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Politics - February 26, 2013

Truth-O-Meter: Paul Broun - except for foreign policy, Ron Paul’s voting record and his voting record are virtually identical

Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux: Miami GOP elects dozens of Ron Paul supporters to Executive Committee

Samantha Cumberland: Chapter convention promotes Libertarian networking

Give this plant its due: legalize hemp

Alexander McCobin: An Open Letter To Glenn Beck From The Libertarian Org Founder He Called A ‘Jerk’ And ‘Nazi’

Gene Healy: America in denial as fiscal tsunami approaches

Richard Lardner: Lawmakers push for end to military draft registration

Rob Hotakainen: Are Congressmen worth $107K a year in retirement?

Bill Salisbury: Minnesota GOP soul searching after eviction from power

Lew Rockwell: Another Neocon Mag Down the Drain?

Jonathan Goodwin: Decentralization Hidden in the Dark Ages

Eric Peters: Unnatural Disaster Strike Again

Tracy McVeigh: Killer robots must be stopped, say campaigners

Walter Block: Chris Selley Is a Pussy Libertarian; I’m Not

John Tate Pens Open Letter to RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Ron Paul: When they came for the Raw Milk drinkers…

C4L President John Tate Responds to Massive Bob McDonnell Tax Hike

Daily Bell: Privacy at Risk: Global Gold Storage Firms Get Rid of US Citizens

Daily Bell: Private US Military Firms Spread to Switzerland: US$100 Billion Market Seen

Daily Bell: Swartz is Dead, White House Adjusts Rules

Daily Bell: IMF: 'World Economy Could End as We Know It ...'

Anthony Wile: Robert Wenzel on His Economic Policy Journal, Elite Memes and the Expanding American Empire

Anthony Wile: And the Antidote to the Great Fiscal and Monetary Crisis Is ...

Daily Bell: EU Sees More Shrinkage as Dialectic Expands

Jeffrey Tucker: Top Alternatives to Paper Money

Douglas French: Forcing Ayn Rand on the Students?

Laissez Faire Today: The Case of the 5-Year Old Bubble Gun Terrorist

Michael Snyder: The Banks Show No Mercy: 10 Foreclosure Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

David Greenwald: Anarchy, State, and Gun Ownership

John P. Cochran: The Ethics of Repudiation

Politics - February 22, 2013

Husna Haq: Ron Paul will pen book advocating a free-market approach to education

Joel Gehrke: Flashback: Pentagon press feared Ron Paul victory would lead to layoffs

Alexis Levinson: Rand Paul returns surplus operating budget

Ron Paul Takes On The Education System In New Book, ‘New School Manifesto’, Available In September

Juan Williams: Surprise. The Tea Party has a new leader, and it is Sen. Rand Paul

Kevin Hall: RPI Frustrated GOP Legislators Not Donating to Party

Tim Shoemaker: The TSA Should Apologize

Daily Bell: Credit Suisse Says Governments Are Discouraging Gold Holdings – And What It Misses

Daily Bell: Don't Just Free Rating Agencies From the State – Free Fiat Money Itself

Daily Bell: How Fascism Grows? Prison Company Buys Boca Stadium Naming Rights

Daily Bell: China's Dollar Optimism Signifies Larger Economic Shift?

Daily Bell: Economist's Wishing and Hoping Won't Make a Minimum Wage Effective

Daily Bell: Movement on the Neo-Pecora Front: Senator Warren Rebukes Regulators

Tibor Machan: Self-Referential Paternalist Foibles

Trevor Lyman: Top 8 Reasons Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Should Run For Governor Now (And Then For President in 2016)

Jeffrey Tucker: National Security and Your Digital Data

Sovereign Man: This new law will ensure you pay more for online purchases…

Sovereign Man: Yesterday I learned about this great residency loophole

Sovereign Man: Why a banking insider says “it’s time to be very worried”

William Norman Grigg: No More Hesitation

Fred Reed: Your Papers, Citizen

Amanda Holpuch: Aaron Swartz Files Reveal How FBI Tracked Internet Activist

C.Jay Engel: Sequestration is a Farce

H.R. 748 Would Require All Persons In The US 18-25 To Perform ‘National Service’

Peter C. Earle: Monetary Origins of the Poker Bubble

Daniel J. Sanchez: Krugman's Call for a Housing Bubble

Patrick J. Buchanan: Cut Commitments, Not Muscle

Washington’s Blog: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?

Michael Snyder: Will Americans Soon Not Be Able To Buy, Sell Or Get A Job Without A Global ID Card?

Chris Dixon: Maine National Committeeman Willis Running For RNC Chair

Zero Hedge: US Drones Have Killed Over 4,700

Politics - February 20, 2013

Bill Bonner: The 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Bill Bonner: How America Was Lost

Joel Bowman: To Drone, or Not to Drone?

Marin Katusa: Obama's State of the Union Address – Totally Wrong on Energy

Michael Snyder: Abolish The Income Tax: You Won’t Believe Who Is Getting Away With Paying Zero Taxes While The Middle Class Gets Hammered

Andrew Moran: Republican, Democrat lawmakers reintroduce online sales tax legislation in Congress

Andrew Moran: Audit of New York Fed’s gold finds it’s safe, purer than previous estimates

SHTFplan: DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners

SHTFplan: Obama Moves To Authorize Domestic Drone Strikes

Joy Resmovits: Ron Paul's 'New School Manifesto'; Federal Equity Commission -- Ed Today

Ron Paul: The Drone Threat

Ron Holland: A Blueprint To Restore The Articles of Confederation

Daily Bell: The Voice of Public Choice Is Dead, Economist Lives On

Nelson Hultberg: The Paradigm Shift Dilemma

Daily Bell: Pay Attention to the Upcoming Bond Bust, Not the So-Called Junk Boom

Daily Bell: Information in the 1950s Attacking Comic Books Was Falsified

Daily Bell: UN Expansion of Failed Elite Memes Like Global Warming Doesn't Fix Them

Paul for President? Rand says he’ll decide on bid by 201

Kevin Hall: Nealson Elected Story County GOP Chair; Paul Backers Rebuked

James P. Tucker Jr.: Bilderberg Pushing Global ID Card

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: America Shamed Again: Are US Lawmakers “Owned” by the Israel Lobby?

Michael Parish: The Psychology of Gun Control

Norm Singleton: Rand Paul Introduces National Right to Work Act

Matthew Hawes: What's Next for Ron Paul?

Tim Shoemaker: John Tate Tells Senators: There’s Nothing Fair About an Internet Sales Tax

Joel Bowman: To Drone, or Not to Drone?

Jeffrey Tucker: The Basement Beneath the Wage Floor

Walter E. Williams: Abraham Lincoln

Eric Margolis: Hysteria Over Kim’s Nukes

Robert Wenzel: Get Ready for Some Major Disinformation About America's Gold

Alex Newman: National Day of Resistance Set to Oppose Obama Agenda, Gun Control

Mark Nestmann: Yes, You ARE a Criminal…You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Patrick J. Buchanan: Who Killed the Middle Class?

Zero Hedge: Just Say NO: Seattle Residents Kill the City’s Drone Program

Politics - February 18, 2013

Patrik Jonsson: Future hangs on misunderstood majority of gun owners

Joseph Cotto: Dave Nalle on the GOP's growing libertarian movement

Tom Campbell: Drone strikes: Who's on the 'kill list'

Norm Singleton: GOP Senate Leader McConnell seeking to get a vote on Audit the Fed

David Heacock: America is Ready to Audit the Fed

Matthew Hawes: Stop the Internet Tax Mandate

Neil W. McCabe: Boeing Work Stoppage: Drone Strike

Daily Bell: Machu Picchu Is Much Older Than the Incas

Daily Bell: Fed Official Claims Simple, Powerful Regulation Is Needed – Is it Too Late for That?

Anthony Wile: Will Al Jazeera's Dimming Shed More Light on Elite Middle Eastern Plans?

Daily Bell: Ed Rendell Calls for Massive Infrastructure New Deal

Daily Bell: WikiLeaks Controversy Dances Around Real Issues

Alex Newman: FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot

Jeffrey Tucker: The Basement Beneath the Wage Floor

SHTFplan: Gun Rights: Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?

SHTFplan: Guns And Ammo Production Maxed Out: “This is a Society Preparing For War”

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: Down With the Presidency

Gary North: Obama: A Keynesian, Not a Communist

William Norman Grigg: Idaho, Arizona Schools Go Into Full Prison Mode

Daniel Terrill: Hornady Addresses Ammo Shortage: We’re working 24/7

James Delingpole: If the leader of the free world can lie with such impunity we are doomed

Michael Nathan Magan: 7 Ways States Are Defying the Federal Government With Local Laws

John P. Cochran: Recessions: The Don't Do List

Michael Snyder: 21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers For Sexual Deviancy

William F. Jasper: Obama Vows to Bypass Congress on Climate Change

Sovereign Man: Five tools to protect your privacy online

Mike Adams: Every living American can be arrested right now for felony possession of drugs made in their own brains

Jon Rappoport: Facebook blocks Jon Rappoport's articles

J. D. Heyes: Fourth Amendment protester may win wrongful detainment lawsuit against feds

Karen De Coster: Facebook, Tax Dodgers, and the Political System

Politics - February 15, 2013

Ron Paul to host daily radio program and podcast

Joel Gehrke: McConnell promises to push Paul’s Audit the Fed bill

Adam Silbert: Rand Paul takes the stage

Sen. Paul threatens hold on CIA pick over use of drones

Brian Doherty: Justin Amash, Libertarian-Leaning Congressman, Rumored to Be Mulling 2014 Senate Run

Alex Seitz-Wald: Who gains from Rand Paul’s speech?

Robin Koerner: Orthodoxy: Liberty’s Other Enemy

Alex Gauthier: Gary Johnson AMA on Reddit: Focuses on the Future of Politics

Jeremy Kolassa: No, don’t skip the drone debate

Is DHS Ammo For Obama's "National Security Force"?

C4L Chairman Ron Paul Responds to SOTU

Norm Singleton: GOP Senate Leader McConnell seeking to get a vote on Audit the Fed

Matthew Hawes: Rand Paul to Put Hold on Brennan Nomination

Norm Singleton: Karl Rove’s Campaign Against Liberty

Megan Stiles: John Tate Responds to President Obama’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity

David Heacock: Hemp: America’s Growing Opportunity

Daily Bell: Bloomberg: The Ascent of Whatever-It-Takes Banking Is a Good Thing

Daily Bell: New Meme: Dangers of the Baby Bust

Tibor Machan: My Reading List

Daily Bell: Powerful British Money Man Calls for Central Bank Currency to Be Handed Out to 'the People'

Daily Bell: Reuters Article Promotes Middle East Directed History, Warns off Qatar?

Daily Bell: Esquire Article on Bin Laden in Another Flap – Promotion Totally Useless Now

Daily Bell: Middle East Is Running Out of Water ... Call NASA

Daily Bell: Scientific American: Banks Are Too Complex to Succeed, Except for Central Banks

Joel F. Wade: Practice Works

Dustin Hurst: The Future of Drones in America

Douglas French: The Drones Are Watching and Waiting

Jeffrey Tucker: One Hundred Years of Intrusions

Michael S. Rozeff: Distortion of Dorner Manifesto by Mainstream Media

Jonathan Goodwin: Ron Paul Dot Com

Robert Blumen: The Deflationary Spiral Bogey

David Gordon: Judaism, Capitalism, and Communism

David Gordon: Judaism, Capitalism, and Marx

Sovereign Man: This is what textbook capital controls look like

Sovereign Man: I’m selling my gold and silver to buy this…

Thought for the Day: In theory, progressivism favors progress toward better conditions; in practice, it substitutes big government for individual liberty to make us slaves of the state.
February 2013: Things that make you go, "hmmm"

Politics - February 12, 2013

Ron Paul: Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War

Kevin Boyd: How Rand Paul Defeated the Neocons

Jason Pye: Rand Paul outlines constitutional, conservative foreign policy

Catherine Poe: Rand Paul to give Tea Party response to State of the Union address

Liz Marlantes: Will Rand Paul force Marco Rubio to toughen his response to Obama's address?

Christopher D. Conte: Federal Reserve policies hurt the poor

Craig Medred: Alaska GOP's Big Tent: Too big, or Too Big to Fail?

Thomas Ryan: Anti-gun is the same as anti-woman

Kurt Nimmo: Gold Sellers In Houston Must Submit To Fingerprints and Mugshots

Jillian Rayfield: Congress takes sides on drones

Daily Bell: Heroically, Putin Buys Gold

Daily Bell: Why We Are Not 21st Century Libertarians

Daily Bell: Inauguration Heats Speculation About President's Head

Daily Bell: Elite Portmanteau Memes Are a Bad Idea – For Them

Tibor Machan: Arrogance of Power!

Seth Mason: Homeland Security Creates "Constitution-Free" Zones

Jeffrey Tucker: The Four Signs of a Collapsing State

Douglas French: The Fed’s Old Tricks in New Times

Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Spielberg’s Sovietization of U.S. History: The Bait-and-Switch Game of 'Historical Docudrama'

Walter E. Williams: Cultural Deviancy, Not Guns

Lloyd Bourne: Nationalism and the Drone War

Jon Rappoport: Is Christopher Dorner Another Psychiatric Killer?

Max Slowik: LaRue Tactical to restrict law enforcement sales in response to gun control laws

Thomas Mullen: The cops are a dangerous replacement for private gun ownership

David Gordon: Judaism, Capitalism, and Marx

Nicholas Freiling: Waging War on Work

Michael Snyder: 40 Ways That China Is Beating America

Jason M. Farrell: 5 Reasons Why Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Would Make More Sense Than Obama's

Sovereign Man: This entire country has become a giant offshore bank account

Politics - February 10, 2013

Elizabeth Flock: Industrial Hemp Legislation First Pushed By Ron Paul Could Drop in Senate Next Week

Dr_Ron_Paul: Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War

Rand Paul: Audit the Fed

Thomas Lucente: Citizens should fear misuse of drones

Anthony Wile: Edwin Vieira on His New Book, 'The Sword and Sovereignty,' and Where the US Went Wrong

Anthony Wile: How the Power of Mainstream Media Blasted Berlusconi

Senator Bernie Sanders: 'The Fed Is a Fine Institution but Wall Street Is Not'

Daily Bell: Rand Paul, the Next GOP Nominee for President

Daily Bell: 'Net Reporting Achieves Results at Sandy Hook?

Peter Schiff: Messing with the Bull

bionic mosquito: Ron Paul Dot Com

bionic mosquito: Towards Consensual Governance

John Watts: New CBO report good for political posturing, useless for understanding economic malaise

Robert Wenzel: America's Secret War in North Africa Behind Benghazi Attack

Douglas French: The Fed’s Old Tricks in New Times

Jeffrey Tucker: Jim Rogers and His Case for the Asian Century

Alex Newman: Counties and Cities Now Nullifying Gun Control

Steven Greenhut: ‘Heroes’ View Us as Little More Than Collateral Damage

Gary North: Cap Pistols, Gun Control, and Ethics

Eric Margolis: Will There Be a US War on China?

Eric Peters: The Running Man … For Real

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is America Ensnared in an Endless War?

Conn Carroll: Progressives' war on the middle class

Erica Goode: Rising Voice of Gun Ownership Is Female

Zero Hedge: Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%

Zero Hedge: The U.S. Economy Is Now Dangerously Detached From Reality

Zero Hedge: Goodbye Fourth Amendment: Homeland Security Affirms "Suspicionless" Confiscation Of Devices Along Border

Thought for the Day: In theory, progressivism favors progress toward better conditions; in practice, it substitutes big government for individual liberty to make us slaves of the state.

Politics - February 8, 2013

Michael Jaeger: The cost of the truth

Aaron Blake: Rand Paul seeks distance from Ron Paul’s foreign policy — in tone, at least

Jennifer Ditchburn: Controversial Republican Ron Paul to speak at Canadian conservative gathering

Kevin Cirilli: Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton ‘inexcusable’

Katrina Trinko: Blowback from the Grass Roots

Ylan Q. Mui: Virginia lawmakers consider state currency

Nick Gillespie: Memo Details Obama's Weak Justification for Killing People. Worse: It's Not Even the Classified Version

Rosie Gray: Rand Paul Takes Aim At The Neo-Cons

Brett Stevens: War and Democracy - a Review

Patrick J. Buchanan: Obama’s License to Kill

John Watts: Audit the Fed will dispel misconceptions about central banking

Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Speech

Paul Craig Roberts: It Has Happened Here

Daily Bell: CNN: Bad Government is YOUR Fault Not Ours

Daily Bell: Do Elites Intend to Do Away With Patents?

Daily Bell: Another Critically Important EU Summit! Fate of World to be Determined

Tibor Machan: My Vigilant Ethical Egoism

John Browne: Investing In a World of Make Believe

Daily Bell: Investors Beware of Central Banks Bearing Austerity

Daily Bell: Let the Elites Have Their Silly Gold and Silver ... Use Local Money to Create Sustainable Economies!

Jeffrey Tucker: How Markets Fixed the Travel Problem

Douglas French: Student Loans Going the Way of Housing

Frank Shostak: Fed’s Policies Expose Mainstream Fallacies

Walter Block: The Curious Case of the Non-Libertarian, George Jonas

Max Slowik: Off-grid community ‘The Citadel Project’ gets thumbs up to manufacture firearms

Sovereign Man: The easiest place in the world to start a business

Sovereign Man: Four reasons why gold stocks are so hated

Brian McWilliams: Homeland Security Owns 5 Bullets Per American

James Yeager: Shotguns for Home Defense

Phyllis Schlafly: Why Chuck Hagel's the Wrong Man

Thought for the Day: Progressives on the Left are making political hay of the Sandy Hook murders to attack the Second Amendment. Now progressives on the Right are making political hay of Ron Paul quoting Jesus regarding the murder of Chris Kyle to attack the Liberty Movement. When did quoting Jesus turn into a grave offense?

Politics - February 6, 2013

Rand Paul: Audit the Fed

Rand Paul: Slain sniper ‘was a hero’

Rand Paul on Restoring the Founders’ Vision of Foreign Policy

Sal Russo: Establishment Republicans plan to perpetuate losing formula

Mike Shaner: Obama administration claims right to kill American citizens

Ben Adler: When Republicans critique Obama, they critique their own policies

Andrew J. Bacevich: Counterculture Conservatism

Michael Isikoff: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans

Megan Stiles: Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill Reintroduced in Senate

Daily Bell: Oxfam Hops Aboard One Percenter Meme

Daily Bell: Elite Attack on Swiss Again: Raise Taxes for Fairness's Sake

Daily Bell: Admin's Faux Limited Hangout: Torture Does Work But It's Only One Tool

Bill Bonner: Revolving Zombies

Becky Akers: US Declares War on Us

David LaPell: What happens if they try to take our guns?

Jacob G. Hornberger: Guilt, Not PTSD, is What Afflicts Iraq War Veterans

Ryan Gallagher: Meet the groundbreaking new encryption app set to revolutionize privacy and freak out the feds

Jeffrey Tucker: The Gas Price Story of Hurricane Sandy

Jennifer Abel: The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state

Olly Neville: Libertarianism – Not A Defence Of The Rich

Lt. William J. Lawler II, M.Ed: Life’s Not Fair for Tyrants or Patriots

Carey L. Biron: U.S. Prison Population Seeing “Unprecedented Increase”

Harry Veryser: The Austrians Were Right

Jon E. Dougherty: The Mistake of Women in Combat, From Those Who Know

Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.: What Ideas Are Conservatives FOR?

Paul Joseph Watson: 6th Graders Asked to Design “Communist” Flag

Bill Kauffman: America's War with Mexico

Sovereign Man: How I reached my breaking point ten years ago today

Zero Hedge: Broke US Postal Service Cuts Saturday Delivery

Zero Hedge: Fed Confirms It Was Hacked By Anonymous

Thought for the Day: We can criticize the American war machine without dishonoring the brave men and women who serve in it.

Politics - February 5, 2013

Ryan W. McMaken: Ron Paul Quotes Jesus, Conservatives Outraged

Chris Callahan: The White House Warns Against Photoshopping Obama but The Internet Can’t Help Itself (17 Photos)

Ron Paul: Immigration 'Reform' Will Turn the US into a Police State

Charlie Mahtesian: The Mitch and Rand Paul show

Kenneth Rapoza: Fed Policy, Easy Money, And The Sum Of All Fears

Ron Paul and The Legality of America's Next Undeclared War

Al Doyle: Why Every American Should Own Silver

Robrt Ringer: The Trouble with Libertarian Purists

Bob Adelmann:3D Printing of Guns at Home Making Gun Grabbers Nervous

Eric Peters: Licenses For Illegals?

Walter E. Williams: Women in Combat

Dave Hodges: Death By Doctor vs. Death By Firearms

John W. Whitehead: Turning Our Schools Into Totalitarian Enclaves

John V. Walsh: US Goading Japan Into Confrontation With China

David Heacock: Restoring the Founders’ Vision of Foreign Policy

Daily Bell: Real Reason for Fracking Boom Is to Build North American Union?

Daily Bell: Elite Description Problem - Why the System Needs a Full Explanation

Tibor Machan: The Democratic Ideal

Ben Shapiro: Karl Rove's War on Liberty

Justin Sink: DOJ white paper lays legal basis for drones targeting US citizens

Jeffrey Tucker: How Digits Are Reinventing the World Order

Harry Veryser: The Austrians Were Right

Michael Snyder: Is This The Beginning Of A Horrifying Stock Market Crash In Europe?

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Republican Obsession

Sam Rolley: Student Loan Debt Could Cripple Economy For Decades

Margot Sanger-Katz: Health Care: Great for the Economy Today, Terrible Later

NBC Gets Memo Revealing Administration's Secret Rules for Drone Strikes

Sovereign Man: Homeland Security, fear, and your retirement savings

Zero Hedge: Pre-Emptive Cyber-Wars Begun They Have

Zero Hedge: The Europization of the United States

Politics - February 4, 2013

SHTFplan: “There’s a Nationalization of Global Resources Occurring Now”

Ethan A. Huff: Twitter turning over huge amounts of user data to U.S. government

Ethan A. Huff: California passes sweeping new 'animal abuse' laws that give government massive new powers over animal ownership

Tim Shoemaker: Sore Losers

Dave Nalle: Old Guard launches coup in Alaska GOP

Megan Stiles: C4L President John Tate Condemns Actions of Alaska GOP

Norm Singleton: Is the Federal Reserve Insane?

Fred Singer on the Myths of Politically Correct Science

Anthony Wile: Stocks Over 14,000 – Too Good to Be True?

Peter Schiff: The Biggest Loser

Joe Battenfeld: With Brown out, GOP mulls Romney energy

Republicae: The Republic of Sovereigns

Noel Brinkerhoff: Most Americans Believe Federal Government Threatens Personal Freedoms

Jeffrey Tucker: The Patent Bubble and Its End

William Norman Grigg: 'Gun Violence': The 'National Conversation' We Won't Have

Gary North: Liberty Is Making the World Richer. You're Included.

Eric Margolis: The Mideast: Get Ready To Duck!

Robert Wenzel: Robert Ringer's Strawman Anarchist

Paul Gottfried: What the Neocons Really Want

Scott Lazarowitz: Irrational America

Karen De Coster: Intellectual Property Decrees Are Good For the Children

Trevor Lyman: Hey Obama, I Photoshopped Your Shotgun Picture. What Are You Going To Do About It?

Jacob G. Hornberger: Ten Ways A Libertarian Society Would Be Different

Maureen Callahan: America's hunger games

Thomas L. Friedman: The Virtual Middle Class Rises

John Hawkins: 10 Stories That Prove Guns Save Lives

Ronald Bailey: Do We Live in a Post-Truth Era?

Steven Greenhut: Progressive Failure Is On Full Display in California

Zero Hedge: How The Fed's Latest QE Is Just Another European Bailout

Zero Hedge: How To Bend An Economy

Zero Hedge: 100 Years Of U.S. Federal Income Tax

Zero Hedge: Nigel Farage's UKIP On The Increasing European And Soviet Union Similarities

Thought for the Day: Get the government out of the marriage license business.

Politics - February 2, 2013

Ron Paul: United States involved in another undeclared war

American Tyranny? Reality and Fantasy

Gary Johnson reboots with libertarian non-campaign campaign

Severe Disaffection: Seventy-five Percent of US Citizens Don't Trust Government

US Military Drawdown to be Filled by Europe?

A Reliable Account of the Great Depression

Geezer Conservatism: The Albatross

The TSA Is Training Employees How To Be Bigger Assholes

Banking and the State

Senate Rejects Paul Amendment to Prevent Arms Sales to Egypt

The GOP’s Amnesty Caucus Raises the White Flag

Ron Paul Supporter Purged from Alaska GOP Leadership

Aaron Swartz: The Punishment Did Not Fit the Crime

Will expatriation become illegal?

Department of Homeland Security Raids Gun Collector Who Didn’t Violate the Law

The Unfolding of the Green Police State

Morningland Dairy destroyed by feds, $250,000 inventory stolen by government thugs during armed raid

Is your television watching YOU? Smart TVs can spy on their owners

Obamacare to soon cost the average American family $20,000 a year, announces IRS

50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet

Advice From The Department Of Homeland Security: "If Attacked By A Shooter, Grab Some Scissors"

Americans to Washington: Don’t tread on me

ObamaCare Tax Causes Additional Layoffs

Bursting the Washington Bubble: The Outlook for 2013

In America Drones Are a Local Issue: In Violation of Fourth Amendment

'Panicked' Iran makes power move after nuke-site loss

Newtown sides with NRA

Senator Rand Paul introduces national right-to-work bill

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul fighting for third place in 2016 Iowa caucus poll

Rand Paul planning Round 2 against TSA

Politics - February 1, 2013

Ron Paul says members of both parties are trying to “gut our Second Amendment freedoms”

Sen. Rand Paul to Promote "Founders' Vision of Foreign Policy"

John Tate of Campaign for Liberty explains libertarianism's appeal

Sen. Rand Paul Ranks No. 4 on Conservative Think Tank's Scorecard

McCain, Bolton and the Neocons are on the wrong side of history

Outgoing Alaska GOP chairman moves additional funds out of incoming leadership's reach

Feinstein’s Gun Ban to Affect Millions of Law-abiding Gun Owners

US Senate once again rejects common sense

Directed History: Lunacy or Truth?

Are Wall Streeters War Criminals?

In Amerika Law No Longer Exists: The Extermination of Truth

Senators Demand that Banks Be Punished – but Not the Fed

The Polio Eradication Meme and the Nobility of Gates

EU Financial Tax Portends Loss of Market Leadership

What is the Reputation You'd Like to Earn With Yourself?

The American Story… Abroad

Bankruptcy: The Glorious New Beginning

Why The National Debt Matters

A Misesian Century

Immigration and Freedom

The Flipside of the Trillion Dollar Coin

The American Empire, RIP

“Everybody In The Industry Knows The US Doesn’t Have The Gold”

The Disappearing Gold

Immigration Is a Natural Right

You know you’re no longer living in a free country when…

Can you imagine — a place with ZERO property tax?

The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses

Rush To Safety: Americans Buy Nearly Half a Billion Dollars Of Gold and Silver In January

The Vulnerability Of The Elites

How The Stock Market Became The "Food Stamps" for the 1%

Obama Tax Cuts Feel The Love
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