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Politics - April 29, 2013

Silver Shield: The Tipping Point

Ron Paul: Liberty Was Also Attacked In Boston

2016 presidential election: In early N.H. poll, Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul lead

Public blasts TSA's body scanners - WorldNetDaily

Neal Gallagher: Libertarianism defined & why the GOP needs to support young libertarian politicians

Andrew P. Napolitano: US Income Tax Is Theft: So Why Do We Put Up With It?

Gaye Levy: Americans Under Siege – Has Tomorrow Become A Reality?

Stephen Lendman: Torture Remains Official U.S. Policy

James P. Pinkerton: ‘Star Wars’ Is the Way to Deal With North Korea

Samuel Goldman: Misunderstanding Communitarian Conservatism

Rod Dreher: Philosophy By Storytelling

Rod Dreher: Another Lie We Tell Ourselves About Education

Jordan Bloom: No, Rand Paul Didn’t Just Switch His Position on Drones

Samuel Goldman: Mild Nepotism and the Illusion of Meritocracy

The Collapse of Socialism

Ron Paul Statement on Internet Tax Mandate

Larry Parks: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Money Metals

Anthony Wile: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever – and the VESTS Solution

Peter Schiff: Changing the Conversation

Daily Bell: $2 Trillion US Underground Economy Is the Free Market Striking Back?

NAU Redux: US Military and Civil Officials Set to Police in Canada

Robert Wenzel: Politico: Rand Paul Aims to Go Mainstream (By distancing himself from his father)

Robert Wenzel: Rand Paul Predicts Police Cars of the Future Will Have Drones

Douglas French: Denial Is Not Just a Polluted River in Egypt

Wendy McElroy: Hiding the Unemployed: Disability and the Politics of Stats

Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Limbaugh’s 'Big Lie' Strategy

Eric Margolis: India Flexes Its Nuclear Muscles – While We Fixate on North Korea and Iran

Michael S. Rozeff: The Total Failure of Modern Liberalism

John Odermatt: Abolish The FAA!: Take Cues From “Right-Wing Radicals” In Canada

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Dark Side of Diversity

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: CISPA Reportedly Dead — for Now

Bob Adelmann: DHS Spokesman Waffles Over Huge Ammo Purchases

SHTFplan: National Guard On America’s Streets: “It Is Absolutely An Option”

SHTFplan: They Come For the Ammo: New Bill Would Require Background Checks for “Explosive Materials”

Sovereign Man: Is this passport a total scam?

Politics - April 26, 2013

Sean Higgins: Ron Paul Institute advisory board includes Dennis Kucinich

Mark Gongloff: Meet Janet Yellen, Who Will Probably Replace Ben Bernanke As Fed Chair

Aaron Blake: Rand Paul says he was misunderstood on using drones against common criminals

Zane McMillin: Ron and Rand Paul pressuring Justin Amash to forego Senate run, report says

Rand Paul Denies Shifting on Drones

Eric Antisell: Libertarians are the best at parties

Andrew Sorensen: Young Libertarians could play into GOP future

John Rappoport: Consensus Shredded; Major Media Up Against The Wall

Paul Rosenberg: The Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us

Matthew Hawes: Final Cloture on the Internet Tax Mandate

David Heacock: The Marketplace Fairness Act is Internet Revenge

Norm Singleton: Congress plots to opt-out of Obamacare

Daily Bell: Monopoly Central Banking Is Weaker Than You Think

Daily Bell: Did Krugman Win the Austerity Argument?

Daily Bell: Confirmation of Our Austerity Analysis as the EU Stumbles

Catherine Austin Fitts: Solari Stories: Trusted Sources

Daily Bell: Again, Reuters Compares Central Bankers to Superheroes!

Daily Bell: Homeland Security Backs Immigration Bill – North American Union on the Way?

Daily Bell: Why Gold's Real Dilemma Is Not 'Reverting to the Mean'

Tibor Machan: Public Choice Theory is Overlooked

Jeffrey Tucker: Bumps on the Bitcoin Road

Douglas French: Government Wants it Both Ways

Eric Fry: Beware of Government “Extras”

Andrew P. Napolitano: Boston and Freedom

Paul Rosenberg: The Good Guys Are NOT Coming To Save Us

Wilton D. Alston: What Is the Narrative?

Russia Today: 'Confusion and Inconsistencies': How US Plans To Distract Public From Real Truth About Boston

David Franke: Were the Boston Bombings Acts of Terrorism?

Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: Neocons Attack Ron Paul Peace Institute

David Gordon: In Defense of Non-Aggression

Ludwig von Mises: Come Back to Gold

Sovereign Man: “The battlefield is the United States of America”

Sovereign Man: When leaving is the only sane choice left…

SHTFplan: Outbreak: Frightening H7N9 Study: “Authorities Should Definitely Be Alarmed and Get Prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario”

SHTFplan: UNPRECEDENTED Shortages Of Ammo, Physical Gold And Physical Silver

Sam Volkering: Why Too Much Data Might Actually Protect Your Privacy

Politics - April 24, 2013

William Rinehart: CISPA fight reveals political split in Internet policy battles

John Hudson: Ron Paul fans furious over Rand Paul's drone flip-flop

Mike Riggs: Rand Paul Clarifies His Position on Drones After Making Waves With Fox Business Appearance

Jamie Weinstein: Academic board of new Ron Paul institute includes 9/11 truther, other radicals

Alex Rosenberg: Ron Paul Blames Obama Administration, Goldman for Gold Decline

Julia La Roche : Ron Paul On Bitcoin: 'If I Can't Put It In My Pocket, I Have Some Reservations'

Michelle Breidenbach: Ron Paul to visit Colgate University

Liz Halloran: A Rand Paul White House Path Complicated By Dad's Legacy

Katherine Timpf: "No one ever asked me how to increase youth support" - Ron Paul

Deborah Beeksma: Ron Paul's homeschool curriculum director claims that Bible is infallible; education must assert the authority of the Bible

Chad Peace: Rand Paul Continues to Win Early Presidential Straw Polls

46thParallel: Libertarianism challenges the old left-right divide

Tax-Free Internet Shopping Jeopardized by Bill

Doug Ross: The 20 Most Stunning Poverty Statistics Of The Obama Epoch

SHTFplan: Executive Action: Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Gun Accessories Without Congressional Approval

John Watts: Peter King pushes for expanded surveillance

Tim Shoemaker: Senate to Vote on National Internet Tax Mandate

Ron Holland: Rand Is the Man To Enhance the GOP Base

Daily Bell: Germany Out of the Euro or the Great Synthesis Has Begun?

Daily Bell: EU Backs Off Austerity

Daily Bell: What is Greece, and What Does It Pull?

Daily Bell: Is Obama Blowing a Bubble?

Daily Bell: Suddenly Carbon is a US$6 Trillion Bubble

Daily Bell: Time Proclaims the Death of Carbon Marts: Enter Coercion

Daily Bell: The Real Problem With the US Economy Is Not Enough Workers and a Sluggish Internet

Daily Bell: Jaw-Dropping African Promotion Continues

Rand Paul comes out against fellow Republicans in Tsarnaev case

Mike Lee’s speech: Bring back Judge Napolitano’s 'Freedom Watch'

Susan Page: USA TODAY Poll: Public support for gun control ebbs

Greg Sargent: Americans don’t believe in shredding Constitution to fight terror

Michael S. Rozeff: What’s Bad About a House-to-House Search?

Washington's Blog: Boston Terror Narrative Starts Falling Apart

Sovereign Man: The one thing that governments do really well

Sovereign Man: The next shoe to drop: Internet sales tax to become reality

Patrick J. Buchanan: Did the Brothers Tsarnaev Fail?

Politics - April 22, 2013

Ron Paul: Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty

Hugo Salinas Price on Gold and the Potential for '500 Years of Darkness'

Anthony Wile: US 'Decline' Ending or Just Beginning?

Mac Slavo: Warrantless House-To-House Raids In Boston: “Do What We Say!”

Mac Slavo: Monday Bombshell: Evidence So Damning It Will “Determine the Fate of Our Nation”

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Candidate: Americans are Fiscally Responsible, Socially Accepting

Tiffany Madison: Boston proves "homeland battlefield," Constitution obsolete -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham

Jon Rappoport: Locking down the city where the American Revolution was born

Douglas French: Right vs. Left, but What About Truth?

John Mauldin: Austerity is a Consequence, not a Punishment

Michael Scheuer: U.S. leaders’ fingerprints are on the detonators

Joel Poindexter: Totalitarian

Daniel McAdams: Scenes From the Ron Paul Institute Press Conference

Lucas Bowser: Was the Boston Bombing a 'Dry-Run Disaster' Gone Live?

Alan Caruba: Earth Day's Big Lie

Alan Caruba: Media Overkill and Official Obfuscation

Austin Petersen: 100 Million for Syrian Rebels with love from America

Tom Mullen: The Bill Of Rights Was Written For Dzhokar Tsarnaev

Anthony Gregory: The Economics of Liberty

Mark Thornton: Obama on Drugs

Michael Snyder: 17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Florida Legislature Passes Flawed but Forceful Anti-drone Bill

Bob Livingston: Social And Moral Breakdown

Sam Rolley: The Gun Control Fight Has Only Just Begun

Prison Glenn Beck’s Info on Obama Bombing Coverup Released

Lance Devon: Nestle CEO seeks to control the world's water supply

Ethan A. Huff: Kansas couple illegally raided by heavily-armed government agents for purchasing hydroponic garden equipment

Ethan A. Huff: There won't be enough doctors to run Obama's disease management system

Ethan A. Huff: Complexity of Obamacare mandate 'beyond comprehension' warns one of its key architects

Jonathan Benson: Obamacare causes huge decrease in job growth as employers aim to avoid penalties

J. D. Heyes: Traitorous Missouri Highway Patrol turns over entire list of concealed carry holders to the feds

Politics - April 20, 2013

Ron Paul unveils libertarian think tank

Alejandro Chafuen: Freedom In The United States: Is There A Conservative/Libertarian Divide?

Examiner: US Senate defeats anti-gun legislation

David Weigel: Ron Paul Isn't Worried About Falling Gold Prices

Jon Basil Utley: The Untold Story of Antiwar Conservatives

bionic mosquito: Liberal Society Hidden in the Dark Ages

John Watts: Tax Freedom Day 2013

Norm Singleton: Kane Lays the Smackdown on the National Internet Tax Mandate

Norm Singleton: An action-adventure movie about monetary policy?

Tim Shoemaker: Stay Vigilant on Guns

Daily Bell: US Failing Again: Never Ending Downturn

Daily Bell: For Real? CNN Poll Finds All Is Well in US

Daily Bell: Inevitable Futility of Austerity? Britain Down for the Count?

Daily Bell: Gold's Black Market?

Frank Suess: Gold Down, What Now?

Antal Fekete: Who Said the Hydra Would Take It Lying Down

Daily Bell: An Infinite Contempt for Gold

Richard Russell on the Long Term Decline in the Standard of Living: He remembers when wives didn't have to work.

Cheryl Pass: Reichstag Fire Forever – The US In A Constant State Of Emergency

Bradlee Dean: How Government Use Terror Attacks To Their Advantage

Tim Brown: House Passes CISPA CyberSecurity – Ignores Amendment To Protect 4th Amendment

Tim Brown: Biden Says Executive Order Will Expand Prohibited Purchasers Of Guns

Douglas French: Gold and the Wacky Human Mind

Anthony Gregory: Waco and 20 Years of State Terror

David Fisher: Can You Beat Facebook-NSA?

FBI Shows Up At Teenager’s Home To Ask About His Ron Paul School Report

Anthony Gregory: The Economics of Liberty

Kurt Wallace: Mike Church on Monetary Policy – ‘The Founding Fathers Would Stare in Disbelief’

Kurt Wallace: Jack Hunter: Government Spending ‘If we can’t cut this we will go the way of Greece’

Bob Adelmann: The Real Reason Gun Control Failed

Patrick J. Buchanan: Will the GOP Embrace Amnesty?

SHTFplan: De Facto State of Martial Law Declared In Boston

Sovereign Man: Important lessons in domestic terrorism

Lance Johnson: CISPA is back - Big brother tries yet again to invade your online privacy

J. D. Heyes: Obama pursues astonishing abuses, expansion of federal power, says U.S. Senator

Politics - April 18, 2013

Jennifer Kaplan: Ron Paul espouses wary view of big government

Ron Paul at UF: youth support marks career highlight

Ron Paul event raises some concerns

Joe Barker: Ron Paul-Supporter Sues St. Peters Following Caucus Arrest

Geoff Holtzman: Ron Paul Launching Libertarian Policy Center

Josh Wartena: Ron Paul revolutionizes UVU

Jack Hunter: With my kind of conservatism on the rise, it's time to move on

Declan McCullagh: CISPA vote means companies can't promise to protect privacy

Lew Rockwell: The Government Wants Your Money or Your Life

David Roberts: GOP needs to embrace grass-roots Liberty Wing

Dave Lefcourt: The Republican Party as Now Constituted is a Dinosaur

Alex Altman: Rand Paul, The Rebel

Brandon Smith: Boston Marathon Bombing: Who Do They Plan To Blame?

Norm Singleton: Rove’s Cronies Lobby for the National Internet Tax Mandate

Tibor Machan: The Corruption of Individual Rights

Daily Bell: Does Summers Suffer From 'A Lack of Vision' – or the US?

Daily Bell: Is China Turning Into a Service Economy?

Daily Bell: Complexity of the Modern Algae-Powered Building

Daily Bell: Is Cobalt-60 Another Wild 'Net Rumor?

Robert Wenzel: Business Insider: "Ron Paul Probably Still Above Water"

Robert Murphy: Debt Can’t Burden Future Generations?

Jim Karger: I Am a Terrorist

Bill Bonner: Why I'm Delighted To See Gold Smacked Down

Anthony Gregory: The Real Liberal Heritage

binaryloop: Trial to Determine the Fate Of America

Brian Koenig: Background Checks Open Door to National Gun Registry

Noemie Emery: Killing babies is the ultimate progressive 'right'

Mike Riggs: Torture, Murder, and Terror: Three Drug War Programs Your Taxes Pay For

No new gun control: Senate rejects more background checks, assault weapons ban after Newtown

Sovereign Man: Why this place is becoming the new Switzerland

Sovereign Man: The one reason why gold’s sell-off doesn’t matter…

J. D. Heyes: Eighty-five percent of cops say gun control will have no effect on crime in America

Mike Adams: Chaos engulfs Boston as mainstream media can't get its cover story straight

J. D. Heyes: The New York Times history of false reporting exposed by TimesWatch

J. D. Heyes: Plummeting toward catastrophe: Obama first president to spend $4 trillion in one year

Jon Rappoport: All terror attacks are psyops

Politics - April 15, 2013

Scott Wartman: Ron Paul's legacy could help, hurt son's political rise

Catalina Camia: Ron Paul to launch foreign policy institute

B.A. Morelli: Can Ron Paul Fans, Evangelicals and Moderates Agree on GOP Candidate for Harkin's Senate Seat?

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: "The Neo-Conservative Era Is Dead": Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Ron Paul: Why Can't We All Travel To Cuba?

John Browne Explains the Great Game

Anthony Wile: Introducing the Updated 4th Edition of the Book That Helped to Change the Internet

Tibor Machan: No Difference in Ideology and Values

Paul Craig Roberts: Assault On Gold Update

Jeffrey Tucker: Taxed for Life

Charles Adams: Tax Resistance, Then and Now

Nic Robertson: In Swat Valley, U.S. drone strikes radicalizing a new generation

Shawn Ritenour: Nominal GDP Targeting: New-Fangled Monetarism or Old-Fashioned Keynesianism?

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.: Your Money or Your Life

Michael Snyder: Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Who Is Winning the Gun War?

SHTFplan: Top Gold Analyst – “We Can’t Imagine What It Would Be Like If There Was True Chaos”

Roy Edroso: Rand Paul Addresses Rightbloggers, Who Receive Him Well, Despite All Those Black People Getting in the Way

Monica Hesse: ‘Silver Circle’: A libertarian love story where the bad guys work at the Federal Reserve

Diane Rufino: Self-Governing Individuals Are Necessary for a Self-Governing Society - Part I

Diane Rufino: Self-Governing Individuals Are Necessary for a Self-Governing Society - Part II

Rand Paul: Some evangelicals 'too eager for war'

J. D. Heyes: All three mainstream news networks are little more than shameless parrots for White House propaganda

Lance Devon: Are you a 'Zero TV' household? If so, you're freaking out the programming networks and mind controllers

Mike Adams: Civil war battle lines being drawn as Magpul, Colt, Beretta and other gun manufacturers relocate to pro-Constitution states

J. D. Heyes: Obama says his power to control you is 'constrained' by the Constitution

J. D. Heyes: Citizen defense program launched in Tucson to provide free shotguns to residents living in high crime areas

Summer Tierney: TSA actually causes an increase in deaths of Americans

Zero Hedge: The IRS May Be Reading Your Emails Right Now

Zero Hedge: China Takes Another Stab At The Dollar, Launches Currency Swap Line With France

Zero Hedge: Which Nations Are Next? The Credit Market Answers

Politics - April 13, 2013

Ron Paul: Bradley Manning Promotes Peace More Than Obama

Daily Bell: EU Mess, Libertarian Foretelling ...

Daily Bell: New Book on EU Corruption Gets Author Investigated

Daily Bell: Opportunity Begins With Freedom, Not a 'Living Wage'

Daily Bell: Shock: Bloomberg Admits Models Don't Work – Economics, Government Turned Upside Down?

Daily Bell: Of Bubbles and Bitcoins

Karen De Coster: The Police State Hates Tinted Windows

Walter Block: Is Austrian Economics a Cult?

Claire Wolfe: Can the U.N. Ban America's Guns?

Shawn Ritenour: Nominal GDP Targeting: New-Fangled Monetarism or Old-Fashioned Keynesianism?

Ron Paul Announces “Phase 2 of the Revolution”: a New Homeschooling Program

Juliet Lapidos: The Price of Gold (and Ron Paul)

Ron Paul Honored in New Biography, MEET RON PAUL

Barry Fagin: We accept cuts that aren't cuts at all

Craig Medred: Alaska GOP sends two chairs to national party meeting in Hollywood

Stephen Lendman: Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts

Daniel Larson: Anti-Imperial Presidency

Carl T. Bogus: Burke Not Buckley

Daniel McCarthy: Huntsman: Our Political Culture Is a National-Security Risk

Andrew P. Napolitano: The President’s Privileged Right to Kill

Andrew P. Napolitano: When the government goes bankrupt

Timothy Carney: The Crony Light-Bulb Story

Michael McThrow: Rand Paul's Speech at Howard University Was No Defense of Liberty

Mike Riggs: On Drug Policy, Rand Paul Is Not a Libertarian

New Gun Bill: Your Doctor Will Dictate Your Gun Rights

IRS: We can read emails without warrant

Damon W. Root: Rand Paul vs. Ron Paul on the Meaning of the Constitution

Sovereign Man: A colossal (and temporary) buying opportunity

Jason Pye: RNC Rules Fight is a Defining Moment for the GOP

Matthew Feeney: Ron Paul to Launch Foreign Policy Institute Next Week

Andrew Napolitano: Reporter The Victim Of A ‘Witch Hunt’

‘The neo-conservative era is dead’: Ron Paul announces DC think-tank

Georgiana Vines: Ron Paul draws huge Lincoln Day crowd in Knoxville

James Hohmann: Rand Paul forces suffer setback vs. GOP establishment

Daily Bell: Austerity Comes to America

Politics - April 11, 2013

Chuck Baldwin: SPLC Releases Annual List of Worst 'Haters'

Rod Van Mechelen: Open Letter to the SPLC Requesting to be Added to Their 'Haters' List

Ron Paul Curriculum Takes Swing At Public Education, Offers Hand To Homeschoolers

Alexandra Jaffe: Paul: 'I've never wavered in my support for civil rights or the Civil Rights Act'

Christopher S. Rugaber: Federal Reserve Minutes, Accidently Released Early, Reveal Division Over Way To End Stimulus

Bill McAllister: Two Alaskans Claim to be Republican State Party Chair

James Hohmann: RNC rejects most rule changes

Free speech group 'honors' attempts to censor

Libertarianism Rebranded

Robert Herriman: Glenn Beck’s Libertarian Epiphany?

Brock Vergakis: Federal budget cuts ground Air Force aircraft

Tibor Machan: Public Museums and Censorship

Bill Bonner: Why Money Printing Makes You Poorer

Daily Bell: Margaret Thatcher, Enlarger of WHAT Freedom ... Have You Looked at England Lately?

Daily Bell: Tax Havens - Surely a Meme

Daily Bell: Big Banks, Baby!

Daily Bell: Stuck in the 20th Century

Daily Bell: Is Japan's Devaluation an Attack on China?

Daily Bell: Dictators Always Miscalculate

Daily Bell: John Browne: Cypriot Chaos Assists EU Centralization

Joel Bowman: A Caveman’s Account of “Civilized Society”

John Odermatt: Why David Stockman’s Book Is Important

Brian McWilliams: Rand Paul’s Speech To Howard University

Patrick J. Buchanan: Where Have All the Workers Gone?

Gene Healy: Bring the Troops Home from Korea

Sovereign Man: This is why you don’t want to move gold yourself…

J. D. Heyes: The government has the right to infringe on your freedom, says Bloomberg

J. D. Heyes: Associated Press deliberately lies about government ammo purchases

J. D. Heyes: Gun control is anti-women: Rapists empowered by gun restrictions

J. D. Heyes: US ammo manufacturers running full tilt, with no end in sight for heightened consumer demand

J. D. Heyes: Help save Americans from tyranny by opposing S. 649

Mike Adams: How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited by globalists to outlaw decentralized crypto currencies

Mike Adams: The bitcoin bubble explained: Understanding the mathematics of the inevitable bitcoin crash

J. D. Heyes: Cuomo turns neighbors into spies for the state: $500 reward for turning in gun owners

Mike Adams: Meet your future enemy: Pentagon developing humanoid Terminator robots that will soon carry weapons

Politics - April 9, 2013

Patrick Howley: Ron Paul launches his own home-school curriculum

Tom Woods: Announcing the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome to the Ron Paul Curriculum

Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul Politico'd

Daisy Luther: 50 Ways To Starve the Beast

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: Emulate Ron Paul

Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Allen Guelzo Misinforms the World Socialist Movement About Lincoln

Joshua Katz: Gun Control Even a Conservative Can Love (But Not a Libertarian)

Christopher Manion: The Old-Time Religion, Revised

Anthony Gregory: The Totalitarianism of Universal Background Checks

Nick G.: Another Warning Sign – NY Times Columnist Favors Capital Controls

SHTFplan: The Numbers Are Quite Profound: Debt, Devaluation, Diversification and Gold

SHTFplan: Authorities Seize $50 Million In Gold From Private Owner: “Nearly A Ton” *Video*

Jeff Thomas: "Even Worse Than I Think"

Paul Krugman, David Stockman Spar Over Federal Reserve Policy

Clarence Page: GOP looking abandoned at the altar

Robert Herriman: John McCain And Tom Coburn Don’t Support Rand Paul And Allies Gun Control Filibuster Threat

Brad Knickerbocker: Senate Republicans threaten filibuster on gun control law

Dr. Charles Baird: On Paying Our “Fair Share”

Murray N. Rothbard: Bank Crisis!

Nikolay Gertchev: The Money-ness of Bitcoins

Anang Mittal: How Do We Deal With North Korea?

Amanda J. Crawford: Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion

John Odermatt: Hey President Obama, Democracy Is Tyranny

Michael Snyder: All Over America Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups”

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is War With North Korea Inevitable?

Bob Livingston: Do The Multitude Of Crises Mean That The Endgame Is Near?

Page Gardner and Celinda Lake: Despite 'autopsy,' GOP could have revival in 2014

Examiner Editorial: 'Competitive federalism' can restore government's credibility

Baylen Linnekin: A Constitutional Argument Against the So-Called "Monsanto Protection Act"

Steven Greenhut: Big Government and High Taxes Definitely Didn't "Save" California

Sovereign Man: The next domino: Australia doubles tax on retirement savings

Robert Wenzel: Taleb Smacksdown Revolving Door Government-Private Sector Opportunists

Politics - April 7, 2013

David Stockman: the Next Ron Paul

Robert Herriman: Ron Paul To Speak At Midwest Homeschool Convention, Launches Ron Paul Home School Curriculum

Beth Reinhard: Rand Paul Will Be the First Presidential Contender to Visit All Three Early Primary States

Jonathan Allen: 12 GOP senators back Rand Paul on gun-control filibuster

Ellen Meade: That Pesky Constitution

Garth Kant: Uh-oh! Is gold, silver confiscation next?

Patrice Lewis: The "It Can't Happen Here" Syndrome

Eric Blair: When Did Peaceful Protests Become 'Anti-Government Rallies'?

Megan Stiles: C4L Responds to RNC Attacks on Grassroots Conservatives

John Watts: Beware of “benign” gun control legislation

Megan Stiles: C4L Calls on Virginia Legislature to Reject Transportation Bill

Anthony Wile: Offshore Banking and the Shadow of the Gallows ...

Daily Bell: Fed Targeted for Centennial Commission: Another 'Nail in the Coffin'?

Daily Bell: Greenbacker Proposals in Vogue: Build Bridges and Print, Print, Print

Daily Bell: Was the Economic Crisis Triggered by a Lack of Justice?

Daily Bell: So Long, University Days of Wine and Roses

Paul Craig Roberts: The Assault On Gold

Daily Paul: Gary Johnson (D)

Michael Ames: Ron Paul’s generational movement

Michael Patrick Leahy: RNC Declares War on Conservative Grassroots

Paul Joseph Watson: Confirmed: ‘Batman’ Shooter James Holmes Was On Psychotropic Drugs

Alex Altman: Rand Paul The Rebel

Chris Helms, John Castelluccio, and Robert Gates: Cole Takes Stunning Win in Peabody State Rep Race

Douglas French: Japan’s Bold Move of Nothing

Eric Margolis: War in Korea

Joseph Sobran: Looking Back at Reagan

Paul Green: Romans 13 and the Right To Bear Arms

William L. Anderson: Should Government Try To Extend Booms Indefinitely?

Robert Wenzel: Lessons from Cyprus

Sovereign Man: Leaked offshore data shows who the real criminals are

Sovereign Man: The knockout blow people won’t see coming

Nomad Capitalist: Your second passport will soon be easier to get

Nomad Capitalist: When the taxes stop, so do your freedoms

Politics - April 5, 2013

Danny de Gracia: Obama and Congress should follow Ron Paul’s example on elected pay

Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Present Keynote Speech in New York

George Rasley: Do You Need Government Protection From Sarah Palin, Ron Paul And Rush Limbaugh?

Russ Choma: Gun Rights Group Has Close Ties To Paul Family

Rand Paul to deliver keynote address at New Hampshire Republican Party Liberty Dinner

Jayel Aheram: A Libertarian Foreign Policy Is Based on Peace

Piyali Bhattacharya: Libertarian Thought a Source of Optimism

Stephen Otto: Dollar could start collapsing in May because of US government insolvency

Gun Owners of America: Gun Control can be Passed Only If Republicans Sell Out

Rafi Farber: Outlaw Marriage for All!

Andrew P. Napolitano: When the Government Goes Bankrupt

David Heacock: Texas Looks to Reclaim its Gold

John Watts: Beware of “benign” gun control legislation

Megan Stiles: C4L Calls on Virginia Legislature to Reject Transportation Bill

Daily Bell: Mises Has Won

Daily Bell: Does Being Gloomy Make You an Incompetent Prognosticator?

Daily Bell: New American Explains the New BRICs Order

Daily Bell: Now It's The Netherlands's Turn

Daily Bell: Britain's Increasing Insolvency: Will the Center Hold?

Daily Bell: Obama Pumps a New Housing Bubble

Tibor Machan: Holding Your Nose for Principles

Peter Schiff: Flying High on Borrowed Wings

Daily Bell: A Real Market-Money Standard ...

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Mom and Pop Predicament

Edward Karr: A Regulatory Illusion

Daily Bell: The Most Incredible Sophistry

Douglas French: Where (in the States) Can You Find Freedom?

Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin for Beginners

Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin for Beginners, Part II

Detlev Schlichter: Good Riddance to Deposit “Insurance”

Sovereign Man: Leaked offshore data shows who the real criminals are

Sovereign Man: What Peter Schiff told me this morning…

Alex Newman: State Ban on UN Agenda 21 Clears Arizona Senate

Alex Newman: Arizona Lawmakers Advance Bill Making Gold and Silver Legal Tender

Alex Newman: BRICS Regimes Forge New World Bank, Call for Global Currency

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Poll: 28 Percent of U.S. Believes Conspiracy Seeks World Government

Politics - April 3, 2013

Ron Paul: The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery

Joseph S. Diedrich: Libertarian America: A conversation with Julie Borowski

Rand Paul wants US to keep foreign military bases open

James Hohmann: Justin Amash: The House's new Ron Paul

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Ron Paul Speaks at Chilean Conference, Says Abolish the IRS

Ron Paul: ‘The Situation In Cyprus Should Be Both A Lesson And A Warning To The United States’

Jason Pye: Ron Paul Blasts Online Sales Tax Scheme

Travis Thornton: The Specter of Internet Taxation

Jason Pye: Biden: Proposed Gun Control Regulations Only the Beginning

Walter Block: Is Ron Paul responsible?

Gary North: 71st Anniversary: Roosevelt’s Concentration Camps

Peter Schiff: Flying High on Borrowed Wings

Robert Wenzel: Fastest-Growing Jobs Pay Under $10/Hour

Seth Mason: America's Economic Depression in 5 Charts

Ryan Keller: DHS claims authority to inspect safety deposit boxes without warrants

Patrick J. Buchanan: Today, Cyprus, Tomorrow…

Brian Doherty: Is Amash really the next Ron Paul?

Sheldon Richman: How the News Media Betrayed Us on Iraq

A. Barton Hinkle: Both Left and Right Are Afraid of Change

Clarence Page: An odd push to privatize marriage

Daily Bell: Slate Wants to Drop Money From Helicopters. Not so Fast ...

Daily Bell: Reaction to Flash Crash Article Exposes Roots of Real Crisis

Daily Bell: Government Subsidies Are Not the Money Problem

Daily Bell: Confederacy of Dunces?

Daily Bell: Shock: Is Australia Really Falling Under the Orbit of China?

Sartre: Private Prisons And The Enslavement Society

Tom Chatham: Is DHS Setting Up Local Law Enforcement For Failure?

Douglas French: Where (in the States) Can You Find Freedom?

Michael Snyder: A Surprising Number Of Americans Believe In Conspiracy Theories – And Many Of Them Are Actually True

George Reisman: Not Taxing Is Allegedly Spending

Jonathan Benson: Homeland Security insider warns orchestrated collapse of U.S. dollar 'has begun'

Zero Hedge: The Four Traits Of Monetary Union Collapse

Zero Hedge: The 'Walking Dead' Housing Recovery - Zombie Foreclosures

Zero Hedge: When A Great Deflationary Bear Starts Turning Inflationary

Obama Tax Cuts Feel The Love
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