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Ron Paul - March 31, 2012

Army Reserve reprimands soldier who backed Paul

Ron Paul pitches his economic policies to Wisconsin voters

GOP feud: Santorum and Paul supporters team up to scuttle Romney

'Establishment' McCain

Gingrich, Paul and Santorum say yes to Texas debate

Ron Paul to raise money in live-and-let-live San Francisco (student discount available)

Paul the only candidate who can save the economy

GOP Cost-Per-Delegate Madness: Ron Paul Spent $496K each!

Ron Paul and America's youth

Ron Paul Mania at University of Maryland

Ron Paul 2012 supporters marching ahead

Paul on Ballot in 50 States, Calls ObamaCare "Unconstitutional Monstrosity"

Ron Paul doesn’t please all students

George H.W. Bush Endorsed Romney? Big Surprise, They’re Cut From the Same Cloth

UW students crowd Union Terrace for Ron Paul speech

Ron Paul On The Issues

Ron Paul Draws 2,000-plus Voters to Giant Town Hall Meeting in Maryland

Ron Paul gathers 5,200 supporters while Joe Biden gathers 150 supporters

Tibor Machan: Disputing Positive Rights

Robert Wenzel: Obama Shows His Commie, Socialist, Interventionist Colors

This Probably Doesn't Happen Much to Mitt Romney

What to do if local convention rules are violated, Chairman, Police...

Ron Paul - March 30, 2012

Why Rand Paul Associated Sanctions with War

Ron Paul, rock star to college students, brings his message to UW campus

U.Md. crowd enthusiastically greets Ron Paul

Ron Paul Statement on House Passage of Paul Ryan Budget

Ron Paul Endorses U.S. Senate Candidate Rep. Kurt Bills of Minnesota

Why Dr. Ron Paul's National Defense Plan and Foreign Policy Are the Only Humane Options

Ron Paul: The Butler Bulldogs of presidential politics

Ron Paul Wins Caucuses In Jackson County, St. Louis

Romney, Paul campaigns allege misconduct in Mo. caucus county (Updated)

The Ron Paul Roadies Had To Go Home

Ron Paul: ObamaCare an “Unconstitutional Monstrosity”

On Tuesday, vote Ron Paul for president

Senator Rand Paul Stands Against Reid's Senate on Iran

Gingrich hits new low in Gallup Poll

See Video: Paul Vows To Stay In Race

Only Paul has backed conservative agenda

Writer Claims 'No One Can Remember' Paul's Candidacy

Ron Paul is first Republican candidate to appear in all fifty states

Tibor Machan: Genuine Military Defense, Anyone?

Tess Pennington: Testing Precious Metals for Long-Term Preparations

A Cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine

James Turk: Quiet Gold Market Masks Important Development

Dan Norcini: Trading “Extremely Violent” & Will End in “Disaster”

Eric Sprott: Mainstream Bashes Gold, But New Highs Coming

Mac Slavo: Total Chaos In the UK As Gas Stations Run Dry; Efforts to Stop Panic Buying Have Led to… More Panic Buying

Simon Black: Why you need a second passport

Tyler Durden: On Liquidity And The False Recovery

Eleazar David Meléndez: Palladium Set to Soar in 2012

Moran Zhang: Gold Price Manipulation: Bullion, Gold Stocks Undervalued

Bernanke Using Gold as a “Scapegoat” to Justify Money Printing

Benson: Chicago police officer tells reporters that their First Amendment rights 'can be terminated'

Ron Paul - March 29, 2012

VIDEO: Is the Election Being Stolen From Ron Paul?

Anybody But Ron Paul Slate - Caught On Video

WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates

Collusion Against Ron Paul Campaign by Washington State GOP and Romney, Santorum, Gingrich campaigns – Caught on Film

Open collusion against Ron Paul campaign by Wash. State GOP and Romney, Santorum, Gingrich campaigns – CAUGHT ON CAMERA

GOP leader claims: Romney-Santorum-Gingrich unite to stop Ron Paul

Another attempt at shutting out Paul delegates, this time in Washington (vid)

Ron Paul brings his message to University of Maryland

U.Md. crowd enthusiastically greets Ron Paul: 1,780 pack Ritchie Coliseum; hundreds turned away as candidate delivers libertarian message

Ron Paul says he wants to debate as long as possible

A Ron Paul primary

A primary primer: A look inside the Paul file

There is no There There -- Ron Paul's Loud, Thin Base

Ron Paul: ObamaCare an “Unconstitutional Monstrosity”

Rand Paul: Glory to the Profitable Oil Companies

What’s so bad about an open convention?

Ron Paul: Let’s Take it to $1 Million

South Park promoting Ron Paul?

Santorum campaign accused of 'dirty tricks'

Republican Debates Are Getting Funnier

Rand Paul Stops War With Iran by Offering a One Sentence Amendment to Sanctions Bill

Federal Reserve Boss Ben Bernanke Promises Record High Gas Prices Through Summer

Obama Allows Atlantic Drilling Exploration; Is He Feeling the Pressure Over Gas Prices?

Senator Rand Paul Calls the Question on War with Iran

Rand Paul alone stops harsher sanctions on Iran

Senator Rand Paul offers legislation to help lower gas prices for Americans

Rand Paul to Keynote Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Spring Event

$7, $8 Gas? Sen. Paul Tries to Blunt Bill That Would Push Your Gas Prices Higher

Ron Paul - March 28, 2012

Rand Paul Is Single-Handedly Trying To Prevent War With Iran

Ron Paul: A Fistful of Euros

Strength and Weakness in the Campaign of Ron Paul

Romney, Paul campaigns allege misconduct in Mo. caucus county (Updated)

Ron Paul: My Campaign is "Doing Quite Well"

Ron Paul: The Butler Bulldogs of presidential politics

Live-blog of Ron Paul hearing with Bill Dudley

America needs Ron Paul for president

Ron Paul To Visit Madison Campus for Rally Thursday Night

Ron Paul To Campaign In Madison

Ron Paul continues to garner nothing in terms of votes - Statist View

Ron Paul has the answers

Mitt Romney’s Game Change: Meet Vice Presidential Nominee Ron Paul

Hey, Rick: You're not a tough guy. You're a lawyer and a lobbyist.

Conservatives Reject Establishment GOP Pressure for Romney

The Republican Primary Campaign: Lessons for Israel

The Big, Bad National Debt: Who is Afraid?

Rand Paul Blocks New Iran Sanctions

Ron Paul Takes On Piers Morgan

Obama's Broken Promise to Wounded Warriors

Sen. Rand Paul: When Big Oil Screws Americans At The Gas Pump, ‘You Should Want To Encourage Them’

Supreme Court to Decide if the U.S. Constitution Is a Dead Letter

Why Obama's open mic slip could seriously hurt his reelection hopes

Ron Paul - March 27, 2012

WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates

Romney-Santorum-Gingrich unite to stop Ron Paul

Where is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Predicts Supreme Court Will Find Health Care Law Constitutional

Ron Paul on Supreme Court healthcare case: ‘I suspect they're going to rule it constitutional’

Can Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy Confound Conventional Wisdom?

Ron Paul wins delegates in WA, political games or 'Survivor?' Part 1

Ron Paul wins delegates in WA, political games or 'Survivor?' Part 2

Ron Paul: Mitt Romney 'more likely' than rival candidates to 'listen to his advisers'

Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaign to steal Ron Paul delegates

Supporters of Ron Paul Rally in Mount Pleasant

Ron Paul heads to University of Maryland for free large town hall

Ron Paul: Drop Out? No Way

Ron Paul's freedom speech

Burnum: Paul supporters not mistreated by Clarke GOP

Fair Tax would ‘reboot’ economy, Libertarian leader Johnson says

Introducing the next Fed chairman… hopefully

If offered, Rand Paul should decline VP slot

Ron Paul is rated as having the best record for truth

The federalist solution

Gold Bar (1 Kilo) Filled With Tungsten Found in UK

Welcome to the United States of Orwell, Part 1: Our One Last Chance to Preserve the Bill of Rights

Rand Paul: Nevada one reason Ron Paul is staying in presidential race

What Else Does President Obama Have Planned for Us (After the Election)?

The Truth About What Will Happen When the Can is Too Big to be Kicked

Ron Paul: Don't count me out

Ron Paul: Dropping Out is 'Silly Question'

Ron Paul Will Win As A Third Party Candidate

Ron Paul - March 26, 2012

Ron Paul keeps hope alive, says there are ‘quite a few primaries yet to come’

Santorum, Paul visit prior to Louisiana election

Ron Paul presses on in GOP primaries

Why Ron Paul Is Really ‘Pro Israel’

Paul will end the Fed

Obama Power Grab

Supreme Court health care arguments to begin Monday

Anthony Wile: Ernest Hancock on Libertarianism and 'Living Free in an Unfree World'

Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are toast, and why some conservatives will secretly root for Obama

What Will Ron Paul Squeeze from Romney and When?

Southerners Get It...

GOP: All for none and none for all?

As Dems rack up debt, youth should flock to GOP

3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins!

The 4 Best Legal Arguments Against ObamaCare

No, This Is Not a Housing Recovery

The Five-State Problem at the Republican National Convention

Could an Obamacare Ruling Doom Obama’s Reelection Hopes?

Romney 'Godfather' of Obamacare

Tea Party Activists Defy Rain to Rip Obama Healthcare Law

Five Ways GOP Could Finally Settle Presidential Race

Why Obama Isn't Backing Gay Marriage

Why Rick Santorum Won't Be Romney's Running Mate

Ron Paul - March 25, 2012

At Jackson County GOP caucus, Ron Paul gets a boost

Ron Paul gets most delegates from GOP caucuses in Jackson County, St. Louis

Ron Paul Supporters Claim Victory In Jackson Co., St. Louis

Ron Paul stumps U.S. vision in Hammond

Paul campaign condemns watchdog report alleging nepotism

Ron Paul vies for limited government and peace

Carol Paul, Ron Paul’s wife, celebrates her nineteenth birthday

Ron Paul, Shepard Smith, And Other Media Heroes

Robert Wenzel: Ron Paul has a very good reason to want an audit of Fort Knox gold

Ezra Klein: Why Ryancare and Obamacare look so similar

Rand Paul: Shrinking dollar behind higher gas prices

High Court Help for Rand Paul

Rand Paul on Repeal of Health Care Reform

Rand Paul writes Bob McDonnell about Virginia bill

Sen. Rand Paul Defends Property Owners from Federal Agencies

Rand Paul for Vice President?

Rand Paul Budget Getting No Love From Conservatives, But Why?

Ron Paul - March 24, 2012

Ron Paul Does Best Against Obama in New Poll!

Obama leads GOP field by small margins

New Ron Paul ad slams Etch A Sketch 'games.' Does he have a point?

Has Anyone Seen Ron Paul? Turn on Leno

Ron Paul to campaign in Madison

Ron Paul Spokesman: Campaign ‘Hoarding Cash’

Ron Paul stumps U.S. vision in Hammond

There is Still Hope for Ron Paul

Ron Paul to hold hearings with Fed over dollar intervention in Eurozone crisis

Santorum, Paul and Gingrich plan Maryland visits next week

Paul To Visit College Park

Ron Paul comments on Paul Ryan’s budget plan

Ron Paul excites mostly young crowd at Louisiana College

Paul supporters float plan B: third party run?

Ron Paul makes history

Ron Paul kicks off ‘Give Me Liberty’ money bomb

Presidential Poll Results: Ron Paul Takes Romeoville?

Ron Paul Agrees To Appear With Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev In An Episode of The Vampire Diaries

Ron Paul comments on Obama health care plan costs

Libertarian Gary Johnson comes to town

Ron Paul - March 23, 2012

Ron Paul: GOP Race Needs to 'Drag Out'

Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney in Latest Poll

Why Ron Paul Spends More Per Vote Than Any Other Republican Primary Candidate

Paul campaign condemns watchdog report alleging nepotism

Ron Paul Outraises His Super PAC

Ron Paul Keeps On Truckin', But to What End?

Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas do not benefit nation

Ron Paul to Hold Giant Town Hall Meeting in Maryland

St. Charles County will hold new GOP caucus

GOP’s abrupt end to meeting could mean no delegates for Clarke County

Ron Paul: Restore Due Process And The Rule Of Law – OpEd

Paul Not Covered

Female voters put Obama in the lead

Tea party insurgency could unravel Paul Ryan Republican budget plan

Fundraising Falters, but Paul, Supporters Look to Convention

Another Ron Paul Supporter Meets President Obama?

Ron Paul on the Paul Ryan Budget

NY Fed Prez Dudley To Appear at Ron Paul Hearing on Eurozone Aid

Bernanke Murdered The Gold Standard? Ha!

Ron Paul is winning the Republican nomination?

Ron Paul to Hold Two Large Town Hall Meetings in Louisiana

Thought for the Day: The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, that bans incandescent light bulbs, was signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 19, 2007.

Ron Paul - March 22, 2012

Ron Paul Calls Secret Service Protection 'Welfare,' Will Protect Himself With Liberty

Ron Paul to Hold Giant Town Hall Meeting in Maryland

Obama Site Draws Most Traffic, Ron Paul Second

Larger Portion of Hispanics Visit Romney and Paul Sites Than Obama’s

Ron Paul and the Martian Atmosphere Machine

GOP rule could sink Gingrich, Paul hopes to win at contested Republican convention - This is unlikely to be a problem for Ron Paul, who may have already won a plurality of delegates in at least 5 states.

Paul finishes third in Illinois, blasts GOP budget proposal

Paul speaks the truth

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign Director Mike Heath To Oppose Maine Gay Marriage

Ron Paul's Website Gets More Visitors Than Any of His GOP Rivals'

Republican Party leaders report threats by Paul supporters

The Problem with Bernanke’s Problem with the Gold Standard

Paul supporters shouldn't give up the fight

Only Ron Paul can get Obama off the ‘fiscal meth’

Paul supporter fights Scott County GOP convention results

Paul inspires anti-war sentiment in youth

SHOCKER: Ron Paul Hates Paul Ryan's Budget Plan

Ron Paul - March 21, 2012

Ron Paul Is Winning ANOTHER Caucus, And The Media Isn't Telling You About It

Pandemonium at MO GOP Caucus as Party Leaders Seen Attempting to Steal It From Paul Supporters

Police Intervene, Arrest Ron Paul Backers at Missouri Caucus

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Latest House GOP Budget Plan

Pro-Ron Paul super PAC Endorse Liberty sees fundraising slide

Filings Show Slowdown for Ron Paul Super Pac

Ron Paul to Hold Two Large Town Hall Meetings in Louisiana

Ron Paul takes on Jay Leno, will appear on The Tonight Show

Bernanke Schools Ron Paul's Potential Fans on the Gold Standard

Paul supporter fights Scott County GOP convention results

Mitt Romney Dominates in Illinois, Ron Paul Out-Performs

Paul beating Gingrich in battle for third place in Illinois; speaks out about new GOP budget plan

How can Romney make Ron Paul fans his buds? Back pot legalization.

Ron Paul: the incredible shrinking candidate

Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans

Ron Paul on Demolishing Due Process

Nassim Taleb is SO down with Ron Paul

Ron Paul the only choice for those dissatisfied with the status quo

Ron Paul Campaign (which still exists) frustrated by conservatives who fail to recognize Santorum rejects Goldwater

Among Conservatives, Two-Man Race Between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum

Mo. caucus chairman denies hijacking event for Santorum

Ron Paul: "It's about time" GOP rivals are rethinking Afghanistan

Ron Paul: Demolishing Due Process

A Rand Paul Hater Goes Crazy at Union Station

Ron Paul - March 20, 2012

Robert Wenzel: The Best Case Scenario Continues to Develop for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Supporters Say St. Charles County Caucus Organizers Flouted Rules

Ron Paul’s caucus strategy is authentic republicanism

Ron Paul nomination is unlikely; now what?

Ron Paul Supporters Drive Rowdy Missouri Caucus

Paul believes vote tampering occurred in three caucus states

Ron Paul closer to Jesus than Rick Santorum

Abilene, TX, Group Shows Support For Ron Paul With Sign Wave

Better or worse? Economy with gold standard, no Fed

Fall of the Law Writers

Is Ron Paul running into money problems?

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney’s new BFFs!

Ron Paul backer for State Supreme Court?

Ron Paul 'endorses' 'Stache Act'

Ron Paul Holds Only Two Events All Week

The Paul Bots Are #Winning

Is Ron Paul Winning?

Ron Paul’s spot in Harry “X” Sysack billboard history

Paul's fundraising drops from 2008

Robert Wenzel: New Romney Ad Doesn't Even Mention Bernanke's Role in Climbing Gas Prices

Thomas DiLorenzo: Those 'Disruptive' Ron Paulians in St.Charles, Missouri

Ron Paul - March 18, 2012

GOP Establishment Shuts Down Missouri Caucus to Avoid Paul Victory

RNC Chair: Not planning for brokered convention

Police Intervene, Arrest Ron Paul Backers at Missouri Caucus

Ron Paul supporters carry county caucus

Raucous GOP caucus in Missouri is shut down

Republican divide persists in Illinois

Rick Santorum wants Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich to drop out

Paul enjoys a big February

Missouri Caucus: Sound and fury, signifying nothing

Ron Paul’s cash stash declines, but his supporters have a plan

City to family: Ron Paul signs must come down

Paul, Romney win in Greene County caucus; Santorum supporters cry foul

Local Republican voters weighing their options before primary

Greene county caucus "chaotic." Paul voters "elated," Santorum supporters "embarrassed"

Michael Thompson: Ron Paul best choice for president

Ron Paul leading in Greene County GOP caucus battle

Ron Paul 2012, His Staff come together

Missouri Republican Caucus, Ron Paul Winning, Fighting For VP Spot?

PHOTO GALLERY: Ron Paul supporters in full force at Boone County caucus

Boone County Caucus sends on slate of Paul supporters

Ron Paul: Republicans are 'warmongers'

Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Looking A Lot Like Ron Paul 2008 Campaign

Mitt Romney: I don’t have a ‘secret deal’ with Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s huge campaign rallies fail to convert into election victories

Why Santorum is Ahead of Ron Paul & What Can be Done About It: Voters are most attracted to Santorum for his "moral character", not his ability to defeat Barack Obama. But Ron Paul can capitalize on both

Anthony Wile: Stephan Kinsella on the Logic of Libertarianism and Why Intellectual Property Doesn't Exist

Ron Paul - March 17, 2012

Ron Paul’s Campaign Raised $3.3 Million in February

For Ron Paul, winning isn't everything

Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash

Why are Ron Paul’s crowds not translating into election victories?

Ron Paul supporters say GOP cheated them out of delegates

Ron Paul Super PAC Broadcasting Live from Chicago St. Patty’s Day Parade

Ron Paul Owns March Madness, Thanks to Duke

Ron Paul Statement on CBO’s Obamacare Cost Projections

Ron Paul Issues Statement On Obamacare Costs

Ron Paul's Cash Crunch

Ron Paul Comments on Obama/Reid Ex-Im Bank Proposal

Rep. Justin Amash Profiled: Moving Forward with Ron Paul Republicanism

Ron Paul races for youth vote

We need Paul

Paul says GOP rivals itching for another war in Mideast

Ron Paul Draws Incredible 4,600-plus Voters to Massive Illinois Town Hall Meeting

Paul supporter is ejected from GOP gathering

Alaska's GOP should embrace the Ron Paul effect

Libertarian candidate for president visits Salem

Libertarian Candidate Hopes To Pick Up NW Paul Supporters

Who Buried the Fact Ron Paul won the Virgin Islands?

Paul a man with a plan that can really work

Rand Paul urges McDonnell to sign detention bill

Ron Paul - March 16, 2012

Ron Paul in the driver’s seat: Newt Gingrich might not be happy with the convention he seeks

Rick Santorum, Ron Paul On Track To Get Most Of Iowa's Delegates

Whither Ron Paul?

Paul hesitant to back Romney if he wins Republican presidential race, cites foreign policy

Ron Paul Supporters Cause County Convention Chaos

Romney: No 'secret deal' with Ron Paul

Ron Paul rallys supporters at MU campus

Ron Paul mines for gold in quest to bury Fed

Ron Paul at the University of Illinois

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Ron Paul protege, seeks a GOP 'revolution'

Campaign Insiders Say Ron Paul Primed for Strong Showing in Missouri Caucus

Delegates To Republican Convention Courted Unbound

Primaries threaten to split Republican Party

No One Is Following Ron Paul Around Anymore

Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands Popular Vote

Why is Ron Paul still in the GOP race?

A new champion for property rights movement

Double candidacy for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul at Mizzou

Ron Paul - March 15, 2012

Did Ron Paul get robbed of Virgin Island victory?

Why Ron Paul May Cut a Deal With Mitt Romney

Hawaiian bartenders back Ron Paul

Santorum: Vote for Ron Paul if You Want Limited Government

Ron Paul Earns a Whole Lot of Internet Love

Ron Paul Has Been Abandoned!

Ron Paul finishes fourth in Alabama, Mississippi primaries

Ron Paul skips Southern primaries, hopes for strong finish in Hawaii

'Black Swan' guy likes Ron Paul

Ron Paul Gets No Respect

What If Ron Paul Really Killed the Fed?

Ron Paul's Economic Platform Cheered by 'Black Swan' Author

Ron Paul's billionaire—Peter Thiel, founder of nat'l security giant Palantir, also PayPal

Ron Paul's Online Support Is Impressive

Ron Paul popular with young voters

No Ron Paul, No Vote In Nov.

Ron Paul Media Blackout Resumes, but for Good Reason This Time

NBC decides Ron Paul no longer important enough for embedded reporter

Ron Paul 2012: Nassim Taleb Sees 'No Other Solution’

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney: An ideal but unlikely alliance?

Congressman Tim Johnson Endorses Ron Paul

Robert Wenzel: Great News for Ron Paul

Ron Paul: An Administration Gone Rogue

Anti-Ron Paul Activist Posts Misleading Video To Smear Ron Paul Delegates

Ron Paul and the media talk it out

Ron Paul still feel he is the GOP man

Republican presidential candidate Paul stresses foreign policy

Trio of Polls Show Ron Paul Most Viable Alternative to Romney v Obama

Paul/Romney Deal in the Making, Time Magazine Strongly Hints

Thousands hear Ron Paul at UI

Ron Paul mines for gold in quest to bury Fed

Paul stops downtown before campaign appearance

Sweetwater County GOP picks Ron Paul

Ron Paul - March 14, 2012

Nassim Talib: Ron Paul, The Only Candidate Addressing Structural Issues

Ron Paul finishes fourth in Alabama, Mississippi primaries

Ron Paul Illinois Team Welcomes Endorsement from U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson

Ron Paul’s Economic Platform Cheered by ‘Black Swan’ Author

Mitt Romney And Ron Paul Skipping Election Night Rallies, Rick Santorum In Louisiana

Could Ron Paul best Obama in November?

Ron Paul Hawaii Team Welcomes Hawaii Bar Owners Association Endorsement

Ron Paul: Mainstream media is working against me

Ron Paul to speak at MU

Paul Supporters Hijack Convention?

Rand Paul asks Farm Bureau to support navigable water bill

Rand Paul Scolds DOE Auditor For Ignoring Solyndra

Paul has pledged to keep America as a free country

Ron Paul - March 13, 2012

Ron Paul Competitive Against Obama in Latest Rasmussen Poll; Outperforming one-time 'front-runners,' Paul remains on track to defeat incumbent President

Caucus States Drama far From Over

Poll: Mitt Romney could defeat Obama in November

Ron Paul wins popular vote in US Virgin Islands, but Romney dominates the delegates

Ron Paul quietly scores first popular vote victory

Ron Paul plans U. of Illinois stop

Paul Super PAC: We Will Continue to Support Paul: Paul Super PAC takes unconventional approach

3 Reasons It's Important to Support Ron Paul to Win the Nomination and Presidency

Ron Paul Cannot Win, But...

Santorum says vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul, Obama Administration Gone Rogue

Are You Considering Ron Paul?

Why exclude Paul's election results?

NDAA: They Knew EXACTLY What They Were Doing

Ron Paul - March 12, 2012

Ron Paul welcomed to Lied Center with standing ovations

Mitt Romney/Ron Paul for 2012?

Paul supporters seize control of Clark County, NV, GOP

Ron Paul supporters hijack Denver GOP meeting

Ron Paul Yo–uth outreach, yes Voters

Did Ron Paul just win his first caucus?

WILLIAMS: End Fed’s power; give it to free market

Ron Paul Wins Virgin Island Caucus, Mitt Romney Gets Most Delegates

Ron Pauls Delegate Strategy May be Working

Ron Paul addresses thousands at Springfield Hilllcrest

Ron Paul Makes St. Charles Campaign Stop

The Virgin Islands Caucus: How Ron Paul Lost By Getting the Most Votes

Ron Paul Volunteers Impoverish Themselves For The Cause

Ron Paul Just Won A Caucus But The Media Is Telling You Mitt Romney Did

Ron Paul Visits Lindenwood University

Paul campaigning in Missouri's GOP strongholds

Jack Abramoff: Ron Paul is incorruptible

Ron Paul Attracts 2,300-plus Voters to Massive Greene County Town Hall Meeting

Ron Paul's Voter Base Doubled Since 2008, Analysis Reveals

Ron Paul: 'It's Liberty That We Need'

Ron Paul Draws 2,500-plus Voters to St. Charles County Massive Town Hall Meeting

Ron Paul Attracts Huge Crowd in Missouri Ahead of GOP Caucus

Ron Paul against meddling in Middle

Don't underestimate Ron Paul's appeal

Hundreds turn out for Ron Paul rally

Ron Paul begins address at Hillcrest auditorium

Why can’t they all be as sweet as Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Jr. and John Tate launch Paul's Hawaii campaign in Waikiki

Ron Paul and the Fed

Paul suspicious large crowds don’t translate to votes

Ron Paul - March 11, 2012

Ron Paul campaigns in Kansas, looks to bounce back after Super Tuesday setbacks

Ron Paul St. Charles, MO Visit

Ron Paul campaigns in St. Charles to stir caucus support

Paul: Lawrence youth vote not enough

Paul campaigning in Missouri's GOP strongholds

Ron Paul Supporters Turn Out in St. Charles

Ron Paul Making Stops Across Missouri

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Tour Convoy of Hope World Distribution Center

Ron Paul Revolution, reloaded? Understanding Romney’s wins and Paul’s losses

Ron Paul Speaking at Town Hall Meeting Today

Glenn Beck Defends Ron Paul From O’Reilly’s Jabs That He ‘Has Nothing Better To Do’ Than Run

Ron Paul Campaign: Reports of Its Death Exaggerated

Paul seeks Kan. delegates, 'the more the merrier'

Something Ron Paul Supporters Should Be Obsessed With

County conventions start delegate process

LIVE: Wyoming Caucus Results, Mitt Romney Beating Ron Paul

"Stage is set" for Santorum and Paul

Paul: Lawrence youth vote not enough

Ron Paul Responds to Comments by Defense Secretary

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Unemployment Figures

Paul turns out to be man best for the job

In Limbaugh squabble, Ron Paul rises above GOP frontrunners

Ron Paul makes last pitch to Lawrence voters

Emmett to head local Ron Paul campaign

Paul, Santorum gather supporters at Wichita-area events

Ron Paul supporters rally on Youree Dr.

Ron Paul Proudly Touts Operation Rescue Endorsement

Ron Paul finds some company in Kansas; Governor Brownback campaigns

Will Guam be Ron Paul’s first win?

Support Ron Paul — But Leave Old Ladies Alone

Minus Ron Paul, GOP Candidates Are A Field Of Hawks

Paul questions GOP vote count

Ron Paul: Unemployment 'probably closer to 20 percent'

Paul supporters plentiful at Tea Party rally in Wichita ahead of Saturday caucuses

Ron Paul Campaign's Jesse Benton "This time it's about real political victory"

Who is the next Ron Paul? Look no further than Justin Amash, magazine says

Idaho GOP Won't Shop Paul's Libertarian Boutique

Paul bashes both parties at TPAC

Ron Paul: Mainstream media distorted Super Tuesday results

Ron Paul Risks Becoming An Also-Ran - Not!

No Paul = No Vote in November

The Ron Paul Delegate Strategy

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul and Barack Obama don't believe being gay is sin? What about grumpy people, can't we get a little love, too?

Ron Paul - March 9, 2012

Now is the time for Paul to pick up delegates: Strategy is to convert nonbinding straw-poll, caucus results his way

Ron Paul on Delegate Math: "Very few delegates to the Republican National Convention were decided on Tuesday"

Ron Paul increased his support in Virginia in 2012

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to Join Ron Paul in Topeka

Is Ron Paul’s campaign in trouble?

Ron Paul campaign gets a little love from Kuna

Ron Paul should criticize Mitt Romney over war policy, or drop out and endorse Romney

The only logical choice is Ron Paul

Ron Paul stacks up best against Obama in Maine

Ron Paul supporters rally

Quantative Easing, Austrians, Ron Paul and the Bank of England

Anti-abortion leader in Kansas endorses Paul

Ron Paul, Barack Obama Don't Believe Being Gay Is Sin

Cathy Young: Ron Paul’s ‘superpower in retreat’ doctrine is wrong

Paul wins Bonner, but Romney takes Idaho

Memo to Ron Paul and Glenn Beck: America's Founders Were Not Anti-Government

Ron Paul Weekly Message: Fed Must be Audited Now

Vail Daily letter: Only Ron Paul can save us

A dozen reasons to vote for Ron Paul

Senator Rand Paul Unveils FY2013 Budget Proposal

Thought for the Day: People who react to disagreement with accusations of hate, are projecting their own hatred onto others.

Ron Paul - March 8, 2012

Robert Wenzel: Ron Paul Camp: Brokered Convention Best Scenario

Ron Paul's In-It-To-Win-It Strategy Is 'Not Far-Fetched,' Campaign Manager Says

Ron Paul Not a Hit With Youth Voters on Super Tuesday

Ron Paul to begin Hawaii ad campaign

After Super Tuesday, Ron Paul Looks to the Future

Ron Paul Picks Up Arab-American Endorsements

Winless Ron Paul's quixotic White House bid

Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rick Santorum to visit Springfield Saturday

Ron Paul Sets Topeka Rally

Ron Paul weighs in on Rush Limbaugh

Ron Paul Interview with The New American

Ron Paul calls for complete pullout of US forces from Mideast

Kelly Clarkson on Ron Paul backlash

Ron Paul Wins One Precinct in Greater Annandale

Ron Paul warns invading Iran will lead to ‘suicide terrorism’

Debbie Gibson Lauds Ron Paul's Take On Gay Marriage; Calls Kirk Cameron 'Ignorant'

Paul tells supporters 'we always win'

Officials reflect on record Republican caucus

Andrew Sullivan, Accidental Ron Paul Surrogate

A defiant Paul faces a winless day of primaries

Paul: Romney Not a Free Market Conservative

Super Tuesday: State-by-state Results & Recaps

Outcome Upsets Local Ron Pauler

Santorum's North Dakota win a big loss for Paul

Thought for the Day: The elections reveal that most Republicans are happy with the rapid erosion of the Constitution, believe America should continue its campaign of bloody global conquest, and that they want more of the same.

Ron Paul - March 7, 2012

Winless Ron Paul sounds familiar themes, gives few clues to campaign's future

Ron Paul’s Super Tuesday Hopes Dashed but He Presses On

Ron Paul gets boost from crossover voters in Vermont and Virginia

Ron Paul says he's 'closer' to Obama than GOP rivals on Iran

Ron Paul warns sanctions will motivate Iran towards a nuke

Ron Paul: 'Liberty is on a roll' (21:19)

Ron Paul Finishes Third in Alaska

Ron Paul: Fear of the Iran nuclear program is ‘overblown’

Ron Paul Disappoints in Idaho, Mitt Romney Wins

Ron Paul wins Lynchburg, gets strong support at Liberty University

Ron Paul Talked Homeschooling With Tim Tebow

Ron Paul: Getting Serious About Rising Fuel Prices

Ron Paul and the Fed

Ron Paul: Quality of Life has suffered for Americans due to Fed and inflation

Paul Supporters Will Fight On

Ron Paul Endorsed by Actor Darren Burrows & Wife Melinda

Ron Paul Woos the Gem State

Ron Paul’s army awaits orders

Paul: Romney Not a Free Market Conservative

Ron Paul Supporters Aiming for an Electoral Coup in Vermont

Ron Paul says it ‘doesn’t make any sense’ to bomb Iran, but he says U.S. shouldn’t tell Israel what to do

Ron Paul's Consistency Earned My Vote in Massachusetts

Winchester Votes Romney, Paul Takes Second

Ron Paul calls for complete pullout of US forces from Mideast

Does It Matter That Ron Paul Hasn't Won A State?

Ron Paul: We need to return to the Constitution

Super Tuesday: Ron Paul is the only true small-business candidate

Thought for the Day: A Ron Paul-Andrew Napolitano ticket or a Sarah Palin-Rand Paul ticket would be unbeatable.

Ron Paul - March 6, 2012

Mitt Romney's Cousins Are Hitting The Campaign Trail — To Support Ron Paul

Ron Paul not giving up

Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?

Ron Paul focuses on North Dakota in quest for 1st state victory in GOP presidential race

Ron Paul Visits Alaska

Ron Paul: Getting Serious About Rising Fuel Prices

Ron Paul unimpressed with Limbaugh apology

Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul exchange civil words

Ron Paul warns sanctions will motivate Iran towards a nuke

Ron Paul Sets Los Angeles Fundraiser

Ron Paul deserves the GOP nomination and more media attention

Ron Paul Brings Hope to Our Government

Ron Paul Endorsed By Vermont State Rep. Adam Howard

Ron Paul Supporters Aiming for an Electoral Coup in Vermont

Ron Paul: Audit The Fed, Before It’s Too Late! – OpEd

Ron Paul: Quality of Life has suffered for Americans due to Fed and inflation

Will Ron Paul Get First Primary Win on Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday: Ron Paul is the only true small-business candidate

Ron Paul: Republican Candidates Criticizing Obama For Quran Apology Are ‘Over The Top’

Veterans’ support for Ron Paul runs strong

Ron Paul, Fed Up with the Fed

Ron Paul to Speak at Lindenwood University Saturday

Ron Paul predicts 3 wins on Super Tuesday

Liberal anti-war groups condemn Obama, praise Ron Paul on foreign policy [VIDEO]

Ron Paul has knowledge and brains to restore America

Ron Paul Rally, 2012 - OK State Capitol: Gen Y Photos and Feelings

Non-aggression is not pacifism

Pick your reasons for voting for Ron Paul

If Americans really want change, why don’t they vote for it?

Rep. Paul speaking out about deficit, military

Thought for the Day: If Ron Paul drops out of the race, or runs on a third party ticket, few of his votes will go to the other Republicans, Mitt "Obama-Lite" Romney will be the GOP Candidate, and President Obama will win. But if Santorum and Gingrich drop out, many of their supporters will go to Ron Paul and we will have a real horse race all the way through November.

Ron Paul - March 4, 2012

Mitt Romney takes Washington caucuses; Ron Paul second

Ron Paul dismisses VP talk as 'conspiracy'

Ron Paul predicts 3 wins on Super Tuesday

Bob Schieffer To Ron Paul: Do You Really Think You Can Win, Or Is There ‘A Different Purpose’ For Your Run?

Ron Paul to Visit Alaska

Ron Paul: Alone but not lonely at Washington caucuses

Ron Paul’s Slow-and-Steady Strategy

Ron Paul courts Arab-American vote in Dearborn

Standing room-only Dearborn crowd pumps energy into Paul campaign

With only Romney, Paul on Va GOP presidential ballot, contest draws scant interest, enthusiasm

Ron Paul: Republican Candidates Criticizing Obama For Quran Apology Are ‘Over The Top’

Paul says Afghanistan apology evidence of larger problem

Ron Paul on Limbaugh: ‘I don’t think he’s very apologetic’ [VIDEO]

Ron Paul weighs in on contraception debate; Rush Limbaugh apologizes

Paul: Limbaugh apologized for personal gain

Ron Paul: No Federal Financial Aid for Tornado Victims

Otter to pitch for Romney Monday in North Idaho; Paul dribbles out endorsements

Paul's plan will balance federal budget and restore America

Ron Paul Draws Crowds of 1,000-plus Voters in Washington

Paul calls Limbaugh comments 'crude'

Ron Paul in My Mail

SeaTac caucus participants debate Paul’s electability

Paul protestors greet Santorum in Lima

Ron Paul: I want to believe...

GOP turn out in force for local caucuses in Washington State

Puyallup GOP caucuses draw overflow crowd, appearance from Ron Paul

Ron Paul speaks in front of Seattle supporters

Romney Leads by Mile; Paul, Santo Fight for Second; Gingrich Still Running

GOP caucuses: Paul leads Pend Oreille, Ferry; Santorum leads Lincoln

Ron Paul - March 3, 2012

Ron Paul: Here's why I'm not winning primary states

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney may be battling over two delegates in Michigan, but this weekend, there’s a much bigger prize at stake – Washington state’s 43 delegates

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney: Washington caucuses

How Ron Paul's Minions Plan to Hijack the GOP Convention

Ron Paul plans Sunday rally in Fairbanks

Ron Paul says he is not 'status quo' in Washington speech (9:40)

Ron Paul returns to Clark County ahead of GOP caucuses

Ron Paul on negative political ads and his views on birth control

Ron Paul: Birth-control fight 'silly'

Ron Paul plans Sandpoint visit

Ron Paul will put the Constitution back in its proper place

Ron Paul and Cheniere Energy skyrockets, and about to go to warp

Rep. Ron Paul versus Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

Ron Paul Hates King County's Republican 'Shenanigans'

Ron Paul brings sexy back

Washington State To Hold Latest Nominating Contest

Thought for the Day: Those who believe America should conquer and rule other countries call Ron Paul's policy of non-intervention "isolationism."

Ron Paul - March 2, 2012

Paul targets conservative credentials of Romney, Santorum, Gingrich with ad

GOP's Race Heads West In Quest For Momentum

Paul flier hits the other candidates

Paul targets Romney, GOP candidates with ad

‘Three of a Kind’ airs in Gem State, setting record straight on Paul’s rivals and presenting him as sole, authentic conservative

Wash. caucuses last stop before Super Tuesday

Ron Paul on the youth vote: "I'm the one person that can take young people away from Obama"

Ron Paul Takes Campaign To Congress: Tells Fed Chair Bernanke He Destroyed "Real Value Of Money" (Video)

Ron Paul Projected to Pick Up Six Delegates in Wyoming

(R) candidate Ron Paul to visit Vancouver Fri.

Hoping for first win, Paul to focus on Idaho in final hours of Super Tuesday campaign

Why doesn’t the tea party like Ron Paul? (Today’s Trail Mix)

Ron Paul garners a strong second in Idaho Young Republicans straw poll

Youth turn out to see Paul speak in Springfield

Ron Paul has his own chocolate bar

Participate 2012: Ron Paul

Study: Sheila Jackson Lee and Ron Paul have the best vocabulary in Congress

Why Ron Paul’s isolationism appeals to the young

Gingrich, Paul this Sunday on Face the Nation

Ron Paul on Drugs

Mystery Novelist Digger Cartwright Endorses Congressman Ron Paul

(Washington State) GOP: Divided they stand

Is 2012 the Year of the Third Party Candidate?

Iran Is No Threat -- Unless We Stay On Our Current Course

Robert Wenzel: Setting Things Straight on the NYC Subway: Ron Paul is Not Teaming Up with Romney

Robert Wenzel: Business Insider Attack on Ron Paul

Ron Paul - March 1, 2012

Ron Paul campaign complains about Washington state GOP 'shenanigans'

Paul comes in 3rd in Michigan primary

Ron Paul makes clear he is not Romney's lapdog

Ron Paul is not alone — now Mitt Romney is calling Santorum a liberal

Ron Paul Tells Bernanke He Killed The Dollar, Silver Coin In Hand

Gold, Silver and Inflation: Ron Paul Spars With Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

Video: Ron Paul Scolds Ben Bernanke During Hearing

Ron Paul to Skip Huckabee Forum in Ohio

Ron Paul will skip Huckabee Forum

Ron Paul to skip Mike Huckabee forum, focuses on Washington caucuses

Ron Paul campaign reaches out to Hawaii, may snag first win in the islands

Ron Paul to President Obama: ‘Keep us free’

Ron Paul beats Obama in polls

Ron Paul likely Alaska-bound in leadup to Super Tuesday

New Jersey’s ‘oldest weekly newspaper’ endorses Ron Paul

Christian DeHaemer: Ron Paul's Silver; Two Ways to Profit from Silver

Kalamazoo youth vote favors Ron Paul

Ron Paul To Visit Moscow, Sandpoint

Ron Paul: No Tax Hikes! Cut Government Spending Instead – OpEd

Paul Opposes DOD Benefit Cuts

Don't tell that Ron Paul-hating radio pitchman; but the right-wingers are loose in Jersey

John Carroll Endorses Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul Kicks His Opponents In the Shins

A Whimsical Ron Paul Ad ... With a Feminist Twist?


WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates

Securing Nomination 4 Mitt by Tricking Santorum and Newt supporters in Tacoma WA 3-24-2012

Jim Grant Gives a Ron Paul Congressional Talk

Ron Paul: Support the Give Me Liberty Money Bomb

Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch

Ron Paul Super PAC “Ball Booth” Commercial Exposes Electability, Record of GOP Candidates

Establishment Republicans in Missouri Try to Steal County Convention

Sen. Rand Paul on Consumer Choice in Energy Committee Hearing

Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud

Where do Ron Paul's ideas come from?

Rick Santorum Says Vote For Ron Paul If You Want Someone Who Voted Conservatively

NDAA Lawsuit Gains Steam (But Obama Can Still Imprison You For Life)

FBI Director Can't Answer Basic Question About Due Process

Mark Levin, Ron Paul Hater, Put in His Place

Another Underdog: Game Change We Can Believe In

Ron Paul: Three of a Kind

Ron Paul: Tea For Two
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