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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
December 27, 2016

Martin Armstrong: Proof the Press is Rigged

Adam Kredo: Obama Admin Fired Top Scientist to Advance Climate Change Plans

Codi Robertson: Saudi Arabia Funding Extremist Islamist Groups in Germany?

Simon Black: Three ridiculous ways Congress plans to Keep America Safe Again

Michael S. Rozeff: Bush’s Criminal Irrationality

Andrew P. Napolitano: America at Christmas

Jack Perry: Obama's Real Legacy

Gary North: How Trump Can Gain 100% Control at His Press Conference from Day One

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy

Jason Ditz: Russia Says Nearly All Communication With US Frozen

Ron Paul: After Aleppo We Need a New Syria Policy

Norm Singleton: Liberty at the Movies: Rogue One

Christian Datoc: Kellyanne Tells ‘Morning Joe’ What Made Her Says Yes To Trump’s White House Offer

Dakin Campbell: Goldman Is Back on Top in the Trump Administration

Matthew Cole: Trump’s Pick for Interior Secretary Was Caught in “Pattern of Fraud” at SEAL Team 6

Michael Patrick Leahy: Obama Administration Nearly Doubles Number of Refugee Arrivals So Far in FY 2017

Jeff Thomas: The Future of Passports and Citizenship by Investment

James Howard Kunstler: Exit, Hope and Change

Mish: Mega-Regions: What If We Redrew State Boundaries Today?

Michael Jabara Carley: A Loser’s Malice: What’s Behind Obama’s Attacks on Putin

Mac Slavo: Here’s Where You Absolutely Don’t Want to Be “When It All Turns Ugly”

Brandon Smith: Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House

John W. Whitehead: The Radical Jesus: How Would the Baby in a Manger Fare in the American Police State?

Federico Pieraccini: The United States and The Race for Global Hegemony

Michael Krieger: This is How the U.S. Government Destroys the Lives of Patriotic Whistleblowers

Bionic Mosquito: The Problem With Equality

Alexa Erickson: Blame Russia? Fake News? What About CIA’s Involvement In Other Countries’ Elections? Ron Paul Speaks Out

Joachim Hagopian: Podesta pedo perps and Clinton's international child sex trafficking ring exposed

Gavin McInnes: 10 Real Resolutions for White Guys

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy

Jeff Deist: Market Borders, not Open Borders

Zero Hedge: Refugee Admissions Surge 86% YoY As Obama Rushes Arrivals Ahead Of Trump Inauguration

Zero Hedge: The Obama 'Recovery': Number Of Millennials Living At Home With Mom Reaches 75-Year High

Zero Hedge: Mexican Ambassador To U.S. Urges Illegals To Apply For Citizenship Before Trump Takes Office

Zero Hedge: MTV Removes Racist ‘Hey Fellow White Guy’s Video’; But the Internet Remembers

Zero Hedge: Americans Aren’t Buying the Claim that Russia Hacked the Election

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
December 20, 2016

Ed O'Keefe: With electoral college vote, Trump’s win is official

Rand Paul: Restore the Bill of Rights

Martin Armstrong: Climate Change – the New Religious Cult

Jon Anthony: What The Next 25 Years Of Western Civilization Will Be Like

John Binder: Hate Hoax NYC Muslim Arrested After Claiming Attack by Trump Fans

Blake Neff: DC Public Schools Spokeswoman Wants To ‘Get Rid Of’ All White Men

Simon Jenkins: Pale, stale males are the last group it’s OK to vilify

Paul Craig Roberts: A CIA-led Coup Against American Democracy Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Moon Of Alabama: The "Elite" Coup Of 2016

Ben Tanosborn: Phoenix Unlikely to Rise from Democratic Party’s Ashes

Jason Hirthler: Neither the Media Nor Their Owners are Going to Change

Ryan McMaken: Why the Bill of Rights Is Failing

Charles Hugh Smith: Recovering America's History of Progressive Populism

John V. Whitbeck: The Pre-emptive Anti-Trump Coup

Beau Albrecht: How Saul Alinksy Has Revealed The Flaws Of The Left

Brian Maher: Trump Faces Coup

Catherine Austin Fitts: Can America Be Great Again? – Framing the Vision with Jon Rappoport

Michael Snyder: The House Passes A Microchipping Law That Is Intended To Help Local Authorities Microchip Disabled People

Bill Bonner: Debt Frankenstein Threatens Trump

James Corbett: 2016 and The Descent Into Chaos

Avery B. Goodman: The Most Influential People in the Trump Administration Turn Out to be Gold Standard Fans

Mary Ann Akers: A lifelong progressive was so disgusted with her party, she voted for Trump

Norm Singleton: The Prisoner

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Did the Russians hack Hillary?

Emily Zanotti: First Faithless Elector Is a Hillary Clinton Voter Who Will Cast a Ballot for Bernie Sanders

Jon Schwarz: Apple, Google and Others at Trump Tech Summit Have Stashed $560 Billion in Profits Overseas

Anthony L. Fisher: It's Electoral College Day and Donald Trump is STILL Going to Be President

Gary North: Reversal of the Neocons’ 1991 Foreign Policy Coup

Ricky Twisdale: Donald Trump Will Ruthlessly Decimate the CIA for Turning on Him

Paul Rosenberg: So What If It Was the Russians

Jacob G. Hornberger: In October 2017, Will the CIA Regret Its Fight with Trump?

Michael S. Rozeff: Obama Destabilizes Our Democracy with Fake News

Zero Hedge: Obama "Housing Recovery" Crushes "Blacks, Young Adults" As Homeownership Rates Crash

Zero Hedge: How Trump's Tax Changes Will Impact You?

Zero Hedge: Trump Responds To Michelle Obama's Claim That He Is The "End Of Hope" For America

Zero Hedge: Russia is a 3rd World Country

Zero Hedge: FACTS about RUSSIA the CIA doesn’t want you to know

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
December 16, 2016

Eric Zuesse: Is Obama Setting-Up War With Russia By ‘Unraveling’ The Situation In Syria?

Simon Black: Three signs the American Dream is fading

Jillian Kay Melchior: Dakota Access Pipeline Opponents Threaten, Harass Local Businesses, Ranchers, and Farmers

Martin Armstrong: Is CIA Trying to Cover Its Own Hack or Accommodating Obama?

Dave Gonigam: Trump’s Economic “Death Spiral”

Michael Snyder: 14 Signs That There Is A Plot To Use Russia As An Excuse To Steal The Presidency From Trump On December 19th Or January 6th

Bill Bonner: The Real 'Terrorists' Are in Washington

Dorothy Y. Kosich: Mining must “court” US judiciary as NGOs file more lawsuits

David Yager: Can Carbon Taxes Kill Pipeline Opposition?

Paul Craig Roberts: Rogue Elements of the CIA Are Operating Against President-elect Trump

Bill Bonner: Can Trump End the Reign of “Bubble Finance”?

Ellen Brown: Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Milo: Twitter War Erupts As Wisconsin Recount Ends With Even More Winning For Trump

Ashe Schow: Democrats Now Bemoaning Jill Stein Votes in Key States

COTWA: The Democrats' refusal to acknowledge why they lost is horrifying

Kim Pines: Adam Carolla Banned from State University for Filming Documentary on Censorship

Kim Palmer: Ohio lawmakers approve college campus concealed-carry bill

Scott Shackford: Let’s Say Russia Did Hack the Dems. What Would Be a Responsible Reaction?

Janet Bloomfield: Islam hates men

Tom Golden: Kelloggs: Breakfast of Liberal Champions #DumpKelloggs

Julie Kelly: Kellyanne Conway Would Be A Feminist Hero If She Were A Democrat

Patrick J. Buchanan: Will Trump Defy McCain & Marco?

Michael S. Rozeff: Returning to Friendship Between Russia and the U.S.

Kirkpatrick Sale: End of the Liberal-Globalist Consensus

Dan Phillips, MD.: Why Russia is a Litmus Test?

Mac Slavo: These 6 States Will Collapse During the Next Recession

Ryan McMaken: The CIA Has Always Been Incompetent

Simon Black: Former intelligence officer on the bogus Russian hack

Matthew J. Belvedere: Bill Gates likens Trump to JFK

Martin Armstrong: The History of Climate Change — Empires Fall When Warming Turns to Cooling

Zero Hedge: U.S. Kids Keep Getting Dumber; Ranked 31st Of 35 Developed Nations In Math, New Study Reveals

Zero Hedge: Trump's Tariff Threats Already Having "Big League" Effect As Companies Halt Outsourcing Plans

Zero Hedge: Harvard Professor Says He's Rallied Nearly Enough GOP Electors To Block Trump

Zero Hedge: US Accuses Vladimir Putin Of "Personal Involvement" In Election Hack

Zero Hedge: Hollywood Celebrties Urge Electors Not To Vote For Trump

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
December 13, 2016

Doug Short: Job Market Nearing Full “Recovery?” Here’s a Dose of Reality

Jim Quinn: Getting In Bed With Government

Paul Craig Roberts: If You Are For Peace You Are A Russian Agent

Giulio Meotti: The Dutch Death Spiral

Charles Hugh Smith: Breaking Free From The Captured Media

Jake Anderson: Here’s How Trump Could Still Actually ‘Lose’ the Presidential Election

Jake Anderson: Researchers on the Verge of Creating Artificial Intelligence/Human Hybrids

The Onion: City Of Chicago Working Around Clock To Clear 18 Inches Of Bullet Casings From Streets

Glenn Greenwald: A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs

Mac Slavo: Cover-up Admitted: Radioactive Fish Off U.S. West Coast With “Disturbing Fingerprint of Fukushima”

Cathal Haughian: Leaked Footage shows CNN producing Fake News during first Gulf War

Alasdair Macleod: Why Europe must end in tears

Mac Slavo: Trend Analyst Warns: “It’s 100% Propaganda… They Are Banking On An Ignorant Reader”

FDA Set To Ban Prepper Access To Over-The-Counter Antibiotics

Glenn Greenwald: Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit

Nomi Prins: The March of the Billionaires

Paul Joseph Watson: Former UK Ambassador: ‘I Met The DNC Leaker And He Isn’t Russian’

Anthony Gockowski: EMU to require ‘black studies’ course in ALL majors

Lee Stranahan: Southern Poverty Law Center Calls Islamic and Black Lives Matter Attacks ‘Radical-Right Terrorist Plots’

Norman Solomon: Media Complicity Is Key To Blacklisting Websites

Vin Armani: The Truth About Mandatory Vaccines

Michael Snyder: Enormous Earthquakes Hit Both Sides Of The Pacific And Experts Warn The San Andreas Could ‘Unzip All At Once’

Michael Snyder: Proof That The Elite Really Do Want A Global Society With No Possessions, No Privacy And No Freedom

Christopher Manion: Breaking News – Russian Hackers Behind Thousands of Chicago Murders

Guilherme Schneider: Facebook is Rolling Out Its Censorship Initiative

Rudy Panko: Michigan Recount Exposes Clinton Electoral Fraud: Half of Detroit Votes Show Signs of Tampering

Bruce Thompson: The Polar Vortex Comes to Kill AGW Hype

Bookworm: Donald Trump is not a fascist

Eric Margolis: Why Did Japan Choose a Suicidal War in 1941?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Has the Trumpian Revolution Begun?

Zero Hedge: Trump Blames Democrats For "Ridiculous" Russia Hacking Report

Zero Hedge: Trump Reignites China Diplomatic Spat, Says Not Bound By "One China" Policy

Zero Hedge: Judge Slams "Namby Pamby Pathetic Losers", Asks Obama "Why Are You Obsessed WIth Russia?"

Zero Hedge: Senate Quietly Passes The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act"

Zero Hedge: Former UK Ambassador Blasts "CIA's Blatant Lies", Shows "A Little Simple Logic Destroys Their Claims"

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
December 9, 2016

Michael Noonan: Federal Government False Flag Actors

Michael Noonan: Elite-Controlled Federal Government Does Not Represent You

Don Wrightman: This law could allow Trump to undo all of Obama’s recently passed ‘last-minute’ regulations

Mary Wilder: Liberal university indoctrinating students to believe the Founding Fathers were terrorists

James Higdon: Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana

Joseph Jankowski: GOP Congressman to Introduce National Conceal Carry Bill After Trump Swear In

Howard Kunstler: The Deepening Deep State

Lance Roberts: Can Trumponomics Fix What’s Broken?

Jeremiah Johnson: Inauguration Day Is Still A Long Way Off: “Never Underestimate A Marxist With A Billion Dollars And An Army Of Oligarchs To Lean On”

Yves Smith: We Demand That The Washington Post Retract Its Propaganda Story Defaming Naked Capitalism and Other Sites and Issue an Apology

Wolf Richter: Why No One Will Even Try to Tame the US Healthcare Monster

Corey Savage: 8 Reasons Why The Leftists Win

Beau Albrecht: An Alternative (Right?) Perspective On Objectivism

Erik Langston: We Must Not Get Complacent After The Great Election Victory

André du Pôle: 6 Reasons Why I Gave Up On Libertarianism

Martin Daubney: Cultural Appropriation Is a Joy – We Should Be Doing More of It

Martin Armstrong: Freedom of Movement – Four Aspects Under Assault

Charlotte Allen: Washington Post Crashes and Burns on Supposedly Russian-Generated "Fake News" Story

Katherine Timpf: People Who Flip Out Over Milo Are Why Milo Has a Career

Katherine Timpf: Who Is Worse for Free Speech: Campus Snowflakes or Donald Trump?

Nick Giambruno: The Next Domino Falls as We Predicted… Here’s What Comes Next

Mish: India Confiscates Gold, Even Jewelry, in Raids on Hidden Money

Duane Norman: Trump Is Correct – Boeing Is Gouging The Taxpayer On The New Air Force One

Martin Armstrong: Why the Left & Government are the Greatest Threats to Domestic Life

Brendan Kirby: Buchanan Warns Trump: Be Wary of GOP Congress

Edmund Kozak: Left Pushes Misinformation in War Against Dakota Access Pipeline

Amy Sisk: Upstream From Standing Rock, Tribes Balance Benefits, Risks Of Oil Industry

Andrew P. Napolitano: Are Sanctuary Cities Legal?

Eric Peters: Our Right to Ourselves

Mac Slavo: This Is the Purge We All Knew Was Coming

The Z Man: CalExit!

Stephen F. Cohen: Trump Should Pursue a Policy of Detente With Russia

Michael Snyder: Proof That The Elite Really Do Want A Global Society With No Possessions, No Privacy And No Freedom

Patrick J. Buchanan: Fake News and War Party Lies

David Stockman: Trumponomics Will Collapse Under a Mountain of Debt

Zero Hedge: Judge Dismisses Jill Stein's "Speculative Claims", Orders End To Michigan Recount

Zero Hedge: Washington Post Appends "Russian Propaganda Fake News" Story, Admits It May Be Fake

Zero Hedge: Donald Trump Explains Why He Tweets So Much

Zero Hedge: Germany Outraged After Afghan Refugee Arrested In Rape, Murder Of 19 Year Old Female Student

Zero Hedge: Website Raising Money To Fund Assassinations Of Trump, Pence Uncovered On "Dark Web"

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
December 5, 2016

Quintus Curtius: How The Ruling Establishment De-legitimizes Dissenting Views

Corey Savage: 12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be Losers

Maximus Decimus Meridius: Will Hollywood And Corporate America Keep Selling Garbage Politics To Trump Voters?

Relampago Furioso: Mainstream Media Calls Real News “Fake” Because Their Narrative Is Collapsing

Robert Stacy McCain: The Intifada at Ohio State Proves the Immigration-Terrorism Connection

Ashe Schow: The Left's hypocrisy on accepting election results

Jason Ditz: Obama Supports Making Women Register for Military Draft

Ashe Schow: Why the popular vote is a meaningless statistic

#DumpKelloggs: Breakfast Brand Blacklists Breitbart, Declares Hate for 45,000,000 Readers

Barbara Kay: A Marxist revolution by alt-left millennials?

Rob Port: Standing Rock Drinking Water Intake at Heart of #NoDAPL Protests Is Scheduled to Be Shut Down

Chris White: Dakota Tribe’s New Water System May End Concerns Over Oil Leaks

Rob Port: Senator John Hoeven Addresses Misinformation About #NoDAPL Protests During Floor Speech

Ieuan Joy: Working-class students should reject identity politics

Milo: On His First Day, Trump Could Stop More Ohio States from Happening

Dave Gonigam: The Truth About “Fake News” and “Useful Idiots”

David Stockman: The Revolution that Failed

Brian Maher: Trump Takes on the Establishment — Literally

Shaun Bradley: Starting Tomorrow, Feds Can Hack Millions of Devices with One Warrant

Federico Pieraccini: From Bush to Trump: Culture, Economy and War. The Pillars of the New World Order

Brandon Smith: The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible

ECRI: Why The Elites Couldn't See A Trump Win Coming

Michael Snyder: Turkey Has Declared War On Syria – Does This Mean That World War 3 Is About To Erupt In The Middle East?

Michael Snyder: Why Are So Many Among The Elite Building Luxury Bunkers In Preparation For An Imminent ‘Apocalypse’?

Michael McDonald: Why Trump Will Be Unable To Save The American Coal Industry

Mike Adams: Global warming HOAX unravels... globalist science fraud engineered to control humanity, not save it

Mac Slavo: Unbelievable SciFi Military “Weapons That Actually Exist”

Jenna McLaughlin: Expanded Federal Hacking Authority Goes Into Effect Despite Last Minute Efforts in Senate

Robby Soave: Ohio State Knife Attacker Abdul Artan Was Taking a Class About Microaggressions

Andrew Napolitano: Flag Burning Might Be Offensive, But it is Protected Speech

John Stossel: Drain the Swamp!

Zero Hedge: Trump Reportedly Considering Sarah Palin To Run Veterans' Affairs

Zero Hedge: Cardiff University Pledges To Support Free Speech

Zero Hedge: Obama Student Loan Foregiveness Plan To Cost Taxpayers $137 Billion, GAO Finds

Zero Hedge: Trump's Tax Cuts Imply Billions Worth Of Deferred Tax Asset Writedowns For Wall Street Banks

Zero Hedge: The Details Behind Trump's Deal With Carrier Revealed

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Louis Cammarosano: The Establishment Is Setting Up The Economy To Come Crashing Down On Trump
Louis Cammarosano: Setting Up Trump
Rod Van Mechelen: Tapping Geothermal Energy - Yellowstone, Mount St. Helens & Campi Flegrei
Rod Van Mechelen: Tapping Geothermal
Doug Casey: Investing, Gambling & Speculation
Doug Casey: Investing, Gambling & Speculation
Black Pigeon: The Enrichment of Europe
Black Pigeon: Enrichment of Europe
David Stockman: Trump to Face Imploding Economy in 2017
David Stockman: Crash of 2017
Julie Borowski: Tax Breaks are NOT Government Handouts
Julie Borowski: Crony Tax Breaks?
Alex Jones: Democrats Openly Announce Anti Trump Coup
Alex Jones: Anti Trump Coup
Owen Shroyer: Major Election Fraud In Detroit
Owen Shroyer: Detroit Election Fraud
Lou Dobbs: Draining the swamp is no easy task
Lou Dobbs: Draining the Swamp
Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Russia Hacking the Election
Paul Joseph Watson: Election Hack
Margaret Howell: Reddit Attempts To Silence Infowars
Margaret Howell: Reddit Censoring Infowars?
Rod Van Mechelen: Standing Rock #NoDAPL Shakedown
Rod Van Mechelen: Standing Rock #NoDAPL
Paul Joseph Watson: The Brexit Betrayal
Paul Joseph Watson: Brexit Betrayal
Bill Whittle: Hillary's Final Disgrace
Bill Whittle: Hillary's Final Disgrace
Milo Yiannopoulos: at West Virginia University: What Trump Means
Milo Yiannopoulos: What Trump Means
Rob Port: What Should Libertarians Think of the Dakota Access Pipeline?
Rob Port: Dakota Access Pipeline
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