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Ron Paul - May 31, 2012

Ron Paul: Capital Controls Have No Place in a Free Society

Breaking: Romney did not win nomination

Ron Paul’s political geography — his strengths and weaknesses

RNC: Delegates not bound to any candidate on 'first ballot'

Ron Paul Roundup: Texas Primary and a Continued Thorn in Romney's Side (While Rand Meets Mitt)

Ron Paul: The “Ex-PATRIOT” Act – America’s Berlin Wall For Tax Refugees

I realize we can't get Ron Paul; but does Mitt have to be King George III?

Ron Paul Roundup: Trounced in Texas, but Delegate Fight Moves On

Ron Paul is worth up to $5.2 million

Ron Paul Supporters to Meet for Summer Festival

Another writer says Ron Paul should drop out now

Top Ten: Ron Paul dominates most popular stories

Bickering continues before reconvened Alaska GOP convention

Ron Paul Loses His Home District

Do, do run, Ron. Run. Do, do run, Ron

Texans seeing Red: Republicans dominate primary forecast for November?

US Tea Party fans to boycott presidential election

How Ron Paul is Injecting Principle into the GOP

Ron Paul backers protest GOP hearing

Book Review: ‘Ron Paul’s Revolution’

Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite

Thought for the Day: The delegate selection process in Texas is held separately from the primary. So even if Romney does win primary, that doesn't mean he will win the delegates. Nor is he anywhere close to having enough delegates. Paul has won or is leading in 11 states, only a few of which are being reported by the mainstream media. And none of the "bound delegates" are actually bound. So all those Ron Paul delegates who are supposedly bound to Romney...aren't. This is a real horse race that will culminate with a brokered convention in Florida.

Ron Paul - May 30, 2012

Romney won the initial Texas primary, but the race is far from over?

Texas win does little for Romney

Ron Paul: Fad, or revolutionary?

Romney to Clinch Nomination Today

Romney/Paul split weighing on Spokane county GOP

What’s ‘Wacky’ About Wanting to Eliminate the USDA?

In the last couple of days Romney has said he would not cut spending, would not cut the military, but not how he will make America great!

Texas ballot dramas play out below presidential tickets

House to Vote on Ron Paul Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve

Ron Paul Revolution on Hold in Massachusetts

How Bill Kristol Purged the Arabists

Romney ready to claim GOP nomination after Texas

America's Perpetual War

Bilderberg Reporting Hits Matt Drudge, Reaches Millions

Donald Trump steals limelight from Romney campaign

Rand Paul Taking the Mantle From His Dad

Ron Paul supporters plan a PaulFest in Tampa just before GOP convention

Ron Paul Should Drop Out Now

Ron Paul supporters to protest GOP meeting in Marlboro tonight

Ron Paul, Gold and the Reality of Moore's Law

Texas primary to give Mitt Romney the GOP nod to face Obama - Not true

You can't change Washington from the outside

House will vote on Audit the Fed in July

Mitt Romney to secure GOP nomination today after Texas primary

Mitt Romney Says He Needs Donald Trump’s Support Despite Views on Obama’s Birth Certificate

What his libertarianism means?

Ron Paul - May 28, 2012

Whatcom GOP sees flood of precinct filings from Ron Paul supporters

Mass. GOP moves to invalidate caucus ballots

Ron Paul wins delegates in Minnesota, other states

Ron Paul receives another endorsemen

Is Ron Paul the Best Hope for Progressives?

Newton GOP doesn’t want my vote

Minnesota's cookie-cutter GOP

Pastor Andrew Concerned over Support for 'Mormon Mitt Romney'

Republicans head to polls to pick House candidate

Bumps in the Bay State road for Romney team

RNC protester proposes area for speeches, bands

Paul takeover complete

Ron Paul Supporters Planning Festival

Ron Paul's Alamo, Romney Can Win the Nomination, Obama Faces Competition

Mitt Romney calls for troops on the ground in Syria

Texas could put Romney near or over 1,144-delegate threshold

Ron Paul strategy keeps things interesting

New Alaska GOP boss Russ Millette calls on party to reconvene convention

Is it raining libertarians, or what?

Dropping Bombs on Other People

The Republican Party finds its soul

Ron Paul has most young supporters, and other online stats

Rand Paul Stands Up To FDA Abuses

Ron Paul Not a Quitter

Rift continues within Alaska Republican Party

Ron Paul versus Barack Obama, on Weed

Thought for the Day: The establishment of both major parties view the Constitution as "well beyond the fringe."

Ron Paul - May 26, 2012

Paul Supporters Robbed at County Convention in GA; Win Some Justice Against Establishment GOP

Ron Paul revolution is well beyond the fringe

The party of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Not A Concern For Ohio GOP Chair

Rand Paul’s leverage with Mitt

Rift continues within Alaska Republican Party

Ron Paul is still in it

Sen. Rand Paul: The FDA is Armed-Guess Who Else?

Paul backers lose bid to take Ada delegates from Romney

Florida prepares for GOP convention and hurricane season

Friends and Enemies

Gary Johnson says peace is cheaper than war in newest campaign ad

America today is pro-war, pro-capitalist, pro-empire and in retrograde!

Thinking About the Definition of Patriotism on Memorial Day

Who are the Kool-Aid Drinkers Now?

Romney declared winner in WV GOP primary

Mitt Romney declining to disclose names of campaign bundlers

Barack Obama Blows the Lid Off Mitt Romney's "Cowpie of Distortion"

Why Is Mitt Romney Embracing Birther Donald Trump?

The Tea Party's Senate Insurgency Hits Texas

Romney’s Big Fat Wet Kiss to Keynesian Economics

Ron Paul’s Push For Full Fed Audit Slated For House Vote

HOT Rand Paul has Private 30 Minute Meeting with Mitt Romney

Ron Paul versus Barack Obama, on Weed

What To Expect at the GOP Convention in Tampa

Ron Paul - May 25, 2012

Romney Woos Senator Paul

The once and future Ron Paul

The once and future Ron Paul

Ron Paul: NDAA Tyranny Continues!

Ron Paul leads ‘revolution of ideas’

It's the Paulites vs. GOP

Liberty Defined: Insight Into Ron Paul’s 2012 GOP Campaign

In N.H., Romney lags with independents

Tea Party prepares for a victory party

Ron Paul backer, 21, creates $1.3 million super PAC

Ron Paul: NDAA Tyranny Continues!

Nevada Officials Resign After Ron Paul Takeover

Ron Paul supporters roil Clark County, Nevada, GOP

A Revolution Comes to Minnesota

Ron Paul Supporters Backing Gay Candidate In Texas

The party of Ron Paul?

How Ron Paul is Changing the Debate

It's Rand Paul vs. armed bureaucrats

Rand Paul Wins One in Senate Passage of FDA Bill

Rand Paul: Government A Failed Business That Romney Can Turn Around

The Big Issue Facing the US Is Bain Capital

Rand Paul Attempt to End Raids on Natural Food Stores Fails in Senate

Gary North: Why We are Not on the Road to Serfdom

Thought for the Day: For Romney to deliver 6 percent unemployment by the end of his first term, he would have to do what Ron Paul would do. But he won't, so he can't.

Ron Paul - May 24, 2012

Jim Clark: A look at the following Ron Paul has amassed

Grandfather’s Millions Make Paul Fan a Political Player

Massie win key for super PACs, tea party

Coalition to Reduce Spending looks for candidates to endorse

Ron Paul Roundup: New York Times Respects His Movement's Power, Rand Paul Endorses, and Remember the Christian Right?

A College Millionaire With a Super-PAC Shows the Rich Don't Ruin Democracy

Recent Ron Paul's Revolution Video, from PBS Newshour and Business Insider

Gingrich: Ron Paul 'Biggest Danger' For Romney in Tampa

Kentucky News Review: Rand Paul is endorsing candidates across the U.S.

Can't Fix What They Won't Acknowledge

What is going on? Why did Romney and Obama stink so bad in Arkansas and Kentucky?

Paul voters more committed to a philosophy than to Republicans

Ron Paul supporters seeking control of state GOP

Arkansas Primary Results: Ron Paul Finishes Behind Mitt Romney, But President Obama May Be Real Loser

Romney adds to delegate lead with win in Kentucky

Hotline Sort: Rand Paul Rising

Rand Paul Offers an Amendment that Would End Raids on Natural Food Stores and Amish Farmers

Nine Paragraphs that will Help You Understand the Financial Panics of 1873, 1884 1893, and 1907

Ron Paul fans work to put on festival just before Republican National Convention

Obama, Romney campaign fundraising war escalates

Mitt Romney pledges 6 percent unemployment by the end of first term

Bruce Willis likens Romney to ‘Hillbillies’ character

Ron Paul - May 23, 2012

Ron Paul has already won

Arkansas and Kentucky Don't Have Barack's Back

Ron Paul supporters set sights lower on the ballot

Mitt Romney adds to GOP delegate lead with win in Kentucky

Herman Cain learned from Ron Paul and is calling for a return to a gold standard

The Ron Paul Warning

Ron Paul 2012 libertarian revolution delegates, and now done.

Banners support Ron Paul

Oklahoma State GOP Delegate Binding: LIVE Ron Paul Wins Delegates

Ron Paul fans work to put on festival just before Republican National Convention

Two heads of same beast

Swinging Republican: Small Business Owners in Swing States Back GOP Candidates, According to New Manta Survey

elections Ron Paul Supporter Wins Precinct 1915 Committeeman Coin Toss

Mitt Romney Vs. Rand Paul in 2016?

Vote Ron Paul for President

Five Things Ron Paul Wants

Ron Paul Endorsed by Rapid City, South Dakota City Councilman Jordan Mason

Media incapable of holding neutral opinion of Ron Paul

Paulites Dominate State Republican Convention

Ron Paul On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues

Tim Cavanaugh on Why the GOP Is Losing

Rand Paul-approved Thomas Massie Winning GOP Primary for a Kentucky House Seat

Attention Los Angeles-Area Reasonoids! Doherty talking Ron Paul's rEVOLution at Book Soup on Sunset, Tuesday 7 p.m.

Ron Paul’s delegate strategy could pay off at GOP convention

Rand Paul Tests Political Influence

Minnesota GOP folds its big tent

Ron Paul: On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues

Will Ron Paul Supporters Vote for Mitt Romney?

Thought for the Day: The elite don't care whether Obama or Romney win, as long as it's anybody but Ron Paul; but they are the past, while the Ron Paul r3volution is our future.

Ron Paul - May 22, 2012

Ron Paul 'Bloodless Coup' in Minnesota Takes Most Delegates. Now What?

Ron Paul’s Movement Can Make GOP Consistently Conservative

Ron Paul’s Endgame?

Bachmann Gets To Go To Tampa Thanks To Generous Paul Supporter

Ron Paul Endorsed by South Dakota State Rep. Jon Hansen

The Ron Paul Delegate Strategy Wounds a Republican Rising Star

Kentucky Primary Results LIVE: Ron Paul Looks to Win Delegates in Rand Paul Country

Ron Paul 2012 campaign, supporters, GOP Divide.

Athens GOP loses delegates to state convention

Politico Smears Bilderberg Opposition

Can Anti-establishment Republicans Give the GOP a Senate Majority?

Ron Paul Decisively Wins Minnesota and Carries Delegates in Multiple Other States

Ron Paul 2012 Campaign: Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'

Ron Paul, still competing, continues his delegate winning streak in Minnesota

Paul campaign believes GOP cheating cost Paul a win in Arizona

Ron Paul's message to GOP

What Does Ron Paul Want? Hint: It's Not About The 2012 GOP Nomination

Ron Paul takes 32 Minnesota delegates

Ron Paul, Still Running for President, Wins Minnesota

Texas' GOP convention will be a reunion for Ron Paul's family

The once and future Ron Paul

Paul could impact GOP convention

"Central bankers are intellectually bankrupt"

America Last: Will Zionist Pressure Force Rand to Rewrite Ron’s America-First Foreign Policy?

Rand Paul Releases Book Two in Fall

Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee step into House primary battles

This Terrifying Amendment Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

What's Next For The Ron Paul Revolution

Herman Cain Calls for a Return to the Gold Standard

Rand Paul Anti-Big Government Book Coming This Fall

The Coming Meltdown in College Education & Why The Economy Won’t Get Better Any Time Soon

Thought for the Day: Obama and Romney with their billionaire patrons rake in campaign money, yet neither of them draw crowds like Ron Paul.

Ron Paul - May 21, 2012

Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US's Future

Ron Paul 'bloodless coup' in Minnesota takes most delegates. Now what?

Ron Paul exit spared son from awkward Ky. primary

Ron Paul Sweeps Minn. RNC Delegates in Surprise

Mitt Romney Has No Practical Reason to Select Ron Paul as His Running Mate

Republicans in chaos

Third party a lost cause

Rand Paul's cynical budget

Upheaval in Alaska GOP appears far from over

Paul family will be well-represented at Texas GOP convention

Historian Brian Doherty examines the unprecedented Ron Paul phenomenon

The Buzz | Why Ron Paul is pulling back

Congratulations to Congressman Ron Paul on His Efforts to Unify Republican Party to Defeat Obama

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign is no more people.

Paul forces hand Romney another massive defeat in Minnesota GOP convention.

Obama Is Crushing Romney In The Money Race

JPMorgan Chase and Central Banking

Is 2016 tempting to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul?

Obama Campaign Spending About Half of Total Raised

Romney Poised to Raise More Money Than Obama

Conservative donors staying away from Romney

Romney Super PAC sees fundraising dip in April

Vanderbilt poll: Obama closes gap with Romney in Tennessee

Romney and Obama neck and neck

Obama, Romney use states’ rights as they see fit

More Billionaires Backing Romney Super PAC

In Romney, Mormons see path to Christian mainstream

What do Ron Paul's delegate wins in Minnesota actually mean?

Thought for the Day: No Ron Paul, no Republican president.

Ron Paul - May 20, 2012

45 of the 50 Minnesota delegates to back Ron Paul

They Just Don't Get It!

Ron Paul Wins Minnesota State Convention

Alaska GOP leadership focuses on elections, says Republicans played role in redistricting

Paul supporters turn out in force

Ron Paul supporters unhappy with results of Michigan Republican Party Convention

Michigan GOP unites behind Romney at state convention - Romney 32: Paul - 6

Republicans leave convention with problems, optimism

Johnson to GOP activists upset with Ron Paul supporters: 'Get over it'

Ron Paul backers complete weekend sweep in Minnesota

Coin Toss to Decide Northwest Boise Precinct Committee Race

Paul backers pick up delegate slots to GOP convention; negate Romney sweep

Ron Paul and the Fountain of Youth

Paul Craig Roberts: "The Global War on Terrorism": Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?

Ron Paul backers continue 2012 revolution

With Eye On Future, Billionaire Investor Bets On Paul

The Buzz: Ron Paul supporters vote 'neigh' on shutting down their own event

Paul gets warm welcome at Minn. GOP convention

Ron Paul Endorsed by South Dakota State Rep. Jon Hansen Young conservative leader says, "Ron Paul's consistency and integrity goes unmatched in today's political environment."

Author Brian Doherty explains Ron Paul’s ambivalence on gay issues

Can the Romney Campaign Co-opt the Ron Paul Movement? Fat Chance

Ron Paul Biography (Republican)

Ron Paul rocks GOP Convention

Ron Paul-Backed Senate Candidate Wins At Minn. GOP Convention

The econ teacher and the senator

Ron Paul strategy: Control the GOP from the inside out

Ron Paul to headline TX GOP convention

Ron Paul backers get rowdy as party regulars reject them

Paul Craig Roberts: Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?

Gary North: The Looming Reversal of Centralization

Ron Paul - May 18, 2012

Ron Paul adds mystery to Minn. GOP convention

Ron Paul woos GOP delegates

What Does Ron Paul Want?

Minnesota Republican Convention LIVE: Ron Paul Wins More Delegates, Steals the Show

In Nevada, rift divides state GOP, RNC

Ron Paul disciple favored to win GOP Senate endorsement

RPT announces Ron Paul convention breakout session

New Nevada GOP chair blames past leaders for party problems, says he has plan to win

DE Libertarian Party convention Saturday in Dover

Ron Paul movement to Alaska- It’s not over yet

Ron Paulites expected to rule Minnesota Republican convention

Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters

Attn. New York City Reasonoids! TONIGHT!! Come See Ron Paul's rEVOLution Author Brian Doherty at a 8 p.m. May 17 Event

Ron Paul Fights Indefinite Detention

rEVOLution Infinite: Thoughts on a Money Bomb Thursday

Paul supporters to make mark at Minn. GOP meeting

Ron Paul Supporters Won't Fall for Gary Johnson Weird Watermelon Political Ad

Ron Paul looks for new donations with ‘Stand for Liberty money bomb’

Ron Paul and the Nebraska Primary Prove Sarah Palin Could Make a Difference

Ron Paul ties President Obama, according to latest poll

Ron Paul discusses plan for 2012 campaign

Paul has 'no plans' for third run

Ron Paul: Will His Supporters Jump Onto the Romney Bandwagon?

Ron Paul Wins in Nevada, So Romney and the RNC Buy a New Party

RNC, Romney campaign will erect new organization to bypass state GOP

Grassley not alarmed by Tea Party, Paul supporters’ success

Report: Romney, RNC to build 'shadow state party' in Nevada

Ron Paul and Political Mavericks: Why Party Establishments Oppose Them

Clark County, NV GOP Clashes With National Party

Andrew Napolitano: Is There a Drone in Your Backyard?

Thought for the Day: Establishment Republicans denigrate Ron Paul...for having a vision that extends beyond this election.

Ron Paul - May 17, 2012

Ron Paul is Not Dropping Out: RP Delegate Hunt Gets Confused With the Death of His 2012 Campaign

Time to Dump the Criminal Justice System

RNC, Romney campaign will erect new organization to bypass (Nevada) state GOP

Grassley: Tea party, Paul victories no threat to GOP

Romney wins Oregon, Nebraska primaries

Are some Ron Paul supporters going rogue?

Romney inches closer to clinching GOP nomination

A Libertarian Could Be Elected President

Ron Paul has 'no plans' for third-party run

Ron Paul A to Z: A Summary of RP Libertarian Political Positions

Paul winds down campaign but keeps delegates

Romney adds to delegate haul in Oregon with endorsement of super-delegates

Ron Paul should hold landmark hearings about reinstating Glass-Steagall

Moving Forward: Mitt Romney, Tampa and The rEVOLution

How Ron Paul is Winning

Ron Paul, Adam Smith Push To End Indefinite Detention Of Americans

Establishment slate controls Ada County GOP, beats back effort by Idaho Ron Paulers to overturn Romney win

Key county GOP calls for Priebus resignation

King: Romney won't be that different than Obama

Will Ron Paul Fire Jesse Benton?

Herman Cain endorses Mitt Romney

Hawaii’s GOP delegates break down as planned

Nev. Republicans Wary of Paul Role in State Party

AP: Romney giving up on Massachusetts

Recent veterans support Obama over Romney

Look For a Ron Paul Win in Idaho (Seriously ... and Here's Why)

Chris Christie Will Not Deliver New Jersey to Mitt Romney

Ron Paul sets up Rand for 2016

Ron Paul 2012 campaign at a standstill now.

Ron Paul Delegates Set to Mount First Ballot Upset at GOP National Convention

Ron Paul says he’s not suspending presidential bid

Ron Paul still targeting state convention delegates

Ron Paul plays the long game

Politics Primary 2012: GOP Precinct Commissioner On Ron Paul and Redistricting

Lew Rockwell to Ron Paul Delegates: Consider Skipping the Convention

Thought for the Day: In what should be a profound grasp of the obvious: The GOP cannot win the White House without Ron Paul and his supporters.

Ron Paul - May 16, 2012

Is Ron Paul Dead Yet, Dorothy? Drop a House on Him ...

Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists

My Message to the GOP Establishment

Shameless NeoCons Still Running the GOP

Moving Forward: Mitt Romney, Tampa and The rEVOLution

Why Ron Paul's new campaign strategy just might work

Ron Paul still aims for delegates at state conventions to push GOP

Paul: I can't win the GOP nomination

Ron Paul 2012, Dennis Kucinich still politically friendly.

Is he in or is he out?

Paul: 'We will no longer spend resources'

Candidates Don't Vote, As If Realizing Politics An Exhausted Idol

Iowa, Again, Serves as Proving Ground for Romney

Oregon Primary LIVE Results: Ron Paul Supporters Keep Marching

Ron Paul Is Finally Going to Stop Campaigning for Presidency

Ron Paul backers' plan: Transform the GOP

Idaho Primary Results Live: Ron Paul Steals Delegates From Mitt Romney

Ron Paul to Attend Minnesota State GOP Convention

Ron Paul Wins Idaho? State Election Exemplifies Libertarian's Successful Delegate Strategy

Ron Paul Ends Active Campaigning

George W. Bush offers tepid endorsement of Romney

Sen. Rand Paul & "Ron Paul's Revolution" Author on 2012 Presidential Race

Follow the Nebraska and Oregon Primaries on Social Media

No one but Paul: Ron Paul supporters are here to stay

Paul's campaign move is signal he's focused on future

Ron Paul - End of Mend the Fed?

Ron Paul supporters attempt hijack of Arizona GOP convention

Could Ron Paul really have an impact on the GOP convention?

Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich won’t soon be forgotten

FACT CHECK: Romney ignores a huge recession and other causes of nation’s mounting debt

"Chaos" as Romney and Paul Supporters Clash at GOP Conventions

What will we do without Ron Paul?

Ron Paul says he's not suspending presidential bid

Ron Paul not likely to win, not likely to quit

Ron Paul Campaign Does Not Want to Have to Stick Delegates in Convention Time-Out

Ron Paul Out – All Fun From The GOP Race Is Over!

Paul hopes to influence Republican agenda at convention

Ron Paul — still a presidential candidate — won’t endorse Mitt Romney any time soon

Ron Paul endorsement of Mitt Romney unlikely, says adviser

Paul Campaign Makes Major Announcement

What Does Ron Paul Have Against Gary Johnson?

Ron Paul Campaign Will Train Delegates To Behave Themselves

Rand, Rush and the Religious Right

Can Ron Paul’s “Respectful” Delegation Shift the National Republican Agenda?

Ron Paul campaign: We won’t win, but we won’t quit

Ron Paul camp: Supporters to be "respectful" at GOP convention

Ron Paul has not ended his campaign, other media has it wrong

Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy: What's in It for Romney?

Thought for the Day: All the news reports claiming that Ron Paul has suspended his campaign and has effectively ended his bid for the White House are a lie. He is still in the race but he is no longer campaigning in primary states so that he can focus all of his resources on campaigning in the caucus states.

Ron Paul - May 15, 2012

Ron Paul Statement on Campaign Going Forward

Ron Paul Delegate Strategy Keeps Him in the Race Until the GOP Convention

Ron Paul suspends presidential campaign

Ron Paul’s message to the GOP

Ron Paul's campaign goes inactive. Sort of.

Ron Paul effectively ending presidential campaign

Ron Paul scales back campaign

As Ron Paul Shutters Primary Campaign, Republican Backer Sheldon Adelson's Fortune Plummets $1 Billion

Break up the banks: How Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren can change the world

Gary Johnson: ‘I Will Continue The Ron Paul Revolution’

Women of the Ron Paul Revolution

Ron Paul says he'll stop spending money on primaries

Young voters are leaning libertarian, but only Ron Paul seems to notice

With Ron Paul Aside Will Iowa City Republicans Rally Around Romney?

Swing Voters Absent in 2012

Ron Paul Reins in His Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul stops campaigning for White House

Ron Paul scales back presidential campaign

Growing Pains at GOP Nevada Convention

Ron Paul pivots campaign, continues delegate hunt

Ron Paul: ‘We will no longer spend resources’ campaigning

EXCLUSIVE: Why Ron Paul Is Done With The Primaries

Ron Paul pares back presidential campaign, continues delegate hunt

Romney, Ron Paul & RNC Rules

Nonprofit Prods Ron Paul for Repayment of Flights

Poll: Obama leading Mitt Romney among veterans

Ron Paul Starts to Scale Back Presidential Campaign

Paul ends active campaigning in GOP primaries

Paul to Stop Spending Without Ending Presidential Campaign

Did Ron Paul Change the Republican Party?

A Fond Farewell to Ron Paul, Who’s Not Really Leaving

Ron Paul announces new strategy

Why Ron Paul's 2012 effort may not really be over

Ron Paul Quits Primary Fight, But Still Emerges A Winner

Thought for the Day: You know something is seriously wrong with the country when supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights is considered "radical."

Ron Paul - May 14, 2012

Meet The Women Of The Ron Paul Revolution

Oklahoma GOP State Convention: LIVE Ron Paul Wins Delegates

GOP Establishment makes a mockery of the democratic process in Oklahoma

Ron Paul Supporters Chased by Mitt Romney at Oklahoma Republican State Convention

Chaos at the Oklahoma convention, police called to assist

Ron Paul Campaign Statement Concerning RNC Rule 11

Ron Paul Campaign Statement on Idaho Grassroots Activity

Arizona Ron Paul supporters boo Romney's son off stage

Paul backers boo Romney son off stage

Conservative leader chides Sen. Paul for gay marriage comments

Sen. Rand Paul Attacks Obama Marriage Views

Ron Paul backs Ted Cruz for Senate — but Cruz not backing Paul for president

After complaints about "illegal" activity, Ron Paul faction takes GOP convention to parking lot

Oklahoma Republicans elect delegates to national convention

Both parties got us in this mess

Paul delegates won fair and square; convention not history's worst, either

Will Ron Paul Serve as Mitt Romney's Vice President?

Romney's Ron Paul Problem

Paul Winning Delegates, But He Needs Your Help!

Idaho Ron Paul Supporters Plan to Take Control of State Convention

Ron Paul Roundup: Oklahoma Progress, Budget Plan Hit by Romney, and Women! Women! Women!

Blue Dog Democrats and Decline to State voters are swaying California toward Ron Paul

Vote for Ron Paul in the June 5 primary

Paul for free enterprise

Ron Paul Is a Threat to the GOP Old Guard, Whether They Admit it Or Not

Rand Paul: GOP Needs Ron Paul Supporters to Grow

Don't look at the Ron Paul people as enemies, son says

Can delegates for Romney vote for Ron Paul in Tampa?

New York Times openly admits domestic terror plots masterminded by the FBI

The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance

Thought for the Day: One reason "too big to fail" corporations fear a Ron Paul Administration is because he would not burden taxpayers to pay for their failures.

Ron Paul - May 12, 2012

Brokered convention taking shape: Ron Paul has 11 states to Romney's 18

Q and A With California Senate Candidate Rick Williams, a "Ron Paul Republican"

Ron Paul: Concrete goals behind unusual endgame

Joe Miller joins new Alaska GOP chairman on party conference call

Nevada Republican Convention

Paul a true conservative

Rand Paul Gives Personal Speech About Faith, Values to Iowa Christians

Are Republican Delegates "Bound" At All?

Rand Paul says his father’s backers are not “enemies” of GOP

Paul supporters voice confidence after GOP convention win

Attn. New York City Reasonoids! Come See Ron Paul's rEVOLution Author Brian Doherty at a 8 p.m. May 17 Event

Ron Paul Revolution: Could complete biggest upset in GOP history?

A good point about the mindless Obama-bashers and the mindful Ron Paul supporters

Rand Paul: GOP needs Paul supporters to grow

Mitt Romney takes jab at Ron Paul's plan to cut $1 trillion in first year

KING 5 Poll: Washington blue,voters split on Obama

Hawaii State Republican delegates gather for convention

Paul Clan Has Dynastic Ambitions

Challenging the Congressional GOP Establishment

It's time for the Republican Party to divide into two new parties

I'm a Ron Paul fan who can't make myself vote for Mitt Romney

Has Ron Paul Lost Control Of His Followers?

If you like JP Morgan's $2 billion loss, you will like Mitt Romney and love Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s True Agenda

Paul discourages Idaho backers from staging coup

Joe Scarborough: Obama's Support For Gay Marriage 'Means Absolutely Nothing'

Sarah Palin, Ron Paul back Ted Cruz in Texas

Ron Paul’s Fed Success

Ron Paulbarians are at GOP's gate

Ron Paul Economic Superiority: GOP Show They're Hypocrites With Export-Import Banks

Ron Paul condemns assault on Idaho caucus

A sampling of Ron Paul's adversaries

Ron Paul - May 11, 2012

Ron Paul Campaign Statement on Idaho Grassroots Activity

It may be too late to stop Ron Paul’s strategy

Ron Paul 2012 ideas utters Newt Gingrich.

Welcome to Ron Paul's Revolution, The Website

Only Ron Paul Can Save America From Four More Years of Obama in 2012

Driving the wedge: Ron Paul-ers shake up republican convention

Paul Discourages Idaho Backers From Staging Coup

Paul's Delegate Strategy has Republicans Worried

Email read on podcast suggests assassinating Romney to give Ron Paul nomination

Tim Cavanaugh on PJTV Talking Romney, Unemployment and Krugman: Updated with Kelly Thomas Palaver

Paul rallies his troops to fight the GOP Establishment and media

Prominent Ron Paul Supporter Muses About Assassinating Mitt Romney

KING 5 Poll: Washington still blue, but voters split on Obama approval

Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy Continues to Impress, Frighten, Confuse--and Paul's Breakfast with Bernanke

Steve King, Rand Paul Visits Des Moines, Waukee Friday to Fire Up GOP Voters

Why Ron Paul Supporters Haven’t Conceded to Mitt Romney

Ron Paul’s revolution isn’t over yet

Election 2012: How Ron Paul Plans to Get What He Really Wants

Ron Paul Eats With Ben Bernanke: 'He's For The Gold Standard Now'

In the Arena: Richardson & Nemitz

Why can't Romney win delegates like Ron Paul?

Ron Paul on Why Bankster Power Must be Eradicated

Ron Paul's Backers Rising Power Upsets Iowa GOP

Republicans Are Finally Getting Nervous About Ron Paul's Secret Delegate Strategy

Ron Paul Playing GOP Puppetmaster —But Why?

Ron Paul to address Minnesota GOP convention

Ron Paul answers 'Why I am still running,' says it 'isn't for the reason of disrupting a convention'

Lifting page from James' playbook, Addison endorses Paul for president

‘Youth for Ron Paul’ Member Total Exceeds 110,000 Lifelong Small-Government Activists

Rand Paul Backs Connie Mack to Challenge Bill Nelson

Romney moves within 200 delegates of nomination

Ron Paul Ties Obama in Latest General Election Matchup Poll

The nation needs Paul to be president

Federal Reserve foe Ron Paul breakfasts with Ben Bernanke

Ron Paul Keeps Up Push For GOP Delegates

New Book on Ron Paul

A Ron Paul revolution is brewing

Paul campaign calls on citizen media to help win message war

Ron Paul delegates talk freedom

Thought for the Day: Establishment Republicans really hope Ron Paul runs Third Party because it would kill the movement.

Ron Paul - May 10, 2012

Ron Paul campaign: Will his delegates influence Republican National Convention?

In wake of Ron Paul movement, Iowa GOP donations slow, staffer resigns

Ron Paul Rejects Convention Chaos

Iowa GOP staffer resigns after Ron Paul takeover, fundraising woes

Ron Paul third party run would hurt President Obama, new poll finds

David Einhorn and Ron Paul Tackle the Fed

Austrian Economics Expert Jeffrey Herbener Calls for Elimination of Fed, Shows Why Ron Paul is Winning

'Youth for Ron Paul' Member Total Exceeds 110,000 Lifelong Small-Government Activists

Ron Paul: I'm a skeptic on what we get from the Fed

Reform or Abolish the Fed?

Why Civilized People Buy Gold

The Great Myth of the Welfare State

Arrested Development: The Criminalization of America’s Schoolchildren

Ron Paul to address state GOP convention

Mitt Romney Won the Popular Vote Tuesday, But Ron Paul Will Control More Delegates in November

Ron Paul is leading an ideologically positive revolution

Ron Paul: “A true revolution has to be ideological”

Newt to Mitt: Don't ignore Ron Paul supporters

Sen. Rand Paul endorses Connie Mack in Senate race

'It will lead to war' - Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel

Ron Paul to address Minn. GOP convention

Paul: Delegates are for agenda, not convention speech

GOP Convention Bill

Ron Paul 2012 Party bid.

Ron Paul Would Take More Votes From Obama Than Romney in 3-Way Race

Romney moves within 200 delegates of nomination

Ron Paul on a third-party bid: ‘I don’t have any plans for that’

Ron Paul: 'Why I'm still running'

Newt Gingrich: Support for Ron Paul’s ideas ‘is not a uniquely American phenomenon’

Directed History of Coming Depression Grinds On

Thought for the Day: Why would Ron Paul run as an independent when his goal is to take over the GOP?

Ron Paul - May 9, 2012

With Ron Paul, GOP expects Wash. convention battle

Thomas Paterson: Krugman admits he lost debate with Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Energizer Bunny of US Politics for Good Reason

Ron Paul: Enduring Commitments Abroad

Rand Paul Let's It Rip Against Law that Resulted in Gibson Guitar Raid

More Powerful Anti-Fed Testimony in Congress

Should Ron Paul Drop His Bid for President?

Ron Paul supporters eye upcoming conventions in delegate-grabbing quest

The Case for Ron Paul's Agents of Chaos

Poll: Ron Paul Independent Candidacy Helps Romney

Ron Paul Has a Gold Ally in the Buffett Family

30% OK Ron Paul third party bid

Ron Paul Endorsement of Romney? ‘Not Soon’

Is Ron Paul misunderstood? What both sides can learn from the liberty-lovin' Texas congressman

The media just won't let up on Ron Paul

Macro chatter: Ron Paul takes on the Fed — again

Rand Paul to speak at American Conservative Union conference in Chicago

Ron Paul’s Hearing to Ask: Mend or End the Fed?

Ron Paul makes rare appearance on Capitol Hill to bash Federal Reserve

Ron Paul Revisited: States’ Rights

Undeterred, Ron Paul and supporters soldier on

Ron Paul: Mr. President, Let’s Come Home From Afghanistan – OpEd

Ron Paul - May 8, 2012

Why Ron Paul's big wins in Maine and Nevada matter (+video)

Ron Paul’s Not-So-Secret Plot for the GOP Convention

Ron Paul continues delegate offensive, wins big in Nevada, Maine

Ron Paul gives a boost to U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz

Paul forges ahead with weekend victories

Ron Paul Joins Son and Ted Cruz at Tea Party Rally

Ron Paul’s Hearing to Ask: Mend or End the Fed?

The Left and the Right Take Aim at the Fed

Ron Paul nabs Nevada delegates from Romney

Ron Paul continues his quest, but Mitt Romney is only looking at President Barack Obama

Bachmann, Ludwig von Mises Would Not Endorse Romney

Ron Paul's Biggest Supporters Put GOP Ahead of Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson

Third Party Planning

Ron Paul Spoke Right Next to Where UC Davis Students Were Pepper Sprayed; Nobody Protested

Ron Paul wins majority of Nevada delegates

Ron Paul Draws Crowd of Nearly 6,000

Romney rejects Ron Paul-style austerity

Ron Paul pleads with supporters to fight CISPA and Internet censorship

Economic Lessons from the Ron Paul vs. Krugman Debate

Ron Paul draws major crowd in California

France didn’t listen to Frederic Bastiat, but America should listen to Ron Paul’s fiscal warnings

The Original Singer of the Pokemon Song Made a Version for Ron Paul

Someone likes Ron Paul — a lot!

Ron Paul: Enduring Commitments Abroad

FOX Decides to Report on Ron Paul (They must really be nervous)

Ron Paul Delegate Majority Map for County, District and State Wins

What Went Done at the Maine Republican Convention: A Ron Paul Delegate Reports In

Rick Santorum Just FINALLY Endorsed Mitt Romney

Ron Paul - May 7, 2012

Ron Paul's Maine, Nevada, and Iowa Victories (Despite Romney Dirty Tricks)

GOP leaders start to rally around Romney...sort of

Dirty tricks not enough to stop Paul Revolution in Maine and Nevada

Ron Paul Wins 2012 Nevada Republican Caucus Despite Fraud From Romney Campaign

Ron Paul still in the race and plotting a path to the convention

Pauls, Cruz address tea party values

Ron, Rand Paul hold joint tea party rally in Texas

Paul supporters sweep elections at GOP convention

Ron Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP

Ron Paul: The Terrible Cost Of War – OpEd

Paul wins majority of Maine GOP delegates

How Ron Paul won Maine and Nevada, and why Mitt Romney should worry

Ron Paul Declared Maine Winner

Romney's Convention Problem

Pastor says that God wants Christians to vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Joins Son and Ted Cruz at Tea Party Rally

Paul takes 22 Nevada GOP delegates; Romney gets three

Ron Paul continues to pick up delegates to national convention

Paul touts limited government at Tea Party rally

Ron Paul wins majority of delegates in Nevada, Maine

Libertarians Find Their Audience In 2012 Race

Breaking news: Ron Paul wins Iowa! (Yes, Iowa)

Ron Paul backers aim to overturn Romney's win

Ron Paul Criticizes DEA for Lockup of UCSD Student

With Romney all but the nominee, Ron Paul snags delegate majority at Maine's GOP convention

Ron Paul Supporters Are Phoning It In for 2012 GOP Nomination

Ron Paul speech fires up thousands in San Diego Special

Paul Craig Roberts: Serving the Matrix is Where Lie the Rewards

Thought for the Day: The establishment Republicans are dictating delegate elections to the state caucuses. Isn't that like, oh, I don't know, un-American?

Ron Paul - May 6, 2012

Ron Paul backers take control of Maine GOP convention

Ron Paul backers dominate Iowa GOP nominees for national convention

Ron Paul Supporters Poised to Dominate NV

Romney's Wrong: States Are More Responsive to Special Interests Than Voters

Ron Paul Draws Crowd of 3,500 At UC San Diego Rally

Ron Paul Slugs At The Fed One More Time

Ron Paul to return for hearing on ending Federal Reserve

Reform or Abolish the Fed?

Ron Paul taking end-Fed bill before panel

Paul to make rare appearance in Washington for pet cause

Paul forces make showing at Maine GOP Convention

Ron Paul continues attempts to secure convention-bound delegates

RNC to NV GOP: Don’t let Ron Paul delegates take over national convention slots or don’t bother coming to Tampa

Ron Paul's supporters stir up Alaska GOP convention?

Ron Paul Picks Up Key Delegates at Caucuses?

Ron Paul's forces infiltrate, state by state

Paul warns of mounting debt

Romney unlikely to attend state GOP convention in Fort Worth

Ron Paul supporters oust two Romney RNC officials

Thought for the Day: The heavy-handed way that the RNC is trying to dictate election results is enough to guarantee that any GOP candidate other than Ron Paul has zero credibility.

Ron Paul - May 5, 2012

Nevada GOP leaders say they'll do it their way

Ron Paul qualifies to put name on ballot at August's RNC in Tampa

The Libertarian (Ever) Hopeful

Ron Paul Roundup: The World Gazes on His Delegate Strategy in Wild Wonder

With Ron Paul Last Man Standing, RNC Prepares For Shenanigans

Ron Paul speaks to thousands at UC Davis

CISPA – Evil Spawn of SOPA and PIPA?

Ron Paul & Supporters Bringing Fireworks to Sparks

Attention Ron Paul Supporters: Libertarian Party To Pick Presidential Nominee This Weekend

Ron Paul supporters may make power play at Maine Republicans’ convention

Ron Paul to hold town meeting at UCSD tonight, Friday May 4

Ron Paul Is Benefiting The Least From Super PACs Among Presidential Candidates

Ron Paul taking end-Fed bill before panel

The Paul Vs. Paul Debate

The View From the Ron Paul Town Hall (PHOTOS)

Pastor Steven Andrew: Ron Paul is the Only Christian Running for President

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney and President Obama: Who's Better for the Economy?

The Deal with Jack Hunter: CISPA and other unintentional tyrannies

What Ron Paul Can Teach Us on Anniversary of Kent State Massacre

Ron Paul to return for hearing on ending Federal Reserve

Rand Paul: Nuke the TSA

Daily Dose: Ron Paul at UCSD

How Ron Paul's far-reaching delegate strategy is starting to pay off

Gingrich's Departure Brings Religious Right to a Catch 22

Krugman Calls for More Inflation and a Political Plutocracy

Winning by Losing

A Decade of War – for What?

Paul touts individual liberty during UC Davis speech

Paul to make rare appearance in Washington for pet cause

Ron Paul: Why the 76-year-old refuses to drop out and isn't going anywhere

Why Ron Paul likes Mitt Romney, and why the right fears Elizabeth Warren

America needs a righteous ad hoc experimental congress of Ron Paul and Jeffersonian renegades

Top 10 Most Amazing Ron Paul Campus Stump Speeches

Is It Mitt Romney's Fault Ron Paul Is Winning Delegates?

Ron Paul speaks to thousands at UC Davis

Tensions surface as Nevada GOP convention gets started

Preview of Nevada's Republican Convention

Nevada GOP seeks peace among Paul, Romney supporters

Ron Paul Will Win Nevada and Change History

Thought for the Day: Now that Ron Paul is beating the Establishment Republicans at their own game, they're acting like crybabies.

Ron Paul - May 4, 2012

Ron Paul delegate strategy is perfectly legitimate

Ron Paul 2012 Will Get 20 Delegates In Iowa, Predicts Prominent Romney Supporter

Nevada Ron Paul backers unfazed by RNC warning

The RNC vs. Ron Paul

Ron Paul Rallies Young Crowd At Cal-State Fullerton

Ron Paul on Americans: "What happened to us? Why are we such wimps?"

Nearly 4,000 hear Ron Paul in Fullerton

Ron Paul holding rally on UC Davis Quad today

Ron Paul continues attempts to secure convention-bound delegates

The GOP's Alaska frontier

Ron Paul to continue Nevada delegate strategy despite RNC threat

Ron Paul: Romney No 'Panacea' for Obama Ills

The Ron Paul insurgency

Don’t ignore Ron Paul

Paul campaign has new tactic to win delegates, hijack GOP convention

Ron Paul attracts massive crowd

Alaska's louder and ruder Republican Party

Rand Paul has a quick fix for TSA: Pull the plug

Chaos at the Caucuses

Central Banking, Economics and Populism

Lively GOP convention expected this weekend

Paul vs. Romney May Extend Into November

Sen. Rand Paul pushes online petition to 'end the TSA'

Who Has Captured the Banks?

Hit over the head with their slate

Ron Paul, Libertarians And...Scientists?

The Price for Ignoring Ron Paul

Ron Paul Meets With Supporters In Sacramento

What Ron Paul and Libertarians Share in Common With Scientists

Ron Paul Praises Newt Gingrich for Calling for Federal Reserve Audit

The Ron Paul convention takeover plot

Ron Paul Campaign Plots To Steal Nevada Delegates Despite RNC Warning

Ron Paul Will Win Nevada, and the GOP Wants to Stop Him

Rand Paul Is Already Getting Ready To Run In 2016

Thought for the Day: For Ron Paul and his supporters to go the third party route would doom the Ron Paul rEvolution.

Ron Paul - May 3, 2012

Robert Wenzel: Another Attack by Krugman

Ron Paul’s stealth state convention takeover

Rand Paul Continues War On TSA, Groping Of 'Toddlers And Grandmothers'

Robert Wenzel: More Evidence Krugman Knows He Lost the Debate Against Ron Paul

Ron Paul People Playing Mischief With Delegates

Texans petition for a Ron Paul / Mitt Romney debate in Houston prior to May 29 primary

Ron Paul Statement on Newt Gingrich Campaign Suspension

Did Mitt Romney Steal Newt Gingrich’s Joke?

With Gingrich leaving, only Paul challenges Romney

Paul Krugman showcases arrogance in Ron Paul debate

Ron Paul’s Clash With Paul Krugman Displays Power of Hayek Against Ideas of Keynes

If Mitt Romney or Ron Paul were president, Osama bin Laden would probably be alive

Ron Paul holding rally on UC Davis Quad Thursday

Ron Paul Returns to California for Multiday Campaign Visit

The Ron Paul Chocolate Standard

An economics lesson from Ron Paul: Inflation is theft

Ron Paul, the NFL and 7 Things That Make America Awesome (and Awful)

Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann Co-Sponsor Another Anti-Abortion Bill

Checking Ron Paul’s “40,000 Laws” Claim

Is Gold Today's Safest Investment?

Massachusetts Republican Party caucuses hint at party split following primary battles

John V. Walsh: Obomney takes a hit in Mass.

Brian Doherty on Ron Paul's Revolution

SURPRISE! Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney In Massachusetts This Weekend

Rand Paul Continues War On TSA, Groping Of 'Toddlers And Grandmothers'

Political third parties: Usurpers, promoters of change or viable challengers?

Ron Paul: Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt

Americans Elect falling short, caucus delayed

Gold Standard for All, From Nuts to Paul Krugman

Gold: What's With The Hysteria?

Ron Paul - May 2, 2012

Forget The Nomination: Ron Paul’s “Revolution” Is Taking Over The Republican Party

The battle of the Pauls: Ron Paul talks economic theory

On the Uselessness of Debates--Paul Krugman throws a tantrum

Ron Paul Statement on EPA Administrator Resignation

Paul supporters create delegate mischief

Ron Paul Keeps Winning as Supporters Prepare For a Battle With GOP Old Guard

Ron Paul supporters say Romney still has competition

Study finds that Ron Paul proposes double the reductions of his nearest challenger

Ron Paul beats the Neoconservatives

Major Ron Paul backer from Denver once ran for mayor on an unusual platform

Former Foes, Except for Paul, Want Something Before Endorsing Romney

Ron Paul Wins Louisiana & Massachusetts Caucuses

Missouri Sound Money Act Would Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender

Ron Paul Went To Battle Against Paul Krugman—Here's What You Missed

Economics Battle! Krugman vs. Ron Paul on Helicopters, Gold and More

Romney's unexpected delegate surprise in Mass.

Paul Krugman Pompously Insults Ron Paul And His Supporters

Ron Paul - May 1, 2012

Robert Wenzel: Ron Paul Smashes Paul Krugman (The Proof)

Hector Roos: It Ain't Over Until They Count the Votes: How the Romney-Ron Paul Delegate Count Is Really Going Down

Steve Forbes: Ron Paul Should Be Chairman of the Fed

Ron Paul Supporters Out Play Romney's former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor

Ron Paul Supporters Successfully Defend Electoral Freedom in Alaska GOP

Ron Paul supporters win big at Alaska GOP convention

Ron Paul supporters say Mitt Romney still has competition

Can Mitt Really Win?

Paul Krugman To Ron Paul: 'You're Living In A World That Was 150 Years Ago'

Krugman Says Fed ‘Reckless’ to Allow High Jobless Rate

Paul Krugman Meets Ron Paul

Ron Paul Battles Paul Krugman On Bloomberg TV

Paul vs. Paul: Paul Krugman and Ron Paul Battle on Bloomberg

Ron Paul and son to hold Tea Party rally

Ron Paul Supporters Focus on State Delegations

What the Mass. GOP Caucuses tell us

Ron Paul Picks Up Key Delegates at Caucuses

Ron Paul Vows To Stay In 2012 Race Until 'All the Votes Are Counted'; Dodges Romney Endorsement Question

Ron Paul Says He’ll Stay in Race ‘Till the Votes Are Counted’

America Needs A Ron Paul-Gary Johnson Presidential Ticket

Ron Paul to Speak at Cal State Fullerton (Hecklers Not Yet Confirmed)

Ron Paul to Visit UCSD on May 4

Ron Paul on the Costs of War

Ron Paul is the Only Honest Candidate in 2012

Why Reform Conservatism deserves a chance

Don’t Know Much About (Ancient) History

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry should form a new Federalist Party

The Inflation Threat Is a Bogeyman

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spar over Bin Laden - as it happened

Abolishing Fed might be best


Dwight D. Eisenhower - Jan.17,1961
Warning: Military Industrial Complex

ideas WITH ron paul 2012

Mitt Romney is not the guy.
Ron Paul is incorruptible!

Ron Paul Revolution
Can't Stop the Truth

CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America

"Ron Paul" COULD Win!! - Reality Check

RON PAUL Will Cure Your Apathy

Awesome Ron Paul Minnesota Speech
18 May 2012

~ Ron Paul Unleashed ~

Sen. Rand Paul Urges Colleagues to Vote
for his Budget Resolution - 05/16/12

Ron Paul Update - May 9, 2012

Ron Paul did not and will not drop out!

Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

BREAKING NEWS: Oklahoma GOP Cheating

Ron Paul Wins 11 States
Establishment Media Remains Silent

Reality Check: All Republican Delegates
Are "Free Agents" and Unbound?


CNN Caught Lying About Delegate Numbers!
(True Updated Delegate Numbers Included)

Romney Scared of Ron Paul Takeover

Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul already won the election

Romney Passing Out FAKE Ron Paul Slates At
Nevada Republican Convention May 6, 2012

May 5th - Ron Paul Delegates Not Allowed From Nevada?
Aaron Dikes InfoWars 12-5-5

Reality Check: The Truth About Delegate Numbers In Iowa and Minnesota

Brian Doherty on Ron Paul's Revolution

WARNING: Americans Elect is a SCAM to eliminate Ron Paul delegates

ALEX JONES - Ron Paul Winning: MSM Decides its Safe to Announce
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Case for Gold: A Minority Report
Economic Science & Austrian Method
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