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Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
July 8, 2014

Anthony Gucciardi: How to Improve Your Eyesight – 4 Natural Ways to Enhance Vision

Block: Galantamine Births Neurons

Block: Galantamine Preserves Muscles

Block: The Nutrients of Hearing

Block: Nutrigenomics Will Improve Supplements

Faloon: Cancer Research Paralyzed by Bureaucracy

Downey: Protect Against Sun-Induced Skin Aging From The Inside Out

Brink: Creatine Reduces Markers Of Aging

Huntington: New Health Benefits From Daily Coffee

Hofmann: When A Common Gynecological Procedure Turns Deadly

Gonzalez: Restoring The Human Body With Dr. Sergey Dzugan

Wright: American Heart Association guidelines are woefully out of date

Wright: Put shingles concerns on the back burner with key supplements

Wright: Red wine kills gum disease bacteria, but grape seed is the real star

Wright: Nanoparticles in food could be toxic, but the FDA does next to nothing

Wright: Long-lasting side effects of prostate cancer treatment

Wright: A new generation of psoriasis drugs is the same old madness

Wright: This ancient botanical calms stress and promotes healthy sleep

Wright: The Fukushima nuclear meltdown has sent us something to remember it by

Wright: Flavonoids in fruits may beat back fatigue

Wright: Mainstreamers continue to ignore the nutritional solution to preeclampsia

Wright: Chemotherapy linked brain damage can unhinge your brain for years

Wright: New research confirms magnesium lowers atherosclerosis heart risk

Wright: Health officials ignore the REAL problem with tanning beds: addiction

Wright: Glyphosate — the main ingredient in Roundup — is detected in breast milk

Wright: Diet soda linked to weight loss might seem logical, but it’s not — far from it

Wright: A surprising source of relief for dry eyes in menopausal women

Wright: Omega-3 fatty acids could reduce stroke risk

Wright: Type 1 diabetes can sometimes be reversed with diet and common nutrients

Wright: Lyme disease prevention is a must right now for much of the U.S.

Wright: Parkinson’s disease is linked to pesticide and herbicide exposure

Wright: ADHD drug use in very young children gets a boost from the FDA

Sisson: Flank Steak and Mango Slaw with Scallion Garlic Oil

Sisson: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth…?

Sisson: Introducing The Primal Advantage

Sisson: Why Kids Need the Sun

Sisson: Primal Egg Coffee Frappe

Sisson: The Human Body Is Remarkably Resilient

Sisson: 16 Things That Affect Your Gut Bacteria

Sisson: Squid Salad with Grilled Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette

Sisson: Sweet Potato Pasta with Hearty Meat Sauce (No Pasta Needed!)

Sisson: Slow Cooker Harissa Stew

Huff: Top food products containing high-fructose corn syrup tainted with mercury

Geib: Top 5 foods to NOT eat to avoid belly fat

Sofiya: Seven herbs to fight yeast in the body

Devon: Follow these six dietary tips to help protect against cancer

Louis: Failure of the EPA marked by honey bee decline

Louis: Junk food, antibiotics cause Crohn's disease rates to triple among young persons

Antonia: Trying to kick the habit? These foods make it easier for smokers to quit

Ravensthorpe: Four ways in which gluten is making us fat and sick

Gutierrez: Cancer death rates are twice as high where GM crops and agricultural chemicals are used

Jockers: Beat chronic stress with adaptogenic herbs

Gutierrez: Adding almonds to diet improves cardiovascular health

Henry: 5 ways to end constipation quickly

Gutierrez: Yacon syrup could help with cholesterol, blood sugar, digestive health and more

Dean: Sugar increases hypertension

Louis: Using antidepressants while pregnant raises child's risk of obesity, diabetes, and more

Fassa: Slathering on toxic sunscreen and avoiding the sun could jeopardize your health and shorten your life

Antonia: The health benefits of starting the day with warm lemon water

Benson: Whooping cough affects vaccinated children at nearly the same rate as rest of population

Mercola: Obesity Epidemic Goes Global: One-in-Three Is Now Overweight or Obese

Mercola: 1 in 5 Elderly US Patients Injured by Medical Care

Mercola: Flame Retardants and Fluoride—Two Neurotoxic Chemicals Again Linked to Reduced IQ

Mercola: Cynicism Linked to Greater Dementia Risk, Study Finds

Mercola: Tips for Reducing Cellulite with a Power Plate

Mercola: Make Exercise About Quality, Not Quantity

Mercola: How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Live Healthier, Longer

Mercola: Functional Health Properties of Vinegar

Mercola: Effective Treatment Protocols for Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Disease

Mercola: 15 Healthiest Foods to Stock in Your Kitchen Year-Round

Mercola: Foods to Avoid If You Have Acne

Mercola: Factory Farm Model Fails Again—Produces Virus That Has Wiped Out 10 Percent of US Pig Population in One Year

Mercola: Outspoken Vaccine Advocate States Measles Vaccine Can't Prevent Measles Outbreaks

Mercola: How the USDA Can Make or Break Public Health, and Why It Has Chosen the Latter

Mercola: Indoor Tanning Is Just As Dangerous As the Sun

Mercola: The Oft-Ignored Link Between Mental Illness and Hypothyroid Disease

Mercola: Breakfast—Not the Most Important Meal After All...

Mercola: Physical Activity Is Tied to Strong Bones

Mercola: Back to Eden—How Simple, Natural Methods Can Take the Work Out of Gardening, and Boost Your Harvest

Mercola: What Is Bok Choy Good For?

Mercola: The Paleo Diet—Is It Right for You?

Mercola: Butter Is Back—Processed Foods Are Identified as Real Culprits in Heart Disease

Mercola: The Top Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables

Mercola: Dis-Honest Tea CEO in Hot Water? Why Organic Brands Must Dissociate Themselves from Junk Food Industry

Mercola:Your Garden Hose Might Be Contaminating Your Food

Mercola: Weight Loss Supplements—Are They Worth the Cost and Potential Risks?

Mercola: Viagra Frisky Might Be Melanoma Risky

Mercola: Supporting Evidence for Aspartame-Alzheimer’s Link Emerges

Mercola: Sleep and Technology Don't Mix: Why You Need to Set an Electronic Curfew

Mercola: Sweating Out Sadness: How Exercise Can Help the Grieving Process

Mercola: "Tomato Pill" Hope for Stopping Heart Disease

Mercola: NSAID Pain Killers Linked to Irregular Heartbeat

Mercola: Broccoli-Sprout Beverage Helps Detoxify Environmental Pollutants

Mercola: Ginger's Many Evidence-Based Health Benefits Revealed

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Testosterone Syndrome: Reversing the Male Menopause
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William Faloon's book

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Dr. Mercola's books
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Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
Death by Medicine
Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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