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Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
November 3, 2014

Campbell: Don’t Drink the Tap Water (It’s Not What You Think)

Chris Campbell: How to Survive an Ebola Outbreak

Sircus: Ebola – Saving Lives with Natural Allopathic Medicine

NCI: Anti-HIV Protein from Blue-Green Algae Also Inhibits Ebola Infection

Snyder: This Version Of Ebola Looks Like ‘A Very Different Bug’

ANH: Ebola Can Be Prevented and Treated Naturally—So Why Are These Approaches Completely Ignored?

Faloon: Assembly Line Medicine

Martinson: Deadly Carbohydrates The Lethal Sugar/Cancer Connection

Thompson: Unique Probiotic Targets Cardiovascular Disease

Dewitte: Natural Extracts Lower Blood Pressure

Downey: Innovative, Personalized Cancer Treatment

Downey: A Real-World Case History: Fighting Pancreatic Cancer With ISCA's Personalized Treatment Program

De Berg: A Lifesaving Nutrient In Citrus Fruit

Block: EGCG Inhibits Ebola Replication

Block: Galantamine Reduces Brain Shrinkage

Block: High Levels of Vitamin D Decrease Dementia

ANH: Government Ignores Natural Ebola Treatment Options

ANH: Medical Bureaucracy (and FDA Regulations) Also Stymie Efforts to Halt Ebola

ANH: Taxpayers Are Bailing Out the Insurance Companies—to the Tune of $1 Billion This Year Alone!

Brownstein: Ebola: A Scurvy-Like Illness?

Brownstein: The Iodoral Shortage

Brownstein: What Can You Do to Prevent/Treat Ebola and Other Viral Infections

Brownstein: Maternal Thyroid Problems and Lowered IQ in Children

Sisson: “Matambre” Rolled Flank Steak

Sisson: Slow Roasted Chicken

Sisson: Why These Nine Famous Thinkers Walked So Much

Sisson: Watercress Herb Sauce with Fish

Sisson: Salami Vinaigrette

Sisson: Hot and Sour Soup

Mercola: Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Risk of Diabetes by Altering Your Gut Microbiome

Mercola: Carpeting Presents Complex Health Issues

Mercola: Smoking Is Major Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease

Mercola: Narcotic Overdose Deaths Quadrupled in the Last Decade

Mercola: Majority of Adults Need More Muscle Strengthening Exercise

Mercola: Slouching Makes You Sad

Mercola: New Documentary “Symphony of the Soil” Extols the Importance and Mystery of Soil

Mercola: Being Honest Can Improve Your Health

Mercola: Wood Chips—The Secret to Effortless, Inexpensive Biodynamic Gardening

Mercola: Bone Broth Recipe

Mercola: Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cell Lines

Mercola: 5 Lifestyle Changes Could Prevent 80 Percent of Heart Attacks

Mercola: What Whistleblowers Tell Us About Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Mercola: Why So Many Mixed Messages on Mammogram Benefits?

Mercola: White House Plan to Address Antibiotic Resistance Is Too Weak to Protect Human Health

Mercola: US Soda Makers Pledge 20 Percent Calorie Cut by 2025

Mercola: How To Keep Your Brain Young

Mercola: Grief Can Weigh on Immune System in Older Folks, Study Says

Mercola: Endurance Exercise Can Damage Your Teeth—Here’s How

Mercola: 5 Yoga Poses to Help You Touch Your Toes

Mercola: “The Future of Food”—GMOs, Gene Patenting, and the Corporatization of Our Food Supply

Mercola: Plants Can Hear Themselves Being Eaten, and Can Communicate the Threat to Their Neighbors

Mercola: Juicing—One of the Best Tools for Improving Your Health

Mercola: Turmeric Compound Boosts Regeneration of Brain Stem Cells, and More

Mercola: Psyllium Dietary Fiber Could Cut Health Care Costs

Mercola: Regenerative Agriculture Is the Answer to Many of the World’s Most Pressing Problems

Mercola: The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Mercola: Study Warns That Losing Your Sense of Smell May Mean You May Not Live Much Longer

Mercola: Prescription Drugs Now Factor in Higher Percentage of Fatal Car Crashes Than Alcohol or Marijuana

Mercola: Walking More May Be Key for a Longer, Healthier Life

Mercola: New Film “Second Opinion” Exposes the Truth About a 40-Year Long Cover-Up of Laetrile Cancer Treatment

Mercola: Why Most Americans Don't Own a Bidet

Mercola: How Sun Exposure Improves Your Health and How Glyphosate Disrupts It

Mercola: Pumpkin Chili with Chicken

Mercola: My Top Five Superfoods

Mercola: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Honey

Mercola: HPV Vaccine Linked to Nervous System Disorder and Autoimmunity

Mercola: Ozone Therapy: A Possible Answer to Ebola?

Benson: US hospitals nowhere near ready for Ebola

Wilson: Vitamin D deficiency decreases brain function and increases mortality rate after heart attack

Henry: Healthier Coffee - 5 ways to make java the ultimate experience

Huff: Self-quarantine doesn't work; Ebola carriers break isolation again and again

Heyes: Doctor diagnosed with Ebola walked around NYC for 10 days under 'self quarantine'

Wilson: Natural grape compound resveratrol increases bone density in obese men

Benson: Ebola carriers can be infectious without symptoms; symptoms merely increase transmissibility

Ravensthorpe: Three herbs that boost our immune system and guard us from infection

Huff: After months of denial, CDC quietly admits Ebola can spread through aerosolized droplets

Adams: U.S. government: Ebola is safer than the flu; high-risk carriers free to mingle with the public

Wilson: Olive oil is the healthiest choice when it comes to frying food, study finds

Heyes: How Ebola will disrupt world supply of rubber and oil

Sinclair: End food battles with picky children

Devon: Johnson & Johnson says Ebola epidemic likely to last another year as pharma company looks to join in vaccine development

Jockers: DAO enzymes and histamine intolerance

Adams: Schizophrenic CDC pulls document admitting Ebola can spread via sneezes and doorknobs; see the original here

Landsman: Learn how to reverse 'Stage IV' cancer and live cancer free

Henry: How to optimize the immune system naturally

Edwards: Adrenal nutrition and natural remedies for adrenal fatigue

Huff: Pharmaceuticals rob your body of nutrients, making you immunosuppressed and vulnerable to viral pandemics

Benson: Ebola survives on surfaces for up to 50 days

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