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Gerald Celente: "Four words killed America: Too Big To Fail."

Politics - December 31, 2012

Ron Paul Recommends Congress ‘Reread The Constitution’ Before Taking Their Oaths

Ron Paul: Economic resolutions Congress should enact for coming new year

50 classic Ron Paul quotations

Ron Paul: Fiscal cliff is fight over power

Tim Shoemaker: Too Much Bipartisanship

Matthew Hawes: New Year’s Resolutions for Congress

Anthony Wile: The Invisible Hand Strikes Back

Godfrey Bloom on Feminism, Globalism and the Coming Collapse of the European Union

Tibor Machan: Obama and Ayn Rand

Ron Holland: How To Restore the West

Daily Bell: Is Occupy Dead?

Daily Bell: Fiscal Cliff ... Whatta Meme!

Declan Walsh: Drone War Spurs Militants to Deadly Reprisals

New York Sun: America Defaults

Albert Spike: America's Founding Fathers Knew This Day Would Come

Jeffrey Tucker: The Exploitation of Labor by Government

Jeffrey Tucker: Javert’s Religion of Statism

EU Times: Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran

Paul Craig Roberts: Agenda Prevails Over Truth

Michael S. Rozeff: What’s Wrong With the Surveillance State?

25 Years Murder Free In ‘Gun Town USA’

Why Are People More Scared of Facebook Violating Their Privacy than Washington?

Marc Clair: The Year In Liberty

Ron Paul: The Utopian Myth of the Good State

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Senate Ignores Constitution, Passes Warrantless Wiretap Renewal

Sovereign Man: When Priced in Gold, the US economy is at Depression-Era Levels

J. D. Heyes: The results are in: More guns sold mean fewer guns deaths, injuries

Jon Rappoport: Sandy Hook police audio confirms multiple shooters on the scene

J. D. Heyes: Gun control is racism

Ethan A. Huff: Adam Lanza's dead body to be used to criminalize innocents who have similar gene

Thought for the Day: Early American settlers were astonished by the degree of liberty enjoyed by individual citizens of the American Indian nations. They adopted that freedom. Are we about to lose it?

Politics - December 28, 2012

Brian Doherty: Liberty-Minded Congressmen (All Endorsed by Ron Paul) Speak on the Fiscal Cliff

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: FISA Renewal Vote Coming This Week; Rand Paul Defends 4th Amendment

Kelsey Osterman: Popularity of Young Americans for Liberty on college campuses disproves myth that young people are inherently liberal

Robin Koerner: The Liberty Movement Must Ask the Most Important Question

Leigh Goessl: Could change in U.S. economic philosophy solve financial crises?

Jack Hunter: How Gun Control Kills

Sam Aydlette: Guns Are Not the Problem, People Are

Daily Bell: New Meme? Corporate and Banking Elite Have the Most to Lose from NWO

Daily Bell: Washington Revs Up the Neo-Pecora Block?

Tibor Machan: The Erosion of Our Freedom

Daily Bell: Something Wicked Comes This Way

Jeffrey Tucker: Anarchy in the Holidays

Robert Wenzel: How to Advance Liberty

Rand Paul: No Email Snooping without Warrants

Robert Wenzel: The Middle Class Tax Hike No One Is Trying To Stop

Robert Wenzel: The True U.S. Debt Couldn't Be Paid Off Even If We Taxed All Income Over $66K by 100%

Free Yourself From the Regime: A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 262 with Gerald Celente

bionic mosquito: Surprisingly Good “Reflections on Newtown”

William L. Anderson: Understanding the Progressive Mind

CrimeFileNews: How the Impending Second American Civil War Will Play Out

Activist Post: 10 Predictions for 2013

Bill Sardi: Bloomberg News Fluff Piece Says Investors Have Missed Out On $200 Billion in Stock Gains

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.: Operation Ron Paul

Patrick J. Buchanan: Why the War Party Fears Hagel

Prison Planet: American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan

Joyce Lee Malcolm: Two Cautionary Tales of Gun Control: After a school massacre, the U.K. banned handguns in 1998. A decade later, handgun crime had doubled.

Sovereign Man: Presenting the decline of the West in two easy infographics

Examiner: Facebook "disappears" pro-gun user accounts

ZeroHedge: The Real Crisis: "People Have Lost Trust In The Government And The Market"

ZeroHedge: Another Bait And Switch: Congress Defeats E-Mail Privacy Legislation... Again

Thought for the Day: The "Little Ice Age" lasted from about 1550 to 1850. What caused it? Current theory is that CO2 released by the prairie fires of the American Indians kept the planet warm. When millions of them died from the epidemics, the fires stopped and the global temperate dropped. Do we really want that to happen again?

Politics - December 26, 2012

Ron Paul: Government Security is Just Another Kind of Violence

Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America

Say Goodbye To The Good Life

Gary North: Gun Control and Genocide

Mike Adams: Gun Myths Busted

Philip Giraldi: The Forever Wars of Frederick & Kimberly Kagan

Doug Newman: Lies, Damned Lies and Gun Control Statistics

James Delingpole: Global Warming? Not a snowball's chance in hell

Ron Paul Slams NRA Plan Recommending Armed Officers In Schools

I-Hsien Sherwood: Wayne LaPierre and NRA Face More Backlash, This Time from Ron Paul and Psychiatrists

Joseph F. Cotto: Wayne Allyn Root on the rise of libertarianism

Ammo sellers blow through 3 years of magazines in 72 hours

James R. Carroll: Rand Paul's Mideast trip fuels prez speculation

25 Facts That The Mainstream Media Doesn't Really Want To Talk About Right Now

Tibor Machan: Gun Control Obscenities

Anthony Wile: George Gilder on His New Book, the Superiority of Ludwig Von Mises and the Necessity for a Regulatory Jubilee

Daily Bell: The NRA's Sorry Tale ...

Daily Bell: Newsweek Print Edition Folds

Christmas: The Little Known Secret to Creating a Free Society

John Browne: Republican Sellout Invites Stagflation

Justin Raimondo: The Crucifixion of Chuck Hagel

Kurt Nimmo: Pentagon Announces Troop Deployment in 35 African Nations

Jonathan Cook: Why the Washington Post killed the story of Murdoch’s bid to buy the US presidency

Francis Boyle: Unlimited Imperialism and the Threat of World War III. U.S. Militarism at the Start of the 21st Century

Prof. James F. Tracy: The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information

Katie McDonough: Adam Lanza was a vegan

John Odermatt: Why Is Democracy Held In Such High Esteem When It’s The Enemy Of The Minority?

Brian McWilliams: Why Should Anyone be Surprised That Congress Has No Credibility?

Marc Clair: Ron Paul’s Final Question: Is There Any Explanation For It All?

Ron Unz: The Myth of American Meritocracy - How corrupt are Ivy League admissions?

Noah Millman: Bork and the Evolution of American Conservatism

Gerald Celente: "My definition of Hell is taking that last breath of life and knowing that you weren't the person who you said you were. That you were essentially a coward and didn't live up to who you could be."

Politics - December 23, 2012

J. D. Heyes: Numerous school massacres stopped by gun owners who wielded their weapons in defense of children

J. D. Heyes: Americans in denial about school violence and the obvious solution: Arm school personnel

Mike Adams: Private gun ownership is democracy's immune system against violence

Mike Adams: If Obama is opposed to guns, why did his administration just purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and sniper rounds?

Jon Rappoport: Sandy Hook: mind-control flicker effect

J. D. Heyes: British saboteur Piers Morgan wants to disarm and enslave America just like before the Revolutionary War

J. D. Heyes: How to stop the violence: Texas Gov. Rick Perry supports teachers carrying concealed to protect children

J. D. Heyes: Guns Obama administration handed to Mexican drug lords continue to turn up at crime scenes

Jon Rappoport: The insane parade: Obama, guns, psychiatric drugs, Adam Lanza, Asperger's

Mike Bundrant: Naughty new disorder: Researchers attempting to make consensual sex a mental illness

J. D. Heyes: Police state rolled out in Arkansas town: Cops with AR-15s to patrol town, harass people on the street

Jon Rappoport: Disarmament plan: First label everyone with a mental disorder, then use that to take their guns

Michael Priebe: Rand Paul, John McCain and the dangerous passage of NDAA

Anthony Wile: Now Paul Craig Roberts Wonders About RT

Daily Bell: Is Putin Freedom's Champion or Foil for the West?

Elliot Blair Smith: American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals

Naomi Wolf: The coming drone attack on America

Jeffrey Tucker: Dumb Ways (for an Economy) to Die

Gary North: Why the Gun Control Movement Is Doomed

Ron Paul: Statement on NDAA Conference Report

William Norman Grigg: Scratch a 'Liberal,' Find a Fascist

Karen Kwiatkowski: Bill of Rights, R.I.P?

Marc Clair: Why Do We Allow The Government To Disseminate False Information Dealing With Both Economic And Foreign Policy?

John Odermatt: Why Does The Use Of Religion To Support A Social Gospel And Preemptive Wars Go Unchallenged?

Conor Friedersdorf: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning The 5th Amendment

Sovereign Man: One simple question you need to ask yourself

David Galland: Why justice in the US is a joke

ZeroHedge: How The Fiscal Cliff Talks Collapsed

ZeroHedge: Gun-Control Today; Fat-Control Tomorrow?

Alexis de Tocqueville: "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

Politics - December 21, 2012

Taylor Rose: Meet WND's "Man of the Decade," Ron Paul

Rand Paul: Tax the rich is no real solution, fantasyland rhetoric

Ron Paul: NDAA fuels militarization, enriches defense corporations, expands empire

Charlie Spiering: Supporters of legalized marijuana thank Ron Paul, Pat Robertson and Chris Christie for support

Jack Donovan: Who Will Control The Guns?

Rob Jennings: Judge Andrew Napolitano makes case against gun control

Matthew Hawes: John McCain Wants You Detained

Sam Aydlette: Slave of the State: How Mandatory Government Service is Antithetical to Liberty

Daily Bell: When Money Power Rules Business

Daily Bell: Massive Psy-op? Obama Can Ban Guns By Himself – And He Will

Daily Bell: Brits Rename Piece of Antarctica 'Queen Elizabeth Land'

Frank Suess: Outlook for 2013: More 'Easy Money'

Douglas French: Down and Out In California

Eric Peters: Why Do Our Leaders Surround Themselves With Guns?

Walter Block: Right To Work Laws: A Libertarian Analysis

Gerald Celente: War & Peace, An Awakening: Renaissance or Ruin?

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: The Astonishing Ron Paul

Robert Higgs: Government Bloat is Not Growth: Real Gross Domestic Private Product, 2000–2011

Murray N. Rothbard: Kingdom Come: The Politics of the Millenium

Patrick J. Buchanan: Why God Created the GOP

David Harsanyi: The Auto Bailout Failure Is Now Complete

Sovereign Man: And… another one reaches his Breaking Point

Female US Cop Caught On Tape Giving Two Women Body Cavity Search During Routine Traffic Stop… And ‘Using The SAME Gloves On Both’

Brian McWilliams: Why Don’t More Individuals Try To Influence Through Intellectual Conversation Rather Than Force?

Marc Clair: Why Don’t More Defend Both Economic Liberty And Personal Liberty?

Jim Kouri: Obama and Feinstein gun control effort blasted as hypocritical

Matthew Clark, ACLJ: The Constitution Protects Nativity Scenes on Public Land

Christopher G. Adamo: Transparent Political Ruses Sanctioned By Liberal Republicans

ZeroHedge: The Complete Politicization Of The Fed

ZeroHedge: Plan 'C' Anyone? Boehner Humiliated As "Plan B" Lacks Enough Votes To Pass

Politics - December 20, 2012

Ron Paul invited to CPAC?

Ron Paul Supporters Fail by Just Two Votes to Take Control of Miami-Dade GOP

Ron Paul: ‘Right To Work Laws Simply Prohibit Coercion’

How Ron Paul Supporters Almost Took Over the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County

NDAA 2013: Rand Paul warns indefinite detention is back

Erin McPike: As Election Sting Lingers, Republicans' Recalibration Advances

Victor Thorn: Big Brother is Watching in Multitude of Ways

Robert Taylor: Predator Drone 'Double-Taps' Highlight Possible War Crimes By Obama

James R. Copland: Review ‘Theodore and Woodrow’

Scott Locklin: The Case For Open Borders - Foreign Replacements for American Women

Michael Snyder: 15 Signs That The Ring Of Fire Is Waking Up As We Head Into 2013

Tim Shoemaker: C4L Hill Letter – NDAA, Indefinite Detention

Joel F. Wade: Internalized Oppression

Daily Bell: No More Questions to Ask About Sandy Hook Shooting?

Daily Bell: The Madness of Afghanistan

Daily Bell: Big Pharma: When Will Critical Mass Be Reached?

Daily Bell: Why the Chinese Demand US Gun Control

Daily Bell: Does Berlusconi Matter to the EU?

Sen. Rand Paul: Rep. Tim Scott right pick for Senate

Geoffrey Ingersoll: The Antipsychotic Prescribed To Adam Lanza Has A Troubled History All Its Own

Zen Gardner: The Awakening Nears Critical Mass

Concealed Carry Hero at Portland Mall

George Monbiot: Barack Obama's tears for the children of Newtown are in stark contrast to his silence over the children murdered by his drones

Kate Nocera: Norquist giving House Republicans a pass on Boehner's 'Plan B'

Why do I need an assault rifle?

Jeffrey Tucker: Why Can’t Schools Secure Themselves?

Jeffrey Tucker: Casey the Cleanup Crew

Douglas French: Government, the New Debtors’ Prison

Pat Buchanan Picked as Man of the Year at WorldNetDaily

Sovereign Man: Some clear thinking on a very uncomfortable topic

Sovereign Man: Inflation vs. Deflation: Cui Bono?

Politics - December 18, 2012

Congress Arrested On Manslaughter Charges

Ron Paul: Right to Work is Part of Economic Liberty

Sen. Rand Paul says entitlements should be cut, no raising taxes

Tim Scott: Most Americans Identify with the Tea Party

Matthew Hawes: “Right to Work is Part of Economic Liberty”

Paul Craig Roberts: The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble

Melissa Melton: Mainstream Media Declares War on 2nd Amendment

Nicola Abé: The Woes of an American Drone Operator

Bill Anderson: It Depends Upon Whose Children Are Murdered

William Grigg: Merely Being Arrested Can Ruin Your Life

Michael S. Rozeff: An American Stasi

Lew Rockwell: Statists Smear Anarcho-Capitalists

Liberty Crier: RT Argues for Gun Control

Cookson Beecher: Nation’s Largest Raw Milk Dairy Sues FDA Over Interstate Ban

Stephen P. Halbrook: Tyranny and the Monopoly of Arms

Alan Caruba: The Government Cannot Take Away Our Guns

Phyllis Schlafly: Do We Really Elect Our President?

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: The Bill of Rights: 221 Years and Counting?

Jack Kenny: Gun-free Zones Called "Magnets for Mass Shooters"

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Dead Soul of Adam Lanza

Ronald Bailey: Your Cellphone Is Spying on You

Sovereign Man: Goons versus Gold

ZeroHedge: Latest "Grand Bargain" Compromise Shifts 'Rich' Threshold

Victor Davis Hanson: Conservative Populism

Jonah Goldberg: Return to Federalism

Jerry Robinson explains what you should know about QE

Tom Engelhardt: The Invisible Government, Revealed

W. James Antle III: The Next Ron Paul? Rep. Justin Amash takes on John Boehner and the "old GOP."

How to spot an “anarcho-capitalist”

Politics - December 17, 2012

Bob Adelmann: Fiscal Cliff: Ron Paul Decries Bipartisan Efforts; Predicts Compromise

Daily Bell: The Bank For International Settlements: Beware a Crash

Tibor Machan: Doubting One's Mind

Jeffrey Tucker: The Great Disconnect

Michael S. Rozeff: Privacy and the ‘I Have Nothing To Hide’ Argument

Butler Shaffer: More People Sacrificed to Destructive Thinking

Robert Wenzel: Could Guns Really Be Effectively Banned in America?

William Norman Grigg: Sympathy from the Devil

ACLU: U.S. Asks Court Not To Consider Targeted Killing Challenge

37 Senators Cosponsor Audit the Fed Bill. Is Your Senator MIA?

Michael Calderone: Freedom Of The Press Foundation Launches To Support WikiLeaks, Increase Transparency

John Odermatt: Why Do Some Members Defend Free Markets, But Not Civil Liberties?

Alan Caruba: Short Memories, Long Term Consequences

Paul G. Kengor: America’s Growing Government Class

Phyllis Schlafly: Right to Choose Single-Sex Classes

Judicial Watch: Obama Embraces Cheney’s Absurd Secrecy Policy

Christian Rice: Sandy Hook Shooting: This Tragedy Exposes Americans' Double Standards

James Wyss: Sandy Hook Shooting: How Gun Control Misconceptions Cloud Tragedies Like the Newtown Attack

Michael Snyder: Society Is Crumbling Right In Front Of Our Eyes And Banning Guns Won’t Help

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones: 2013: The Year America Dies?

Mike Krieger: How to Spot a Hypocrite in the Gun Debate and Other Reflections on Newtown

S.A. Miller and Gerry Shields: Obama Sandy aid bill filled with holiday goodies unrelated to storm damage

Christine Roberts: Social media users spreading false information about Sandy Hook massacre could face charges, say police

Washington State looks to track and tax all drivers

SHTFplan: Congress To Move Against Guns: “It Will Ban the Sale, the Transfer, the Importation and the Possession”

Adams: Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of 'violence' to defend innocents against bullying, oppression

Heyes: Adam Lanza's actions prove that gun control laws are useless at stopping criminals

Adams: Obama seems poised to declare military dictatorship in America over Sandy Hook Elementary shooting

Adams: Why the government and mainstream media celebrate mass school shootings (and secretly want them to continue)

John Cheves: Sen. Rand Paul says entitlements should be cut, no raising taxes

Anthony Wile: "Some have estimated that as few as 6,000 people properly positioned can basically control the modern world. Hey, if you have virtually unlimited funds it's probably not that difficult."

Politics - December 16, 2012

ZeroHedge: On The Under-Represented American Citizen

ZeroHedge: US Sends 400 Troops, Patriot Missiles To Turkey In Preparation Of Syrian Hostilities Escalation

RT: Everyone is fair game: Spy agency conducts surveillance on all US citizens

Michael Kelley: The NYU Student Tweeting Every Reported US Drone Strike Has Revealed A Disturbing Trend

Adams: Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter

Adams: Gun control? We need medication control! Newton elementary school shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having 'personality disorder'

Adams: To stop school shootings, we should let criminals have all the guns, argue gun control advocates

Mathieu: Liberty Republicans take over GOP in Clark County, Wash.

More Than 2000 Children Are Murdered In The United States Every Single Day

Matthew Hawes: Providing Greater Protection for Teachers and Children

Anthony Wile: Charles Payne on Post-Election Politics, Stock Picking and the Future of Investing

Anthony Wile: 'World War Z' Seems to Be a Good Example of Elite Dominant Social Themes

Daily Paul: I Smell Something Very Rotten: What We Are Being Told Is A Complete LIE

Ryan Gallagher: Massive New Surveillance Program Uncovered by Wall Street Journal

Robert Wenzel: How 3-D Printing is Going to Change the World

Kim Zetter: Attorney General Secretly Granted Gov. Ability to Develop and Store Dossiers on Innocent Americans

Marc Clair: Why Do We Give Government A Safe Haven For Initiating Violence Against The People?

Alex Newman: UN Bid to Seize Internet Fails but Threat Remains

David Kramer: Mass Murderer Mourns Mass Murder Victims (Not His Own, of Course)

Gerard N. Casey: The Criminal State

Russ Baker: The Invisible Government

Eric Peters: Creative Resistance

Mike Adams: Violent rampage of Detroit union mobs foreshadows what's coming for all of America as states go bankrupt

Mike Adams: Electroshock torture handcuffs now patented: Delivers shocking torture, 'gas injections' and 'chemical restraints' to prisoners via remote control

Mike Adams: Cause and effect: Americans who voted for Obama now seeing weekly job hours slashed below 30 as Obamacare kicks in

Summer Tierney: Federal court says free speech protection applies to Big Pharma drugs, but not nutritional supplements

FoxNews: Boehner offers millionaire tax hike, Fox News confirms

Rand Paul targets Paul Ryan for ‘purge’ of House conservatives

Rand Paul calls for cutting entitlement spending instead of raising taxes

Sen. Rand Paul: Let Democrats raise taxes, dig own grave

Thought for the Day: The American military took the guns of the American Indians. It made it that much easier to confine them in the prison camp reservations.

Politics - December 15, 2012

Brian Doherty: "Occupy Ron Paul": The Libertarian Roots of the Occupy Movement

Liana Gamber Thompson: Ron Paul Supporters Have Always Been Bigger Proponents of Equality for Women than Feminists

Ella Peterson: Rand Paul: The Guy Every Libertarian Hates

Rand Paul insists he'll be on ballot for Senate in 2016

Andrew Moran: 11 reasons why Austrian Economics is superior to Keynesianism

Tim Shoemaker: What Happened in Michigan?

Daily Bell: Now Reuters Opinion-Maker Endorses National Socialist Economics

Daily Bell: Shock: Onion Takes Aim at Official 9/11 Story

The Onion: Ho, Ho, Ho! 9/11 Was An Inside Job!

Ron Holland: On The Controlled Media Matrix and Collateral Damage

Daily Bell: Double Tap Drones: What Has Happened to the United States?

Art Carden: Economics in 99 Pages

Kucinich: Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home

Matt Taibbi: Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke

Matt Sledge: NDAA Indefinite Detention Opponents File Supreme Court Emergency Motion

Peter Schiff: The Majority Doesn’t Have A Right to Steal My Money Just Because They Vote For It

Marc Clair: Why Is Patriotism Thought To Be Blind Loyalty To The Government Rather Than To The Principles Of Liberty?

Brian McWilliams: Why Is It Claimed That If People Don’t Take Care Of Their Needs, Government Can Do It For Them?

Michael Tennant: New $63 Insurance Fee Another Case of ObamaCare’s Wealth Redistribution

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Fall of the House of Labor

G.J. Cosker: Gun control rally planned for D.C. after latest shooting, Obama hints at action

Joe Newby: Liberals blame NRA for Connecticut school shooting, call for gun control (Video)

Dave Workman: Obama wants ‘action regardless of politics’ after gun-free school zone tragedy

Dave Workman: Delusional thinking behind ‘gun-free’ zone signs

Brian Weid: Sandy Mass Shooting: How It Effects The National Debate on Gun Control

Steve Chapman: Gun Rights Find a New Home

Sovereign Man: About as scientific (and effective) as bloodletting…

WashingtonsBlog: Moore’s Law, Cheap Electronics and Homeland Security Money Combine to Create Big Brother

Donald Lambro: Need a Job? You May Have to Wait Until 2015 or Later, Says the Fed

Melissa Melton: Gun Grabbers Call for Murder of NRA President, Supporters in Wake of Mass Shooting

Paul Joseph Watson: Michael Moore Calls For “Strict Gun Control” After School Massacre

Politics - December 13, 2012

RT: Mozilla rallies for opposition against secret Internet treaty

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Opposing out-of-control government spying

Anthony Wile: Elite Neo-Nazis ... Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the Imposition of Global Government?

Gary North: Cheerleader for Hitler's Economics

Tibor Machan: Ethics and Gouging

Daily Bell: Two-Track Corporate Justice Is Not the American Way

Daily Bell: Satirist of Drones Arrested by NYPD

CIA-Sponsored Trolls Monitor Internet & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information

Jane C. Timm: GOP civil war? Ousted conservatives not going quietly

Robert Reich: Why the Fed's Job Program Will Fail

Robert Wenzel: Warren Buffett Employs Tax Avoidance Scheme to Avoid Taxes He Is Advocating Being Increased

Brian McWilliams: Why Is There Apathy Towards Executive Orders Allowing For Secret “Kill Lists?”

Bob Adelmann: More Evidence the Recession Has Started (Again)

Mike Young: How the Right-Wing Echo Chamber Lost the GOP the Election

Frank Hagler: Why The Libertarian Party is a Lost Cause: People Don't Agree With It

Washington’s Blog: Quantitative Easing Benefits the Super-Elite … And Hurts the Little Guy and the American Economy

A. Barton Hinkle: Gun Control, Ad Infinitum

Ronald Bailey: How U.N. Climate Change Negotiations Threaten Economic Growth

Sovereign Man: One of the best gifts you can give to your children

Ron Paul Joins Dennis Kucinich to Demand Obama Drone Documents

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich try to force release of drone data

Brian Gabriel: Ron Paul - Secret Warfare in the War on Terror

Robert Taylor: Ron Paul Retiring is the Beginning, Not the End, of Libertarianism

Ron Paul: "Aggression and forced redistribution of wealth has nothing to do with the teachings of the world's great religions."

Politics - December 12, 2012

Ron Paul: Expanding Covert Warfare Makes Us Less Safe

Maria Stavrou: Right to Work in Michigan?!

Sam Aydlette: Ending Government Bailouts (Updated)

Ben Leubsdorf: In Concord, Pat Buchanan Says America’s Strength Comes from Unity, Not Diversity

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Winter of Conservative Discontent

Daily Bell: Budget Farce Suggests Term Limits Needed

Daily Bell: Vatican Calls for Global Genocide

Daily Bell: Power Elite Bans Classic Books in US, Seeks Exclusive Narrative

Daily Bell: Kidnapped Doctor Rescue Was Probably Black Op After All

WashingtonsBlog: U.S. Army Starts Targeting Children

Robert Costa: Boehner’s Biggest Threat

Lawrence Hunter: Is The Federal Reserve Using Money-Laundering Techniques To Cleanse Banks' Balance Sheets?

Wendy McElroy: America’s Coolest Capitalist TV Shows

John Odermatt: Why Can’t People Understand That War Always Destroys Wealth And Liberty?

Joe Beck: Theory of Socialism and Capitalism Pt. 2: Property & Aggression

Ludwig von Mises: The Santa Claus Principle

Tye Tavarasi: How Blogging is the Problem With And Solution to Traditional Journalism

Gene Healy: Homeland Security Grants Subsidize Dystopia

Matt Welch: America ratifies an untenable status quo

Steve Chapman: The Unlikelihood of President Hillary

Sovereign Man: “If that makes us cockroaches, we can certainly live with the label.”

J Arthur Bloom: After Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, Libertarians Need to Make a Choice: Join the GOP or Reject it

Shane Wittig: Gary Johnson sets record with Michigan write-in total

D.M.J. Aurini on the fiscal cliff and America’s depression: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were right

Stephanie Ealy: 'Ron Paul: The Film' by Infowars backs up retiring congressman's points

Jo Piazza: Paul Ryan, Ron Paul trendier than Barack Obama in 2012

Ruth Hull: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich team up to oppose drones

Matt Dixon: GOP bars Paul supporter from serving as committeeman

Rosie Gray: Ron Paul Will Charge $50,000 To Speak

Ron Paul: "Why should there be mandatory sentences--even up to life for crimes without victims--as our drug laws require?"

Politics - December 11, 2012

Nicole Gaouette: U.S. Intelligence Agencies See a Different World in 2030

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich team up to oppose drones

Martin Hill: Two days after Farewell speech, Ron Paul condemns "terrible treatment" of Bradley Manning from House Floor

Christopher Goins: Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano 2016?

Grace Wyler: Why Ron Paul Fans Are Especially Furious About John Boehner's Conservative 'Purge'

Ron Paul for hire: Liberty, the free market and raking it in on the speaker circuit

Sam Aydlette: Competing Currencies: Freedom from the Dollar Monopoly

Daily Bell: Is It Peak Water Yet? Another Phony Meme

Daily Bell: Doha Didn't Do So Well But the Elites Will Surely Strike Again

Tibor Machan: The Myth of Non-coercive Paternalism

Paul Craig Roberts: More Phony Employment Numbers

Anthony Wile: Stephen Leeb on Peak Oil, Resource Scarcity and the Dangers of a Resurgent China

Anthony Wile: FDR, Lincoln ... and a Disturbing Supposition Regarding Barack Obama

Group of Psychologists Pushing to Change Definition of Pedophilia

Douglas French: Government, the Thief

Karen De Coster: Smith & Wesson Anti-Recession

Bill Anderson: Yes, Austrian Economics Works in the Classroom

Jeff Berwick: The Hobbit

Marc Clair: Why Do So Many Accept That Government Can Protect Us From Ourselves Without Totally Destroying Liberty?

Domenic John: Why Do So Many In The Government Believe That Creating Money Out Of Thin Air Creates Wealth?

Amanda Sperber: Human Rights Day 2012: 8 Characteristics of the Most Repressive States

Ariel Edwards-Levy: Marijuana Poll: Federal Government Shouldn't Interfere With State Laws, Americans Say

Mike Riggs: Here's How the Obama Administration Is Considering Responding to Legal Pot in Colorado and Washington

Bob Unruh: 2nd Bite to Challenge Obama's Eligibility?

Sovereign Man: I can’t think of a better investment than this

Sovereign Man: The luckiest people on the planet

Ron Paul: No More Covert Wars And Coups In Foreign Lands!

Why Are Preppers Hated So Much?

Daily Bell: CIA Takes Over Pentagon

Jeffrey Tucker: The Christmas Story’s Hidden Capitalism

Ron Paul: "Why do our political leaders believe it's unnecessary to thoroughly audit our own gold?"

Politics - December 8, 2012

John Tate: The Establishment’s Stench

Maria Stavrou: Throwing Promises Off The Cliff

Sam Aydlette: Inflation is Theft!

Ron Holland: I Told You So! Of Course Washington will Steal Your Retirement Benefits

Daily Bell: Electronic Handcuffs: More Warnings From Law Enforcement ...

Daily Bell: Military Times Explains Why US Targets Afghan Children

Daily Bell: South Africa Vanishes With Its Gold?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock: Small Business Owners' Hiring Intent Plunges to 2008 Lows

Daily Bell: Der Spiegel Explains the Directed History of Middle East

Daily Bell: What Orwell Didn't Know About Elitist 'Scum' Villages

Daily Bell: EU's Directed History Grinds On

Robert Wenzel: Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.7%: Inside the Numbers

Robert Wenzel: Today in Crony America: Goldman Settles with CFTC Run by Former Goldman Partne

Jeffrey Tucker: The Holy Hangman Still Kills

Patrick J. Buchanan: A Republican Retreat — or Rout?

Eric Peters: Breaking Through

Anne Wortham: Obama's World of Social Justice

Rosie Gray: Ron Paul Hits The Speaking Circuit

Kurt Nimmo: Won’t Get Fooled Again? WMD Propaganda Greases Skids For Attack on Syria

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Group Plans to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President in 2016

Betsi Fores: Online sales tax to be added to defense authorization bill

John Hudson: Ron Paul warns Republicans not to further anger their base

Tim Stanley: Rand Paul is no Ron Paul, and he'll go to Israel to prove it

Justin Amash responds on Facebook to his removal from the House Committee on the Budget

RT: Europeans outraged over the US using Patriot Act for worldwide spying

Joe Beck: Why Did The Big Banks Get Bailed Out In 2008 While The Middle Class Lost Jobs And Homes?

Marc Clair: Why Does Changing The Party In Power Never Change Policy?

Godfrey Bloom and Patrick Barron: German Gold

Robert Higgs: How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan's Attack on Pearl Harbor

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Thousands Dead by U.S. Drone Strikes: Is There Method to the Madness?

Ronald Bailey: Study Shows Smart Liberals, Conservatives, and Libertarians Are Easiest to Fool

Steve Chapman: Defending the World, Bankrupting Ourselves

Andrew Napolitano: Republicans for Big Government

Aurelian Brauni: Why Obama Should Let the Sun Go Down On Solar Energy Plans

Ron Paul: "Why do so many accept the deeply flawed principle that government bureaucrats and politicians can protect us from ourselves without totally destroying the principle of liberty?"

Politics - December 6, 2012

Doug Casey on Russell Means: Doug Casey reflects on the life of an unsung libertarian activist

20 Shocking Examples Of How Sadistic And Cruel People Have Become

Tim Shoemaker: Stifling Dissent: GOP Establishment Declares War

Matthew Hawes: GOP Leadership Betrays Grassroots with Power Grab

Tibor Machan: Defending Ideology

Daily Bell: Rising Taxes Part of Elite Global Strategy?

Daily Bell: George W. Bush: 'Canada, Mexico and US Should Merge'

Daily Bell: Al Qaeda Works for US in Syria?

Damon W. Root: Federal Government Loses Big in Supreme Court Property Rights Case

Gene Healy: Obama: I Am the Law

Shikha Dalmia: What Canada Can Teach the U.S. About Immigration

Brian Doherty: Afghan Children Legitimate Targets, Says U.S. Lt. Col., As They Might Have "Hostile Intent"

They Can Hear You Now: Verizon Patent Could Listen In On Customers

Douglas French: The Everyday Absurdities of the TSA

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: My latest column: Republicans and taxes

Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Be Patriotic: Become a Secessionst

Justin O’Connell: CIA and Pentagon Fusion Revolutionizes Modern US Covert Action Complex

From Sci-fi To Reality: The Computer-blitzing Drone That Can Cripple A Nation’s Electronics At The Touch Of A Button

Anne Wortham: Obama's World of Social Justice

Michael McCutcheon: Rand Paul: Why He Will Not Be the Face of Libertarianism

Alex Marin: Hillary Clinton Polls: 57 Percent of Americans Support 2016 Presidential Run

Frank Hagler: Gun Control: Responsible Ownership Begins with Training and Should Be A Requirement

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Boehner Brings Down Conservatives' Wrath in Wake of Committee Firings

Daniel Horowitz: In Light of the Purge, House Conservatives Must Unite

Sovereign Man: It’s as easy as buying an ice cream cone…

WashingtonsBlog: 10,000 U.S. Troops – Plus French, British and Nato Soldiers – Get Ready for War Against Syria

Pete Kasperowicz: Establishment Republican Sen. John McCain apologizes for Liberty Repubican Rand Paul's efforts to do the right thing

Cynthia Kennedy: Rep. Paul deserved to be nominated

Ilya Gerner: Sorry Revolution PAC Wasted Your Money, Ron Paul Fans

Paul Craig Roberts on Ron Paul, Citizens United, the fiscal cliff, and America today

Robert Schlesinger: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Really Didn’t Have a Primary Alliance

Jennifer Rubin: Rand Paul’s new message on Israel

Politics - December 4, 2012

Rachel Brown: Remember Ron Paul

Jonathan Easley: Website run by former Ron Paul staffer criticizes Rand Paul

Andrew Moran: Top five Ron Paul moments that changed U.S. politics

Paul's Libertarian voice will be missed

Ron Paul: Government Spending Will Push Us Over The Fiscal Cliff

Jill Lawrence: Four Ways Campaign 2012 Might Have Led to a Different President

Lauren Kirchner: Should you buy a year's worth of freeze-dried food?

Jillian Rayfield: Tennessee GOPer floats return to the gold standard

Rand Paul will travel to Israel

Will The Peak Of The Solar Cycle In 2013 Produce Technology Crippling Solar Super Storms?

Monster Sinkholes An Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along The New Madrid Fault?

Ron Paul: Headed Toward the 11th Hour Compromise

Daily Bell: Forbidden to Mention Foreign Currency in Ukraine Now

Daily Bell: Kabul Bank Shows Us Afghan War is for Control Not Resources

Daily Bell: Goldman Takes Over the World?

Tibor Machan: What About Wealth Redistribution?

Lew Rockwell: What's a Real Libertarian?

Paul Craig Roberts: Our Collapsing Economy and Currency

Declan McCullagh: Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages

Ed Krayewski: Does This Look Like a Party Serious About Spending Cuts?

Greg Miller: DIA sending hundreds more spies overseas

David Corn and Andy Kroll: Dick Armey Quits Tea Party Group in Split Over Direction

Doug Book: Texas Threatens To Lock Up Advocates Of Obama’s Unconstitutional NDAA

Natalie Jennings: McCain says Rand Paul bolstering case for filibuster reform

Wendy McElroy: Obama Theatrics, Obama Reality

Becky Akers: When a Pervert Calls the Sociopaths’ Bluff

Rand Paul Explains His Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy

John Odermatt: Why Does Congress Willingly Give Up Its Prerogatives To The Executive Branch?

Patrick J. Buchanan: The True Disciple of Saul Alinsky

'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance' - NSA whistleblower

Ron Paul: "Why should anyone be surprised that Congress has no credibility, since there's such a disconnect between what politicians say and what they do?"

Politics - December 3, 2012

Damian Paletta: Fiscal Cliff Talks at Stalemate

Ron Paul to Jesse Ventura: The Torch Has Been Passed

Rand Paul to Visit Israel

Anthony Wile: Pat Buchanan on His Latest Book, the Failure of Romney and What the GOP Has to Do Next

Daily Bell: Do We Need More Disinformation Analyses ... And What Kind?

Anthony Wile: What's the REAL Story About the Flu Vaccine?

Ron Holland: Fiscal Cliff Austerity: Just Another Meme Designed to Steal What is Yours

Lew Rockwell: Machiavelli and State Power

Nathan Johnson: American Drone Strikes Must Stop

Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.: Feinstein-Lee NDAA Amendment Passes, But Is It Enough?

Steve Baldwin: Yes, Romney Was the Problem

Gary Younge: Republicans, welcome to the reality-based community

Dr. Milton R. Wolf: GOP must fight corporate welfare

Michael Kelley: Actually, The Newest Version Of NDAA Makes It EASIER To Detain Citizens Indefinitely

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.: Machiavelli and State Power

Gary North: The Martian Boondoggles

Eric Peters: Rights – vs. What Ifs and Mights

Bob Adelmann: Dollar's Decline Catches Up With U.S. Mint

Steven Holmes: Bill Maher calls U.S. military drones a form of ‘terrorism’

Gene Schwimmer: Repealing Obamacare: The Roberts Irony

John Odermatt: Why Do We Get Involved In Border Disputes While Ignoring The Most Deadly Border In The World?

Brian McWilliams: Why Haven’t We Given Up On The Drug War?

Brian McWilliams: Why Is It Political Suicide For Anyone To Criticize AIPAC?

Philipp Bagus: The Myth of Austerity

Frederic Bastiat: The Little Arsenal of the Free-Trader

Mike Riggs: Hillary Clinton Reminds a Hurting Latin America That She Is Opposed to Drug Legalization

Katherine Mangu-Ward: Drones Invade New York City!

Frank Hagleri: Libertarians Need a Little Less Ron Paul, and a Lot More Women

Brian Kim: North Korea Rocket Launch News: Second Launch Planned For December

Jason M. Farrell: Rand Paul Scores Libertarian Victory, Proves He is One of Us


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The 2013 NDAA: Part 2- Section 1029

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Quantiative Easing: 'I Believe It Is
Theft, Pure and Simple'

Sen. Rand Paul Objects To Indefinite
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Threatening To Arrest Independent Journalists?

Ben Swann Reality Check: Are calls for
stricter gun laws really about guns

John Stossel - The Fiscal Cliff

Julie Borowski: The Truth About
The Fiscal Cliff

Julie Borowski: Guns Do Not Kill People
(14 Dec 2012)

Gerald Celente: The Death Of America
(14 Dec 2012)

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2013 NDAA Secure Your Right To Trial?

Judge Napolitano: Roosevelt & Wilson
Destroyed Constitutional Freedom

Ben Swann: Republican State Senator Thinks
"Nullifiers" Should Be Hanged and Shot?

Judge Napolitano: "Tell the Orwellians
at Verizon to Go Take a Hike"

Ben Swann: Sec. of State Hillary Clinton
Needs Taxpayer Money for Propaganda?

NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US
under virtual surveillance

Ben Swann: "No Country Would
Tolerate Missiles From Outside

Reality Check New Cybersecurity
Means Feds Can Read Your Email
Without A Warrant
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