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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
June 22, 2015

Ron Paul: Obamacare’s Best Allies Are The Courts And The Republicans

Rand Paul: Government Should Get Out of the Marriage Business Altogether

Martin Armstrong: Can We Help Greece?

Stephen Merchant interview: 'I'll probably get in trouble for saying this...'

Barry Donegan: Rand Paul Makes History As First Major-Party POTUS Candidate to Seek Pot Industry Donors

Matt Forney: Enter the Inferno Interview with Bernard Chapin

Joe Perticone: Jim Carrey Has Been Getting Blasted for Opposing Vaccines — Now Ron Paul Has Come to His Defense

Randy Barnett: What the Declaration of Independence Really Claimed

Rich Lowry: Sorry, Donald Trump Has A Point

Jennifer Harper: Rand Paul, the most frugal lawmaker of them all

Andrew P. Napolitano: Hillary’s Secret War—–The Smoking Guns Of Benghazi

Roger Barris: The Obamacare Budget Scam: $1.5 Trillion Of Tax Increases And Savings That Have Nothing To Do With The Act’s Ostensible Purposes

Martin Armstrong: The Lesson for the World Coming from Greece

Daniel Drew: How The Media Confuses Americans About The Most Common Ways To Die

Bill Bonner: Why Hillary Won’t Win the White House

Matthew Boyle: Rand Paul Raises $7 Million in Second Quarter with Overwhelming Grassroots Support

Lewis Page: Natural geothermal heating below melt-hit Antarctic area 'SURPRISINGLY high'

Justin Raimondo: Is Donald Trump A False Flag Candidate?

Jon Schwarz: Somebody’s Going to Own This Government. It Ought to Be Us, Not Wall Street

Martin Armstrong: Hillary Will Not Reform Banks

Nick Giambruno: It Was the First Time the CIA Overthrew a Government

Nick Giambruno: In a World of Tax Hells, a New Haven Emerges

Peter Schiff: How Socialism Destroyed Puerto Rico, and How Capitalism Can Save It

John W. Whitehead: An Alphabet Of Repression——A Review Of America’s Emerging Police State

Martin Armstrong: We are in 21st Year of Declining Temperatures

Martin Armstrong: Obama & Prison Reform

Michael Snyder: 11 Signs That America Has Already Gone Down The Toilet

Patrick J. Buchanan: A Coming Era of Civil Disobedience?

Brendan O'Neill: College Students Adopt ISIS School of Art Criticism

Ron Paul: Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons

Zero Hedge: Trump'd

Zero Hedge: Are You Ready For The e-PATRIOT Act?

Zero Hedge: Russia Celebrates Independence Day By Flying Strategic Bombers 200 Miles Off California Coast

Zero Hedge: Iranian Oil Exports To Double Following Nuclear Deal

Zero Hedge: Russia Gets Involved: Tells Europe To Respect The Greek Choice

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
ReasonTV: Kelo Decision Coming to Big Screen in Little Pink House
ReasonTV: Little Pink House
ReasonTV: You Have a Right to Buy and Sell Sex. Will the Courts Protect It By Legalizing Prostitution?
ReasonTV: Legalizing Prostitution?
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: The Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny
Andrew P. Napolitano: Restraint Of Tyranny
David Knight:
David Knight: Donald Trump Crony Capitalist
Rand Paul Interview on His New Tax Code (Fox News)
Rand Paul: New Tax Code
Julie Borowski: A Woman on the $10 Bill?
Julie Borowski: A Woman on $10 Bill?
Nomi Prins: The Orchestrated Collapse
Chris Duane: Debunking Damon
Nomi Prins: The Orchestrated Collapse
Nomi Prins: The Orchestrated Collapse
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Where Keynes Went Wrong

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