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Thought for the day: Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution says that no state shall make anything other than "gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts." It's unconstitutional for states to use the federal reserve notes.

Ron Paul - December 31, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Sales Spike After Endorsing Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Iran Does Not Threaten Our National Security

In aftermath of racist newsletter flap, ad shows Ron Paul as compassionate doctor to biracial couple in 1970s

The excommunication of Ron Paul: The more they treat him like a pariah, the more Republicans risk learning the real meaning of “blowback”

Kessler Says Ron Paul Won't Win Republican Nomination

Ron Paul Claimed An AIDS Patient Is ‘A Victim Of His Own Lifestyle’ In 1987 Book

Defending Ron Paul

Paul defends foreign policy views

Ron Paul's hot now ... but it won't last

Ron Paul Had Accurate Conspiracy Theory: CIA Was Tied To Drug Traffickers

Ron Paul, Conspiracy Theories, and the Right

Ron Paul and the Straits of Hormuz

Thomas Ravenel endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul disputes claim that his views are ‘dangerous’

Ron Paul Should Stop Claiming Constitutional Stuff Is Unconstitutional

Ron Paul Camp Trying To Wash The Anti-Gay Away

Ron Paul’s frightening isolationism: He isn’t interested in using American force for good

Ron Paul says he’s a different kind of candidate; Supporters: He’s ahead of the curve on important issues

Youth for Paul Blasts Newt Gingrich

Gap between Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich grows in latest NH PPP poll

Forgiving Ron Paul (and All Other White People)

Ron Paul Calls National Defense Authorization Act "Slip Into Tyranny"

Ron Paul Adviser: "Nothing Dangerous About The Constitution"

Practicing the Medicine He Preaches: The Free Market Charity of Ron Paul

Ron Paul and the Killing Machine

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Ron Paul for President: Paul Nomination Will Send a Message from the Grassroots that the GOP is Back on Track with its Founding Principles!

Ron Paul Proposal Would Severely Curtail Supreme Court Docket

The Liberal Conundrum and Ron Paul

VIRAL: The Ballsy Ron Paul Ad Everyone Should See

Letter: Paul would end the lost war on drugs

Gingrich Think Tank Behind Ron Paul Slander

Ron Paul, Iowa, None Of It Matters

Letter: Time has come to listen to Paul

Ron Paul merchandise popular on campaign trail

Poll: Romney, Paul in virtual tie in Iowa

Thought for the day: Theories abound about the origin of the ill-fated "war on drugs." Some say it's a war on blacks, others on (industrial) hemp. Given the almost-universal appeal, I think it's just a way to turn amost all Americans into law breakers as a way to scare cooperation on most other things.

Ron Paul - December 30, 2011

From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!

From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!

Ron Paul Cheers and Jeers; SOPA Protest; Back to the Moon; Death of Film (Continued) and More: PM Links

My Cultural Theory of Ron Paul

Blowback: Ron Paul is hardly all wrong about America's Mideast involvement

Ron Paul thinks just about everything is unconstitutional

The Ron Paul Fetus Rescue Test

The Federal Reserve Should Be Abolished

Newsmax/InsiderAdvantage Poll: Gingrich in Dead Heat With Romney, Paul in Iowa

GOP panicked about Ron Paul

Andrea Tantaros: Ron Paul’s Newsletter Comments Are ‘Despicable’ And ‘Disgusting’

The Ron Paul Harrumph

Crazy Ron Paul Supporters Clean the Sky with Vinegar

Ron Paul, Bill Ayers, and ‘implausible deniability’

Paul wants to check Fort Knox for gold

Paul stresses free market, rights, the Constitution

Ron Paul: Where Left Meets Right

Ron Paul: 'I sense a change in this country'

Is Ron Paul the Campaign's Rodney Dangerfield?

Hundreds cheer Ron Paul in Bluffs

Under siege in Iowa, Ron Paul faces attack in N.H. from Jon Huntsman

Ron Paul 2012: Rising Poll Numbers Bring Sharper Scrutiny

NOM: Paul Would Destroy "Traditional" Marriage

Paul’s heartlands campaign rattles mainstream Republican opponents

Dear Washington Post: Ron Paul Is Not a Champion of Civil Liberty

Marginalizing Ron Paul

“Mullah Ron Paul”?

Ron Paul asked to detail his 'greatest weakness' in radio interview

Lunch with Ron Paul

Gary Johnson Urges Supporters To Vote For Ron Paul In Primaries

Ron Paul latest target of GOP rivals as he climbs in polls among Iowa voters

Ron Paul: No Pro-Lifer

Ron Paul’s Abortion Problem

Rick Santorum on Ron Paul age ding: It was meant in a "joking way"

Ron Paul: Won't 'water down beliefs'

Ron Paul team says accuser claiming Congressman had homosexual aversion is "not credible"

Ron Paul learns what happens to candidates who embrace religious extremists

Ron Paul on earmarks

GOP Establishment wrong to ‘disenfranchise’ Ron Paul supporters

Rep. Ron Paul's American Idol vote

Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul; incurs wrath from Twitter

5 Are Arrested Outside Ron Paul’s Office

Occupy vs. Ron Paul

On the Trail With Ron Paul: Love, Curiosity and Anger in Iowa

Paul’s Stance on Foreign Policy Divides Many Traditional G.O.P. Voters

Michele Bachmann’s Iowa Chair Defects to Ron Paul

Ron Paul deserves to be ‘blot out’

Ron Paul: Only 8-10 sentences of "bad stuff" in newsletters

'Racist newsletter' timeline: What Ron Paul has said

Ron Paul talks spending, foreign policy in Perry

Ron Paul worries everyone but Mitt Romney

Thought for the day: With the Obama Administration, all the candidates but Ron Paul hope for a miracle to save our economy.

Ron Paul - December 29, 2011

Paul is right on Selective Service

Paul's positions run counter to American safety

Paul's positions run counter to American safety

Past Creates New Problems for Ron Paul

Nick Anderson accuses Ron Paul of newsletter malpractice

Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Attack on Ron Paul

Ron Paul Weekly Message: War on Terror Destroying Liberty

This column was ghost-written

What’s My Name Again?

The Media, Ron Paul and a Third Rail named Vanunu Mordechai

A first-hand look at what motivates Paulites

Three Ron Paul Myths

Iowa GOP explains moving vote tabulation away from HQ

Dean Tate: Only Ron Paul has a debt-reduction plan

Paul and Romney Atop New Polls of Iowa Voters, Santorum Surging

Badass Ron Paul and a rookie move in Philadelphia City Council

Paul (and Michael Jackson and Ayn Rand) vs. Our Central Bankers and Neocon Overloads

In Defense of Bradley Manning?

The Deceptions of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and Ron Paul

The NDAA Repeals More Rights

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who gets it

Ron Paul supporters seek balanced news, find anchorman Ben Swann

Former Fed official joins Ron Paul in accusing the bank of bailing out Europe

What Is Money and How Do You Destroy It?

on Paul And The Left – OpEd

Rachel Maddow: 'Ron Paul Hated By Fox News' (VIDEO)

The Silence of Ron Paul (Update: Paul Campaign Responds)

NY Times challenges 'lazy rewrite' accusation

Okay, I read the editorial

Ron Paul, on Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell: "They enjoyed antagonizing people, to tell you the truth, and trying to split people"

Five of the '22 Reasons Ron Paul's Not Racist' Are Compelling

Ghost Protocol and Ron Paul

Ghost Protocol and Ron Paul

Have Libertarians Lost Their Way?

Why Ron Paul Walked Off - The reader comments are more interesting and relevant than the report itself.

Hart, Barbieri, Adams Back Ron Paul

Fighting GOP establishment, Ron Paul backers seek support from Idaho lawmakers

Ron Ron Paul 2012: More Reader Responses to Civil War Comments

Ron Paul’s “New World Order” Conspiracy Theory Video

Ron Paul Putting The Charges Against Him In Their Proper Context

The Dueling Identities of Congressman Ron Paul

How to fix a corrupt Congress? A governor’s council and a Ron Paul/Joe Miller 2012 ticket

In eroding civil liberties, Barack Obama finishes what George Bush began

American Right To Life Rejects Ron Paul's Pledge

Jim Rogers, Ron Paul for President

Could Age Be an Issue for Ron Paul?

Rep. Ron Paul tops VA primary ballot

Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan (Fact Checker biography)

Bachmann Iowa chair: Ron Paul is most conservative top-tier candidate

Ron Paul: Secret Homophobe or Misunderstood Ally?

Paul gets front-runner's welcome in Iowa

Paul’s Tea Party Support Helps Shape Republican Agenda

Ron Paul Tells Iowans He Can Bridge Occupy Movement and Tea Party

Ron Paul's Remarkable No Votes: Holocaust Memorial Funding, Ethics Offices, Civil Rights Bills

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign Director Mike Heath Board Chair Of Anti-Gay Group

Phillip Kayser, Ron Paul Endorser, Called For Executing Homosexuals Under 'Biblical Law'

Can Gary Johnson Win Ron Paul Voters in the General Election?

Ron Paul Campaign Releases New TV Ad 'Machine': Ad condemns harmful Washington atmosphere and presents Ron Paul as leader with a bold plan to solve our economic crisis

Ron Paul More than Doubling Romney's NH TV Ad Buys

'Stealth' campaign promotes Ron Paul in Florida

Ron Paul rising in Iowa polls

Michele Bachmann chair defects to Ron Paul

Michele Bachmann loses Iowa campaign manager to Ron Paul

Bachmann Iowa Chair Ditches Her for Paul

Ron Paul takes swipe at hypocrites and flip-floppers

Paul Questions the U.S. Military Presence on Korean Peninsula

The Ron Paul Vote: It has little to do with the Texas congressman

Will his 'Paulbots' torpedo Ron Paul in Iowa?

Paul declines to respond to rivals' sharp criticism

Romney Jabs at Paul, as 2 Lead New Poll of Iowa Vote

Ron Paul's rivals give him a free pass in Iowa ads

Thought for the day: In the words of James Carville: "It's the economy, stupid!"

Ron Paul - December 28, 2011

Michael Medved: Ron Paul, Foreign Policy and the Constitution

Ron Paul faces fire from GOP rivals

Gingrich wouldn't vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul and the Gays

Ron Paul: Drug War In U.S. Has Racist Origins

Ron Paul ad: The one you can trust

New Hampshire: Ron Paul up five points in poll, Romney down three

Paul Surges in New Hampshire Poll

Newt Gingrich wins mayoral endorsement; pokes fun at Ron Paul

Israel and Apartheid: Ron Paul makes a grown woman cry

Bachmann calls Paul foreign policies 'dangerous,' rebukes his newsletter

Republican Rivals Unleash Broadside on Paul in Iowa

Santorum Rips Paul at Stop in Cedar Falls

Rick Santorum: Ron Paul is going to win the ‘liberterian primary’

Ron Paul faces criticism for stance on abortion

Christian conservatives fret over Ron Paul popularity

Ron Paul and Gay Republicans, Part One

The Paul Pot and the Paulestinians

An Anarchist on Ron Paul

The Bigger Problem

How Ron Paul Should Address The Newsletter Controversy

Ron Paul among top choices for undecided N.H. family

TheDC Video Vault: In 1998 John Birch Society video, Ron Paul warned of UN takeover

Ron Paul’s weird cult of conspiratorialists

Black America and Ron Paul: Do they believe he is racist? (Video)

Did the New York Times Copy Reason's 2008 Story on the Ron Paul Newsletters?

Ron Paul Demonstrates He's a True GOP Trendsetter

Rachel Maddow On Ron Paul: It’s Hard To Win The Nomination ‘Without Having Fox News On Your Side’

Ron Paul wins CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

Does Ron Paul's View on the Defense Authorization Bill Mean Panetta Is Stalin?

The NDAA Repeals More Rights

Editorial: Rights lost on a new battlefield

Perry Throws Jabs at Paul on Facebook and Twitter

Ron Paul is the Real Warmonger

Ron Paul’s potential victory in Iowa may make the caucuses irrelevant

Letter: Ron Paul offers the right leadership

More Roads Lead to Possible Third-Party Bid

First Reading: Paul continues to lead Perry as Iowa caucuses near

Dick Morris: Ron Paul Is ‘By Far The Most Liberal’ 2012 Republican Candidate

Ron Paul: Bush Happy Over 911 Attack

Just Call Him "Ron Paul Bachmann"

A.M. Links: Ron Paul Still Leading In Iowa, Sears to Shut Down 100 Stores, Van Halen Reunites

2012: Revolution or Devolution

Why Jews Should Listen to Ron Paul

It’s the Math, Stupid!: Seven Devastating Facts About 2012

Newt Goes Off on Paul

Thought for the day: Ron Paul is not racist. So the newsletters won't matter. What matters are his ideas. From Obama to Romney, Ron Paul is the only candidate with new ideas. A vote for anybody else is a vote for more of what we've already got.

Ron Paul - December 26 - 27, 2011

The Right Way For Ron Paul to Respond to the Newsletter Controversy

Ron Paul supporters: Uncut video shows he didn’t ‘storm out’ of CNN interview

Proof of Ron Paul's Racism! ROCK SOLID EVIDENCE! Ron Paul is a Racist!

Ron Paul: Codger, crank or more?

Rep. Paul says defense bill assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’

Ron Paul: Against All Wars (and Thinks Almost All of Them Have Been the American Empire’s Fault)

Fifteen Years Ago, Ron Paul Wasn't Claiming Somebody Else Wrote His Newsletters

Is Ron Paul Responsible for His Supporters' Views?

Patrick Brennan: Ron Paul's rhetoric

Athens Woman Claims Ron Paul Support Led to Printed Harassment of Her Animal Rescue

Former aide: Ron Paul wishes Israel didn't exist

Paul Takes 1 Out of Every 2 Votes in Straw Poll of Conservative Activists

Ron Paul for President

My Trouble With “Progressive” Ron Paul Supporters

Top unanswered questions for 2012

Paul sparks passion in Granite State

Where Ron Paul and Cato split

Ron Paul, In 1996, 'Did Not Deny' Controversial Statement In Newsletter

Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney to Step up Offensive Ahead of Iowa Caucus

Ron Paul won’t fully repudiate racists

The painful naivete of Ron Paul

Ron Paul on Possible Donald Trump Run: Not Happening!

Ron Paul: I’m not racist, I’m incompetent

Ron Paul 90210: “A liberal is naturally very anti-totalitarian.”

Now Ron Paul Has An Opinion On Raw Milk, Too–But That Doesn’t Make It Safe

Ron Paul finding support on political fringes

Ron Paul: 16 Eye Opening Things You Don’t Know

The Right Way For Ron Paul to Respond to the Newsletter Controversy

Ron Paul versus Racism

Can Paul win the Iowa caucuses?

Huckabee: Ron Paul 'is not going to be elected president'

Ron Paul has the ‘foreign policy views of Jeremiah Wright’

Romney leads, Paul rises in N.H. poll

“I understand how the system works” – Is this the video that will make or break Ron Paul’s presidential bid?

Paul plays better on national stage

Ron Paul is a bigot

The Ron Paul newsletter controversy is a textbook liberal smear campaign - Let's call it a "textbook political smear." The right tried to do the same to Obama.

Dick Morris: Ron Paul 'Terrifying', Romney's 'Apostasies'

Ron Paul for President

Million Dollar Historian Newt Gingrich Compares Virginia Ballot Failure To Pearl Harbor

Lugar: Paul not in sync with mainstream GOP - True, but then the mainstream GOP is not in synch with the majority of Republicans.

A Very Merry Ron Paul Christmas

Ron Paul Hails Bradley Manning As 'True Patriot'

Ron Paul on the Yellow Brick Road

TPM: 10 Shocking Quotes From Ron Paul’s Newsletters

Oh no, it's those darn ‘gotcha’ questions again

Ron Paul should apologize for racist newsletter comments; Rick Perry for misusing Christianity in a sleazy ad

ETFs To Invest Like Ron Paul

Thought for the day: After seeing the Busted! Ron Paul's "racist rants" caught on tape! video, I think this will blow over quickly, and ultimately work in Dr. Paul's favor. By running with this in hopes of derailing his campaign, the mainstream media is providing valuable PR. And as the videos of his many unbiased and anti-racism statments gets out, his detractors will look foolish.

Ron Paul - December 25, 2011

Bill Buckley and National Review: Whites Are 'the Advanced Race'

Is Charles Krauthammer Clueless, Delusional, or Is He Lying?

They'll Be Old One Day, Too — But Never in a Million Years as Honorable

Yes, Virginia...

Newsletters, Statements Cause Campaign Trail Problems for Ron Paul

Newt Gingrich Presses Ron Paul to Explain Racist Newsletters

Ron Paul's Iowa Caucus Conundrum: Can He Get Out The Youth Vote?

Ron Paul denies writing controversial newsletters under his name

AP Enterprise: Nonprofits aiding Paul blur a line

Ron Paul uses non-profit groups to evade campaign finance disclosure laws

Three Myths About Ron Paul in Iowa

Paul's foreign policy energizes backers

It’s Mitt Romney v. Ron Paul In Virginia As Other Candidates Fail To Qualify For Primary Ballot

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich no friends…

Ron Paul's electability debated in controversial new book

Ron Paul’s con: Using hatred of America to get rich - Holding the empire responsible for provoking retaliation is hardly hating America. The majority of mining companies in the Americas (North, Central and South) are incoprorated in Canada, including many with mines in the U.S., so anybody who invests in the biggest mining stocks is likely to have nothing but Canadian companies in their portfolio.

Sweetener: Paul hopes to 'cook' up an Iowa win

Ron Paul makes late December swing through Siouxland

The Buchanan Treatment Won't Work on Ron Paul

Pro-Ron Paul PAC to combat ‘racist claims’ in new web advertisement

Ron Paul Supporters Rake in Over 12,000 lbs. of Food for Charity in Nationwide Food Drive

Letter: Ron Paul would be a revolution

Why's The Media Shafting Ron Paul, And Ignoring NDAA & SOPA Dangers? - After the president signs the NDAA, don't be surprised if Ron Paul's support mysteriously evaporates as his supporters begin to disappear.

Ron Paul signs Personhood USA pledge, joining four other GOP candidates

Paul only candidate solidly for liberty

Newt Gingrich urges Ron Paul to explain links to 1990s newsletters containing anti-gay rants

Why Blue Collar Workers Should Support Ron Paul

The Lazy Anti-Politics of the Paulites

Republican candidate embroiled in racism row

Did CNN Unfairly Edit The Ron Paul Walk Off Interview? Watch The Uncut Interview

The real Ron Paul: Links to fringe never severed

Ron Paul Ad for NDAA & SOPA (Unofficial)

Busted! Ron Paul's "racist rants" caught on tape!

Ron Paul - December 24, 2011

Is Ron Paul too conservative for Rush?

Jack Kerwick, Ph.D.: A Letter to Michael Medved

With Paul on the Rise in Iowa, Gingrich Takes Aim

Ron Paul Touts Newsletters In 1987 Interview (VIDEO)

Paul finds strong support among Iowa college students

Gingrich Attacks Ron Paul on Controversial Newsletters

Ron Paul: Propagandist or Prophet?

Ron Paul: Contender or Clown

Paul’s views on foreign policy

Ron Paul 99% right?

The Madness of Ron Paul

Whom do you trust to report election results – if you support Ron Paul?

Mark Steyn on Ron Paul’s worldview: ‘Sheer stupid, half-witted parochialism’

Ron Paul's Truther Squad Includes Everyone Who Votes For Him in Iowa

Ron Paul’s Parochialism

Ron Paul Claims Civil War Was Unnecessary: But How?

Ron Paul: Civil War unnecessary, Abe Lincoln out to destroy the republic

Ron Paul on Lincoln the Imperialist (and the Civil War as an Unnecessary War)

Thomas J. DiLorenzo books
Lincoln Unmasked: Dishonest Abe
The Real Lincoln: An Unnecessary War
How Capitalism Saved America

Fox’s Neil Cavuto To Ron Paul: Why Didn’t You Ever Kiss Donald Trump’s Ring?

Ron Paul’s newer fans

Bill O’Reilly, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity vs. Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart and Ron Paul

Paul criticizes Dems & GOP, elevates tea party, Occupy movement

Ron Paul Talks 9/11, Iran, and Cookbooks On His Last Tour Stop Before Christmas

Anti-Fed Sentiment Grows in GOP

Ron Paul - Is He Right About the U.S. Dollar, Inflation?

Ron Paul's People Have Passion: If Only More Americans Did

Gingrich questions Paul on racist newsletters

Ron Paul Supports Bradley Manning, Federal Whistleblowers: Daily Whistleblower News

Paul touts economic plan

Libertarians Must Confront Paul’s Hate

Ron Paul keeps up the pitch

Paul outlines remedies for economy, military

Ron Paul Gets Comic Book

China needs a "Ron Paul," man jailed 9 years for democracy (Video)

A Paul GOP nomination for President is Obama's dream opponent!

The Left Doesn’t Hate Ron Paul, It’s the Right

Ron Paul: RINO

Reader says he's not Tea Party candidate

Why Ron Paul Is Not the Tea Party Candidate

Everything you need to know about Ron Paul

GOP Candidate Ron Paul May Have Penned A Kooky, Racially Charged, AIDS-Phobic Letter

The Hero of Ron Paul's Top Slanderer . . .

But if Ron Paul Had Been a Klansman...He'd Be Forgiven

The 'Objective' Reporter Who Badgered Ron Paul About His Newsletter

Thought for the day: How Ron Paul should respond to questions about racism: "I regret the racist remarks that were published in my name. The people who led us to the brink of bankruptcy have latched onto them because my commitment to the Constitution and the principles of liberty pose a grave threat to their power."

Ron Paul - December 23, 2011

The Story Behind Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters

In ad for newsletter, Ron Paul forecast "race war"

Ron Paul 2012: Six comments he needs to explain

Ron Paul in Iowa: Surging numbers; steady message

Some Dems join the Ron Paul bandwagon

Ron Paul’s Supporters 'Love' Him While He Talks 'Revolutionary Change'

Ron Paul: "Wishful thinking" to say an Iowa win for me doesn't matter

Ron Paul: Newt Gingrich has flip-flopped on issues

Ron Paul taps former patients for new antiabortion ad [video]

The Ron Paul Moment: Bad And Good

What Impact Will Ron Paul Have on the 2012 Presidential Race?

Iowa Pundits Discount Dustup Over Racially-Charged Ron Paul Newsletter

Paul, Romney respond to tax deal

The Bigots and Billionaires in Ron Paul’s Orbit

Ron Paul rising

Ron Paul 2012: the Beginning of a New American Era?

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney May be Only Candidates on Virginia Presidential Primary Ballot

Tucker Carlson on Ron Paul: GOP Should Ask Themselves Why Does This 70-ish Weird Guy Have All This Support

Ron Paul: contender or spoiler?

Ron Paul On Slavery and the Civil War: Decent Economics, Terrible History

Thomas J. DiLorenzo books
Lincoln Unmasked: Dishonest Abe
The Real Lincoln: An Unnecessary War
How Capitalism Saved America

Ghost Of Christmas Past: Ron Paul Favored Federal Slaveowner Bailout Over Civil War

Establishment Republicans believe most Americans are too dumb, their attention span too short to grasp any explanations of America's mythology that do not fit the official versions. Given the growing outrage over the many official truths now exposed as lies by the crumbling economy, most Americans are more than ready to thoughtfully consider versions that fly in the face of accepted truth, and decide for themselves "which is right and which is an illusion."

ETFs To Invest Like Ron Paul

Radio Host Clovis: Paul Victory Could Tarnish Iowa

Who’s afraid of Ron Paul? Apparently, Auburn University

Auburn University Bans Ron Paul Banner from Dorm Room Window

The Many Dangers of Ron Paul

The Treasonous War Street Journal

Ron Paul Investor Fans Unite

Scarborough: ‘There is always a strain of anti-Semitism’ at Ron Paul events [VIDEO]

Ron Paul and the People

Which Gold and Silver Stocks Does Dr. Ron Paul Favor?

Paul outlines pending threats to United States

Letter: More reasons to vote for Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s Race Problem

NR editor: Paul has ‘sullied’ libertarianism’ with ‘bigots’ and ‘conspiracy kooks’ [VIDEO]

Ron Paul back next week for three-day visit

Krauthammer: Ron Paul "Not Reacting Well" To Heat In The Kitchen

Punidts are so used to the mealy mouthed phonies who infest the beltway that they condemn any politician who displays real conviction and genuine passion.
Ron Paul Does Red Dawn

Mirror ignoring Paul

Excellent piece on why we should follow Ron Paul's advice on the TSA

Ron Paul: Reductio ad Bigotum

Ron Paul: I Won't Stop Negative Newt Gingrich Ads

Ron Paul Weekly Message: "No Bailout of Europe"

Cenk Ugyar Deconstructs the Republican Disdain for Ron Paul

Ron Paul - December 22, 2011

GOP in Ron Paul denial in Iowa

Ron Paul: Caucuses a referendum on nation’s economic policy

Ron Paul could win in Iowa, but chances of GOP nomination still slim

Newt Gingrich’s stumble and Ron Paul’s rise help stars align for Mitt Romney in GOP presidential race

Grappling With Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters

What Ron Paul Thinks of America

Paul's story changes on racial comments

Ron Paul’s Message: He may not be an acceptable candidate, but his message rings true.

If Ron Paul Wins Caucuses, Iowa Will Be Loser

20 percent of Paul’s platform makes good sense; then he runs off the rails

Ron Paul not considering third party run

Ron Paul: the far-out candidate

Best in Blogs: Ron Paul’s Portfolio and Kim Jong Il’s Jumpsuits

Basu: Strong Paul showing would send bold message

Ron Paul Exposes Cracks in GOP's Tea Party Pot

Founder of Tea Party Nation calls Ron Paul the antithesis of freedom

The Problem With Ron Paul

The Problem With Ron Paul II

Alex Jones May Derail Ron Paul's Presidential Bid

Third-Party Challenges for Paul, Trump, Bloomberg

Perry: Paul 'hypocritical, backbencher’

New pro-Ron Paul super PAC forms (scroll down)

Ron Paul Social Network: Supporters Launch Grassroots Campaign for 2012 Presidential Election

Ron Paul Calls Wikileaks Whistleblowers “Heroes” and “Patriots” (Video)

Ron Paul's common sense can lead nation back to greatness

Ron Paul first to file name on Ariz. presidential ballot

Meghan McCain and Ron Paul

Ron Paul Giving Inaccurate Bankruptcy Information?

Is Ron Paul the Reincarnation of Grover Cleveland?

Ron Paul walks out on CNN interview

AIM Broke Ron Paul Manning Story

Wake Up Call: Ron Paul, Kingmaker?

Letter: Our fate is in our hands - support Ron Paul's candidacy

Paul is a candidate to watch

Cavuto blasts haughty pundits for dismissing Paul

1.1 million - Twitter and the Campaign: Its Coverage of Ron Paul

Dick Morris' comment on Hannity infuriates our troops

Paul emerges as outsider alternative in GOP race

Ron Paul draws big crowds in Iowa

Corporate black media and why black people are not very serious…

The Daily Word in Ron Paul winning and Gary Johnson the Libertarian

Advancing Ron Paul poised to be spoiler, kingmaker in GOP presidential race

Creativity goes MIA in candidates’ ad campaigns

Ron Paul - December 21, 2011

Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race

Will Ron Paul kill the caucuses?

Ron Paul Nader? He owes GOP voters a straight answer on a third-party run. - He has given a straight answer. They just don't want to believe him.

Despite money and support, Ron Paul still not in lead

Surging Ron Paul suddenly in contention to win upcoming Iowa caucuses

Ron Paul Says Accused Traitor is a Patriot

Ron Paul campaigns in Exeter

Paul supporters crowd into Exeter Town Hall for speech

Ron Paul Endorsed by Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle

ABC News Distorts Ron Paul Event in N.H.

Ron Paul Attacked for Views on Health Care

Ron Paul, New Hampshire, feelin’ solstitial

Ron Paul And Ali Velshi Engage In Spirited Debate Over Alleged Media Bias

Ron Paul knows what he's doing

Paul Krugman explores Ron Paul's economic philosophy

Ron Paul’s un-electability will be his undoing

Paul continues flooding Iowa and N.H. airwaves with TV ads

Ron Paul Stops for Lunch in Plaistow

Paul campaign leads ad frenzy in NH

Michele Bachmann Says Ron Paul is Dangerous

N.H. mom on Ron Paul: ‘Feel like he’s talking to me’

Ron Paul News: Mainstream says, 'Gingrich, Romney in dead heat'--WHAT?! (Video)

Ron Paul: Consistently Pro-life and Pro-liberty

98.9% Of You Agree With Ron Paul…About Legalizing Marijuana

Voicing Tepid Support for Ron Paul Is Apparently the Craziest Thing Ann Coulter Has Ever Said

'Ron Paul Factor' to Help Obama's Re-Election

'Ron Paul Factor' to Help Obama's Re-Election

Ron Paul, steamed at media

Ron Paul: A Modern-Day Pat Paulsen

NDAA 2012: Ron Paul Warns Bill Would Legalize Martial Law

Ron Paul 2012: Scared by One of His ‘Crazy’ Ideas? Consider This…

Ron Paul Campaign Releases Updated TV Ad ‘The One’

Yes, Virginia, Ron Paul is a 9/11 Truther (and a Coddler of Racists)

Ron Paul Is Not a 9/11 Truther

Ron Paul and God

Paul stands for the troops

Ron Paul: oil company shill

VIDEO: Ron Paul on NDAA: 'Biggest Story' Nobody's Talking About

Paul: Marriage is a 'Private Matter'

Howard Fineman Seeks To Redline Ron Paul’s Populist Iran Ideas As Extremist

Paul's views need close examination

Opening Act: President Paul

Ron Paul Anonymous

Ron Paul - December 20, 2011

Ron Paul'sForeign Policy of FreedomExposed

Ron Paul 2012: About Those Racist Newsletters…

Can Ron Paul win Iowa? Yup.

Ron Paul's Iowa surge triggers GOP anger at his supporters (VIDEO)

What if Ron Paul wins Iowa?

Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?

Ron Paul’s Ascent Won’t Last, or Help His Cause

The Ron Paul double standard

Ron Paul: Conspiracy Nut, Anti-Semite

Paul’s Raw Milk Freedom Pitch Reflects Offbeat Bid on Rise

Ron Paul Makes Intelligent Statement About Our Bodies And Marijuana

Why Ron Paul will or will not win the election and become President

Ron Paul and the Rise of the New Tertium Quids

Pro-Israel Republicans and Ron Paul: Lip Service Only

Why Doesn't the Tea Party Love Ron Paul?

Iowa Social Conservative Leader on Ron Paul: Sometimes "Libertarian Views Trump His Moral Compass"

Ron Paul Tells Alex Jones Defense Bill Establishes "Martial Law" In America

Another Warning To Americans

National Organization for Marriage Targets Ron Paul For Not Being Bigoted Enough

Ron Paul to host Dec. 28 rally for veterans

Why GOP voters should embrace Ron Paul's sane foreign policy

Ron Paul uber alles - Hilarious!

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Morning Examiner: An ‘inexcusable’ tax deal

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'Media elites' criticized for shutting candidates out of debates

Why Gary Johnson’s New Mexico numbers give hope to Ron Paul

Wild new fundraising gimmick: Slay a dragon for Ron Paul

Paul Krugman Inadvertently Demonstrates He Doesn’t Cook

Ron Paul? clings to an economic ideology already proven wrong as the GOP blindly embraces it

Bachmann: 'Of course I don't hate Muslims'

Ron Paul - December 18, 2011

Must See Video: Ron Paul on 'The Tonight Show"

The coal in Newt and Mitt's stocking: Ron Paul (Video)

Rick Perry Picks Up the Attacks on Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul for Earmarks

Surging Ron Paul cuts into Newt Gingrich’s dream of winning Iowa caucus

Ron Paul has a fan in Newt Gingrich…

Ron Paul’s Nostalgic Appeal Shakes Up the 2012 Primaries

Ron Paul Iowa Team Names New ‘Veterans For Ron Paul’ Coalition Members

Ron Paul Takes Swipes at GOP Rivals, Says Michele Bachmann ‘Hates Muslims’

Ron Paul makes a huge statement on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Renegade Ron: Paul is a gadfly, not a contender

Ron Paul Wins Cedar Valley Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll

Ron Paul's economic and budget plan spurned by an economic adviser to Huntsman

Ron Paul Looks to Break Through in Iowa

Paul's social media bringing support mainstream ignores

Would it be ethical for Ron Paul to run as a third party candidate?

Ron Paul’s Stunning Antiwar Performance – OpEd

Ron Paul Hammers Bachmann on Iran

Bachmann, Perry Go After Paul on National Security

Ron Paul supporters hit the trail to spread the word

Nailing Ron Paul on racism: the media’s inevitable, futile exercise

Ron Paul stretches bailout numbers too far

Campaign office for Rep. Paul opens in Minnesota

Red Eye Debate Recap: ‘Ron Paul Is Like A Chocolate-Covered Piece Of Fruit’

Krugman: Paul's economic polices are a recipe for depression

Krugman attacks Ron Paul, but who is really ignorant about money?

N.H. State Senator Ray White Endorses Ron Paul for president

A Nuclear Primer for Ron Paul

Ron Paul may be the best candidate for President no one ever heard of

Gold should be the standard, some GOP presidential contenders say

Paul's 'Ground Game,' in place since '08, gives him an edge

Ron Paul - December 17, 2011

Ron Paul’s aggressive ad campaign may be helping to slow Gingrich in Iowa

In Iowa, Rick Perry takes swipe at Ron Paul/Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul's Iran Comments Raise Questions About His Iowa Surge

Ron Paul's economic views aren't completely off base

Ron Paul: The Voice of Reason?

Paul’s ‘Ground Game,’ in Place Since ’08, Gives Him an Edge

The Company Ron Paul Keeps

Ron Paul interview excerpts and video clips from Leno (VIDEOS)

Ron Paul strongly defends anti-war policies

Ron Paul Wins Mock Election

For Black Voters, Why Not Ron Paul?

Ron Paul and Black Voters

Ron Paul nailed Gingrich on Freddie Mac; Gingrich should donate the money to homeless vets

Ron Paul Rebellion Breaks Out On Reddit

Ron vs. Mitt: Conviction vs. chameleon

Paul to stop in Fort Madison Wednesday

Will the Real Tea Party Please Stand Up criticizes Ron Paul supporters for straw poll antics

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney Criticized For Supporting Openly Gay Military Service

Slay a Dragon For Ron Paul!

Joe Rogan of 'Fear Factor' Endorses Ron Paul

Politics Over Principle

Ron Paul in a Landslide? Take the poll to see which candidate you agree with the most.

Smoking Ron Paul Gun: Part II

Ron Paul and the Rule of Law

Andrew Sullivan Endorses Ron Paul, NOM Not Quite So Happy

Ron Paul banners on overpasses slow traffic across Denver

Ron Paul Didn’t Seek Nikki’s Nod

Huntsman’s economic director calls Ron Paul’s budget plan ‘ludicrous’

The Anti-Lincoln Brigade

David Frum Fails Basic Reading Comprehension, Falsely Accuses Reason of Providing “Excuses for the Confederate Cause”

Why Ron Paul Can't Get Media Attention

Ron Paul Poised To Win Iowa Caucus! Sioux, Iowa Debate Flares

Ron Paul: 'I would like to restore your right to drink raw milk any time you want to!'

Rights Activists "Appalled" as Senate Passes Prison Without Trial Bill

Ron Paul - December 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul challenge electability questions

Why Ron Paul Can't Win - Hint: Because they don't want him to.

Ron Paul Surges In Polls Before Sioux City Debate

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann spar over Iran and possible nuclear threat it poses

More Attacks on Ron Paul

Did Ron Paul Slay The Gold Bull?

Ron Paul: Strike against Iran would risk a repeat of 'useless' Iraq war

Ron Paul: Holder should be ‘fired,’ criminally charged for Fast and Furious

Debate: Ron Paul defends positions under fire

No, Ron Paul 2012 is Not Like Barack Obama 2008

Will the Media Let Ron Paul Question U.S. Foreign Policy?

The Ron Paul Newsletters

Ron Paul's real fight begins

The Smear Memo Has Gone Out

Could Evangelicals Deliver an Ironic Ron Paul Victory in Iowa

Ron Paul aide says many supporters still in the closet

Washington Post fact-checker gives his opinion on Ron Paul

The World According to Ron Paul, Part 3 – Gold, Fingering The Fed & Shooting Puppies

Paul takes his turn at N.H. campaign stop

Ron Paul, President of Straw Polls, Wins Miami Straw Poll

Paul Argues for Peace, Not War in GOP Debate

Only one real conservative GOP candidate: Ron Paul

When Ron Paul is president, he will sell us out

Rudy Giuliani Tells Fox and Friends: ‘Ron Paul Is Just A Complete Distraction’

Newt Gingrich Signs Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge; Ron Paul Chided For Holding Out

Hialeah-area GOP straw poll won by Ron Paul (prez), George LeMieux (sen.)

What Ron Paul means by the ‘status quo’

Ron Paul - December 15, 2011

Ron Paul’s N.H. Rise Could Hurt Jon Huntsman

Why so little mention of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul’s inaccurate definition of ‘bankruptcy’

An endorsement for Ron Paul

Don't support Ron Paul just to send a message

Ron Paul supporters flood Pasco's first GOP straw poll

Ron Paul: The Alternative Candidate is a force to be reckoned with

Ron Paul’s path in politics

Ron Paul’s slight stature and high-pitched passions set him apart at debates

Ron Paul wins Cedar Valley Tea Party straw poll

Ron Paul dominates Newt Gingrich in Cedar Valley Tea Party straw poll

Ron Paul vs. Newt Gingrich: The Agony of the Iowa Tea Party

Ron Paul Wins Cedar Falls Tea Party Straw Poll

Ron Paul, Ross Perot

Ron Paul is the Real Threat to Obama in 2012

Newt Gingrich still leads the GOP field – but Barack Obama would beat him

Gingrich Widens His Lead At 40-Percent

Paul reacts to NTSB recommendation for ban on cell phone use while driving

Ron Paul stands up for raw milk in New Hampshire

MSNBC's Todd Scoffs at Libertarian Ron Paul's 'Raw Milk' Pledge

Ron Paul's standing ovation for raw milk support

Ron Paul is headed to the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

Ron Paul: Solution for the economic crisis is for government to get out of way

Ron Paul revolution rises in Erie

Sen. Ray White Throws Support Behind Ron Paul

CORRECTIVE, Paul Profile Story

The Intelligent Cure for Abortion: What Dr. Ron Paul Could Learn from Susan B. Anthony to Win the Presidency

Ron Paul and Moshe Feiglin

Ron Paul to speak at Exeter Town Hall on Dec. 20

Paul Krugman: Ron Paul 'Understands Nothing' About Money

Marxist Levin calls Ron Paul supporters monkeys

Ron Paul to Identity Conservatives who love America: Watch this video

Ron Paul: dangerous enemy of freedom

Ron Paul’s Peak

Ron Paul’s tragic Roman forebearer: Cato the Younger

The Beat of His Own Drum: Paul's Odd Policies

"An In-Depth Look at Ron Paul": NPR's On Point featuring Nick Gillespie

Staind's Aaron Lewis Talks Country Music, Ron Paul and the Constitution

Bill O’Reilly And Dick Morris Bash Ron Paul: He’s Not Going To Be The Nominee

Gary Johnson to leave GOP race, run as Libertarian

Ron Paul - December 14, 2011

Ron Paul surging in GOP presidential race

Ron Paul could surprise us

Ron Paul furious over indefinite detention act

Ron Paul: Every man, woman, and child for themselves

Ron Paul argues for small government in New Hampshire

Ron Paul Rising

The presidential auction of 2012

Democrats play mind games with the GOP; Ron Paul reacts with heavy blow to Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul within a point of Newt Gingrich in Iowa: poll

Ron Paul makes his case with hard-hitting ads

The man behind the Ron Paul ads

Candidate Paul not an isolationist

GOP hopeful Paul says no Medicare in Constitution

Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough tout a Ron Paul third party run against Gingrich, Obama

Beck & Scarborough Would Pick Ron Paul Over Newt

Ron Paul can surge against Newt Romney

Ron Paul's Gingrich Attack Ad Cites Phony Figures

Ron Paul: No Mandatory Mental Health Screening For Children! – OpEd

Ron Paul calls for criminal charges against Eric Holder

Jon Stewart on Why Ron Paul Can't Break Through the Newt-Mitt Gridlock

Jon Stewart: Ron Paul Did So Well In The Debate The Media Remembered To Talk To Him After

Ron Paul Endorsed by Sioux City Pastor Rev. Mark McGlohon

Ron Paul - December 13, 2011

Glenn Beck? Would Support Ron Paul? In Third Party Bid

Ron Paul is striking chords with Iowa GOP voters

Paul Could Lead From Behind

Ron Paul: The Elephant in the GOP Room

Ron Paul Just Nabbed Iowa's Biggest Youth Endorsement

The Ron Paul Family Saga, and Paul's Newest Hit on Gingrich

New Ron Paul Ad Hits Gingrich for Washington Influence Peddling

Ron Paul 2012: Why He is Right on Foreign Policy

Like casserole? So does Ron Paul’s family

Ron Paul supporters to collect 5 tons of food for charity

Glenn Beck: I’d Vote For A Ron Paul Third Party Candidacy Over Newt Gingrich

This May Be the End of Tea Party Solidarity

Ron Paul's Attack Ads: Remarkable Evolution

Paul launches another attack against Gingrich

Bachmann Rises as Ron Paul Falls in CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

Buena Vista tea partiers, Sioux City pastor endorse Ron Paul

Greg Gutfeld Calls Ron Paul The ‘Original Tea Party Candidate’, Eric Bolling Cringes

Steffen Schmidt on Ron Paul

Was former Gov. Jennifer Granholm serious when she said Ron Paul will 'surge' after the Iowa debate?

Ron Paul - December 12, 2011

Ron Paul: GOP Shouldn’t Have A Nominee Who Keeps Having To Explain Their Past Positions

Who won the Republican debate? Well, Newt Gingrich didn't lose

Kurt Loder: From MTV to Libertarianism

A transcript of the weekend's program on FOX News Channel

Haiku D'Etat: The Endorsements Could Be Verse

Video: All of Ron Paul's Answers from GOP Iowa Debate

Ron Paul is the best candidate

Paul: Strict adherence to Constitution will remedy America’s ills

Consider supporting Ron Paul, participating in caucus

Is Israel "Becoming a Problem" for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign Director Mike Heath Blamed Wrecked Economy On Gay Marriage - Just because one of Dr. Paul's supporters is a nut burger doesn't mean we all are.

Five myths about Ron Paul

Forget About Ron Paul for a Moment: Yahoo is glaring proof that presidents aren't elected by the voters, but by the Banksters.

Forget About Ron Paul for a Moment

Ron Paul says Romney more “diplomatic” than Gingrich

With Election Days Closing In, GOP Candidates Target Frontrunners

Ron Paul: Gingrich taking Freddie Mac money 'immoral'

Debate: Ron Paul stresses need for new financial policy

Ron Paul won’t rule out third-party candidacy

Ron Paul - December 11, 2011

Ron Paul: Gingrich profited on taxpayers' dime

Debate: Ron Paul stresses need for new financial policy

Gingrich comes under attack in Iowa showdown

In Iowa Debate Ron Paul Says Palestinians Are Not an 'Invented People'

The surprising candidacy of Ron Paul

Indie candidacy could cast a Paul on election

Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds and Many Undecided Voters in Iowa

What did Ron Paul send Iowans on debate day? A cookbook

Ron Paul’s plan to cut $1 trillion played well, staffer says

In third White House bid, Paul's message the same

Perry: Ron Paul got me interested in the Federal Reserve

Ron Paul is the best candidate

Ron Paul Issues Statement on NRLB-Boeing Resolution

Ron Paul wins Oklahoma Straw Poll

Paul: Strict adherence to Constitution will remedy America’s ills

Conservative Establishment outrage: Levin attacks Ron Paul

Ron Paul could step into role of spoiler

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul gives Mason City students ‘lessons in liberty’

Ron Paul and Barack Obama: Tweet More, Talk Less

Ron Paul secures Capitol Hill screening of Farmageddon

Two Buena Vista Area Tea Party Co-Founders Endorse Ron Paul

Ron Paul and Rick Perry Cite 'Corruption' in Washington

Newt Gingrich? Mitt Romney? Ron Paul? GOP Race Won't End Quickly

Reason #1067 why Ron Paul should never be elected president

Ron Paul is despicable

Ron Paul - December 10, 2011

Ron Paul Visits Mason City

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul gives Mason City students ‘lessons in liberty’

Ron Paul Surges In Iowa Polls

Ron Paul Warns That ‘War Drums Are Beating’ on Iran

Ron Paul outpacing Rick Perry in staying on point

Ron Paul Rally’s the Youth Vote, Draws Big Crowds

Paul Strength May Help Romney In Iowa

Ron Paul vs Newt Gingrich on Fidelity - A Matter of Consideration Before the Iowa Caucuses

Ron Paul, spoiler?

Ron Paul: U.S. money won't help Israel

The World According to Ron Paul – Part 1

Limbaugh: Ron Paul's (non-interventionist) foreign policy disastrous (for empire), slam on Bush 'Democrat talk'

Rep. Manuse endorses Ron Paul for president

Ron Paul Only GOP Hopeful With Positive Twitter Sentiment

Ron Paul plays for Tampa convention swat

Ron Hart: GOP primaries: The adultery of hope

Ron Paul wishes NLRB-Boeing decision was made on ‘constitutional grounds’

Ron Paul: The most anti-environmental candidate ever

Washington State Rep. Cary Condotta Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul to Make Two Stops in Amherst

Ron Paul about to speak in Webster City

Ron Paul Launches Move for Campus Vote

Ron Paul says Bush administration felt 'glee' over 9/11

Rush Limbaugh: The Ron Paul Problem

Muslims, Hindus, and Jews: Setting Ron Paul Straight

Ron Paul Packs the House at a UNI Visit

Ron Paul - December 9, 2011

Ron Paul targets youngest voters with campus-focused drive

Rebel conservative Paul lurks in close Iowa race

What if Ron Paul Wins the Iowa Caucus?

Ron Paul Has A Major Secret Weapon To Win The Republican Race

Ron Paul on why youth like him: ‘I ask myself that a lot’

Ron Paul Talks Rebuilding Liberty

Ron Paul talks about war, debt and drugs at ISU

What is Ron Paul’s pitch to pro-Israel voters?

Ron Paul takes foreign policy message to Iowa

Ron Paul returns to Rochester

Study: Ron Paul is winning on Twitter

Ron Paul 2012 Wins on Twitter, But Still Ignored by mainstream media

Ron Paul Condemns the Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki

Ron Paul endorsed, Romney nails Obama--700 jobs lost at one mill

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum Visiting Cedar Falls on Friday

Ron Paul Campaign Denies Rick Perry Web Redirect

Cain's Online Grassroot Supporters Endorse Ron Paul

Sarah Palin: Ron Paul ‘Is The One Americans Need To Listen To’ On Domestic Spending

Sarah Palin: I endorse Ron Paul as the one Americans should listen to

How Conan O'Brien Sees Ron Paul, and How Ron Paul Rises in Iowa

Ron Paul's New Insane Campaign Ad For Extreme Males On 'Conan' (VIDEO)

Paul warns of 'major, major' financial crisis

Ron Paul was right

Ron Paul Hits the Air Waves

Ron Paul - December 8, 2011

The Forgotten Candidate: Ron Paul Gathers Momentum, Has Sights Set on Newt Gingrich

Two Ron Paul Winning Scenarios

Ron Paul goes nuclear with Newt Gingrich; Gingrich destined to ultimately collapse

Ron Paul doesn't budge on Israel

Ron Paul: Supporters of foreign aid to Israel ‘misunderstand Zionism’

Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel

Paul at ISU in Ames Thursday for Final Caucus Lecture in Series

Ron Paul Finally Getting Some Love from the Media

Ron Paul: National town crier for an exotic mix of views

Fertile Ground for 3rd Party Candidate Like Paul

Two Texas mailers in Iowa: Ron Paul’s on abortion, Rick Perry’s on his uniqueness

Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman Make Surprising Gains on Twitter

Trump Debate Highlights Ron Paul, Romney, Huntsman Flaws

Inquirer Editorial: Best to avoid Trump's debate

Is Ron Paul Absolutely Right, or Is He Absolutely Wrong About Terrorism?

Ron Paul, Why Not Some Say…

Ron Paul sees Fed actions with Euro an inflationary move for the dollar

Ron Paul supporters: Lets walk the talk together!

Ron Paul comes to campus

Daniel Larison, Ron Paul and the Monroe Doctrine: Part II

Year of the Caucuses: Ron Paul's Secret Weapon

Ron Paul to kick off ‘Tea Party’ money bomb

Why Ron Paul is Still Relevant, and Necessary

Ron Paul office openings indicate long slog

Ron Paul patriot fights for liberty with his candidate, meet Tom Dybowski

Two Ronalds: Ron Paul and Ronald McDonald

Much-Deserved Praise for Ron Paul on Ending the Drug War

Ron Paul - December 7, 2011

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul blow off Donald Trump debate

Ron Paul And Donald Trump Feud Over Debates

Can Ron Paul do Mitt Romney a favour by taking out Newt Gingrich in Iowa?

Ron Paul has a new ad taking on Gingrich

Ron Paul, Still Rising

Why to like the odds for a Ron Paul upset

Ron Paul’s Iowa Strategy Runs Through New York’s Chinatown

Ron Paul's 'big dog' is barking

Rush Limbaugh: “Ron Paul Has Nothing To Do With The Tea Party”

Could the Tea Party becoming back around, full circle, to Ron Paul?

Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Ain't the Tea Party

Ron Paul, Zionist

Jewish Republicans: Don't Exclude Ron Paul

Ron Paul Wants You Free ... To Clog Your Arteries!

Dave Weigel, Ron Paul and the Fringe Right

A Look at ‘President’ Ron Paul

Letter: Why I'm for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Polls 2012: Texas Congressman Notches Another Victory

Steve Adams Stumping For Ron Paul

In third White House bid, Paul's message the same

Billions for defense, but not one cent for empire

Billions for defense, but not one cent for empire

Ron Paul - December 6, 2011

Gingrich Defends Trump After Ron Paul Turns Down Debate Invite

Trump hits 'joke candidates' Paul and Huntsman

Why Ron Paul Snubbed Donald Trump

Ron Paul launches "Big Dog" ad in Iowa, New Hampshire

Ron Paul Compares His Rivals to Shih-Tzus

Ron Paul's 'Big Dog' Ad One Of GOP Race's Coolest Commercials

Gingrich, Ron Paul and the crony capitalism meme

Ron Paul excluded from Republican Jewish Coalition forum

GOP Jewish coalition excludes Paul from forum in Washington

Profile: Ron Paul

Alan Colmes Argues Ron Paul Gets More Than Enough Media Coverage

Bennett: Paul is the only hope

Ron Paul Campaign to Air New TV Ad in Early Voting States

Ron Paul 2012: Can he Pick up Herman Cain’s Supporters?

Tweets: Ron Paul takes first in OK straw poll

Nearly 2 Out of Every 3 Voters Support Paul in New CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

Ron Paul, The NDAA, And Liberty: How To Fix Our Mess

The mind-boggling Ron Paul

9-9-9 supporters could shift to Ron Paul

What Ron Paul, Occupy Wall Street, Lech Walesa, Tahrir Square, Tiananmen Square and many Tea Party people have in common

Ron Paul Defends The 99 Percent: ‘It’s A Very Healthy Movement’

Gingrich, Paul Launch Ads as Fortunes Improve

New Ron Paul Ad Will Make You Want to Kick Government Spending in the Teeth [VIDEO]

Ron Paul—Voluntaryist

Ron Paul and Donald Trump mix it up

Why Ron Paul makes a compelling case

Ron Paul: I am not catering to Donald Trump

Iowa Poll: 24% Say Ron Paul Is ‘Most Principled’ Candidate; 17% Say Bachmann; 14% Say Romney

NH Democrats leaving the party for Ron Paul?

Free to die?

This dissenter would make a fine Fed chairman

Ron Paul - December 5, 2011

Obama Is About To Give A Huge Class Warfare Speech

Ron Paul says he's ‘flavor of the decade’

Ron Paul: Donald Trump's Debate "Clown-Like"

Ron Paul Blasts Donald Trump over Debate in Iowa

Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and More Sunday Talk

Ron Paul Spending Christmas With 500 Students

Ron Paul says Defense Department budget changes definitions of al-Qaeda and Taliban, making Americans vulnerable

Occupy Wall Street Hero: Ron Paul

Ron Paul fares better in northern states, worse in Southern primaries

Ron Paul, Gary Johnson Refuse To Bash Gay Marriage

Ron Paul - December 4, 2011

Gingrich leads in Iowa poll, followed by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Rejects Donald Trump-Moderated Debate

Ron Paul skipping Trump debate

Ron Paul won't take part in Trump-moderated debate

Ron Paul Turns Down Donald Trump's Debate Invitation

Ron Paul: Actually, 9-11 Was "Violence" -- Not War

VIDEO: Hijacking the Ron Paul Revolution

David Sirota: Why young voters love Ron Paul

Ron Paul's army rises up as Palin gives Santorium thumbs up (Video)

Romney, Paul, Santorum in Greater Nashua to gain support from undecided voters

Huckabee Debate: Is Ron Paul a Constitutional Hypocrite on Social Security?

A Ron Paul moment at Codex

No presidential candidate makes more sense than Paul

Gingrich Leads in Iowa Republican Poll as Herman Cain Exits Race

Ron Paul - December 3, 2011

Treason From Within: The Road towards a Police State in America

Battlefield US: Americans face arrest as war criminals under Army state law

Ron Paul And The Tea Party Can't Save You: 2012 National Defense Act Is 'Terrifying'

Ron Paul Wins Tea Party Straw Poll In Iowa

Ron Paul 2012: Now Ignored by Republican Jewish Coalition

Jewish GOP group: Ron Paul too extreme for our forum

Ron Paul at odds with Newt Gingrich…

2012 Campaign Roundup: No Invitation for Ron Paul

Ron Paul 3rd in latest Poll

Poll: Ron Paul would be a popular 3rd party candidate

Ron Paul - December 2, 2011

Ron Paul targeting Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire

Ron Paul Blames Sex-Obsessed Media For Giving Gingrich 'Free Ride'

In Iowa, the "Ron Paul Factor" Could Loom Large

Ron Paul: People have lost confidence in Congress

Ron Paul seizes 3rd in Rasmussen poll, ties pizza magnate Herman Cain

Peyton Hillis supports Ron Paul? Feel free to pin that on him, too

Ron Paul scores endorsement of second Dubuque Tea Party co-founder

Paul wins Dubuque Tea Party Straw Poll

RJC faces anger from Ron Paul fans over forum exclusion

Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "misguided and extreme"

Jewish Group Won’t Let Ron Paul into Its Debate

Republican Jewish Coalition Not Inviting Ron Paul To Forum Because It’d Be ‘Like Inviting Obama’

Ron Paul Talks Gold Standard

Paul blasts Gingrich 'flip-flopping' and Freddie Mac ties in interview

Paul Tells Seacoast Rotarians U.S. Is 'Bankrupt'

The key to Ron Paul’s victory

Ron Paul Right Again On the Unchecked Power of the Federal Reserve

Ron Paul's Miami volunteers get organized

Paul’s authenticity keeps his campaign afloat

IMF a Central Bank, Fed a Hedge--Ron Paul predicts it again (James Rickards on RT video)

What Happens If We End the Fed?

The Right is Wrong on Same Sex Marriage and Ron Paul is the Best Candidate on Social Issue

Ron Paul - December 1, 2011

Afternoon Fix: Ron Paul goes after Newt Gingrich

Gingrich, Romney Outstrip Paul in Popularity Within the GOP

Ron Paul Ad Blasts Newt Gingrich for ‘Serial Hypocrisy’

Ron Paul skewers Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul's New, Tough Ad Hits Newt Gingrich Hard On 'Serial Hypocrisy'

Washington Whimsy - Ron Paul Tries A Different Kind Of Presidential Book

An Exclusive Look Inside the Ron Paul Cookbook

Ron Paul has a book, and it's not about politics

Ron Paul: "Republican Candidates Just Represent The Status Quo"

Favorability: Ron Paul lags in the competition"

Ron Paul Top-Tier in Latest Rasmussen New Hampshire Poll

Ron Paul Decries 'Frightened' Fed

Paul: Fed move may be spurred by White House

Ron Paul? Sharply Critical Of Fed Decision On Europe, Calls GOP "Status Quo"

Fed Keeps Trying to Save Europe’s Banks; Ron Paul Frowns

Ron Paul Argues for 'ObamaCare' Opt-Out

Ron Paul's Miami presence

Conspiracy theory claims Obama issued 'kill order' against Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Free Market Solutions: Trade Is More Profitable Than War

Ron Paul says stop the war; Michigan debates strategy: From republicans to the public at large, support for the War on Drugs is fading

Ron Paul Calls Central Bank Intervention A “Form of World Wide Quantitative Easing”

The Legacy of Ayn Rand: Rand, Ron Paul and Paul Ryan

Ron Paul adds more campaign stops next week

Economist Gerald Celente endorses Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul Speech at Loyola University New Orleans

All GOP Candidates but Paul Talk Balanced Budget but Won't Cut Military

Air Force vet Ron Paul is only candidate who is friend of military

Bachmann absence delays a House vote, drawing Paul blast

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