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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
October 23, 2014

Jeff Thomas: Collectivism: A Self-Renewing Concept

James Howard Kunstler: Real Life is Not Spin Art

Ron Paul: Liberty, Not Government, is Key to Containing Ebola

Ivan Eland: Obama’s Imperial Selfie: His Anti-ISIS Campaign Is A Total Usurpation of Congress’ War Powers

Ryan Lizza: The Revenge of Rand Paul

W. James Antle III: Why Rand Paul Is Different

David Stockman: Turkey Finally Starts Bombing—–The Kurds!

Justin Raimondo: Our Imperial Rulers Are Deranged: Leon Panetta’s Memoir Proves It

Cathy Young: Debates over Islam don't solve anything

Wolf Richter: US Deficit $483 Billion, New Borrowing $1.1 Trillion

Chris Campbell: Why Democracy Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Paul Rosenberg: In Praise of Traditional Family Values… Sort of

Michael Snyder: Ebola Travel Ban Now!

Bill Bonner: Poor Ron Paul…

Ron Paul: Secy Robert Reich And Senator McCain Join In Universal Servitude Plan

Justin Raimondo: The Failing State Next Door: The War On Drugs And Civil Order In Mexico

John Browne: Turkey's Position on ISIL Misunderstood

David Swanson: Shadow Facts About Shadow Government

Tom Englehardt: Edward Snowden and the Golden Age Of Spying

Paul Craig Roberts: Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

Paul Craig Roberts: US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized

Simon Black: Why did the IRS just threaten me with imprisonment?

Michael Krieger: 1 in 3 Americans Are on File with the FBI in the U.S. Police State

Chris Campbell: Six Signs Your Government’s Too Big

Justin Raimondo: How To Stop ISIS: Greenlight Its Neighbors—-Syria And Iran

Andrew P. Napolitano: Chilling Free Speech

T. Hunt Tooley: The Evil of WWI

Gary Galles: Understanding “Quid Pro Quo”

Simon Black: 5 Bills in the Land of the Free that are straight out of Atlas Shrugged

Zero Hedge: How To Start A War, And Lose An Empire

Zero Hedge: Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely

Zero Hedge: The Pentagon Will Use 30 Person "Quick-Strike Team" To Deal With Domestic Ebola Patients

Zero Hedge: Researchers Expect Over 20 US Ebola Cases In Weeks, "You Don't Want To Know Worst Case"

Zero Hedge: Obama Mobilizes National Guard, Army Reserves To Fight Ebola

Zero Hedge: Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne?

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
October 13, 2014

Barbara Kay: The ‘Free Speech Movement’ was a sham

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Mistakes of the Past Are Back

Paul Rosenberg: Eisenhower Was Right: The Military-Industrial Complex Has Deformed American Christianity

Doug Hornig: Are Fake Cell Towers Intercepting Your Calls?

David Stockman: Obama’s Syrian Fiasco In Motion

Robert Parry: Washington’s Syrian “Fantasy”

Straight Line Logic: “Ignore At Your Peril”: A Review Of The Great Deformation

Mike Mish Shedlock: German Factory Orders Keep Slumping, Most Since January 2009

Jeffrey P. Snider: Inside Payroll Friday—-The Anomalies Abound

Justin Raimondo: Liberalism Vs. Empire: The Great Antithesis

Mike Mish Shedlock: The Answer To Beheadings Is A Travel Advisory—Not Bombs And Body Bags

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Is Destroying The World

Martin Armstrong: Obama is Out of Control

Andrew Critchlow: World on the brink of oil war as Opec bickers over price

Marin Katusa: China to Obama: “Shut Up and Mind Your Own Business”

Patrick J. Buchanan: Washington’s 30-Years War In The Middle East—-A Legacy Of Destruction, Anarchy And Terror

Jeffrey P. Snider: Something Fishy At The BLS: JOLTS Doesn’t Jive

MB360: Those not in the labor force but looking for a job now rose last month: The funny numbers behind the unemployment rate.

Michael Krieger: Brace for 30 Year War with ISIS

Simon Black: The US ranks #36 in the world for respecting property rights

Simon Black: British government refuses to accept its own currency

David Stockman: Foxconn Strike Is An Epochal Inflection Point

Andrew P. Napolitano: Washington’s Stealth Attack On The Constitution

Michael Krieger: Respected German Journalist Blows Whistle on How the CIA Controls the Media

Patrick Cockburn: Washington’s Syria/Iraq War Strategy Already In Tatters

Mike Mish Shedlock: “Citizen Four”—–A Must See Film About Edward Snowden’s Courageous Expose Of The Spy State

Ernesto Londoño: The Hidden Costs Of Wars: Iraq And Afghan Wars Will Cost $4 Trillion

Anthony Wile: Interview with Bill Bonner

Daily Bell: Congressional Hearings Show How US Intel Has Jeopardized the Tech Industry

Joshua Cook: Pentagon officials say they can’t decide on which rebels to trust in Syria

Rachel Blevins: New Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Obama: U.S. Drone Attacks Fuel Terrorism

Zero Hedge: Why Is Syria The Most Important Country In The World Right Now?

Zero Hedge: Dallas Hospital Worker Tests Positive For Ebola In First Person-To-Person Transmission On US Soil

Zero Hedge: The $1,200 Machine For 3D-Printing Guns Has Sold Out In 36 Hours

Zero Hedge: Stephen King Fears "The World Is Starting To Look Like Orwell's 1984"

Zero Hedge: We Call It Democracy, But It's Not

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
October 4, 2014

Michael Lewis: Why The Goldman Tapes Are Important: They Prove “Macro-Prudential” Regulation Is A Crock

Bruno de Landevoisin: The New York Fed In Its Own Words: Hall Pass For Goldman

Eric Margolis: Obama’s Syrian Strategy: Kill ‘Em All And Let God Sort Them Out

Michael Snyder: Smoking Gun Evidence That The New York Fed Serves The Interests Of Goldman Sachs

CBC News: New York Fed denies deference to big banks

Cathy Young: Not all hate speech is equal

Chris Campbell: One Thing to Consider Before You Become a Whistleblower

Robert Parry: The Neocon Plan To Double-Down And Bomb Assad Too: Call It Libya 2.0

Justin Raimondo: Obama’s Khorasan Lie: Worse Than Bush’s WMDs

Michael Snyder: The U.S. Government Is Borrowing About 8 Trillion Dollars A Year/b>

A Conversation: Paul Craig Roberts and Noam Chomsky If the government had confidence in its 9/11 story, every effort to investigate would not be blocked

Wall Street: Where Are the Real Bad Guys?

DB: Flowing Cannabis Cash Speeds Up Political Acceptance

Richard Ebeling: Dangerous Words: 'I Believe in Freedom, But...'

Anthony Wile: Sad Tale of the New York Fed and Goldman Sachs Has a Simple Solution

Melissa Melton: Making Dissent a Crime

JC Collins: The Deal to Bomb Syria

Chris Campbell: The Real Reason ISIS Wants You Dead

Paul Craig Roberts: More Washington Lies

Patrick J. Buchanan: Barack Obama, Outside Agitator

Andrew P. Napolitano: America’s Spanker-In-Chief Throws Our Lying Spymaster Under the Bus

Robert Parry: No Moderate Opposition in Syria, Just A Chaotic Dead-End

Michael Snyder: During An Ebola Pandemic All Of Your Rights Would Essentially Be Meaningless

John Browne: UK Joins U.S. Bombing, Courting Danger

Lance Freeman: The Grim Truth

Simon Black: Boots on the ground from Hong Kong

Simon Black: The light of liberty is going out all over the world. But we shall see it lit again soon.

Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain: The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria

Zero Hedge: As WTI Drops Under $90, Russia Prepares For Great Financial Crisis With $60 Oil "Stress Case"

Zero Hedge: Americans On Ebola: "I'm Getting So Nervous"

Zero Hedge: How Bad Could It Get? US Government Order Of 160,000 HazMat Suits Gives A Clue

Zero Hedge: Watchdog Finds Government "Greatly Exaggerated" Success In Funding Small Businesses Last Year

Zero Hedge: The US Is Now 50% More Unequal Than Ancient Rome (And That Includes Slaves)

Zero Hedge: "I Am Putting Everything In Goldman Sachs Because These Guys Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want"

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Should Libertarians Vote for Republicans in 2014?
Should Libertarians Vote for Republicans in 2014?
Mike Maloney: Did Hillary Really Say That?
Mike Maloney: Did Hillary Really Say That?
Judge Napolitano: IRS Seizing Cash Deposits From Small Businesses
Judge Napolitano: IRS Stealing
Stefan Molyneux: Michael Brown Race Baiting
Stefan Molyneux: Michael Brown Race Baiting
ReasonTV: 3 Reasons the US MILITARY Should NOT Fight Ebola
ReasonTV: Military Should Not Fight Ebola
Dr. Mark Sircus: The Ebola Agenda
Dr. Mark Sircus: The Ebola Agenda
Judge Napolitano: Ban On Tesla Sales Is A Disgrace To The U.S.
Judge Napolitano: Ban On Tesla Sales?
Bernard Chapin: The Anti-Liberal Revolution
Bernard Chapin: The Anti-Liberal Revolution
Stefan Molyneux: Truth About Ayn Rand: Criticisms
Stefan Molyneux: Truth About Ayn Rand: Criticisms
Stefan Molyneux: Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly: The Truth About White Privilege
Stefan Molyneux: Truth About White Privilege
Alex Daley: Drones, Minecraft, and C.Diff
Alex Daley: Drones, Minecraft, and C.Diff
Aaron Clarey: How Ebola Exposes Obama's Hatred of the US
Aaron Clarey: Ebola Exposes Obama's Hatred
John Stossel: Power To Declare War One Of The Most Violated Parts Of Constitution
John Stossel: Power To Declare War One Of The Most Violated Parts Of Constitution
Nick Bostrom: Dangers of Superintelligent Machines
Nick Bostrom: Dangers of Superintelligent Machines
Stefan Molyneux: What Pisses Me Off About Ebola
Stefan Molyneux: What Pisses Me Off About Ebola
Bernard Chapin: Snakes of Subversion
Bernard Chapin: Snakes of Subversion
Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters
Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters
Judge Napolitano: Twitter Suing The Feds Over Patriot Act
Judge Napolitano: Twitter Suing Feds Over Patriot Act
Jim Rickards: Obama Ending Alliance with Saudi Arabia and Killing the  Petrodollar
Jim Rickards: Ending Saudi Arabia Alliance
Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About Ayn Rand: Origins of Objectivism
Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About Ayn Rand
Ron Paul at LPAC 2014
Ron Paul at LPAC 2014
Stefan Molyneux: Truth About Richard Nixon
Stefan Molyneux: Truth About Richard Nixon
Julie Borowski: Message to Obama Supporters
Julie Borowski: Message to Obama Supporters
Rand Paul at LPAC 2014
Rand Paul at LPAC 2014
Stefan Molyneux: The Science of Climate Change - A Conversation with Dr. Patrick Moore
Stefan Molyneux: Science of Climate Change
Ben Swann: Top 10 Flashlight Apps for Android Are Stealing Information, Even Pics Off Your Phone
Ben Swann: Flashlight Apps Stealing Info
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Case for Gold: A Minority Report
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