New Study: Numerical and Science Literacy Cause Climate Change Skepticism

Ron Paul's Bankster Protection Portfolio Comes through Big Time, Again

Economists vs. the Gold Coin Standard

Egypt Headed for an Explosion

Romney Is a Fraud: Ann Romney Asks the Right Question

Thought for the Day: The GOP cannot win the White House without Ron Paul. Too many Republicans are prepared to vote Republican for every office, but to withhold their vote for President unless the candidate is Ron Paul. Voting for "the lesser of two evils" is not an option. Mitt "Obama-Lite" Romney would be a little less bad than the President, but not by much. Ron Paul will bring back the principles of liberty, peace and prosperity to the White House. Why would Americans vote for anything less?

Ron Paul - June 2, 2012

Washington Ron Paul supporters keep up fight at state GOP convention

Romney tidies up win as Paul supporters keep up fight

Tacoma convention center fills with Ron Paul craze support: Delegates turn out to advocate for ‘remake’ of state GOP

Ron Paul Republicans take over Nevada GOP

Ron Paul Supporters Keep Wash. GOP Convention Lively

Washington State Republican Convention Results LIVE: Ron Paul Looks to Gain More Delegates

Missouri GOP convention could see delegate battle between Romney and Paul forces

Love triangle gone awry

Louisiana Republican Convention Results LIVE: Ron Paul Seeks to Keep Caucus Advantage

Rick Santorum asks Louisiana GOP to make sure 'bona fide' supporters represent him in Tampa

Wash. Republicans to start electing delegates to August national convention

Romney enticing state’s delegates

Trouble in Republican ranks

Local Tea Party affiliated delegates headed for Indy after all

Hope for local trend to right runs high at GOP convention in Tacoma

Otoe County Republican Party Convention is June 2

State GOP Convention in Springfield, MO, This Weekend

Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9%

Col. Douglas A. Macgregor, Vets for Ron Paul Spokesman: Don't Call Fallen Soldiers 'Heroes'

Ron Paul Endorsed by South Dakota State Rep. Brian Liss

Super PAC Funding Questioned in Kentucky Election of Ron Paul-Supported Thomas Massie

Will Council Bike Helmet Law Drive People to Vote for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Polls

Josh Romney Gets Applause And Boos At Wash. GOP Convention

Sen. Paul to Address Pakistan Imprisonment of Bin Laden Informant; Calls for eliminating foreign aid to Pakistan until Dr. Shakil Afridi’s conviction is overturned and he is released

Robert Wenzel: What Took Place During My Interview with Gary Johnson?

America's Perpetual War

Daily Paul Malware Alert

446 delegates at stake this week

Ron Paul - June 1, 2012

'Ron Paul Festival' Could Bring 100k Supporters to GOP Convention

Paul’s “Machine”

Ruedrich says no to reconvened Alaska GOP convention

Ron Paul's political map

5 Disruptions Ron Paul Has Caused the Republican Party

Ron Paul Iowa

Ron Paul to Retire From Congress, Leaving Behind a Unique Legacy and Philosophy

The Irresistibility of Ron Paul

Ron Paul is Worth Almost $5.2 Million

Attention Paul people: you say you want a revolution?

Five House Members Pledge to Continue Rep. Ron Paul's Fight For Saner Marijuana Policies

Sheldon Richman on Mitt Romney’s Shallow Understanding of Basic Economics

Could Romney pick Rand Paul for VP?

State GOP divided over ballot dispute

The Case For Monetary Freedom

Can Romney herd the big cats still prowling inside the GOP tent?

White House hopeful Johnson becomes eligible for federal matching funds

Why Romney

Hello, Mitt? It’s me, Barry. Why are Republicans still voting for Rick and Newt?

America and future wars

How To Win a Tariff War


Ron Paul: Floor Speech, Syria June 19 2012

RNC's Choice: Liberty or Death?

Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul Supporters
Are Taking Over the States

Ron Paul CNN Interview RNC CONvention
Lawsuit On RNC, Mitt Endorsement?

Ron Paul on Morning Joe - June 20, 2012

Ron Paul Can Still Win the Nomination if GOP
Delegates Are Free to Vote their Conscience

Ron Paul OK with Rand's Romney Endorsement

Ron Paul Message to Supporters

Tom Woods Has Info Ron Paul
Will Not Be Endorsing Romney

“Lawyers For Ron Paul” Filing Suit Against The RNC
Election Fraud Remedy

Alex Jones: Ron Paul, Don't Destroy Yourself

Gerald Celente: Ron & Rand Paul Are
Killing Their Movement!

Julie Borowski: Ron Paul's rEVOLution
The Man and the Movement He Inspired

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different

Ron Paul's Speech at the Texas GOP Convention
(1 of 4)

Texas State Convention Starts Today


Bilderberg wants Ron Paul Dead

Judge Napolitano: Red Light
Cameras Gimmick to Raise Money

Just How Libertarian is Gary Johnson?

G. Edward Griffin on Ron Paul's
Restore America Plan

Reality Check: Did Mitt Romney Really
Secure GOP Nomination With Texas Win?
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