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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
July 12, 2018

MILO: I Regret Nothing

Dangerous: Fact-Checker Who Slandered War Hero ‘Resigns’ Following MILO Post

Dangerous: 60 Organizations Target SPLC For Massive Lawsuit

Dangerous: Vox Caught Red-Handed Taking Chinese Money to Publish Communist Propaganda

Dangerous: Cable News Compares U.S. Immigration Policy to the Holocaust, Slavery 22 Times in 3 Days

Breitbart: #WalkAway Movement to Abandon (Progressive) Liberalism Goes Viral

Breitbart: Man Cries Tears of Joy for Low Black Unemployment Under Trump

Breitbart: French Ambassador Praises Hungarian Prime Minister, Brands Muslims in France and Germany Anti-Semitic

Breitbart: Why Liberals Have Flip-Flopped on Free Speech

Tony Heller: Party’s Over For The Arctic Melting Scam

Marita Noon: What Ocean Acidification?

Steve Goreham: The myth of dangerous acid rain

Martin Armstrong: Volcanic Activity Melting Ice at the North & South Poles

Martin Armstrong: How the Socialists Keep the Poor – Poor

Darius Shahtahmasebi: Separating children from their families is nothing new, US has been doing it for decades

John W. Whitehead: Government Eyes Are Watching You: We Are All Prisoners of the Surveillance State

Peter Van Buren: The FBI Influenced the Election of a President

Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump and the Invasion of the West

Martin Armstrong: Citigroup Becoming a Political Bank

Doug Casey: Why He Lives in Uruguay

Martin Armstrong: 30 Years of Global Warming Forecasts all Failed

Martin Armstrong: Its Snowing Still now in NewFoundland

Paul Rosenberg: More Revolutionaries Are Coming

Paul Rosenberg: Bitcoin and the Beatles

Paul Rosenberg: Bitcoin and the Power Grid

Brandon Smith: Trade War Provides Perfect Cover For The Elitist Engineered Global Reset

Robert Ringer: The Civil War Is at Hand

Jim Fedako: Manufacturing Hate: Manipulating The Masses to Incite Revolution

Patrick J. Buchanan: No Party for Old White Men

Andrew P. Napolitano: Can Immigrants Be Deported Without a Trial?

Zero Hedge: Why The "Abject Silence" From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama?

Zero Hedge: Trump's Trade Threat Negotiating Strategy

Zero Hedge: How Young Italians Fueled A Populist Uprising

Zero Hedge: Russia Warns: Increased US Marine Corps Presence In Norway Could Be Viewed As An Attack

Zero Hedge: FBI Agent Strzok Was Escorted Out Of FBI Building

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Adapt 2030: Grand Solar Minimum Preparedness Roadblock: Anonymity Coin Attacks
Adapt 2030: Ice Age Preparedness
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