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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
January 25, 2017

Simon Black: In the Lland of the Free Michigan man issued parking ticket in his own driveway

Nick Bernabe: Protests in Mexico Push Country to Brink of Revolution and Nobody’s Talking About It

Bob Livingston: Trump Administration turning out to be the Goldman Sachs Administration

Adam Dick: Ron Paul And Dennis Kucinich Ask President Obama To Free Chelsea Manning

Elias J. Atienza: Rand Paul Only GOP Vote Against Debt Increase

Martin Armstrong: Is Trump Draining the Swamp or Filling It?

Lucas Nolan: UC Berkeley Administration Won’t Budge On Security Fees For MILO Event

WashingtonsBlog: “I Did Give Donald Trump a Golden Shower … He Liked It Very Much”

Michael Snyder: Trump’s Approval Rating Is Supposedly Only 37 Percent, But Small Business Optimism Just Hit The Highest Level In 12 Years

Josie Wales: Obama Just Expanded Surveillance Powers for Donald Trump

Roger Barris: Blind to Crony Socialism

Michael Krieger: UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Accused of “Collaborating with Russia” for Wanting Peace

Michael Snyder: Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

Gary Leupp: The Utter Stupidity of the New Cold War

Stephen Lendman: Obamacare’s Death Throes

Martin Armstrong: The “Trump Revolution” is not about Trump Himself

Sam Rolley: Moments after inauguration, groups file complaints against Trump

Martin Armstrong: Deep State Told Obama to Prevent Trump from Ending Cold War with Russia

Zack Friedman: Trump's Plan To Make Student Loans Great Again

FoxNews: Trump gets down to business, prepares to sign order withdrawing US from trade deal

Michael Krieger: Protest in the Era of Trump

Paul Craig Roberts: Are Americans Racists?

Jim Quinn: "Common Sense" Part 2 - Addressed To The Inhabitants Of 2017 America

Jim Quinn: "Common Sense" Part 2 - Addressed To The Inhabitants Of 2017 America

Lance Schuttler: Congressman Introduces Bill To Withdraw The U.S. From The United Nations

Quintus Curtius: Thomas Paine: An Agitator And Revolutionary

Wendy McElroy: The U.S. Will Issue E-Currency That You Will Use

Thomas DiLorenzo: The Pope and the D.C. Rioters and Vandals

Rafael: Why war is a racket

Jim Acosta: 20 Survival Principles From The Classic Book, Lucifer’s Hammer

Gary North: Trump's Inaugural Address Was Like No Other in History

Patrick J. Buchanan: The New World Order Is Dead

David Gordon: The Failures of Obama's Foreign Policy

Michael Snyder: It’s Finally Morning Again In America, And A New Day For Our Country Starts NOW

Michael Snyder: Foreigners Are Dumping U.S. Debt At A Record Pace And Our $20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis

L. Neil Smith: Secrets and Lies

Ben Swann Covers PizzaGate, MSM Immediately Responds With “Truther” And Other Smears And Attacks

Thaddeus Russell: Don't Like Militarized Police and Mass Incarceration? Blame Progressivism.

Mac Slavo: Obama Issued A Massive Ammunition Ban Just One Day Before He Left Office

Mac Slavo: Watch This Tolerant Liberal Get Thrown Off A Plane After Threatening To Puke On Trump Supporter

Simon Black: Summing up 8 years of Barack Obama

Joe Kovacs: Secret Service Opens Investigation into Madonna Threat

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: A Parting Shot at Personal Freedom

Daniel McAdams: McCain’s $5 Trillion Military Budget: Will It Make America Great Again?

David Stockman: Here Come the Big Spenders — Fiscal Bloodbath Dead Ahead

Charles Hugh Smith: The Protected, Privileged Establishment vs. The Working Class

Zero Hedge: Trump Wins The Unions: Teamsters Praise TPP Withdrawal, Labor Chiefs Describe "Incredible" Meeting With Trump

Zero Hedge: Trump Says "Illegal" Voters Cost Him Popular Vote

Zero Hedge: Trump Tweetstorm Promises Full Hacking Report In 90 Days, Slams "Guilty As Hell" Hillary

Zero Hedge: Trump Unveils 'Conflicts Of Interest' Solution: No Divestment, Hands Business Over To Sons And "Ethics Officer"

Zero Hedge: Why OPEC should fear the Trump administration

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
January 10, 2017

Douglas Murray: European Immigration: Mainly Muslim, Mainly Male, Mainly Young

Mac Slavo: Era Of Cheap Money Ending, Financial Hell Unleashed

Charles Hugh Smith: Trump Aims to Cut the Neocon Deep State Off at the Knees

Ryan McMaken: Ruled by DC: Get the Feds Out of Western Lands

Joseph Jankowski: Rand Paul Goes Off On Republican Party Over New Budget Resolution

Michael Krieger: Very Powerful People in the U.S. Government Want War – This is Their Sales Pitch

Doug Casey: Recent Corruptions of the English Language, Part I

Doug Casey: Recent Corruptions of the English Language, Part II

Charles Hugh Smith: Trump Aims to Cut the Neocon Deep State Off at the Knees

Cecilia Jamasmie: US Republicans pass bill to block last minute Obama regulations on coal

Martin Armstrong: Temperatures are Plunging

Gary North: Crisis and Legitimacy: The NWO

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Regime Moves To Federalize Elections

Daniel McAdams: Is That All There Is? Intel Community Releases Its Russia 'Hacking' Report

Ricky Twisdale: Trump's About to Wipe the Floor with the CIA - Agency Makes Veiled Threat Against President-elect

Anarchteacher: The Political Elite Versus The People

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Liberal Democracy an Endangered Species?

Thomas Gallatin: Sanders, Not Streep, Actually Gets It Right

Robin Smith: It's Time for Trump to Undo Obama's Regulations

L. Neil Smith: Life and Death in Today’s Chicago

Peter Suderman: The Republican Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare Will Do Neither

Aaron Bailey: Will Automation Make us Poor?

Washington’s Blog: The Ultimate Market Forecaster: Martin Armstrong

Kurt Schlichter: Against the Tyranny of the So-Called Experts

Michael Krieger: Leading Economists Experience a Panic Attack in Chicago Over Lost Credibility

Howard Kunstler: America Versus The Deep State

Amanda Froelich: This Underground Survival Community Proves Preppers “Don’t Just Survive, They Thrive”

Michael Snyder: Activists Are Hoping To Turn Donald Trump’s Inauguration On January 20th Into One Of The Biggest Riots In U.S. History

Wayne Madsen: McCain’s Largely Unreported Treachery Against the US

Eric Zuesse: Are US Economic Sanctions Against Russia Based on an Obama Lie?

Zero Hedge: A Complete List Of What Trump Can, And Can Not Do, On Day One And For The Rest Of 2017

Zero Hedge: Trump Is Set To Label China A "Currency Manipulator": What Happens Then?

Zero Hedge: Trump Backs Delay Of Obamacare Repeal After Pressure From Rand Paul

Zero Hedge: California Farmers Fret Over Labor Shortages As Trump Vows To Deport Their Work Force

Zero Hedge: John McAfee On the Russian Hackers Allegations

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
January 5, 2017

Martin Armstrong: So What’s All the Protests Against Trump?

Deroy Murdock: Obama’s legacy is a devastated Democratic Party

Roosh Valizadeh: John Lennon’s “Imagine” Programmed You To Accept The Globalism Nightmare

Martin Armstrong: What Type of Government Should We Strive For?

Michael Snyder: Obama Betrays Israel At The United Nations – Is America’s Reprieve Now Over?

Alice Salles: The Walls Have Ears: Warrant Granted for Amazon Echo Home Data, Setting Precedent

Jeremiah Johnson: 2017 May Go Dark, Prepare During the Calm: “A Storm is Coming”

Paul Craig Roberts: What is Henry Kissinger Up To?

Anthony: Sichuan Peppers, Sex, Eating Dogs, and Political Correctness

Michael Krieger: Mainstream Media is Now Whining About the “Fake News” Hysteria It Created

Michael Snyder: 10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America

Martin Armstrong: Yes, More Electors Abandoned Hillary in the Electoral College

Rick Sterling: The War Against Alternative Information

Paul Craig Roberts: Can Trump Fix The Economy In 2017?

Eric Zuesse: Obama’s Failed Presidency

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Trump Administration 2017

Katie McHugh: Trump Transition Team Demands List of Every Executive Order Obama Made on Immigration, Assets to Build Border Wall

Katherine Rodriguez: Indian Call Centers Become Major Centers for Defrauding Americans

Paul Rosenberg: The Ministry of Truth Opens June 21st

Judith Bergman: Europe: The Case of the Vanishing Women

Glenn Greenwald: WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

Micah Lee: The U.S. Government Thinks Thousands of Russian Hackers May Be Reading My Blog. They Aren’t.

Walter E. Williams: Liberal Struggle Against Reality

Nick Turse: Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

Bionic Mosquito: A Hideously Immoral Phenomenon

L. Neil Smith: The Hacking Hoax

Simon Black: The coming crackdown on Free Speech

Robby Soave: Anti-White Hate Crime? Video Shows Black Teens Torturing Mentally Disabled White Kid

Robby Soave: American University Is Censoring a Statue Because It Offended the FBI

Patrick J. Buchanan: Can Trump and Putin Avert Cold War II?

Zero Hedge: Wikileaks Offers $20,000 Reward For Info On Obama Admin Destroying Records

Zero Hedge: Republicans Consider Obamacare Repeal Without A Replacement Strategy

Zero Hedge: Trump Tells DHS To Prepare For Border Wall Construction

Zero Hedge: Anthony Bourdain Slams "Privileged" Liberals For Their "Utter Contempt" Of Working-Class America

Zero Hedge: Putin Stunner: "We Will Not Expel Anyone; We Refuse To Sink To Obama's Level"

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Black Pigeon: Chattel Slavery & How the UK Redeemed Humanity
Milo: Why Dems Lost White Working Class
Black Pigeon: Chattel Slavery & How the UK Redeemed Humanity
Black Pigeon: UK Redeemed Humanity
T: Why Do Blacks Hate White People?
T: Why Do Blacks Hate White People?
John Wright and Stefan Molyneux: Why Leftists Are Violent
John Wright: Why Leftists Are Violent
World Alternative Media: Deconstructing the Man-Made Climate Change Conspiracy With Lord Christopher Monckton
WAM: Climate Change Conspiracy
Melissa & Aaron Dykes: 2017 Truth
SGTreport: 2017 Truth Rising
Roosh Valizadeh: The Political Nature Of Man
Roosh Valizadeh: Political Nature Of Man
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Case for Gold: A Minority Report
Economic Science & Austrian Method
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