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Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 29, 2014

James Howard Kunstler: No, Vladimir Putin Wasn’t Stalin-In-Judo Robes: Washington’s Foreign Policy Fiascoes Multiply

Justin Raimondo: A Short History Of The American Empire And Why It Is Failing, Part I

Ralph Raico: A Short History Of Anti-War Revisionism

Michael Krieger: Welcome to the Oligarchy – United States Leads the Developed World in Share of Low Wage Jobs

Robert Parry: Good Job, Yats—You’ve Destroyed Ukraine’s Economy, Fattened The US Military-Industrial Complex

Justin Raimondo: A Short History Of The American Empire And Why It Is Failing, Part II

Justin Raimondo: Progressivism and the Rise of the Welfare-Warfare State

Ivan Eland: Congress Should Vote and Say No to Obama’s New War

Michael Krieger: U.S. Propaganda Enters Into Insane, Irrational Overdrive in Attempt to “Sell” War in Syria

Addison Wiggin: The Ethics of “Making the Empire Pay”

Chris Campbell: Obama’s Dirty ISIS Secret

David Stockman: Welcome To Barack Obama’s Syrian Gong Show

Justin Raimondo: Senator McCain’s Pals In The Northern Storm Brigade: They Sold Sotloff’s Head To ISIS For $25K

Michael Snyder: While Obama Snoozes, Russia Is Preparing For Nuclear War With The United States

Michael Snyder: Obamacare Architect Says Society Would Be Better Off If People Only Lived To Age 75

Michael Snyder: 50 Facts That Show How Far America Has Fallen In This Generation

KER: The Clinton team is following reporters to the bathroom?

Paul Craig Roberts: Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?

Michael Noonan: Do You Trust The Government, Or The Media?

Eric Sprott: Ebola, the tipping point

Simon Black: Yet another reason why FATCA is utterly retarded

Simon Black: Congress brings Atlas Shrugged to America with this new bill

Daisy Luther: World War E: Are you prepared for the end of civilization?

Mike Adams: 'Anti-government' derogatory slur

PF Louis: High school student arrested for imagining hunting a dinosaur with a gun in fiction story

J. D. Heyes: EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the 1970s but punished those who spoke out

J. D. Heyes: Federal government forces schools to accept illegal immigrants with no medical records or screening

J. D. Heyes: Illegal Immigrants get free education, housing and healthcare for crossing border; Americans get $5,000 fine

Wendy McElroy: Aftermath of the GGC Firestorm

Daily Bell: The Muddle of 21st Century Warfare

Simon Black: How to get a second passport: four options that anyone can obtain

Zero Hedge: In Case You Are Still Confused By What Is Going On In The Middle East

Zero Hedge: The Geopolitical Situation In Europe

Zero Hedge: Five Important Lessons Learned From The Scottish Referendum

Zero Hedge: ISIS, Obama And US Financial Boots-On-The-Ground

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 22, 2014

Robert Parry: The Washington Post’s Neocon Duplicity: Ukrainian Militias Aren’t “Romantics”; They’re Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers

Daniel McAdams: Washington’s Bait-And-Switch Manuever Exposed By Arms Flow To Kiev—Truce To End Soon

Charlotte Hays: The Myth of the Uncaring Republican

Vicki E. Alger: Who Has the Worst International Tax Rules Rate in the World?

Michael Snyder: Nowhere To Hide As Minority Report-Style Facial Recognition Technology Spreads Across America

Paul Lawrance: House Passes Bill To Arm Syrian Rebels Despite Evidence of ISIS Ties

Paul Joseph Watson: Pocket-Sized Surveillance Drone Can Fly Through Windows

Daily Bell: US Pursues 134 Wars Around the World

Damon Root: With Friends Like These: Bush Lawyer John Yoo Backs Obama's Undeclared War on ISIS

David Stockman: The Folly Of Obama’s “War” On ISIS

Daniel McAdams: President Poroshenko Comes Calling On Washington—Bearing Big Lies And A Tin Cup

Brandon Smith: When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding "The Enemy"

Andrew P. Napolitano: More Unlawful Presidential Killing

Rod Van Mechelen: Global Prosperity and the American Empire

Rachel Blevins: France Joins the U.S. in Launching Airstrikes Against ISIS

Michael Lotfi: New polls show Americans don’t trust Democrats on immigration

Joshua Cook: Obama Partnering with the House of Saud is a terrible strategy

Anthony Wile: Stay Alert in These Interesting Times

James Ridgeway: How the Bush Administration Covered Up the Saudi Connection to 9/11

Jeff Desjardins: Missing Money: What Government Accounting Really Looks Like

Chris Campbell: How to Escape Obamacare in One Bold Move

Greg Guenthner: Let the Alibaba IPO Show You Where the Market’s Headed

Doug Hornig: The Deep State

Paul Rosenberg: Snowden’s Material Was Just the Tip of the Iceberg: The Situation Is Actually Worse Than You Think

Natasha Vargas-Cooper: Photo Exhibit Restores Dignity To Victims of U.S. Torture

Murtaza Hussain: New ISIS Propaganda Film Features Canadian-Sounding Fighter

Murtaza Hussain: Powerful NSA Official Potentially Self-Dealing With Defense Contractor

Charles Hugh Smith: Are We Ready for Daily-Life Drones?

David Stockman: The Keynesian State Wreck Ahead

Michael Noonan: Obama The Liar; Mainstream Media His Elite Lap Dog Accomplice

Zero Hedge: Pentagon Prepares To Unveil Syria War Plans As "Broad Coalition" Crumbles

Zero Hedge: The Inconvenient Truths Of Dictators

Zero Hedge: ISIS Slams "Mule Of The Jews" Obama, Demands Killing Of "Disbelievers" Especially "Filthy French"

Zero Hedge: NSA Warns "Bad Guys Are Everywhere" As Spooks Run Afoul Of German Laws Again

Zero Hedge: Preparing For All Out Iraq War: Joint Chiefs Of Staff Back US Troops In Combat "If Necessary"

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 17, 2014

Justin Raimondo: Fruits Of Meddling In The Syrian Civil War: Washington’s Frankenstein Brigade

David Stockman: Government Health Care Inc: The Chart Which Explains The Whole Medical Mess

Michael Snyder: Once Again Obama Shows That He Is Clueless About What Is Going On In The Middle East

Stephen Leeb: Putin Has Won In Ukraine & What China & Germany Are Up To

Paul Craig Roberts: 9/11 After 13 years

David Stockman: Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye

Art Cashin: The Horror, Atrocity & Heroes Of 9/11

Bill Holter: Washington finally telling the truth?

Simon Black: You’re more likely to be shot by a police officer than a terrorist

Simon Black: Read this and find out if you’ll be eligible for Scottish passport in 10 days

Charlotte Hays: Will the Midterms Determine What You Pay to Use the Internet?

Chris Campbell: Net Neutrality: The Story You’re Not Being Told

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Forever War

Pater Tenebrarum: Obama’s War On Iraq/Syria—-Just Call It Mission Gallop

Michael Noonan: FBI Whistleblower: Pentagon, CIA, NATO & MI6 Were Masterminds Behind 9/11

Donald G. M. Coxe: The World Order Becomes Disorder

Michael Krieger: Obama’s ISIS War is Not Only Illegal, it Makes George W. Bush Look Like a Constitutional Scholar

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s War Against Russia

Ron Paul: Will The Swiss Vote to Get Their Gold Back?

James Howard Kunstler: The Era of Bad Feeling

Barry Donegan: FBI Facial Recognition System Is Now Fully Operational

Ben Swann on Jay Carney’s Move To CNN, “He’s A Propagandist”

Michael Lotfi: Federal government grounds all UPS flights leading many to conspiracies on possible attack

Beard4Liberty: Isolationism, Non-Intervention and Intervention

Patrick J. Buchanan: What Would Braveheart Do?

Simon Black: 3 of my favorite low-tax places to retire

Simon Black: Scottish independence: they love democracy so much they’re trying to subvert it

Daily Bell: The Great Unraveling

Ron Holland: For Freedom's Sake, No More 'Mr. Nice Guy'

Zero Hedge: "World War III May Have Already Begun", Pope Francis Warns

Zero Hedge: Former BP CEO Warns "Sanctions Will Bite West" As US Gives Majors 14 Days To Wind Down Russian Activities

Zero Hedge: ISIS' Next Target: The Suez Canal

Zero Hedge: The Iraq Proxy War: Mapping Whose Troops Are Involved

Zero Hedge: Trust In US Government On Domestic, International Issues At Record Lows

Zero Hedge: Summarizing The President's Speech

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 10, 2014

J. D. Heyes: One in five businesses report having to reduce employment due to Obamacare

Phil Pepin: The two party Mafia's 'good cop, bad cop' tactic

Mike Adams: Why I refuse to watch ISIS beheading videos or view naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Mike Adams: Mysterious, covert cell towers placed across U.S. cities found to intercept your phone calls and texts

L.J. Devon: 35-year 'megadrought' to strike the American southwest

J. D. Heyes: Americans will soon be barred from boarding airplanes unless they surrender to federal 'Real ID' card

J. D. Heyes: Vermont quits hypocritical, failed War on Drugs; plans to treat heroin addiction epidemic as health issue

Mike Adams: Military intelligence confirms Natural News warning: Twelve missing commercial jets may now be deployed as weapons against U.S. cities

Peter Schiff: How the Media Deceives Guests

Paul Rosenberg: The “Social Contract” Is a Fraud; Anyone Trying to Enforce It Is Acting Criminally

Paul Rosenberg: They’re Coming for Your Accounts

Justin Raimondo: Despite The War Party’s ISIS Hysteria—–American Public Still Anti-Interventionist

Mike Mish Shedlock: The Ukrainian Truce: Victory Of Common Sense Over Washington/NATO Sabre-Rattling

David Stockman: Today’s Jobs Report And The Cult Of Central Banking: Counting Angels On The Head Of A Pin While Main Street Flounders

Raúl Ilargi Meijer: ‘We’ Don’t Want The Ceasefire To Hold

Mark St.Cyr: What Happens When It’s Easier To Pay No Wages Rather Than A Minimum

Jim Willie Hyperinflation Bombshell: NATO is Dead, King Dollar Wrecked!

Ron Paul: Nixon’s Revenge: The Imperial Presidency Lives On

Robert Parry: Obama’s Ukrainian Storm Troopers: The Azov Battalion And Other Evidence

Justin Raimondo: Corruption Is the Price of Empire: How Beltway “Think Tanks” Get Greased

Michael Krieger: Kentucky Man Arrested for “Terroristic Threatening” After Posting Song Lyrics to Facebook

Andreas Marquart: Ten Reasons to Condemn Inflation

Ben Hunt: The Ministry of Markets

Paul Craig Roberts: No Economy For Americans

Paul Kasriel: The Seeds of U.S. Inflation Have Sprouted and Could Be in Full Flower in 2016

Simon Black: Congress engineering yet another financial crisis

Simon Black: The last time this happened, the US went to war to ‘defend’ its interests

Julian Hattem: Web preps for ‘Slowdown’ protest

Patrick J. Buchanan: Obama’s Bluster and Bluff in the Baltics: Its Pointless And Dangerous

Wolf Richter: Is The Fed Embracing “Duck And Cover”?

Michael Snyder: The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here

Paul Craig Roberts: The Ukraine Crisis Remains Unresolved

Zero Hedge: America's Demographic Crash In One Chart

Zero Hedge: How The Fed "Mysteriously" Eliminated $7 Trillion In US Debt

Zero Hedge: It Will Cost Taxpayers $5 Billion To Help Obama Create An ISIS Strategy

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
September 5, 2014

Justin Raimondo: War Party Working Overtime On Labor Day Weekend: More Hoaxes, Hype, and Hysteria

Paul Craig Roberts: The West, the greatest cause of War in human history, stands stripped of all Legitimacy

Paul Craig Roberts: Labor’s Demise Is America’s Demise

Paul Craig Roberts: How Can You Tell Whether Russia Has Invaded Ukraine?

Ron Paul: Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Brandon Smith: The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil

Chris Campbell: A Federal Program that Could Turn Your Town into a Warzone

Patrick J. Buchanan: How The War Party Triggers War Fever

James Howard Kunstler: The Calamities of Afganhistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Etc.

David Stockman: Iraq Is Not A Nation And You Can’t Build One There With Bombs

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington and its NATO & EU Vassals are Insane

Dmitry Orlov: How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?

Tim Price: The West has lost what made it culturally exceptional

Simon Black: The morning after: What happens when a government destroys its currency

Simon Black: Set your child up for life with a second citizenship: 5 places to have a baby

Justin Raimondo: Russia’s “Stealth” Invasion Of Ukraine: Only Washington’s War Party Can See It

Tom Engelhardt: Butchers Of The Islamic State: Spawn Of Washington’s Wars Of Terror

Chris Campbell: Never Mind the Nude Celebrities. Your Photos Could Be Next.

Addison Wiggin: Health Care Costs: Still the Pig in the Federal Python

Justin Raimondo: Our Cold War With Russia Could Turn Hot

Robert Parry: Behind Washington’s Demonization Of Putin: Graft For Hunter Biden, Shaft For Collaboration On Iran & Syria

Brandon Smith: Why Is Independence So Frightening To Some People?

Anthony Wile: Dr. Kissinger on the 'New World Order' – Editorial or Policy Statement?

Daily Bell: Directed History of the NAU or Naturally Evolving Migration?

Patrick J. Buchanan: War Drums Along the Potomac

Wendy McElroy: Learning From Ayn Rand's Mistakes

Simon Black: Public opinion of Congress sinks below that of used car salesmen

Zero Hedge: The "Other" Immigration Problem

Zero Hedge: Where Do ISIS Fighters Come From?

Zero Hedge: If You Like Your "Boots On The Ground", Here's Even More - Obama To Send 350 Troops To Iraq

Zero Hedge: The Scariest California Drought Map Yet

Zero Hedge: US Troops Are Heading To Ukraine

Zero Hedge: These Clowns Are Dragging Us Into War

Zero Hedge: What It's All About: Russia, China Begin Construction Of World's Largest Gas Pipeline

Zero Hedge: To Everyone Saying Russia Is "Isolated", Here's A Map

Problem: America is NOT the greatest country; Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Problem: America is NOT the greatest country
Cause: America is NOT the freest country
Greg Hunter: Gregory Mannarino-We Are Going to Global War
Greg Hunter: We Are Going to Global War
Mass Incarceration in the US
Mass Incarceration in the US
Greg Hunter: Bombing of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Eric Holder Quits, Russia Counters Sanctions
Greg Hunter: Bombing of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Eric Holder Quits, Russia Counters Sanctions
Global Warming's Real and Capitalism's the Best Antidote
Global Warming's Real Capitalism's Best Antidote
Ben Swann: Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine
Ben Swann: Feds Hold Patent on Cannabis Medicine
Harvey Organ: December Collapse
Harvey Organ: December Collapse
Sen. Rand Paul Argues Against U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels on Senate Floor - September 18, 2014
Sen. Rand Paul: No On Arming Syrian Rebels
Aaron Clarey: Political Questions About Baby Boomers
Aaron Clarey: Political Questions About Baby Boomers
Fabian Calvo: Global Elite Secret Weapon Against Liberty
Fabian Calvo: Global Elite Secret Weapon Against Liberty
Judge Napolitano: FBI Facial Recognition Software To Photograph All Americans
Judge Napolitano: FBI Facial Recognition
Rand Paul: What You Are Doing Is Illegal And Unconstitutional!
Rand Paul: Illegal And Unconstitutional!
Ron Paul & Ben Swann: Media Bias, ISIS and Foreign Policy
Ron Paul & Ben Swann: Media Bias & ISIS
SCG: The Geopolitics of World War III
SCG: The Geopolitics of World War III
ReasonTV: 3 Reasons to NOT Fight ISIS
ReasonTV: 3 Reasons to NOT Fight ISIS
Chris Duane: You Can't Explain Away WTC7 on 9/11
Chris Duane: You Can't Explain Away WTC7 on 9/11
Stefan Molyneux: Manufactured Enemies
Stefan Molyneux: Manufactured Enemies
Reason: Get Rid of Death Penalty
Chris Duane: America's 9/11 Reichstag
Reason: Get Rid of Death Penalty
Reason: Get Rid of Death Penalty
John Aglialoro: Ayn Rand's Enduring Impact
John Aglialoro: Ayn Rand's Enduring Impact
Stefan Molyneux: Millionaire Politicians: Trading Influence for Cash
Stefan Molyneux: Millionaire Politicians
Stefan Molyneux: The IRS Scandal: Was an Election Stolen?
Stefan Molyneux: IRS Scandal: An Election Stolen?
John Dennis: Libertarianism GOP's Only Hope
John Dennis: Libertarianism GOP's Only Hope
Jeff Berwick: Impending Collapse & Great Awakening
Jeff Berwick: Impending Collapse & Great Awakening
Rand Paul: Those Who Were For The Iraq War Responsible For Today's Chaos
Rand Paul: Who Is Responsible for Iraq Chaos
Reason: What Millennials Think About Politics
Reason: What Millennials Think About Politics
StormCloudsGathering: The Covert Origins of ISIS
SCG: The Covert Origins of ISIS
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Case for Gold: A Minority Report
Economic Science & Austrian Method
End the Fed
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Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues
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