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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
May 10, 2018

Dangerous: ‘I Met Kanye West Twice, and His Red-Pilling Is No Surprise to Me’

Dangerous: ‘Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening Shuts Down ‘Racism’ Claims: ‘People Love to Pretend They’re Offended’

Dangerous: Last Halloween, college freshman Justine Brooke Murray decided to dress up as First Lady Melania Trump.

Dangerous: SJW Twitter Mob Launches Onslaught at Teenager Over Her Prom Dress

Dangerous: UC Berkeley Tries to Dismiss Discrimination Lawsuit, Gets Slapped Down by the Court

Breitbart: A Great Conservative Revolution Started in 2016

Breitbart: Bring Our Troops Home

Breitbart: Comey’s Crimes

Breitbart: he Great Population Hoax Turns 50

Prof. Don J. Easterbrook: Global Cooling is Here

Lloyd Grove: ‘Heartbroken’ Trump Critic Ann Coulter: He’s a ‘Shallow, Lazy Ignoramus’

Michael Snyder: The Budget-Busting $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill That Was Just Passed By Congress Is A Betrayal Of The American People

Joe Concha: David Hogg's attempt to end Laura Ingraham's career sets dangerous precedent

Brian Maher: The Swamp Wins

Martin Armstrong: The Right to Privacy Means Nothing

Nick Gillespie: When Trump Loses Alex Jones' and Gains Elizabeth Warren's Support, All Things Are Possible!

Martin Armstrong: Monetary Policy is a Complete Failure? Will Shutting Down the Fed Solve All the Problems?

John W. Whitehead: The Slippery Slope to a Constitution-Free America

Roger L Simon: Trump Vastly Better than Obama at Foreign Policy

Paul Craig Roberts: We are in the Last Days before all Hell breaks loose

Daisy Luther: The American Dunning-Kruger Epidemic (Or Why Ignorant People Are So Sure They’re Right)

Amy H. Sturgis: Canada Kidnapped Native Children to ‘Kill the Indian’ in Them

Eric Boehm: America's Sinking Public Pension Plans Are Now $1.4 Trillion Underwater

Nick Gillespie: Trump Announces Unprecedented Support for Legalizing Marijuana

Hans A. von Spakovsky & John-Michael Seibler: Federal Judge Refuses to Throw out Bogus Lawsuit against Trump

Martin Armstrong: Interest Expenditures Will Now Exceed Military Spending – We are being Walled-In by our Own Debt

Sharyl Attkisson: Facts continue supporting Trump's decision to fire James Comey

Martin Armstrong: The Atlantic Current if Slowing Down = Global Cooling

Stephanie Pappas: Why Earth's Magnetic Field Might Not Flip After All

Brandon Smith: Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War

Michael Krieger: The Road to 2025 (Part 1) – Prepare for a Multi-Polar World

Michael Krieger: The Road to 2025 (Part 2) – Russia and China Have Had Enough

Zero Hedge: Futures Rebound After Trump Reverses, Tweets: "Russia Needs Us To Help With Their Economy"

Zero Hedge: Trump Deploys U.S. Military To Southern Border

Zero Hedge: New Study Provides Yet More Proof Of Saudi State Sponsorship Of ISIS

Zero Hedge: Trump: "We Are Not In A Trade War With China; That War Was Lost Many Years Ago..."

Zero Hedge: What Will Trump Pick: Plunging Stocks Or Trade War? We Now Know The Answer

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Lee Wheelbarger - Part 3 - Practical Solutions - Prepping For The Grand Solar Minimum
Lee Wheelbarger: Grand Solar Minimum Prepping
Adapt 2030: Spring Blizzard Xanto, Snow in Africa, Arctic Ice Recovers, Media Distracts
Adapt 2030: Spring Blizzard Xanto
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