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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 3, 2017

Breitbart: Block Grants ‘Truly and Fundamentally a Different Approach than Obamacare’

Breitbart: Officials Ending Obama’s Sex-Ed Spending

Breitbart: I’ll Disarm When Michael Bloomberg Disarms

Breitbart: Alt-Left Extremists Committed over 2,000 Crimes at G20 ‘Welcome to Hell’ Clashes

Breitbart: Antifa Teams up With Big Business and Big Media for ‘Corporate Fascist Rampage’

Bionic Mosquito: Where is the Outrage?

Jeff Deist: The Subsidiarity Principle

Ron Paul: Will Congress and Trump Declare War on WikiLeaks?

Nafeez Ahmed: Western Wars Have Killed Four Million Muslims Since 1990

Paul Craig Roberts: The Weaponization of History and Journalism

Taki Theodoracopulos: New Man Lives

James Mackenzie: Donald Trump eyes Afghanistan's $1 trillion mineral reserves to pay for reconstruction after 16 years of war

Thomas DiLorenzo: Don’t Be Bamboozled Over Fascism

Martin Armstrong: 3D printing, AI and Robots v Dark Age

Frank Holmes: Got a Bully Problem? Send in a Bully

John Browne: The Swamp Strikes Back

Cathy Young: Testing boundaries of free speech

Cathy Young: Where to draw a line on monuments

Brandon Smith: Sorry, Joe Biden - The 'Soul' Of America Is Conservative

Andrew P. Napolitano: If You Can't Change Your Mind, Change the Subject

William J. Astore: With the Pentagon, Trump Has Morphed Into Hillary Clinton

Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations' assets under RICO and NDAA law

Norm Singleton: Afghanistan

Jim Treacher: Bill And Hillary Clinton Finally Sell Hamptons Mansion

Amber Athey: Women’s March Recommends Harvey Donations Go To Non-Whites

Electronic Freedom Foundation: Pull the Plug on Internet Spying Programs

Tim Brown: Bundy Ranch Prosecutor's Exposed For Withholding Info & It's All about Protecting BLM Thug Daniel P. Love

Zeropointnow: Trump’s Handlers Concerned Don Jr. Will Leak Conservative News To His Dad

Zeropointnow: Study: Doping Western Cultures With Oxytocin Will Cure Hatred Of Refugees

James Howard Kunstler: It's Time To Be Honest With Ourselves

Richard Drake: Why Every European Country Has a Trump or Sanders Candidate

John W. Whitehead: Battlefield America Is the New Normal: We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore

Nafeez Ahmed: How the CIA made Google

Nafeez Ahmed: Why Google made the NSA

Shahida Arabi: 11 Signs You’re the Victim of Narcissistic Abuse

Far Left Watch: Armed Antifa group declares “Everywhere a battlefield”

Ann Coulter: Why the Media Are In A Never-Ending Hunt for Right-Wing Violence

Zero Hedge: Sanders, Warren Tied For 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination; Zuckerberg A Long-Shot

Zero Hedge: Trump Reverts To Populist Roots In "Tax Plan" Speech; Sets Up Congress For Another Epic Fail

Zero Hedge: "People Are So Afraid Of Google Now": Here's Why

Zero Hedge: As Harvey Moves Inland, A New Hurricane Is Forming Over The Atlantic

Zero Hedge: If Korean War Breaks Out, Seoul Will Send Special Forces To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Mango: Why Trump is Right on Climate Change
Mango: Trump Right on Climate Change
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