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Thought for the day: Ron Paul stands for sound money, limited government, strong defense, liberty and the Constitution; no other candidate does, and that's why I support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul - January 31, 2012

BOMBSHELL: Here's A Tape Of Newt Gingrich Endorsing Obamacare

Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?

In Orlando, Occupy and Ron Paul Supporters Reframe Their Exclusion From Republican Debates

Ron Paul in Close Competition With Obama in Latest Poll

Expert Says Ron Paul Not Seeking Nomination, But GOP Platform Influence

Snoop Dogg endorses Ron Paul, for Shizzle?

Ron Paul courts Mormon voters in Nevada

Ron Paul criticizes TSA searches after Rand Paul's refusal

Preregistration tickets sold out for Ron Paul appearance at CSU Tuesday

Romney, Paul spending on campaign airtime in Nevada while Gingrich stays quiet

Paul Targets Delegates, Puts Primaries Into Perspective

Ron Paul booth booted from gun show at Lake County fairgrounds

Buy a Ron Paul Wristband to End the Fed

Paul, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich have filed for Idaho GOP’s March 6 caucus

Paul supporters overflow town hall

Study Suggests CBS News In The Tank For…Ron Paul?

Captain Ron Paul vs America’s Leading Chicken-Hawks

The Peacenik Republican: Would Ron Paul go farther if he toned down this anti-war stuff?

Op-Ed: U.S. Presidential election may be all in a name

Ron Paul Weekly Message: He Really Hates the Fed

Ron Paul - January 30, 2012

Ron Paul Is Placing Big Bets on Nevada

Ron Paul: Staying in GOP race through convention

Ron Paul: In it to win it

Ron Paul's caucus focus

Ron Paul: TSA is a “bureaucratic monster” that “undermines our liberties” and “doesn’t make us safe”

Ron Paul slams TSA 'groping and prodding' and says he would replace agency with private contractors

Paul: privatize TSA, end 'probing groin areas'

With rivals in Florida, Ron Paul sets his sights on Maine

Ron Paul Criticizes Iran Approach

Ron Paul Cheers Indiana House Passage of Right to Work Law

Ron Paul Wins Arizona State GOP Presidential Straw Poll

Ron Paul's policies would keep us out of unnecessary wars

His beliefs led him to candidate Ron Paul

Limited Government Response to Ron Paul Detractors

GOP Candidates Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Should Realize Why We Need Foreign Aid

Washington state could have unaccustomed prominence with GOP caucuses

Caucuses begin in Maine, results kept under wraps

High hopes for a brokered convention

Ron Paul: Newt's Tea Party Claims a Little Strange

Russell Means Endorses Ron Paul

Robert Wenzel: Ron Paul and Black America

Thought for the day: Vote for Mitt, vote for Newt, vote for Santorum, or even vote for President Obama and send your children to war! If you want more war, vote for anybody but Ron Paul.

Ron Paul - January 29, 2012

LePage, Ron Paul meet during unannounced 'meet-and-greet'

Ron Paul to make three stops along Front Range Tuesday as GOP contest moves West

Ron Paul Gets Called Out on Iran Blockade Comments

Ron Paul Supporters in Stow Saturday

Sarah Palin talks about Ron Paul…

Details finalized for Ron Paul's appearance at CSU

Ron Paul locks up Hudson Middle School mock vote

Letter: Ron Paul is only candidate in primary pointing away from status quo

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney Leading On Facebook Ahead Of Florida Primary

Ron Paul in the Florida Grassroots: Flea Markets and "Sign Bombs"

Ron Paul: Las Vegas Here I Come!

Endorse Liberty Broadcasts Half Hour Ron Paul TV Special in Florida

Brevard Times Endorses Ron Paul For GOP Nominee

Ron Paul wins Arizona Republican Party straw poll

Pivotal GOP skirmish — what, in (Washington) state?

Paul says he has no intention of dropping out

Ron Paul in the Florida Grassroots: Flea Markets and "Sign Bombs"

Boise Ron Paul supporters plan 'Blue Republican' event Saturday night

Paul says he has no intention of dropping out

Florida Jeep Owners for Ron Paul

Paul has courage, knowledge to restore America

Why did the Herald run photo without Ron Paul?

TSA Violates Constitution While Detaining Senator Rand Paul

Thought for the day: A Paul-Palin Ticket would be unbeatable.

Ron Paul - January 28, 2012

Paul pursued strategy of publishing controversial newsletters, associates say

Ron Paul denies report that he approved newsletters

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney Leading On Facebook Ahead Of Florida Primary

Florida Presidential Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Style!

CNN Florida Debate: Wolf Blitzer, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are not great, not bad

Ron Paul locks up Hudson Middle School mock vote

Ron Paul: Las Vegas Here I Come!

Endorse Liberty Broadcasts Half Hour Ron Paul TV Special in Florida

Ron Paul's 'End the TSA' Exceeds Quarter Million Fundraising Goal in 3 Days

Ron Paul's Fed Talk Gets Some Talking Monetary Policy Change

How Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's Campaign Could End the Fed

Ron Paul: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum support Obamacare

Sarah Palin: Ron Paul ‘only’ candidate concerned with national debt

Sarah Palin: Ron Paul is the "Only One" Willing to Rein in Spending

Sarah Palin Defends Ron Paul: He’s The Only One ‘Doing Something About Reining In Gov’t Growth’

Ron Paul: ‘He would proof it’

Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary

Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba

Ron Paul Will Lose the 2012 Election, But Change U.S. Politics For the Better

Ron Paul Trounces Santorum on Foreign Policy in CNN Debate

Ron Paul Wrong On Gay Marriage, NOM's Brian Brown Claims

Ron Paul Nevada Team Names New ‘LDS for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition Members

Ron Paul Cheers Indiana House Passage of Right to Work Law

What is Ron Paul thinking?

Ron Paul's claims that U.S. is blockading Iran in act of war

Ron Paul is wrong: Overthrowing Mossadegh wasn’t a mistake

Ron Paul Getting Praise

While others woo Florida, Ron Paul’s strategy is to rack up delegates in February

A Brokered GOP Convention? In Your Nightmares

Ron Paul offers most American response to Republican debate’s religion question (video)

Ron Paul kicks off two-day tour of Maine in Bangor

Roger Ebert praises Ron Paul

After Republican Debate in Florida, Ron Paul Must Decide Whether to Compromise His Values

Financier who profited on Europe’s debt fueling Paul PAC

How Ron Paul Could Win

Obama vs Ron Paul: Raising the debt ceiling and the economic consequences

Detroit Democrats told to vote for Ron Paul in GOP primary

‘Putting Aside Ron Paul’

Celebrated Harvard Alum Dr. Iris Mack Endorses Ron Paul for the Presidency

Why Paul’s anti-war stance is refreshing to GOP race

Blue Republican Coming to Boise to Promote Ron Paul-itics

When Ron Paul Talks It's about freedom, liberty and bringing the troops home

Ron Paul vs. Democratic Dictatorship

Patrick J. Buchanan: Who Commissioned Us to Remake the World?

Ron Paul - January 27, 2012

What Happened To Ron Paul?

The Ron Paul Effect

Ron Paul challenges candidates to bike ride (1:18)

Ron Paul's Plan for Medicare Reform: Legalize Pot

Ron Paul, the Fed and the Need for a Stable Dollar

Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba

Obama vs Ron Paul: Raising the debt ceiling and the economic consequences

Ron Paul Supporters Clash With Fans of Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Outside GOP Debate

Tea party: Romney most electable; Paul best president

Clay calls out Ron Paul for absenteeism

Why Paul’s anti-war stance is refreshing to GOP race

Buddy Roemer on Ron Paul: ‘I believe in what he believes’

Ron Paul strongest on national defense

Paul Files for West Virginia Primary

Ron Paul - January 26, 2012

Ron Paul ignores Florida at Republican debate, on trail

The Ron Paul Effect

Ron Paul challenges candidates to bike ride (1:18)

Ron Paul's Plan for Medicare Reform: Legalize Pot

Ron Paul, the Fed and the Need for a Stable Dollar

Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba

Obama vs Ron Paul: Raising the debt ceiling and the economic consequences

Ron Paul Supporters Clash With Fans of Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Outside GOP Debate

Tea party: Romney most electable; Paul best president

Clay calls out Ron Paul for absenteeism

Why Paul’s anti-war stance is refreshing to GOP race

Buddy Roemer on Ron Paul: ‘I believe in what he believes’

Ron Paul strongest on national defense

Paul Files for West Virginia Primary

Thought for the day: Are young people attracted to Ron Paul's "uncompromising ideology," or is the generation that is going to get stuck paying for all the wars and social programs foisted on them by their parents and grandparents attracted to his practical, principled solutions?

Ron Paul - January 26, 2012

Ron Paul, the Fed and the Need for a Stable Dollar

Ron Paul is sweeping the GOP youth vote: 'The kids' attracted to pure, uncompromising ideology

Rep. Ron Paul: The Interview Transcript

Why Ron Paul is shivering in Maine instead of cavorting in Florida

Ron Paul to campaign in Lewiston on Friday

Senator Rand Paul Detained At Airport By TSA; Ron Paul Says He Would Eliminate Agency

Ron Paul 2012: 'End the TSA' Raises Over $214,000 in Two Days

Poll: Ron Paul holds steady, Rick Santorum slips in Florida

Ron Paul reacts to Obama State of the Union

Ron Paul promises change

Why didn't Brian Williams ask Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and the others about the TSA?

Brian Williams Talked as Much as Ron Paul at Last Night’s Debate

It's Obama. No, Ron Paul. Wait, It's Romney: Survey

A Very Impersonal Thing: Ron Paul's Polite White Racism

Ron Paul, Weak on Entitlements? Don’t expect fiery attacks on Social Security from the libertarian candidate.

Views of Ron Paul show our selective definition of bigotry

Bill Maher Lauds Ron Paul’s ‘Guts To Stand Up And Debate’ GOP

Joe Miller praises Paul but doesn't plan endorsement in GOP presidential race

The Rand Paul Detainment and an Executive Branch that Answers to No One

Harvard Alum And Economics Expert Iris Mack Endorses Ron Paul For President 2012

NHL Hockey Star Endorses Ron Paul?

Young supporters turn out in force for Ron Paul

What A Ron Paul Presidency Could Mean For Defense Stocks

Ron Paul says there should be a Golden Rule for foreign policy: evangelical audience boos him

Poll: Ron Paul scrambles for top-tier finish in Minnesota

Unauthorized Biography on Ron Paul, an Unauthorized Politician

Ron Paul: Steadily, 'Our Numbers Are Growing'

Campaigning in the era of YouTube: Ron Paul

Thought for the day: If anybody but Ron Paul is our next president, I think America will be worse off in most ways. If Ron Paul is our next president, I think America will be bettter off in most ways.

Ron Paul - January 25, 2012

Ron Paul rails against ‘TSA abuses,’ says he has no intention of third party run

Rand Paul TSA Debacle Prompts Fundraiser From Father Ron Paul

Ron Paul end TSA…

Why did Fox exclude veterans for Ron Paul from recent segments?

Ron Paul was right on Cuba; Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were dumb and dumber

Newt Gingrich Calls for New Cold War With Cuba, Ron Paul Says One Was Enough

The cult of Ron Paul: revisited

Ron Paul: A SuperPAC Spends for Him in Florida, and Pursuing an Obama-like Delegate Strategy

Poll: Ron Paul, Rick Santorum compete for third in Florida

Ron Paul, Stop Internet Censorship

Wrong on marriage: Voters should steer clear of Ron Paul

Gingrich Surges To 1st, Paul 3rd, In Recent Florida Poll

Ron Paul won’t be in Florida primary night – or run ads here

Ron Paul's Latest Celebrity Endorsement: Oliver Stone

Wes Moss: Is Ron Paul crazy?

Ron Paul to campaign in Maine

Green: Voting for Ron Paul restores respect for law and tradition

Paul campaign submits ballot petitions

How Libertarian Dogmatists Are Sabotaging Ron Paul’s Campaign

Presidential Debates 2012: Ron Paul BLACKOUT, Barack Obama's Dictatorship, Mitt Romney's Cash

Ron Paul's brother Wayne attends Tyler 'meet-up'

Ron Paul: "I Have No Plans" for Third-Party Run

Ron Paul and the Revolution March On

Ron Paul Vows to Remain in Republican Contest Till the End

LETTER: Ron Paul will restore America

Ron Paul Newsletter: Okla. City Bombing Was an Inside Job

Ron Paul, Now Playing Second Base for the Houston Astros

Youth for Ron Paul aims to get students excited about liberty, campaigning

Nassim Taleb: 'The Only Candidate I Trust Is Ron Paul'

Sniping at GOP Debate Points One Student Toward Ron Paul

Poll shows Ron Paul would be successful as independent candidate

Election 2012: Poll Shows Frontrunner Ron Paul in Dead Heat vs. Obama

A leadership lesson from Ron Paul

Why Ron Paul Would Hate Contraband

Ron Paul, Republican King of Celebrity Endorsements: Does This Mean Change for Liberal Hollywood?

Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich find common ground

Ron Paul: A SuperPAC Spends for Him in Florida, and Pursuing an Obama-like Delegate Strategy

Letter: Paul doesn't pander

Ron Paul defends son Rand Paul: TSA pat-down fight is 'father like son'

Sen. Paul claims airport X-ray machines are programmed to go off at random

Thought for the day: Perhaps relieved that Ron Paul came in last in the not-freedom-loving State of South Carolina, it appears that the media has written him off. Not so fast. Because most Americans love liberty, Ron Paul will prevail.

Ron Paul - January 23, 2012

What now for Ron Paul after finishing last in South Carolina?

Skipping Florida smart for Ron Paul

Ron Paul wins youth vote in South Carolina and more from exit poll

Ron Paul Introduces Legislation To Repeal Indefinite Detention Provisions Of NDAA

Ron Paul: Beginning of a long, hard slog

Ron Paul says he's on the hunt for convention delegates

Ron Paul Vows to Remain in Republican Contest Till the End?

The Three Problems with Ron Paul

Ron Paul for Medical Marijuana Legalization: Five Highlights of 2011

Paul Supporters: The People's Campaign Will Continue

Letter: Establishment doesn't like Paul

Letter: Ron Paul is the right kind of crazy

American faux history: could we have avoided the Civil War?

Ron Paul Shakes the World

Man drives 20 hours to support Ron Paul in SC

Commentary: Paul’s principles conflict with needs of his district

Thought for the day: Inflation is Taxation Without Representation. End the Fed!

Ron Paul - January 21-22, 2012

Paul hopes for the best in South Carolina, looks ahead to caucus states for delegates

Texas maverick Paul to keep bucking for GOP nomination

Ron Paul’s Recipe for Success: A Cookbook

State Rep. Robideaux endorses Ron Paul for president

John King Ignores Ron Paul, Gets Booed By Crowd at S.C. Debate

Ron Paul’s “South Was Right” Civil War Speech With Confederate Flag

Thomas J. DiLorenzo books
Lincoln Unmasked: Dishonest Abe
The Real Lincoln: An Unnecessary War
How Capitalism Saved America
Ron Paul Says Two-by-Four Sometimes Needed for Congress to Listen

Ron Paul supporters stand by his side Friday in North Myrtle Beach

Ron Paul: Why I'm in love with a 76-year-old (Life-changing video)

Ron Paul and Medical Marijuana: Top 10 Medical Marijuana Strains and Types

Ron Paul NDAA Debate: Candidate Introduces Legislation to Defang Controversial Bill [VIDEO]

Canadian artist shares chat with G.O.P. presidential hopeful Ron Paul

Paul-Affiliated Super PAC Tests Limits of Mostly Digital Campaign

Ron Paul bests Mitt Romney -- in Facebook chatter

Stephen Colbert: 'I like Ron Paul. I really do.'

Ron Paul: 'We're murdering ourselves' with spending

Paul's place in SC uncertain given lighter effort

Ron Paul Gives New Life To Gold Issue

Ron Paul Was Implicated In Failed White Supremacist Island Invasion

Rick Santorum v. Ron Paul on Constitutional Interpretation: Santorum Fail

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul Agree on Constitutional Protections

Online Only: GOP's Ron Paul in 2012 mirrors Democrat Jerry Brown in 1992

Paul: SC Primary Could Be A "Significant" Event

Expect a three-way race after this evening

Ron Paul Endorsed by Aiken City Councilman Gary Bunker

Defeat Obama together

Bassist supports Paul and Ringo takes a stand

The Paul pattern

on Paul explains how to cut $1 trillion from federal budget

Young crowd greets Ron Paul in Warrenville

Paul looking for more than a win in S. Carolina

Paul visits area on eve of primary

Palmetto Family Council Member Backs Ron Paul

Ron Paul attempts one more upset at South Carolina Primary

Ron Paul Hails Halt to Internet Legislation

Ron Paul’s Family Values

Ron Paul buying TV ads in Minnesota for first time

Def(e)ining Choice: Bruce Fein, the Turkish Lobby, and the Ron Paul Campaign

Paul: American exceptionalism does not justify overseas intervention

The Fringes Are Still Listening to Ron Paul

Kevin Bryant: Ron Paul A Man Of Faith

Paul addresses South Carolina supporters

Ron Paul steps up South Carolina schedule

Ron Paul Can and Does Want to Win

Few People Show Up for Paul Rally

Thought for the day: It appears that Stephen Colbert is trying to sabotage Ron Paul's campaign. Thus does he disclose that, like Michael Medved, Democrats fear Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination.

Ron Paul - January 20, 2012

Ron Paul 2012: Why is he Better Equipped to Contest Obama?

Will Ron Paul pick up many of Rick Perry's voters?

What Ron Paul Wants

Poll: Ron Paul is likely to defeat Rick Santorum in South Carolina Primary

Ron Paul fights indefinite detention of Americans

Give Ron Paul another look

Polls show Ron Paul emerging as key player in 2012 race

Ron Paul 2012: Why is he Better Equipped to Contest Obama?

Ron Paul's biggest (Jewish student) fan

Paul singles out Rubio for backing off PIPA

'Guerilla campaigners' told to deflate Ron Paul balloon

Independent, 'rogue' campaign boosts Paul in S.C.

Ron Paul blast SOPA…

Ron Paul: Wrong on the Taliban

SOPA Opponents, Ron Paul Are Unlikely Allies

Ron Paul doesn't think Obamacare can be repealed

GOP debate: Ron Paul quips his way through tax release question

Paul: ‘I’m glad I’ll have all [Perry’s] votes’

Paul unites the Tea Party, Occupy

Glenn Beck Compares Ron Paul To Osama Bin Laden

Tonight on Stossel: Ron Paul, War, and Military Spending

Thought for the day: Michael Medved asked if it would be good for the Republican Primaries to narrow down to a race between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul? Yes, but it would be even better if it narrowed down to a race between Barack Obama and Ron Paul.

Ron Paul - January 18, 2012

Ron Paul: They Are Planning a Global Currency Ruled By the UN and IMF

Military Versus Defense: Ron Paul Smacks Down WSJ's Seib

Paul's candidacy takes on feel of a movement in South Carolina

Youth, independents rally around Paul's candidacy in South Carolina

Ron Paul: MLK Would Agree With Me on Wars

Ron Paul tied with Romney and Obama

George Cleveland, Ron Paul talk 'lawyers, guns and money

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul tops in Facebook fans

Ron Paul wins over social media, builds expansive, loyal voter base on the web

Ron Paul gave conflicting answer on bin Laden raid in SC debate

Ron Paul Campaign Sues Makers of Video Deriding GOP Ex-Canidate Huntsman

Ron Paul: The Strongest Man in the World?

Rachel Maddow Apologizes To Ron Paul For Graphic Snafu (VIDEO)

Ron Paul, Legislative Hero

Another New York Times slander on Ron Paul?

Ron Paul: An End to Marijuana Prohibition – 5 Myths and Facts

Ron Paul Supporters Don't Worry About What The One Percent Eats For Lunch

Hate Ron Paul? Blame the establishment

Paul promises deep cuts in military (not defense) spending

Ron Paul, Bill Maher likes him

Ron Paul to interrupt campaign to vote against debt ceiling hike

Ron Paul gets boos from South Carolina debate audience; can he reclaim momentum?

The New Yorker Misunderstands Ron Paul (Again)

Paul Supports Celente’s Call for "Intellectual Revolution"

Slowly But Surely, The Republican Party Is Coming To Ron Paul

Spartanburg crowd rallies around GOP hopeful Paul

Paul calls boos at debate strange

Ron Paul’s Absurd 'Golden Rule'

Youth, Independents Rally Around Paul's Candidacy in South Carolina

GOP Should Heed Ron Paul

Paul only candidate willing to cut military spending

Ron Paul and America's Alleged Racism

Defense cuts won't hurt state, Paul says - He said military spending would be cut, not defense. There is a difference

Ron Paul wins over social media, builds expansive, loyal voter base on the web

Lake Jackson Loyal to Ron Paul

Ron Paul talks 'liberty' in Rock Hill

Muslims Say Ron Paul Is Their Kind Of Republican

Ron Paul and the looming 'passionless presidential race'

India Needs a Ron Paul

Ron Paul campaign: This has always been a 'two-man race'

Ron Paul - January 17, 2012

CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns

Joseph T. Salerno: Ed Crane's Remarkable Hit Piece on Ron Paul

Ron Paul's 'Latter-day Saints' following

The Times admits it deep-sixed Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Actually Praised By South Carolina Senator!

Paul's flights fly in face of cut-spending theme

Ron Paul has not always had kind things to say about MLK

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only 2 candidates on the ballot in Virginia

Rick Santorum: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney are lying to South Carolina

Ron Paul’s Racist Search Result: Google News top quote feature makes a huge error

Pat Buchanan says that Ron Paul is authentic

Ron Paul: An Intellectual Revolution?

Ron Paul is to 2012 what Obama was to 2008

Ron Paul for Florida finds support

Paul pursues Mormon support

Former US Treasury Assistant Dr. Paul Craig Roberts supports Ron Paul as America's last chance

Mark Levin: Ron Paul’s interpretation of the Constitution not always accurate [VIDEO]

Ron Paul Support Banned from Auburn U. Dorm Windows

News Flash! Ron Paul Is a Pacifist

Public Schools: The War on Kids

One Face of the U.S. Police State

What Ron Paul's critics refuse to admit: Opposing Imperialism Is Not Isolationism

Paul’s relentless contacts turn off voter

Paul’s philosophies make him the best one

Jim DeMint To Star In Ron Paul “Robo Call”

The Constitution and the Coot

Sen. Rand Paul Refunds $500,000 of His Budget to U.S. Treasury

Ron Paul - January 16, 2012

Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul, the Internet and Ethnic Politics in the 21st Century

Huntsman to End Presidential Bid, Endorse Romney

Ron Paul returns to South Carolina after four-day absence

Tom Davis To Endorse Ron Paul

Dr. Ron Paul: 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win

Ron Paul could be Santorum’s stumbling block in South Carolina primary

Poll: Ron Paul moves into second in South Carolina

Libertarian Paul rising with deficit

Ron Paul: Future Vice President?

Ron Paul campaign attracts LI volunteers

Ron Paul: Financial MD, America's RX (Chilling video)

Focusing on Nomination, Paul Plots a Backup Plan

Ron Paul and the Social Contract

It's Settled - Ron Paul for Economy Czar

People stupid, survey shows; they think Ron Paul's a liberal

Mitt backer Bolton dings Paul on foreign policy

Ron Paul's False Founding Narrative

Facebook draws Paul backers to downtown Greenville rally

Even when Paul's right, he's wrong

LETTER: Ron Paul is not the answer

DeMint Warns Republicans Not to Ignore Paul Vote

Can freedom survive or is the fix in?

Supporter drawn to Paul's honesty

Thought for the day: The Patriot Act buggered the Fourth Amendment: forget about privacy. The National Defense Authorization Act screwed the Fifth and Sixth Amendments: say hello to indefinite detention. Next is the Enemy Expatriation Act, which will bypass the Fourteenth Amendment: goodbye citizenship! Our one chance: "Remember in November" and replace everybody who voted for or supported these heinous acts.

Ron Paul - January 14 - 15, 2012

Tyler Durden: Presenting Mitt Romney's Top Campaign Contributors

Ron Paul wins straw poll in Houston

Where is Ron Paul? Texas, Of Course

Ron Paul: 2012 witnessing the rise of a guru to the downwardly mobile

Rand Paul promotes Ron Paul’s ‘South Carolina’ money bomb

The NDAA and the Ron Paul Revolution: Dumb and dumber

Poll: Mitt Romney leads Ron Paul by 20 points in South Carolina

Ron Paul's misunderstood views on drugs and prostitution

'Hispanics for Ron Paul' launches in FL with Miami-centric group

First they came for Ron Paul

Voters Choice: Ron Paul or Bibi Netanyahu

Martie Streit: “I’m Voting For Ron Paul Because …”

Ron Paul campaign to focus resources on Louisiana

Ron Paul Helped By Young Voters

Why Ron Paul is Unelectable

Is it true? Will there be a Romney/Paul 2012 ticket?

Ron Paul Passes Half Million Dollar Mark During Money Bomb

Ron Paul’s remarkable achievement

Ron Paul: Third In South Carolina, Confusing the Politicos, the Progressives' Only Hope, and the Right Policy on Iran

The Ron Paul phenomenon: why the oldest candidate attracts the most young voters

Dana Bash: Ron Paul Supporters 'A Little Scary' In Their Emails (VIDEO)

Evil KKK Facebook plot against Ron Paul

Ron Paul supporters threaten Atlanta family with rape, death

Ron Paul 2012: Haters Discuss KKK Smear Campaign Against Him

Ron Paul up to 20% in SC Primary Poll

Paul's message finds audience

Bill Maher: Ron Paul is ‘in my heart on foreign affairs’

Ron Paul 2012: Why Evangelicals Should Support Him

Ron Paul launches ‘South Carolina’ money bomb

Ron Paul Calls on White House to Empathize with Iran over Assassination of Scientist

George Jonas: The many faces of Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Faction

What does Ron Paul want?

Let's Not Anoint Mitt Romney Just Yet When Ron Paul is Building Momentum

‘LDS for Ron Paul’ Welcomes Endorsement of Utah Republican Liberty Caucus Chair

Readers urged to pay attention to Ron Paul

Sheldon Richman: Ron Paul’s not an isolationist by virtue of opposing imperialism

The many Ron Pauls

Would Israel benefit from a Ron Paul presidency? (Original Video)

Government could strip citizenship from Americans under Enemy Expatriation Act

Paul Aims For $1 Million In Another 'Money Bomb'

On Ron Paul and Electabilityb>

Paul’s America would be different

Paul can beat Obama

Ron Paul's the choice

Florida's Primary Election Rules May Keep Ron Paul From Campaigning Heavily

Paul aims for $1 million in another 'money bomb'

Ron Paul Tea Party Endorsement Expected in South Carolina

Ron Paul Lincolnshire Rally Set

How Liberals Distort Austrian Economics

The Ron Paul effect: Clueless wannabe conservatives find racists under every bed

Poll: Republicans Could Be Heading For A Devastating 2012 Defeat

Ron Paul, Tribune Of The Working Class?

Paul’s message a return to American values

Don't expect Ron Paul to go rogue, run as independent

Appeasing Ron Paul Won’t Work

Ron Paul - January 13, 2012

Ron Paul: The Great Contrarian

Ron Paul’s achievement

Libertarian Ron Paul is dilemma for Republicans

LGBTs for Ron Paul: Huh?

Ron Paul Captures 2nd Place In N.H. Primary

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Post Big Gains From 2008 N.H. Performance

Ron Paul’s Message Appeals to Younger Voters

Romney and Paul get a head start reaching out to Florida’s 400,000-plus GOP absentee voters

Ron Paul’s best leadership trait

Ron Paul and Louis Farrakhan -- birds of a feather?

Ron Paul’s web campaign mired in pokey pages

Ron Paul stands against left and right

Rand Paul on Ron Paul: It’s a two-man race

Gene Lyons: Paul attracts anti-semitic support

Ron Paul - The worlds most dangerous man

99% is coming together and Ron Paul is leading the revolution

Ambrose: Ron Paul is a cartoonish character

Ron Paul's narrative has lost sight of us all

Whose Vision of Freedom? Ron Paul or MLK

Ron Paul becomes lone GOP voice on unequal justice

Ron Paul’s view on institutional racism surprises GOP at the New Hampshire debate

Why Ron Paul's right about undeclared wars

Ron Paul says when Republicans held Congress and presidency, they doubled the size of the education department

Ron Paul Receives Major Evangelical Endorsement from Dr. James Linzey, President of Military Bible Association

Ron Paul is no racist

Pro-Paul super PAC spends over $300k in South Carolina

Paul leaving Florida to grass roots

Ron Paul Finds Support in Surprising Places

Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and their apologists

James Kotecki: Why I Don't Support Ron Paul

S.C. Tea Party fave: Paul's anti-war views play well

You're welcome: On not endorsing Ron Paul

Ron Paul Has No Chance Of Winning (According To The Press, Not Reality)

Robert Reich on The Youthful Magic of Ron Paul

Slip-Sliding Into Tyranny: The New American Way

Lew Rockwell Explains the Ron Paul Revolution

Jon Stewart Disses the Dismissers

Destroying the 'Party of Lincoln' = Pursuing Freedom and Prosperity

Thought for the day: The neocon pundits say we need strong defense. Good. They say we need limited government. Very good. They say we need to cut the budget. Great! Then why do they support spending billions upon billions in offense? Worse, how come millions of my fellow conservatives don't see the difference between defense and offense?

Ron Paul - January 12, 2012

If Twitter Had Its Own Primary, Ron Paul Would Be Winning

Ron Paul: How badly does GOP need his voters?

Paul hopes to ride momentum to GOP convention

Ron Paul says support growing beyond an 'irate minority'

Mash-Up: Ron Paul's New Hampshire Speech Channels John Slattery's From '30 Rock' (VIDEO)

Paul may win enough delegates to gain convention clout

Rick Santorum to Brody File: Ron Paul Is Out to Get Me in South Carolina

Ron Paul's Campaign Song Is... The Star Wars Imperial March

Ron Paul: 'I'm in This. I'm a Contender'

How Old Is Ron Paul?

Lionel: What About Ron Paul

Paul’s damning effect on foreign policy

Ron Paul: the Barack Obama of 2012?

Paul brings back memories

What's Next for Ron Paul? Sets Eyes on Nevada, Latinos

Ron Paul Inspires Financial Advisor to Provide Market-Based 401k Plan Solution

Paul: "We're Not So Small Anymore"

Ron Paul lands in Columbia with message about reduced government, constitution

Pollsters Undersampled Paul's Young, Indie New Hampshire Voters

Ron Paul Smacks Down 'Morning Joe'

What Could a Paul Presidency Mean for Your Finances?

Rally Set for Ron Paul in Marietta

Ron Paul: Young supporters ‘nice, clean cut’

Ron Paul hates invasive government but supports state-mandated sonograms

Juliette Lewis rooting for Ron Paul

Ron Paul is scary

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: Ron Paul needs to ‘play the game’ to win

In the Field: Young Ron Paul supporters say they want a revolution [VIDEO]

Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America challenges secret trillion dollar Black Budget

99% is coming together and Ron Paul is leading the revolution

Ron Paul's Rock Star Coming to West Virginia

Al Sharpton spewing lies about Ron Paul's voting record

Paul under scrutiny

Michael Medved is not so wrong about Ron Paul

Glenn Beck Says ‘Solid’ Ron Paul Could Be Candidate, Just Needs To Escape ‘Crazy’ Supporters

Ron Paul Weekly Message: Obama "Fast & Loose" with Constitution

Thought for the day: Liberty and big government don't mix.

Ron Paul - January 11, 2012

Ron Paul Finishes Second in New Hampshire

Why Ron Paul is defending Mitt Romney after the 'fire people' remark

Ron Paul New Hampshire primary night speech (TEXT)

Where Ron Paul Stands on Issues of Import to Latino Voters

Ron Paul: Leave Mitt Romney Aloooooonne

Can Ron Paul sweep the youth vote in New Hampshire?

The Ron/Rand Paul hidden agenda

The importance of Ron Paul

Ron Paul New Hampshire Primary 2012 Supporter Goes All Out: Why Are His Fans So Adamant?

Ron Paul lays bare hypocrisy in clash with CNN

Paul says 2nd place in NH shows strong support

Doherty applauds Paul's second place finish in NH

Ron Paul calls Gingrich 'desperate'

FACT CHECK: Paul accuses Gingrich of being a ‘chicken hawk’ - shirking military duty

Ron Paul faithful go to work ahead of the New Hampshire primary (VIDEO)

In Bedford, Ron Paul backers like consistent message, commitment to Constitution

Ron Paul on Liberty

Paul blows off afternoon NH campaign stop

Ron Paul: Social Security is unconstitutional (1:49)

Park Ridge man travels to NH to support Ron Paul

Ron Paul plans strong presence in Florida primary

Ron Paul calls for dismantling Fed, Education Dept.

Ron Paul is best candidate

Soledad Reports: Protest vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Defends Capitalism?

Ron Paul: ‘On to South Carolina’

Why No Respect For Ron Paul In The Republican Establishment?

Rush Limbaugh's NDAA Rage, SOPA Censorship Bill, Ron Paul And Congressional Treason

Outside Gingrich NH Offices, Ron Paul Supporters Party

Ron Paul's Gold: What Ron Paul's Buying

Rick Perry says Ron Paul would “ideal person” to head Federal Reserve

Ron Paul 2012: 'Compassion' Ad Goes Viral, Paul's Reaction and the Story Behind

Ron Paul Feeling Optimistic in NH

Ron Paul runs into anti-Zionist rabbi amid Israel policy debate

Bolton changes mind on Ron Paul: ‘would seriously consider’ serving administration

Grow up, Ron Paul

Franklin teacher defends young ‘political tourists’ in Ron Paul flap

Paul: 'I want to thank the Union Leader for not endorsing me'

Ron Paul Says His Fiscal Message Is Gaining Traction

Ron Paul 2012: Wall Street Won’t Give me Money

Rick Santorum Can Win and Start WWIII, Ron Paul Can Win and Save the World

Ron Paul: 'I didn't know you were out there'

Paul Focuses on Revolution, Not White House, in Post-Primary Speech

Paul Camp Reacts Positively

Paul defends Romney against ‘struggling’ Gingrich [AUDIO]

Brit Hume: Ron Paul's chances same as RuPaul

Paul Speaks to an enthusiastic crowd

Ron Paul Accurately Predicts Future Crises in 2002 Speech

Grassroots Fundraising is Key to Ron Paul's Long-Term Success in 2012

Why a Young Conservative Supports Ron Paul

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Ron Paul Wins a Ward

Paul lone GOP voice on unequal justice

Romney and Paul: national candidates

On Primary Day, Paul Rails Against an Old Favorite—The Fed

Ron Paul’s anti-war Stance is to progressives as atheism is to . .

Romney wins 36 PCT of vote in primary, Ron Paul in second with 25 PCT - CNN

Thought for the day: When the "indefinite detentions" of American citizens on American soil begin, will Americans tolerate it?

Ron Paul - January 10, 2012

Ron Paul on the 2012 campaign trail: 1,000 points of darkness

CBS Didn't Mention Ron Paul Once During An ENTIRE Political Segment

Here's The Truth About The 'Media Blackout'

Ron Paul's intense following contains seeds of disaster for GOP (+video)

Ron Paul’s relationship with press getting testy

CBS Poll: Independents Prefer Ron Paul Vs Obama

Why Ron Paul Is Gunning for Rick Santorum

Romney slips in N.H.; Paul and Huntsman battle for second place

Ron Paul: 'We are all Austrians now.'

Turning Austrian

Ron Paul Inspires Poetry In New Hampshire

Ron Paul New Hampshire Team Salutes 10 More ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’

Ron Paul 'encouraged' by young supporters (1:36)

Soldier's Ron Paul Endorsement Prompts Warning For Troops

More Questions Arise About Soldier who Promoted Ron Paul in Uniform; Has Arrest Record from Florida

Ron Paul: Stop the Fed from distorting the market

Veterans for Ron Paul Plan a March on the White House

Veterans, active duty to march on the White House for Ron Paul

Ron Paul 2012 super PAC Endorse Liberty avoids disclosure

A Ron Paul Moment: Don't Tell the Kids

Ron Paul Gets Chased Out Of New Hampshire Campaign Stop By ‘Media Mob’

Ron Paul calls for dismantling Fed, Education Department

Stop the International Paper Currency: Vote for Ron Paul

Paul's Final Day Before NH Primary

Campaign stop for Ron Paul turns chaotic

Ron Paul And Eisenhower Are Right

Ron Paul 2012: ‘And I Went’ Photo Goes Viral

Gingrich Versus Paul in the Granite State

Ron Paul, Elitist Pig

Ron Paul takes shots at Patriot Act in Hollis stop

Paul’s campaign finds big gender gap to bridge

Ron Paul meets voters in Manchester, NH

Ron Paul Voted Against MLK Day

From Ron Paul to Mitt Romney, are any serious about limited government

Ron Paul: Pollution a local issue

Ron Paul on Israel: ‘Hong Kong of the Middle East’

Ron Paul's social problem

Ron Paul and the Anti-Zionists

Ron Paul: Charities Should Provide Health Care To The Uninsured

Setting the record straight on Ron Paul

Ron Paul revolution in Downtown Austin

Ron Paul Campaign Uses Soros-funded Research

Media Now Trying To Kill Ron Paul’s Campaign With TOO MUCH Attention

Youth Vote In NH: Not Just Ron Paul?

Influential Homeschoolers Coalesce Behind Ron Paul

Knight: Ron Paul has earned consideration, coverage

Santorum, Paul detail Israel, Iran policies

Rand Paul Explains His Family’s Opposition To Civil Rights Act: ‘It’s About Controlling Property’

Ron Paul and Dishonesty

The GOP: A Party On The Edge

Ron Paul, Neoconservatism and Islamophobia, Plus a Thought Experiment

Ron Paul makes his presence known in Nevada

Who is Responsible for the Racist Ron Paul Video?

Ron Paul Challenges Liberals - or Maybe Not

Sat: Ron Paul’s S.C. “moneybomb”

New Hampshire Primary 2012: Ron Paul's Economic Plan

What do Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Occupy Wall Street, and Buddy Roemer, have in common?

Ron Paul's Least Controversial Idea: Legalizing Drugs

A Defense of Ron Paul and Political Boldness

After Bachmann's Exit, Ron Paul is Runaway Favorite with Conservatives

Thought for the day: Michael Medved is a neoconservative. He's like liberal-lite but with a dollop of high fructose corn syrup: more calories, less filling.

Ron Paul - January 9, 2012

The Paul Phenomenon

Chris Matthews Compares Ron Paul To Ross Perot, Sizes Up Paul’s Chances As Third-Party Candidate

Perry calls Paul a Washington insider, hypocrite

Blinded by the Left: How Marxists Wrote Ron Paul’s Defense Cuts Plan

Chris Wallace Challenges Ron Paul Over Position On Civil Rights Act, Private Property Rights

Paul defends light legislative record

Study: Huntsman Facebook fans “Like” Ron Paul book

Romney Unbeatable In NH; Most Have Unfavorable View Of Challengers

What's Up With Ron Paul's 'Austrian' Ideas?

Ron Paul 2012: The outlier presidential candidate

Paul Draws Crowd in Meredith, N.H.

Obama, Drones, Indefinite Detention and Ron Paul

Can Ron Paul wake up stagnant progressives?

Paul Will Spend 'Limited Money' in Florida

Ron Paul will not contest Florida

Early-primary backfire? The Ron Paul Revolution will not be televised in Florida.

Paul Woos N.H. Voters With Old-Fashioned Town Hall

Ron Paul says corporate medicine not much better than socialized medicine

Peacemongering ideas of Ron Paul find popularity with post-9/11 disaffected

Ron Paul's Florida flier, 6-page newsletter blasts GOP "counterfeits," Obama

Ron Paul: 'Entitlements are not rights'

Ron Paul 'reserves' right to third party run

Ron Paul’s Message Rings True In ‘Live Free Or Die’ State

Rand Paul campaigns for father Ron Paul in New Hampshire

Ron Paul - January 8, 2012

Jack Kerwick: Medved and Paulophobia

Ron Paul running a solid second in New Hampshire

Ron Paul says he is not racist, slams drug laws as unfair to blacks

Ron Paul scores in NH debates: RIP newsletters (Video)

Ron Paul comes out swinging in Republican debate

Ron Paul criticizes Newt Gingrich for Vietnam War deferment

Ron Paul goes on the attack, steps back into the spotlight at debate

Has Ron Paul thought of this?

Page: Ron Paul-Hillary Clinton ticket?

Ron Paul campaign runs ads targeting opponent's children

Paul analysis floats Huntsman video link; spokesman rejects 'conspiracy theory'

Ron Paul finds supporters among medical marijuana advocates

Ron Paul on racist newsletters

Ron Paul Takes...Idaho

Ron Paul’s Jesse The Soldier In Deep Trouble With Pentagon

Ron Paul's campaign about liberty

Ron Paul raps U.S. hostility toward Iran

Ron Paul to Newsmax: 'We Can Still Win'

Did Rep. Ron Paul Predict PATRIOT-Act Style Computer Surveillance In 1984?

Ron Paul Press Aide Walks Away From Newsletter Question

Santorum to Paul: You're not telling the truth

Your Mail: Paul too logical for D.C.?

Paul Spells Out Third Party Strategy: Pressure GOP to Change

Ron Paul campaign sets up local phone bank in Pure Health Foods

Main attraction: What makes US youth gravitate to Ron Paul?

Ron Paul endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida

Leonard Pitts: Foolish consistency, or just foolishness?

Pitts’ critique of Paul missed the mark

Ron Paul's 'Negative Ads'

Ron Paul Debate Highlights

Constitution's best chance rests with Ron Paul

Paul: MLK is one of my heroes

Ron Paul Defends 'Corrupt' Accusation

Ron Paul’s Support Among Military? 4.4% ... At Best

What are Ron Paul’s liberal fans thinking?

Gerald Celente: I'm a political atheist but I would vote for Ron Paul Endorses Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's Economic Views and Asks for His View on the Self Directed 401K and Roth 401K

Ron Paul - January 7, 2012

Paul Hits Santorum’s Conservative Credentials

Paul, After Texas Detour, Gets Back to the Campaign

Ron Paul Returns to New Hampshire Fights Back on ‘Dangerous’ Label

Ron Paul Versus Rick Santorum for the GOP’s Soul

Paul: Romney deserves flip-flopper label

Paul campaign: Anti-Huntsman "Manchurian Candidate" video "disgusting"

Ron Paul, supporters arrive in NH

Ron Paul's Youth Appeal

Why Ron Paul Is Right And Barack Obama Is Wrong About Iran

Mideast Expert, Ron Paul Agree: U.S. Actions Make War with Iran Likely

Why Ron Paul may actually have something right

Paul hits Gingrich as 'counterfeit conservative'

Analysis: Ron Paul leaves a big impact

Ron Paul’s new attack ad uses same soundtrack as Barbara Boxer’s 2010 anti-Fiorina piece (VIDEO)

In new S.C. TV ad, Gary Bauer and pro-Israel group hit Ron Paul on foreign policy

Obama rules as a dictator, says Ron Paul

The consistency of Ron Paul's ideology

Has Ron Paul thought of this?

Ron Paul is wrong about popularity of gold standard

Ron Paul wins Idaho GOP presidential straw poll

Leonard Pitts Jr: Ron Paul is foolishly consistent in his extremism

Foreign Policy: Paul The Pariah, Paul The Prophet

What Is “Austrian Economics”?

The Ron Paul campaign turns a new Page

Ron Paul’s Antiwar Position Is Simpleminded – OpEd

Paul files slate of delegate candidates for March primary

Ron Paul biography: the complete collection

Re: Ron Paul Tries to Tar Santorum with Gingrich Brush

Phil Donahue, Ron Paul, and Piers Morgan

Paul blasts Gingrich as 'chicken hawk'

New Poll Shows Romney Leading in NH, Followed by Paul and Huntsman

Suprock stands with Ron Paul

Sunday Debate: Mitt v. Ron

WMUR/UNH Poll: Romney 44, Paul 20, Santorum Rising

Reason Writers on TV: Matt Welch Talks Iowa & Ron Paul on The Real News Network

Paul criticizes Santorum at first NH event

Bachmann’s Exit Helps Santorum, Paul

Paul Joseph Watson: Ron Paul runs establishment candidates close despite attacks by corporate media

Paul right candidate to energize our country

Ron Paul, Freemason?

Ron Paul - January 6, 2012

Soldier at Ron Paul rally could face legal trouble

Is Ron Paul left of Obama, or a throwback to Ike?

Ron Paul super PAC lampoons opponents with impersonators

Ron Paul: A Most Brilliant Oddball

Analysis: Ron Paul leaves a big impact

Ron Paul on Cordray appointment: ‘The president is not a dictator or a king’

Ron Paul and the Banks

If Voters Cared About Liberty, Ron Paul Would Be the Frontrunner

Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately)

Now that Ron Paul is doing well with voters, it’s no surprise he’s attacked

Paul's Foreign Policy Views Not So 'Dangerous'

Ron Paul Supporters Release Racist Ad Depicting Jon Huntsman As Maoist Soldier

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan: Blames staff for tweet

Ron Paul criticized for ‘inexplicable’ decision to cancel New Hampshire appearances

How Weird Is Ron Paul’s Portfolio?

Rick Santorum Responds To His Ron Paul-Supporting Nephew: ‘It’s A Phase

In Ron Paul, an ideology more sensible than critics will admit.

Ron Paul: foolish consistency, personified

Cathouse hookers love Ron Paul, Rick Santorum's sweater vests catch on & Mitt is Mittens

Michael Savage: Ron Paul supporters are hysterical, dyed-in-wool liberals

Ron Paul takes Winneshiek County

Ron Paul: Stop Subsidizing Highways, Let “Transits” Flourish

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry All Pay $5,000 Extra Instead of Getting 296 Valid Signatures in D.C.

Edward Crane: Why Ron Paul matters

Rand Paul: Stop Trying to Marginalize Ron Paul

Paul’s anti-war call attracts GOP ears

Ron Paul's Folly

The Ron Paul Paradigm Shift

Ron Paul on NDAA: Did CNN Cut Him off Because He Was Discussing the Controversial Law? [VIDEO]

New Hampshire to Get a Dose of Ron Paul’s "Compassion"

Indy Company to Shoot Video For Ron Paul

Comparing Ron Paul Supporters to terrorists is very offensive

Is Ron Paul the New Lyndon LaRouche?

So Clever: Ron Paul Campaign Vid Uses Obama's Typeface Against Him

Here's why Paul isn't doing better

Ron Paul will end militarization of society

A.M. Links: Ron Paul Heads to New Hampshire, Obama Unveils Military Diet, Kodak Mulls Bankruptcy

Ron Paul Fires Most of DC Press Gaggle; Strong Job Numbers; Chevy Volt Recall, SAG Scandal and More: PM Links

Thought for the day: Most of the 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. So we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. Saudi Arabia continues to indoctrinate their citizens to despise America. So we are preparing to attack Iran. Any minute now, I'm going to figure out why this is not kissing Arabian ass to get Arabian oil.

Ron Paul - January 5, 2012

Ron Paul May Have Secretly Won The Iowa Caucuses

Ron Paul’s Secret Plan to Win

The Latest Daily Beast Nonsense: Ron Paul Is a Theocrat Who Wants To Have Gay People Stoned To Death

Conservatism Is a Lie - I had a respectful retort here...until I read the whole article. Google "classical liberalism." It ain't what I thought it was. Now I gotta think.

'Libertarian' Jeffrey Miron's Pathetic Attack on Ron Paul

Ron Paul Never Voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, but...

Paul calls confusion over tweet taunting Huntsman 'irrelevant'

Ron Paul Is No Friend to Progressives

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich GOP ticket?

Ron Paul, still loony

Ron Paul Beats Newt Gingrich in Iowa & on Drug War

Paul: Gingrich a 'chickenhawk'

Paul emboldened by strong showing

Ron Paul Backed By Bunny Ranch

A soldier, Ron Paul and political opinion

Ron Paul: Drug War Could Be Bigger Failure Than Prohibition (VIDEO)

Ron Paul Reaches Out to the Youth of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy movement exposes Ron Paul's demagogy

John DiStaso's Granite Status: Bachmann drops out; Ron Paul to return to NH on Friday

Ron Paul's Easy Appeal to Christian Reconstructionists

Reader: Ron Paul supporter tells Republicans not to treat marijuana like political Kryptonite

As Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Prove, Local "Retail Politics" Will Win the Game in 2012

Piers Morgan Makes Ron Paul Explain Huntsman Joke Tweet While Huntsman Looks On

Iowa caucus results: Where does Ron Paul go from here? (+Video)

Iowa caucus results: Santorum, Romney in virtual tie, with Ron Paul in third

Paul wins, Bachmann falls in Black Hawk County

Some Libertarians worry Ron Paul giving the wrong impression of their ideas

Ron Paul’s platform irrelevant today

Palin Warms Up To Ron Paul

Sarah Palin: Don’t Ignore or Marginalize Ron Paul

Palin: Republicans Shouldn't Alienate Ron Paul Supporters

Huntsman Says Ron Paul Unelectable, Romney Too Cozy with Capitol Hill

Reid Smith, Ron Paul, and the Non-Cons

Ron Paul’s consistency doesn’t make him right By Leonard Pitts Jr. The Miami Herald

Ron Paul says majority of Americans favors gold standard

Al Gore Slams Ron Paul During Current TV’s Election Coverage

Mitt Romney beats out Rick Santorum, Ron Paul in Iowa

LETTER: Ron Paul is the best candidate for 2012

Paul: Iowa showing good enough to keep him in race

LETTER: NH Tea Party Leader Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Soros Defense Plan

Romney edges Santorum in tight race for Iowa delegates; Paul shut out

Kilday Hart: Paul is the Lone Star State's Lone Ranger

Top business leaders including Pimco's Bill Gross support Ron Paul

Ron Paul Campaign Opens Tulsa Office

Paul says Iowa had ‘three winners,’ predicts ongoing momentum

Ron Paul: 3rd in Iowa Okay with Me

Response to coverage of Ron Paul's ugly past publications

The rebel Ron Paul

Substance Over Soundbites- Sen. Rand Paul

Focus on freedom over power inspires Paul's followers

Jacob Sullum on Why Ron Paul Should Be Proud to Be 'Outside the Mainstream'

Thought for the day: Why would anybody who claims to be a conservative want to continue to pay for the huge expense of maintaining America's military empire?

Ron Paul - January 4, 2012

Iowa caucus results: Santorum, Romney in virtual tie, with Ron Paul in third

Iowa Caucus Results: Ron Paul Vows 'We Will Go On'

Snarky Tweet from Ron Paul’s Twitter Account Fired at Jon Huntsman, Deleted

'Disgusting'? Ron Paul Responds to Santorum Jab

Rick Santorum: Ron Paul is ‘disgusting’

Ron Paul is touted as controversial but is Santorum the most 'radical' of them all?

Ron Paul: Can Kelly Clarkson and Chuck Norris help Paul win in Iowa?

Maybe it's finally time to read those Ron Paul newsletters

Ron Paul supporters excited about caucus performance

Ron Paul Finishes Third In Iowa Caucuses, First In Ideas And Influence

Low turnout at Lighthouse caucus precinct, Paul wins big

The Greatness of Ron Paul

'Ideas Do Have Consequences': the Ron Paul Appeal?

Ron Paul Winning the Web Primary

Paul out of mainstream? Then who wants to be in??

Ron Paul shows his power in Iowa?

Does Ron Paul want to be president, or a prophet?

Ron Paul on Immigration

Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz Discuss Ron Paul's Appeal To Voters

Rachel Maddow: ‘Ron Paul Voters Are Human Beings, Too. Why Does Nobody Compete For Them?’

Ron Paul stops at high school before Iowa caucus

Top CIA Terror Expert Endorses Ron Paul in GOP Race

Yes, Ron Paul Has 4,000 Babies

Ron Paul takes third in Iowa caucuses

Thank God for Ron Paul

Paul's madcap past might obscure some truths today

Ron Paul Is Not A Republican

Fox News Op-Ed: Why Social Conservatives Should be Leery of Ron Paul

Ron Paul shares his definition of conservative in Ankeny

Ron Paul Portrait Appears On Rodeo Drive

Ron Paul getting rock star treatment in Iowa

Ron Paul edges out Romney, Huntsman in New Hampshire Primary straw poll

Mitt Romney Crushes Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire

Ron Paul ignorant on AIDS

GOP's Paul places 3rd in Iowa, looks to NH

Did Ron Paul just win Iowa?

Mitt Romney: ‘Best ads against Newt Gingrich came from Ron Paul’ in Iowa

Ron Paul 2012: Why He Deserves Black America’s Vote

Ron Paul pushes big economic change

Paul benefits from Democrat crossovers

Paul hails enthusiastic supporters for Iowa showing

Ron Paul, big-government libertarian

The Messenger

Trump: Ron Paul Wouldn't Have a Chance of Beating President Obama, Would Cast Black Eye on Iowa if He Won Caucus - It must be nice to have no scruples.

Romney won voters who were most concerned with beating Obama

Romney, Santorum in dead heat in Iowa caucuses

Now Republicans Must Deal with Their Crazy Uncle in the Attic

Ron Paul Inspires Passionate Support

Syracuse-area supporters of Ron Paul gather at Liverpool hotel

Ron Paul Asked If Newsletters Show Bad Management: "Well, Yeah, I Think So"

Millennials Love Ron Paul, But Should be Wary of His Economic Policies - I don't know if they have anything to be "weary" from, but there's certainly nothing in his economics to be wary about...unless, of course, you hate prosperity and opportunity.

Truth is a stranger to Ron Paul, Rick Santorum

Gingrich: Paul position on Iran 'disqualifying' for commander in chief

Ron Paul wins Rockford Tea Party Straw Poll

The Early ‘Entrance’ Polls: Romney Seen as Most Electable; Paul Wins Independents; Strong Conservatives Like Santorum

The Ministry of Propaganda Declares Ron Paul "Unelectable"

Thought for the day: His opponents and the media persist in calling Ron Paul an isolationist even though they know it's a lie.

Ron Paul - January 3, 2012

Ron Paul Rocked The House Today

For Ron Paul, a moment of vindication – and maybe more

Ron and Rand Paul, a double dose of liberty

Ron Paul: Fear and loathing on the campaign trail

Ron Paul Gives Des Moines Rally Attendees a Chiding

Texas volunteers fuel Ron Paul's Iowa surge

Branstad: Don't count out Ron Paul

Enthusiastic crowd greets Ron Paul in Des Moines

Voters Size Up Ron Paul In The N.H. Town Where His Campaign Began

Jon Huntsman Grasping for Straws in Attacks on Ron Paul

Austin activists 'Run for Ron Paul'

Is Ron Paul?'s Support Fading Before Iowa?

Ron Paul Va. headquarters set to open in Norfolk

Ron Paul Surges on Facebook, Twitter as Caucus Nears

Ron Paul Super PAC Runs Creepy 'Fake Mitt Romney' Ad

Ron Paul's wide lead on Google Trends--does it mean anything?

On caucus eve, Paul doesn't see himself president

Rupert Murdoch Joins Twitter, Likes Rick Santorum and Ron Paul

Ron Paul talks money matters in Cedar Falls

Ron Paul Reiterates Claim That An AIDS Patient Is 'A Victim Of His Own Lifestyle'

Ron Paul Does Not Call Himself an Isolationist, but 'Many Others' (Including New York Times Reporters) Do

On caucus eve, Paul doesn't see himself president

What Paul's America would look like

Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted

Qorvis Study Shows Ron Paul, Rick Santorum Surge on Twitter on Eve of Iowa Caucus

Does Ron Paul's Age Matter?

Ron Paul Wants To Deny AIDS Patients Coverage

Chris Wallace Calls AIDS a Homosexual Disease During Ron Paul Interview

Ron Paul win Rockford Tea Party Straw Poll

CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Endorses Rep. Ron Paul

As Iowa nears, oddsmakers make Perry 30:1; Ron Paul at 5:2

Bill O’Reilly Starts Off 2012 Bashing Ron Paul, Inviting Rick Santorum On The Show

Rand Paul Joins His Father in Iowa for Last-Minute Campaign Push

Ron Paul Keeps Having to Explain What He Doesn't Believe

Enemy Of The State

The Danger of Ron Paul

Paul may be an isolationist, but the Founders weren't

Paul, Santorum Stretch Truth on Iran

Ron Paul: Santorum is 'Very Liberal'

And you, sir, are no libertarian

OpinionNation: Progressives and Ron Paul

Krauthammer: Santorum Has 1 In 50 Chance; Ron Paul Has Zero Chance

Why some Iowans love Ron Paul

Soledad Reports: Paul supporter starts young

Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan

The Limited Utility of Leftists for Ron Paul

Thought for the day: Most Americans favor ending the war on drugs, ending the endless wars, ending the boom-bust-cycle, and favor sound money, strong defense, a stable, prosperous economy, personal responsibility, and upholding the Constitution. Everything for which Ron Paul stands. So, of course he's electable to the mainstream voter. It's the wealthy elite who don't like him.

Ron Paul - January 2, 2012

Tibor Machan: So What's Wrong with That?

Rand Paul: Ron Paul surging at the right time

In Iowa, Paul's got right message, right place

Ron Paul: Lack of Oversight on Newsletters Was ‘Human Flaw’

With Iowa upset in sight, Ron Paul battles skeptics

'This Week' Transcript: Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann

Romney clings to lead in final Iowa blitz

Could Ron Paul Be the Next Ralph Nader?

Ron Paul raises $5.5 million by New Year’s day

Ron Paul’s quest to undo the party of Lincoln - The Neocons have already done that.

Iowans ponder GOP candidates

Ron Paul Tries To Defuse Accusations That He's a 9/11 Truther

Ron Paul Angrily Rebuts Jake Tapper Over Question About 9/11 Conspiracies

Ron Paul leaves rosy outlooks, campaign promises to the other GOP candidates

Paul Denies Buying Off Bachmann Supporter

Ron Paul Iowa Team Salutes 25 New ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’

Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds on Final of Three-Day Visit to Iowa

ISU professor rates Paul ads “best-produced, edgiest” of the year

Ron Paul says victim of sex harassment bears some responsibility for resolution

How Ron Paul might win Iowa and STILL get no Hawkeye delegates

Ron Paul: I Am Not A 9/11 Truther

Politico ‘breaking news’ report botches Des Moines Register poll results

Ron Paul and Mitt Romeny battle in Iowa Polls

Ron Paul claims to be 'pretty mainstream,' despite statements, record

Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and More Sunday Talk

GOP Republicans - playing with Ron Paul's loaded gun

Huntsman campaign hits Ron Paul with 'Twilight Zone' video

The blind spots of progressives

Ron Paul's Political Platform for America: A Critical Assessment

Why Ron Paul Matters

More Progressives and Ron Paul

Emily K. Schrader, GOP Apparatchik Outted

Walter Block on Jews for Ron Paul

How Ron Paul has influenced political terminology in the 2012 primary

How Ron Paul became a contender in Iowa

Big Predictions for Iowa: Paul doesn't win, Gingrich out

Ron Paul: Sanctions Against Iran Are an ‘Act of War’

Ron Paul: AIDS Patients Bear Responsibility, Not Society

Paul says he appeals to mainstream voters

Chris Wallace Grills Ron Paul Over 1987 Book Passages On Sexual Harassment, AIDS

‘The Die Has Been Cast’: Ron Paul Makes Closing Argument Ahead Of Iowa

Ron Paul and the Killing Machine

Ron Paul No Racist: Walter Williams

Ron Paul Sees First or Second Finish in Iowa

Ron Paul Says He Is ‘Pretty Electable,’ in U.S. ‘Mainstream’

Paul Defends Book Passage Critical of AIDS Patients, Says Iowa Support Strong

Your Voice: Ron Paul's Rise and Negative Ads

Thought for the day: This year Americans will pass judgment on the past 100 years. If we want the next 100 years to follow the same course, we will not elect Ron Paul president.

Ron Paul - January 1, 2012

With Reservations, Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens

Ron Paul Newsletter, Get The Story Correct

Ron Paul will be asked, "What would President Ron Paul do for women?" He will answer, "No more than I would do for any other group." And that will be the end of his candidacy. Women want to be treated like victims and no politician will get anywhere doing otherwise.

In Iowa, it’s ‘electability’ versus ‘sincerity’ – plus a dose of Ron Paul antipathy

Video: Ron Paul answers boy with autism

Ron Paul's fervent supporters revel in his rise in the polls

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are in the top slots in Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register's final poll of the race

Ron Paul supporters so fed up, they welcome his insane policies

New Ron Paul video attempts to paper over racist news letters with advert showing him aiding African American

Pariahs and Prophets

The Bullseye on Ron Paul’s Back

New Ron Paul Ad Seeks to Prove He’s Not Racist

Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies

The best Ron Paul analysis you will ever read this campaign season

The blind spots of progressives

Ron Paul Has Already Won

Ex-GOP Candidate Johnson Urges Iowa Supporters to Back Paul

Despite Ron Paul surge, tea party hopes on the ropes in Iowa

Kelly Clarkson album sales surge after Ron Paul presidential endorsement

Will Ron Paul upset the apple cart?

Ron Paul's House record stands out in futility, tenacity

Ron Paul's Anti-Gay Stances Rile Ed Schultz

T-Rav Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Serious Candidate

Why 80% Reject Paul and Romney

In Case You Missed It: Ron Paul Economic Plan Most Ambitious, Specific among those of His Competitor

Ron Paul blasts SOPA on the 2012 presidential campaign trail

A strong case can be made that Ron Paul's fiscal policy is not that bold at all

Ron Paul blames the Jews for '93 WTC bombing

Romney In Position Of Strength In Iowa

Mailbag: Ron Paul repudiated that


Onion News Network: Why Ron Paul Will Not Win - Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2012 Election Results

Politics: Russell Means Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Three of a Kind

Jon Stewart: The Gingrich Who Stole South Carolina

Let's Tax The Rich!

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