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Ron Paul - February 29, 2012

Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head by 43 to 41 percent

Can Ron Paul Pull Off A Coup Tonight?

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama's Proposed Tricare Cuts: "Failing to meet the promises we have made to our troops would be unjust and immoral"

Ron Paul: Revolution won't be partisan

Ron Paul Rallies Supporters in Dearborn

Ron Paul makes final push for primary

Ron Paul predicts political revolution that will include Republicans, Democrats

Ron Paul Super PAC Breaks Exit Polling Monopoly: Deployment of Revolution PAC’s mobile PollWatcher application across Arizona and Michigan establishes new election benchmark.

Ron Paul: 'The revolution has arrived'

Ron Paul Endorsed by Vermont State Rep. Tom Burditt

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul return to Wash. in advance of caucuses

Ron Paul files to appear on Ark. primary ballot

Ron Paul Supporters Gather for Rally in Springfield

GOP candidate Ron Paul to visit Alaska on Sunday

Hopeful students petition for Ron Paul appearance in DeKalb, IL

Ron Paul to visit Clark County again Friday

California GOP convention occupied by Ron Paul supporters

Ron Paul receives major endorsement in North Dakota

Youth Support for Paul Muddies GOP Race

Gay Billionaire Funds Ron Paul on the Down Low

Ron Paul only has one full-time reporter

Ron Paul is sole candidate prepared to preserve Social Security

Ron Paul's Struggle, And The Wikileaks/Anonymous Media "Shrug"

Rasmussen poll puts Paul ahead of Obama

Ron Paul Leads Obama Among Voters in National Poll

Paul and Santorum coming to Inland Northwest (again)

Wanship woman, a Ron Paul supporter, launches congressional campaign: Jacqueline Smith is a strict constitutionalist, wants federal departments eliminated

Romney on Paul: 'We Like Each Other'

Rand Paul Endorses Feinberg

Socialists all -- except Uncle Ron

Thought for the Day: Ron Paul can't be bought, so why should it matter who contributes to his campaign?

Ron Paul - February 28, 2012

Ron Paul: Economy Squeezed As Debt Accelerates

GOP candidate Ron Paul holds town hall in Detroit

Paul decries racism in "poorest zip code" in Michigan

Ron Paul to lead rally in Springfield on Tuesday

Ron Paul speaks to packed auditorium in Dearborn

Did Ron Paul make a deal with Mitt Romney?

Ron Paul optimistic about Michigan primary, hopes to win delegates

Ron Paul Leads Obama Among Voters in National Poll

Ron Paul Disavows White Supremacists, But Takes Their Money

Crowd Rallies Around Ron Paul at MSU

Thousands turn out to support Paul at rally

Ron Paul speaks to packed auditorium in Dearborn

Ron Paul is not a libertarian

Ron Paul, city of Galveston work together for job fair Tuesday

Ron Paul Super PAC Ad Reinforces Candidate’s Will to Uphold Promise to Seniors

Crowds in state give Ron Paul rousing welcome

Ron Paul to Hold Rally Tuesday Night at Ballroom in Springfield

Ron Paul: Economic change will inevitably come through collapse and chaos

Caucuses Hold Republican Party Hostage to Ron Paul and Party Insiders, Time for Electoral Reform

Ron Paul is dangerous

A Young Ron Paul Fan

Ron Paul Supporters Gather in Square

The Detailed Mathematical Case For A Brokered Republican Convention

Robert Wenzel: Rand Paul as a Potential Anti-Dick Cheney

Walter Block: Ron Paul Is Not About to Become a Power Broker

Thought for the Day: We hope Ron Paul wins the election. But his campaign and our support is not about winning an election. It's about saving the nation from the fascist takeover.

Ron Paul - February 27, 2012

Ron Paul Only Candidate to Warn of Fascist Takeover in America

No conspiracy: Ron Paul just dislikes Santorum

Only Ron Paul Warns Of Emerging Fascist State

Ron Paul Denies He’s Secretly Working With Romney, Says Santorum Is ‘Desperate’

Ron Paul campaigns in West Michigan

The Arab American News endorses Ron Paul for president

Who Will Win the GOP Presidential Race?

Ron Paul: Rick Santorum is 'desperate'

Paul draws about 1,000 supporters at Okla. capitol; Paul's supporters didn't seem fazed by his poll showing or delegate count.

GOP primary candidate Rep. Ron Paul in Hudsonville for second Michigan stop

Packed house hears Paul at CMU

Paul fans near Grand Rapids clamor to hear their candidate

Ron Paul event draws supporters, detractors

Ron Paul gets enthusiastic reception in central Michigan

Johnson County Republicans' Straw Poll Supports Ron Paul

The U.S. Is Slipping Toward Fascism

Ron Paul to Santorum: "WTF?"

Paul: U.S. Military Not World's Police Force

Ron Paul laughs off Santorum's claims of Paul-Romney alliance

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Draws Supporters To Capitol Rally

Morning Bulletin: Are Romney and Paul colluding against Santorum?

Ron Paul: No Coordination With Romney: Paul laughs off Santorum's claim that he and Romney are working together

Taxpayer Group Says Ron Paul is “without peer”

Ron Paul to visit Lakeshore Sunday

Paul stood for the people in the Mesa debate Continue reading on Paul stood for the people in the Mesa debate - National TEA Party |

Paul moves into Michigan, looking for momentum

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Ron Paul delivers campaign speech Saturday to full Plachta Auditorium

Party meetings good training for young Paul fan

Thought for the Day: The crowds who gather in support of Ron Paul demonstrate the hope many of us feel that the American Dream is not dead.

Ron Paul - February 26, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul riles 1,300-plus crowd at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant

Paul tells OKC crowd US should 'mind its own business'?

Ron Paul Draws Supporters To Capitol Rally

Will Mitt Romney need Ron Paul's delegates?

Paul’s aides worried his ideas aren’t crazy enough to win GOP primary -- Ridiculous!

Ron Paul issues statement on Obama tax plan

Hundreds of Ron Paul Supporters Occupy Cal. GOP Convention

A brokered GOP convention in Tampa? Prospect no longer looks inconceivable

The G.O.P.’s Fuzzy Delegate Math

Who Is Funding Mitt Romney's (And Other GOP Candidate) Super PACs?

Young Voters Pick Romney, Others Choose Paul

Considering the Ron Paul conundrum for 2016

Low-profile billionaire funds Paul’s super PAC

US election being rigged? Maine votes not included in tally

Vinton meeting supporting Ron Paul slated

Paul will bring us overdue freedom

Paul moves into Michigan, looking for momentum

Santorum Hates Freedom

Ron Paul - February 25, 2012

Andrew Napolitano: What If Democracy Is Bunk?

Ron Paul: Stalking Horse

Ron Paul-Mitt Romney alliance? Candidates teamed up to skip Georgia debate

Paul is misunderstood

Delegate Counting

The Republican Vision of America: One of Costly and Perpetual Warfare

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney No Deal?

Ron Paul clobbers Romney, Santorum in New York straw poll

Senator Rand Paul visits Tri-State

Rand Paul says tea party and father still a factor

Rogers: Ron Paul Understands Economic Challenges

Ron Paul Hits the Campaign Trail in Michigan

Arab American News endorses Ron Paul

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is 'ideal candidate' and his influence is taking hold at the Capitol, supporters say

Beltway Blog — Jared Polis … the next Ron Paul?

Why Ron Paul Appeals to Millennials

Ron Paul: Loved By the Military, Not Loving Santorum

The Third Man: Why Ron Paul Is the Steadiest Candidate in the Race

Paul campaign to Santorum: He’s just not that into you

Romney, Santorum and Paul, oh my; a Republican candidate and campaigners to visit Great Lakes Bay Region

Diving for delegates: Ron Paul’s not-so-secret strategy

Rick Santorum Hurt Ron Paul's Feelings

The Ron Paul Generation

GOP rumour mill: Could Ron Paul’s son become Romney’s running mate?

Mitt Romney Carefully Avoids Insulting Ron Paul

Jim Rogers Picks Obama to Win Election but Prefers Ron Paul

Ron Paul - February 24, 2012

For Loyalists, Is It Ron Paul Or Nothing?

Arizona GOP Primary: Ron Paul at the Mesa Hilton

Political Scene: What Is Ron Paul Thinking?

Ron Paul is Absolutely Unelectable ...and that, perhaps, is the very reason he just might end up walking away with this thing.

Ron Paul turns attention to Santorum

What Ron Paul gets right about economics

Keen on slashing the national debt? Ron Paul is your man.

Ron Paul, fringe candidate? Not if you want to reduce national debt

Ron Paul added to GOP ballot in Del. Presidential Primary

Report: Ron Paul Only GOP Candidate to Cut Debt

Ron Paul: Birth control pill doesn’t cause immorality

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama Tax Proposal

Poll: Ron Paul leading President Obama in Arizona

Ron Paul’s Plan Is the Only One That Reduces the Debt

Ron Paul campaign garners student support

Ron Paul Wants to Abolish the CIA; His Largest Donor Builds Toys for It

Ron Paul: The choice of the troops

Ron Paul loss would resound truth, honor

Student supports Ron Paul

Ron Paul on Birth Control Issues

Rush: I Predicted a Romney-Paul Tag Team

Ron Paul wins mock caucus with Mt Laurel students at Lenape High

Ron Paul: Excessive Defense Spending Endangers U.S.

Paul Says Chance Of Brokered Convention Growing

Paul supporters clash with Rockdale GOP

Ron Paul money machine heats up

Robert Wenzel: Will Rand Paul Become Mitt Romney's Running Mate?

Robert Wenzel: Only Ron Paul Would Stop National Debt Nightmare

James Ostrowski: Presidential Caucus in Upstate NY

Bill Anderson: I Guess Ron Paul Was Not at the Debate Last Night

Arizona CNN GOP Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!

Ron Paul - February 23, 2012

Ron Paul On Rick Santorum: 'He's Fake' (VIDEO)

Rand Paul For Vice President? 'Of Course He Would Be Honored'

Texas maverick Ron Paul makes mark on GOP race

Ron Paul Making Last-Minute Rush Through Michigan

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul to hold campaign rally in Okla. City

Ron Paul campaign stopping at Oklahoma capitol on Saturday

Why do people like Ron Paul?

Opinion: Ron Paul Beats Obama in Iowa—So Now What?

Ron Paul supporters bring about change at county convention

Could the GOP Have a Brokered Convention? All the feverish talk ignores the delegate math and the election calendar.

How This Summer's GOP Convention Could be a Mess

Live blog: CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate

Ron Paul: Excessive Defense Spending Endangers U.S.

What Ron Paul's detractors reveal

Paul presents presidential platform

Right or Wrong? Ron Paul Says America Is Turning to Fascism

It's Romney vs. Paul in Super Tuesday’s Virginia Primary

For every presidential hopeful, a $1 million donor

Ron Paul Supporters Golden State, Jordan Page, and Captain Squeegee to Play Debate After-Party

Republican hopeful Ron Paul to speak Saturday on campus; paid for by Campus Conservatives

The Anonymous, Occupy, And Ron Paul Connection

VIDEO: Ron Paul on illegal immigration

Ron Paul’s College Love-in

Cast a vote for sketch comedy, music and more with Ron Paul: The Musical

Ron Paul Weekly Message: Defend U.S., Not World

The Fed and Freedom

Why Ron Paul Is Right Again About 'Border Control'

A New Gold Commision

Ron Paul - February 22, 2012

Ron Paul Might Have Won Maine: Maine GOP says some vote counts reportedly ended up in the spam folder

Ron Paul Announces Campaign Stop in Dearborn

Ron Paul: middle class avenger

Ron Paul Buys Time in Michigan, Potentially Boosting Romney

Ron Paul talks hemp, federal regulation in North Dakota visit

Ron Paul Buys Time in Michigan, Potentially Boosting Romney

Ron Paul's 'groovy' new ad calls Santorum a fake conservative

Ron Paul deserves more attention

400 Veterans March for Ron Paul, Peace, and to Memorialize Lost Comrades

Veterans, Active Military march in D.C. for Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Overspending on U.S. National Security Threatens National Security

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum: two sides to the anti-EPA coin

Paul supporters wooing Ohio legislators

The Ron Paul-Mitt Romney Alliance is Strong

Ron Paul Nation, Sheldon Adelson, and Everything You Need to Know Today

PayPal Founder Peter Thiel Loves Ron Paul

"The New Yorker" Profiles Ron Paul, Abüses the Umlaut

New Yorker: Ron Paul’s unique brand of libertarianism

Ron Paul Campaign Bails Out Mitt Romney In Michigan

Ron Paul has answers

Ron Paul: Judge Napolitano As Running Mate

GOP candidate Ron Paul plans Saturday stop in Oklahoma

Ron Paul attracts defense biz support despite budget cut views

Will PIMCO's Bill Gross Bankroll Ron Paul?

Utah-based super PAC supports Paul — not Romney

Goodbye to the Republican Party: Why I Left the GOP

Rand Paul, In Ongoing Opposition To Synthetic Drugs Ban, Cited Threat Of 'Radical Islam'

Ron Paul - February 21, 2012

Romney raised $6.5 million in January, Paul and Santorum raised $4.5 million each

GOP primary candidate Ron Paul lines up Michigan events; no word from Gingrich

Ron Paul to visit Michigan ahead of GOP primary

Ron Paul: ‘Last man standing for lost liberties’

Super-PAC Supporting Romney Raises $6.6 Million

PayPal co-founder donates millions to Ron Paul super PAC

Ron Paul’s Billionaire: Peter Thiel made a fortune investing in the right ventures at the right time. So why is he investing millions in a doomed presidential campaign?

Veterans for Ron Paul, Turning Their Backs on Obama

Ian Fletcher: The Disingenuous Economics of Ron Paul

‘Ron Paul the last best hope’

Listen to what Ron Paul says, not what others say about him

Possible War With Iran Parsed, Ron Paul Hater Style

Ron Paul decries U.S. 'adventurism,' calls Obama's defense cuts 'increases'

Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Mitch Daniels on "State of the Union"

Ron Paul: Judge Andrew Napolitano a possible VP Candidate

Ron Paul wins first ever Students for Liberty straw poll

Sheridan County Favors Ron Paul, Romney Leads State Poll

Poll shows tight presidential race in Virginia

Michigan primary issues: Where do Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum stand on job creation?

Paul Packs Them in During Jamestown Appearance

Santorum opens office, Paul promises visit

Hundreds cheer on Ron Paul during Dickinson visit

Rand Paul Speaks at UK

Poll Shows Ron Paul Strongest Candidate Against Obama in Iowa

Ron Paul laps field in social media

Ron Paul visits Williston; He is second contender for U.S. presidency to visit area since Wednesday

Ron Paul Super PAC Unveils Poll Watching Mobile Application

Ron Paul supporters support overseas troops

Little Lajla Meets, Delights Ron Paul

Vito & Phil Welcome Paul To Spokane

Nothing crazy about Ron Paul's beliefs

Paul Slams Santorum, Says Social Issues Are a ‘Losing Position’ for the GOP

Is the U.S. losing faith in its own dollar? Bills proposed in more than a dozen states to make gold and silver legal currency for use

Lew Rockwell: Down With the Presidency

Ron Paul - February 20, 2012

Ron Paul wins Maine county caucus

Paul: Santorum has an 'atrocious voting record'

Ron Paul visits Williston; He is second contender for U.S. presidency to visit area since Wednesday

Hundreds gather to hear Ron Paul in N.D.

Veterans for Ron Paul Plan Presidents' Day March on White House

Poll: Ron Paul triumphs over Obama in Iowa

Ron Paul: The True Conservative

Ron Paul, ‘the only candidate speaking of lost civil liberties and pending illegal wars’

Ron Paul visits the Mondak

Ron Paul receives major endorsement from State Rep. Paul Curtman in Missouri

Snowe's GOP challengers buoyed by Ron Paul's strong showing in Maine

Ron Paul Revolution: Presidential candidate strikes a chord with young voters

Ron Paul Denounces Woodrow Wilson, Fascism at Campaign Rally

Paul: U.S. close to being fascist

Laird: Remember, Mr. Paul, electors (not voters) matter most

Alan Caruba: The Federal Reserve Rip-Off – OpEd

WCU Youth for Ron Paul group emerges on campus

Why I like Paul

Robert Wenzel: National Review Goes on a Crazed Attack of Ron Paul Monetary Economics

Ramesh Ponnuru: Money Bawl

Ron Paul - February 19, 2012

Ron Paul gains 83 votes vs. Mitt Romney in Maine

Paul gains ground on Romney in Maine caucus

Ron Paul scores big wins in Hancock and Washington counties but statewide total doesn’t top Romney

Paul: U.S. "slipping into a fascist system"

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul visits KC to energize his base

Ron Paul would best Obama in Iowa general election matchup

Ron Paul rallies supporters for third stop in Idaho

Ron Paul rallies thousands in Boise as Idaho Caucus inches closer

Ron Paul Endorsed by Missouri State Rep. Paul Curtman

Ron Paul defeats Newt Gingrich, wins Georgia straw poll

GOP candidate Ron Paul hits Tri-Cities (w/ video, gallery)

Thousands gather to hear GOP candidate Ron Paul in Spokane

Ron Paul 2012: Paul Gains Momentum, Supports Decriminalization of Marijuana in Washington State

Ron Paul endorsed by state judge

Ron Paul rises above the GOP dog and pony show

Ron Paul slams latest CBO report

Ron Paul comments on latest Obama policies

Ron Paul to visit Jamestown

True believers: Ron Paul's presidential effort has solid local support

Ron Paul Endorsed By Former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders

If Ron Paul wins the presidency, he should lock up this editor

Ron Paul preaches liberty

Paul Attracts 2300 In Spokane

Why it matters that our politicians are rich: Science is finding that money actually changes how you think and act—and not for the better

The Anti-Freedom Movement States Its (Worst) Case? ... Austrians Vs. the Illuminati

Murray Rothbard on Neoconservatives

Ron Paul - February 18, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul took questions from the media after his rally at the Spokane Convention Center on Friday, February 17, 2012.

Central Banks 'Good', Ron Paul 'Bad'?

Ron Paul expands North Dakota campaign visit

Ron Paul Finally Getting the Cash He Deserves

A brokered convention?

Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Obama Proposal for Federal Flight Deck Officer Program

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Latest CBO Report

Ron Paul, Libertarianism and The Anarchist Connection

Ron Paul Super PAC Rallies All-Star Powercast Lineup

Patrick Buchanan and Ron Paul tell uncomfortable truths

Ron Paul earns first place for social media use

Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Obama Proposal for Federal Flight Deck Officer Program

Ron Paul-hating radio host Marxist Levin gets his comeuppance

Area Man Endorses Ron Paul

VIDEO: Ron Paul Electrifies Raucous Crowd in SeaTac

The Ron Paul Message Infiltrates the White House

Military Warns Active Duty, Reservists, and Retirees Not To March for Ron Paul

Thought for the day: Why would American Indians vote for Ron Paul? Libertarians respect property rights, and where the property rights of American Indians remain senior to everybody else, they respect that.

Ron Paul - February 17, 2012

Ron Paul decries war on drugs during Vancouver stop

Ron Paul: A political force, a Republican blasting war

Ron Paul draws overflow crowd in Vancouver: About 1,500 attend Republican presidential candidate’s rally; hundreds turned away

Newt Gingrich vs. Ron Paul? Let's have that debate

Ron Paul's Campaign Focuses on Pacific Northwest

Ron Paul and Mary Pride: Homeschooler supports Libertarian candidate

Live blogging of Ron Paul's (Vancouver, Wash.) Thursday visit

Ron Paul's delegate strategy targets the unbound

Maine GOP voters upset over uncounted votes

How Ron Paul may have won — and lost — Maine

CNN Cancels Debate After Mitt Romney And Ron Paul Pull Out

Ron Paul brings limited government message to Twin Falls

Ron Paul Polling Better Than Obama in Ohio

Paul raises $1.2 million in Valentine's Day money bomb, in pace with Santorum

Ron Paul: Birth control debate over whether government can force people to ‘violate their moral codes’

Ron Paul to visit Williston

Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich a team.

Gingrich supporters are organizing in Virginia - for Ron Paul!

Ron Paul's Stealth Campaign

Clint Didier endorses Ron Paul for President

Ramesh Ponnuru, Ron Paul, and the Gold Standard

Paul’s Delegate Advantage

Ron Paul, Occupy Wall Street, and Anonymous Show Unique Activist Strategies to Influence the Political System

Rasor Wants Idaho GOP To Back Paul

RON PAUL: Our message is clear and consistent

Paul has always been committed to reducing size, scope of government

Rick Santorum Would Do Less to Strengthen Families Than Ron Paul

Paul says Maine outcome is virtual tie

Maine Republicans To Recount Caucus Votes

Preps Starting for Ron Paul's Richland, Wash. Visit

Ron Paul - February 16, 2012

Ron Paul to hold Vancouver, Wash., rally on Thursday

Should Ron Paul demand a new vote count in Maine? (Yes!!!)

Fallout Continues From Maine Caucuses

Ron Paul to hold rally at SeaTac on Thursday

Ron Paul to hold campaign rally Thursday at Sea-Tac, 2 other state locations

The latest innovation from Team Ron Paul: An online Super PAC telethon

Ron Paul slams Obama budget proposal

Poll: Ron Paul bests Newt Gingrich by six points in Michigan

Ron Paul, Greece and the Tin Standard

Ron Paul Responds to Obama Administration's 'Global Tax': "Yet another example of this administration's hostility toward liberty"

Ron Paul’s favorite Amish farmer shuts down raw milk business amid government pressure

Rand Paul puts synthetic drug bill on hold

Gingrich, Paul, have yet to file for Pa. ballot

Nationally-known Christian Producer Justin Machacek Endorses Ron Paul for President

Will Mitt Romney Adopt Libertarian Policies in Order to Sway Delegates From Ron Paul?

Victory doesn’t always mean gain in delegates

Rand Paul to Speak in Northern Kentucky

Ron Paul: It’s Time To Abort Obamacare – OpEd

Why Gary Johnson Should Terrify the Democrats: The Libertarian’s presidential candidacy poses a problem for Barack Obama.

Left-Right Paradigm is a Hoax: Both Liberals and Conservatives are Selling Out America

Sen. Rand Paul Calls For ‘Eliminating Wasteful Things Like Foreign Aid’

Ron Paul - February 15, 2012

Ron Paul: The Latest Obamacare Overreach

Ron Paul not ready to accept second place in Maine, expects to win straw poll once all the votes are counted

Paul Campaign Challenges Romney's Maine Win

Ron Paul: Americans should be 'outraged' with Obama budget

The Santorum Surge: Goodbye Ron Paul Territory

A brokered convention with Ron Paul holding the chips?

Paul, Obama top military donations

Ron Paul’s ‘No One But Paul’ money bomb kicks off on Valentine’s Day

GOP Hopeful Ron Paul Schedules T.F. Stop

Gingrich, Paul Last to File for Pa. Ballot?

Transcript of Chris Waltzek’s Interview with Ron Paul

The foreign policy of Ron Paul

Pro-Ron Paul super PAC announces ‘Million Dollar Marathon’

Ron Paul Supporters Gear Up In Maine To Overturn Romney’s Victory On February 18

Ron Paul Remains Competitive Against Obama in Latest Poll

Greece recovery may be contingent on Fed bailout according to Ron Paul

Will Tony Bennett Endorse Ron Paul?

Sen. Rand Paul filibusters in effort to end aid to Egypt

Latest poll shows support for Ron Paul plummeting

8 Celebrities Who Love Ron Paul

Why Ron Paul is still relevant

Ron Paul soldiers on despite lack of first place wins

Ron Paul discusses Girl Scouts

Ron Paul applauds Iowa Republican chairman

Ron Paul favorite at Ball State

Sen. Rand Paul thinks Gingrich will drop out before GOP convention

Ron Paul supporters to GOP establishment: "No one but Paul"

Thought for the day: I think a lot of American Indians could vote for Ron Paul. Like Russell Means said, he's the only candidate standing up for the Constitution. And that's very important to Indian Tribes. But if anybody but Paul gets the GOP nomination, after the blatant corruption displayed by Establishment Republicans, who wouldn't rather vote for Obama?

Ron Paul - February 14, 2012

The Maine Reason Ron Paul Will Still Win

Robert Wenzel: Even Paul Krugman Recognizes Ron Paul Got Screwed in the Maine Caucuses

Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul Has Something Big Up His Sleeve

Ron Paul still waiting for elusive first victory

Why Ron Paul's Supporters are Furious About the Maine Caucus

Did Mitt Romney steal Maine caucuses from Ron Paul?

Only Ron Paul's serious about Syria; the others are winging it

Ron Paul's Gold Movement: Do Young Voters Care?

Where's the inflation? It's Ron Paul versus Ben Bernanke PART II

Maine GOP sticks with Romney win for now

Paul Campaign Challenges Romney's Maine Win

Ron Paul Campaign says GOP should count all votes

Maine GOP Squabbles over Releasing Caucus Results

Local supporters will rally for Ron Paul in Glens Falls

Campaign 2012: Romney and Paul coming to Mesa

Republicans, Especially Mitt Romney, Should Listen To Ron Paul On Foreign Policy

Paul Still Chasing Victory Mirage in GOP Nominee Desert

Ron Paul Places Second in Maine; Supporters Cry Foul

Ron Paul on Obamacare Overreach

Efforts to derail Ron Paul in Republican primaries are dirty politics

Ron Paul Pushes Forward After Maine

Ron Paul could be the real winner of Maine caucus

What Kind of People Supports Ron Paul?

The Empire Of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul And The Sacred Fire Of Freedom

PPP Poll: Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney leading

Paul supporters open Ohio campaign offices

The Canada Effect: Ron Paul Does 135% Better In Northern Border States

Mitt Romney, the Inevitable and Unelectable Man

Ron Paul on Maine and the ‘status quo’: ‘I keep going up’

Thought for the day: Every Republican should feel mortified, as I do, by the corruption that is being exposed by the Establishment GOP efforts to prevent a Ron Paul win.

Ron Paul - February 13, 2012

Was Maine Stolen From Ron Paul?

Can Ron Paul Be Tamed?

Ron Paul: The Candidate that Laid the Golden Egg

Establishment Republicans Even Try to Bury Ron Paul in a Baseball Game!

Maine 'Prevents' Ron Paul Victory Because of Snow!!

The Difference in a Mitt Romney Win versus a Ron Paul Win in the Annual CPAC Straw Poll

Ron Paul Says Get Out of the Regime Change Business

Tyler Durden: This Time Next US Presidential Campaign: $24.1 Trillion In Debt, 138.9% Debt/GDP

Could Ron Paul Still Win Maine?

Ron Paul: I can beat Obama, too

Maine caucuses provide a window into Ron Paul delegate strategy

Point: Ron Paul’s Our Man

Ron Paul's road to nomination: Poaching delegates

Ron Paul Campaign: Establishment hiding Maine Caucus results

Ron Paul: What's next for his camp

Republicans see need to give Paul a voice

Paul supporters cry foul over caucus tally

Voter registration deadline nears for Massachusetts primaries

How Ron Paul Could Win After All

Ron Paul: The rest of the story left out by the media

Paul campaign disputes Romney's Maine victory

Voting For Ron Paul Is Stupid For Leftists

'Ron Paul direct threat to US establishment'

Bob Schieffer To Ron Paul: Minus Your People, I Don’t See Much Enthusiasm With The GOP Field

Ron Paul 'A Little Bit Disappointed' After Maine

Ron Paul suffers narrow loss to Mitt Romney in Maine (1:45)

Ron Paul ‘received little attention’ from mainstream media

Ron Paul will press on despite Maine disappointment

Ron Paul Iowa Chairman to Head Iowa Republican Party

Rep. Ron Paul not conceding Maine vote

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul both declare victory in Maine

Ron Paul's delegate strategy threatens to undermine will of GOP voters

After Second-Place Finish In Maine, Ron Paul Campaign Boasts Of ‘Victory’ In Press Release

Ron Paul - February 10, 2012

Ron Paul Caucus Strategy: The View From Inside Is Looking Up

Lack of ads could put Romney in jeopardy of Ron Paul victory in Maine

Ron Paul: Obama’s contraceptive rule is ‘direct assault on First Amendment’

Ron Paul Set To Speak To FBI’s Anti-Government Extremist Group

Ron Paul talks about insurance coverage for contraception

Rand Paul is Not Like His Father

Romney faces serious challenge from Paul in Maine

Paul, Obama collect most military donations to run

Ron Paul: Obama Trampling on Religious Freedom

2 out of 3 say they'll vote for this candidate: Contender's name not as important as single factor

Rand Paul to Obama: do you hate rich people?

Rand Paul plays the partisan in red-meat speech at CPAC

Ron Paul: the true champion of religious liberty

Paul: Ironic that conservatives are rallying behind 'sort of' liberal Santorum

Ron Paul gets the most military donations

Ron Paul poised to possibly prevail

Why Estimating Delegate Counts Could Backfire

Ron Paul won't accept Constitution Party's bid to put him on November ballot in Oregon

Why is Ron Paul skipping the one event he can actually win?

Ron Paul’s politics pack less punch than his honesty

Ron Paul for veep? How about Rand Paul?

Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges

America, Freedom, and Ron Paul

Why should a Mexican vote for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama Contraception Decision

Ron Paul vaults to second place in Reuters/Ipsos national poll

Paranoia: Ron Paul supporter says MO GOP 'open about rigging election'

Gary Johnson wows standing room only crowd in Fort Lauderdale

Don't Conflate Ron Paul, the Tea Party, and Libertarianism

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Are the Only True Conservatives in the 2012 Election

Ron Paul Might Need a New Strategy

When Ron Paul met Piers Morgan

Ron Paul prepares to launch ‘No One But Paul’ money bomb

Ron Paul 2012: 1,000 Veterans, Troops to March on White House in Support of Ron Paul on Feb. 20

Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates

Thought for the day: The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats; so, which political party is racist?

Ron Paul - February 9, 2012

Ron Paul's best election night

Ron Paul camp: We’re poised to win delegates

Ron Paul Secretly Won the Caucuses

Maine Caucus 2012: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Remain Undisputed Favorites

Santorum upsets the status quo while Paul supporters upset the caucus

Who is Ron Paul and what does he stand for?

Santorum Jumps Into Second Place in Delegate Race

Libertarian Cathy Young: Uncomfortable with Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Cathy Young: Ron Paul’s foreign policy should worry true libertarians

What do Mexicans Think of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul Won’t Attend CPAC 2012

Ron Paul Weekly Message: Don't Need Consumer Protection Bureau

Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates

Ron Paul on overseas spending (0:48)

Paul backers ruffle local GOP feathers

Ron Paul Campaign: We're Doing Quite Well, Thank You

Local News Paul backers vote early, leave often

20% of Republicans leaning to Obama!

Ron Paul on Tuesday’s results

Ron Paul still happy

Poll: Mitt Romney clobbers Ron Paul in Virginia

Bring On The Ron Paul Naysayers

Ron Paul: Liberty, Freedom and Momentum

Ron Paul surges in latest national poll

Ron Paul Confident in Winning Delegates

Ron Paul Fans Stay Committed After Colorado

Oregon Constitution Party wants Ron Paul as presidential candidate on November ballot

Where's the inflation? It's Ron Paul versus Ben Bernanke

Ron Paul's Campaign Defends Its Successes

Thought for the day: Were Ron Paul to make a third party run, even if he were not allowed on some state ballots he would still take enough votes from the Republican candidate to ensure an Obama victory.

Ron Paul - February 8, 2012

Poll: Ron Paul surges to second place nationally, just eight points behind Romney

Ron Paul's Fans Want Him to Make a Third-Party Run

Caucus Day 2012: Ron Paul doubles down on Minnesota

Ron Paul enters a crucial stretch

Male Donors Fuel Ron Paul's Campaign, Barack Obama Sees Most Gender Parity

Ron Paul Awash in Active Duty Military Donations

Ron Paul Minnesota Team Names New ‘Small Businesses for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition Members

Ron Paul Sign Sparks Neighbor Debate

Here Are The Key Points In The Ron Paul Article Everyone Is Talking About

Nevada Republican caucus results finally released

Jim Grant and the GOP Joining Forces to Bring Back the Gold Standard

The screwed generation: Libertarian, not liberal: Ron Paul's popularity has doubled in the past four years for one simple reason

Romney battles Santorum, Paul in GOP caucuses

If Ron Paul was president today ...

Facebook/POLITICO poll: Ron Paul on top with Missouri Facebook users

Ron Paul Calls For The Elimination Of Public Lands

Ron Paul on Syria: I think it's none of our business

Paul Makes Final Pitch to Minnesota Caucus

Why so much support for Ron Paul at UTEP?

Paul leads money race in Minnesota

Ron Paul’s Curious Position on Abortion in Cases of Rape

Ron Paul: New Fed run consumer agency will lead Americans to financial harm

Ron Paul, "progressive"?

Thought for the day: Advances in science, technology and social tolerance aside, public education in the 1940s provided a better education than I got in the 1960s, and it has only gotten worse under the Department of Education.

Ron Paul - February 7, 2012

The true conservative alternative: Ron Paul?

Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life

Paul Capturing Delegates Could Force Fed Changes on Republicans

Ron Paul brings a breath of fresh air

Ron Paul plans St. Cloud rally today

Ron Paul’s MN Support Crosses Political Boundaries

Newt Gingrich confesses he’d vote for his rival, Ron Paul refuses to play the blame game

Ron Paul’s War on Education

Ron Paul may be right

Ron Paul Takes Double Reimbursements On Travel Expenses According To Capitol Hill Newspaper

Veterans, active duty to support Ron Paul with march on White House

Debunking the myths of Ron Paul

Tea Party spokesman to discuss Ron Paul, militant supporters on Internet radio

Why Young People Like Ron Paul

Ron Paul looks for a win in Maine Republican caucus

Chris Christie, Ron Paul, or Marco Rubio: Who Will Be the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee in 2012

GOP bet Rep. Ron Paul supports HR 210, Fil-Am WWII vets

Six Ways Paul Beats Obama On Foreign Policy

RON PAUL: Answers to nation's health care crisis lie in freedom, not force

Ron Paul defends Mitt Romney: ‘He cares about the poor’

Republican presidential race comes to Minnesota

Ron Paul endorser, the Rev. Dr. James Linzey, also supports imprecatory prayer leader's platform because it's more anti-gay than Paul's

Brad Pitt Considers Going Negative In Oscar Race, Shouts Out To Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Message is More Important than Winning

Tea Party ‘Is Dead’: How the Movement Fizzled in 2012’s GOP Primaries

Policing the world

Records Show Ron Paul Trips Paid Twice

Ron Paul adds five delegates in Nevada

Greedy geezers don't want Ron Paul to end the welfare state

Ron Paul wins few votes from Mormons in Nevada

Ron Paul calls for end to wars, PATRIOT Act in St. Cloud stop

Ron Paul supporters gather in Topeka

Ron Paul would permit abortion in some cases of ‘honest rape’

Local Ron Paul Supporters Hopeful for Super Tuesday Primary

The Ron Paul Wave

Paul Unites Backers Under Very Different Banners

Ron Paul Went To Town Blasting The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau In His Latest 'Straight Talk'

Memo to Ron Paul: gold is a fiat currency (GLD, SLV)

Pennies Count for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Fundraised More Than Romney In 10 States

Ron Paul: Psychobiographized by the New York Times and Lives to Tell the Tale

Could Ron Paul end up GOP's only Mitt alternative?

It’s Official: Only Mitt Romney And Ron Paul Will Be On Virginia Ballot

CMU students back Paul in straw poll

Ron Paul’s anti-war stance scores big with Americans

Ron Paul Was a Very Boring Frat Boy

Ron Paul - February 5-6, 2012

Ron Paul vows to fight on after disappointing Nevada result [Video]

Ron Paul on his chances in Nevada: I think we’ll end up coming in second

Ron Paul’s Plan to Mess Up Mitt Romney

Romney is the GOP Front-Runner; Ron Paul is Irrelevant

Ron Paul supporters crash special religious caucus

Ron Paul Visit a Success for 3 Bethel Students

Rep. Paul: Repeal Patriot Act, NDAA

Ron Paul Attracts More Than 600 People at Second of Three Minnesota Events

Cleveland gets on the Ron Paul boat

Ron Paul already doing better than '08

Ron Paul Losing Because He Opposes Gay Marriage Ban, NOM's Brian Brown Says

GOP bet Rep. Ron Paul supports HR 210, Fil-Am WWII vets

RON PAUL: Answers to nation's health care crisis lie in freedom, not force

Political Notes: Like his 2008 blimp, Ron Paul keeps wafting along above it all

Poll: Ron Paul is the GOP’s best bet against Obama in New Hampshire

Ron Paul Places Second at Chaotic Henderson Caucus

Ron Paul campaign denies white supremacist ties

Ron Paul a doctor, not a corporate puppet

Ron Paul on Israel strike against Iran: ‘I would try to discourage them from doing it’

Ron Paul Has ‘No Idea How To Respond’ To Piers Morgan’s Sylvester Stallone Comparison

Clint Eastwood: Ron Paul Is as 'Good as Anybody Else'

Ron Paul: Reactionary or Visionary

Presidential primary Ron Paul only veteran in race

Ron Paul's Importance

Ron Paul - February 4, 2012

Marc Faber: "Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President"

Ron Paul as Savvy Metals Trader

Understanding the Ron Paul phenomenon

Ron Paul counting on rural Nevadans

Santorum, Paul and Romney Make Stops in Reno Area

Ron Paul's Last Stand

Ron Paul rap song with amazing lyrics that cover the issues

Ron Paul's Pahrump Security Volunteers

Ron Paul Defends Mitt Romney To Piers Morgan, Says He Isn’t ‘Cold And Heartless’

Ron Paul on rape and abortion: "It's a tough one and I won't satisfy everybody there"

Ron Paul on Mitt Romney's recent comments: "He's a victim of his own economic theories"

Coming Up on 'This Week': Rep. Ron Paul

Paul downplays expectations for Nevada

Pimping for Paul – Nevada brothels back the libertarian contender

Jobs report dominates agenda for all but Ron Paul

Ron Paul rallies large crowd at Grand Sierra in Reno

Ron Paul, Back Home in Pahrump

Ron Paul knows how to stretch a dollar — or 15 million dollars

Ron Paul's message makes him favorable

Ron Paul Military Donations Nearly Twice Those of His GOP Rivals and Obama—Combined

Ron Paul Rallies Voters From Idaho, Nevada in Elko

Ron Paul Tramples Rick Santorum In Recent Nevada Caucus Poll

A new Ron in the Oval Office? How Ron Paul can force a game changer

Former MN Republican Party Chair backs Ron Paul

Presidential hopeful Paul gets rock star welcome

Ron Paul supporter files lawsuit against Gingrich campaign for broken foot at Florida precinct

Ron Paul to Nevada Supporters: Go Vote

Ron Paul Wants You To Know He Is Still Not a Bigot

In Rural Nevada, Ron Paul Has An Energetic Base

Paul: States should resolve land management issues

How Ron Paul saved my life and earned my support

The Last 48 Hours of Ron Paul Announcements About the Nevada Caucuses

Ron Paul campaign remarks…

Ron’s record raises red flags

Lake Jackson residents take pride in Ron Paul

Ron Paul Broadening Loyalty Ahead of Nevada & Maine 2012

Romney, Ron Paul Forging Unlikely Alliance

Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Ron Paul and the ‘Hope America Fails’ Republicans have a problem: Jobs

Ron Paul Rails Against Government's Influence In West

Talking head asks Ron Paul the most clueless question of the campaign

Poll: Mitt Romney leads in Nevada

Stossel: America's Military Spending is Irrational... And We Can't Afford It!

GOP candidate Ron Paul's ideas spark the imaginations of America's millennial generation

(VIDEO) Ron Paul wins approval of Colorado crowd with unchanged rhetoric

Ron Paul: U.S. treatment of illegal immigrants like Nazi treatment of Jews

Hey Nevada, Ron Paul favors your freedom to gamble online

Ron Paul Finds Wall Street Support in the Strangest Places

In Nevada, Ron Paul devotees wage campaign of ideas

Here's What Ron Paul Wants To Do To America — And Why Nevada Is Eating It Up

Ron Paul is only hope to beat Obama

Ron Paul: Racist newsletters still an issue? Debunked (Video)

Ron Paul - February 2, 2012

Why Ron Paul could rally in February caucuses

Ron Paul tells Hispanic crowd he opposes DREAM Act

Ron Paul says Latinos have become 'scapegoats'

Paul: Barbed-wire fences, guns on the border not the answer to country’s immigration problems

Ron Paul Celebrates 55th Wedding Anniversary, Surprises Wife with Gift

Ron Paul: Tourism, Tips and Romance

Ron Paul: ‘The debt should be priority number one’

Ron Paul’s claims about life without Medicare and Medicaid

I Just Voted For Ron Paul In The Florida Primary

Rock Shatters Window at Ron Paul's Washington State Campaign Headquarters in Bellevue

Military-focused super-PAC forms in support of Ron Paul

How does Ron Paul spend a buck?

Paul campaign: Newt must pay medical bills for broken foot

‘Everyone step on his toes!’ Gingrich security harasses Ron Paul supporter

Pro-Ron Paul PAC misses $$$ deadline, blames credit card company

Ron Paul—and the ‘Pink Slip’

Support Ron Paul for president

Dear Ron Paul, You Can Stop Existing Now (In Politics)

Ron Paul cut from CPAC roster?

Poll: Obama crushes Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich in Ohio

Ron Paul aide suggests clout built in presidential race could land son on GOP ticket

Could Paul Win Maine?

Misguided Our View Critical of Ron Paul was Simplistic and Inaccurate

THE TRUTH ABOUT NEVADA: Ron Paul Has Never Looked Happier

Bankrupt U.S. needs to shun wars: Paul

Robert Wenzel: Miami New Times to Ron Paul: "You Can Stop Existing Now"

Thought for the day: Ron Paul stands for sound money, limited government, strong defense, liberty and the Constitution; no other candidate does, and that's why I support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul - February 1, 2012

Robert Wenzel: PayPal Co-Founders Fund Ron Paul Super PAC

Ron Paul in Colorado

Ron Paul Finishes Last in Florida, Says He’s Just Getting Started

In Nevada, Ron Paul's backers are ready for the caucuses

Ron Paul: Turn Your Cheers Into Votes

Ron Paul's message makes him cool (poll)

Ron Paul: 'All we have to do is read the Constitution' (10:24)

Eddie Dillard, Ron Paul Supporter, Allegedly Stomped On By Newt Gingrich Security

Window broken at Ron Paul's Washington campaign HQ

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and the Oppressive Nature of "Small Government"

Exploiting the Rubes: How Ron Paul Once Betrayed Those Who Trusted Him

Media is unfair to Ron Paul

PayPal founder Peter Thiel gives $900K to Ron Paul PAC

Ron Paul says federal income tax rate was 0 percent until 1913

Ron Paul draws hundreds at CSU rally

Ron Paul speaks at Green Valley Ranch Casino

'Stupid Party' candidates, save Ron Paul, beat war drums

Ron Paul: 'We Need More Personal Liberty'

Editorial: Ron Paul speaks out, wants to repeal part of Defense Appropriations Act

Ron Paul enters Kentucky primary election

Country-club GOP establishment lays down the law to Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement

Response to Ron Paul: Did U.S. Policy Make Today’s Islamist Iran Hate America?

Time for voters to start thinking outside the box

Former George W. Bush insider to campaign for Ron Paul at WMU tomorrow

Libertarians essential for a GOP victory

Rand Paul attacks Gingrich from Senate floor

GOP Candidates Reopen Debate Over Gold


Ron Paul: Tea For Two

Judge Napolitano's What's An American?

Ron Paul is right, US deep into fascism

The Ron Paul Revolution DEFINED

Ron Paul at CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate 02-22-2012 [HD]

Ron Paul Ad - Rick Santorum a Conservative?

The Thomas Jefferson of Our Time!

Ron Paul: U.S. Is Slipping into a Fascist System

George Carlin; or: This is America if you dont vote Ron Paul

One of Ron Paul's great moments!

Judge Napolitano: Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch [14-Feb-12 © FoxBusiness]

Do As We Say, Not As We Do! - Judge Napolitano 2/03/12

Ron Paul on Freedom Watch

Lou Dobbs: Rand Paul on Dad's 'Dangerous' Campaign

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Two Parties = Zero Difference

Glenn Beck Interviews Ron Paul and says Paul Is NOT Crazy!

What If "They" Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul?

The CIA Exposes the Truth About Ron Paul's Foreign Policy!

Ron Paul 2012 - Sly - Dank Studios (Official Music Video)

MTV: The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us

Onion News Network: Why Ron Paul Will Not Win - Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2012 Election Results

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