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Thought for the Day: If Gary Johnson gets just 5% of the popular vote, it will end the two-party system. Make history, Vote Libertarian One Time with Gary Johnson.

Politics - October 29, 2012

Obama 50%, Romney 41%, Gary Johnson 5%

Could Libertarian Cost Romney the Election?

Gary Johnson is Not on the Oklahoma Ballot, That is Why Ballot Reform is Needed in the State

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to Boise Weekly: 'There is No Santa Claus'

Johnson the best alternative

Libertarian candidate for President to visit city

Young Millennials - Fiscal Conservatives?

The Social Deterioration of Funny, Floating Money

Controlling Internet leads to loss of liberty

5 Things Repatriating Gold Bullion Says About The Country

Des Moines Register Endorses Romney, New York Times goes for Obama

Obama's and Romney's tax plans: What do they mean for states?

New WaPo-ABC Tracking Poll: Romney 49, Obama 48

As election nears, a look at where Obama and Romney stand on business issues

Newspaper Endorsements Stack Up For Obama, Romney

Mitt Romney, President Obama campaigns project confidence in deadlocked Ohio

Undecided Voters, This Is Obama vs. Romney: Countdown Day 9

Insurers nervous over prospect of Romney victory

Obama ad hammers Romney on economy

Here are some factors working against Obama, Romney

Q: Is your vote more FOR Romney, or more AGAINST Obama? (Among likely voters)

New pro-Obama ad has children blaming parents for aftermath of a Romney win

How Romney silenced the echo chamber

Obama's deficit plan closer to what CEOs favor

Mitt Romney ‘Like an Alien That Ripped Off His Mask’ at Debates

Women hold balance of power in presidential race

Romney, Obama armed, but not always with facts

How Romney beat Gingrich in the primary foreshadowed the general election against Obama—and shows how a President Romney will govern

Gary D. Barnett: Hunting 'Terrorists' and the Expansion of Kill Lists Means Perpetual War

Tom Woods: JFK Was Not Assassinated Because He Opposed the Fed

Thought for the Day: Tyler Durden "Personally, I am done with the two party system and will be voting for Gary Johnson. The only wasted vote I see is one for either Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama."

Politics - October 28, 2012

The Ghost and the Stickup Man Run for US President

Government Targets the Breeders

Sit Silently ... as Bombs Burst in Air

The Recovery Meme and Why It's Just Talk

Forget 1%, 99% Or 47%: It Is The Turn Of The 70% To Be Pissed

Sacrificed At the Altar Of Obama: CIA Assets Ordered to “Stand Down” During Libya Attacks; Delta Force Spec Ops Waited For Hours For Deployment Orders

Purpose of the Fed's QE3 is to control of every mortgaged property in U.S.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will debate one-on-one

Gary Johnson Launches First TV Ad Touting His Dovish Foreign Policy

Gary Johnson and the dangers of ‘common-sense’ economic policy

Gary Johnson wins first Free and Equal Elections debate.

Johnson: Libertarianism is 'fastest growing segment'

Gary Johnson to campaign at University of Colorado

Libertarian Johnson stumps in Indy

Libertarian speaks at IUSB

Now That Was a Debate

Libertarian presidential candidate looks past his long odds and focuses on the power and purity of casting a vote

Only People That vote For Obama Vote For Obama

RT to host final US presidential third-party debate

Libertarian Presidential Contender Buys Local Air Time for Ad

Libertarian alternative to Obama, Romney

Libertarian Perspective: For one election

Libertarian Party growth effort brings star-studded event to Vegas

Third Party Candidates Get Enough Votes To Hurt Mitt

Holding Obama and Romney accountable

Both Democrats, Republicans sponsored by big-corporate

Are there any Ron Paul Republicans left in October?

Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? Will the revolution vote for Johnson?

US 'Secret' Drone Base and Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Global Climate Warming Stopped 15 Years Ago, UK Met Office Admits

Gary Johnson Polls: Johnson Runs First TV Ad as Polls Show Libertarian Trouble For Romney

Thought for the Day: A Romney victory would actually be good for the Liberty Republicans. Once the nation sees that he's almost as bad as Obama, there will be no stopping the swell of support for the Constitution and Liberty.

Politics - October 25, 2012

Mitt Romney's a liberal

The mess Mitt made: He should have listened to Ron Paul on foreign policy

Frightened Republicans Try to Close Down Election Competitors, Such as Gary Johnson

Chattanooga Times Free Press endorses Gary Johnson for president

Gary Johnson Calls On Minnesotans To Reject Gay Marriage Ban

3rd-party presidential nominees to debate

Gary Johnson: On fire for freedom in third party Larry King debate

Gary Johnson, Excluded From Debate, Filed Suit

Gary Johnson: Obama, Romney are 'Tweedledum' and 'Tweedledee'

Gary Johnson’s closing pitch: ‘Waste your vote on me’

Libertarian Presidential Duo of Gary Johnson & Jim Gray Plot 2016 White House Run

Gary Johnson Shut Out: Presidential Debate Excludes the Libertarian Yet Again

Gary Johnson Presidential Debate: What the Libertarian Nominee Would Have Said at the Third Presidential Debate

Gary Johnson will restore fiscal order

Gary Johnson Win the Third Party Presidential Debate, Policies of Virgil Goode the Least Popular

Gary Johnson vote is about making history, not helping Romney

If Barry Goldwater were alive today, he would vote for Gary Johnson in Arizona.

Gary Johnson Issues Debate Statement

Chattanooga newspaper endorses Gary Johnson for President

Gary Johnson: US gives 'money to new dictators to take over from old dictators'

Libertarian Candidate Turned Down … Sues Presidential Debate Commission

Latest Presidential Polls: Swing State Voters Go Toward Obama, What Gary Johnson Would Have Said, Everything You Should Read on Tuesday

The best idea of this campaign — scrap the war on drugs

Ron Paul Says Someone Needs to Ask the Fed Question

A good night for Ron Paul

Third party debate brings out the liberty campaign: Ron Paul honored

Third Party Presidential Debate: Gary Johnson Crushes In Misfit Candidates Debate

The Internet Revolution is a Liberty Revolution

Libertarians are not corporate apologists

Senator Paul Takes On Government Bullies

Politics - October 22, 2012

Libertarian Gary Johnson may sway swing states in presidential election

Gary Johnson 75 Percent Poll: Why Millennials Should Not Settle for Obamney

Libertarian Gary Johnson Tries Again to Sue His Way Into Presidential Debates

Gary Johnson urges voters to support candidate ‘we believe in’

Gary Johnson, Presidential Hopeful Visits Fort Collins

Gary Johnson Would Offer Country Real Solutions

Presidential debates are a fraud without third parties

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Rallies Fort Collins Supporters on State, Local Marijuana Issues

Johnson is the man for President

Gary Johnson visits Fort Collins: Yes on Amendment 64, yes on Initiative 301

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson: No matter who wins it’s still up to you America

Presidential Debate 2012: On Foreign policy, Romney's and Obama's Differences Largely Are Stylistic

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson to speak at CSUF

Yes, there are three choices

Is a Third Party Vote “A Wasted Vote?”

The Maine Ron Paul Movement’s Uncertain Future

Will Obama Paint Mitt as Warmonger?

Trotskyites for Romney

Rockefeller Global Tentacles Exposed in 1959 by the Soviet Union

Obama and Romney talk about pay equity during debate

Romney, Obama in Dead Heat

The hole in Mitt Romney’s bucket

Sen. Rand Paul stumps for Romney at UNH

Rand Paul campaigns for Romney while bashing Romney's foreign policy

Rand Paul goes national

Rand Paul: Romney's wrong on Middle East, defense spending

Rand Paul rips Lindsey Graham's defense of Joe Manchin

Rand Paul: Romney wrong about Middle East

Rand Paul Is Launching A Brutal Ad Campaign To Destroy Democrats Over Foreign Aid

The 113th Congress Will Decide Nation’s Fiscal Future, Not the President

Thought for the Day: "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." ~ Clay Shirky

Politics - October 20, 2012

Gary Johnson’s third-party presidential bid: A real factor or just a footnote?

Gary Johnson asks Federal court to allow him to debate Obama and Romney

Gary Johnson: My response to the presidential debate

Gary Johnson Supporters Robocall Colorado Democrats Over Marijuana Crackdown

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson on Obamacare: ‘A Torpedo in a Sinking Ship’

Gary Johnson will protect our liberties

The real reason I’m voting for Gary Johnson

Republicans Seem To Be Afraid Of Gary Johnson And Other Libertarians

Google Hangout Debate Between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade launches with new officers in Coral Gables

Libertarian Johnson calls Obama and Romney 'big-government guys'

Ron Paul given rock star treatment at UVU

Ron Paul campaign spent $718,000 last month

Ron Paul Sound Currency Message is Resonating With Worldwide Leaders, Including China

The Republican Primary Legacy: Debt Hypocrisy (Minus Ron Paul)

Armchair Planners Plotting Monetary Conflagration

Obamneycare Converts Health Care Into Profits

Banks Punished For Central Bank and Political Errors

Housing Demand Is Built on Monetary Policy

Ms. Clinton Goes to War?

Obama's Failure in First Debate Probably WAS a Ploy

Pity Poor America: Obama, Romney, and Foreign Policy

The Obama/Romney Debate Was a Long Walk Through Fantasy Land

If Romney Wins Election 2012 Buy and Sell These Sectors

Why You Need a Passport Now!

The Good Old Days are Over

The Joke’s On Us: Watch Obama and Romney Poke Fun at Themselves, Each Other

About that Voting Machine Company Tied to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital...

How Mitt Romney cheated his way to the GOP nomination

Next Up for the Liberty Movement

Politics - October 17, 2012

Voting Libertarian for president would be a real change

Gary Johnson excluded from tonight's debate

Republicans targeting Gary Johnson

Ron Paul is Not on the Ballot, But Gary Johnson Represents Liberty in Election 2012

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson assesses Romney, Stein, and Goode

Did the GOP Really Leave Gary Johnson?

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Has a Few Suggestions for Tonight’s Debate

Johnson adviser Roger Stone: 'Republican blood will run in the streets'

Republicans accused of crimes to sabotage Johnson

Gary Johnson Shut Out of Second Presidential Debate, But Polls Show He May Swing Election 2012

Libertarian could take Romney votes

GOP Suddenly Not Laughing About Gary Johnson

Pesidential Debates 2012: Why They Prove There is No Real Difference Between Obama and Romney

Romney, Obama share same foreign policy

GOP unleashes attacks on Libertarian presidential candidate

Don’t forget the Libertarian candidate

No One Thinks The Next President Will Make Their Life Better

Ron Paul says latest jobs report overstating strength of recovery

Those cuts aren't cuts; Ron Paul on Barack Romney and Mitt Obama

Does Ron Paul Support Mitt Romney Yet? “No.”

Ron Paul and America's youth

On Banks and Foreign Policy, Ron Paul is Right

Ron Paul Has Been Right All Along: We the People Need to Live According to the Constitution

Ron Paul Says: 'No' to Romney

Ron Paul: Keeping Up Statistical Appearances

Don't Vote for Evil

Compelling Election or Last Gasp of US Representative Democracy?

Sen. Rand Paul takes aim at both major parties in visit to Athens

An Electoral College Tie Would Be A Hilarious Disaster

Libertarian: 3rd-party voting will determine presidency

Politics - October 15, 2012

Spoiler Alert! G.O.P. Fighting Libertarian’s Spot on the Ballot

Live free: Vote for Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson: Obama “as militaristic” as George W Bush and Romney “has not one molecule of brain”

Gary Johnson: U.S. Close to Legalizing Marijuana

Gary Johnson eyes a second-place finish in D.C.

Gary Johnson encourages Maryland voters to pass gay marriage law

Gary Johnson Officially On The Ballot In Pennsylvania

Joe Biden says America needs more drones, Gary Johnson says “the war stops here”

Third-Party Candidates Could Spell Trouble for Obama, Romney

Remember, there is an alternative candidate

Johnson should be included in debates

Which presidential candidate has the better tax plan?

Like Ron Paul? Avoid Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Won't Endorse Romney, Sees "Essentially No Difference"

Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Romney Because He Rightly Thinks America is a One Party System

Congressman Ron Paul Endorses Dr. Ted Yoho for Congress

Ron Paul Legalize Marijuana Bill: 8 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

Overstock CEO: 'I'll write in Ron Paul' (Video)

Why Ron Paul Doesn’t Endorse Romney

Ron Paul update: Standing room only

Tom Woods on Mises, John Maynard Keynes, Adam Smith, The Federal Reserve, Richard Nixon, Ron Paul, Paul Krugman and the future of the American economy

American Exceptionalism Revisited

Jim Rogers on Politics, Money Metals and How to Deal With an Endless Downturn

The Police State Looms Larger

Nobel Backlash Is Symptomatic of a Deeper Elite Issue

An Implosion of the US System Will Lead To Disintegration

It Might Be Time To Stock Up…

Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago

Was Milton Friedman Even More of a Big Government Guy Than We Already Suspected?

Rand Paul goes national

Politics - October 12, 2012

Let Gary Johnson debate

Rasmussen: Obama 54% Romney 43%

If Gary Johnson were up there on the podium we might have a real debate

Gary Johnson Excluded From Presidential Debates 2012, Even Though Polls Show 10 Percent Support in Ohio

Let Gary Johnson Debate, Say Fox News and Judge Napolitano

Gary Johnson is better choice than Obama, Romney

Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson survives challenge

Ron Paul Sparked a Revolution in Election 2012, Now Gary Johnson Will Fulfill It

Johnson asks disaffected Americans to join him to take on the Oligarchy

Another commentary on that dreadful debate: Gary Johnson

Johnson makes case for Ron Paul supporters to vote for him in general election

PA: Libertarian Johnson secures place on ballot

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Wants To Outperform Mitt Romney In D.C.

Anti-Johnson Crowd is Full of Cowards

Ron Paul Won't Endorse Romney, Cites More of Same

Senator Rand Paul calls out Romney on Syria, defense spending, and war

Ron Paul: 'Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party' (CNBC)

Ron Paul Was Right All Along About Our Fiscal Woes: Time for Congress to Listen Up

The Lover of Liberty and the 2012 Presidential Election

Ron Paul: We Must Fiscally Restrain Our Government – OpEd

Too Often Regulators Play the Role of Police, Judge and Executioner: Witness Liberty Silver Corp.

Government in America!

Madness of Markets

New Lincoln Movie Is Another Obama Promotion?

Easings Aren't Easy

Everything is rigged - health, politics, finance and more - but here's how to beat the system

Federal appeals court decimates Constitution, rules government can indefinitely detain citizens at will

A Dream Dies, but the Beat Goes On

GOP now ironically begging Ron Paul supporters for help

Stay Out of the Syrian Maelstrom

Politics - October 10, 2012

Vote Gary Johnson: Because it is Only a 1 in 10 Million Chance That Your Vote For Obama or Romney Would Even Matter

47%? How Ron Paul Can Get More

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson’s supporters are not a “nonfactor” in this election

Gary Johnson gets excluded from most new polls

Gary Johnson Brings Campaign to College Campuses

Gary Johnson confirmed in Free and Equal Debate

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson makes a hometown visit

Gary Johnson Spoiler: Latest Presidential Polls Show a Third Party Disaster in the Works for Mitt Romney

Gary Johnson Supporters Hope for Ron Paul Endorsement Fading

Presidential Polls 2012 Show Gary Johnson With 10 Percent of Vote in Ohio, Time for GOP to Take Him Seriously

Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson hurting Mitt Romney in 5 battle ground states including Arizona and New Mexico

Gary Johnson Polls: Latest Presidential Poll Shows Romney Leading Obama, But Trailing When Johnson is an Option

The real ballot choices for president

Why the debate season is a “fraud on the American voter”

Republican Mitt Romney wants to increase our war budget; Former Republican now Libertarian Gary Johnson wants to decrease wasted tax dollars on war

Amy Goodman: It's time to expand the debates

Ron Paul accurately predicted what would happen at that dreadful debate - nothing

Ron Paul: Every indication Congress will spend until the system collapses

GOP now ironically begging Ron Paul supporters for help

Republican Kevin Wade endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul Featured In Upcoming Movie "The Bubble"

Romney's Middle Class Problem: The GOP presidential candidate's tax plan is vague, backward, and possibly impossible.

Hubris Is Not a Strategy: The most quotable line from Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech is a reheated zinger from Rudy Giuliani.

You paid for it,maintained it but you may not be the legal owner

Ron Paul: Government Dependency Will End in Chaos

Was Obama Debate Failure a Ploy?

Alexander McCobin on Ron Paul, Objectivism and Co-founding Students For Liberty

How is Obama responding to the Romney bounce?

Why watch the vice presidential debate? Entertainment value.

Johnson Gets Hearty Welcome at UNM

Thought for the Day: A vote for a candidate you can believe in is not a wasted vote.

Politics - October 9, 2012

Gary Johnson: College students shouldn't be dying

Ron Paul hints that he’s voting for Gary Johnson

What Mitt Romney Really Believes

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson to appear on Connecticut Presidential ballot

Gary Johnson, the Wasted Vote

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate to speak at VCU

Presidential Polls 2012 Show Gary Johnson With 10 Percent of Vote in Ohio, Time for GOP to Take Him Seriously

Gary Johnson’s campaign says GOP committed crimes to keep him off ballot

The unfair stranglehold on debates

Debate perspectives limited by a lack of participants

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Brings Platform to Campus

So, Who Can Ron Paul Actually Vote For Anyway?

Romney Won the Debate, But Will the Country Lose?

Why isn’t Gary Johnson in the debates and funny things that make you go “Hmm”

RNC Chairman Dismisses Third Party Candidate Gary Johnson

Obama Wins New Survey Over Romney, And A Subtle Plea For Gary Johnson

Republican? Democrat? Forget it; I'm voting Gary Johnson

Ron Paul Supporters Are Critical For Romney to Win the Election, But Do Not Expect Them to Vote For Romney

Smirking Neocon Establishment Propagandist . . .

Republicans are marching toward irrelevance

Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible?

Obama Spin Reveals Elite Roots

Rand Paul Promotes Compromise As GOP Senate Takeover Chances Decrease

Regardless of Election, Get Ready for Four More Years of War

Romney foreign policy: How different from Obama's?

Meet the new Romney foreign policy speech... same as the old Romney foreign policy speech?

The Largest Economy In The World Is Imploding Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Obama Still Leads in Most Key Swing States

Romney Hints at More Iranian Sanctions If Elected

Is the BLS Fudging Employment Numbers for the Prez?; The Real Test is Coming 4 Days Before the Election

Thought for the Day: Obama and Romney both support the Empire's wars but quibble over who's going to drive the nation deeper into debt.

Politics - October 6, 2012

Election 2012: A failure and a disappointment - System fixed with Obama or Romney

Gary Johnson and the empty chair at the first presidential debate

Presidential Debate for Third-Party Candidates to Follow Final Obama-Romney Debate

Third party candidates evade exclusion from debates

How the CPD rigs the presidential election debates

As Obama, Romney Hold First Debate, Behind the Secret GOP-Dem Effort to Shut Out Third Parties

Why Tonight’s Debates are Bogus

Upcoming Food Scarcity – Promotion or Reality?

'Another One Bites the Dust'

Reflections on Economic Warfare

Unlimited Democracy

A Jobs Report Conspiracy?

Another Phony Employment Report

Critics Demand Full Disclosure of Secret Party Contracts Governing Presidential Debates

Gary Johnson’s campaign says GOP committed crimes to keep him off ballot

Libertarians challenge GOP's challenges

Libertarians seek investigation of GOP's challenge

Why I'm voting for Gary Johnson - and eight reasons you should too

Libertarian candidate makes push for Nevada’s Ron Paul supporters

At UC, Libertarian candidate says he's the majority

Ron Paul Suggests He'll Vote For Gary Johnson

Libertarian candidate shares ideas in Centerville

Libertarian Party Hits Back at Republicans Over Ballot Access

Romney and Obama fail to address most important economic issue during debates

5 Reasons the Fed is Wrong

Paul Ryan's Debt to Barry Goldwater—Who'd Be Mortified by Paul Ryan

Americans putting noose around their own necks

U.S. Army report lists mundane behavior as signs of terrorism

Rand Paul Says GOP Should Tone Down Hawkishness on War

Third party candidates may have outsized impact in tight race

Thought for the Day: Gary Johnson: You bring about change not by voting for the lesser of two evils, but by voting for the person you believe in.
Thought for the Day: Obama and Romney both support the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention of American citizens and they quibble over who's going to drive the nation deeper into debt.

Politics - October 5, 2012

Gary Johnson: My response to the presidential debate

Ron Paul Would Have Crushed Obama in the Presidential Debate

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul Shut Out: Obama vs Romney Debate Fails Libertarians

Ron Paul Knows His Supporters Won't Reliably Be for Romney

What Ron Paul Would Have Said at the Presidential Debate, Presidential Polls 2012: 67 Percent Say Romney Won the Debate, and Everything You Should Read on Thursday

GOP reviews turning negative on Romney's campaign

Debate offered no answers for the casual voter

Undecided voters pick clear debate winner — but remain undecided

Presidential Debate Recap: Gary Johnson for President 2012

Debate 'Cold' Reaction: Yes, Romney Can Debate

Gary Johnson Presidential Debate Reaction: Ron Paul Alternative Hangs During Obama Romney Debate

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul Supporters Got Shut Out of Presidential Debates 2012

Presidential Debate Recap: Gary Johnson for President 2012

Gary Johnson Would Have Kept the Candidates More Honest at the First Presidential Debate

Presidential debate sponsors quit to protest Johnson exclusion

Poll shows Gary Johnson at 10.6% in Ohio — is that for real?

Government Two Sizes Too Small: Ayn Rand Libertarians

A Return To Stable Money Requires More Intellectual Gasoline

Neither Obama Nor Romney Will Save Dollar

Let Gary Johnson Eat Cake (and Debate)

Gary Johnson Debate Interview: Six Burning Questions for the Libertarian Party Nominee

Gary Johnson Gets Endorsement From Barstool Sports

Gary Johnson Campaign Accuses Pennsylvania Republicans Of “Watergate-Style Dirty Tricks”

Mitt Romney Wins Debate, But Not Larger Cultural War

Don't Cry For Us, Mitt Romney

Thought for the Day: President Obama and Governor Romney don't dare allow Governor Johnson into the debates, because then everybody will see that they really are the same.

Politics - October 3, 2012

Ron Paul May Cost Mitt Romney Nevada

Maine GOP Silences Ron Paul Supporters and This Gary Johnson-Endorsed Candidate for Senate

Artur Davis on Ron Paul, Citizens United, and finding common ground

Cato Attacks Ron Paul

Ron Paul-Inspired Candidate Campaigns For Congress in New Orleans

Gary Johnson will participate in a Presidential debate

Gary Johnson: Will Libertarian Influence 2012 Presidential Election?

Why you absolutely, positively must vote for Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Will Debate October 23 in Chicago, Though Obama and Romney Declined

Let Gary Debate

Obama vs Romney Denver Debate LIVE: In the Absence of Gary Johnson, We Need a Libertarian Perspective

Invite the Libertarian candidate, too

Two Audiences, Two Unelectable Candidates and One Much-Hyped Debate

Presidential Polls 2012: Pew Research Shows Obama Will Overwhelmingly Win the Presidential Debate

“The Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney” is hilarious

The Obama-Romney Map is Turning Blue

Latest Presidential Polls Prove Romney Campaign is Self Destructing

Presidential debates should be more inclusive

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson in Salt Lake City for town hall

Third party candidates lack exposure in elections

Libertarian VP Candidate Visiting Reno

Three Sponsors Drop Presidential Debate Commission; Reform Groups Call for Openness

Rulers Should Unite?

How the Government's Lies Become Truth

Mitt Romney Runs Ad Promising to Raise Taxes on Himself...Yea, Right!

What voters want in Wednesday's debate

Mitt Romney suggests cutting mortgage interest deduction on eve of presidential debate

Thought for the Day: Voting for Gary Johnson will almost certainly not change this election, but it could help to change future elections.

Politics - October 1, 2012

Libertarian presidential pick could win votes in Maine

The Libertarian Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Gary Johnson Florida Medical Marijuana Stance Will Boost Him in the Sunshine State

Ron Paul End the Fed: Fed Chairman Bernanke Thanks House Democrats for Opposing Audit Bill

When all else fails, blame the Paulbots

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Presidential Debates: There is Life Beyond Romneybama

What Americans Used To Think of Invaders

How the Government’s Lies Become Truth

How can we ban hate speech against Jews while defending mockery of Muslims?

Remembering 100 Years of Conquered Rule

'Asking' Versus Forcing Folks to Pay a Little More

Quick Fixes, the Looming Great War and Loss of Elite Moral Authority

Google Censorship: A Manufactured Affair?

Johnson for president

Tea party promoters pass through Casper

Undecided voters lean from Romney toward Obama

The Sense Of An Ending For Mitt Romney

Jesse Ventura on the RNC, the DNC, and Cuba

A GOP Oblivious To Its Weaknesses Will Accomplish Very Little

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson brings new perspectives to presidential race

Gary Johnson pushes tax reform, advocates third parties

Access Denied

Gary Johnson Activists Lead the Charge Against the CPD, and That is Awesome

Can we bring open debates to presidential campaigns?

Philips pulls presidential debate sponsorship

Jesse Ventura announces possible 2016 Presidential bid

Libertarian presidential candidate speaks at Macalester

Libertarian candidate stops in La.

In Virginia, third-party candidate sparks fears of split

Rand Paul vs. the GOP

Polls: Obama gaining as Romney struggles


Lauren Lyster: Obamney vs Robama
Anarchic view of America's Economic
and Political Duopoly!

GARY JOHNSON Be The 5 Percent

GARY JOHNSON Cast a vote for Peace

Reality Check: Can Ohio Voting Machines
Be Hacked? The Facts Behind The Rumors

GARY JOHNSON The War Stops Here

GARY JOHNSON Liberty Will Be On The Ballot

Ben Swann: Why Media Won't Talk
About Executive Orders

Gary Johnson speaks at University of Cincinnati

Gerald Celente ~ Psychopaths Run The Planet

Ben Swann One on One with Gary Johnson

InfoWars: Federal Court Dissolves Constitution
Rules in Favor of Indefinite Detention

Reality Check: The Real Numbers Behind
Romney and Obama's Deficit Plans

Ron Paul: I Haven't Decided Yet Who I'll Be Voting For

Gary Johnson vs The Zombies

Gary Johnson: Both Candidates will
Give You A Greater Police State

Gary Johnson: America Needs A Handyman
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Case for Gold: A Minority Report
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