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Politics - August 31, 2013

J. D. Heyes: DHS employee who buys guns and ammo for feds also runs race war website

Phil Pepin: Obama's secret war on Colombia

Jeffrey Tucker: We’re All Edward Snowden Now

James R. Holmes: On Syria, Don’t Bark Louder Than You Bite

Louise Boyle: U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime'

Chris Mayer: Anarchy: The Basis for a Civilized Society, Part I

Byron King: Deadly Cyberattacks Highlight the Need for a Cybersecurity Upgrade

Peter Coyne: Bomb Syria, Get Cyber Attacked

Josh Grasmick: Bionic Commandos from the Warrior Web

Harvard: Gun Control Does Not Lead to Less Violent Crime

WashingtonsBlog: The Wheels Just Came Off the Syria War Wagon

Simon Black: As Syria distracts, here’s what else is happening while no one is looking…

Simon Black: Obama invades Cyprus in order to NOT invade Syria

Jim Sinclair: Truth In Humanity Is Dead

Joshua Cook: John Kerry’s War: Syrian Strike Means Big Money for lawmakers

Michael Lotfi: Obama Signs Two New Executive Orders On Gun Control

Ron Paul: Al-Qaeda would benefit most from Syria chemical attack

Ron Paul Slams Rumsfeld Over Syria Comments

Ron Paul Unfiltered: Libertarian Icon On His New TV Channel

Andrew Doughman: Tired of risking illegal raw milk transactions, band of supporters seeks to change law

Carol Platt Liebau: IRS Still Harassing the Tea Party

Kevin Derby: Judge Napolitano Presidential Draft Effort Picks Up Steam

Chuck Baldwin: The "Lesser Evils" I Will Not Vote For

Jason M. Farrell: Why Libertarianism Will Crush Conservatism

Lance Roberts: Next Fed Chairman? Maybe We Should Try Something Different

Andy O’Brien: Food Sovereignty Movement Takes Root in Maine

Robert Ringer: Why Mark Levin's Plan Won't Work

Brandon Smith: What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse

Bill Holter: The "Squeeze" Is Coming

Noah Millman: There Is No Liberal Internationalist Case for War in Syria

Josh Barro: New Heritage Foundation Fight Shows Everything That's Wrong With The GOP

Jason Ditz: Kerry Pushes Syria War, Claiming Evidence ‘Clear’

John Tate: 11 Reasons Not to Intervene in Syria

Matt McBride: Rare Glimpse into the National Intelligence Program’s ‘Black Budget’

Sheldon Richman: Delete the Fed

Hunter Lewis: Move Over, Obamacare. Here Comes Obamaschool

Michael Snyder: Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Like Miley Cyrus

Michael Snyder: Reports Of Very Unusual Troop Movements In The U.S. And Air Power Massing In Cyprus

Mac Slavo: U.S. Web Attacks Skyrocket Ahead of Mid East Action: 81% Above Normal *Real Time Heat Map*

Patrick J. Buchanan: Will Boehner Stop Our Rogue President?

J. D. Heyes: NSA now admits spying on 75% of U.S. Internet traffic: Emails, texts, voice calls

Zero Hedge: US Finally Admits What Ron Paul Said: "Nobody Knows Who Set Off The Gas"

Zero Hedge: Delusional America Brokering Middle East Peace

Zero Hedge: Nigel Farage Warns "Military Intervention In Syria Could Lead To Something Far Bigger"

Politics - August 28, 2013

Ron Paul: Middle of the Road in Healthcare Leads to Socialism

Sheldon Richman: The Phony Trade-Off Between Privacy and Security

Michael Snyder: It Is Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Cities All Over The United States

Andrew Moran: Delta healthcare costs to increase to $100 million due to Obamacare

Monty Pelerin: Detroitification — It’s The Government, Stupid

Bob Moriarty: Syria, Are We Getting the Truth?

Michael Noonan: Miranda Detention: ‘Blatant Attack on Press Freedom’ by Laura Poitras

Tom Tillison: Ron Paul Started the Tea Party, but then the Republican Mainstream Took It Over

Bill Sardi: Modern Reality: Is It All A Contrived Illusion?

Anthony Gucciardi: Pentagon Prepping for ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’

James Hohmann: RNC, Ron Paul backers seek peace

Brian Doherty: Two Perspectives on how Ron Paul Activists are Getting Along in the GOP These Days

Thomas Mullen: Ron Paul blasts establishment in Ron Paul Channel debut

Carl Wicklander: Rand Paul Fundraising Numbers Reach Nearly $2 Million

Mark Shields: Republican challenge: Avoid self-inflicted wounds of 2012

Alex Newman: Obama Behavior Team to “Nudge” U.S. Toward Government Goals

Anthony Gucciardi: Obama Pushes Nations Into World War 3

Khaled Yacoub Oweis: Syria strike due in days, West tells opposition

Michael Lotfi: How America Reacted: Miley Cyrus VS Syria

Ben Swann: Sec. of State John Kerry Wrong About Syrian Weapons Claim

Kristin Tate: More Gun Laws Do Not Mean Less Crime

Austrian Economics and Liberty: They Are the Workers’ Corporations

Tim Shoemaker: To War!

Jeff Thomas: "When Will They Learn?"

Sheldon Richman: The Phony Trade-Off Between Privacy and Security

Simon Black: 2,400 year old wisdom on the NSA, Edward Snowden, and gun control

Michael Snyder: Public School Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places You Could Possibly Put Your Children

Michael Snyder: 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

Patrick J. Buchanan: Congress Should Veto Obama’s War

Mike Adams: Fukushima in freefall: radioactive water filters taken offline, Tepco in desperation as leaks just won't stop

J. D. Heyes: Public school is now officially a prison for your children; Parents not allowed to walk kids to class

J. D. Heyes: Google, Facebook, others accepted millions from NSA to turn over spy data on its users

J. D. Heyes: It's official: Obama ran trillion-dollar deficits four years in a row

Zero Hedge: Meet Saudi Arabia's Bandar bin Sultan: The Puppetmaster Behind The Syrian War

Zero Hedge: US State Department Indefinitely Postpones Meeting With Russia On Political Solution To Syrian Crisis

Zero Hedge: Final Obamacare "Individual Mandate" Rules Released: This Is What You Will Pay

Zero Hedge: How The Times Have Changed: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam Use Chemical Weapons

Politics - August 26, 2013

Ben Swann: U.S. Cruise Missiles Preparing To Strike Syria

Jeffrey Tucker: The Turning Point Against the American Empire

Mac Slavo: Hundreds of American Troops and CIA Operatives Have Entered Syria

Mac Slavo: “Pentagon is Making the Initial Preparations for a Cruise Missile Attack”

WashingtonsBlog: West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation

Michael Snyder: 15 Signs That Obama Has Already Made The Decision To Go To War With Syria

Andrew Moran: Federal Reserve owes $2 trillion in U.S. debt

Alexander Friedman: China’s American Bailout?

Peter Coy: A Truly Smart Idea Republicans and Democrats Actually Agree On (No, Seriously)

Ewen MacAskill: NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies

Michael Noonan: 9 Household Items That Could Be Spying on You

Michael Noonan: “As A Democrat, I Am Disgusted With President Obama”

Michael Noonan: Secret “End Game” Memo On WTO Dominance

Ron Paul: I expect Obamacare to implode leading to national healthcare

Ron Paul - Private Property Is the Essence of Liberty

Sen. Rand Paul's fundraising has picked up the pace

Cathy Young: Vladimir Putin is no ally for the right

Eric Blair: Dear World, Americans Don't Want War With Syria

WashingtonsBlog: Americans Strongly Oppose U.S. Intervention In Syria’s Civil War

Andrew Hoffman: Black Swans And Precious Metals

Megan Stiles: Campaign for Liberty Backs ‘Defund ObamaCare’ Effort

Walter Block on Rand Paul and David Boaz

Daniel McAdams: US Set to Launch ‘Iraq, The Sequel’ in Syria

William Norman Grigg: Killing Without Consequences: "Counter-Insurgency" Warfare in Greenfield, California

Jack Cashill: How Responsible Is Obama for the Oklahoma Killing?

David S. D'Amato: Rothbard and the Libertarian Populists

Ron Paul: Snowden, Manning 'should be Treated as Heroes'

Mark A. DeWeaver: A Skyscraper Curse with Chinese Characteristics

Michael Snyder: The Human Race Is Dying: DNA Degeneration Would Eventually Lead To The Total Extinction Of Humanity

Ben Swann: U.S. Trained Fighters Now Crossing From Jordan Into Syria

Nick Gillespie: The Immense and Growing Price of "Tax Expenditures"

Peter Suderman: Yes, Obamacare Could Affect You—Even if You Already Have Health Insurance

Simon Black: You need to be in front of this trend

Jason Ditz: Poised to Attack, US Moves Naval Forces Near Syria

Subsidies: The Real Reason College Costs So Much

Zero Hedge: Internet Architects Plan Counter-Attack On NSA Snooping

Zero Hedge: 60% Of Americans Oppose US Involvement In Syria, Only 9% Support Military Action

Politics - August 23, 2013

Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’

Jeffrey Tucker: An Empire in Panic

Michael Noonan: The Mystery Woman Behind Edward Snowden And Glenn Greenwald

Camille Paglia: “It remains baffling how anyone would think that Hillary Clinton is our party’s best chance”

Pierre Lemieux: If You Have Nothing to Hide, Be Very Worried

Ben Swann: Using Illegal Images To Take Down The Liberty Movement? (Video)

Michael Lotfi: Vermont Completely Nullifies Federal Hemp Ban

Sally Pipes: Obama’s 2009 Promise of Cheaper Health Care Has Morphed Into 2013 Price Hikes

Mike Krieger: Meet "BOSS": The Department Of Homeland Security's Facial Scanning Program

Alexandra Jaffe: Ron Paul says no to 2016 presidential run

Rush Limbaugh: Millennials Want a Cause, Like Ron Paul's Legalizing Weed

Jonathan S. Tobin: Rand Paul's Jeremiah Wright

att Wilstein: Ron Paul on Fox: Christie Will ‘Say Anything, Do Anything, Deceive the People’ to Get Elected

James Holcomb: Aaron Sorkin Thinks Libertarians Are Impressionable Drunks Who Want to Smoke Weed

Ross Kaminsky: Libertarian Populism Is an Oxymoron

Daniel G. J.: Media Ignores ‘Trayvon Revenge Killing’ of Young Man

Tim Shoemaker: NSA Surveillance is Unconstitutional

Megan Stiles: Minutes From the Federal Reserve’s July Meeting Released Today

Norm Singleton: All That Glitters is Gone

Megan Stiles: Surprise! The NSA Can Spy on More People than they Admit

Megan Stiles: Obama Administration Wants to Search Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant

Neil Munro: Study reveals huge racial gaps 50 years after MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

Robert Wenzel: DHS Employee Running Website Predicting Race War

Robert Wenzel: Truth From The Treasury Secretary: Social Security at Risk

Pierre Lemieux: If You Have Nothing to Hide, Be Very Worried

Sally Pipes: Obama’s 2009 Promise of Cheaper Health Care Has Morphed Into 2013 Price Hikes

Lavabit: The Latest Dead Canary in the Privacy Coal Mine

Nick Giambruno: The Only Legal Way to Escape US Taxes Besides Death and Renunciation

Michael Snyder: The Secret Document That Proves China Considers The United States To Be A Mortal Enemy

Michael Snyder: Obama Administration Makes Secret Deal With Mexico To Help Illegal Immigrants In The Workplace

Michael Snyder: Why Is The Government Leaving Our Most Critical Infrastructure Wide Open To Terror Attacks?

Michael Snyder: 11 Facts About The Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Holocaust That Are Almost Too Horrifying To Believe

Patrick J. Buchanan: Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution

Zero Hedge: Hundreds Dead In Syrian Chemical Attack As Even Impartial Experts Allege "False Flag"

Zero Hedge: NSA Admits It "Acquires" Your Internet Data From These Redacted Internet Service Providers

Zero Hedge: UPS Drops 15,000 Spouses From Health Plan, Blames Obamacare

Zero Hedge: Japan Raises Severity Of Latest (And Greatest) Fukushima Leak To Level 3

Zero Hedge: How The NSA Scours 75% Of The Nation's Internet Traffic - In One Chart

Zero Hedge: CIA Finally Admits It Is Behind Iran's 1953 Coup

Politics - August 19, 2013

Ron Paul: Free Markets: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Bill Bonner: The Virgin Central Banker

Doug Hornig: The NSA: And Who Will Watch the Watchmen?

Alex Daley: Just Who Is Spying on You Right Now?

J. D. Heyes: 'Conscious living' community raided at gunpoint by SWAT in yet another paramilitary police action

J. D. Heyes: Associated Press caught blatantly lying about global warming with deceptive photo and caption

J. D. Heyes: Obamacare now clearly a bait-and-switch scheme as out-of-pocket cost caps are pushed aside

Ed Payne: NSA broke privacy rules 'thousands of times each year,' report says

W.F. Price: The End of the Progressive Dream

Michael Noonan: You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On With Government Spying On Americans

Michael Noonan: Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid

David Galland: A Steaming Stream of Tweet

Robert Wenzel: Political Paulians Getting Swept Up Into Republican Party

Matt Taibbi: Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal

Adam Gabbatt: The Ron Paul Channel: libertarianism 'unfiltered and uninterrupted'

Ron Paul: Christie "Offers Nothing"

Jennifer Rubin: Rand is still in Ron’s shadow

Dan Weil: Ron and Rand Paul Attack Christie Over RNC Speech

Audrey Hudson: Rand Paul on Fox: Christie Made 'Big Mistake' Attacking Libertarians

Molly Ball: America's Libertarian Moment

Joshua Cook: As Obamacare Deadline Looms, Doctors are Opting for “Cash Only” Clinics

Larry Doyle: Federal Reserve: A 100 Year Old Failure

Douglas French: Regulatory Outrage

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: How to Fight the Modern State

Anthony Gregory: The Habeas Corpus Myth

Streber: Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Malta

Mark Steyn: Idiot Big Brother

Matthew Feeney: Americans Renounce Citizenship to Escape IRS

Mac Slavo: Your Future: “We Are Now at a Point Where the Crisis Will Happen Almost Overnight” *Micro Doc*

Dave Hodges: The Massive Conspiracy Designed to Separate You From Your Children

Darren Kaiser: Is this the best safe haven for you and your family?

Simon Black: A very subtle form of capital controls

Brendan Sasso: NSA violations up pressure on Obama to accept intel reforms

J. D. Heyes: U.S. citizens suffer more severe penalties for crimes than illegal aliens

Fukushima apocalypse: Years of ‘duct tape fixes’ could result in ‘millions of deaths’

Zero Hedge: US Naval Update: There's A Party In The Middle-East And All The Sailors Are Invited

Politics - August 15, 2013

Paul Joseph Watson: MSNBC Blames Boston Bombing on “Deeply Racist” Alex Jones

Kurt Nimmo: Alex Jones Responds to MSNBC’s Defamation

Ron Paul: Free Markets: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Joshua Cook: IRS Needs AR-15?s For “Standoff Capabilities”?

Kristin Tate: Warrantless Vaginal Searches Conducted By Texas Police

Michael Snyder: Are These The Last Days Of The U.S. Marine Corps?

Jason Farrell: Worried About Obamacare? The Government’s “Federal Data Hub” Is Here to Help

Bill Bonner: Thank You, TSA, NSA, FBI and CIA!

Michael Snyder: They Are Systematically Destroying Our Independence And Making Us All Serfs Of The State

Michael Noonan: Choose Fear Or Embrace Life

Michael Noonan: Tyranny Rules In the United States

Michael Lotfi: Tennessee Moves to Legalize Hemp

Ben Swann: IRS Official Who Oversaw Targeting Has Been Promoted

Joshua Cook: U.S. Navy is Soliciting 12 More Drones for Possible Yemen Strikes

Joshua Cook: “Yes, Common Core is a federal takeover of education!”

Joshua Cook: IRS Needs AR-15?s For “Standoff Capabilities”?

Greg Richter: Rand Paul: 'Thinking About' Running for President

Leslie Larson: Ron Paul is talkin’ bout a revolution with the launch of internet based news service, the Ron Paul channel

Ron Paul: 'The US Government Is Clearly At War In Yemen'

Kevin Derby: Ron Paul's Team Urges RNC to Reform Presidential Primary Delegates

Leslie Larson: Sarah Palin takes Rand Paul’s side in feud with Chris Christie: ‘I’m on team Rand’

Phyllis Schlafly: Why Republicans Didn't Win in 2012

Liberty Blitzkrieg: Anonymous’ Presence in the U.S. Military

Paul Noel: US Govt. Employee Bravely Calls for the Total Abolition of NSA

Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality — Paul Craig Roberts

Robert Wenzel: Senate Committee Now Investigating Bitcoin

Robert Wenzel: Rand Paul Is Embarrassing the Austrian School of Economics

Addison Wiggin: Obamacare: “Let’s Just Make Sure It’s Not A Third World Experience”

John Goodman: Why the White House Is Panicking About Obamacare

Jason Farrell: Economist: Obamacare Will Cost 4 Million Jobs

Vern Gowdie: Detroit, Demographics and Detonation

Michael Snyder: If This Guy Is What The Future Of America Looks Like, We Are In BIG Trouble

Andrew Moran: U.S. national debt is really $70 trillion

Andrew Moran: Ignoring Obamacare mandate could cost $695 annually per adult in 2016

Allan Meltzer: When Inflation Doves Cry

Catherine Austin Fitts: Real Solutions

Nick Giambruno: The Devolution of Financial Privacy

Michael Snyder: 19 Shocking Examples Of How Political Correctness Is Destroying America

Patrick J. Buchanan: Post v. Putin — Whose Side Are You On?

Simon Black: What will future historians think of our time?

Simon Black: Got grandparents? Four places where you can become a citizen.

Zero Hedge: Forget Apology: Eric Holder Owes The American People A Resignation

Politics - August 12, 2013

Ellie Dee: We left the U.S. We chose Chile.

Ron Paul: “Why Are We At War With Yemen?”

Kevin Derby: Ron Paul's Group Looks to Get More Active in Florida

Ron Paul: Why won't they tell us the truth about the NSA?

Jonah Goldberg: Republicans are hardly isolationists

Libertarian trying to shake up Va. governor's race gets tough on top candidates

Todd Starnes: The silence of the race hustlers

Alexander Reed Kelly: Is There Really a Terrorist Threat?

Idaho: Take Action to Nullify Federal Gun Control

Virologist: “There Will Be More Infections… We Need to Be Vigilant”

Drew Zahn: Democrat manual: How to lie about gun control

Alexander Abdo and Patrick Toomey: The NSA is turning the internet into a total surveillance system

John Hinderaker: If Democrats Like Women, Why Do They Try to Disarm Them?

Michael Snyder: Why Are Millions Of Fish Suddenly Dying In Mass Death Events All Over The Planet?

Michael Snyder: 18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer

David Gordon: Obamacare, Stimulus, and Other Disasters

Brian McWilliams: Americans Still Accepting Trade-Off of Liberty for Security

Marc Clair: TSA: Coming Soon to…Everywhere?!

Michael S. Rozeff: How Goes the Global War on Terror?

Karen Kwiatkowski: Parallel Construction

Robert Wenzel: The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse

Richard Moyer: John McCain Saws Another Leg off the Republican Platform

Ralph Nader: The Dilemma of Senator Rand Paul

Ginni Thomas: Head of National Black Chamber of Commerce on Obama’s priorities: ‘This is not America’

Zero Hedge: Obama On NSA Spying: "I Would Be Concerned Too, If I Weren't Inside The Government"

Zero Hedge: Where The Fed's Excess Reserves Are Going: 51% Foreign Banks; 49% Domestic

Zero Hedge: Congressional Confidence Collapses - The Infographic

Politics - August 10, 2013

Ben Swann: Did The Ron Paul Campaign Betray Liberty Voters In Iowa With a Backroom Deal?

Kristin Tate: Warrantless Vaginal Searches Conducted By Texas Police

Stephen Gandel: Ron Paul's pick for Fed chair: No one

Bill Bonner For Fed Chairman Over Larry Summers

Obama: Larry Summers Isn't Front-Runner For Fed Chair, Would Make Excellent Fed Chair

Jennifer Harper: Ron Paul counting on his natural enthusiasm on his own news channel

Thomas Lifson: Ron Paul, Inc?

Ryan Lakich: Ron Paul announces debut date for own news channel

Tanner Hesterberg: Sen. Rand Paul responds to secret recording of former aide

Madison Ruppert: Legal loophole allows NSA to conduct warrantless searches for Americans’ emails and phone calls

Mark Rumold: What It Means to Be An NSA "Target"

Michael S. Rozeff: Which Shall It Be, Freedom of Speech or Not?

Rand Paul: The feds have concluded Americans would rather be safe than free

Mac Slavo: Dr. Doom Warns Of Major Market Crash This Fall: “20 Percent, Maybe More”

Norm Singleton: Rothbard on Audit the Fed

Jeffrey St. Clair: What John Kerry Really Did in Vietnam

Robert P. Abele: The Logical (and Coming) End to the US Empire

Alexis Levinson: Harry Reid compares tea party to anarchists who ‘started World War I’

Alex Pappas: Black senator blasts Harry Reid for suggesting Republicans are racist

Jason Howerton: Voters Explode at GOP Lawmakers During Town Hall: "We're dying out here because you guys are being nice guys!"

Paul Rosenberg: Digital Diversification: How to Do It

Jeffrey Tucker: Is Bitcoin Real or Not?

Washington’s Drive For Hegemony Is A Drive To War — Paul Craig Roberts

Michael S. Rozeff: Which Shall It Be, Freedom of Speech or Not?

David Swanson: The Missiles That Brought Down TWA Flight 800

Michael Suede: michaelsuede

Michael Suede: Court Rules Business Records Are Not Protected By The Fourth Amendment

Henry Hazlitt: The Need for General Rules

Michael Snyder: 19 Very Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immigration That Every American Should Know

Michael Snyder: Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Al-Qaida in Perspective

Patrick J. Buchanan: Do We Really Want a Cold War II?

Simon Black: Presenting the latest in government oppression

Nick Gillespie: 5 Myths About Libertarians

Kurt Loder: Elysium and We’re the Millers

Steve Chapman: TSA to Ruin Train Travel Now, Too

Politics - August 8, 2013

Kristin Tate: Man Arrested & Detained for Legally Carrying a Firearm

Ron Paul: Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?

Michael Noonan: Drones And Right To Privacy And How A Single Lit Candle Matters

Michael Noonan: U S Agents Illegally Setting Up Arrests Of Citizens

Gold Silver Worlds: We Are Closer To Communism Than One Might Think

Gold Silver Worlds: Wealth Redistribution Is The Result Of How Money Is Created

Jeffrey Tucker: The Triumph of Scrooge McDuck

Washington Thinks You Are Stupid — Paul Craig Roberts

F.F. Wiley: America’s Urban Distress: Why the Public Pension Problem Is Worse than You Think

Reena Ninan, Richard Coolidge, and Jordyn Phelps: Ron Paul: Retired but not relenting

Zenon Evans: Ron Paul Endorses Anti-Death Penalty Group

Ron Paul: Benghazi Part Of Arms Deal To Al-Qaeda

Ryan Lakich: Ron Paul announces debut date for his very own news channel

Kate Andrews: Ron Paul's Speech at YAL Convention: An Attack on the 'Statist Quo

Ron Paul: U.S. Lying About Spy Program

Kevin Derby: Ron Paul Group Pushes Federal Reserve Audit and Ben Bernanke Replacement

Ron Paul: NSA's claim of dozens of terror plots narrows down to one...if that

Rand Paul: I won’t ‘respond to every yahoo’ who calls me racist

Jonah Goldberg: The GOP isolationist myth

Stephen Gandel: I know who the next Fed Chairman will be

Nick Gillespie: Five myths about libertarianism

Cole Stangler: A new generation of libertarians is being groomed for Republican leadership

Dave Hodges: Gun Confiscation Has Begun

Dave Hodges: Obamacare Will be the Reason That You Will Never Retire

Jack Mullen: Drills, Props and Propaganda Predicting Large Scale False Flag Events

Stephen Lendman: Fake Terror Alert Extended

Steve Watson: Rand Paul Slams NPR Host: “Don’t You Have Something Better To Read Than A Bunch Of Crap?”

Rand Paul: Stephanopoulos colluded with Democrats on birth control issue in 2012 election

Nick Giambruno: Would You Believe This Country’s Banks Have the Highest Cash Reserve Ratios in the World?

Jeff Thomas: When Price Controls Reach Your Dining Table

Addison Wiggin: How Risk Takers Can (Still) Conquer the Debt Crisis

Jeffrey Tucker: The Triumph of Scrooge McDuck

Michael Snyder: Time Magazine Promotes A Childless Lifestyle As The Path To The Good Life For U.S. Couples

Michael Snyder: Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire Pacific Ocean

Michael Snyder: Pre-Crime And Mind Control Technologies Are Already Here

Patrick J. Buchanan: Last Hurrah of the Interventionists?

Simon Black: Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Simon Black: If you have an IRA, you need to know this

Zero Hedge: The Lie Must Go On: BLS "Catches" BLS At Misrepresenting 2013 Job Gains By Over 40%

Zero Hedge: China Is Ending Its "One-Child Policy" - Here Are The Implications

Zero Hedge: DEA's "Cover Up Program" Revealed: More Troubling Than Pervasive NSA Surveillance?

Zero Hedge: Apple vs Samsung Lobby Spending, Or Spot The Reason For Obama's Unprecedented Veto

Zero Hedge: Treasury Sell-Offs In Context, And Why There Is Much More Room To Fall

Politics - August 5, 2013

Gregory Cummings: A Cure for Obamacare: From Canada With Love

Michele Catalano: Pressure cookers, backpacks and quinoa, oh my!

Delingpole on Friday: Why there’s no point arguing with lefties

Jeffrey Tucker: Thank You, Russia?

Brent Budowsky: Ron Paul, Elizabeth Warren, John McCain can agree about Fabrice ('Fabulous Fab') Tourre

Ron Paul takes jab at Chris Christie, ‘who’s the other guy?’

Ron Paul Institute Director, Daniel McAdams, Talks Happenings In The Middle East And US Foreign Policy

Paul-Christie dialogue signals start of 2016 season

Paul Ryan: Government Shutdown Strategy Is 'Swinging For The Fences' On Obamacare

Jim Carroll: Rand Paul finds resistance in the GOP

Alex Mangini: Rand Paul Addresses Current State of GOP on Laura Ingraham

Charles Krauthammer: How fractured is the GOP?

Bill Maher Advocates Getting Rid Of Homeland Security: "No Program We Start Ever Ends"

Andrew Napolitano: Liberty's Backlash the Amash Amendment

Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones: Benghazi was Cover-up of Arms Transfer to al-Qaeda

Shepard Ambellas: Insider Blows the Whistle On DHS Takeover Plan

John Whitehead: The American Surveillance State Is Here - Can It Be Evaded?

Brandon Smith: Is Egypt On The Verge Of Engineered Civil War?

Luke Marrazzo: A Foreign Policy of Power

Megan Stiles: Rubio Votes With Reid and Obama, Against American People

W. James Antle III: GOP a house divided on Obamacare

Michael Bastasch: Study says global warming will lead to wars, experts disagree

WARNING: Someone is Trying to Set Up Liberty Activists Using Child Porn

Derrel Walters: On the Issue of Natural Rights

Robert Wenzel: 7 Things I Am More Concerned About Than a Terrorist Attack

Robert Wenzel: Is the Empire Winning?

Brendan Sasso: Unknown Republican blocks bill requiring email search warrants

Jennifer Martinez: Facebook's Zuckerberg now building a political network

Darren Kaiser: Chile to Join US Visa Waiver Program

Gregory Cummings: A Cure for Obamacare: From Canada With Love

Ivan Glinski: A Short History of Freedom

Jeffrey Tucker: Thank You, Russia?

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Logical Beauty of Libertarianism

Michael Suede: Study Finds 3 out of 4 Climate Science Papers Use Flawed Statistical Analysis

Roger Roots: Criminal Courts have Quietly Moved From “May” Convict to “Must” Convict Jury Instructions Over the past 40 Years

Gary D. Barnett: Constitutional Government: A Ruse Accepted by Irrational Men

Michael Snyder: Type The Wrong Thing Into A Search Engine And The Secret Police Will Come Knocking On Your Door

Michael Snyder: Why Are The Chinese Gobbling Up Real Estate And Businesses In Detroit?

Simon Black: For those who think– “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear…”

Mac Slavo: Carrington Class: “The World Escaped an EMP Catastrophe”

Zero Hedge: What Google Knows About You

Politics - August 2, 2013

Andrew P. Napolitano: Liberty’s Backlash

Mike Adams: Oakland to ban hammers, wrenches, tripods, walking canes, shields and other 'tools of vandalism' in bizarre Orwellian disarmament push

Mike Adams: MSNBC host says newborn infants don't count as 'alive' unless parents decide they do; infanticide is the new abortion

J. D. Heyes: Washington Post admits to publishing total lies about Snowden, Greenwald and Wikileaks

J. D. Heyes: FAA is gearing up to spy on regular Americans: Agency admits drone operators have NO privacy obligations

Ron Paul: A House Divided Over NSA Spying on Americans

Jason Farrell: The Debt Ceiling Battle Is Coming

Jeffrey Tucker: How the Internet Saved Civilization

Michael Krieger: Obama Erases Campaign Promises from Election Websit

Jeff Siegel: Is the Smart Gun a Sneak Attack on the Second Amendment?

Jason Farrell: The Cloud Belongs to the NSA

Michael Tennant: “Hurry up and Die”

Shah Gilani: Why Obama Just Loves Larry Summers…

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.: 10 Reasons Why Obamacare Is Going to Ruin Your Medical Care… and Your Life

Porter Stansberry: Our Federal Government Is Twice as Bankrupt as Detroit

Simon Black: Think your password is secure from the NSA? Try this.

Chris Powell: U.S. knows what Nazis did: Imperialism works best by rigging currency markets

Chris Moody: Why did Ron Paul's group single out Marco Rubio for voting against Rand Paul’s aid bill?

Sean Sullivan: Rand Paul is not a Ron Paul Republican

David Sherfinski: Ron Paul: House leadership voted for ‘police state’

Kimberly Paxton: Hillary Clinton Receives the American Patriot Award…No, Really

Chris Carrington: Global Cooling: Mother Nature’s Gift To The Agenda 21 Elitists

Elizabeth Harrington: Liberal Activist: ‘Thousands of People Will Die Every Year’ Under Obamacare

Wesley Long: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Nick Giambruno: On the Ground in Cyprus with Doug Casey

Jeffrey Tucker: How the Internet Saved Civilization

Glenn Greenwald: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

Joel Pinheiro da Fonseca: The Brazilian Philosophy Magazine Dicta & Contradicta Interviews Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Chris Powell: Bank of England refuses comment on huge discrepancy in custodial gold reports

Kristin Tate: FBI Attempts To Use Snowden’s Father As “Emotional Tool” To Lure Son Back To America

Kristin Tate: Obama Creates “Nudge Squad” To Influence Behavior

Patrick J. Buchanan: Obama’s Moment — A Deal With Iran!

Jonathan Benson: Your cell phone is now a tracking device for NSA to hunt you down

J. D. Heyes: Enemies of America rejoice as U.S. Army switches to wimpy 'green' bullets that do less damage

Ethan A. Huff: US government spending $500k to push HPV vaccine that keeps killing young women

J. D. Heyes: Obamacare call center employees not offered health care benefits

Zero Hedge: NSA Admits: 'We Do Store All Your Data But We Don't Look At It All'


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Cause: America is NOT the freest country
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