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Ron Paul - April 30, 2012

Paul supporters stir Alaska GOP convention

Ron Paul’s campaign claims victory in Louisiana caucuses

Ron Paul Continues Adding Convention Delegates

Ron Paul backers prepare Nevada takeover

Ron Paul: Last Remaining GOP Challenger Buoyed by Youth Vote

The Last Man Standing

Ron Paul Supporters and Republicans Take Note: Britain in Recession After Massive Public Spending Cuts - Government spending has been propping things up; recession will come sooner and be shorter, or it will come later and be longer. Sooner and shorter is preferable to later and longer.

Ron Paul is the Only Honest Candidate in 2012

Ron Paul Revolution is Alive!

TX Woman gets over 3000 signatures for Texas Presidential Debate (Mitt Romney & Ron Paul?)

Ron Paul Scores Massachusetts Delegates

‘Revolution’ comes to UH

Ron Paul supported by 16 Massachusetts delegates, says campaign

Sen. Rand Paul brings charm to White House Correspondents Dinner Special

Rand Paul Seeks to Block Tax Treaty Change on Swiss Accounts

The Austrian School Edge Over the Clueless Keynesians

Ron Paul - April 29, 2012

Ron Paul still pushing to win Texas presidential primary

Ron Paul visits University of Houston

Ron Paul on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto 4-26-12

Romney by a nose on Block Island

Johnson hopes to stir up November election

Alaska GOP chair Randy Ruedrich out? Joe Miller angling for spot in leadership?

Ron Paul attracts thousands at Texas meetings

Some yearn for long-gone U.S. gold standard

Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus

Ron Paul at Main Plaza

Ron Paul's Alaska payback

Ron Paul supporters take over Alaska Republican Party

Ron Paul: Last Remaining GOP Challenger Buoyed by Youth Vote and Everything You Need to Read Today

Ron Paul Won't Use Brain Chemical Oxytocin to Influence Voters, Obama and Romney Will

Ron Paul: Focus Cuts On Military, Not Poor

GOP race down to Romney and Paul (and may be closer than you think)

Don't accept 'foregone' conclusion in election

A Battered Romney Wins: On to November

CISPA is Not SOPA, But it Must Be Defeated

Conservative Third-Party Dreams and Realities

Many U.S. police use cell phones to track suspects instead of getting legal warrants

Cops take DNA samples from Calif. middle school students without parental consent

Health crimes against humanity

2012 Senate farm bill perpetuates corporate monoculture with entitlement programs and insurance subsidies

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul doesn't need to overcome Romney's delegate count to win.

Ron Paul - April 28, 2012

Karl Rove predicts Romney loss to Obama

Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think

Ron Paul beat Mitt Romney in 10 states! Kind of.

The Ron Paul forces strike back in Nevada

Interesting assessment of where Ron Paul goes from here

Ron Paul Visits UT: Raw milk, raw passion and thousands of enraptured Longhorns

Ron Paul says 40,000 new laws were "put on the books" on the first day of 2012

Ron Paul supporters making some headway

Ron Paul the right choice

Ron Paul Campaign Plans Stop at UCSC

MN GOP state convention: short of cash but plenty of Paul delegates

Don’t overlook Ron Paul’s strong showing in RI’s GOP primary

Michael Gerson Doesn't Understand the Tea Party

2012 Delegate Count: Scoring the Scorecards

Agenda 21 biggest threat to Libertarians!

Is longtime Alaska GOP Chairman Randy Ruedrich stepping down?

Louisiana Republicans prepare for presidential caucuses this weekend

The Ron Paulistas Plot a Putsch

The Big Petrovski Reports in on NeoCon Bolton's Fear of Ron Paul

We Should All Be Misesians Now

Ron Paul - April 27, 2012

Entire Republican Party Machine Now Focused on Suppressing Paul Campaign

Ron Paul draws thousands at UT speech

GOP race down to two, Ron Paul rides late delegate gains into Austin

Ron Paul Loyalists Stepping Up to Fill Campaign Agenda

Ron Paul: The We the People Act

Inspired by Ron Paul, local political activists are getting their hands dirty by running for office themselves

For Paul's true believers, a study in American optimism

Is the MSM starting to sour on Obama? Ron Paul gets most favorable coverage this year

Ron Paul: "I wonder when the Department of Labor will forbid parents from requiring children to make their beds, clean their rooms, or set the table for dinner."

Ron Paul Lashes Out At Labor Dept.’s Farm Chores Rule

Ron Paul draws in supporters at UTEP

Ron Paul wants to rally Cougars on Friday

The Ron Paul Revolution Continues — Will anti-Mormon Christians back him?

Ron Paul Wins Iowa 16 Weeks Later; Supporters Remind of Tenth Ballot Harding Win

A Brit offer an analysis of the neocons vs. Ron Paul

Stephen Colbert Super PAC Has More Money Than Ron Paul Super PAC

Paul soldiers on as race comes to Texas

The man who should succeed Ron Paul

Romney and Gingrich are just politicians who don’t really say anything

Ron Paul Attracts 1,200-plus Voters to El Paso Town Hall Meeting

The gold meme continues – this time courtesy of Ron Paul

Transformational President Romney – Not!

Ron Holland: Where Do We Go From Here in the Freedom Movement?

Ron Paul Wins More Delegates: Romney Nomination In Doubt?

Thought for the Day: When Romney loses, the Maintream GOP will blame Ron Paul. Will the Republican rank-and-file accept that, or will they join the growing number of liberty-loving Americans who are fed up with the same-ol-same-ol?

Ron Paul - April 26, 2012

Stop the presses! Ron Paul won Iowa

Ron Paul backers sweep into GOP party roles in Iowa

Ron Paul leading the delegates in Iowa, Minnesota GOP caucuses

Romeny Supporter Rockland County, NY, Republican Party Chairman Vincent Reda Fraudulently Claims Ron Paul Dropped Out

King County GOP leader boots caucus outside after Ron Paul backers take over

King County GOP's Lori Sotelo disrupts caucus, citing Ron Paul 'operative'

Ron Paul to speak at UT Thursday

Live: New York Republican Primary: Did Mitt Romney or Ron Paul Win?

Ron Paul Gives Cybersecurity Bill CISPA A Boost

Ron Paul and the U.S. Department of Education

Sen. Rand Paul Considers Endorsing Thomas Massie

Kitsap County GOP could be short at state convention

Despite Losses, Ron Paul is Still Racking Up Delegates

Newt Gingrich to end presidential campaign

Ron Paul 2012: Can He Beat Mitt Romney Now That Newt Gingrich Is Bowing Out?

Ron Paul, New England powerhouse

Ron Paul expands 'town hall' tour of Texas

Ron Paul’s Delegate Haul in Primaries Strengthens Hand at GOP Convention

Stephen Colbert Raises More Than PAC Backing Ron Paul

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Tackles CISPA

Ron Paul Crushes Gingrich!

Ron Paul visits Philly, around 4,500 attend in pouring rain

Ron Paul campaign headed back to Texas for next round in presidential fight

President Zero Makes More Mathematically Impossible Promises Resulting in a Boost to Ron Paul’s Allure

CISPA is the New SOPA

Ron Paul Wins More Delegates: Romney Nomination In Doubt

Ron Paul - April 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Starts Betraying The Conservatives He Coddled During The Primaries

Ron Paul vows to campaign despite Romney lead

Paul says he'll push through to convention

Ron Paul, supporters say GOP race isn't over yet

Ron Paul racks up majority of Minnesota delegates

Ron Paul Sticks To Risky Issues, Appeals To Young People

Ron Paul says Cispa cyberterrorism bill would create 'Big Brother' culture

CISPA is met with a last-minute wave of opposition, including from Rep. Ron Paul and 18 House Democrats. But it may not be enough to stop the U.S. House of Representatives from approving the bill on Friday

Ron Paul: "CISPA links companies like Facebook with the government"

Ron Paul is the Right Choice for RI

Ron Paul Signs Pro-life Advocates Letter Against Forced HHS Mandate

Romney backs extending lowered student loan rates

Romney And Obama Engaged In Game Of Political HORSE

With GOP Race Settled, Will Republicans Turn Out for Romney?

AISD Budget, Medical School Funding, and Ron Paul's Austin Appearance

Should we return to the gold standard?

Non-inverventionism isn’t isolationism

Proof that the Independent Vote is Critical

Report: U.S. Social Security, Medicare funds to run out by 2035

Death of a Republic

59% See Rand Paul as Good VP Pick

Taxes vs. Fed – What's to Blame?

Ron Paul May Be Winner of Iowa Caucus

Ex-CIA Employee: Ron Paul is Right, End the CIA

NeoCon Kristol: It's Going to be President Romney

Ron Paul Warns on CISPA: 'Imagine Allowing Government Approved Employees to be Embedded at Facebook'

Thought for the Day: Fascists would have us believe that standing for freedom and liberty is a "war on women."

Ron Paul - April 23, 2012

Ron Paul backers will fight to the end

Ron Paul: 'In theory I can still win this thing' - but where is the mainstream media?

Ron Paul an Unlikely Force in Minn. Senate Race

Ron Paul to Hold Campaign Rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia

Ron Paul Rallies in Pittsburgh

Warhawk Romney Will Bankrupt U.S.

Tea Partiers in no rush for Romney

Connecticut Republican Presidential Primary Tuesday

Anti-NDAA Bills Worth — and Not Worth — Supporting

How To Be a 'Principled' Beltway 'Libertarian'

China Is Freer Than the US

Ron Paul's analysis is correct

Paul backers' election to Iowa GOP committee sends message

Ron Paul is GOP's best candidate on Tuesday

Ron Paul Still In US Presidential Race With Millions In Funding And Zero Debt

Contentious Iowa convention

Ron Paul’s fundraising numbers plunge in $2.6 million

Ron Paul Announces Visit To El Paso

Paul Fights On, Gingrich Wanes In GOP Primary Race

Do Republicans really want a belligerent foreign policy?

Ron Paul Campaign Nets Almost $10.4 million in Q1 Keeping Paul Competitive Ahead of Texas

Ron Paul to Hold Three Additional Town Hall Meetings in His Home State of Texas

Ron Paul was there all the time

Ron Paul sticks to risky issues, appeals to young people

Ron Paul keeps on running

Presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks at UPitt

Alaska GOP warned to stop meddling with Ron Paul delegates

Ron Paul Supporters Go On Annoyance Offensive by Shelling Media Inboxes With Spam

Ron Paul: I'm Still Here

Is Ron Paul out of the Republican race?

PHOTO: Look Which Hedge Funder Has His Arms Around Ron Paul

Adams: Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people

Thought for the Day: Fascists would have us believe that standing for freedom and liberty is a "war on women."

Ron Paul - April 21, 2012

Ron Paul still in the race with millions in funding and zero debt

Paul raises $10.4 million in Q1--Most GOP pros expect Romney loss

Ron Paul touts $10.4M first quarter fundraising haul

Presidential GOP hopeful Paul cheered on in Pa.

Ron Paul’s exercise regimen keeps him fit as a fiddle. But you don’t want to know what happens when he misses a workout…

What to watch for at the Iowa GOP district conventions tomorrow

Ron Paul Raised $10 Million Last Quarter, but Donations Are Dipping

Alaska GOP warned to stop meddling with Ron Paul delegates

Ron Paul Campaign Nets Almost $10.4 million in Q1 Keeping Paul Competitive Ahead of Texas; Also cites $2.6 million-plus raised in March alone, cash on hand near $1.8 million and zero debt

Ron Paul returns home to Pittsburgh

Ron Paul: I'm Still Here

Ron Paul Still Raising Big Bucks

Ron Paul Is Getting His Own Video Game — And It Looks Hilarious

Presidential GOP hopeful Paul cheered on in Pa.

Ron Paul campaigns at Cornell University

Is Ron Paul out of the Republican race?

Ron Paul Raised $2.6 Million in March

Paulistas depart for Ithaca

With Santorum Out, Ron Paul Supporters Reach Out to Evangelicals

Orrin Hatch praises Ron Paul and son Rand

Ron Paul Still Raking in Big Fundraising Bucks

Ron Paul Receives Warm Welcome from Ithaca

Ron Paul Delegate Strategy Working; Alaska GOP Tries to Block Paul Delegates from State Conventions

Poll: 6% of Republicans would vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson

Ron Paul Attracts 4,400-plus Voters to Ithaca, New York Town Hall Meeting

Ron Paul is the Candidate for 4/20

Ron Paul Endorsed By Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer at Philadelphia Rally

Ron Paul for liberty

Republican candidate Ron Paul delivers libertarian message at Cornell University

Ron Paul Stirs Lynah Faithful

Thought for the Day: The mainstream media hardly mentions Ron Paul; yet, thousands of people still pack to his rallies.

Ron Paul - April 20, 2012

Ron Paul banks on Rhode Island

Ron Paul on Time's "Influential" List; Other Media Coverage

Santorum's campaign suspended, will his followers join Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Video Game Means He Will Finally Win the Presidency

Ron Paul finds support in Ithaca

Ron Paul's Lynah Speech Is Sold Out

Ron Paul Roundup: On Time's Most Influential List, Cheated in Alaska?, Could Still Perhaps Beat Obama, Still Running for President

Should It Be Illegal to Interpret the Constitution as a Living Document?

Economics, Not Foreign Policy, Draw Young People to Ron Paul Rally

Poll: Christie as VP helps Romney the most, Rubio would hurt candidacy

Ron Paul Bringing Campaign To Pitt

PPP: Rubio, Paul, Ryan, Palin would hurt Romney as VP picks

Ron Paul takes presidential campaign through Pa.

No seats left for Ron Paul town hall

On air, it's Obama vs. Paul

Pennsylvania voters head to polling places for primary Tuesday

Paul is the answer

A New Kind of Gold Standard?

Has Ron Paul left the country?

Ron Paul Joins Pro-life Advocates in Letter Against Forced HHS Mandate

Folmer poised to endorse Ron Paul

A view of the Ron Paul Revolution, Pt. I

Ron Paul to Be Endorsed By Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer at Philadelphia Rally

Ron Paul makes upstate swing, Kodak slashes more jobs

Ron Paul Attracts 2,000-plus Voters to University of Rhode Island Town Hall Meeting

Ron Paul Campaign Announces Rhode Island TV Ad Buy

Valley should invite Ron Paul to speak

Paul advocates small government to raucous URI crowd

What has happened to the passion for individual liberty?

Ron Paul rallies supporters at URI

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul speaks at Keaney

Ron Paul's campaign still alive, kicking

Thought for the Day: In a more honest era, "police actions" and "pre-emptive war" were called "conquest."

Ron Paul - April 19, 2012

Ron Paul Campaign Condemns Alaska GOP Illegal Exclusion of All non-Romney Delegates to State Convention

Ron Paul supporter creates Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution video game

Ron Paul to air TV ad in Rhode Island

Ron Paul promises that 'revolution' is coming at URI speech

Congressman Ron Paul is one of Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People'

Texans on Time’s 100 most influential in the world: Ron Paul and Cecile Richards

"My ultimate goal remains to repeal the 16th Amendment and end the tyranny of the IRS once and for all." -- Ron Paul

Ghosts haunt Romney on the general election trail

Tim Thomas and the Ron Paul bumper sticker

Callista Gingrich, Ron Paul visiting RI

Cornell Activists: We Aren't Ron Paul Robots

NY's GOP Primary Lacks Drama, But Not Delegates

Gingrich and Paul Defy Calls to Rally Around Romney

Ron Paul and Tim Tebow Deserve TIME 100

Ron Paul’s position on Jerusalem

Rand Paul/Joe Miller 2016

Ron Paul poses that Drug War Could Be Bigger Failure Than Prohibition

Ron Paul says he'd protect Bradley Manning and other whistleblowers

Frank Uses Fed to Protest GOP Move on Consumer Bureau Funding

Ron Paul is a Hero for All Americans on Tax Day

Ron Paul Right? U.S. Acting as World’s Police?

A Blatant Cover-up of Corrupt Practices at the Federal Reserve by Its "Independent" Inspector General

Ron Paul town hall attract 2,000 to URI

Gary Johnson is not a…wait, what?

Ron Paul’s Tax Day Money Bomb Packs Limited Punch

Romney wins most delegates in Denver

Rand Paul to Obama: End Foreign Aid to Egypt

Ron Paul - April 18, 2012

Iowans Receive Santorum Letter Bashing Romney

Pro-taxation vandal deface signs at Ron Paul 2012 Louisiana campaign headquarter

Independent Lynne Torgerson turned Republican and dislikes Ron Paul Libertarians

Ron Paul to Hold Campaign Rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia

Santorum delegates begin flocking to Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Hero for All Americans on Tax Day

Ron Paul says he'd protect Bradley Manning and other whistleblowers

No small change: Cheaper pennies and nickels

Ron Paul Has His Wife’s Vote

Ron Paul a 'Taxpayers' Best Friend' vows to end the tyranny of the IRS

Can Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama?

Ron Paul Statement on Tax Freedom Day

Ron Paul Proves Election Myths False

Ron Paul’s delegate sweep in Minnesota, take note

Ron Paul: College should refund any students taught the Constitution by Obama

Ron Paul Right? U.S. Acting as World’s Police?

Ron Paul: 'My ultimate goal remains to repeal the 16th Amendment'

Ron Paul and the Politics of Thinking

Callista Gingrich, Ron Paul visiting RI

The Successes of Ron Paul's Campaign

Ron Paul’s position on Jerusalem

Where will the Ron Paul supporters go in November?

Ron Paul - April 17, 2012

Ron Paul: Professor Obama Gets an F

Roundup of Recent Ron Paul Media Coverage

In battle for young voters, Romney should play it uncool

Why Ron Paul is still in the presidential race

Gingrich and Paul Defy Calls to Rally Around Romney

Colo., Minn. GOP delegates chosen; Paul strategy working

Santorum Supporters Ensure Ron Paul’s Colorado Delegate Coup Catches Attention of Mainstream Press

Ron Paul 'founders would be horrified' over Obamacare

Ron Paul partisans go pro

Ron Paul to visit Cornell Thursday

Ron Paul Support Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: Contradiction or Consistency?

Ron Paul's 'Tax Day Money Bomb' has been extended

Tony Robbins, Ron Paul And Ben Bernanke All Agree: The National Debt Crisis Could Destroy America

Obama’s broken pot promises are best countered by Ron Paul’s constitutional consistency

If Ron Paul Were US President…

Anyone With Half A Brain Should See That A Gigantic Economic Collapse Is Coming (INDEXSP:.INX, GLD, SLV)

Thought for the Day: Fox News: The "anybody but Ron Paul" channel.

Ron Paul - April 15, 2012

Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Two Failed Wars and Why He Supports Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul has huge victory in Colorado at state convention

Ron Paul plans visit to central New York

"In To Win Tax Freedom" money bomb blasts off today, April 15, 2012

Ron Paul wins Minnesota, Colorado delegates to Republican National Convention

Ron Paul 'Tax Day Money Bomb' will prove he is in it to win it

Ron Paul supporters still like their chances

Ron Paul sets himself apart from the rest

Paul supporters from Southwest Colo. heading to convention

Ron Paul and his bicycle

Another View: Ron Paul shows that not all politicians avoid the truth

Thurston GOP picks convention delegates; most back Romney

Ron Paul gets a boost at Yakima County GOP Convention

Colo. GOP convention shows divisions remain

Ron Paul, Superhero

Ron Paul seeks artwork from high school students

Ron Paul supporters rally at San Antonio town hall

Ron Paul Draws 3,600-plus Voters to San Antonio Event

Ron Paul to Visit Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania

Ron Paul is Right: Government Uses Coercion to Deny Our Pursuit of Happiness

No silver lining for Paul: Santorum helps Santorum and Romney

The spin doctors in full voice mode

Ron Paul Endorses Massie In 4th District Race

Paul supporters chosen as delegates in three congressional districts

SURPRISE! Mitt Romney Is A Total Flip Flopper On The Issue Of Working Mothers

Ron Paul Wins Minnesota, Colorado Delegates to Republican National Convention

Ron Paul - April 14, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul Shocks Campaign Staff With New Position On Israel

Christian leader encourages Santorum voters to back Ron Paul

How Secure is Mitt Romney?

36 percent of Americans agree with Ron Paul on military spending

Romney, Gingrich and Paul headed to Pa.

Ron Paul to visit Cornell

Here what’s Ron Paul’s tax plan would do to the federal budget

Pastor: Ron Paul most 'God-fearing’ candidate

Ron Paul gathered almost 10,000 supporters in Texas with slideshow

Ron Paul takes cause to Main Plaza in San Antonio

Ron Paul: ‘I get very grouchy’ when I don’t exercise

Ron Paul endorses Massie in 4th District race

Santorum Out, Ron Paul In

Why Liberals (and everyone else) Should Support Ron Paul

Paul campaign moves to scoop up Santorum supporters

Grandpas Against Ron Paul

It's officially a party

The Realist Prism: American Decline and the Future of Interventionism

The Global Picture: Ron Paul versus Nicolas Sarkozy

Evangelical Community Reaching Out to Ron Paul

Peter Schiff: Unprecedented Presidential Posturing

Ron Paul - April 13, 2012

Ron Paul says he's not leaving the race

Paul does better than Romney in hypothetical match-up with Obama

Ron Paul Only Candidate Able to Defeat Obama in New Poll

Paul Meets Quietly with Evangelicals

Ron Paul supporters flock to San Antonio town hall

Ron Paul: 'We have a revolution to fight, a country to change'

The Realist Prism: American Decline and the Future of Interventionism

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul to appear at Cornell University

Ron Paul the best choice for free enterprise

Santorum says money a reason he left GOP race

Ron Paul draws an impressive crowd

Ron Paul takes cause to Main Plaza

Running even in the race for prez

Both parties' Thurston County caucuses set for this weekend

Gary Johnson is not a libertarian

Despite low standing in race, Ron Paul appeals to youth voters

US Senator Rand Paul Digs In Heels Over Swiss Tax Deal

Wisconsin Says Americans Elect Petition is Valid

Ron Paul and America's youth

Ron Paul Emails Supporters: Is He Dropping Out?

Photo and video essay: Ron Paul takes Ft. Worth

Ron Paul fights the Fed in new video game

Ron Paul Will Hold Town-Hall Forum at Lynah Rink

Ron Paul Nearing End Of Campaign?

Ron Paul Stops In S.A.

Is the Ron Paul show closing down?

Ron Paul: ‘We will keep going until we have victory’

Ron Paul isn't giving up, but he admits a convention upset is 'not likely to happen'

Ron Paul vows to continue forward with campaign for President

Ron Paul Draws 3,000-plus Voters to Fort Worth Event

Ron Paul - April 12, 2012

Christian Leader to Santorum Supporters: Vote for Ron Paul

Justin Raimondo: An Open Letter to Ron Paul

Ron Holland: Part I - Beware the Establishment's Third Party Trap

Ron Paul condemns close ties between FDA and Big Pharma

Ron Paul Vows To Stay In Race, Has No Plans To Endorse Mitt Romney

Ron Paul to supporters: Donate now or campaign can't go on

Will Paul and Gingrich’s Refusal To Quit Hurt Romney?

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul: The past and future of the GOP

St. Charles County, Mo., loves Ron Paul

Paul Wins GOP Caucus In St. Charles County

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul Remind Everyone That They Are Still Running For President

Ron Paul Endorsed By Two Louisiana State Republican Central Committee Members

People lining up for Ron Paul

Rep. Ron Paul to visit Rhode Island

Ron Paul supports maintaining our liberties

Ron Paul, Gold, And Inflationary Expectations

Ron Paul not planning to endorse Romney anytime soon

Ron Paul is in it to win it and has not scaled back his campaign

Rick Santorum drops out while the mainstream media flunks out

Paul's Texas swing a sign he is in race to stay

Paul says he’s still out to win delegates, not planning a Romney endorsement anytime soon

Ron Paul draws 3,000-plus voters to Fort Worth event in Texas

Ron Paul Supporters Hope To Dominate Missouri Delegation

Why Ron Paul or John McCain Would Make for a Good VP Nominee for Mitt Romney

GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Visits North Texas

Waiting for Ron Paul

Ron Paul faces long odds, large crowds in Texas tour

Fence-mending time for Romney as he woos the right

Ron Paul supports maintaining our liberties

The Survivors: What Are Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul Doing?

Robert Wenzel: Forget about Ron Paul's Chances of Being a Third Party Candidate via Americans Elect

Ron Paul - April 11, 2012

With Santorum out, Texas primary recedes in importance - Why, don't the delegates count, anymore?

Dr. Paul is now the last -- and real -- conservative alternative to Mitt Romney

Ron Paul to appear in Fort Worth on Wednesday

Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

Is Texas a win or walk for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Vows To Fight On After Santorum Drops Out

Ron Paul supporters see potential boost from Rick Santorum’s departure

Ron Paul only good choice

Ron Paul talks the talk, no walk

Santorum’s Out, But Delegates Still Focus of GOP Primary

A political tip sheet for the rest of us

Ron Paul Campaign Statement on Rick Santorum Withdrawal

Ron Paul vows to stay in GOP primary contest

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul Vow To Stay In GOP Primary Race

Paul, Gingrich in Dark on Santorum Move

Ron Paul Will Still Influence 2012 Presidential Race

Santorum's exit a blow to Texas' Presidential Primary

Ron Paul’s next stop on the campaign trail: Home sweet home, Texas

Ron Paul vows to stay in the race as ‘last — and real — conservative alternative to Mitt Romney’

Ron Paul Says He Will Stay in Race, Also Still in Race Apparently

Ron Paul Can Capitalize as Rick Santorum Leaves Republican Race

Ron Paul’s latest ad: Newt Gingrich is a ‘moon guy’

Texan Ron Paul on Santorum's exit from presidential race

With Santorum campaign suspension, should Romney worry about a Ron Paul surge?

Ron Paul: Rick Santorum exit could provide opening

Santorum out, will Gingrich and Ron Paul let Romney win now?

Ron Paul’s new Texas-themed ad describes him as ‘big, bold, Texan”

Robert Wenzel: Is Fear of Ron Paul Behind the Crazed Fed Speaking Binge?

President Obama Has Revealed His Strategy To Destroy Mitt Romney

Ron Paul - April 10, 2012

Robert Wenzel: WaPo: Ron Paul Matters

Why Ron Paul matters more than Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul: Past, Present, and Prospects

Ron Paul and the Jewish Question

Q: Overall, do you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of Ron Paul? Do you feel that way strongly, or somewhat?

A Living Autopsy of the Ron Paul Campaign

Paul and the political future

Ron Paul In Praise of Private Charity

Libertarian ideals growing in young voters

Romney’s foreign policy fails when viewed critically

New libertarian student PAC makes endorsements

New buzzwords: ‘States’ rights and sound money’ — potential for Rand Paul or Rick Perry to be Mitt Romney’s VP

Ready for a Brokered Convention?

VIDEO: Hollywood Producer Bettina Viviano Startling Claim: Obama Ineligible

Thought for the Day: A Reason-Rupe Poll found that 17% of voters are ready to pack up their vote and follow Ron Paul. Without them, the GOP cannot win. Evidently, establishment Republicans want to lose.

Ron Paul - April 9, 2012

Ron Paul with 8,500-plus Voters at UC – Berkeley Shatters Town Hall Meeting Attendance Record

Did Romney's "Unity Slate" hijack North Dakota?

Ron Paul Draws Remarkable 6,000-plus Voters to His UCLA Town Hall Meeting

Ron Paul at UMD

Ron Paul to Make Three-Day Campaign Swing in His Home State of Texas

Ron Paul to speak at A&M on Tuesday

Local Ron Paul supporters keep the faith in Dallas, TX

Ron Paul is heading to Philadelphia for "Philly Phreedom 2012"

What would it take for Ron Paul to endorse Romney?

Ron Paul to visit Fort Worth on Wednesday

UCLA students hang in trees for Ron Paul

It's Obama, by default

The Jewish Vote in 2012

Neocons need to admit the mess they made

Mock GOP debate entertains and informs students

North Dakota Convention delegates, party leaders clash

Texas Rep. Ron Paul, 90 Congress Leaders support equity of Filipino WWII vets

NV GOP Develops Rift Ahead of Convention

Paul addresses Chico State crowd

Gingrich's sights now set on platform, not nomination

Checking Santorum's delegate math: Are Romney's numbers really inflated?

Ron Paul rocks UC Berkeley

Ron Paul: No More Mandates! – OpEd

Republican Primary Quietly Approaches In Kentucky

Ron Paul's baby boom

Ron Paul - April 7, 2012

The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Has Gone Openly Hostile Ignoring Chico St., UC Berkeley and UCLA Rallies

Race Not Over For Ron Paul

Fox News lies about Ron Paul claiming he stopped having campaign events

A Ron Paul deal with Mitt Romney: what's in it for him?

Ron Paul says he won't quit race

Paul can still draw a crowd

Ron Paul at Berkeley: Perhaps there's hope for those youngsters after all

Ron Paul leaves other GOP contenders in the dust when it comes to donations from members of the military

Canadian Libertarians to bring Ron Paul Revolution up north at Liberty Fest

It's official: Newt Gingrich has finally fallen below the Ron Paul line - and he can't get up

Ron Paul Speaks Up for Medical Marijuana at UC Berkeley; Full Audio of Speech

Ron Paul rocks UC Berkeley

Ron Paul: No More Mandates! – OpEd

Ron Paul Draws CA Crowds On Drug, Student Loan Message

Why Ron Paul rallies never translate into votes

Ron Paul Speaks at UCLA, More than 5000 Attend ?

Ron Paul’s Message Alive and Well (at UCLA)

Ron Paul talks election in Berkeley

Why Occupy Supporters Support Ron Paul

What if Everyone Voted for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul speaks to large crowd at UC Berkeley about his plan to ‘restore America’

10 things about Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

Ron Paul draws overflow crowd at UCLA town hall meeting

Video: Ron Paul visits California

Ron Paul ups Mitt Romney as end nears

Ron Paul’s upcoming appearance at UC Berkeley draws varied reactions

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks at UC Berkeley

Ron Paul Mania at UCLA: Stadium Reaches Capacity, Students Climb Trees to Get a Glimpse

Ron Paul's epic rallies do not lead to votes - They keep saying that like they don't know something we do!

Ron Paul Draws Record-Breaking Crowd at UCLA, is the Revolution Finally Catching Fire?

Ron Paul - April 6, 2012

Ron Paul Breaks Record Attendance at UCLA

Ron Paul: "I don't make a judgment" On SF's Values

Ron Paul’s upcoming appearance at UC Berkeley draws varied reactions

Could GOP delegate count really be this close?

Ron Paul Mania at UCLA: Stadium Reaches Capacity, Students Climb Trees to Get a Glimpse

Ron Paul Visiting Berkeley Today

Ron Paul's epic rallies do not lead to votes

Fox News lies about Ron Paul claiming he stopped having campaign events

Candidates should recognize halftime’s over; it’s time to play a new game

Ron Paul Lands in SF, Berkeley

"World War II is Over;" "Time to Bring Our Troops Home:" Ron Paul Takes UCLA like a Superstar

Brian Doherty: Ron Paul at UCLA

Ron Paul: Mitt Romney is ‘getting pretty close to’ Republican nomination

Ron Paul Says the Race Isn't Over; Not Time to Talk of Endorsements

Ron Paul Speaks to Enthusiastic UCLA Crowd

Ron Paul Draws Record-Breaking Crowd at UCLA, is the Revolution Finally Catching Fire?

Will Ron Paul go totally in the tank for Mitt Romney?

Ron Paul speaks at UCLA

Ron Paul draws total of 12,000 people in California in two days

LA Examiner Propels Ron Paul Into the Future

Rand Paul Wishes Kentucky Had a Bigger Say in Presidential Primaries

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul champion the exceptionalism of greed, while Barack Obama and Democrats champion the exceptionalism of America

Paul can still draw a crowd

Mitt Romney has taken the lead in Santorum's own home state of Pennsylvania. Romney is at 42% support and Santorum at 37% in the latest Public Policy Poll

Ron Paul The sanest choice

Massive crowd shows up to see Ron Paul in Los Angeles

Mono/Poly Disses Obama, Praises Ron Paul

Photos: Ron Paul draws huge crowds in California

Ron Paul speaks to a crowd of more than 5,000 people at UCLA’s Los Angeles Tennis Center

Lessons in libertarianism

Ron Paul - April 5, 2012

Ron Paul Draws 6,200-plus Voters to Town Hall Meeting in Chico, California—Biggest Ever

Where's Ron Paul? Campaign slows, though candidate shows no sign of quitting

Ron Paul Increasingly Absent from Campaign Trail

Ron Paul Speaks at UCLA

Rep. Ron Paul: Winning young hearts but not votes?

Santorum's run all but over after Tuesday's losses

Ron Paul Named ‘Taxpayer Friend’ for 2011

Candidates Court Hispanic Voters

Will 2008's Surge In Young Voters Continue In 2012?

Ron Paul to visit UCLA during 3-day CA trip

Ron Paul Town Hall at UCLA Wednesday

Ron Paul Set to Speak at UCLA Tonight

Ron Paul at Chico State: The idea of liberty can’t be stopped

Experts Say Youth Vote Was Never Big Enough to Carry Ron Paul

Rick Santorum, Ron Paul desperately seek Texas delegates

At least 4,900 expected to attend Ron Paul visit at UCLA

Will Ron Paul cross party lines and endorse the Libertarian Party's nominee?

Ron Paul tells Chico State students 'to wake people up'

Ron Paul's Primary Results

Who will Ron Paul supporters vote for?

It's official: Newt Gingrich has finally fallen below the Ron Paul line - and he can't get up

Ron Paul’s painstaking campaign finance reports list numerous expenses of less than a dollar

America’s dangerous game in Yemen

Ron Paul on Self-Government or Tip-Toeing Into Panarchism

Are Paul's principles going to sink him

Ron Paul Town Hall Draws Thousands

Ron Paul Campaign Sweeps Coveted Contest Recognizing Best Ads of 2012 Election Cycle

Ron Paul: 6,200 at Calif. town hall, but Romney is winning? (Video)

Mitt Romney has some explaining to do

Ron Paul - April 4, 2012

With national attention on Wisconsin, Ron Paul heads to California for three-day tour

Ron Paul plans town halls at 3 California campuses

Ron Paul to speak at Los Angeles Tennis Center Wednesday night

Ron Paul supporters

Ron Paul Campaign Sweeps Coveted Contest Recognizing Best Ads of 2012 Election Cycle

Ron Paul May Not Endorse Republican Frontrunner, Still Rallying Supporters

The "Unambiguously Libertarian Duo" on War, Ron Paul, Libertarian Optimism, and More

Ron Paul Makes Big Push in Baltimore County

Ron Paul Counts Bay Area Tech Companies Among Top Donors

Why Paul didn't win SC

Course corrections for America

Ron Paul could give Mitt Romney a no vote

Ron Paul: The most transparent candidate

Poll: Who Would Win The GOP Presidential Primary?

Gary Weiss Talks Ayn Rand - the Laissez-Faire Capitalist

The Hunger Games: Should Ron Paul be a Hunger Games super fan?

Ron Paul Supporters Petition for Third Party Bid

Barry James Dyke Maintains Ron Paul Only Presidential Candidate Telling America the Truth about America’s Economic Woes

Ron Paul’s Man at the Fed

Is Ron Paul going to squander his political capital?

Ron Paul Nevada Team Continues Winning Streak in GOP County Conventions

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul speaks in Chico

Hundreds Gather At Chico State To Hear Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Patrick Buchanan: A Nation Arms Itself, For What? – OpEd

Ron Paul - April 3, 2012

Clark County, Wash., GOP sorts through debris of convention

Ron Paul winning delegates

Ron Paul supporters claim victories in Nevada

Ron Paul Nevada Team Continues Winning Streak in GOP County Conventions

Delegate turmoil at ND GOP convention

Ron Paul: The only man who can save America

Five things to watch for in Tuesday's primaries

Ron Paul Is Really Serious About Transparency

Ron Paul: Healthcare mandate clearly exceeds government power in commerce

Ron Paul wins if Supreme Court strikes Obamacare

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul to visit Chico Tuesday

Whither Ron Paul? Check his report card

Citizen Dave: The appeal of Ron Paul

Should You Copy The 'Ron Paul Portfolio'?

Youthful supporters unable to come through for Ron Paul

Ron Paul the best choice for GOP

Texas Rep. Ron Paul starts 3-day presidential campaign barnstorm of CA Tuesday

Towson Libertarians deserve to be heard

Ron Paul focuses on California colleges

Citizen Dave: The appeal of Ron Paul

Ron Paul Campaign Continues to Roll On Despite GOP Opposition and Media Silence

Ron Paul: Afghanistan was not worth our time and treasure

Santorum Must Make Common Cause with Ron Paul Supporters

Who might Ron Paul support?

Inside the Beltway: A Ron Paul narrative

Ron Paul not abandoning GOP race

Sen. Paul looks to limit FTC's authority to enforce antitrust laws

Sen. Rand Paul has a plan to lower the cost of gasoline

Thought for the Day: Mitt Romney's supporters disrupted the Clark County, Wash., convention, which failed to select all of its delegates as a consequence, and the Establishment Republicans are blaming it on Ron Paul supporters.

Ron Paul - April 2, 2012

County GOP fails to fill its slate of delegates; Convention in Vancouver disrupted by Mitt Romney Supporters, but the Establishment blames it on Ron Paul supporters

GOP caucus results: Lynden loved Santorum, Bellingham favored Paul

Paul: "I'm trying to save the Republican Party"

Paul backers claim victories for state delegates at GOP conventions in Douglas, Nye counties

Ron Paul: Romney-Paul ticket not happening

Gingrich and Paul Hang in There

Ron Paul won’t say whether he’d vote for Mitt Romney

Ron Paul to spend 3 days campaigning in California

Romney rivals split on whether to ever back him

Ron Paul Says No Romney Ticket

"Face the Nation" transcript: April 1, 2012

Establishment Republicans find Ron Paul supporters threatening

Ron Paul supporters should 'lie' according to (one) Ron Paul blog (member)

Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy (II): The Ground War

Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy (I)

Ron Paul backers harvest support at 2 district caucuses in Seattle

Romney, Paul Pledge To Stay In Race

Ron Paul: Most Americans agree with him on Afghanistan pullout

Chico to get visit from Ron Paul on Tuesday

A Romney win would likely change little at Federal Reserve

Ron Paul not abandoning GOP race

Ron Paul on the nutty neocons ruining the Republican Party

Ron Paul a help to the Constitution Party of Indiana?

Even Tim Tebow Can’t Resist the Ron Paul Revolution

Liberal Media is Biased Against Mitt Romney, Ron Paul During 2012 Election

Why Ron Paul draws big crowds but fails to catch on - Hint: He is catching on. The Establishment GOP just doesn't want you to know it.

Rand Paul: GOP Establishment Like 'Sharks Smelling Blood' Who 'Can't Wait To Close In For The Kill'

Ron Paul - April 1, 2012

As Paul's White House campaign fades, supporters face choices - Fades? They wish!

Washington 43rd: SWEEP

Sweep in Nye County, Nevada!

Default Breaking: The Spirit of Ron Paul is in EVERY single Oklahoma District 5 National delegate

Clark County, WASH, GOP convenes at Hilton

Santorum, Paul camps team up to get more delegates

Paul's record as 'Dr. No' speaks for itself

Rumors of Ron Paul campaign demise greatly exaggerated

Santorum, Paul backers unhappy with selection of ND GOP national convention delegates

Thousands brave 40-degree lakeside breeze to hear Dr. Paul speak about how to Restore America Now

Rand Paul to speak at May faith and freedom event

Madison Politiscope: Ron Paul supporters notably young and male

Will The Ron Paulers Stick With The GOP?

The Improving American Economy and the Republican Candidates

Rand Paul: GOP Establishment Like 'Sharks Smelling Blood' Who 'Can't Wait To Close In For The Kill'

Anthony Wile: Afghan al-Qaeda 'plotting' another 9/11?

All For Naught?

Jason Zweig: Why China Loves Gold

The Santorum Bubble Finally Bursts

Bruce Krasting: Bernanke Is Rewriting History And Making The Same Mistakes Again


Ron Paul Rally in Austin, Texas April 26, 2012 (Full Video)

Ron Paul Rally in Austin, Texas April 26, 2012 (Full Video)

Ron Paul wins Iowa

Ron Paul on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto 4-26-12

Ron Paul interview on KXAN

"I Think Ron Paul Just Won Iowa!"
Rachel Maddow April 23, 2012


FOX News Ron Paul May Have Won Iowa Vote!!

Ron Paul: I Can Still Win This Thing!

Ron Paul Will Beat Barrack Obama In 2012!
Vote Ron Paul 2012!

Ron Paul Crowd Size vs Others
Vote Ron Paul 2012!

Mitt Romney Is Totally Unelectable! Vote Ron Paul 2012!

Ron Paul: Romney Needs My Support If He Wants to Beat Obama

Ron Paul Is IN IT TO WIN IT! Let's Show Our Support!

What Happens To Santorum's Delegates?

Ron Paul: Big. Bold. Texan.

Clintons Knew Obama Ineligible & DNC Primary Fraud - Claims Hollywood Producer

Ron Paul: Too soon to write people off

Did Ron Paul Win Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri?

Ron Paul on Face the Nation: "I'm trying to save the Republican Party"

Independent Run by Ron Paul Would Pull 17 percent of Presidential Vote: New Reason-Rupe Poll

WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates
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