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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
April 19, 2017

Robert Jones: Why the New Brunswick government invented over $50M in renovations

Jon Anthony: 4 Powerful Quotes From The Professor Who Stood Up Against Deranged Leftists

Michael Sebastian: Has Trump Been Bamboozled By The Neocons?

Corey Savage: 10 Facts Regarding The US Strike On Syria

JD McGuigan: The Anti-White Racism Of “Moderate” Muslims

Beau Albrecht: The Fault Lines In Progressive Paradise

André du Pôle: 5 Cultural Milestones Where Leftists Assume Zero Responsibility For Their Choices

Martin Armstrong: Why Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs Supports Restoring Glass–Steagall

Michelle Malkin: Who’s unsafe on campus?

Sabrina Maddeaux: How Baby Boomers created their own Millennial Monsters

Mac Slavo: Trump Diplomacy Is Working… It’s Really Working

Matt Agorist: Hillary Emails Prove She Knew Our Government Is Supporting Al Qaeda, ISIS

Mac Slavo: 150,000 Chinese Troops Have Massed At The North Korean Border As World Moves Closer To War

Bill Bonner: Fake News From the Fed

Ron Paul: Peace is Popular

Michael Krieger: Meet the Lawyer Who’s Suing Saudi Arabia for Financing the 9/11 Attacks

Emma Graham-Harrison: Migrants from west Africa being ‘sold in Libyan slave markets’

Charles Hugh Smith: Millennials Are Homesteading, Buying Affordable Homes, Building Community

Joe Simonson: Student Newspaper of Hillary Clinton’s Alma Mater Openly Threatens Those Who ‘Refuse to Adapt Their Beliefs’

Wendy McElroy: Your Bitcoins Open to CIA and Criminals, Heed Wikileaks’ Warning

Steven Greenhut: Breaking Up California an Idea That Won't Go Away, For Good Reason

Robby Soave: Male Student Accused of Sexual Harassment for Rejecting Gay Advances Commits Suicide After Title IX Verdict

Martin Armstrong: Trump’s Shift on Positions & the Rise of Kim Jong Un

David Stockman: The Trump Reflation Fantasy Ends on Day 100

George Friedman, Xander Snyder, and Cheyenne Ligon: The Geopolitics of Nuclear Weapons

Mac Slavo: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down

Daniel Lang: MIT Professor Explains Why the Assad Gas Attack Was a Sham

Patrick J. Buchanan: War Cries Drown Out ‘America First’

Julian Robinson: Russia unveils its new Arctic military base housing nuclear-ready warplanes and REINDEER-powered special forces as it seeks to claim the region's huge oil and gas reserves

Maxwell Tani: Google says rogue vendor violated guidelines by instructing contractors to rate InfoWars as untrustworthy site

Derek Hunter: Obama Had To Pressure Hillary Multiple Times To Concede On Election Night

Gary North: The Population Implosion Will Begin in 2065

Zero Hedge: CNN Confirms Fox's Napolitano - British Intelligence Passed On Trump Surveillance To US Spy Agency

Zero Hedge: Latest "Shadow Brokers" Leak Reveals NSA Hacked Most Windows Platforms; SWIFT Banks

Zero Hedge: Trump's Base Turns On "Flipper-In-Chief"

Zero Hedge: WikiLeaks Issues Response To CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Zero Hedge: Le Pen Faces Disaster In Election After "Monumental" Computer Error

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
April 12, 2017

Ben Steverman: New study shows millennials, baby boomers differ in everything from marriage to motivation

William Craddick: Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question

Michael Krieger: Goldman Sachs and the Deep State Have Taken Over the Trump Administration

Charles Hugh Smith: Is Your "Democracy" Actually a Totalitarian State? Take this Quick Quiz

P Gosselin: Russian Scientists Now Warn Of A New Ice Age” As Temperature Plummets to – 80°F In Russia!

David Stockman: The Walls Close in on Team Obama

Porter Stansberry: The 'Deep State' Is Fighting Back

Michael Snyder: Is The United States About To Bomb North Korea? The White House Says ‘The Clock Has Now Run Out’

George Friedman and Jacob L. Shapiro: Trump and Xi Take Center Stage

Michael Snyder: Donald Trump Has Just Committed The United States To A Disastrous War In Syria

John Browne: The Case for Socialized Medicine

Bob Moriarty: Trump is Bibi’s Shabbos Goy

Brandon Smith: With Trump As President Prepping Is More Important Than Ever

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: A Hole in the Constitution

Cathy Young: Gorsuch's critics, running out of arguments, falsely scream 'sexist'

Ben Kew: Mick Mulvaney Orders Federal Agencies to Prepare for Massive Cuts

Ian Mason: Justice Neil Gorsuch Sworn-In at White House

Edwin Mora: ‘Vogue’ Model Killed for Refusing to Wear Islamic Garments

JD Heyes: Google to start labeling true news “false” and fake news “true” – algorithm assumes official fake news sources always tell the truth

Benny Johnson: The Most Stunningly Detailed 2016 Election Map Was Just Released—Democrats Should Be Scared, Very Scared

Gary Galles: Rent Control Makes for Good Politics and Bad Economics

Emily Zanotti: Ivanka Trump’s First White House Meeting Makes Everyone Angry

Michael Snyder: #NoWarInSyria: If You Don’t Want World War III In The Middle East You Need To Let Your Voice Be Heard NOW

Michael Snyder: Will Most Americans Be Absolutely Blindsided By Multiple Wars And A Simultaneous Economic Collapse?

Ryan McMaken: Trump Abandons Economic Reforms to Embrace War Spending

Alex Newman: Trump Attack on Syria Violates the Constitution and His Pledges

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Trump Enlisting in the War Party?

John W. Whitehead: Is the American Empire on the Verge of Collapse?

Hunter Lewis: Has Middle Class America Been Fleeced?

Nick Gillespie: Sacrificing Freedom of Expression on the Altar of Cultural Diversity?

Zero Hedge: Populism In Our Time - "The Status Quo Is The Fundamental Problem"

Zero Hedge: White House Reveals New "Red Lines": Assad's Use Of Barrell Bombs Could Lead To More Strikes

Zero Hedge: Trump Takes Direct Aim At H-1B Visa Program With Rule Changes

Zero Hedge: Russia To Upgrade Syria Air Defenses, Suspends Airspace Pact With U.S.

Zero Hedge: Putin Responds: Syria Strikes "Cripple US-Russia Relations"; Deploys Missile Warship To Syria

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
April 5, 2017

Martin Armstrong: California’s Congresswoman Maxine Waters Calls for Trump Impeachment Because Putin Invaded Korea?

Milo News: German, US Govt: No, “Hitler Trump” Did Not Hand Merkel A £300 Billion Invoice

Milo News: HuffPo Readers Celebrate Rise In White Working Class Deaths

DaCast: Youtube Competitors: Top 5 Alternatives for Video Hosting

Sean Martin: MINI ICE AGE FEARS: No solar activity for TWO WEEKS sparks concern

TBP: Foundation - Fall Of The American Galactic Empire

Alice Salles: NGA: The Massive Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard Of

Baxter Dmitry: Obama Aide Squeals Live On MSNBC: ‘I Helped Spy On Trump’

Sean Adl-Tabatabai: Another Democrat Rats On Obama: We’ve Been Spying On Trump Since 2015

Brian Freeman: Rand Paul Optimistic on Healthcare Deal After Playing Golf With Trump

Jonathon M. Trugman: Obama was terrible for economic growth

J Scott Armstrong: Fewer Than 1 Percent Of Papers in Scientific Journals Follow Scientific Method

Wendy McElroy: Would Bitcoin ‘Function’ in a Societal Collapse?

Brian Maher: The Revolution That Was

Charles Hugh Smith: Our Hopelessly Dysfunctional Democracy

Gary Galles: Why Special Interests Sacrifice the Future for Short-Term Gain

Matt Taibbi: Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives

Antonius Aquinas: The American Empire and Economic Collapse

Mish: Central Banks Rethink 2% Inflation Target (In the Wrong Direction of Course)

Jeremiah Johnson: A Single Nuclear Warhead Delivered By North Korean Satellite Could Blackout National Electric Grid And Kill 90% Of Americans

Michael Snyder: The Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Virtually Every Pension Fund In America

Corey Savage: Are Globalism And Progressivism Inevitable?

Louis Stuart: The Failure Of Ryancare Is A Win For Trump

David Martin: Where’s the Press on Vince Foster’s Death?

Alex Christoforou: 4 Social Networks That Will Not Censor, Shadow Ban or Prohibit Free Speech

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times?

Fred Reed: Social Justice Warriors and Bubonic Plague:Is There a Difference?

James Holbrooks: War Between U.S. And China Brewing in S. China Sea?

Andrew P. Napolitano: Is Health Care a Right or a Good?

Bill Binney and Ray McGovern: The Surveillance State Behind Russia-gate

Zero Hedge: 46% Of Millennials In San Fran Ready To Move Out; Blame Housing, Traffic & Trump

Zero Hedge: China Unveils New Drone-Killing Weapons

Zero Hedge: Trump Admin Cracks Down On Visas For Coders

Zero Hedge: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic...

Zero Hedge: Trump Asks Why Intelligence Committee Isn't Probing The Clintons

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
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Clif High: Get Prepared for A Major Systemic Crisis!
Clif High: Major Systemic Crisis!
Lord Christopher Monckton - Global Warming is a Hoax
Lord Christopher Monckton: Global Warming Hoax
Paul Joseph Watson debates Bill Mitchell: Syria Strike - Genius or Lunacy?
Watson & Mitchell: Syria Strike Genius or Lunacy?
Ann Coulter: Trump’s Foreign Policy
Ann Coulter: Trump’s Foreign Policy
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