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Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
June 10, 2014

Mick Meaney: 6 Ways Monsanto Is Destroying Humanity

David Fuchs: FDA Suddenly Bans Drugs That Have Been On The Market For Decades

Block: Enhancing Veins and Brains

Block: Late Life Boost in Longevity

Block: What is So Rare as a Day in June?

Dean: Restoring Testosterone Levels

Faloon: CDC Says: 200,000 Americans Die Needlessly Every Year

Mollica & Brink: Weight Loss Benefits of Lactoferrin

Simmonds: Testing For C-reactive Protein May Save Your Life

Mitzelfelt: How Lipoic Acid Preserves Critical Mitochondrial Function

Smith: Alliance for Natural Health Protecting Your Supplements against Government Censure

Downey: Probiotics Provide Vital Protection Against Chronic Disease

Best: European Biogerontology Conference In Beer-Sheva, Israel

Brownstein: Idiotic Dietary Law Faces One Last Vote: Call Your Senator!

Brownstein: Time to Repeal a Stupid Dietary Law

Brownstein: Antidepressants During Pregnancy Increase Risk of Autism

Sisson: Slow Cooker Harissa Stew

Sisson: A Quick Guide to Perfect Eggs: 22 Tips for Buying, Storing and Cooking a Primal Favorite

Sisson: 10 Healthy Morning Pick-Me-Ups That Aren’t Traditional Coffee or Tea

Sisson: Better Than Fried Chicken with Coconut Aminos Dipping Sauce

Sisson: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth

Sisson: Harissa Lamb Chops with Raw Swiss Chard Salad

Sisson: Does Gluten Have Any Effect on Non-Celiacs?

Sisson: How to Hot Smoke Salmon (Without a Real Smoker)

Sisson: Chile Gravy

Wright: “Powerful flu-fighter” Tamiflu turns out to be pretty weak

Wright: Statin use might encourage you to eat more fat — not necessarily a bad thing

Wright: FDA fails to fully warn users about potential heartburn drug dangers

Wright: A drug to treat hot flashes might be even riskier than we thought

Wright: In the FDA’s aspirin announcement, they left out one detail

Wright: Many common household chemicals increase breast cancer risk

Wright: Using antidepressants to reduce Alzheimer’s risk is a bad move

Wright: Mounting evidence challenges decades of “low sodium” beliefs

Wright: Avoid the dangers of osteoporosis drugs with these supplements

Wright: Beware the newest weight loss drug Victoza

Wright: Chicken inspection changes mean more toxic chemicals in processing

Wright: Study shows risky chemical levels in soy higher than we thought

Wright: Statin drugs can’t improve on the benefits of fish oil

Wright: Research reveals how calorie restriction adds years to your life

Wright: Don’t kill E. coli bacteria that cause bladder infection, feed them

Mercola: Preventable Factors Cause Majority of US Deaths

Mercola: Male Scientists' Threat to Integrity of Research

Mercola: The Importance of Microbial Diversity in Gut Health and Disease

Mercola: How to Manage Stress with the Right Foods

Mercola: Are These the Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat?

Mercola: Study: The Best Sit-Up of All Time Is Still a Crunch

Mercola: How Your Microbiome Controls Your Health

Mercola: What Is Non-Dairy Creamer Made Of?

Mercola: Large Pig Study Reveals Significant Inflammatory Response to Genetically Engineered Foods

Mercola: Here’s How You Can Help Bring Monarch Butterflies (and Honey Bees) Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mercola: 7 Benefits of Walnuts

Mercola: “Extreme” Levels of Roundup Detected in Food—Are You Eating This Toxic Contaminant?

Mercola: Fluoride Concerns Finally Taken Seriously

Mercola: Reasons to Switch to Grass-Fed Beef and Dairy

Mercola: Alzheimer’s Disease—Yes, It’s Preventable!

Mercola: First Ever Study Reveals Amounts of Food Dyes in Brand Name Foods

Mercola: Can You Hold a Plank Position for Two Minutes?

Mercola: Are Saunas the Next Big Performance-Enhancing “Drug”?

Mercola: How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Mercola: Why Can’t You Use Blood from Someone Who Has a Different Blood Type Than You?

Mercola: How to Bring Minerals Back Into the Soil and Food Supply

Mercola: How to Eliminate Junk Food Cravings for Good

Mercola: Secrets That Can Help You Live Longer

Mercola: When You Learn What They’re Up to Now, You Too Will Want to Boycott Monsanto and GMA

Mercola: The Raw Milk Crackdown on the Most Peaceful Among Us

Mercola: Half of the World’s Food Is Thrown Away

Mercola: Top 100 Hardest Bodyweight Exercises of All Time and How You Can Master Them

Mercola: To Protect Your Heart, Beware of Excessive Endurance Cardio

Mercola: Science Says Stress Is Contagious

Mercola: Why Being Sleep Deprived Is NOT a Sign of Productivity

Mercola: 7 Signs You May Have a Vitamin D Deficiency

Heyes: Is yogurt the new junk food? Some yogurts have more sugar than a Twinkie

Geib: Does green tea really help you lose weight? Yes! Here's how

Godiyal: Top ways mushrooms help fight cancer

Huff: Vaccine illusion exposed by doctor in revealing book

Henry: Top 5 ways to detox properly

Padilla: A natural home remedy to eliminate nasal allergies

Benson: Why does HuffPost want children to get cancer from using sunscreen all the time?

Gutierrez: Chelation therapy and vitamin supplements cut heart disease risk by over 25%

Wright: Win the battle of the bulge, dodge cancer and subdue inflammation with raspberries

Heyes: Six edible plants that will help you survive in the wild

Ravensthorpe: Studies show that onions are fantastic natural disease fighters

Michelle: Bok choy a powerful anti-inflammatory, has many other health benefits

Godiyal: 5 Facts you should know about reducing risk of cancer

Geib: Why vitamin D deficiency may be killing you: how cancer, heart disease and diabetes are all made worse when you lack vitamin D

Ravensthorpe: New study finds that spirulina can help treat pancreatic cancer

Henry: Four herbs that boost your brain capacity

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Dr. Mercola's books
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Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
Death by Medicine
Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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