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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
June 29, 2015

Bonnie McFarlane: Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas

Paul Rogers: Global warming may be helping redwoods and sequoias grow, new study shows

Julie Borg: NOAA scientists claim to plug hole in global warming theory

Mark Whittington: Let's put Ayn Rand on the $10 bill

Jason Stevenson: Welcome to the Second Cold War

Martin Armstrong: John Boehner Most Evil Dictator of Congress in History

Martin Armstrong: Britain Headed Back to a Mini Ice Age

Mikael Thalen: Pentagon Paying ISIS-Linked ‘Rebels’ $400 per Month to ‘Eventually’ Fight Assad

Kit Daniels: Will Obama Resign Because His Family Owned Slaves?

Brandon Smith: The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ‘Contagion’

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Protecting Hatred Preserves Freedom

Rachel Blevins: Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Slavery and Murder

Joel B. Pollak: Worse than Obamacare: Housing Case Lets Feds Target ‘Unconscious’ Racism

Ben Shapiro: Roberts Court Tortures Law to Save Obamacare…Again!

John Hayward: Farewell to the Rule of Law: Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Subsidies

Martin Armstrong: The Treason of Chief Justice Roberts

Martin Armstrong: Boehner Mr Government – Anti We The People

Cathy Young: Americans on all sides must shed blinders on race

David McCabe: Net neutrality starts with a whimper

Cora Currier: How the NSA Started Investigating the New York Times’ Warrantless Wiretapping Story

Jenna McLaughlin: French Justice Minister Says Snowden and Assange Could Be Offered Asylum

Thomas DiLorenzo: The Real Reason for the Anti-Confederate Flag Hysteria

Bionic Mosquito: All Warfare is Based on Deception

John Odermatt: 2nd Amendment Watch: NY Residents Are Not Complying With “Assault” Weapon Registration

Hal Snarr: Baltimore’s Unemployed and the True Cost of Minimum Wages

Michael Snyder: Obamacare Travesty: The Supreme Court Continues To Make Stuff Up Out Of Thin Air

Patrick J. Buchanan: Love and Hate in Dixie

Peter Suderman: In Upholding Obamacare’s Subsidies, Justice Roberts Rewrites the Law—Again

Shikha Dalmia: Scotus Fuctus on Obamacare

Zero Hedge: Senator Slams Obamatrade: "They Won The Vote, But Lost The Trust Of The American People"

Zero Hedge: FBI's McCarthy-esque Files Expose Obama Advisor Jarrett's Communist Roots

Zero Hedge: America - Land Of The Free (And Entirely Unaccountable)

Zero Hedge: Corporations Win Again: Senate Passes Obamatrade Fast-Track Bill

Zero Hedge: Obama's "Single-Payer" Monopoly Looms As Healthcare Merger-Mania Heats Up

Zero Hedge: Bernanke Blasts Lew's $10 Bill Woman-ification

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
June 22, 2015

Michael Noonan: Too Many Are Still Getting It Wrong

Glenn Greenwald: The Sunday Times’ Snowden Story is Journalism at its Worst — and Filled with Falsehoods

Farai Chideya: Data Theft Today Poses Indefinite Threat of “Future Harm”

Liliana Segura: From Death Row at 16 to Suicide at 45: The Life and Death of Paula Cooper

Jon Schwarz: You Can’t Read the TPP and You Can’t Find Out Who in Congress Has

Mish Shedlock: Obamacare Sticker Shock—–New Rates Up 12-20%

Martin Amrstrong: The Collapse of Obama’s Trade Deal May Be the Start of the Split in Republicans

Paul Craig Roberts: Ukrainians Dispossessed, Americans are next

Lord Christopher Monckton: Marxists, Global Warming Extremists Control Vatican

Mac Slavo: Americans No Longer Believe In Its Institutions

Simon Black: Tell this to the next idiot who thinks you’re “unpatriotic”

Michael Snyder: Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity

Pater Tenebrarum: The Logic of Interventionism, or How to Wake up in a Prison

Martin Armstrong: Trump for President – Sorry, Nope!

Michael Noonan: Elite’s Puppet Obama, Western World’s Worst Enemy For Freedom

Chuck Ross: Bill Maher Says Matt Drudge, Fox News And Conservative Media Inspired Dylann Roof

Dan Roberts: Every Mass Shooting Shares One Thing In Common & It’s NOT Weapons

Rachel Blevins: Rand Paul To Unveil Plan To Replace IRS Tax Code With ‘Fair and Flat Tax’

Rachel Blevins: Washington Gun Show Defies State Law, Will Not Require Background Checks

Austin Ruse: Goldman Sachs Tells Employees ‘Wife’ Insults Gays and Transgenders

Mark Levin: Boehner’s Retaliation Against Conservatives Means Open Warfare, Time to Take Him Down

Norm Singleton: Former NSA chief thinks phoney surveillance reform is cool

Norm Singleton: No New Internet Sales Taxes

Cathy Young: The Pecking Disorder: Social Justice Warriors Gone Wild

Christian Datoc: Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment

Rand Paul: Take power away from the government

Jay Syrmopoulos: Warning: Federal Court Rules that 2nd Amendment Right is Now a Reason for Cops to Detain You

Seth Schoen: What do Wikipedia, Bing, Reddit, and the FBI Have in Common?

Michael Snyder: Obama Has Been Releasing 1000s Of Convicted Criminals Back Into Our Communities

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Anti-Politician

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Is Impotent To Prevent Armageddon

Zero Hedge: Moscow Furious After Both Belgium And France Freeze Russian State Assets

Zero Hedge: The Second Nuclear Arms Race Arrives: Russia Will Add 40 ICBMs In 2015 In Response To "NATO Encroachment"

Zero Hedge: 'Who' Really Runs Your State?

Zero Hedge: How Obama Will Centrally-Plan Your Neighborhood: Here Comes The "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" Rule

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
June 14, 2015

Michael Snyder: In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet

Paul Craig Roberts: Seymour Hersh Succumbs To Disinformation

Nick Morpus: Rand Paul is dominating in endorsements

Sam P.K. Collins: Morgan Freeman Destroys The Argument Against Marijuana Legalization

Martin Armstrong: The Collapse of Socialism – It’s Our Turn Up to Bat

Governor Walker Waffles On Patriot Act, NSA Stance

Martin Armstrong: FATCA Impacting Other Nations; Wiping Out Freedom

Michael Krieger: How Donations to the Clinton Foundation Led to Tens of Billions in Weapons Sales to Autocratic Regimes

Martin Armstrong: Gold – the Hedge Against Government

Glenn Greenwald: Denny Hastert Exemplifies Political Pathology

David Hathaway: The Real Reason Nixon Created the DEA - Part I

Eric Peters: Unmarked Cop Cars: Making The Roads Less Safe

David Rose: Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it

Julian Assange on the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade, But Corporate Control

Charles Hugh Smith: Cancel the F-35 and Build 21st Century Air Superiority with Drones

Martin Armstrong: Obama Commits Treason

Martin Armstrong: The 9-11 Cover-Up

J. D. Heyes: Leaked TPP emails show corporations have infiltrated U.S. government at the highest levels

Mike Adams: Why the mainstream media secretly HATES what #CaitlynJenner stands for: freedom to choose

J. D. Heyes: Secret TPP trade deal to hand worldwide price monopoly to Big Pharma

Mike Adams: America descends into trade totalitarianism: Republicans rushing vote on secret Obamatrade before anyone has a chance to read it

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Neither Freedom Nor Safety

Zero Hedge: The Farce Is Complete: FIFA, Qatar Donated To The Clinton Foundation

Zero Hedge: George Soros Warns "No Exaggeration" That China-US On "Threshold Of World War 3"

Zero Hedge: Why The US Consumer Is About To be Crushed: The Obamacare Inflationary Deluge Arrives

Zero Hedge: If You're Not Outraged By NSA Surveillance, Here's Why You Should Be

Zero Hedge: Senate Democrats Defeat The President: Why Obama Is Rushing To Fast-Track The TPP

Zero Hedge: Federal Appeals Court Rules Mass NSA Spying On US Citizens Not Authorized By Patriot Act

Zero Hedge: Who Would Win A Conflict In The South China Sea

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Oops, I Did it Again! (TSA Version - With Remy)
TSA: Oops, I Did it Again!
SCG: The TPP What You're Not Being Told
SCG: TPP What You're Not Being Told
Julie Borowski: Eliminate Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases
Julie Borowski: Eliminate Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases
Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Trans-Everything
Paul Joseph Watson: Truth About Trans-Everything
Rod Van Mechelen: The Tragedy of Charleston And The Racist Agenda
Rod Van Mechelen: The Racist Agenda
Rand Paul Addresses Lindsey Graham's Comments in South Carolina
Rand Paul Addresses Lindsey Graham's Comments in South Carolina
Stefan Molyneux: The 97% Consensus? Global Warming Unmasked!
Stefan Molyneux: The 97% Consensus? Global Warming Unmasked!
Julie Borowski: What Annoys Me About Libertarians
Julie Borowski: Annoying Libertarians
Greg Hunter: China Biggest US Threat
Greg Hunter: China Biggest US Threat
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