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Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
November 3, 2015

Brownstein: $14,000 For New Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs? We Must Be Out Of Our Minds!

Brownstein: Statins One of the Greatest Failures of Modern Medicine

Brownstein: Why Would Anyone Get A Flu Vaccine?

Brownstein: Mammography: Another Failed Screening Test

Block: The Anti-Distraction Drink

Block: Coenzyme Q10 Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Block: Considerations for Taking Supplements

Block: Mastic Is More Than An Antibacterial

Block: Double Your Pleasure

Jensen: Cinnamon Reduces Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Cass: Vitamin B12—How Much Is Enough?

Cass: Why Your Stomach Will Love Turmeric and Licorice

Shaw: Niacin Flush Protects Against Inflammatory Diseases

ANH: The NIH Omega 3 Study

Wright: Nine Ways to Prevent or Treat Specific Illnesses

Murray Sabrin: ‘Big Cancer’ and How the Pharmaceutical Industry Affects Treatment

Hubbard: 11 Top Anti-Aging Tips from Holistic Health Experts

RothFeld: Common surgery for shoulder pain a waste of time, money

RothFeld: FDA ready to sign off on dangerous gout drug?

RothFeld: Weak fingernails could indicate serious digestive problem

RothFeld: Probiotics relieve depression, anxiety in just four weeks

RothFeld: Antibiotics setting up kids for a lifetime of obesity

RothFeld: FDA botched approval of blood-thinner Pradaxa

RothFeld: Natural pigment parietin holds promise for beating cancer

RothFeld: No evidence that Tamiflu and Relenza work

RothFeld: Spermidine may be key to longevity

RothFeld: Vitamin K2 helps reverse hardening of arteries

RothFeld: Is metformin-induced B12 deficiency the cause of diabetes pain?

RothFeld: Study proves statins make you age faster

RothFeld: Red wine can help prevent arthritis pain

Wright: Ten years of severe post-injury pain relieved with non-invasive drug-free Pain Neutralization Technique

Wright: Eliminate pain and bring lasting relief

Wright: The Hidden HCG breakthrough — totally eliminate or control excruciating endometriosis!

Sisson: What Does the WHO Report Mean for Your Meat-Eating Habit?

Sisson: 6 Hidden Superfoods You Probably Already Have in Your Pantry

Sisson: Beef Tamale Pie

Sisson: Beef Curry Stew in Edible Acorn Squash Bowls

Sisson: Top 7 Emerging Paleo Trends

Sisson: Primal Baked Pasta

Sisson: Southwest Brisket with Pickled Jalapeños

Sisson: Lamb Chili with Harissa

Sisson: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Trying to Build Muscle

Sisson: Espresso-Rubbed Prime Rib Roast

Sisson: Pork Debris

Mercola: How to Help Prevent Age Related Muscle Loss

Mercola: Important Reasons to Optimize Your Vitamin K2

Mercola: What's Wrong with US Dietary Guidelines?

Mercola: Flu Vaccine's Unpredictable Prediction

Mercola: Funds from Monsanto Hidden?

Mercola: Coke Is a Joke Influencing Science Just Like Politics

Mercola: Paxil Is Unsafe and Ineffective for Teens

Mercola: Tai Chi and Other Low-Impact Exercises May Be Ideal for Elderly People with Chronic Health Problems

Mercola: The Pernicious Influence of Soda Industry on Public Health

Mercola: Regenerative Agriculture Is Saving Farmers, Ranchers, and the Environment from Financial and Ecological Failure

Mercola: More Evidence That a High Fiber Diet Promotes Good Health

Mercola: Fabulous Fall Foods

Mercola: Dried Plums Could Lower Risk for Colon Cancer

Mercola: Parents Deserve to Know More Than School Vaccination Rates

Mercola: Why Mammograms Are Vastly Oversold

Mercola: The New Nitrogen Bomb Is About to Blow

Mercola: This Hospital Mistake Kills Over 60,000 Every Year in US Alone

Mercola: How to Become a Nutritional Health Professional Who Is Legally Allowed to Use Food as Medicine

Mercola: 11 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Mercola: What Are the Best Nuts and Seeds?

Mercola: Easy Ways to Boost Your Ability to Recall Now - and Later

Mercola: Why Standing in One Place Makes Your Legs More Sore Than Walking

Mercola: Foods That Fight the Common Cold

Mercola: The Race to Stay Ahead of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Natural News: Nail polish users exposed to chemical linked to paralysis, reproductive disorders

Natural News: Regular sauna sessions decrease risk of deadly heart disease by over half

Natural News: Treating Infections Without Pharmaceutical Antibiotics Indegogo Campaign Launched

Natural News: The vaccine industry's war on women

Natural News: Why the CDC pushes flu season fear like clockwork: $1.6 billion in annual revenue for Big Pharma

Natural News: Attempts to legislate mandatory vaccines all across the U.S

Natural News: People living in cities can't be sustainable by definition

Natural News: Sunlight is GOOD for your eyes! Lower risk of nearsightedness associated with more time outdoors

Natural News: Why vaccinated people are so unhealthy

Natural News: Human DNA found in hot dogs

Natural News: GMO Golden Rice may cause birth defects while failing to solve nutrient deficiencies

Natural News: Ebola surges back even after 'recovery'

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Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
Death by Medicine
Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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