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Politics - October 29, 2013

Ron Paul: A Republic, If You Can Recognize It

Peter Suderman: The Catalyst for an Obamacare Death Spiral

Chris Mayer: Janet Yellen: An Insane Choice for a Debt-Crazed Economy

Katie McHugh: Gary Johnson on NSA spying: ‘It’s going to get worse’

Former NM Governor Gary Johnson talks about shutdown, surveillance, and Sarvis

Ron Paul: US Should Welcome Saudi “Shift”

Herman James: Here is the monetary system Ron Paul proposes

Michael Lotfi: Is The Virginia Gov. Libertarian Candidate Even A Libertarian?

Joshua Cook: Lawsuit May Put Libertarian in South Carolina Senate Seat

Joshua Cook: Officers Falsely Arrest Citizens for Lawfully Carrying Antique Black Powder Pistols

Michael Lotfi: Will Congressman Justin Amash Lose His Seat In 2014?

Kristin Tate: High School Cheerleaders’ Car Wash Shut Down Because It Violates “Environmental Laws”

Jeff Thomas: Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue

Anthony Wile: Dr. Antal Fekete on Real Bills, Quantity of Money Theory and the New Austrian Economic Manifesto

Daily Bell: America's Slippage Is Obama's Fault ... or Not

Ron Paul: A Welcome US/Saudi 'Reset'

Simon Black: Congress to eliminate the debt by not counting it anymore….

Patrick J. Buchanan: A Queen in Obamaland

A. Barton Hinkle: Small Government Is the Cure for Voter Ignorance

Kathryn Ciano: Rails to Trails: A Train Wreck for Property Owners

Jesse Walker: Five Things They Don't Want You to Know About Conspiracy Theories

Friedrich A. Hayek: Two Types of Individualism

Ryan McMaken: Water Subsidies and Shortages in the American West

Michael Snyder: Environmental Fascism: The Ecofascists Are Slowly But Surely Taking Over America

Michael Snyder: Something Is Killing Life All Over The Pacific Ocean – Could It Be Fukushima?

Mac Slavo: Mainstream Reports: DHS Battens Down the Hatches: “This Could Be All Hell Breaks Loose Day”

Global Research: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Eric Peters: “Creating Jobs”

Russia Today: Rock, Paper, Surveillance: US Army Investing in Smarter ‘Spy Rocks’

Egon von Greyerz: Hyperinflation and Gold’s parabolic rise

David J. Krajicek: Grassley on Boston Bombing

Josh Peterson: David Cameron warns UK could act against papers publishing Snowden leaks

Anthony Gucciardi: Michael Savage Launches Investigation Into Missing Nukes

Kurt Nimmo: McCain Thinks Hillary is a Strong Candidate for 2016

John Hayward: 60 Minutes: yes, America, the Obama Administration lied to you about Benghazi

Mike Adams: Federal government planning black box vehicle mandate to track, tax and even remotely control all personal vehicles

Ethan Huff: Fukushima radiation is still tearing up West Coast of USA

Jim Quinn: Guest Post: Culture Of Ignorance - Part I

Zero Hedge: Ron Paul On Faux Fed Transparency: "Believe Me, The 'Big Stuff' Is Done In Secret"

Zero Hedge: White House To Stop Spying on Allies, Dianne Feinstein Promises

Politics - October 26, 2013

Ron Paul: The US Foreign Policy That’s Best For Everyone

Michael Krieger: Dangerous Freedom vs. Peaceful Slavery

Pater Tenebrarum: Obamacare Side Effect – Doctors Abandon the Medical Care Insurance System Altogether

Leery of Lies: American Distrust in Media Hits Record High

Adams: exposed as data-gathering honey pot to shamelessly harvest private consumer data and turn it over to the NSA

Heyes: now deliberately displaying false pricing information to trick the public

Heyes: Obama administration orders Blue Cross to keep Obamacare enrollment numbers secret

Adams: There's no cure for stupid! Obama administration credibility in total meltdown over

Ron Paul to Birch Gold Group: U.S. Monetary Policies Will Lead to "Major Crash Of The Dollar"

Kevin Derby: Rand Paul and Ron Paul Team Up Against Janet Yellen and the Fed

McCain Taken Down Over Support for Al-Qaeda | The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Weigel: The GOP Establishment Fightback Starts Tomorrow, In Minnesota

Daniel McAdams: Behind the Saudi crack-up

Not your father’s protest: Young back Libertarians

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Kelly Mitchell's Pathbreaking Book

Kurt Nimmo: Democrats Call for Elimination of Tea Party

Adan Salazar: Gov. Candidate McAuliffe Disowns Virginia Gun Owners, Flouts NRA’s ‘F’ Rating

Jason Ditz: NSA Chief: Reporters Must Be Stopped

Matthew Burrow: Internet Sales Tax: Bad for Business

Matt McBride: TSA to Replace Tom Cruise in Sequel to ‘Minority Report’

Tim Shoemaker: Are You Ready to Audit the Fed?

Wendy McElroy: Know Your Class Enemy, Know Your Class Ally

DailyBell: Let Our Debt Scrub Our Brains

DailyBell: Finally, the End of Keynesianism

DailyBell: Facebook: Changing the Face of Mercantilism

DailyBell: Global Warming – A Dangerous Insanity on Many Levels

Josh Peterson: NSA site down in suspected cyberattack

Obama: ‘I liked math, but then it started to get harder. And so that can be frustrating’

Pat Buchanan: Obamacare shortcomings will vindicate tea party for shutdown

Tim Brown: Man Imprisoned for Legally Purchased Guns

Robert Wenzel: Why Bad Environmentalism Is Such an Easy Sell

Mick Meaney: Partnership Between Facebook and Police Could Make Planning Protests Impossible

Gerald Nowotny, JD, LL.M: Residency in Puerto Rico as an Alternative to Expatriation

Nicolás Cachanosky: Economies are Not Destroyed in a Day

Michael Snyder: 25 Stats That Prove That The American Dream Is Being Systematically Destroyed

Eric Margolis: The brutal US empire spies on everyone everywhere to intimidate and control

Politics - October 24, 2013

James E. Miller: Conservatism and the Debt Ceiling

John Rubino: What the Republican Civil War Means For Gold

Prof. James Petras: Empire Building, the Debt Ceiling, the Budget Deficit and the “Samson Solution”

Niels Gerson Lohman: Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States

Ron Paul: Obamacare: A Parasite Intent on Killing Its Host

Ron Paul: Free Markets: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Simon Black: Check out the Fed’s dismal track record

Simon Black: You won’t believe what the French are taxing now

Simon Black: 3 currencies to avoid like the plague

Patrick J. Buchanan: The ‘We Can’t Win’ Wimps Caucus

Nico Perrino: 'Unlearning Liberty' Turns One, Paperback Edition Set for Release in March

Progressive: Don’t Ally With Libertarians!

Celente Warns: The Collapse of 2014: “If You Don’t Have Your Money In Your Pocket It’s Not Yours”

Adan Salazar: DoJ Censors Blogger For Documents They Released

Kurt Nimmo: Full Spectrum Military Surveillance of Americans Gets a Boost

Crony Capitalism in America 2008- 2012 by Hunter Lewis

Tim Shoemaker: Are You Ready to Audit the Fed?

Megan Stiles: Libertarians co-opting anti-NSA rally?

Norm Singleton: Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose

DailyBell: Stagflation of the 2000s

DailyBell: What Is Fed's Third Mandate?

DailyBell: Swiss Turn to Legislation to Save Capitalism?

DailyBell: Debunking the Recovery Meme – A Lousy Job but Someone's Got to Do It

Anthony Wile: The Tea Party's Unspoken Political, Economic and Financial Ramifications

Tibor Machan: Communitarianism and Reproductive Rights

Richard Ebeling: Restoring a Spirit of Liberty Will Solve America's Political Problems

Robert Wenzel: Insurance Specialist Says if Obamacare's Back Room Isn't Fixed Those Who Sign Up May See Their Bank Accounts Charged Multiple Times

Jeffrey Tucker: The Plan Isn’t Working

Ron Paul: Free Markets: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Ron Paul: Obamacare: A Parasite Intent on Killing Its Host

Andrew P. Napolitano: A Government of Secrecy and Fear

Brian Wilson: Anarchyville Horror?

Michael Snyder: The Population Control Agenda Is Being Relentlessly Pushed In American Public Schools

Michael Snyder: Uh Oh: 47 Million Food Stamp Recipients Are Having Their Benefits Cut Back On November 1st

Michael Snyder: 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Zero Hedge: The Poverty Of The American Political Theater Of The Absurd

Politics - October 19, 2013

Bill Bonner: My Very Own Argentine Welfare Program

Ralph Benko: The Saviors of the Republic

Jeffrey Tucker: A Ban on Common Sense

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.: Ten Things to Expect from Obamacare in 2014

Glen Downs: The Real Anatomy of an Implosion

Erich Follath: What's In Store for the New Global Powers

Who Is Really Destabilizing the Dollar?

Doug Casey: Doug Casey: “Government shutdown? I wish…”

Paul Craig Roberts: Pakistan TV Exposes bin Laden Killing Hoax and Documentary Exposes 9/11 Official Story

Michael Spence: America the Reckless

Michael Lotfi: House GOP Fires Back With New Plan (Strips Congress Of Obamacare Exemptions)

Kristin Tate: Latest Assault On Privacy: Grocery Store Shelves That Watch You

Jill Lawrence: The Truthiness of Rand Paul

Jon Ward: Despite Shutdown Damage, RNC Says 2014 Will Be GOP's Year

Peter Schiff: Janet Yellen Exposed -- The Truth Behind the Myth

Dave Hodges: The Financial Pyramid of Power

Dave Hodges: Don’t Leave Your Money in the Bank Without Reading This First

Adan Salazar: DoJ Censors Blogger For Documents They Released

Kurt Nimmo: Democrat Says Members of Tea Party Faction in House are “Domestic Enemies”

Kristin Tate: US Debt Jumps A Record $328 Billion In One Day – Debt Now Over $17 Trillion

Michael Lotfi: Obama, Reid & Pelosi Are The Anarchists

Robin Koerner: The USA Defaults

Megan Stiles: Congress reopens government, suspends debt ceiling, fails to address fiscal reality

Megan Stiles: Campaign for Liberty Slams Latest GOP Sellout

No, Economist – the Real Problem of Big Science Is Big Banking

The Taper: Reality and Myth

Tibor Machan: Metaethical Foibles at Work

Anthony Wile: The Tea Party's Unspoken Political, Economic and Financial Ramifications

Streber: Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Mauritius

Prr Lzkdrqxcwm: Mobile Gun-Free Zones Are Coming to America

Mike Leahy: Privacy Malpractice

Michael Snyder: 33 Stats That Prove That SOMETHING Desperately Needs To Be Done About The National Debt

Michael Snyder: The Government Is Researching How To Use Technology To Change Your Religious Beliefs

Simon Black: Slowly at first, then all at once

Simon Black: This guy has more passports than I do

Zero Hedge: Keith Alexander, NSA Head, Stepping Down

Zero Hedge: With A Final 285-144 Vote, Mission "Raise The Debt Ceiling" Is Accomplished: See You All Again In February

Politics - October 17, 2013

Hijacked by the GOP: Glenn Beck Reveals a Story He Hasn't Been Able to Share for Over a Year

Addison Wiggin: The Coming War Between the U.S. and (Insert Country Here)

Douglas French: The Most Qualified Fed Chair Since Arthur Burns

Ralph Benko: The 1% that Can Fix the State

Prr Lzkdrqxcwm: US Credit an Unfaithful Hussy

Born Libertarian: Doug Casey on Ron Paul and the Price of Freedom

Michael Krieger: Blast from the Past: Harry Reid Claimed Income Taxes are “Voluntary”

Michael Noonan: Interventionist Policies Cause Of, Not Cure For, Busts

Isaac Medina: What China Thinks of the Shutdown

Greg Canavan: Federal Wimps Have Ruined U.S. Credibility

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

Stand Up Americans — Paul Craig Roberts

Andrew Kaczynski: The 9 Most Honest Things The Newly Relaxed Ron Paul Told BuzzFeed

Watch Your Back, Glenn Beck: Here’s Ron Paul TV

Ron Paul: New Fed Boss "Same As The Old Boss"

Kevin Derby: Ron Paul Group Petitions to Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling

Ron Paul: We Are Witnessing The Wealthy Get Wealthier, The Poor Get Poorer, And The Middle Class Being Wiped Out

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.: Ten Things to Expect from Obamacare in 2014

Brandon Smith: Non-Participation As An Effective Weapon Against Tyranny

James Hall: IMF Proposal to Tax Bank Deposits

Mike Adams: Confirmed: Chase bank drops the hammer on capital controls; no money allowed to transfer out of USA starting Nov. 17th

John Glaser: No, NSA Surveillance Wouldn’t Have Prevented 9/11 And It Hasn’t Foiled a Single Terror Plot

Piers Morgan ‘Doesn’t Even Know What Amendment the Second Is’

Megan Stiles: Campaign for Liberty Slams Latest GOP Sellout

Dr. Martin Feldstein: Failure to raise debt ceiling does not mean default

Malala Yousafzai confronts President Obama on drone strikes

John Tate: Our nation has been in default for a long time

Now France to Break Away From EU? Stay Tuned

Paul Craig Roberts: Whatever Became of Western Civilization?

Ms. Yellen Swings the Axe

Nick Giambruno: Internationalize to Escape Obamacare

Patrick J. Buchanan: Goldwater-Rockefeller Redux

Christopher Westley: Pro-Union, Crony-Capitalist Thinking Dooms Another Employer

Simon Black: Are you ready to be an unpaid government spy?

Simon Black: When countries go broke

Zero Hedge: Walmart Shopping Stampede Ensues When Foodstamp Glitch Removes EBT Spending Limits

Politics - October 12, 2013

Jason Farrell: The 5 Most Terrifying Robots the Feds Will Use to Control Us

Bill Bonner: A Healthcare Plan that Could Save the U.S. Billions

Greg Canavan: Why US Debt Dynamics Could Get Ugly

Vern Gowdie: The Unintended Consequences of Longer Life Expectancies, Part One

Michael Snyder: Power Mad Obama Offers Two Choices: Unconditional Surrender Or Default

Matt Badiali: "Super Shale" Fields Just Discovered in Texas

Stephen Leeb: Despite Correction, Silver Is Set Up To Super-Surge To $110

Rick Rule: Why I Am A Terrified As I Watch The End Game Unfolding

A Caesar In Our Future? — Paul Craig Roberts

James E. Miller: Shutting Down But Not Closing Up

Jeffrey Tucker: Feds Seek 600,000 Bitcoins in Digital Drug Bust

Greg Canavan: We’re not Buying the Yellen Cyclicality Ruse

Charles Hugh-Smith: Obama Administration Proposes 2,300-Page "New Constitution

Jeff Nelson: U.S. Shut-Down An Excuse For Debt-Default?

Ron Paul Predicts "No Policy Change" Under a New Fed Chairman

Charles Scaliger: Salon Acknowledges "Elites' Strange Plot to Take Over the World"

Alex Newman: Top Scientists Slam and Ridicule UN IPCC Climate Report

Christopher Prandoni: It's Time to Repeal the Ethanol Mandate

Rainey Reitman: New Report Finds Obama’s Policies Threaten an Independent Press

NRA’s Chris Cox: False Flags Flying High

Rand Paul: Audit the Fed

Ron Paul Statement on Yellen Nomination

Matt McBride: Government Shutdown, Public Awakening?

The Devious Manipulation of the Budget Debate

Bill Bonner: More Drugs, More Drones, More Credit-Pushing Drivel

Gridlock and the Change to Come

Janet Yellen, Bravest Woman in the World?

Tibor Machan: Misunderstanding Freedom of the Press

Patrick Henningsen: American Truckers are Putting Washington DC on Notice

Michael Snyder: 12 Facts About The Epic Obamacare Launch Train Wreck That Every American Should Know

Michael Snyder: The U.S. Military Is Creating Iron Men, Super Soldiers And Terminator Robots To Fight Future Wars

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is Red State America Seceding?

Ronald Bailey: The Morning After America’s Debt Binge

Paul Joseph Watson: Feds Order National Guard to Close I-495 to Derail Trucker Protest

Tim Price: Gold, and the four words that define western economic policy

Politics - October 9, 2013

Dave Gonigam: The U.S. Will Never Say Default

James Poulos: Between Defunding and a Hard Place

Prr Lzkdrqxcwm: The Real Travesty of the Shutdown

Bill Bonner: Bitcoin, A Threat To The Feds…

Greg Canavan: The Farce of the US Government ‘Shutdown’

Bill Bonner: The Farce of US Healthcare

Paul Craig Roberts: Glenn Greenwald Destroys BBC Prestitute

Peter Schiff: The Taper Talk

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: White House openly threatens US default as debt fight escalates

Jacob Hornberger: 2 Reasons Conservatives are Hypocrites

Pater Tenebrarum: The TEPCO Zombie Kabuki Show

Ellen Brown: Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?

Michael Lotfi: Obamacare Is Not A Law: It’s A New Three Letter Agency

Joshua Cook: Oregon passes the “Monsanto Protection Act”

Bob Geldof Predicts the Death of All Humans by 2030

Reuters to US Economy: ‘Our Heart Will Go On’

This Sh-t Is Bananas!

Ron Paul: An Opening to Iran?

Kevin Derby: Ron Paul Group Hits Obama on Shutdown and Health Care

Rand Paul to speak at Ark. GOP event

Libertarians taste success, want more

Jacob Sullum: The Doomed Economics of Drug Prohibition

GOP is right; checkpoints a troubling practice

Jeff Thomas: Might India Confiscate the Gold of the Temples?

Simon Black: At least now it’s obvious who’s really in charge

Simon Black: Now the Chinese are wagging their fingers at Obama

Mac Slavo: Government Forces Homeowners To Leave Private Residences Amid Shutdown

Audrey D. Kline: Gun Prohibition Increases the Demand for Guns

Michael Snyder: Extreme Political Correctness Is Making Public School Education Pure Hell For America’s Children

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is the Conflict Between Us Irreconcilable?

Jacob Hornberger: Why Do Conservatives Support Medicare and Medicaid?

Dominic Frisby: Look to England for America’s Future

Neil Munro: Obama again attacks Republicans: ‘I’m not budging’

Justin Gaines: Americans upset that Obamacare costs money

John W. Whitehead: Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance

Yuri Skidanov: Dollar Era Drawing to its End

Kit Daniels: Sixth Grade Assignment: Destroy the Bill of Rights

Zero Hedge: White House Set To Announce Yellen Fed Nomination Tomorrow

Politics - October 5, 2013

Bill Bonner: Lights Out for Government!

Chris Mayer: Rooting for a Lengthy Government Shutdown

Andrew Moran: What’s open, closed during shutdown? And why government is involved everywhere

Ben Tanosborn: Will Iran Become Obama’s Symbolic Last Stand?

Katherine Rushton: The government shutdown is just a taste of the chaos that could hit the US

Catherine Austin Fitts - Federal Budget

Addison Wiggin: Mission Accomplished: Obamacare is Not “A Third World Experience”

Douglas French: Gross Mistakes About the Heart of Capitalism

Nick Hubble: Something to Keep in Mind With All This US Government Shutdown Talk

Bill Bonner: Lights Out for the US Government

Matthew May: I Will Not Comply

Pater Tenebrarum: Government ‘Shutdown’, or the Big Yawn

John H. Tucker: Coin dealer flips the game on counterfeiter

Bill Bonner: The Biggest Mistake Libertarians Can Make…

Jerry Brito: How Much Surveillance Can We Accept?

Jason Farrell: Forget the Shutdown… What’s Coming Will Be Much Worse

Bill Bonner: Why the Government Shutdown is a Good Thing

Andrew P. Napolitano: Government Looking for Witches Will Find Them

Michael Snyder: Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Almost Everything Is Still Running

Ron Paul talks government shutdown on CNBC

Alexandra Jaffe: Ron Paul’s legacy looms over son’s White House ambitions

Steven Nelson: Ron Paul Isn't Thrilled By 'Rather Annoying' Shutdown Debate

Mario Trujillo: Paul leads GOP presidential pack

David Lightman: Libertarians taste success, want more

Michael Terron: Libertarianism and the Politics of 'Wolves' in sheep clothing

Simon Black: Government cutting benefits for ‘Generation Screwed’

Ronald Bailey: Can We Trust the U.N.'s IPCC Climate Models?

J.D. Tuccille: Common Core Uncommonly Restricts Education Choices

Michael Snyder: 21 Of The Best Comments Posted By Frustrated Americans On The Official Obamacare Facebook Page

Michael Snyder: Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life

Daniel McAdams: Humanitarian Wars and Their NGO Foot-Soldiers

Robert Wenzel: NSA Ran Secret Test Project Tracking Americans’ Locations Through Cell Phones

Zero Hedge: Government Cutting Benefits For "Generation Screwed"

Zero Hedge: Picturing The Dangers Of An All-Powerful Federal Reserve

Zero Hedge: Bankers Warn Obama, Don't Mess With The Debt Ceiling (Again)

Zero Hedge: David Stockman Fears Intense Resentment Over "Disaster" That Is Obamacare

Zero Hedge: 91% Of The IRS Has Been Furloughed: Here Is Who Else Got The Government Shut Down Axe

Politics - October 1, 2013

Ron Paul: A Grand Bargain For Liberty?

Hans A. von Spakovsky: What Happens During a Government “Shutdown”?

Government shuts down as Congress fails to pass funding bill

Brandon Smith: Government Shutdown: The Next Step In The Collapse Of The Dollar?

Paul Joseph Watson: ‘Government Shut Down’ Won’t Actually Shut Down Government

Kit Daniels: GOP Congressman: I Don’t Care What McCain Thinks About Obamacare

Paul Joseph Watson: Doomsday Rhetoric Surrounding ‘Government Shut Down’ Mirrors Bailout Fearmongering

Ron Paul: A Grand Bargain for Liberty?

Kristin Tate: John McCain Defends Obamacare, Slams Cruz’s Filibuster: “Elections Have Consequences”

Joshua Cook: Missouri Should pass a law exempting Unorganized Militia from FED Gun Grab

J. D. Heyes: Google has been secretly harvesting the passwords of all Wi-Fi devices everywhere

J. D. Heyes: Leaked FBI memo labels patriots, truth-seekers as potential 'terrorists'

Benson: FDA now trying to regulate 'smartphone' apps by blocking all natural medicine technology from mobile devices

J. D. Heyes: High school textbooks covertly altered to teach false interpretation of the Bill of Rights

Heyes: Greenspan admits 'no viable long-term solution' to America's soon-to-fail system of debt and despair

Charlotte Hays: Chilean Private Pension Model: It Works--Big Time

James Poulos: More Shutdowns, Please: The Pro-Democracy Case for an Obamacare Crisis

Jason Farrell: Government Shutdown 2013: Top 5 Hilarious Twitter Reactions

Nick Hubble: The US Government Shutdown: A Stumbling Empire in Decline

Bill Bonner: Why the Fed Will Keep at it Until the Bitter End

Steve Watson: One Quarter Of Uninsured Americans Will Pay Fine Rather Than Get Obamacare

Kristin Tate: Ted Cruz Donating Salary To Charity If Senate “Forces” Govt. Shutdown

Kristin Tate: Biden’s Latest Attack On Ted Cruz: Is He Right This Time?

Michael Lotfi: Lindsey Graham Lies To Voters About His Vote To Defund Obamacare

Kristin Tate: Jesse Ventura Likely To Run For Prez With Howard Stern In 2016

Kristin Tate: Organizers Of Truckers’ March Reveal Plans For Massive Protest In DC

Alexis Levinson: Obama, House Republicans run out clock in shutdown staring match

Justin Raimondo: The Only Way to Stop Government Spying

John P. Cochran: New Lessons from the “Rescue” and the Failed Stimulus

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Beltway Lies of the Obamacare War

Michael Snyder: Why Are They Trying So Hard To Demonize Gun Owners?

Michael Snyder: Dozens Killed By Freakishly Huge Hornets In China – And Now They Are Attacking People In The U.S. Too

Ira Stoll: Government Shutdown: The Fight Is Win-Win for GOP

Sheldon Richman: Americans Aren't Bound To Pay the Government's Debts

Simon Black: Did you miss your IRS agent today?

Zero Hedge: What Are The Unintended Consequences Of A Government Shutdown?


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